Peter Gregson

Peter Gregson and his racist, abusive email

Today, Edinburgh Council withdrew discussion on twinning their city with Gaza – as they finally realised (thanks mainly to the great work of UK Lawyers for Israel), that there may be legal issues with twinning Edinburgh with a proscribed group of radical Islamic terrorists.

This is a related post about an email that was sent to me by Peter Gregson, the activist behind the Edinburgh / Gaza twinning campaign.  A few days ago I published an article about Gregson and the Gaza petition. I detailed some of Gregson’s toxic history, and additionally pointed out numerous lies / distortions contained within the petition text. Later that evening, Gregson sent me a £1 donation, probably to acquire my email address. Sure enough, shortly after this, I received an email from him.

I have uploaded the email I received in full. I think it is important that people see and understand the unhinged level of anti-Jewish hate that fuels the anti-Israel movement in the UK. It is also important that others see the abuse that Jewish anti-racists receive. I must add that I forwarded this email to each of the councillors on the committee involved with this debate. I wanted them to know exactly what force lay behind the motion they were due to discuss.

The email in its entirety is an ahistorical, antisemitic, Holocaust-denying, abusive rant, and provides an important window into rabid antisemitic ‘anti-Zionism’. I highlight three key parts of the email here:

Peter Gregson – “You are not Jewish”

Gregson is fixated on my identity, both opening and closing the email with issues about my name. Initially, he asks if I am really Jewish, before he goes on to state “he really doubts I am Jewish”:

“I really doubt that you are Jewish at all. I mean.. Collier? That’s a coal -miner. I’ve never heard of a coal-mining Jew.”

Like most British Jewish families, mine suffered antisemitism in the UK. As a young girl, my mother was refused entry to her street party in celebration of the coronation in 1937 because George VI, ‘”was not her king”. She was just 5 years old. My Grandfather had a shop, violent antisemitic fascism was all around, and he found himself the victim of local antisemitic thugs. Like many British Jews in the early 20th century, he changed his name to help escape some of the racism. The sign on the shop window changed from ‘Cohen’ to ‘Collier’ and shortly afterwards the windows stopped being broken.

Gregson displays total ignorance about how minorities deal with the racism they experience, and how victims more generally shield themselves from abuse. His grandfather’s generation abused my family to such a degree that they were forced to hide – and today he disgracefully mocks me over it. Thankfully, the key difference between then and now – is I won’t cower, and I won’t hide. I am a Zionist; I am a proud Jew – and the days of us running from the likes of Gregson are thankfully long behind us.

Peter Gregson – Holocaust Denial

This part of the email is simply obscene. Gregson denies a key part of the Holocaust – that the Nazis sought to eradicate the Jews – all Jews. Deny this, you deny the very essence of the Holocaust. This is what Gregson wrote:

Pete Gregson Holocaust denialPut aside the fact that Gregson is pushing Arthur Koestler’s Khazar myth – which denies Jews their history. I also do not want to focus on the ahistorical Bundist rewrite, which misunderstands Bundism entirely. Nor will I expand here on the lie that only after the Holocaust did the Jews make demands for a state. These are all points I can make another day.

I want to deal only with the Holocaust denial. In this email Gregson states that Hitler only killed Bundists. He goes on to say that the Bundists died and the Zionists lived. Which means – obscenely, in Gregson’s eyes a bad Jew is one who survived Hitler’s slaughter. The good Jews all died. Gregson is taking ownership of the Holocaust – and he – and the Palestinians become its living victims. I, as a Zionist am disconnected from the Holocaust – and become a ‘demon’ who profits from the suffering of others.

Ahistorical, abusive garbage, Holocaust denial and blatant antisemitism.

Gregson – ‘I looked up Judaism’

Finally, there is the part of the email, where Peter Gregson tries to tell me, a Jew, what ‘Judaism’ is about. It is not just that Gregson fails to understand that ‘Jewish’ is not the same as ‘Judaism’, falling into the classic trap that many people who can only understand religion through Christian eyes fall into.

It is more about the racist arrogance that sits behind the comment. Peter Gregson’s mind is full of misconceptions and false history. He has so wrapped himself up in this hatred, that he actually believes in what he promotes. And he is so sure about his position, that he is confident enough to racially abuse Jewish people who support Zionism. This is what antisemitic anti-Zionism turns these people into – racist abusers.

Lie after lie

The entire petition process has been built with antisemitic lies and was put together by a Jew hating racist. In the email Gregson claims that Israel ‘carpet bombs Gaza’ which is nonsensical garbage. He also claims that Hamas have only murdered 44 Israelis in more than 20 years, which is absurd. On Gregson’s website, which is the biggest load of ahistorical garbage you will likely ever see, he even tries to pass some Holocaust images off as being from the 1948 civil conflict. Lie after vicious lie.

Instead of rejecting the petition outright – as they should have done – this is what the councillors in Edinburgh intended to give a platform to – until they were scared away by potential legal implications.

Two final notes.

I received two responses from Councillors to my forwarded email. They were strange to say the least. As the vote did not take place, it is difficult to decipher what the Councillors had intended to do – and for this reason, I am currently not publishing the emails I received.

It is also interesting that Gregson lists the Palestinian activist Issa Amro as a Patron of his antisemitic gang. I asked Amro directly if this were true and his response was not clear, so I have since forwarded him Gregson’s email as he requested – and await his response.

I will keep you posted.


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68 thoughts on “Peter Gregson and his racist, abusive email

  1. What a disgraceful, vile, racist email. Surely there are grounds for this antisemite to be prosecuted?

    1. As an expert on exposing fake zionist-fueled antisemitism and a RABBI, I state there is nothing wrong with the email, which some people are trying to exploit for ulterior purposes and personal benefit. I wonder who?

      1. Brucie, that’s not what you told me in our private DM this morning !!

        You were having a right old laugh about winding up Jews here with your “I’m a Rabbi, honest” routine. Sorry for grassing you up, but you can’t have it both ways.

      2. Levy

        You are as Jewish as a bacon sandwich and as learned as an ape in London zoo…


        Now get back in your cage….there’s a good lunatic…..


  2. “The F111” fighter jet ! Does he think it’s the 1980s?

    Nice work DC. Looks like Stephen’s old friend Mark Lewis and his chums may have had some involvement here too.

    1. Can always count on 4 or 5 posts from our Stephen when Mark Lewis’s name is mentioned. Good lad is Mark.

      1. I have never denied that Mark is a good lad. I merely point out that in addition to being a good lad he is a snivelling wimp and was dumped by Seddons because he had become an embarrassment

        1. And that was post #4.

          As the Roman centurion with the tool kit said of the ‘Palestinian’ on the cross, “nailed it !”

  3. Great bit of work. Sickened to read the ravings of Gregson. Utterly dismayed that the Jewish people have to contend with this unhinged horror. But what is going on with these Edinburgh councillors…? Very disappointing, to put it mildly. Keep up the good work!

  4. These so called “Zionism” haters are really not very bright are they? Same thing applies to the trolls that infest this message board……

    Inherent stupidity seems to be the one thing that unites them…..


    Ah well….never mind…..

  5. This RABBI would love to show Marky-Mark the sights of London from Waterloo Bridge (if you catch my drift – he! he!). I will pray for him 🙏✡️

    1. Brucie and I have just had a private chat on DM. He says he’s allowed to wish Jews dead coz he got special dispensation from his Rabbi as long as it’s only on the internet.

      He says it’s all good coz he’s not a real Rabbi or even a halachic Jew and his Rabbi is only made up, anyway. We both had a good laugh about that bit.

      He and I are having another little chat later in the week. Any messages ?

      1. Only in your dreams “Ian.”

  6. Those lovely Hamas types have been actively garnering the world’s sympathy again by murdering teenage boys and girls in cold blood and then handing out sweets on the streets of Gaza to celebrate….


    No wonder fewer and fewer people than ever are giving a shit about these fake peoples and their 100% bogus and self inflicted “plight”


    Utterly pathetic….


  7. Hey DC, do you think Marky Mark knows how to swim? 🏊

  8. The comments on here comprise the witless rantings of the semi-educated and indecipherable replies.

    Just close the comments, David. They add nothing for anyone reading.

    1. I disagree.

      Closing the comments is like burying head in sand. Doesn’t solve problems.

      Besides, seems like David’s goal is to expose antisemites for the vile ignorant haters they are. The comments are doing exactly that.

      You know, reading the comments here I understood something very important. Antisemites don’t really hate Jews. They hate a model of the perfect despicable being their imagination created and baptized “Jews”. Antisemites don’t know anything at all about real, living, breathing Jews.

      When antisemites meet and communicate with real Jews in normal circumstances, miracles can happen:

  9. Agreed. One less platform for the likes of “Ken” “Ben” “Edward” TESCO Harv, and all the other assorted Zionists who spew their Islamophobic hate.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray. ,🙏✡️

    1. ImaM Oron, Your prayers for Eternal Nakba are being answered in spades.

      Happy (Eternal, naturally) Nakba!


  10. I disagree….

    This platform helps to expose the supposed anti Zionists (Levy – Jack T – Bellers) for what they really are….

    i.e…..ignorant semi illiterate Jew hating bigots…

    And that can only be a good thing…..

    1. Jew-Hating bigots? You’re talking out of your fat Zio a$$ again. I’M JEWISH!!!

      1. We’ve covered this Brucie, remember? If your mum wasn’t Jewish then neither are you.

      2. Levy….

        You are as Jewish as a bacon sandwich

        Also Rabbis are intelligent and you are as thick as a bucket of pigsh1t…..

        And that… all


    2. I made my “Agree” up, Ken. I can play Stephen like a Mossad puppet master and knew he would post the same thing. I have always liked the visibility that his contributions here and those of our Brucie and others offer to anyone interested in investigating antisemitism in the 21st century.

      Certainly some people may regard this comment section as a distraction from the articles and a forum for spite and provocation. They’d be right on both counts, but like you I have always considered it to provide a useful record of the tactics used by the Jew haters and baiters at a time when the internet was the primary tool of choice.

      1. Agreed Ian

        On these platforms these so called anti Zionists expose themselves for what they really are with the slightest provocation

        And their comments will always be here for everyone to see


  11. Zionism is an aberration of Judaism and is deliberately trying to bend the Jewish faith towards its myths. Knowledgeable, compassionate Jews (i.e. not David Collier) recognise it’s falsehood and will have nothing to do with this ideology which treats Palestinians as less than human. Zionism is founded upon hypocrisy and Israel their citadel, was founded upon terrorism.

    1. Hello Jack. You’re having to work a bit harder to post your pokes and provocations now. Wonder how many people dip back into the archives, other than you and me of course. Where do you go to now to wind up Jews since Dave’s shut down the comments. Let me know and I’ll pop over. Maybe we can have some fun with Brucie and Stephen too.

    2. Not the brightest are you Jacky Lad?


      Jew hating vermin like you never are…..

      Ah well…..back to Squawkbox with you….there’s a good little nazi…..

  12. Has Collier really shut down the comments section? If so, I’m not at all surprised. He is the last person who would want the truth about the evil of Zionism to be exposed in his hateful blog which attempts to whitewash the murder and torture of Palestinians by the racist, apartheid, Zionist State of Israel.

    1. Bless you Jack, you just can’t help yourself. Is this the level you’ve sunk to? There is literally only me here to read your toss yet still you trudge along for the wind-up.

      So, seeing as it’s just the two of us let’s get it over with.

      ” ZioNazi” ? Yikes, that’s wound me up.

      “Apartheid, genocidal, oppressive, Arab baby killing, Jew boy, gas-dodgers” Ouch!

      There. Are we done? Good. Now I’m off for a brew.

    2. Yes Jackie T(wat)

      It is indeed a great shame that left wing fascists like you are no longer able to expose themselves for the racist vermin they really are (as you have done so very successfully) on the pages of this blog….

      A great pity indeed….


      1. To be fair Ken, and seeing as I’m in a charitable mood, I’m tempted to give Jack the win on this one. Consider the state of the game.

        Our team has the more powerful lobby in the diaspora, currently eroding all Stephen’s “hard won freedoms”, a Jewish State fulfilling the Zionist dream, total military superiority over our regional neighbours, the ability to bomb Iranian positions with impunity and neutralize baddies on our streets and the 9th happiest population on the planet.

        For his team, Jack was successful in getting two Jews to react to a mean provocation on the internet.

        You’ve got to admit, it’s close.

  13. A glaring example of ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome when agitated – “a Jewish State fulfilling the Zionist dream”

    An admission that Israel is NOT a Jewish State it is a Zionist enclave
    born out of the terrorist actions of European Zionists who have absolutey NO connection to the ancient Hebrews of Palestine.

    1. Hello Jack. Still just us here. Tell you what. I’m still in a good mood so, let’s give you another win.

      In fact, let’s say you’ve won the internet today. Your provocation is powerful. I feel very provoked and you’re right. I am a cut throat, ZioNazi European Yid and an apartheid oppressor who blows up Iranians and neutralizes Arabs with impunity. You got me bang to rights. Come round my house and I’ll give you the keys to Israel.

      Now, time for a nice cuppa.

    2. Ancient Hebrews of Palestine ?????


      What the actual fuck are you on about Jack T(wat) ?

      How many times is Palestine mentioned in the bible exactly??


    1. Fuck me…..what a thick cunt you are Jack T(wat)

      Embarrassing……plain and simple…..


    2. Please can you clarify that provocation for me Jack. Are you trying to wind up Christians with the Jesus reference, Jews with the Palestinian reference, historians with the deceptive reference or your fellow activists with the vapidity of the reference ?

      How am I supposed to feel provoked if you don’t make your provocations clear enough ?

  14. Indigenous Jews are not upset by a reference to Palestine, it has been their home for thousands of years. Zionist colonisers are naturally upset because they try to promote their myth that Palestine, the land of Jesus, was a wasteland before they chose to terrorise the ‘non existent’ Palestinian population into leaving.

    To any casual readers of this blog: Note how the Zionists here are upset by facts which highlight their lies.

    1. Hi again Jack.

      So, you’re like Stephen and talk to an invincible man. Not really my thing all that religious voodoo and Jesus mumbo-jumbo, but you do you, hun.

      I’m not giving you the win on this one coz the content was a bit meh.

    2. Why is Palestine not mentioned in Hebrew or Christian bibles even once ????

      If Jesus was an “Ancient Hebrew Palestinian” (as you have stated) then how come present day Palestinians speak Arabic and not Hebrew ????

      Not really thought this one through have you Jack T(wat)


      Embarrassing… usual…..

      But thanks for continuing to expose your ignorance on these pages….

      You are doing us a great service…..

      Much appreciated…..


  15. At the time of Jesus, all inhabitants of Palestine spoke Aramaic. Hebrew was used for Jewish religious purposes. By the way Mr ‘brains’ Dobkin, why do Italians no longer speak Latin?

    1. Italian is a language that is a derivative of Latin….

      Arabic is an imported language which is in no way native to the Middle East in any way shape or form but was spoken by the invaders that came from the Arabian Peninsula around a thousand years ago…..

      Thanks for allowing me to make this point….

      Like I keep saying… are not really thinking your arguments through are you?


      Embarrassing as per usual…..Jack T (wat)

    2. Btw Hebrew was every bit as much of a language in ancient JUDEA as Aramaic was…..

      Funny how these left wing nazi types think they know more about OUR history than we do ?


      What cunts they are…..


  16. By the way Ian, a rare note of agreement. I completely agree that all religions rely upon mumbo jumbo to bamboozle their followers. Particularly those followers who think that their God gave them any rights to land. In fact it is said by some that this belief is a mental illness.

    1. Good provocation there Jack and you can have another win for the imaginative switcheroo. You are right though.Talking to invisible men is a mental illness. What do you say to yours?

      1. I think the T must stand for ThickAsPigshit….?


  17. I notice brains Dobkin is displaying yet more ignorance. In an attempt to justify his silly question why PaIestinians don’t speak Hebrew, he implies that Italians still speak Latin 🙂 :-). Then when I explained about Aramaic, the language used by Palestinians, which incuded Jews, at the time of Jesus, dozy Dobkin, in a world of his own, starts talking about Arabic ????

    Get it right Ian, do you mean invisible or invincible? either way, you have just chucked Zionism in the bin where it belongs (an invisible man/god/estate agent gave them Palestine did he not?). That’s you out on your ear! Mr.Collier, over here quick, there’s a heretic in your ranks.

    1. So you’re one of those god-botherers eh Jack? Quelle surprise.

      “Invincible man”, nice!

      Are you one of Stephen’s lot that want to get the crusades trending again and smite Jews with your mighty sword or are you just one of those cheery door knockers who disturb folk during the footie asking whether your Jesus has come into their lives?

      I’m not going to judge you. That’s a job for your lot, but how do you square this with your earlier remark that religion is a mental illness ?

  18. Jack T(hickAsPigshit) clearly has a problem with reading and comprehension….


    Like most “anti Zionists” he is not very bright….as it is clear for all to see…..


    But it’s rather pleasing (and satisfying) that he his able to continue to display his knuckle dragging ignorance to the world on a daily basis on this particular message board…..


    Long may this continue……


  19. Ian, just for the record ‘invincible man’ was your expression. ‘mental illness’ is the term used to describe the affliction Zionists have who believe that their god is an estate agent.

    No need to reply to Dozy Dobkin, his ignorance speaks for itself.

    1. “Invincible” was deffo your word Jack and quite a touching show of devotion to your deity.

      Given your Christian faith, when you talk about Israel, your lot expects it to be a Christian country, right? Does that mean that all the Arabs and Jews have to convert for you….or else what?

      Think I’ll back my Zio IDF against your Crusaders. Very decent home record against invaders and extremists.

      1. Ian Kay on April 13, 2022

        Hi again Jack.

        So, you’re like Stephen and talk to an invincible man. QED

  20. Jack T(wat) is clearly a graduate of the Linda Sarsour School of Dumbfuckery & Fucktardery….


    Whenever people like him are asked a direct question that they would find uncomfortable to answer truthfully – instead of answering said question they invent a different question in their head and answer that one instead.


    Then when one has the temerity to remind them of the question that they never answered in the first place they have the nerve to accuse YOU being confused and of drifting off topic????


    This tactic sometimes works quite well on platforms where it is possible to edit or delete one’s comments. But anyone who reads through this thread will be treated to the full unedited version of our Jack’s own individual brand of ignorance and stupidity…..


    And the funniest part of it is……he really thinks he’s won this argument ?!?!?!?


    1. That’s extremist Christians for you Ken. So judgey. Wonder if he wears his white suit, shirt and the when he’s typing.

      Oi, Jack. The new episode of the show is up and DC’s reopened the comments section for you. Get over there sharpish. There’s your God’s work to be done.

      1. It would seem that Jack T(wat) is still struggling to provide a straight answer to a straight question ?


        Is anybody surprised ?

  21. The Gaza petition should not become attached to pushing of an anti-Israel line or the Khazar myth. If it now does, it will become right to stop supporting it. But the petition was never raised attached to Gregson’s personal views on those things, or to Hamas. Nor do the supporters it gathered necessarily hold those views.
    The twinning project was put forward as a humanitarian proposal towards the civilian population’s conditions under the blockade, and that could help them by economic/business ties that of course should be kept nothing to do with Hamas. Folks of all views on Zionism could agree with that.
    But in politics, everyone ever supporting any cause from any side should never turn into faithful sheep to be led anywhere; we should always keep vigilant that it stays as what it started or was sold as, and prepared to jump ship if it does not.

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