Na'amod help Holocaust denier

UK Jewish group Na’amod helped a Holocaust denier – and then lied about it

In this bombshell exclusive, I expose Na’amod, the self-proclaimed ‘anti-occupation’ UK Jewish group for ‘freedom, equality and justice for all‘ as dishonest, dangerous extremists.

Not only did Na’amod provide resources and help extremist Holocaust denier Pete Gregson with a ‘bogus antisemitism’ tour featuring Neturei Karta and the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Hamas terrorism defender, Azzam Tamimi. When caught in the act, Na’amod issued a blanket denial, smearing me their accuser as ‘far-right‘ and ‘pro-occupation‘. But I can now reveal email evidence, proving the full, shocking extent of their lies, and their willing endangerment of the Jewish community.

The full story below:

Background – Who is Na’amod?

Formed in 2018, Na’amod presents itself as a caring UK Jewish ‘anti-occupation‘ group striving for freedom for all. In truth, they are fringe of a fringe extremists, born out of a split from Yachad due to a horrific and widely-condemned event that saw Jewish people saying Kaddish for Hamas terrorists in London’s Parliament Square. Na’amod portrays itself as a student group – and certainly target Jewish students in their activism – but in reality most of those driving Na’amod are much older. Na’amod claim to be diverse in their views on Zionism, but accuse the mainstream UK Jewish community of immoral support for the occupation, and anti-Palestinian racism simply for expressing any perspective that is not a simple blanket condemnation of Israel. While they claim to be concerned about the human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians and proudly vaunt values of honesty and courage, in practice, everything about Na’amod suggests they are not what they pretend to be. And their support for, and malicious coverup of their contact with, infamous antisemite and Holocaust denier, Pete Gregson, proves it beyond a doubt.

Background – Pete Gregson and the ‘bogus antisemitism’ tour

Pete Gregson is a notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier, who has ties to a an Islamic Jihad-linked bogus charity. A Khazar conspiracy theorist who claims ‘Zionists are not Jews’, proven to have said the Holocaust was ‘exaggerated’ and exposed by Hope Not Hate and CST as part of Holocaust denial group, Keep Talking, Gregson has been expelled from the Labour Party, GMB union and virtually every Left-wing group possible for his antisemitism – and even hard-core anti-Zionists have distanced themselves from him. In short, Gregson is an obsessive enemy of the Jewish community.

In February 2022, Gregson set up a campaign about ‘bogus antisemitism’ which I began to investigate undercover. He started planning a tour of the UK to push this clearly antisemitic message, platforming two extremist figures: Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta and Azzam Tamimi. Weiss previously attended a Holocaust denial conference in Tehran, and is friendly with the Iranian regime and Hezbollah. Azzam Tamimi is a leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood, and supporter of Hamas in London who has said “I take pride in being a terrorist…I long to be a martyr.”.

This tour could not get more toxic if it tried. No right-minded Jewish organisation would have anything to do with it.

Or would they?

The initial exchange

During my undercover stint investigating Gregson’s tour, I found Gregson claiming that Na’amod had helped him in organising the tour, including sending him an Excel file full of venues. I received enough solid evidence to suggest it was true, but not enough to be 100% certain.

I sent Na’amod an email outlining the accusation with a right to reply. Even I found it difficult to believe they would have got into bed with someone as infamously and publicly toxic as Gregson. When Na’amod did not respond to me, I tweeted out about the email exchange. Na’amod’s response was quick, hard and clear; it never happened and I was making it up.

Na’amod’s unequivocal denial – and smear

Na'amod's denial

The statement is crystal clear, with no room for doubt. They say they have never supported Gregson in this or any other capacity. They imply I am making it up, referring to me as ‘far-right‘ and clearly cast doubt on my honesty as a journalist.

Public repudiation and threats to sue

On Facebook, the Na’amod hierarchy and several of their fans, got involved in a discussion about the options of suing me because I had apparently ‘defamed them‘:

The knee-jerk supporters

Many of those that came out in support of Na’amod by liking or commenting on their statement of denial are well-known names on the supposedly ‘progressive Zionist’ Jewish circuit.

  • Hannah Weisfeld – Founder and Director of Yachad
  • Amos Schonfield – Yachad trustee and Deputy at the BOD
  • Joe Millis – a prolific Jewish commenter
  • Gabriel Webber – former star of Yachad. A Liberal Rabbi who seems to spend more time belittling and blithely blocking Jews than he does helping them
  • Emma Hilton – former star of Yachad and a founder of Na’amod
  • Robert Cohen – a well-known anti-Zionist activist
  • Danielle Bett – Yachad’s Director of Communications

On top of those in the list above were Na’amod’s leading figures such as Jon and Anna Roiser, both present at Kaddish for Hamas. Also note the clear Yachad / Na’amod crossover. Most of these people frequently attack Jewish mainstream organisations as well as activists that have been prominent in fighting against antisemitism.

The damning email exchange

So, Na’amod denied they had supported Gregson in any way.

Except I can reveal today that Na’amod were not telling the truth. I can now publish the actual email exchange that took place between them.

As follows in full:

Gregson’s email to Na’amod.

Date 7 July 2022. Timestamp 17:33:

Gregson to Na'amod email

Gregson’s email is clear. He is open about who he is, which organisation he represents, what he is doing and who he is doing it with. The email he uses is even ‘‘. He asks for Na’amod’s help.

Na’amod’s email response to Gregson

Date 8 July 2022. Timestamp 14:34:

Naamod email to Gregson


The response Na’amod sent in reply is shocking in the extreme. The excel file of venues that they provided can be seen as an attachment. They tell Gregson that ‘it sounds really good‘. They ask if they can do anything else to help. And they end, ‘in solidarity‘.

Disgraceful. Shocking. Unforgivable.

To be clear. What I received is not a forwarded email (and therefore editable). What I have in my possession is the actual email that Gregson received from Na’amod – sent to me as an untouched attachment.  Which means the original headers and metadata is all intact. This clearly shows that the email was sent from the official Na’amod account to Gregson:


Na'amod, internet headers

I have uploaded images of both the full email exchange and the full hidden email headers. The only two redactions:

  • Gregson’s phone number (data protection)
  • The name on the Na’amod email (This is not about one person)

This leaves no doubt that Na’amod did help Gregson with his tour plans AND then lied about it in their official statement – smearing my name and my professional reputation in the process – all in order to cover up the help they had given a toxic antisemite and Holocaust denier.

What now for Na’amod

This is not a question of differing political views. Na’amod have been caught secretly helping a notorious antisemitic Holocaust denier with his terrorist-linked, ‘bogus antisemitism’ tour. They even provided him with their own ‘mega sheet’ of venues to help him – wished him well and asked if they could do more. And then, even more damningly they lied about it all – smearing the journalist who had uncovered the truth.

Are these the British Jewish values Na’amod are so proud to hide behind?

Na'amod's values

Na’amod acting as entryists

Na’amod is an extremist organisation. But over the last few years, Na’amod has slowly become part of the community’s furniture, taking part at Limmud, and even gaining a foothold at ‘Jewish News‘ through a Yachad-sympathetic journalist.

This is aggravated because Na’amod and Yachad activists are often one and the same (as I outlined above). The deeply fringe part of the spectrum they exist within demands it because there really isn’t space for two separate groups since – despite their insistence – British Jews are not far right, extremist uncritical supporters of Israel. We are a moderate community. On the street, Na’amod tread where Yachad do not dare – while Yachad gain entry onto platforms that Na’amod cannot enter. I once described Na’amod as the militant arm of Yachad. I believe this even more strongly now.

Enough is enough

This has to stop – and it is time the community realised just what is taking place behind closed doors. Na’amod – and all those who associate with them – should be as unwelcome under the community umbrella as Kahane Chai, Neturei Karta or Jewish Voice for Labour. And despite their masquerading as student-led, the truth is those pulling the strings are not students – and Na’amod operates almost as an entryist organisation designed to turn our children away from any form of Zionism whatsoever.

Na’amod’s actions with Pete Gregson have clearly placed them in the ‘dangerous’ category. There is no excusing this. Nobody should have anything to do with them – and any organisation that does – should also be tarnished. Parents should let youth groups know that they will lose their support if Na’amod activists are given a platform.

Groups / people Na’amod have attacked:

  • Chief Rabbi, Board of Deputies, The Jewish Leadership Council, Jewish National Fund, Zionist Federation, Stand With Us, Israeli Ambassador, Israeli President, UKLFI, Westminster Synagogue, Jewish Labour Movement, Labour Friends of Israel, Campaign against Antisemitism, Union of Jewish Students – and many individual Jewish activists.

People Na’amod have helped:

  • Pete Gregson (Holocaust denier), Dovid Weiss (Friend of Hezbollah and Iran), Azzam Tamimi (Muslim Brotherhood)

Na’amod are in bed with our enemies – it is time this was fully recognised, and everyone acted accordingly.


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110 thoughts on “UK Jewish group Na’amod helped a Holocaust denier – and then lied about it

    1. Kol Hakavod . Great research David.
      Millis and Webber in there too .Quelle surprise said no one ever.

    2. I think I recall this Webber chap; was really hostile to Jews giving charity to vulnerable people a few years back. Is this the same one?

      I see he’s using “Rabbi” in his title now. It’s becoming quite a trend here for the trolls that want to wind up Jews

      1. If it’s helpful, I’m happy to send you a copy of my ordination certificate. (I’m also happy to send it to David, because it might help him learn my name, a piece of basic personal data that any ‘journalist’ ought to be able to cope with.)

        1. Yes, that would be helpful. Please copy/paste a screen shot here. We’d all be happy to review it. You can’t be too careful these days. All these people pretending to be Rabbis here just to wind up the Jews.

  1. Excellent piece David

    Looking at the list of people na’amod has attacked, I couldn’t help but think of Bellamy and the Jews and Jewish organisations that he attacks.

    Na’amod attacks you for being right wing, yet the organisations and people they support such as Hamas and similar should be called fascist organisations, maybe even neo-Nazi.

    I cannot get around the fact that soany of the so-called liberals and lefty progressives support these fascist organisations in the name of progressivism and liberal values.

    How anyone can claim that racism, supersessionism, homophobia and gender discrimination, amongst other things, are liberal and progressive values is beyond my comprehensoon

    Unless these lefty liberal organisations are in and of themselves closet neo-fascists

  2. A brilliant piece!
    Interesting, that Webber’s comment is about his name and not the article. What a conceited, narcissistic, treacherous cockwomble!
    Amazing that any Shul should allow itself to be defiled, by allowing this faecal matter to identify as the rabbi!

    1. These appalling individuals are the direct descendants of the Bolshevik Yevsektsiya. Assimilated Russian Jews who in order to survive the worst excesses of their oppressors , turned on their co religionists . In so doing , they sought to expunge the religion , language, culture , traditions and of course early Zionism .
      Na’amod is a carbon copy. The community must be made aware that these entryists are out to do harm.
      More on the Yevsektsiya here

  3. Gabriel

    What really puzzles me is how someone who is a Rabbi can side with the enemies of the Jews; by this I mean showing support and sympathy for the Palestinians who time and again show their hatred for Jews (not all Palestinians, but definitely a plurality).

    Reading the Hamas Charter and reading the translations(by MEMRI’) of speeches by Palestinian leaders in Judea and Samaria (since 1950 called the West Bank after Jordan’s’ illegal occupation and annexation following their attempted war of annihilation against Israel/Jews in 1948/9) there is no doubt that theirs is a naked hatred of Jews mostly claimed as anti-Zionism, but the words and intent resemble classic Antisemitic rhetoric from decades and centuries past.

    Hamas and the PA/PLO can quite easily be classed as right wing fascist organisations, possibly even neo-Nazi; they are racist, homophobic, gender discriminatory, non-democratic and ignore the rule of law amongst other things. And you offer them support and sympathy

    1. Holding the Palestinian people, collectively, responsible for the content of the Hamas charter is as foolish as holding the British people, collectively, responsible for the content of Liz Truss’s manifesto. Almost every Palestinian now of voting age has never had a chance to vote in an election, because Hamas runs a brutal and repressive regime that doesn’t allow democracy. You knew that already though.

      1. That is so stupid. Nobody I know holds the Palestinians collectively responsible for anything. Yet the idea you can equate the neccessary response to a democracy (which would involve strategies to let the population understand how awful their leadership is so they can vote them out of power) and the neccessary response to authoritarian regimes – who have themselves negated the power of their own people is obviously different. Hence we in the UK – collectively punish the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Russians etc, etc…. even though we all understand that it is not ‘the people’ who are collectively responsible. Richard even explicitly states he is not referring to the ‘people’ as a whole but rather as the singular – due to the control the leadership has. He didn’t even refer to the fact that if there was an election – Hamas would likely win….Why are you so disgracefully dishonest in the way you argue? Who equates democracies with radical Islamist terror groups? You do.

        1. But Richard, you said I “side with the enemies of the Jews”. I don’t side with Hamas supporters – and I know you wouldn’t suggest otherwise without the clearest of evidence.
          So which “enemies of the Jews” do you claim I side with?

          1. You don’t side with Hamas supporters?
            And yet Hamas were elected by a majority vote by the people of Gaza
            So are you saying that the majority of Gazans are your enemies?
            Please clarify….

  4. Another soft target, DC?

    I’d like to wish all REAL Jews out there Shabbat Shalom.

      1. “Edward” and “Ken Dobkin” embody EVERY single negative stereotype of Jewish people that ever existed from time immemorial.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏✡️

        1. Hey Levy….why don’t you post a link so we can all see your ordination certificate?

          Rabbi Bacon Butty did it so why can’t you?

          Looking forward to seeing it


          1. I already did. If you missed it, tough.

        2. ImaM Oron, Your prayers for

          ETERNAL NAKBA,

          as always

          are answered affirmatively.

          Happy Eternal Nakba! 🙂

    1. You weren’t relevant in 5780. You weren’t relevant in 5781. You weren’t relevant (or continent) in 5782. Want to guess what you’ll be in 5783?

  5. Gabriel

    Did you actually read what I wrote. I specifically said not all Palestinians are right wing fascists, just like all Germans weren’t Nazis although the vast majority tacitly or overtly supported Hitler

    Secondly the Palestinians of Gaza overwhelmingly voted for Hamas in their one and only election in the 2000’s

    Thirdly, if polls can be believed then Hamas would win overwhelmingly in Judea and Samaria (now called the West Bank since 1950) if elections were held today

    Abbas, the leader of the PA/PLO diminished and denigrated the Holocaust in his thesis in the 1980’s and was involved in the financing and possibly planning of the massacre and murders of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics

    They are all right wing fascists, many bordering on full-blown neo-Nazism

  6. Greetings Palestinian Jews, not you Euro Zionists of course, you’ve no business being anywhere near Palestine.

    Yet again, Mr.Collier’s article is a load of codswallop. It’s all based upon the false accusations that Pete Gregson is an antiSemite and a Holocaust denier, when he is neither. He is most definitely an anti Zionist, just as are all decent people who recognise the carnage the Zionist occupation of Palestine is causing.

    Congratulations to Na’amod for being one of the many and growing number of Jewish groups who oppose Zionism because they see the evil, apartheid, racist intent in that despicable ideology.

    1. I support the right of the Jewish people to self determine in their ancestral homeland….

      Only racists and/or idiots would oppose such a thing…..

      And that’s about it really…..

        1. The Jews got their country back so it’s all good now….


          But if you insist on supporting the return of all of the property that was stolen from my late dad’s grandparents that would mean that I now own houses in Romania and Poland and Belarus too….


          When can I pick up the keys Jacky Lad?

          1. Oops, put your foot in it there Dobkin. An admission that Zionists have stolen Palestinian homes and land, which as we know was their intention from the start.

          2. Oops, you put your foot in it there Dobkin, an admission that European Zionists have stolen Palestinian homes and land. As for your ancestral property being stolen, you need to start a campaign against the thieves, just as the brave Palestinians have done against the Zionist colonist thieves.

            1. Reading and comprehension are really not your thing huh Jacky Lad?


              The Jews got their country back and that can only be a good thing

              Because nobody gives a fuck about returning stolen property to the descendants of the dispossessed Jews of Europe least of all a vile Jew hating cunt like you….

              Lovely chatting with you as always


    2. Thank you for always doing what you do best here, which is piling up data points for why your sorry coalition has failed, is failing now, and will keep failing well past 5783. Also, I’m wishing the real posters here L’Shanah Tovah–so in your case, please remember to use mouthwash after Bellamy finishes making use of you.

  7. Perhaps the esteemed Rabbis on this thread would be good enough to lead us all in a prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach and the gathering of all Jews in our promised land and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the Messainic prophecies

    And may the redeemer come to Zion and let us say…..



  8. JackT
    Our resident Antisemite,

    Jews and Judaism in one way or another have been striving to reach Zion since the time of Abraham when he went up to Zion to offer his son up to G-D. God refused the human sacrifice and thus began the long history of Judaism and Jewish Law.

    When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery he led them to Zion

    And Zion and Zionism has been the central tenet of the Judaism for over three and a half millennia and we certainly don’t need an Antisemite likes yourself to tell us how we practice our Judaism.

    1. This chap Gabriel, active in this thread has changed his user name from “Rabbi Gabriel..” to “Gabrielquotes” when it was pointed out that some users were pretending to be Rabbis here simply to wind up the Jews.

      Quite telling.

        1. Using the internet and posting on Shabbat?

          Some Rabbi you are….


          But as you are here perhaps you would be good enough to lead us all in a prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach and the gathering of all Jews in our promised land and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the Messainic prophecies ?

          And may the redeemer come to Zion and let us say…..



          1. Are you really using the internet on Shabbat to lecture a rabbi in how wrong it is to use the internet on Shabbat? There’s a word for that.

            1. I could literally fill 100 books with the exchanges between Yachad and Na’amod. The activists are often one and the same. As Gabriel knows, looking at the Na’amod founders – they were mostly his Yachad friends. If Gabriel also looks at his block list on Twitter – he will likely notice they are mostly my friends – and oddly enough – nobody from Na’amod. Gabriel considers all of ‘my type’ *toxic* and Na’amod a group worthy of support every time he legitimately feels like he can. There have been dozens of occassion when you have come, like a bodygaurd, to attack those attacking Na’amod on their feed – and you know what – none I could find of you defending anyone of those who were on the frontline fighting CorbYnista antisemitism.

              Na’amod’s last tweets have been about their contact with Gregson – and a clear retweet of Ben White – a Christian fundementalist who wants Israel destroyed and has said he ‘understands” why some people are antisemites…. I doubt you have personally have Ben White blocked either – the way you have blocked 100s of Jews.

              You can do what you do Gabriel – come here and argue until dawn over tiny pedantic points you find in people’s comments to you – but believe me – you are fooling nobody but yourself – and everyone else in the room can see the big picture. Now you carry on deflecting attention away from those who stand by the likes of Gregson and White. You can stand by those who support Ben White but ridicule and despise me. It won’t wash here. We know what you are. We see what you are.

            2. I suggest that you check my username “Rabbi”

              Am I claiming to be a Rabbi or aren’t I?


              I’m not frum and have never claimed to be so I do what I want on Shabbat or any other day for that matter

              You on the other hand???


              And besides shouldn’t you be in Shul on Shabbat “Rabbi” ??


              Oh gevalt….!

                1. So your are not frum?
                  And yet you claim to be a Rabbi????
                  A Jewish religious leader who is not frum??
                  Yes that makes perfect sense
                  What a fine example you are setting to your congregants?


                  When you are in a hole it’s best to stop digging

                  Anyway Shabbat Shalom “Rabbi “

                  1. “Ken Dobkin” self-proclaimed judge, jury and executioner of who is Jewish and who isn’t, is a pseudonym for a long-time bully, thug and a convicted criminal.

                  2. Thanks for making me a Twitter legend btw….

                    And you already have ONE like ?

                    Wow you must be really popular Rabbi Bacon Butty


                    1. As I said. He always turns himself into the victim. This is what ‘he has’ to put up with. Because he was ‘forced to come’ here and post lots of silly arguments.

                    2. Most of your followers are EDL, BNP, BRITAIN FIRST, NATIONAL FRONT.

                    3. Sheik Dr Muhammed, “England’s Grand Mufti” and Deputy Grand Imam and Grand Mufti of Londonistan,

                      Congrats on your Brilliant Nakba!

        2. Just noting your behaviour here Gabriel. As I mentioned, holding out as a comedy cleric has been quite the tactic here when the trolls aim to wind up the Jews. I appreciate you attempting to establish your bona fides. However your religious voodoo is of no interest to me and your discussions with your invisible man are your own affair. Sofash nayim.

  9. JackT, our resident Antisemite

    Throughout the Jews forced exile in Europe Jews have prayed on a daily basis for a return to Zion.

    Remember it was the Romans, European colonizers of the ancient world, that took the Jews out of israel and into enforced exile nearly 1900 years ago

    1. Richard Galber, you accuse me of being an antiSemite; please give an example of any occasion when I have been critical of Jews or Judaism? You will not be able to, therefore you are yet another accuser whose only response to criticisms of Zionism is to make false accusations. That alone shows your argumets are worthless.

      1. Sure thing Jacky….

        There is absolutely nothing antisemitic about obsessively demonising the world’s only Jewish state like you do….

        And absolutely nothing antisemitic about wanting to “return” Israeli Jews to the hell holes of Europe (that their grandparents escaped from) with no thoughts for their ongoing welfare??

        Perhaps you should send them in cattle trains? And house them in “settlement camps” ??


        1. Not very good at attempting to justify your lies are you Dobkin?

          Israel is not a Jewish State,which many Jews will agree, it is a Zionist State and there is absolutely nothing antiSemitic about criticising the racist apartheid ideology of Zionism and Israel.

          As for sending Jews back to hell holes, where did you get that from? I know parts of America and Europe are somewhat uncivilised but ‘hell holes’ that’s a bit mean of you don’t you think?

          1. 🇮🇱

            There is a big clue in the Israeli flag that clearly shows what kind of a state it is Jacky Lad


            Can you spot it ?


            Nice of you to “big up” Eastern Europe as an attractive destination for Israeli Jews to (presumably) be deported to ? I mean it’s not like things went seriously badly for the Jews last time they lived there or anything right?


            But no need for anything like that to happen….

            The Jews got their country back and no amount of typing of anti Jewish racist bollocks on your part is ever going to change that…


            So I suggest you get down on your knees and have a good suck on that….


            Lovely chatting with you as always…


            1. Dozey Dobkin said:

              “There is a big clue in the Israeli flag that clearly shows what kind of a state it is”

              Yes, thanks Dozey, it’s the Zionist flag. The flag was actually designed back in 1897, as the flag of the Zionist movement,

              As for ‘deporting Jews’, when did I say that? More lies from you Dobkin.

              1. It’s the Star of David you fucking numbskull

                Literally the symbol of Judaism worldwide for thousands of years


                And since when you you get to redefine the religious and cultural identity of a country just to suit your own nefarious agenda?


                The Jews got their ancestral homeland back

                So it’s all good


                  1. So the yellow stars that the nazis forced Jews to wear in the 1930s and 1940s were so they could identify Zionists were they?


                    Yes of course they work you fucking thick Jew hating cunt


    1. Describing Yachad as an enemy of the Jews (let alone one on a par with Hamas) is quite a hysterical overreaction to the fact that not all Jews hold exactly the same opinions as you do.

  10. Never compared Yachad to Hamas.
    What Yachad and Na’amod and Jews like yourself do is to offer a cover to right wing facists like Hamas and similar and to thus fuel the Antisemitic hatreds of the likes of JackT and our dear Bellamy.

    Whether you do it out of malice, ignorance or supposed progressivism is really the question

      1. The existence of a group like Yachad certainly provides an element of legitimacy to those that choose to demonise of the world’s only Jewish state whose real reasons for doing so are absolutely nothing to do with concern for Palestinians….

        You really can’t see that?


  11. JackT

    As I have often said, I think you are an Antisemite because of the ways you use language, forever finding fringe Jews with animus towards Israel and using them as your cover to bash Israel and telling Jews how to be ‘good’ Jews by doing the things you expect Jews to do.

    It’s a theme that runs through much of your postings

    1. Richard, all I ask is that Zionists follow the teachings of Judaism and treat others with respect and dignity instead of stealing their land and homes. Is that too much to ask?

  12. I can’t help feeling that there’s a slight irony, David, in your decision to publish a bullet-pointed list of Bad Jews, a tactic of antisemites throughout the ages, and then criticise me for blocking some of your mates on Twitter.

    1. I didn’t criticise you for blocking some of my friends Gabriel – this is just your way of deflecting. I simply pointed out that my friends – the ones out there fighting our enemies are the ‘wrong sort of Jews’ for you – and Na’amod’ those of the Gregson and Ben White fan clubs – are the right sort of Jews for you to be seen with – and those you see worthy of defending.

      Your ‘list’ argument is pathetic. It’s a cheap empty smear shot. When talking about ‘who’ did something – it is common journalistic practice to name them unless there is good reason not to (which is why I redacted the name of the person in the email). So I have no time for this type of weak nonsense from you.

        1. Gabriel. Sometimes you come across as little more than a troll. For 1000s of years, intra-Jewish discussions and arguments have involved creating lists – inevitably made-up of Jews. It is beyond vile to imply there is anything antisemitic about this or anything within it that can be compared to the actions of antisemites.

          It is also odd that someone who doesn’t like to see antisemitism as a problem – and is often blind to it – suddenly wants to see it when I am involved.

          I also note (checking your twitter feed) that you have had no problem in the past – linking to articles – or commenting on them without criticism – that attack people like me, Jonathan, Richard, and others – in what are explicit naming and shaming exercises. It seems overt hypocrisy is another of your numerous negative traits.

          1. I notice you approved a comment on this blog describing me, a rabbi, as “faecal matter”. Have I ever used, or provided a platform for those who use, vile insults like this, David? I don’t think so, but if I’m mistaken about that, please give me details and I will immediately take remedial action.

            In fact, Martin’s comment was an openly antisemitic attack, that I have reported to the authorities, and you would be the first to condemn it were it directed against a Jew you liked.

            Yet it was your blog post which inspired it, and because it’s directed at a Jew you hate, you’re not only fine with it, you’ve provided webspace for it on your blog.

            1. Actually I didn’t Gabriel. Almost all the posts here – as even those such as Stephen would confirm – are not moderated. At a certain point the board is set up to automatically approve posts when it recognises the author. I have two basic options – allow comments under an article or not. I think I have only turned off comments twice when posting. It is somewhat typical of your mindset – that instead of enjoying what is a pretty unique space (show me a left wing blog that will not delete my comments or ban me if I write something they do not like) you complain about how you would like to moderate the limits of free speech in your favour. Scroll through – see what I have been called here on a page I myself pay to host.

              But I am pleased that you spend your time reporting stuff to the authorities. It isn’t like they have anything to do (!) I am also pleased you are turning yourself into the victim here. If I remember rightly this article was written because your friends at Na’amod lied and publicly smeared me. That you do not seem to have a problem with.

  13. Gabriel

    And why is it Antisemitic to inform Jews about Jews/Jews in name only who are covering for/conspiring with those who wish Jews and Israel harm.

    David has spent years exposing Antisemitism and Antisemites by naming and hopefully shaming them. These people are not endangered by this naming and shaming, but it does serve to inform the Jewish community of the nefarious aims and actions of said people

    1. I’m afraid that if you think it isn’t antisemitic to publish a hate-list of enemy Jews (a hate-list which inspires further hateful comments, such as the one describing me as “faecal matter”, all of which are approved for publication by David) then that probably shows you’ve spent too long tackling antisemites because you’ve assimilated some of their tactics and mannerisms.

      1. You are now lying. David doesn’t need to ‘approve’ comments that are posted here. I understand that in your world, this is how you operate. I am a somewhat different type of animal. I am much more inclined to let people speak freely. If I have a problem with what is said – then I too have the freedom to respond. You should try it. Far less Stalinist.

      2. Why do you describe it a “hate list” ?
        It’s just a list of people who happen to have a major problem with the continued existence of the world’s only Jewish state?
        Why would you have a problem with these names being shared?
        Why would anyone?

  14. Gabriel

    which authorities have you used to report being called ‘faecal matter’; a fairly mild insult by todays common standards of using ‘sh-t’ and other insulting terminology

    I have been insulted and threatened too many times to remember with the threats and insults being far nastier than mere ‘faecal matter’. In fact being called a ‘sh-thead’ , a ‘pile of cr-p’ and so forth have entered the English language as part of supposedly ‘normal conversation’.

    So your reaction to be called ‘faecal matter’ is more about your petty nitpicking nature and predilection to ‘snowflake wokery’.

    Incidentally I would never use language like that in arguments because I find that it weakens the thrust of my arguments. And it gives thin-skinned chickens like yourself the opportunity to run around in faux panic and dismay crying about ‘micro and macro aggressions’ to shut public discourse about things you are unable too, or do not wish to discuss

  15. Funny how certain people think that putting the word “Rabbi” in front of their names will automatically gain them an elevated level of respect?

    Sorry guys….

    Respect is something that is earned by deeds or words and usually both….

    By all means keep trying….but from what I have read so far I don’t hold out much hope….


  16. Good thread, this one. This chap Gabriel has been a curious fellow. (was he the one that opposed charitable giving to the needy because it was Jews that were doing the giving?). Sometimes he posts as a rabbi, sometimes he doesn’t. Then he demands that others here seek out a rabbi. Then he’s commenting alongside Brucie who pretends to be a rabbi to wind up the Jews here. Is it any wonder that people question the sincerity of his posts? Is it any wonder that people reject all the religious mumbo-jumbo?

    Still 71 posts and counting in what has been a quiet summer spell here at DC Central.

    Shavua Tov to all from the Jewish State.

    1. And of course – our dear Gabriel does what he does best…. run off to cry that he has been abused – and attack me for not moderating the posts here to create a ‘safe space’ for the poor snowflake.

      1. Must be frustrating for him that he can’t delete posts that make him look like a complete idiot….


        Btw I’m referring more to posts he has typed himself rather than those typed by others….


        Not exactly covered himself in glory with his “performance” on here has he?

        And all on Shabbat too ?

        Oy gevalt….


  17. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Where and when did you ever post a copy of this supposed ordination of you a rabbi.

    The best I could expect from you is a bought copy of some certificate that you obtained from some mail order business in the USA.

    Personally when I think of Brucie Levy, the image that comes to mind about you is that of Pinocchio the serial LIAR

    1. Also this chap JackT who keeps coming here to be provocative. What an odd bod. All this “it’s NOT a Jewish state” drivel to get a rise out of some oversensitive diaspora Jews. Silly fellow. Of course it’s the Jewish State because we say it is. As I’ve told Stephen and Brucie many times Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews care about different things so please tailor your pokes accordingly.

      1. Jack is not the brightest

        These left wing nazi types are not exactly the sharpest tools in the box

        It seems Jacky Lad wants all Zionist Jews (ie all Israeli Jews) to “return” to Europe?
        But the good news is that he is not in favour of deportation so he wants you to do it voluntarily….
        And also he hasn’t squared this cunning plan with the governments of all of the countries in Europe either
        But never mind eh….who needs details anyway right?
        So if you wouldn’t mind packing your things and being on your way?
        I heard that a bloke in Romania has a spare room going cheap…

        1. Yes Ken, there is a delicious irony in reading comments here about my country from detached western whitey telling “Jonny Foreigner” how it is. This at a time when so many other foreigners are telling these bigots and racists exactly where to stick it.

          In fact every day of life here in The Jewish State is us bending them over and inserting our wholly independent fists up their Jew hating rectums. Time for a brew I think. Shavua tov.

          1. Just been having a discussion with Jacky Lad about the Star of David
            He seems to think that it was invented by Zionists in 1897 and is a purely Zionistic symbol and has nothing to do with Judaism?
            He must think that Hitler had a problem with Zionists and not Jews to make them wear yellow stars to identify themselves as Zionists?
            But then where does that leave the Ken Livingstone theory that Hitler was a Zionist?
            Like I keep saying these left wing nazi types are really not the brightest….

            Ah well…

            Shavuah Tov to you too


        2. Dozey Dobkin, even the tiny number of individuals who are not as bright as you, know that Zionist Israel is a racist apartheid State.

          1. Nice open goal for you there Ken courtesy of Jack, our careless contributor, I’ll leave the tap-in for you.

          2. By the way Dozey, I said nothing about the star, it was the Zionist flag of shame to which I referred. You certainly do need to top up on your very limited education.

            1. Jacky you have proved yourself (repeatedly) on these pages to be as thick as pigsh1t

              As you are doing once again

              But allow be to try one more time

              When I said there was a big clue in the Israeli flag 🇮🇱 as to what kind of country it was I was referring to the Star of David ✡️
              Which has been the symbol of the JEWISH PEOPLE for centuries

              Why else would it be on the flag of the world’s only JEWISH state??

  18. And anyway the majority of the people of a particular country are the ones who decide what and why a country is.
    It’s not down to someone who is embedded with hatred to decide what a country other than his own is.

    1. Honestly Richard, I have tried to help Jack and his kind, advising that they have 2 separate scripts; one for diaspora Jews and the other for Israeli Jews. They have never grasped that we care about different things. All the ” It’s NOT a Jewish State. It’s NOT, It’s NOT” toss may provoke a few over sensitive UK Jews but this sort of internet shoite bounces off us like a dime off a pole dancer’s arse.

      I wonder if he’s a monarchist. If so, this will be problematic for him and his chums. Apparently the new King of England is a Zionist.

      1. I always found it humourous that Zuos chose the Sabra (prickly pear) as a symbol.

        It’s an invasive non-native plant brought from abroad and is a pain to get out of your land.

        1. Hello Brucie. We’ve had two people on this thread identifying as Rabbis; you and Gabriel. Are you the same type of Rabbis, or different?

          Same question to Gabriel.

          1. Rabbi Gabriel seems – just like this Rabbi – very much grounded in the tenets of Judaism.

            As you are well aware, the racist political doctrine of Zionism is an affront to everything Judaism represents.

            1. Keep praying for Moschiach Brucie…

              And for the rebuilding of our temple in our holy city of Jerusalem

              It’s your duty as a Rabbi to do this every day….

              Don’t ever forget it


  19. Shabbat Shalom everyone !

    I wonder if our 2 “esteemed” Rabbis would be good enough to lead us all in prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach and the gathering of all Jews in Jerusalem and the rebuilding of our temple in accordance with the Messianic prophesies?


    I won’t hold my breath…..


  20. Funny old thread, this one. A couple of blokes holding out as rabbis; one with a certificate, and the other one, well….our Brucie. Were either of them rabbinical or just comedy clerics? You decide.

    We’ve had all the customary provocation-by-numbers shtick and pretend concern for Arabs but I reckon there’s now more steam in an electric kettle during a Gaza power cut.

    What’s up next DC?

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