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I told the truth about ‘Palestine’ – and this happened

Two things are key to my outlook – truth and historicity. Being driven by a need for honesty however, does mean that I am not so big on being ‘politically correct’. I believe that following such an ‘unchained’ strategy exposes the weaknesses of the anti-Israel propaganda machine far better than other, more ‘diplomatic’ methods.

So on Sunday I put out a simple, factual tweet. I accept that it was the type of tweet that some of my more dovish supporters cringe at. They likely consider it provocative and unnecessary. I believe that challenging the pillars holding up the fake narrative of our enemies is vital work, even if now and again I make others around me feel uncomfortable.

The truth in a tweet

This is what I said:

  • There has never been a state of Palestine.
  • They have had no ruler. No common identity.
  • No currency.
  • No history.
  • No borders.
  • It was an invention created to help fight Israel.
  • The concept may exist now – but it never did before.
  • So stop making stuff up.

There is nothing factually wrong in those words. It is a simple statement that reflects part of the historical reality behind the conflict. ‘Palestine’ as a term was just a reflection of the Christian heritage of the colonial powers, For over 1000 years it was a word that meant ‘Holy Land’ to those in Europe that used it. It was alien, not native, to the region. The ‘Palestinians’ just did not exist in the Arab world in any sense whatsoever.

None of this is about ‘people’ today, nor their rights, so there is nothing to get angry with. Except the anti-Israel narrative exists upon pillars of falsehoods. Which means it has to reject rather than accept the truth. So the simple tweet went viral, with about 350,000 ‘impressions’. Over 785 people commented on it.

And this is how the anti-Israel propaganda machine responded:

When told the truth – most just become abusive:

The key response was just sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming ‘racist’:

Meeting the truth with ther 'racist' smear

There is obviously nothing racist in my tweet at all. These people do not like what I am saying but have no way of actually countering the facts. Using their favourite smear – ‘racist’ – is all they are left with.

Those comments above were just some of the 100s of abusive tweets. Apart from calling me a ‘racist’, I was also called an ‘Islamophobe’, a ‘Nazi’, a bigot, and various curse-words than I have no intention of repeating here. Verbal abuse was by far the most popular response.

Truth – ‘shut it down’

Another response was simply the good old fascist deplatforming. Mass reporting in an attempt to have the tweet removed, or better yet, have my account suspended. This from Corbynite Chloe Schlosberg (partner of Justin), just one of many who appear to want to censor truth:

Chloe Shlosberg report me

My inbox was full of notifications from Twitter about my tweet being reported – in several different languages. It is the type of organised mass-reporting storm that the hard-left use to bring down accounts on FB or Twitter. But even Twitter realised that my tweet did not cross any lines. Everyone who reported it, was simply told that it did not break the rules:Twitter report - supports truth

Look here is a picture of …

Aside from abuse and attempts at censorship, the other main response was from people who know very little but love to act as online parrots. Those who think they have the answers because they have seen them used elsewhere. This mainly involved sharing a photo that ‘proved’ that I was wrong and showed that ‘Palestine’ had indeed existed. We have all seen them – coins, banknotes, letters – with the word ‘Palestine’ written on them. Except of course every single one of them comes from the British Mandate period. These were British coins or banknotes, and they even carried the lettering for ‘Eretz Israel’ (the Land of Israel) on them.

It cannot be said often enough. The only people who considered the ‘Holy Land’ to be ‘Palestine’ were the Western Christian colonial powers. And they had ‘Palestine’ etched into their heritage because of earlier Roman rule (another European Imperial power) that had given rise to the spread of Christianity. And the Roman and Greek notion was itself based on the other European invaders – the Philistines – who had long since disappeared from history.

For over 1000 years – the term ‘Palestine’ survived in the west as part of a romantic religious heritage. It was for this reason – and this reason alone – that the British used the name ‘Palestine’ for the Mandate. So when the colonial powers drew their maps between 1916 and 1923 *THEY* got to decide what would be inside Palestine and what would not. It had nothing to do with the ethnic make-up, heritage, culture, language or history of the Arabs or Jews living in the region. The ‘ancient Palestine’ that all the haters want to ‘free’ is nothing more than a recent colonial construct.

I will post the funniest of these images here, because it literally says it is a British Passport:british passport

And here is a map

Many other responses were part of the same pattern. Tweets containing maps of the area that included ‘Palestine’:

Map 1

Drawn in the west throughout the ages, there is a real irony in holding them up today. In essence they were drawn by Christians who often saw the world (and ownership of it) through Christian, colonial, white supremacist, eyes. Mitchell Samuel Augustus, who drew this map in 1839, prefaced books with suggestions that he sought “to illustrate the excellence of the Christian religion”. The real map of the region looked nothing like this at the time, and the empire that controlled the region (the Ottomans) had no ‘Palestine’ on their maps. Once again we are facing nothing but a colonial construct built from the romantic imagination of white Christian, not local Arab heritage. They think this is their proof?

The truth and more complex pictures

The more carefully crafted positions – of which there were just a few – tried to suggest that these ‘markers’ that I used were colonial in origin. This is irrelevant, non-factual distraction. For example, some suggested the same could be said of the Native Americans. Except that is totally false. The Native Americans had their own turf – their own currencies – their own languages, cultures, rulers, and religions. They also had distinct histories. This argument is not about the western concept of statehood. And attaching the word ‘colonial’ to Jews in Judea and Samaria is patently absurd. Never in all of history has any ‘colonial invader’ ever been able to dig down into the earth – to uncover their own people’s history in the ruins they find. It just does not work that way.

The Palestinians as a people never existed. They were at best, bits and pieces from everywhere living under the Ottoman roof. And there were not many of them either. Mass immigrations in the 19th century, as Egyptians moved in and the Ottoman Empire began to collapse inwards, saw the population begin to explode. The flood became a tsunami as the Europeans increased their interest in the region and Zionist investment began to make some areas prosper. It is the height of hypocrisy to suggest the Zionist who arrived in 1880 was an invader – but the Bosnian Muslim who moved there for the work the Zionist created – is somehow the one who really owns the land.

The Palestine Gambit

You have to admire the strategy. The notion of the indigenous people of ‘Palestine’ conquered the western world despite it having nothing to do with the Arab world, or Islam. It was in fact the easiest of sells. The Muslim world – which was itself a product of imperial conquest – never had considered Palestine a thing – but suddenly saw value in suggesting it was real. The Christian west just swallowed it whole – because in their dreams – the ‘Holy Land’ had always been ‘Palestine’. They even had it on all their maps. It was a fictional marriage made in heaven.

Truth should not hurt or be ignored. Because much of the Palestinian narrative was created to deliberately perpetuate the conflict and undermine Jewish history, it forms an environment where the two sides cannot co-exist. This is partly the reason the conflict appears never-ending. Therefore, learning the truth becomes a vital component in fully understanding the dynamics, and helps pave the way to a viable solution.

This is not a denial of people’s rights today. It is a suggestion that fake history has made the conflict unsolvable. It leaves the Palestinians pushing maximalist positions and rejectionism rather than seeking accomodation. It means many in the west, who have fallen for the fake narrative – support the Palestinian intransigence.

To borrow from the very Christian heritage that is relied upon to perpetuate the myth of an ancient ‘Palestine’, I will end with this from John 8:32: ‘Vēritās līberābit vōs’ – the truth will set you free.

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55 thoughts on “I told the truth about ‘Palestine’ – and this happened

  1. 100% correct, that’s why the real (anti-Jewish) racists abhor you. By the same token, they must abhor Zionism, the ideology that has given freedom & equality to 1.8 million Israeli Arabs.

  2. David, like all Zionists, you are deluded. Just because you want to believe that in the past, Palestine never existed, you have convinced yourself to ignore any evidence or reference to it. This then gives you, in your deluded mind, a justification to ignore the rights of Palestinians. But David, please tell me how Zionism, as followed by the Israeli government with its racist Nation State Law, which says Jews are the only ones in the country to have a right to self determination, complies with Jewish values of fairness and dignity for all?

    You appear to fit perfectly, the contention by Avigail Abarbanel the Jewish psychologist, that Zionism is a mental illness which gives sufferers the delusion they have rights which do not exist.

    Rather than continuing your manic obsession to try and show that Palestinians do not exist, it would be better for your own peace of mind if you sought councelling.

    1. Pray tell who was the king or president or prime minister of ‘Palestine’ in 1860 or 1932. Where did its parliament meet? What was the official language? What was the official currency?

      I’m sorry to say that you’re just another Israel-hating and possibly antisemitic Jew who quotes other Israel-hating / antisemitic Jews to support his argument. How sad.

      1. Clive, please do not let your ignorance bolster your delusions, leave it to MrCollier, he’s good at it.

        His version of what constitutes a country is concocted to support his Zionist myths.

        Consider this:
        “A country is a region that is identified as a distinct entity in political geography” i.e. Palestine.

        Perhaps you could answer my question: How does Israel’s apartheid square with Jewish values?

        1. JackT

          So who in history was a Palestinian king or prince or leader of a Palestinian state prior to the creation of this supposed state by the Russian KGB created and installed Yasser Ararat as its first leader in the early 1960’s

        2. That’s the thing with these rabid left wing fascists like Jack T

          You will never get a straight answer to a straight question

          I think it’s basically down to the fact that they are just not very bright

          They think they are….but they are actually as thick as pigsh1t

        3. How on earth can ‘palestine’ be ‘a distinct entity in political geography’ please when it has never existed as an independent state with a ruler/ government, a currency, or a people with a history of coming from there & who can trace their origins from there? I think you merely show a total ignorance of factual history if you try to claim that today’s so-called palestinians have any real ties to the land they have only lived in since leaving the true countries of their origins to seek the better employment & wages offered by the Jewish comunities who sought to rebuild their ancient homeland from the swamps & desserts it had become under those who had tried to destroy them by exile, banishment &/or outright murder.

        4. Jaques shiT,

          How does your Terrorist Pal-e-CRIME square with Islamist values?

          Furthermore, how does 9/11, London’s 7/7 transport bombings, Boston Marathon bombing, Pan Am 103 bombing, vicious stabbing of author Salman Rushdie, DC Beltway snipers, 1972 Olympics attack and murder of Olympic athletes, hijacking and murder of passenger of cruise ship Achille Lauro, execution of Charlie Hebdo magazine staff, attack on Bataclan music hall and murder of concert goers, Mumbai India attack, bombing of US embassy in Kenya (native Kenyans died), WMD attack and murder of civilians of Halabja Iraq, Fascist Iran executing gays, Fascist Iran stoning girls to death over “Family Honour” LOL!, destruction of two 1,500 year ofl Budahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, 1993 truck bombing of New Yorks World Trade Center, Empire State building observation deck shooting, Fort Hood Texas shooting, Garland Texas thwarted Jihad, Spain’s High Speed train thwarted Jihad, bombing US Marine barracks in Beiruit Lebanon, 500K dead in Syria (Muslims killing Muslims), Off his Rocker “rocker” Cat Stevens AKA “Yusef Islam” agreeing that author Salman Rushdie needs to die for writing a book, murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, …

          square with “Muslim Values” ?????????

          Over to you, you Fascist PIG.

          P.S. Marg Bar Iran!

        5. @Jack T.
          Judea & Samaria, the real name of the ‘West Bank’, which is only a west bank of the river Jordan, was never a palestinian state nor were they palestinian lands.

          They were Jewish lands since 4000 years, occupied by Romans, Turks, Brits & Jordanians.

        6. Wonderful erudite words but in the real world possession is nine tenths of the law. The 70 + year old infrastructure of Israel is unbreakable and people like you need to get over it, I sense you have problems that are all too common “Woke’ problems with your roots, but hey, actions speak louder than words and Israel is far too deep rooted now for the removal wishes by its neighbours. Facts are facts, like it or not . The USA ain’t going back to Cherokees, Australia ain’t going back to the Abirigines, and NZ ain’t going back to the Māori. At least the Jewish people have always had a history in the area. While you’re at it, perhaps you could send these facts to Will Self, Miriam Margolees and many more self loathers I could name

        7. Jack, your question is flawed, because it assumes a fact not in evidence, the apartheid lie. In fact, Jewish values are fully on display in Israel, by virtue of the openness of its society & acceptance of other religions/cultures in its midst. Wish I could say the same of territory ruled by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.
          I submit that, if this conflict didn’t involve Jews – if it were Sunni vs. Shiite, or Kurd vs. Sunni – you wouldn’t give it so much as a yawn. Show me I’m wrong – direct me to your many posts pertaining to China’s treatment of its Muslims (1 million Uyghurs in “reeducation centers”), Myanmar’s persecution of Rohingya Muslims, or, if your specialty is Palestinians, Arab countries’ denial of the rights of their “Palpulations.” Start with Kuwait’s expulsion of 400K Pals, after the Gulf War. What’s the matter, no Jews, no news?

    2. Jack T —it’s as if you completely skip reading Mr. Collier’s article… or you’re determined to illustrate the mindless, enraged know-nothing approach he described in detail. If it’s the latter, well done. Anyone reading your comments certainly gets a clear picture of an angry cretin, incapable of processing information but seething with antisemitic hate.

    3. @Jack T.
      The inconvenient truth. and the hysteria by the army of ignorants breaks loose.

      There NEVER was a state of Palestine and there NEVER will be one..

      Jordan, where 80% of palestinian Arabs live (after the division by the British occupiers of the Jewish historical lands) is the only “palestine” there ever was.

      Judea & Samaria, the birth place of Judaism, is the real name of the “West Bank”, which is just the West Bank of the river Jordan, like the East End or the Rive Gauche in Paris and has nothing to do with a state.

      Jerusalem is the 4000 year Jewish capital has more legitimacy than London or Paris or any other modern capital.


    4. How do you support a Palestinian state that openly espouses an apartheid at best and ethnic cleansing at worst ideology? They won’t accept a state unless there are ZERO Jews living in it. See Gaza for an example. Look at the rights (rather lack thereof) of minorities in any Arab/Muslim country. Compare that to almost 20% of Israel being Arabs with full and equal rights. You are pathetically delusional about what’s going on there.

        1. Yes Mr Bellamy, Something that is true can be antisemetic if you only use it to demonise Jews. For example, It is true that Jews practice male circumcision as a religious rite. It is antisemitic if you don’t say that Muslims do as well.

    1. I will always be a moderate Stephen. Just give me someone that reciprocates.

      As for your question. It is an interesting one. I would imagine so. Many western security forces were viewed to have racist profiling policies – even though they may have had very real reasoning behind their actions. Their ‘truth’ was deemed racist. So why wouldn’t the same apply to other forms of discrimination.

  3. JackT ,our Antisemite is at it again.
    Any Jew, or apparent Jew, that makes derogatory comments and statements about Jews, Zionist and Israel is prophetic and whose words must be taken as gospel is held up as the only correct view of said Jews, Zionists and Israel by all the anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli Antisemites.
    This is one of JackT’s favourite stratagems


    1. Funny article that, Stephen. I agree with you that some of the ones you mention with whom you have your personal beefs are real cunts.

      If you could do something about your spelling and your confused sentence structures and also avoid dropping in the copy/paste updates that skew the chronology, your hundred or so followers would have a decent reading experience. Solid effort.

      1. I always find it funny that I am told I am besties with the EDL because there is an image of me talking to Joathan Hoffman – and 50 meters away – there is some guy who apparently used to be EDL… That they consider a ‘solid association’…

        but when I point out that someone stood on a platform with or laid a wreath for – known terrorists – then I am using guilt by association…..

        It is like when I found Corbyn actively involved in Palestine Live… Stephen though the equivalent was me belonging to some group I had been added to where I had never commented inside.

        He operates with scales that have a 100 tonne weight hidden under the scale on the zionist side – and then keeps pointing out that what we do is always more serious (heavier) than the other side…

  4. I oppose Israeli apartheid. That’s it. That’s my comment.

    1. I oppose apartheid and delusional fake Rabbis….neither of which can be found in Israel

      That’s my comment


    2. ImaM Oron,

      I oppose World-Wide Jihad, Terrorism, IntifaDUH, hijackings, bombing passenger buses, bombing passenger planes (Pan Am 103), turning passenger planes into missiles (9/11 by Al Qada), shootings, running over pedestrians, hanging gays, stoning disobedient girls to death, Current Day Slavery, Sex Slaves (Boko Haram), turning schools, hospitals, mosques into firing positions, beheading kneeling captives and posting the deed on the internet (ISIS), …

      How ’bout it you Fascist Socialist A-Hole???

  5. Israel is not perfect (what country is?) but I fail to understand why its right to exist is always under attack from people who haven’t been there, know nothing about its history, but yet feel they have a right to pronounce it at fault. In its short existence it has been constantly in a state of either war or constant attack from its neighbours and yet so many people in the west take the side of the attackers. There is bloodshed and displacement of people in most countries’ history – I live in Scotland and we’ve had our share over the centuries; another example is the Indian Partition and the creation of Pakistan. And yet Israel alone is constantly singled out and held to account for its right to defend itself from attacks. I can only think of one reason.

  6. Hey Jack T

    How does the UKs system of apartheid square with your Christian values?

    Just look at the evidence….

    Big cross in it’s flag – very offensive to all non Christians
    Only Christian festivals are declared as public holidays
    Total lack of non Christian faith schools outside major cities leading to the ghettoisation of non Christians
    Total lack of non Christian places of worship outside of major cities leading to the ghettoisation of non Christians
    Total lack of availability of kosher and halal foods outside of major cities leading to the ghettoisation of non Christians

    Welcome to apartheid Britain

    Disgusting really

    1. I have never been offended by the cross on England’s flag, by the fact that it is a Christian nation, by Christian decorations or anything else you mention. I am merely grateful that when my people were being slaughtered in mainland & Eastern Europe, we were able to find a welcome & a home in England which allowed us to follow our faith, build our own places of worship & provide our own schools in safety.

      1. Jaqui

        I was making the point to our left wing fascist “friend” Jack T that Israel is as much of an apartheid state as GB is…

        In other words…..it ISN’T

        Best regards to you 👍🏼

        1. I know that Ken. I was just adding to the irony of your message to say that it was not Jews that found such things offensive or, indeed, expected the country they voluntarily came to, knowing full well it was Christian, to bow down to their laws & provide them with the things they needed to practice their beliefs. 🙂

  7. 1) “The truth pricks the eyes.” Russian saying.
    2) “the simple tweet went viral.” Had you ever in your childhood stuck a stick in a large anthill? What could you expect? 🙂

  8. Excellent work David. It is very useful that so many people responded, because you stated simple facts and received hysteria in return. Any normal, right-thinking person, after even a tiny bit of investigation, can see the utter fraudulence of the other side. They are such dolts that they even mass-publicised the correct narrative for you. In that case, perhaps do it again? @kendododd

  9. Quite remarkable that Bellamy and his cohort of hapless antisemites continue to post inane comments without ever countering your carefully researched posts . Like moths to a flame ( of truth ) they just can’t help themselves

    1. Bit harsh on our Stephen. Quite an entertaining blogpost I thought. First one of his I’ve read. All over the place as a piece of coherent writing, very long and repetitive and a right old mess with his chronology, but certainly spotted some serious cunts in there. I reckon our lad has more in common with me than he thinks. Maybe we could collaborate.

    2. I can’t be arsed with countering ” carefully rehearsed posts” Harv I merely perform a public service helping people to consider the source and understand the nature of the racists that are giving them a hard time

          1. Legal advice huh. Maybe from that nut job Lewis fella ? Anyways Harv word on the street is thay you been spotted down at the Dog and Duck with Roberta. You able to confirm or deny this ?

      1. I’ll take that as a NO to collaboration, Stephen. Pity. I was going to promise not to mention Jews or Israel coz I know you couldn’t give a flying fuck about them. Fax me if you change your mind.

  10. Careful Ian, you’ll inflate his ego and he may be to delicate to take the strain.

    If I hear about any exploding 🤯 heads I will let you know that he has suffered a serious malfunction and is now trying to put himself together again. Shades of the egg man

  11. Stephen

    without David your life would be meaningless. I mean who would become your new target. Although thinking about, the number of Jews in high places you’ve rubbished over the years on David’s blog is reasonably large.

    Methinks you have problem with Jews per se

    Methinks that your problem with Jews is Antisemitic

      1. Our Stephen recycling Slogan #7 in his Rolodex. As his pretend Oirish Nana Finula O’SpudUlike used to say “ooh er missus. Here’s Scoffie with me meds!”

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