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Gazan scams the anti-Zionists – antisemitism makes people dumb

A Gazan has just scammed anti-Zionists out of ยฃ1000s. Pete Gregson, the Scottish man who ran the campaigns has even just admitted it. The truth here is that this is a cycle; The lies of anti-Israel propaganda creates anti-Zionists, anti-Zionism embeds antisemitism, and antisemitism makes people targets for scams. And trust me on this, the people in Gaza and the West Bank are fully aware of it.

A Gazan scammer – the backstory

Keeping this part short: Those who read this blog will know that throughout 2022, I ran several articles on the relationship between Pete Gregson, an active antisemite from Scotland, and a Gazan by the name of Mohammed Almadhoun. Gregson put out an endless stream of fundraisers to help Almadhoun and even ran the Gaza- Edinburgh twinning campaign alongside him. I went digging (as did one or two friends), tracking down Almadhoun and all his claims. It took a while, we had to dig deep – and I even ended up speaking to an Egyptian surgeon referenced in one of the campaigns (who denied ever operating on Almadhoun). My research showed beyond doubt that not only did Almadhoun’s family have ties to both Islamic Jihad and Hamas, but that the fundraising campaigns were a scam.

A Christmas Eve notice and the Boxing Day email

Pete Gregson carried on with his campaigns, ridiculing my research and standing by his Gazan ‘friend’. Until on Christmas Eve the latest campaign was suddenly closed. Then yesterday (Boxing Day), Pete Gregson personally sent an extraordinary email to all those that had contributed. It began like this (full email – see image) :

“It greatly pains me to admit to our having been victims of a humongous scam “

He even openly admitted that I had been right:

Gaza scammer Mohammed Almadhoun

Gregson explains that he now knows that Almadhoun, the Gazan scammer will ‘tell lies with impunity if he can scam money‘:

Gazan scammer, pete gregson

The problem with twinning

Putting aside for a moment Gregson and the Gazan scammer, this scam highlights many of the problems that twinning with Gaza creates. It is impossible to deal with authority in Gaza – because the authority is a proscribed terrorist group. It means if you want to work with anyone in Gaza, you need to turn to people there – the very people that are reaching out for help. Yet these are exactly the type of people that need to be avoided. These people can work with the authorities, create receipts, make photoshoots inside clinics – and build any other fake evidence that they need – in order to get people in the west to part with their cash. And none of us have any idea who is behind it, nor where the money actually ends up.

Antisemitism makes people stupid

And this story firmly exposes a really vicious cycle. Pete Gregson was duped because he is an antisemite. Almadhoun was clearly a scammer. My research found that he had used multiple names, various campaigns, unbelievable stories, and stolen images. But Gregson still believed him – as did the many people who donated to the bogus campaigns.

Almadhoun spun stories about both his house and school being bombed, about the students he teaches losing their friends to Israeli attacks, and even one about his own child dying on the way to an Israeli hospital. It isn’t that these things could never happen in a conflict, but that Almadhoun created a caricature, akin to a man who claims that within a 12-month period he had been struck by lightning, run over, had a tumour, lost his wife, was mugged, raped, and also lost a young child to a strange illness.

Almadhoun was so confident of the gullibility of anti-Zionists, that the evidence he provided was just sloppy (mostly stolen images from news websites). It only worked because of antisemitism.

The rabbit hole to antisemitism is a money spinner for some

Let me expand on that. Much of anti-Zionist propaganda is blatantly false. The history anti-Zionists are provided with is often ahistorical junk. An endless stream of doctored or decontextualised images / footage is shared daily by anti-Zionists through social media. All of this material dehumanises Zionists and Zionism. It reaches a point where someone can be told a story about a woman losing her baby on route to a hospital because of the ‘inhumane Israelis’ – and these fools buy it wholesale – because they firmly believe that this is a daily occurrence, and that there is a monster Israeli soldier on every corner, cruelly calculating how to kill Palestinian children.

The anti-Zionist rabbit hole is a ticket to becoming a rabid antisemite. And those people, like Almadhoun – who create FB pages which turn Israelis into monsters, can then go and reap the rewards by scamming the very antisemites that they have helped to create. As my research exposed several years ago, anti-Zionists on social media are all targets for an endless stream of people from Gaza who send messages about how ‘brutal Israeli actions’ have left them unable to feed their children.

It does not even have to be so obvious a scam. All those ‘human rights activists’ from Gaza or the WB, making a name for themselves in western media – are doing the pretty much the same thing – making money and fame from the very anti-Jewish hatred that their lies have helped to propagate.

The only ones who care

Gregson is probably too far down the rabbit hole to save (although I am more than willing to meet him for a chat). But if just some of those who were duped can begin to ask themselves just what else they have been tricked into believing – then this bitter lesson they have learned will not have been entirely in vain.

For Jews and their allies the lesson is a different one. This was exposed only because of Zionists who do this type of research. The police did not care it was going on, the media did not give it any column inches, and all the while a terrorist linked Gazan was taking money from people who were mostly based in the UK. If it wasn’t for us – it would still be going on. Which is why we must never falter, and never rely on anyone else. If we want to fight antisemitism and anti-Zionism – we can rely only on ourselves.

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33 thoughts on “Gazan scams the anti-Zionists – antisemitism makes people dumb

  1. Hey DC, may I suggest you investigate the CST and into whose pockets the millions it receives from HM Govt goes in the name of fighting antisemitism.

    You may want to investigate the dirty dealings of the ZF and ADL as well.

  2. I am trying not to laugh but only because it is the season of Goodwill to all!!! Oh wait, I’m Jewish so it doesn’t apply to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Shalom Jacqui B



  3. The CST is a cash cow if there ever was one!

    Taxpayers funded that gang of Zionist thugs and defenders of apartheid to the tune of **ยฃ14m**

    FOR WHAT?!

    Investigate that.

    1. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

      If you are so concerned about CST, report them to the Charity Commission.

      But I doubt you would ever do that, because then your poxy lies would be laid bare for all to see

  4. I won’t be back til 2023, as I’m making several dozen of my world-famous, delicious BOXCAR CAKES for a pensioners New Years Eve party in Finchley.

    Happy New Year and let 2023 be one year closer until apartheid Israel and Zionism is wiped of the face of the Earth. Permanently.

    Shalom and blessings!

    1. “Ian” sez Bruce’s got competition this year on the old Great Provocation Bake Off. The nanas from the Dewsbury Jam & Jew8ers Circle have donated 50 of their famous Heim Sponges with real Maltesers as the eyes that the good Dokteur of Matthausen removed from his subjects whilst they were still conscious. They also use coloured rice paper to replicate the skin that he flayed off Jewish children some as young as 8. Wonder if Brucie’s cakes go into that level of detail.

    2. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

      So you are back to mocking the Holocaust with your ‘boxcar’ remarks

      But then you were ever the anti-Jewish Antisemitic bigot that mocks those murdered during the Holocaust

  5. Rabbinic wisdom:

    “The Nazis made me afraid to be a Jew and the Israelis made me ashamed to be a Jew.”

    Dr Israel Shahak – Holocaust survivor.

    1. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

      And where is this Shahk quote so it can be checked for context

      1. Do your own research Stinky Dick. I don’t work for you.

        1. ImaM Oron, Please try to control yourself and keep your face out of men’s laps.

          Happy Eternal Nakba!

  6. On a similar note , one has to have some sympathy for all the willing dupes who crowd funded the likes of JVL in their endless round of losses libelling journalists and others who exposed rampant antisemitism within Labour under Corbyn

    1. You sound exactly like what you are TESCO Harv; a bitter and frustrated old man.


      1. Talking of supermarkets, your fall from grace at ASDA culminating in your dismissal was a pleasure to behold. Your Facebook Wall replete with deranged entries about your former employer demonstrated your own frustration and bitterness

      1. Hey Dina, you said you were an Israeli who had served in the army and paid high taxes here. Why are you bothered about some irrelevant spat between two inconsequential UK nobodies?

  7. Good that you’ve shown up to this one Brucie.

    You must be miffed at being duped by these Arab scamsters but I imagine you’re furious with Bibi’s new Tel Aviv Taliban, banning fellas like you from Israel for only having one Jewish grandparent on your dad’s side.

    FYI, I’m with you all the way on this one and wonder whether you will be joining the protests against these far right theocrats. It’s outrageous, right?

    Time to step up Brucie. You’re doing your god’s work.

  8. As a Gay, Bruce knows full well he would be welcome in Tel Aviv, whereas in Gaza his visit would be short lived with the emphasis on both words .

    1. Shalom TESCO Harv, that’s not nice! When people refer to you as a “f*cking, Jew b*stard” (as many do), I always interject
      and inform them that your words and actions contradict all the tenets of Judaism, so therefore you CAN’T be Jewish!

      Now why not tell all of DC’s new readers how you earned the nickname ‘TESCO Harv’?


      1. Brucie, putting all your tired provocations aside and the silly “I’m AM a Rabbi, honest” shtick, are you as furious as I am about Bibi’s new Tel Aviv Taliban government and the restrictions it will inevitably place on non-halachic Jews like you and secular Zio Jews like me?

        If you’re serious about completely dismantling the apparatus of Zionism and eradicating the Jewish State at any cost, surely you should be all over this.

        Catch yourself on lad. You’re doing your god’s work.

    1. Hello Dina. You’re back. Remember me? We had an exchange on an earlier thread when you were keen to know when, where and for how long I served and which of us paid more tax. You were critical of the levels of political inclusion in Israel. I asked you whether you agreed that the previous Bennett government was the most inclusive in Israeli history. You wouldn’t answer and and the chat ended in the normal internet way with the exchange of some childish barbs. What do you want to talk about this time?

  9. Looks like โ€œRabbi Fucktardโ€ has been well and truly triggered by this article?


    Well done DC


    1. What happened to Richard Milletโ€™s libel trial against Corbyn?

      1. Coincidentally this exact same question was asked by that Dina Hoy one above, Brucie. Are you by any chance related?

      1. Now now Ben. As Jews we need to learn the lessons of the past and be magnanimous in victory. In this case it means being more considerate towards our vanquished foes. Let’s think about being gentler and kinder towards our Brucie. Nobody is born wanting to be an impotent troll. Think about it. He’s always going on about cakes and trains. Maybe he wanted to be a baker or an engine driver but ended up as a supermarket worker. Life is cruel. At least he’s doing his god’s work.

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