My key strategy has always been to go where others do not. I sit with the liars and the haters and then report on what I find. This week is no different – This is the story of a Palestine Action induction event.

The Palestine Action induction

The Zoom induction starts with Huda Ammori appearing on camera alongside another activist called Richard Barnard.

Huda Ammori and Richard

Listeners are welcomed and then told there is a form they need to fill in, so they can later be added to a relevant ‘chat group’.

Location is key, and you will only be added to groups relevant to the area you live in. Palestine Action operate in small cells. This Zoom event is all about finding recruits and it is made clear from the outset, that if you are not interested in what they describe as ‘direct action’, you are watching the wrong event.

We are shown the Palestine Action ‘launch video‘ and we hear that Elbit ‘build weapons to test on Gaza civilians’. The video includes all the usual smears about Apartheid, war crimes, mass killings and through graphic imagery, leads the viewer to believe that Israel is a brutal war zone. It is difficult to reconcile this with the fact that the total casualty count for the entire year stands at about 21 – almost all of them engaged in acts of terrorism.

Their argument is simple. The UK is complicit, Elbit are in the UK, Elbit tests weapons on children, therefore anyone who disagrees with them attacking Elbit is a supporter of war crimes and Apartheid.

Ammori’s Horrible History

No anti-Israel event is complete without a total rewrite of history and Ammori soon launches into her own fictional tale. Apparently the ‘Balfour Declaration’ was where the UK ‘basically mandated that is was okay to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people‘. She also grossly understates the Jewish percentage of the population of the time. She then quickly jumps to 1948, when the ‘Zionist’ Militia‘ backed by ‘Western countries‘ – ‘went in and ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinians from their homes‘. The Zionists also ‘killed many, many, Palestinians in the process‘.

That is absolute ahistorical bunkum. Balfour didn’t mandate anything and 1948 was a bloody and desperate civil war that saw equal casualties on both sides. By January 1948 Arab irregular forces had already invaded the British mandate and had begun attacking Jewish settlements – all this long before the May invasion by several Arab states. In addition, every Jewish village that fell into Arab hands was entirely emptied of its Jewish inhabitants. These facts however do not sit well with Ammori’s lies. If she tells the truth, her entire movement falls apart.

But Ammori is all about the lies. Having laid out the history she then reinforces the *fact* that the UK are profiting from Israeli war crimes and as UK citizens it is our responsibility to bring this relationship to an end.

Elbit, Palestine action, lies and childish politics

We are told Elbit is the main target for Palestine Action but there will be other targets. Ammori is speaking freestyle and soon slips up by talking about ‘Jewish settlements’ rather than Israeli ones. She realises what she has done and quickly corrects herself. At this point Richard begins to talk. He reminds people this isn’t about coffee mornings but taking direct and diverse action. He reaffirms – ‘letter writing, talking to politicians – it’s over‘. ‘It (democracy) is pointless, it doesn’t work‘. Richard stresses the small cell aspect of the Palestine Action network. Ones, two’s and three’s – small groups are what is wanted.

Ammori then starts on Elbit again and is adamant that Elbit test on civilians in Gaza to make money. She claims this is one of the reasons the actions against Gaza takes place. Ammori refers to Gaza as a ‘live testing site‘. Sticking to the issue of Gaza, Ammori talks of Palestinians as people without a choice. This is the biggest lie of all. Palestinians have been offered peace deals several times – they chose to vote for Hamas. Terrorists choose to fire rockets. Not a single Israeli action would occur if Palestinians chose peace.

The conversation becomes even more ridiculous. Ammori begins to go on about Elbit’s UK sales, which she says are to stop refugees arriving on our shores, or for the police to monitor ordinary civilians. ‘This is all quite scary‘ she says, and claims ‘Elbit is as the heart of it‘. Either Ammori doesn’t understand the way markets work or she sees Elbit as a thinking devil, manipulating democratic governments into taking actions they would not take if Elbit did not exist. This is insane stuff. It is the politics of a silly child.

Ammori begins to randomly throw names into the mix. She brings in Trump and the ‘Mexican wall’, and in what is becoming increasingly common in anti-Israel circles she attacks India, drawing parallels between Kashmir and the Palestinians. This is an Islamist driven agenda.

Richard returns to the fantasy land and says they will get rid of Elbit as their ‘first win‘. The group clearly has a vastly overstate opinion of itself. The UK’s commercial aircraft and British soldiers are safer because of Elbit. So are our streets. If they think they will ‘get rid of Elbit‘ by throwing paint, these people are deluded. But he goes on – ‘we will succeed, we will win and we will get rid of them‘.

Direct action and civil disobedience

It is Richard who begins to describe the ‘necessary’ action. Such as ‘occupation’ or ‘visual attacks such as ad hacking‘. This is an induction event that took place before the attack on Elbit in London on Saturday and Richard invites people along to Saturday’s event, giving instructions that are quite clear – ‘we are not about demonstrations, we call for civil disobedience to go alongside it’.

Ammori takes this a step further. She suggests their strategy is to ‘shut Elbit down by any means necessary‘.

The how to be a thug guide

We are told their network uses Signal and potential recruits are instructed to download the app and hand over their mobile number in order to be added to the relevant regional group. Ammori then begins to tell people what to do. It is about small cells. Even if they are alone, they don’t have to wait for help or instructions, they can just take a bucket of red paint down to their local Elbit offices. She then says it is important to take a photo and send it by email to Palestine Action so they can share it online.

Ammori then shares an image of a vandalised bus stop:

Huda Ammori

She refers to it as an ‘ad hack‘, which basically means vandalising a billboard on the London Transport system, removing a paid advert and replacing it with one of their own. We are told by Ammori that this illegal act is ‘quite an easy thing to do‘. ‘All you do is slip a bus stop poster down, flip it over and then put it back up painted‘. We are told that all we need is a t60 screwdriver and then directed to Google for further details. To sell the vandalism even further, Ammori tells those listening this also attacks those ad companies who are selling us ‘crap’ like on ‘Amazon’.

Another vandalised bus stop is shown. This time in Oldham. It plays on the fact that over 25% of Oldham’s population is Muslim, with large Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities. We can see the Islamist political linkage, that Kashmir and the Palestinian issue are the same.

Huda Ammori Kashmi

It is Richard’s turn to instruct people how to engage in illegal activity and we are presented with a slide with an image of a bus that has been ‘ad-hacked’:

Ammori, richard ad hack

Again we are told how easy it is. ‘You literally just slide the other advert off, and you just need to paint it and slide it back on again’. The next slide is of the front of the building at 77 Holborn:

Ammori 77 Holborn

They keep reminding us that all these actions were taken and nobody was arrested for it. At this point we are told that Palestine Action will soon be releasing ‘activists packs‘ that will contain items such as the stencils needed for this type of attack.

More illegal stuff

Another video is shown, this time of an action of ‘occupation’, inside Elbit’s office. We see graffiti all over the walls and we watch the activists brazenly taking the action on camera.

Huda Ammori vandalism

The police do nothing

When the video ends, Huda Ammori begins to talk about the ‘non-consequences’ of all these actions. This fact is referenced at the end of the video which states nobody has been prosecuted for any of this ‘direct action’. Ammori states that sometimes the charges are dropped, but for the most part, people are not even arrested. Richard takes over and proudly boasts that they have videos of police telling them ‘not to worry‘. He tells us that Elbit’s factories have been shut ‘over 20 times’ and nobody has been prosecuted. He says it shows how ‘evil’ Elbit are before stating that is also shows ‘we can get away with it‘.

On the next slide Richard Barnard expands horizons by suggesting that the targets are not just Elbit, but any company that deals with them. The slide shows other attacks against other sites, including Discovery Park House in Kent:

This shows the naivety of the authorities in backing off. The Palestine Action leaders openly state they will be expanding their activity onto more vulnerable targets. So when they hit the smaller companies – it will be the responsibility of those who until now, have let these thugs openly boast and brag about how easy it all is. To highlight this point Huda Ammori reminds us that nobody was charged for this action. They are openly telling their potential recruits not to worry about the police. Their next slide showed a similar attack in Oldham.

The final action we are informed of is their recent occupation of the roof of the UAV Engines factory at Shenstone. We are shown a final video to explain more about it.  During the video we are once more informed that the police have told the activists ‘they can just go without being arrested‘. In the video we are even shown footage of an activist throwing what looks like a brick at a window. It fails to break through the glass and falls down below. Had someone been underneath, they could have been killed. But still, no charges appear to have been brought.

The potential recruits talk

With the presentation over, Huda Ammori tells those listening to each introduce themselves and explain why they want to join the Palestine Action network. We heard from Edward in London who is from the International Solidarity Movement. He tells us the ISM activists are all stuck in the UK because of Covvid, and one by one they are coming to help Palestine Action. Edward also tells us he works with the Europal Forum. Daniella from Birmingham is a student. Someone says she is from a legal background (and so should know better) – she tells us all she is interested in getting involved in more ‘action’.

We hear from a few more. There are about 10 people who joined the call in total. Mizanur Rahman also attended. He is an ‘officer‘ at Brent and Harrow PSC. Mizanur tells us he has been an activist for a long time but he wants to ‘escalate stuff‘. Another attendee of note was Linda Speight. The only thing she tells us is that she is part of Jewish Network for Palestine – the fake Jewish group launched in SOAS about two years ago. It is perhaps worthwhile noting that both Mizanur Rahman and Linda Speight both attended the demonstration on Saturday.

And then it was over.

For those interested I have uploaded a full audio of the event.

Toxic and dangerous

Palestine Action use Zoom for their events, even though inciting people to engage in illegal acts clearly contravenes the Zoom terms of service. They use GoFundMe for fundraising, even though the same situation applies. Both of these organisations need to remove these platforms they provide the group.

Palestine Action is clearly both toxic and dangerous. On Saturday they jumped out of a car and threw buckets of paint over several Jewish activists. They openly taunt the police. Palestine Action activists publicly perform on camera because they are not worried they will pay a price for the damage they do. They instruct people how to engage in illegal action without a care in the world. Their leaders publicly state they will do whatever is necessary. It is their stated publicly strategy to widen the net to attack smaller and more vulnerable targets. There have been dozens of actions and it is time something was done to stop them – before someone really gets hurt.



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  1. My advice to Palestine Action is to use riseup mail. It is very secure. But it is funny seeing David whinining about illegality when he habitually hangs out with all manner of criminals and perjurers. Sit down Scoffie, SimpleSimon, Denison, Fi Fi Sharpe, Tesco Harv etc etc etc

  2. “…. the total casualty count for the entire year stands at about 21 – almost all of them engaged in acts of terrorism. ” Shoot non-terrorists too then?

    Any figures for 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014?

      1. 50 Darwin Award Winners who get riotous funerals where “mourners” are shot by other “mourners”.

        Meanwhile Muslims murder people in London, Manchester, NYC, Boston, Paris, Nice, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Nairobi, Beslan, Moscow, Halabja, Brussels, Orlando, Fort Hood, Luxor, Cairo, …

        Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

          1. Nakba ?
            That reminds me….
            1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
            That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
            Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

            Happy Nakba Day….?

      2. That bloke may have been over 50, Michael but he should have known better.

        I’ve told you many times that we take a very dim view of people attempting to enter our country illegally and with malicious intent. Don’t take my word for it. Have a go. It will be your first time here right?

        1. That reminds me of a friend of mines experience at Ben Gurion.

          They said ” what is the purpose of your visit.” . She said ” I’m a tourist I’ve come to see the old shit “. Needless to say that was not the right answer. She did not make any further attempts until an Israeli anarchist agreed to marry her.

          1. Nice bit of Chris Rogers “Down our way” storytelling there Bellers. Sounds plausible.

              1. Dumb Bellamy, It’s you precious racist fascist terrorist homophobic, misogynisti Pal-e-SWINE which is on a kassam rocket sled to

                Eternal Nakba.

                Happy Nakba to you too! 🙂

                  1. Nakba ?
                    That reminds me….
                    1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
                    That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
                    Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

                    Happy Nakba Day….?????

                1. Palestinians will conquer the Zionist pigs not by bombs and bullets, but with their women’s wombs. Inshallah.

                  1. Dear lord, that paints an image. You might want to consider the literal meaning of the words when using metaphors in the future. Sometimes they’re just impossible to ignore.

      3. Executed … LMAO. You two are delusional losers.
        BTW, I suspect that all those loonies are well known to MI5/MI6 (who are, of course, controlled remotely by Mossad via thought rays, right?).

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            1. Hey DeadHeadEd, clean your room before you have a lice infestation.

              Let me know if you want it “painted.” Hehe

  3. I’ll take up a collection at my shul for these fine, outstanding human rights activists. They deserve our support.

        1. Nakba ?
          That reminds me….
          1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
          That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
          Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

          Happy Nakba Day….??

            1. Nakba ?
              That reminds me….
              1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
              That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
              Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

              Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

    1. Glad you showed up. The very accredited online source of Ministerships has been onto me. They’ve been trying to reach you all day for the dick pic that proves you’re a Jooo. I said you’d been delayed while waiting for a very small medical procedure but I sensed they were getting impatient, you receiving the certificate and all. My advice would be to shelve the bris and bribe one of your choristers with a night off if he let’s you use his todger for the shot. The rest will probably do you both some good.

      1. Hey TESCO Harv, got a bucket of yellow paint (with your name on it) that I blessed and shall be redecorating the outside of your house with.

        1. Thanks for the advance warning . Remember to wear the extra height platforms to make it to the door bell .
          A 5’2” Shanda

          1. If some uncouth person called you a “fucking Jew bastard,” I would explain to that person their statement is incorrect because you’re not a Jew.

            Now go sliver back under your decomposing log, you lowlife POS.

            1. ImaM Oron,

              All you can do is bark, bray and squeal like the SWINE you are.

              Happy Nakba!

  4. (Just want to try something)

    Hey Michael.

    Happy Nakba.

    (Waits, drumming fingers on the table.)

  5. Well done David on another excellent expose….

    The “pro Palestine” brigade (Farmgirl – Bellamy etc.) don’t give a sh1t about anyone’s human rights…..least of all Palestinians….

    They are all about the REMOVAL of human rights….specifically Jewish human rights….

    And when you take a closer look at who they actually are…..well it’s not pretty….

    Right wing fascists
    Left wing fascists
    Supporters of terrorism
    Neo Nazis
    Holocaust deniers
    2nd Holocaust wishers
    IRA apologists
    9-11 Twoofers
    Anti Jewish conspiracy theorists
    Rothschild cinspiracy theorists….

    How many of these apply to Farmgirl & Bellamy I wonder ? Five ? Six ? Seven ?

    When you march for Palestine you will 100% be marching alongside people who want Jews to be gassed….that is NOT an accident……

    Disgusting really…..

        1. Hey, it’s ‘Spittle Flecked’ Leah back again.

          How was women’s prison?

  6. This is clearly following the system used by other terrorist groups, like the Provisional IRA here in the UK. Small ‘ASU’s’ (Active Service Units, working more or less alone are hard to track. This is terrorism. There is no other word for it. The government need to act and be seen to be acting, but will they? This must be stopped and stopped right now! thank you for bringing this to the attention of the public, keep fighting! Am Yisrael chai.

    1. Brilliant. My training programme for Bellers may have universal application. Let’s see…

      Michael, good boy. Say “Nakba, that reminds me ” in the style of David Ben Gurion unveiling his Victoria Sponge on The Great British Bake Off.


          1. Nakba ?
            That reminds me….
            1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
            That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
            Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

            Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

    2. Nakba ?
      That reminds me….
      1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
      That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
      Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

      Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

      1. Gap here in Bobbin’s knowledge of Jewish history.

        Mossad and Zionist estate agents recruited Israeli citizens from the MENA in large number/ You have actually fallen for the usual Hasbara. Duh.

        Nakba? That reminds me.

        No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

        Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

        1. Nakba ?
          That reminds me….
          1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
          That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
          Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

          Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

  7. Good news about Gavin Williamson threatening to cut off funding to UK Universities that continue to refuse to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism….
    Thank goodness we have a government that is willing to stand up to anti Jewish hatred…..

    1. So, because of Zionist lobbying money is going to be withheld from UK Universities educating UK children?


      1. So you are in favour of anti Jewish racism are you…..Farmgirl ?


        But nothing that we already knew I suppose…..

          1. Well it is a great shame that “hatred of the Jewish people” needs to be clearly defined like it does…..I really wish it didn’t….
            But in today’s world there are a lot more racists with access to social media than there used to be….

            Btw FB just banned holocaust denial… another good day for humanity…..and another bad day for the racists…..

            Best regards to you anyway…..

              1. Sharmuta, I CELEBRATE your NAKBA.

                Your “Nakba”, your Catastrophe, like the Catastrophic DEFEAT of your Socialist Turd Reich in 1945.

                The “Nakba” Catastrophe of the FAILURE of Sand nazis of 5 Arab nations,

                NONE of which being an army of an extant “palestine”

                to literally restart the Holocaust in 1948.

                Happy Eternal Nakba Fascist Sharmuta!

                Now GET BACK TO WORK.

                  1. Nakba ?
                    That reminds me….
                    1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
                    That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
                    Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

                    Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

              2. Nakba ?
                That reminds me….
                1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
                That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
                Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

                Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

                  1. Nakba ?
                    That reminds me….
                    1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
                    That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
                    Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

                    Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

            1. Well, to David, it was support for Palestinian rights, membership of the Labour Party, criticism of Zionism and its experiment, Israel.

              While to the world, it was aversion to Jews just because they were Jews, irrespective of where they lived.

              1. Michael Farmer, endorsing a David Duke fan tweet saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings”

                Michael Farmer, reassuringly antisemitic by any definition since long before 2015.

                  1. Your carelessness has got you into bother more than once recentlyMichael.

                    Still feel you’re better than the Jewboys ?

                    1. If that’s what you like to call the Jews I’ve met on here, certainly.

  8. David, please tell the Palestine Action human rights activists that I shall be happy to bless the paint they use during all their future actions.
    Also still waiting for information on how I could donate funds for their righteous cause, which is performed wholly in the Jewish spirit of Tikkun olam.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

    1. ImaM Oron,

      Pray for MORE NAKBA!

      It’s your ONLY prayer that will be fulfilled.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  9. Some more stellar stuff on here yesterday with The Resistance acting like my cousin Janice who has to get absolutely everything out and on the table all at once when she knows she’s got company coming round.

    Someone pointed out how amazed they were that David gave these nonces house room. Imagine my poor cousin Janice having folk over her door and they shat in her airing cupboard, poked her hubby in the eye and shmeared her Labradoodle with Philly. Then she cheerily said “same time tomorrow” as they trampled her daffs on the way out.

    Then, you read their stuff and the penny drops.

    Played DC !

      1. This is my shared kitchenette Haboobi. You’re the visitor. Come to park your breakfast?

          1. You’ve done that one 4 times now. Is this the new slogan on the Rolodex?

            Can we expect Michael to be bleating it out from behind you too?

            ” ooh Catastrophe, blah blah, reminds me. Collier’s a liar, blah blah. I’m better than Jewboys. ”

            Put your teeth in on the way out cockle.

            1. Ian do you have any plans to explain to Richard why paradise is hurtling towards catastrophe ? I mean all you have to say is ” I don’t fancy the job ” and we can drop the subject and try something a bit easier

                1. well I wouldn’t know. Try explaining to Ken what the expression antisemitism meant in 2015 and leave the tough questions to someone that managed to pass O level chemistry

                  1. That’s one for Michael, Bellers. He predates 2015 here and so is the continuity exponent on the subject.

                    Anyway, why would you be arsed unless you were either a semite or a frustrated antisemite. Summat to do with your hard won freedoms you fucking moron?

                    1. oh ok I guess we should keep it topical. Did you ever hear about the two Irish fellas that said hitler aint killed no fucking Jews and the fella that retweeted a tweet by David Duke ?

                  2. …. or the proud Zionist who introduced the term ‘Jewboy’ to this blog when referencing his fellow Jews?

                    1. Very nice Michael, but what went on between you and your old man that made you what you are, sounds like a you problem really.

  10. Richard, Bellers has got his ” I’ve got a new wheeze” pants on this morning and is very very insistent that you and I speak. He does like his shtick and frankly his traing went so well that I’ve played along.

    Thing is I haven’t got a clue what he’s on about and am about as keen to find out as old Michael would be to receive the World Zionist Organisation Annual Award for Jewish Continuity.

    I obviously get pleasure from the piss-taking with these guys but I’m certainly not here to have cozy chats with the dopes.

    Can I leave this latest toss with you?

    1. Leaving things with Richard is obviously not a good move, Ian.

      Richard is as clueless at understanding the thrust of the posts as you are. Would that be as a result of too much emphasis on Torah reading when you were both young?

      1. None of your Torah voodoo here Michael thank you very much. We have more than enough fairy stories from you to keep us amused.

  11. David’s the one for ‘fairy stories’, Ian.

    Remember the “Palestine Action vandals attack Jewish demonstrators – six arrested” headline that was in reality a paint-daubing of a factory where some demonstrators who happened to be Jewish received some splashes?

    More Chicken Licken hyperbole.

    1. Don’t be a bore Michael. If you want more than 9 Followers in 6 years ( who may all be your ultra personae) it takes more than ” I’m not a liar. He’s a liar”

      And I’ll thank you to stick to the Bellers rule book. Talk about the man NOT to the man. Concentrate FFS. We’ve got years ahead of us here.

        1. Michael you silly man. I know it’s been 6 years for you, but we must remind ourselves that you are a guest here in someone else’s house. You have the choice to pop in or not and even when you shit in the hosts airing cupboard every day, you’re still given houseroom. So, with the greatest courtesy from one nasty deceitful propagandist to another, if you dont like the decor and the locals ,fuck off somewhere else.

          ( Aside to camera.) Bet he’s back again tomorrow.

          1. Actually, David has opened the window of his house is shouting smears and lies about others to anyone in earshot.

            I sure that David who ‘fights antisemitism everywhere(not)’ feels obliged to counter anything that he deems wrong.

            Same here.

            1. As you’re keen to expand the analogy Michael, I’d suggest that there are things that are said in most homes, with which you may disagree. If you chose to barge into them to lay a walnut whip on the kitchen counter and take issue with the presence of other guests, again it sounds very much like a you problem.

              I repeat, that as one vile reptilian liar to another, perhaps you’d care to take your steaming evacuations somewhere else. It’s jolly bad form you know.

                1. Bellers, you can tease all you like but no means no. If you’re after a man-snog you’re gonna have to ask Michael or maybe that knob that posts as Bruce. They may not have my soft accommodating lips but it does keep it in house for you fellas. A chap has to to have some standards, right?

              1. “I repeat, that as one vile reptilian liar to another,”

                Is that you, Ian, in the style of David Icke?

                Good man(not).

                1. Michael. It’s you and me, silly.

                  I do recall you rushing to defend Icke In previous episodes, when it suited your agenda. You do that a lot.

                1. Nakba ?
                  That reminds me….
                  1m Jewish population in Arab countries reduced from 1m to less than 10k in 50 yrs….
                  That is an ethnic cleansing success rate of 99%
                  Even the nazis only managed around 60% with Europe… a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough……….

                  Happy Nakba Day….??????????????

  12. Michael, I see your forgetfulness is making more work for you. 2 hours ago I saw you’d forgotten to drop your Nakba slogans into the thread when Ed had posted. You had to scurry into reverse gear and backtrack like crazy to get them all in before the thread moved on. You missed one!

      1. Speaking of Work…

        Get Back to Work Sharmuta, or it’s the gutter for ye’ agin t’night.

        1. DeadHeadEd is unemployable. No one in their right mind would want to hire a vile racist like him.

      2. So, you still didn’t find the one you missed Michael.

        OK, it’s a new day, I’m in an excellent mood so we can make up the shortfall now. Quotas are quotas, right?

        Say ” Nakba, that reminds me….” in the style of Jimmy Carr delivering the Annual Bezos Lecture on Effective Tax Planning in the COVID Age.

          1. It’s on your toolbar under slogans Michael for ease of multiple copy/paste, so you should be fine. You do know Jimmy Carr, right?

  13. David has a paragraph .. “The how to be a thug guide”

    IDF also has a “The how to be a thug guide”

    Enlist in the IDF and be trained to abuse defenceless Palestinians with no danger involved(go round in heavily armed groups) and little chance of being held to account.

    All that is required is that you are fun-loving, racist and lacking in morals and humanity.

    … and you also get to kneel on a neck.

    Recruitment video

    1. Well spotted Michael. We are much more robust with our enemies than you crazy Brits. Arabs that try to stab our young mums or ram a bunch of old folks at bus stops in their cars or have a go at breaching our border fence to kill civilians on the other side are ‘neutralized’ quickly and efficiently by our excellent security service personnel. You should try it over there when you’re bored of virtue signalling. Less coppers, soldiers and civilians will get murdered, if that’s your preference. Maybe it isn’t!

      1. Serious question Ian …… many cops and assorted ” security ” personnell” have been killed in Israel over the last , say, five years and how many in the UK ?

    1. Another good observation Michael. We prefer our coppers to deal with crims and terrorists and they’re very effective.

      Of course you lads prefer your lot to be filling in health and safety forms all day, attending diversity and inclusion lectures and not responding to complaints of fake clerics bothering the kiddies. How do you put up with it?

          1. So after 6 years of your lives here and millions of slogans and copy/pastes, you and Michael have boiled it down to Collier’s a liar and Israel’s shit.

            Good effort lads.

              1. Yaaaah! That’s it? Some old toss based on shite I’ve drip fed you for years?

                No surprise that nobody wanted to pay for Michael’s contributions when we tried a Crowdfunder. He’s thick but with your Poly degree, you had no excuses.

                    1. 3 Poly degrees Bellers! There’s 8 months of your life you’ll never get back. Still, you’re wanky government reckons you’ll all be retrained doing cyber in a year. You just dont know it yet. That might help you more, here.

  14. This site has three antagonists

    Farmer regularly uses Antisemitic tropes about Jews and money, and their malign intent with money and power. The majority of his posts are meaningless, incoherent,inane and unconnected psycho babble that pollute any attempts at intelligent debate.

    Brucie babes says he’s a ‘rabbi’, yet delivers the dialogue of the sewer. He mocks and demeans the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors, queries the extent of the Holocaust and tries to joke about lampshades and soaps allegedly made from the bodies of inmates by some Nazi sadists, and makes veiled threats about tattoos in reference to the tattooed numbers on concentration camp inmates arms. And then he claims to be going to pray. With his vile rhetoric one must ask to which idols of evil he prays.

    Stephen plays the pretend village idiot, which enables him to attempt to play the agent provocateur, enabling him to try be antagonistic and/or stupid with impunity.

    These three trolls drive the comments on this blog, yet their input is so meaningless and droll and contributes less than nothing. On the plus side, it may serve to increase the exposure of David’s blog, while confirming the hostility and neo-fascist leanings of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and Antisemitic mob that David writes about

    1. How sick is this? Certainly would appeal to you David, “Stinky Dick” Galber, Scoffy,TESCO Harv and all those misfits, morons, lowlifes, criminals and degenerates who suffer from VICTIM MENTALITY. The link’s below, so you could see the images. These people have mental problems and need to get their heads examined.

      You can get your mobile number tattooed on your arm and claim it was the number of a survivor relative.

      ‘Holocaust survivors are disappearing and, with them, the memory of what they went through.’

      But some of their children and grandchildren have found a way to preserve the past – by tattooing on their arms the very numbers the Nazis inscribed on their victims. The crude mark that had been a concrete and painful reminder of the Holocaust has turned into a strong symbol of solidarity for some of the survivors’ family members.

      Arik Diamant, a 33-year-old from the Israeli city of Herzliya, came up with the idea four years ago to duplicate his late grandfather Yosef Diamant’s Auschwitz identification number on his own arm.

      “I went to my father and told him I wanted to tattoo my grandfather’s number,” Diamant told DW. “But I said I would do it after he passed away. My father told me right away that there was no reason to wait and that we could go and ask grandpa right now what he thought about it.”

      Diamant didn’t wait. One Friday night, after the weekly dinner he and his family ate with his grandfather, he delicately brought up the idea.

      “I told him that if it bothered him at all, I wouldn’t do it. At first, he was really shocked and asked me why I would want to do something like that,” remembered Diamant. “But then he stopped me and said, ‘When you have a grandchild and he asks you what it is, will you tell him about me?'”

      Diamant’s story has been worked into a documentary film to be released soon: “Numbers,” produced by Uriel Sinai and Dana Doron.

      Ideology of numbers

      Diamant is one of a growing number of young Israeli Jews who are deciding to preserve their grandparents’ stories in this way. About three years ago, Ayal Gelles, a 28-year-old from Tel Aviv, tattooed the number of his grandfather, Avraham Nachshon, during a trip to South America. Gelles said he had thought it over for a while – but it was a cow that sealed his decision.

      Gelles says that that the same day he got the tattoo he also became a vegan after reading a book by Charles Peterson, who writes that, for animals, every day is like a day in the Treblinka concentration camp. Gelles sees the story of the meat industry as a reflection of the Holocaust: a story of superiority and subordination, of one being above all else. And that triggered him to get the tattoo.

      “There were two kinds of people in the 1930s in Germany: those who believed in the ideology and drove the genocide, and those who acted like clerks and just fulfilled orders from above,” Gelles said. “So the person who tattooed my grandfather’s number was probably not some decorated Nazi ideologue, but was educated to see Jews not as people but as objects, or maybe as mice.”

      Gelles added that the connection the tattoo gives him to his grandfather is just as meaningful to him as the ideology behind it. But unlike Diamant, Gelles didn’t tell his grandfather about the tattoo.

      “Maybe he guessed when my mother took a photo of his arm to send to me,” speculated Gelles. “Today he says that if I had asked him, he would tell me not to do it. But it doesn’t bother him today. Maybe he objected because of religious reasons.” In Judaism, tattoos are prohibited according to some interpretations of the book of Leviticus.

      Gelles also pointed out that, for his grandfather, the experience of being was a “complex memory. This is when he realized that he would live and work instead of being condemned to the gas chambers.”

      Recognition, continuation, appreciation

      Gelles and Diamant say that when people notice their tattoos, the reactions are mixed – but mostly positive. Still, they know the topic is loaded and, for many, it is difficult to get used to the concept.

      Shiran Blushtein,a 26-year-old from Tel Aviv, considered getting a similar tattoo several years ago on a high school trip to Poland. Ultimately, she decided against it.

      “As a girl I remember growing up with this, but my grandfather was never willing to talk about [the Holocaust],” she said. “The only thing there was is this physical symbol, the number. […] I understood this is a really sensitive topic, and really out of the norm. I thought my family would not accept it and understood my grandfather wouldn’t like it.”

      Blushtein said she is surprised that the tattoos have since caught on in Israel. “I understand the people who do it, but when I saw it myself I was really shocked.It brought me back to my grandfather’s pain that for years during the Holocaust he had no identity and no name, only a number, like an animal. My grandfather would want me to remember and to tell the story, but not to do the thing that caused him so much suffering.”

      Professor Dina Porat, a Holocaust scholar at Tel Aviv University, agreed that the general public is not entirely ready for such drastic methods of commemoration, but pointed out that Holocaust remembrance is becoming more personal.

      “In the late 1940s in Israel, many survivors actually asked their doctors to remove their numbers. The interesting thing is that with these recent cases of tattoos we see a sort of opposite expression: people who are willingly doing it, not as victims, but as a way of recognition, continuation and appreciation,” explained Porat.

      “On a national level, it is difficult to come to grips again with the icons of victimhood and we must ask the question: Why return there?” continued the Holocaust scholar. “On a personal or literary level it is interesting and touching, but nationally it is still controversial.” Outdoing the rules of time

      According to research conducted by the Brookdale Institute for the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust victims in Israel, there are currently 190,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel. In 2025, that number will have dropped to 46,000. If the tattoo trend continues, the mark left by the Nazi concentration camps will long outlive the survivors themselves.

      Diamant says he appreciates the fact that his tattoo starts deep conversations with those who notice it. And Gelles describes his tattoo as a refreshing departure from repetitive public discourse on the Holocaust.

      “We’re taking a detour,” he said. “We’re leaving the clichés behind and we’re going back to the story from a different point. It’s a different kind of memorial, and maybe it’s what people need today.”


      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to lead a Torah study.

    2. Agree with you completely on Muck and Brutes (though I do admire you referring to them by their “real” names, that’s a level of politeness I’m not interested in using with those tapeworms). I don’t think Stephen is pretending to be dumb; it’s more like he really IS not that intelligent and tries to hide it with irony and faux-cheer. Doesn’t work. Also, even though he’s blessedly a scarce presence nowadays, don’t forget good old Sigerico, the Nazi-loving poster who vanished after I pointed out that he really approved of Catholic priests being rapists.

  15. Stephen

    You say israels “most prominent citizens seem to be crap at chemistry and even crapper at maths”.

    Another one of your ‘village idiot’ type stupid comments that you won’t substantiate and/or verify.

    If Israelis are that bad, consider how bad the rest of the world is at chemistry and maths endeavor. But then you not really interested in the matter other than to be antagonistic.

    1. Well I was assuming, Richard, that Ian was representative. A bit like the Bord of Deputies is representative of UK Jews ha ha. Ian failed o level chemistry and can’t count. Maybe that is an unfair assumption.

    1. “I’ve done law”

      Which Law have you done, Richard? Where? What qualification did you gain, if any?

      1. Michael, as a keen observer of Twitter have you seen all the trending stuff today from hundreds of Emirati posters calling out BDS as terrorists? You reckon this is a pile-on like your team does?

        Anyway, better get over there and repel all borders. They’ll be engendering sympathy for Israel and Jews next and that would never do, right?

  16. Michael

    I’m not sure if in your blind stupidity you didn’t notice that I was talking to Stephen.

    Does your life revolve around David’s blog. The sheer volume of nonsense with which you pollute this site would tend to point in that direction. The only upside of your posting here is to confirm to the readers of this blog the utter vacuousness of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and Antisemitic argument that you and others try to push.

      1. Its the joy of living in The Jewish State Michael, a vision of self determining early evening loveliness 499m in every direction.

        If I get any happier I may even take my knee off this Arabs neck.

  17. Brucie babes (the pretend rabbi)

    What sect would bestow a supposedly leadership position on someone who has a mouth as disgusting as a sewer; or are they ignorant/unaware of your proclivity for foul mouthed language and insult.

    You must devote quite some of your time searching for minority stupid/deviant behaviour with which to try and besmirch and denigrate the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors.

    But if it gives you pleasure, go for it; your comments certainly confirm the type of people, including you,that David exposes that haunt the nether world of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and Antisemitic conspiracy theories

    1. Dear Hashem, please give me the strength to not strangle “Stinky Dick” Galber over the internet for being a complete fuckwomble with no discernible sign of sentience. Give me the strength not to batter his empty head against a brick wall studded with metal electrified spikes. Give me the wisdom to know that smashing his heads with a baseball bat until it fully caves in would just make a dreadful mess of my tallit, and the self-control not to just do it anyway. Finally, give me the patience not to use the Z-word in conversation with people whose stupidity is more infinite than the universe.

      Thank you Hashem.


      1. Excuse any typos. I was deep in prayer when typing this on my (Kosher) phone.

        Now I can eat!

          1. Ooops….

            Used the wrong account again did we Farmgirl ?


  18. Michael

    If you said anything of importance and/or intelligence, you may get listened to

    The only upside of your posting here is to confirm to the readers of this blog the utter vacuousness of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and Antisemitic argument that you and others try to push.

  19. I’d like to say a prayer for those righteous human right activists in Palestine Action throughout Britain who embody REAL Jewish values in the spirit of Tikkun Olam – healing the world – whether they Jew or Gentile.

    In the name of Hashem, the most merciful. May the Palestinian people and those who campaign on their behalf receive the healing powers of my prayer. May they be granted safety, success, love, security, and hope. May they enjoy the fruits of freedom and equality that they – and all human beings – deserve.

    As a Jew, I pray for their well-being. I remember that the Holy Land is a shared space and pray to see the day when Muslims, Christians, Druze, non-Zionist Jews and all religions (and none at all) will live there together in peace.

    I hope for the day when Palestinian refugees will return. I pray that together with their non-Zionist neighbours they can rehabilitate their history and rebuild what could be the best place on Earth. A place of many cultures and true equality.

    I pray that Palestinians will be able to live lives free from violence and oppression. And I ask Hashem to help those brave activists in Palestine Action maintain the strength and success to achieve their goals in Britain.

    יְהִי אוֹר; וַיְהִי-אוֹר

    “Let there be light. And there was light.”

    May Palestine Action be the light that brings peace and hope to our Palestinian friends and to all of Britain.


  20. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    You said this a short while ago

    “As a Jew, I pray for their well-being. I remember that the Holy Land is a shared space and pray to see the day when Muslims, Christians, Druze, non-Zionist Jews and all religions (and none at all) will live there together in peace.”

    I have one question for you; where in the Middle East and North Africa do Muslims coexist with other religions in the way you pray for? Where does democracy and human rights exist in the MENA countries (other than Israel)?

    I then follow with a second question; after what has transpired with Christians and Yazidis and Kurds and other minorities in Iraq and Syria and Iran and other MENA countries, what chance is there of the Palestinians acting any differently than these countries if they ever managed to destroy Israel and take power.

    Before you expect Israel to follow/abide by your impossible wishes and prayers, study history and then take a dose of reality.

    In 1946 the head of the Arab League threatened another Holocaust for the Palestinian Jews (only Jews were called Palestinians in those days); and there is no reason to think otherwise that for many millions of Muslims, that sentiment still exists today

    1. “Where does democracy and human rights exist in the MENA countries (other than Israel)?

      Lol. You’re a hoot, Richard.

  21. Stephen Stephen Stephen

    I asked you about your three degrees, not your o levels.

    Wasn’t there an all girl American group called ‘The Three Degrees’; or am I confusing this with something else ???

  22. Stephen

    We’ve now sorted out the ‘Three Degrees’ group, and your ‘o’ levels, so let’s now move onto the matter of your three degrees

    1. Giving the Panto a miss today. Way too nice a day in paradise to be sitting indoors watching the custard pies fly. Clean up on your way out lads.

      Might do a 5K on the beach and mindful of the Bellers shtick du jour, anyone wanting to alert the rozzers for track and trace should email the snitchline at reference Prominent Citizen 2231422.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go to play.

      Shabbat shalom

      1. And of course it provided an opportunity to do A level chemistry which I didn’t take up. If I had I would surely have got a grade A and maybe got to be a medical doctor. Of course even without any of that shit I could have have gone to Israel on the right of return ticket and become a doctor anyways like Ian

  23. Collier – “Israel doesn’t choose its neighbours,”

    The Zionists did.

  24. Stephen

    Funnily enough, I can agree with that sentiment.

    My best subject and qualification is technical college Printers Science Level 3, the study of benzines and parrafins and various polymers and their effects on the printing industry. A truly complex and wonderful subject

  25. Michael

    You are at it again; repeating this Antisemitic trope about Jews and their malign influence with money.

    You have repeated it 16 times on this thread

    …………….Mike Farmer on October 16, 2020
    …………….Nakba? That reminds me.
    …………….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    …………….Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    As I have said before, David asks for donations to run his blog; he does not receive a salary for doing this. Maybe in your infinite stupidity Michael you can explain to me how people can live without money? Or are you saying David needs to be held to a different standard to all the other authors and writers who receive payment for their work? Or is it just Jews who can’t do writing and research for payment?

    Your repetitious use of this financial Antisemitic/anti-Jewish trope which implies that David’s endevours to expose Antisemitic hatred against Jews is done with malign intent for money is in and of itself a perfect example of pure unadulterated Antisemitism

    Michael, you seem to be the epitome of an ‘under the counter’ type of Antisemite

  26. This is the language that someone that purports to being a minister of religion uses on a regular basis!

    Rabbi Levy, Intifada Rabbi on October 15, 2020
    “Dear Hashem, please give me the strength to not strangle “Stinky Dick” Galber over the internet for being a complete fuckwomble with no discernible sign of sentience. Give me the strength not to batter his empty head against a brick wall studded with metal electrified spikes. Give me the wisdom to know that smashing his heads with a baseball bat until it fully caves in would just make a dreadful mess of my tallit, and the self-control not to just do it anyway. Finally, give me the patience not to use the Z-word in conversation with people whose stupidity is more infinite than the universe.
    Thank you Hashem.”

    This is more like the playground talk in junior school, and also veers towards low level hate speech.

    The most remarkable aspect of this diatribe from a purported ‘rabbi’ is the fact that there is no detail or evidence to back up his claims – just a wish list of what he would like to do to me. This is the hate language we have come to expect from our so-called ‘rabbi’ of hate.

    You claim to work for a ‘charity’ and a ‘human rights organisation; are they aware of the type of language you use, and if they don’t, do you think they would approve?

    1. Stinky Dick, your continued slandering of anti-Zionist and anti-racist activists hasn’t gone unrecorded. Go get job with Canary Mission (if they’ll have you).

  27. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    There is only one person on this thread that does slander against anyone, and that is the
    preserve of the ‘pretend rabbi’; the one and only Brucie babes Levy

    So off you go to pray to your ‘idols of satan’ or whatever, because your language is certainly not that which can be associated to Judaism or any other main stream religion

    1. David Collier
      Apr 5

      Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

      A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

      Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

      It’s dangerous

      There’s slander for you, Richard. From your ‘hero’. Kerching.

    2. “Stinky Dick” is now judge, jury and executioner.

      You don’t know the first thing about Judaism Dickie. However, I will pray for you to change your evil ways. It’s a longshot, but worth trying.

            1. DeadHeadEd just waked into a furnace!

              Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray (to Hashem).

              1. It’s a blessing and a mitzvah to declare that Israel and Zionism are the cause of many of the world’s problems.

                Pass it on.

  28. Michael

    The piece of David’s that you quoted pretty much describes Corbyn. Slander is when you maliciously accuse people of what they are not in a public forum.

    It wasn’t Antisemitism that did for Corbyn; rather it was his distaste for what the majority of British citizens want and stand for

    1. You hold the same view as Collier? … and share the same inability to back the views up?

  29. David Collier
    It looks like Sudan are going to normalise relations with Israel ??
    At the start of 2020 there were two. Now along with the UAE and Bahrain there will be 5.

    Israel doesn’t choose its neighbours, but it is so important the ice is breaking. Every step is a major one.

    In case of smugness please note :

    ‘What Zogby and his team found was that overwhelming majorities in Arab countries said no progress towards full peace with Israel was possible at all if Israelis leaders unilaterally annexed territory.”
    “Regardless of their attitudes toward normalization and its possible benefits, more than three-quarters of all Arab respondents agree that should Israel move forward with annexation ‘all efforts at cooperation with Israel should come to an end,’” the survey found.

      1. David etc. are spinning this as if all Arabs are sick of the Palestinians. My point.

        Good that these countries have put a block on Israeli annexation.

        1. Good that these countries are making peace with Israel and ignoring the fake self inflicted “plight” of the Palestinians…..

          Sudan and Saudi set to be the next countries to normalise relations with Israel……followed by Lebanon…..

          Suck it up Farmgirl…..

  30. Michael

    Is this the 17th time you have used this Antisemitic trope on this thread. Linking Jews and money with malign intent on the acquisition and use of that money is an Antisemetic trope that has been employed by Antisemites for centuries.

    “This is your oft repeated Antisemitic money trope,

    No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

    Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    At least Charles admitted he was an Antisemetic Jew Baiting Racist Bigot; your repetition of this Antisemitic trope places you in the same company as Charles, despite any of your spurious denials

    1. Nothing ‘antisemitic’ about it whatsoever. Only your neurotic mind. Is David ‘the Jews’ … ‘all Jews’? He might think he is.

      Any chance to whine ‘antisenitism’. Nothing new.

      1. Hey David, how’s your daughter? It’s known that many European and American female IDF soldiers supplement their meager pay by turning tricks near the bus station. English women are especially prized. In fact, the IDF issued a special badge for this.

        1. Next time Ian pays his regular visit to the street whores and brothels in the area, we’ll have him ask around.

        2. Stick to reporting on same-sex BDSM coprophiliac whores Brutes, you’ll have a lot more authority if you talk about something that not only exists but you have EXTENSIVE experience with (that’s also why you should about raping animals, come to think of it). Kisses.

  31. Brucie babes (the pretend rabbi)

    Exactly what problems in the world are due to either Israel and/or Zionism?

    Do try and be specific, which is for you a rather difficult endeavor.

    Comments like yours tend to be very junior school yard type children’s arguments

    1. Stinky Dick Galber: “Exactly what problems in the world are due to either Israel and/or Zionism?”

      I don’t work for you “Stinky”. Do your own fucking research, you lazy dumb shit.

  32. Brucie babes (the pretend rabbi)

    So this is the type of language that a so called rabbi uses.

    “Rabbi Levy, Intifada Rabbi on October 17, 2020

    Hey David, how’s your daughter? It’s known that many European and American female IDF soldiers supplement their meager pay by turning tricks near the bus station. English women are especially prized. In fact, the IDF issued a special badge for this.”

    Not quite sure what type of congregation you are supposed to be involved with; but it doesn’t say much for their quality and beliefs if this is an example of the values displayed by their so called leader.

    But then we are well aware that many in the ranks of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist brigades are just Antisemitic racist bigots in mufti.

    Now off you go to pray to whichever idols you may believe in

    1. Judge not lest ye be judged Stinky Dick.

      Satan has a special place reserved for you.

  33. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    Your kindergarten games are quite funny.

    So next time you worship at your idols altar, let me know and I’ll pop along so you can introduce me to this satan friend of yours

    I’ve heard so much about him, so hopefully because you are very familiar with him, you can fill me in on the truth about him

    1. You sound like a broken record Stinky Dick Galber. I worship Hashem, not Satan.

      When you turn into a good Zio, I shall be glad to facilitate your entry into the eternal furnace of history. I’ll wear gloves so I wont get my hands dirty and will take a good bath afterwards, as I do after contact with any Zionist..

      Judging by your comments, it’s small wonder why you were bullied and had the shit kicked out of you at school as you admitted on a previous thread.

      Now you’re projecting that onto others.
      But it won’t work with me.

      “Your kind” are all alike.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare for an anti-racism event next week.

  34. Wow, you miss one Matinee performance of this Panto, come back and the place is literally dripping with custard pies.

    The Grande Dammes have been schlumping around, bumping into things (and each other) like the lads on Its a Knockout, dressed in inflatable waiter suits, racing up and down, spilling all the trays of drink whilst wearing massive shoes.

    This lot even played their Joker with a comedy cleric who tried to use his Splurge Gun to splat teenage girls. Stuart Hall would have loved that one.

    Amazing that nobody here in the Jewish State ever bothered with the show. Can’t imagine why.

      1. Oh purleese Bellers; the kleptocratic basket case Jewish State that you couldn’t give a flying fuck about.

        You stick to making Uncle Eddie Wareing laugh as you trip up over your massive comedy shoes.

  35. Stephen

    The only, and entire reason you frequent this site is because you have a problem with Israel and what goes on there.

    1. That’s it. Folk see problems with Israeli actions. Glad that you don’t describe it as antagonism towards Jews, like the more slippery on this blog.

  36. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    The foul mouthed pretend rabbi is at it again.

    Insulting names from the kindergarten playground and wild, unsubstantiated allegations that you refuse to answer because you are unable to.

    In the adult world, when you make claims, it is up to you to substantiate them; mainly because they are so vacuous and non-existent you refuse substantiate them .

    But there we are; you are here for the sole purpose of trying to provoke, and to try pull the religion of Judaism into the same sewer as the one you exist in

    1. Farmgirl and the fake Rabbi are one and the same…..

      He/she posted this on Friday and used the wrong account by mistake…….duh !

      “Rabbi Levy, Intifada Rabbi on October 16, 2020
      Nakba? That reminds me.

      No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

      Doesn’t fight antisemitism …. he only smears Labour … for money.

      Embarrassing……or what ?

        1. And you are a Jew hating cnut Farmgirl…..and you have been found out….
          Suck it up…….

  37. Brucie babes (the pretend rabbit)

    You’re going to an anti-racist rally next week.

    Are the participants there as bigger Antisemitic racist bigots as you. If so you’ll be right at home with your ‘kind’????

    1. I’ll be talking about the white Zionist devils (“your kind” Stinky) who command power in the apartheid state and commit genocide against civilians in the OPT. Remember: Palestinian Lives Matter.

      1. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to eat my Kosher meal.

  38. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    I doubt that Hashem is of a mind to tolerate your foul mouthed rants.

    Any congregation that finds space for a foul mouthed Antisemitic racist bigot like you, that denigrates the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors can only be ‘jews in name’ rather than Jews in practice.

    But then the sewer has space for all types, and I’m sure you do it proud

  39. Just where is the EHRC report that Collier lusted after?

    😉 Low brightness symbol
    Oct 16
    Replying to
    The Question is therefore, why is Keir Starmer Labour holding off the date of publication. ?
    Janet T Beckett #BLM #AlwaysAntifascist
    Oct 16
    Replying to
    The report which way before it was published at all back in Dec 2019 was quoted as being ” proof” that Labour was institutionally antisemitic. (Interesting take on proof there).
    Marshal Chris Monsanto
    Oct 16
    Replying to
    I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of UK law, but is there a way you could force a legal discovery process on this, e.g. in cases were people were slandered on the basis of the “EHRC investigation” but the underlying primary data have been withheld?
    Brennan Young
    Oct 15
    Replying to
    Silence from all those many accusers who tweeted threats to the effect of “just wait for the EHRC report, and you’ll have proof of AS in LP”

  40. These Jew haters are basically not very bright are they ?

    Amazes me how successful they are at proving this point…..repeatedly….

    Keep up the good work guys….

        1. Yeah, yeah … the usual jibe … zzzz

          Meanwhile …
          Tehran, Iran – Despite opposition from the United States, a long-standing conventional arms embargo imposed on Iran has expired in line with the terms of a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, according to the Iranian foreign ministry.

          The 13-year ban imposed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) came to an end on Sunday as part of Resolution 2231 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an accord signed in 2015 that gave Iran sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on its nuclear programme.

          Wonder what the worlds dictator, America, will do next to make Iranian families’ lives worse?

        2. If you want to see an antisemite, take a good look in the mirror Bobbin.

  41. Glad you mentioned Iran Farmgirl……

    IRAN 2019

    The authorities heavily suppressed the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly.

    Security forces used lethal force unlawfully to crush protests, killing hundreds, and arbitrarily detaining thousands of protesters. The authorities arbitrarily detained over 200 human rights defenders and imposed sentences of imprisonment and flogging against many of them. A new law allowed Iranian women married to men with foreign nationality to pass on Iranian citizenship to their children, but women continued to face discrimination and the authorities intensified their crackdown against women’s rights defenders campaigning against forced veiling laws. Ethnic and religious minorities faced entrenched discrimination.

    Torture and other ill-treatment, including through the denial of medical care, remained widespread and systematic; they were committed with impunity. Cruel, inhuman and degrading judicial punishments were carried out. Scores of people were executed, sometimes in public; several were under the age of 18 at the time of the crime. There were systematic violations of fair trial rights. The authorities committed the ongoing crime against humanity of enforced disappearance by systematically concealing the fate and whereabouts of several thousand political dissidents extrajudicially executed in secret….

    Disgusting hateful regime…..well worth boycotting…..

    1. … and Palestinians have the right of protest and assembly?

      Israel kills thousands AND imprisons without trial, praying women are discriminated against.

      As for killing minors Israel killed over 500 children in 2014.

      Glass houses?

      1. And who was it that brought up Iran ?

        I think that was you Farmgirl….?

        Not good at this debating lark…..are you princess ?

          1. So you aren’t bothered about the human rights abuses that take place in Iran…..perpetrated by the Iranian government ?

            How funny you are…..

              1. And yet here you are “celebrating” that the US led weapons embargo on Iran is no more ???????????

                How funny you are……

  42. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    You take everything out of context and twist it into a dog’s mess

    I was specifically referring to Stephen in a certain way about a certain issue.

    And you the dimwit misinterpret it

    1. “Stinky Dick” Galber, you’re a white Zio devil. And devils have horns. He-he.

  43. David Collier
    When you play nice & show weakness, you end up with Hamas, Hezbollah rockets and Iranian terrorism.

    When you stand firm and show strength you get Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a cowed Iran and peace deals with the UAE & Bahrain.

    People needs to learn how the Middle East works.

    Play nice? When has Israel EVER played nice?

    A cowed Iran? You are in La la land.

    It was US military might that got Jerusalem for Israel.

    The deal with UAE etc. effectively stops any Israeli annexation.

    YOU need to know how the middle-east is worked.

    1. Why would anyone who purports to be so pro human rights want to celebrate the successes of such a vile regime like Iran ?

      Makes no sense at all…….

      Care to explain that one…..Farmgirl ?

      1. As fellow internet dickheads with eccentric world views, I expect that like me The Bellers Botty Bois were huge fans of “Lost”

        Remember the bit where that guy Desmond had to go to his computer every 108 minutes and tap in the same sequence hour after hour, day after day. Message never changed. he didn’t understand it but never questioned it. Nothing ever changed as a result but it didn’t matter to Desmond. He just tapped out the sequence from deep in his bunker and that was job done.

        Seems barmy right? But think about it. That is Michael’s life. Bellers’s too.

      2. ALL countries now need a deterrent. Look at all the deaths and mayhem caused by US/UK invasion of Iraq.

        US dictating sanctions on Iran has caused untold suffering to the population, but Dobbin doesn’t give a fig about them, nor Israel, another vile regime.

  44. Brucie babes (the foul mouthed pretend rabbi)

    So you are sticking to the kindergarten playground chatter then

    One of these days I must confront your so-called ministry with your Holocaust denigration etc about your pretensions to being a ‘rabbi’, or are they just ‘as a jew’ and already know and approve.

    About this ‘genocide’ of Palestinians that you talk about;

    In Israel the Israeli Muslim population has grown from about 200 000 to nearly two million which is probably the first genocide in the world that has resulted in a near ten fold increase in the number of victims.

    The Palestinian diaspora (cultural appropriation of a Jewish term) has also endured the most painful of growths, from a so-called 700 000 refugees to about nine million Palestinians worldwide, which seems to me to signify that the Israelis must be the world’s most inefficient and useless genocidists.

    I mean if you have got any information that might cause me to doubt my figures, do let me know; but then no doubt you will reply with another of your foul mouthed diatribes telling me to go and validate your ridiculous allegations because you are to lazy to or the truth be known, are unable to find any evidence to back your wooly claims

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