Palestine Action vandals attack Jewish demonstrators – six arrested

Yesterday, 10th October, Palestine Action organised a protest outside an office of Elbit in Kingsway, Holborn. A counter demonstration was called by London’s Jewish activists who refuse to leave the streets to the haters. In the end, in what is becoming an increasingly dangerous atmosphere, the Jewish demonstrators were attacked with red paint, a police officer was injured, and six Palestine Action activists were arrested.

Palestine Action and the protest

Under regional titles such as London Palestine Action, the group have been vandalising bus stops for a few years. The birth of the group came following frustration by a few extremists over the inactivity and impotence of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Their strategy is simple. They do not believe in waving flags but seek direct action that creates noise and publicity. In other words, they vandalise stuff and then brag about it. At the moment the Israeli defence company Elbit is the key target for the group.

Recently Palestine Action ‘occupied‘ the roof of an Elbit factor at Shenstone in Staffordshire. Several activists were eventually arrested. Shortly before this, they attacked the Elbit offices in London. Again there were arrests.

Palestine Action are not a new group but have become reinvigorated with the arrival of Huda Ammori. Ammori is a woman with a troubled past. Her father is Palestinian, her mother Iraqi. Ammori was originally part of the Manchester branch of Palestine action but in 2018 started working for the PSC as their Campaigns Officer. She was also part of a steering committee for a fake Jewish anti-Israel group. At some point she seems to have tired of all the talking and turned her attention to helping to build a network of extremists willing to engage in direct action.

In their online recruitment campaign, Palestine Action openly ridicule the police. Whilst instructing people how to vandalise buses, bus stops and buildings, they soothe the fears of potential recruits by informing them they will not be prosecuted if caught. Which leads us to the latest action. The group put out a call for a demonstration outside the Holborn office. For those who know the group are never just about waving flags, this should have been a warning.

The people gather

A counter protest of Jewish activists began to arrive from about 12:30. They took up place directly outside the building. In all, about fifteen arrived. With flags, banners and megaphones, the singing and dancing started:

Palestine Action - Jewish counter protesteli protest

Shortly afterwards, groups of anti-Israel activists began to arrive. All the usual faces were there. I often say that whenever the Palestinian flag is raised, antisemitism is a pillar holding it aloft and this demonstration was no different. For the purposes of this blog I will give just three examples – John Tymon (founder of Football against Apartheid), Carol Foster (ex co-chair, Greater London Labour Representation Committee) and Sarah Wilkinson (West Midlands PSC).


And examples of the antisemitism they carry with them – Mossad did 9/11, the demon Jewish lobby and Holocaust denial:

Palestine Action antisemitism

I identified approximately 30 of the demonstrators and could easily have spent days writing a report to highlight the sewer of Jew hatred that came out to protest, but that is not the purpose of this piece. The bottom line is that many of these anti-Israel activists think the same way about Jews. Suffice to say with the examples I have provided – my point about antisemitism being a pillar upon which anti-Israel activism is built – is proven once again.

The fools, the idiots….

Even when I come across hardened activists it usually doesn’t take long in a discussion before I realise I am debating a person with sound-bites and little else. Yesterday was no different. These people simply do not know anything about the actual history of the conflict nor the geo-political reality of the region. At best they have read the nonsensical rants of people like Asa Winstanley in rags such as Electronic Intifada. How can someone actually feel motivated enough to go out and demonstrate against a nation they simply know nothing about? Which is why I believe antisemitism is often the answer.

I spoke to five fools. Not one could deal with basic questions. One conversation stood out. So people do not think that she was some random passer by – I spoke to the woman holding the banner on the left side of this Palestine Action banner.

Palestine Action idiot

And the Palestine Action racists

I am rarely left speechless and I carry on a polite conversation for as long as I can, but the chat with Ms ‘Green’ was too much even for me. At first it was just conspiracy stuff about Mossad. I attempted a different approach and probed her thoughts about what would happen if radical Islamists took over the new ‘Palestinian state’ and started firing rockets at Israel. She dismissed this as propaganda. I pushed, and bringing up Syria, Lebanon, Libya and other Arab states, asked how she could be so sure.  At this point she berated me – ‘don’t talk to me about Arabs’ she said, ‘I hate them’. When I tried to point out Palestinians were Arabs – she dismissed me as if I were crazy.

This is the level of knowledge of people who are somehow motivated enough to spend their Saturday afternoon holding up a banner calling for the closure of a business in the UK. The exchange was caught on camera.

Even if we dismiss the stupidity and ignorance, can we dismiss the blatant anti-Arab racism? ‘I hate the Arabs‘ – jaw dropping racism on the streets of London.

The Palestine Action attack

It always disturbs me when I see fresh-faced students at protests. There were several at this Palestine Action event. The refusal of so many universities to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism means demonising lies about Zionists and Zionism are still freely spread on campus. For most, the hatred of the Jewish state was not picked up at home but was taught at a UK higher education institution that receives state funding. Heart-breaking.

The event started as just two sides trying to outdo each other by making the most noise. The anti-Israel protestors outnumbered the Jews by about 5 or 6 to 1 and soon stood both to the left and right of those waving the Israeli flag. The atmosphere amongst the haters was hostile but relatively calm. After about an hour, all that changed. A dark-coloured car suddenly pulled up by the kerb and some people rushed out holding buckets of paint. They threw the paint towards the offices. Standing between the thugs and the building were the Jews, who were themselves surrounded by police. Several of the Jewish demonstrators and police were hit by the red paint during the attack.

The police quickly pounced on those who had thrown the paint. Apparently there were six Palestine Action activists arrested. One policeman was reportedly hurt, with some suggesting his arm was broken. The car was impounded.

There are several videos of the attack circulating online. Well-known Jewish campaigner Jonathan Hoffman was one of the worst hit:

The thugs must be dealt with

In one piece of footage we see a woman come up to Jonathan Hoffman after the attack, laughing and making rude gestures. That woman is Sarah Wilkinson, the Holocaust denier. A Holocaust denier enjoying an attack on a British Jew and ridiculing him publicly – on the streets of London in 2020. These are sickening scenes.

The Jewish activists kept singing even after they had been hit. A burst of Israel’s national anthem Hatikvah rounded off their event, but this is not the point. Several were visibly shaken.

The activists knew the Jewish demonstrators were there, but decided to carry on regardless, there is no doubt the attack on the Jews was deliberate. This group openly laugh at the police who they say will not charge them. If the police want to make the streets safe for British Jews – it is certainly time to prove the toxic hate group wrong.



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172 thoughts on “Palestine Action vandals attack Jewish demonstrators – six arrested

  1. What always worries me about groups like this is that when the more mainstream groups become more mature, and thus less radical, the newer groups become more radical and sometimes more violent .

    Thanks for another insight into the underbelly of another group hiding their Antisemitism behind the mask of anti-Israel/anti-Zionism activism

    1. When will these lower-than-vermin scum learn that Palestinian lives matter?

      1. ImaM Oron,

        HamASS disagrees with you. That’s why Ham ASS hides behind women and children, uses children to dig tunnels, hides under hospitals, schools and mosques, has fighters with beards and AK-47 classified as “children” executes gays, executes opponents and drags their bodies through the streets of Gaza.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. DeadHeadEd may the sword of the Prophet (PBUH) rid the universe of your foul presence. Inshallah.

  2. Stephen

    You really have a problem with the Jonathan Hoffmann.

    He has a very strong voice and strong political views , but has never hurt anyone.

    Why your animus towards him?

      1. If you can’t give actual examples, Mr Galber, perhaps you should wait until you can.

      2. Dumb Bellamy, the homophobes are your Sand Nazis of HamASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, MSA and Islamofascist Iran.

        Your HamASS pushes gays to their death off rooftops in Gaza and hangs them from construction crams in Islamofascist Iran.

        Google “iran gays”.

        Happy Nakba!

  3. Collier writes ” can we dismiss the blatant anti-Arab racism? ”

    Israel could were it to repeal its racist Nation Law which states… ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is UNIQUE to the JEWISH people.”

    There’s Collier’s first love, Israel, setting racism in its Basic Laws.

    Duplicitous David.

    1. Isn’t it funny how you can see racism in only one side? The State of Israel was created as a homeland for the Jewish people so they could enjoy ‘self-determination in their ancestral land’. Despite that apparent ‘racism’, approx 20% of the citizens are Arabs enjoying all the same rights of citizenship as the Jewish, Christian, Bahai, Sikh, Hindu, Buddist, atheist citizens. Now consider the Arab States where Jews are not even allowed to enter & those who have lived in those countries for centuries are denied the right to citizenship. Where the practice of other religions such as Christianity, Buddism, Hinduism, Sikhism &, of course, Judaism, are prohibited, with ionfringement punishable by death. Contrast Israel with its Gay Pride marches (even though homosexuality is not permitted under Jewish religious law) with the Arab states, including land controlled by the PA & in Gaza, where gays are thrown from the roofs of buildings. Now say again how the National Law is racist just by a statement of historical fact!

      1. Jacqueline Burns – you are 100% correct….

        Farmgirl is a racist buffoon who thinks that Jews are inferior to non Jews has openly stated so on the pages of this public forum……

        Whatever he / she has to say has zero credibility here…..or anywhere for that matter,,,,,

      2. I make no excuse for Arab racism.

        They too are not democratic. Israel is moving more towards ‘racial supremacy’ to complete the occupation, annexation and ‘racial purity’ so frowned on in the last century.

        that 20% of citizens are Arab isn’t down to Israeli benevolence, they are the remnants of a far larger Arab population most of whom were driven out by Jewish terrorism(rewarded by PMships).

        The law is racist no matter who lived where once upon a time.

        1. So you are saying that Arab citizens of Israel do not get a vote….when they clearly do ?
          You are an idiot Farmgirl….

          The Arab population of Israel has thrived and flourished and is now more than 10 times what it was in 1948….
          Whereas the Jewish population of the Arab countries that surround Israel has DECREAESD by 99% !!!!

          That kind of says it all…….doesn’t it Farmgirl ?

          1. “So you are saying that Arab citizens of Israel do not get a vote….when they clearly do ?”

            No, I’m not. Learn to read.

            1. So if they get a vote then they must live in a democracy ?
              Right Farmgirl ?

              And it’s s good job the Jews that got kicked out of those Arab countries had a country close by that would let them in this yime…..unlike the early 1940s….?
              And it kind of kills the (fake) theory that Israel is full of only white Jewish Europeans ?

              Not good at this debating lark…..are you Farmgirl ?

              1. The majority of Jews that left the MENA countries weren’t ethnically cleansed. The were persuaded and helped to leave by Israel’s Mossad and Zionist groups.

                Some MENA countries even forbade them to leave.

                More of your Hasbara.

          2. Wonder where those Jews that emigrated with Mossad help emigrated to … Israel perhaps, Dobbin?

      3. You are wasting your time with these two . Faceless chimps spewing their hatred while benefitting from David’s incredible patience and magnanimity in allowing their tiresome nonsense on every blog . Others would have consigned them to the nether regions long ago.

        1. Oh I don’t know Harvey. I’m very pleased with the way my training of Bellers is going. I’ve got the daft booby to say the line “oh it’s you again” on command and in various styles. I even got him to say it in the style of Abu Mazzin on discovering that his order of big boy pants had been held up at Israeli Customs.

            1. See what I mean Harvey. He’s quite obedient now and very responsive to command. I have more plans for him.

        2. Oh my it’s the criminal perjurer and EDL fan Tesco Harv. The one David ” shares lots of perspectives” with

        3. I actually support those 2 trolls staying on this blog because their arguments are so fucking stupid (and repeated ad nauseum in high pitched screams) that they’re a major asset for our side. Why would David want to make them into free speech martyrs when they’re so willing to make themselves into public laughingstocks?

    2. This was our Michael in the previous episode posting on 9th Oct.

      “I am indeed better than the Jewboys I’ve met here”.

      He will say that us Zios twist his words. But he wrote them. View his content in this context.

      1. It’s not so much that you need to scratch an Israel hater to find an antisemite, as look at one for a few seconds.

  4. “it usually doesn’t take long in a discussion before I realise I am debating a person with sound-bites and little else”

    The absolute lack of interest and lack of the most basic knowledge about the most basic factual information is striking, especially given the degree of visceral rage felt by these idiots. If they knew more, they’d realise the best way to advocate for Palestinian rights would be to oppose the PA and Hamas. Their refusal to recognise this is exactly why they’ve achieved absolutely nothing for Palestinians despite several decades of attempted activism. It’s not Palestinian rights that motivates them, but rather the chance to scream at and physically intimidate Jews.

    1. Yak, Israel doesn’t want the Palestinians to have any rights. The palestinians voted democratically for Hamas rather that than those agents for Israel, Fatah.

      In Bibi’s, sorry, Trump’s plan Israel/US will only accept a Palestinian state ruled by Fatah despite their preference, Hamas. This state would have no defence capability and be controlled by Israel.

      Deliberately unacceptable conditions.

      1. The Gazans voted (way back in 2005) democratically for Hamas…..
        The Palestinians in the WB voted for Fatah…..

        You don’t know anything……do you Farmgirl ?

  5. Stephen Bellamy, Jonathan’s “crime” was shouting at someone during a demonstration. I’ve had to physically stop a man in his 20s from hitting Jonathan, because Jonathan was holding an Israeli flag. The police officers at the scene turned a blind eye to the aggressor.
    At another demo, a man of about 6’4″ and in his early 30s, assaulted a Jewish grandmother, stole her phone, tried to to hit several other pro Israel demonstrators, then ran at me and tried to hit me in the face. Even though we had 4 witnesses, and 2 separate videos, the police refused point blank to even take our statements and gently escorted the culprit away from his crime.
    That same grandmother has been assaulted, on camera, on at least two other occasions. One of those times, security guards stood and watched as she was assaulted and the other time she was arrested for assault, but not charged, as someone found the (anti-Israel) video of her apparently pushing a camera into someone’s face, after that person tried to hit her in the face with said camera. The liar never faced any consequences for false evidence or wasting police time.
    I know of several instances where Israel haters have made unprovoked attacks on Israel supporters and have been the victim of two of them. I have never heard or seen any of your fellow haters arrested before today.
    So you cast allegations of “violent thugs,” maybe you want to be well clear of your own Jew hating, anti-Israel cause.

    1. Dear God they are all out today. I am guessing you are the Tony of Hendon Town Hall fame ? The big fan of the criminal woman beater Brian Coleman ?

          1. Only hate speech is against the IHRA code Farmgirl…..
            Which explains why you are so set against it………..?

          2. You thought wrong. It explicitly states that criticism of Israel is not antisemitic — as long as it is similar in nature to criticism of other countries. (And that of course is why racists object to it — they want to keep on singling out Israel for absurdly disproportionate criticism & racist attacks.)

    2. Post videos on Youtube. Contact proper anti-Islamofascist media.

      SHAME the BBC, Der Guardian for not holding themselves to basic Journalistic Standards.

      The Fascist Left is why the Fascist LaBOOR party suffered its worst electoral loss in 85 years. The voters see where the Fascist LaBOOR party has sunk to.

  6. Stephen

    What has he done that is criminal.
    The incident with that sandra woman was not criminal, as often it’s more intelligent to take a police caution rather than the whole extended rigmarole that can extend into years

    1. Richard he didn’t accept a caution he went to trial and pleaded guilty. Not withstanding a guilty plea he has given over the rest of his life whining that he was unfairly convicted. What a nutter. I guess the judge was supposed to say ” Scoffie despite you pleading guilty I cannot believe this of you. You are innocent !!!”

  7. I just want to say that, as usual, David has done a fantastic job of recording and blogging the event in less that 24 hours. If you weren’t there, then you have no idea how evil Palestine Action are.

    1. Counter chant with something like this…

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!


    2. …. and if you weren’t there you have to rely on David’s very questionable assessment of happenings and intentions….. as you are.

      Remember, he IS a lobbyer for Israel.

      1. This is the Michael Farmer that writes about Israel and ain’t never been there.

        Still, as we discovered it’s also the Michael Farmer that wrote “I am indeed better than the Jewboys I’ve met here”.

        Judge Michael’s intentions here against this.

        1. Was Ian himself that classed himself, David, and other Jews on this blog as ‘Jewboys’. I was confirming that I felt myself to be more truthful and moral than any of them on this blog. It’s called free speech, Ian. Ok by you?

          1. I have no responsibility for what you post Michael. I do keep reminding you to check your stuff before you send it. Your carelessness keeps tripping you up.

          2. Next you will be telling us that you’re a big fan of Jewish poetry ?

  8. Blessings on all the righteous activists of Palestine Action. Please supply details on how people could contribute funds to this group.

  9. You’re FAKE, PHONIES and FRAUDS! If you and Scoffi were R*E*A*L Jews, you wouldn’t be out on the streets during Shabbat!

    Judaism is NOT about fighting alleged antisemitism (and trying to monetize it), but about studying the Torah and living your life according to it.

    1. > FAKE, PHONIES and FRAUDS?

      The “Religion of Peace”? Now that’s a SICK JOKE.

      9/11, London’s 7/7, Manchester arena bombing, London and Westminster bridge stabbings and car rammings, Palistani rape gangs, Pan Am 103, london stabbings, open threats of 9/11 scale massacres on London, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day truck ramming jihad in Nice, Madrid trains, Bali beach, Mumbai massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacres, Luxor rouist massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, thwarted sneaker and uinderwear bombings of passenger planes, Orlando FL nightclub massacre, execution of gays in HamASSstn and Fascist Iran, Brussels airport bombing, Moscow subway bombing, Beslan school massacre, WMD (poison gas) attack on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, bombing of two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, Fasicst Iran stoning girls to death over “family honour”, murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt, massacres of Christians in Pakistan, Louie FarraKLAN and his Nazis of “Islam” cult, Christmas party massacre in San Bernardino, Fort Hood massacre by an American born Muslim “psychiatrist”, ineffective SUV bombing of Times Square,

      Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, HamASS, Hezbola, Wahabbis, Salifis, “The Beatles” terrorist gang now in custody in the US to stand trial, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, …

      need to screen passengers and luggage/cargo at every airport in the World…

      That’s some “Religion of Peace” you got there ImaM Oron.

      Happy Nakba!

      Happy 75th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of your fellow filth! 🙂

  10. Jackie Burns

    Not quite sure what you are trying to say

    I asked Stephen for examples of Jonathan’s supposed criminality

  11. Jackie

    Not worth trying to engage with a dimwit like Farmer.

    Everything you say will be mangled and twisted out of context.

    Farmer is a specialist the incoherent and incomprehensible comment

  12. Michael

    You dimwit

    Could you tell me one sentence In the Nation State law that deprives any Israeli citizen of any religion of their rights.

    The law is positive to Jews, but does not disenfranchise or discriminate against anyone.

    And to guarantee rights their is a special constitutional law to protect the citizens of Israel.

    But we’ve been through this numerous times, and you just keep repeating yourself like a broken record on steroids

    1. Richard. ….

      ‘“Israel is not a state of all its citizens,”Netanyahu wrote in response to criticism from an Israeli actor, Rotem Sela. “According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and only it.’

      Yes, we’ve been through this many times … it still hasn’t dawned on you.

      1. There is a big clue in the Israeli flag as to what kind of country it is Farmgirl…..
        And this is nothing new…..the Union Jack has one too……a clue that is…..duh

  13. Stephen

    I’m aware of the women who was involved with Jonathan, and she is a provocateur supreme.

    There was far more to the case than the superficial once over.

    But getting back to the original question; what criminality is Jonathan supposed to be guilty of?

    1. Public order offence Richard. Behaviour that was likely to lead to a breach of the peace. The video evidence was so conclusive Scoffies lawyers advised him to plead guilty so as not to piss the judge off.

          1. October 2018 ?
            Are you really that desperate ?

            Ant footage of what happened yesterday ?
            How many arrests on the pro Palestine side ?
            How many on the pro Israel side ?

    1. That was a clip of Sharon Shannon and Mundy doing Galway Girl. Was that the last thing on your playlist Bellers? You have no clue how to upload videos have you , you fucking cretin?

  14. If I was there, there wouldn’t have been any red paint, but real blood, all over those Zio pieces of human excrement. And I would of shoved that obscene flag down Scoffi’s fucking throat. Goddamn Zio pricks. Got what they deserve.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

    1. ImaM Oron, the London police have “tools” to “pacify” raging swine like yourself.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  15. Good to see those fucking Z-i-o scum were taught a lesson they’ll never forget. Inshallah.

    1. Great News! Finally got my Ministership Certificate through from the very official and accredited source off the internet. Even better. There’s a special offer on before Christmas. If you pay an extra $12.99 you can be the Chief Minister. Think I may go for this. Sounds cool. My membership number is G01-45kin. What’s yours?

  16. Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    For a supposed rabbi you certainly have a foul mouth

    But then can we expect anything else from a Holocaust denigrater and minimizer

    You alude the practice of tattooing inmates, and the light shades and soap which were allegedly made in the concentration camp as a form of threat towards me, and then you claim to be a rabbi.

    1. Richard – “.. Holocaust denigrator and minimizer”

      New York Holocaust Museum put the Holocaust victims at 17 million.

      Does Richard minimise it to 6 million?

      1. The numbers fluctuated wildly after the Second World War. At one point it was several BILLION before some bright spark realized it exceeded the number of Jews on Earth.

        1. When Muslims can’t even get along with fellow Muslims,

          how can anyone believe that Muslims can get along with Infidels?

          Happy Nakba AHole!

    2. Hey “Stinky Dick” Galber, there is no evidence whatsoever that ANY Jews were turned into soap or made into lampshades by the 1933-45 German government. More lies, slander and misinformation from you.

      Now go and fuck off you POS.

  17. Stephen

    Israel does not have a constitution; it’s a common law jurisdiction.

    So what is the connection with Russia’s ‘constitution’ other than to try rubbish Israel without any logic

  18. Stephen

    I do want the entire clip please

    What Jonathan was doing was learnt from the way the anti-Israel brigade used to treat us;no better nor worse

  19. Michael

    You never answered my question.

    What in the ‘Nation State’ law denies any Israeli citizen any rights and freedoms and limitations.

    Only fools listen to politicians, and Netanyahu will say anything to win elections.

    1. Bibi gives a flavour of Israeli thinking.No?

      “What in the ‘Nation State’ law denies any Israeli citizen any rights and freedoms and limitations.”

      This … ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.’

      1. ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.’

        The clue is in it’s flag……duh !

        What right to “self determination” do Muslims have in the UK ? Or Hindus ? Or Buddhists ? Or Jews ?

        Not the brightest are you Farmgirl ?

  20. Michael

    You dimwit.

    Read the Hamas charter. It calls for the eradication of Israel and the destruction of the Jews, not Israelis but Jews. And no, they haven’t changed their charter

    They would love to complete the eradication of the Jews that Hitler started

    So we have a very low opinion of Hamas because of their genocidal intentions towards us.

    But Antisemites like you would try to conceal the Hamas intentions,

  21. Collier – “The Palestinians as we know them today are a mid 20th century invention.”

    …as are the immigrant Israelis.

  22. Michael

    Where in the IHRA is their any limitation on free speech

    It also a guide line, not a law.

    It’s beauty is that in its list of examples it helps determine where anti-Israel/anti-Zionist behaviour and commentary leaches into Antisemitism and hatred of Jews as a people and a religion

    And that’s why the Antisemites hate itself so much; they (and you) have lost your ability to hide your Antisemitism behind anti-Israel and anti-Zionist commentary and actions

  23. I still can’t see what the supposed criminal behaviour of Jonathan was.

    Noisy and in your face he is, yes. But criminality, no.

  24. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    Hitler set out to annihilate the Jews.
    He didn’t set out to annihilate anyone else. Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust solely because they were Jews. Entire communities of Jewish children, women and men were shipped to death camps to be gassed and burned, or starved and worked to death.

    The Holocaust is an event that involved only the Jews. There was a genocide that resulted in millions of dead caused by Hitler’s war, but the Holocaust is a tragedy unique to the Jews.

    You as an Antisemetic will never recognize that, because it interferes with your attempts to deJudaise the Holocaust

  25. Michael

    You still haven’t told me how the Nation State law limits the right to freedom and equality before the law for all the citizens of Israel

  26. Nice lively day here yesterday.

    Got Michael to say “Jewboys” twice.

    Got Bellers to say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Dale Winton being run over by a Supermarket Sweep trolley.

    Got a certificate to be an “accredited” Minister of the Internet like that one that posts here as Bruce.

    Good bants all round.

    1. Yeah great behind the bike shed stuff. Juat was lacking in that there was no Linda Thompson to kiss. Ian is fun but not the type I would want to kiss. Though it was an opportunity to smoke a fag. No scoffie fag as in cigarette. Down boy.

      1. Goreblimey Bellers. If you’ve waited 6 years for a snog, you should have said earlier, you tease.

        Not my thing either, all that smelly baccy breathe and Lynx Africa desperation. Michael and that Bruce knoblet have a number for that Domina Corvid lass, of blessed memory. A bit of Frenching may come at a price but if you tell her you fucking hate Zios she can be flexible.

  27. I’m sitting here in Jerusalem reading this! I forgot
    how ignorant people really are….my Palestinian friends and I kindly request all you opinion makers fuck off and let us work things out on our own. We don’t need you

    1. Perhaps Britain should have left the Roma, the infirm, the Jews and Poland to “work things out” on your own?

            1. Hey. Stick to your rules. You talk about the man NOT to him here you fucking moron.

              Now let’s get back to your training. Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of a non-specific but possibly ancient Jew activist drinking a pint of fake blood through a straw.

    1. Alright Bellers I’ll take a nibble.

      Copy/ paste one of your 2003 archive pieces for me whilst saying “oh it’s you again” in the style of Dame Evadne Hinge auditioning for the part of Kat Slater off Eastenders.

      You lose one treat for every person in the piece that has already croaked it.

      1. Does the guy write sentences with words in a weird jumbled order like you do Michael and then when its pointed out say ” comprehension problem, much” to prove the point?

        1. Forgetting how to read correctly parsed English since ex-patting to Israel, language – Hebrew?

    1. I’m guessing that you know Bellers, that obsessing over some shouty old yid whose main offence seems to be behaving exactly like those he opposes, makes you look like a rather limp dick, right?.

    2. I love the image of Scoffie standing there holding his dopey flag covered in sploches of red paint. Looks like a bomb went off in front of him, sprayed him with shrapnel and he died on the spot! Funniest image of him yet! I can’t stop laughing!

        1. I am Bellers. That’s the chaffing from all that Fylde sand in my Speedos. I asked Beaumont if he had any cream for it but he just pulled a face. Go figure.

          1. Anyway back to your training. For a nice finale to another bumper day, say “Oh it’s you again” in the style of Bamber Gascoigne introducing his yodeling act to the panel in Britains Got Talent.

              1. Hang on Bellers. You’re saying Lytham St Anne’s is coastal?

                I’ve walked from the Norbreck Castle to Dublin Town Hall without getting my feet wet.

                    1. For light relief say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Hilda Baker, deliberately mispronouncing all her worms

      1. Random word assembly again Michael.

        Fair enough; Petulant gravy vest.

        Yay. I speak Michael!!

          1. I’ll do the gags Michael. You stick to the slogans.

            You’re back in the Bruno Kirby character in Good Morning Vietnam. ” In my heart sir, I know I am funny”.

      1. Glad you turned up. The accredited source of internet Ministerships were onto me. Apparently when I ticked the box indicating that I chose ‘Pretend Joo Minister’, they insisted that I proved I was a Joo, just to protect their reputation as legit suppliers of Ministerships. I thought a copy of my Barmitzvah present list and a dick pic would suffice and they agreed. They said you were next on their list in the morning so you may need the services of that shout old yid after all. My advice. Take a big big roll and a bottle of dettol along, although it will sting a bit.

  28. Collier – “Palestine Action vandals attack Jewish demonstrators – six arrested”

    Untrue … they attacked Elbit with paint. Paint was splashed.

    1. So Michael……..

      Nah. Leaving this one. I can’t make you look any bigger a dick than you’ve already done yourself here.

  29. Jerusalem Post – “The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, which Spain adopted in July, includes holding Jews collectively responsible for Israeli actions.”

    David says criticising Israel and Zionism is antisemitism.

    Funny that.

  30. Another supa soaraway day here at the office yesterday.

    Michael tried humour but rather like the punter shagging the dwarf hooker, came up short.

    Bellers re-entered his fantasy game where he plays the part of a 1915 Brit-bashing bog-trotter in a frock.

    And while we’re on dwarves, that knob that posts as Bruce dabbled in Panto Provocation again wishing some hapless Jewish pensioner dead, but was written off for only having a tiny droop of skin in the game.

    The Resistance folks! The ferocious bite of old Granny Myra after she lost her false choppers claiming a Full House at the Rialto Bingo.

  31. Stephen

    Another example of your broad, but meaningless allegations against Israel.

    Why is Israel heading for catastrophe.

    It’s almost as meaningless as when you called Israel a ‘basket case’ all those years ago.

    Incidentally, I asked you to explain why Israel was supposed to be a ‘basket case’, and you still haven’t had the good manners to reply with an intelligent and coherent answer.

    1. Well it could be heading for catastrophe because it is a basket case Richard. I was rather hoping that Ian would enlighten us him being an expert on things Israeli, things within a 499 metre radius of somewhere or other at least, but he doesn’t seem to fancy the job.

      1. Oooh, who’s got his impatient pants on inside out this morning.

        You didn’t read the article Bellers, natch.

        The journo at the Times of Israel follows this thread and had seen me training you with the old “oh it’s you again” shtick.

        He noted your textual deficiencies and this promoted the article. So, not “catastrophe”, you dumb fuck, “apostrophe” !!!

  32. Stephen

    I asked you why Israel was heading for a catastrophe, and why you have never answer my question as to why you call Israel a ‘basketcase’ and this is your pretend ‘village idiot reply
    ……………….”Well it could be heading for catastrophe because it is a basket case”.

    Not only did you not answer the question, you restated what you had already said in a rather clumsy and stupid manner.

    Now all on this blog know that you pretend to be stupid so that you can make stupid statements with impunity; but please do try to stop acting stupid for a while and answer the question.

    As far as being stupid and obtuse goes, we already have Michael and the pretend rabbi, Brucie ‘babes’ Levy; so you don’t need to join their pusillanimous ranks (unless of course that’s your aim)

  33. Seeing all that red paint reminds me that this is the anniversary of the lynching of two IDF reserve soldiers.

    They were arrested by the Palestinian Authority police and placed in a jail in Ramallah.

    A Palestinian mob attacked the jail, while the Palestinian Authority police stood by, and dismembered the Israeli soldiers with their hands

    There is a picture of a Palestinian standing in the window of the police station showing the crowd below his blood stained hands

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