Scotland v Israel – will the Scottish press finally tell the truth?

A question that will be answered this week – will the Scottish press finally tell the truth about anti-Israel activism in Scotland? To assist them, I have written this post and will tag Scottish media accounts when I share this on social media.

On Thursday evening the Israeli football team is coming to Hampden Park for the UEFA Euro qualifier play off. From experience we know that an anti-Israel demonstration will take place. We can also assume it will be misreported by the Scottish press. If Scottish media cover it at all, they will publish sympathetic articles about the protest, that are overflowing with propaganda and lies.

To help change the formula, I want to show the Scottish press *in advance* those organising and likely to attend to the demonstration. This way, when the event takes place, they will KNOW who they are writing about and act accordingly. I am certain that no Scottish member of the press would knowingly write sympathetic articles about terrorist supporters, antisemites, hypocritical Islamists and Holocaust deniers who have gathered to protest, all just because a team from the Jewish state has arrived to play in Scotland.

To the Scottish press,

These are key people who have organised or are likely to be present at the demonstration:

Mick Napier will be there, head of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. An organisation shown to be inundated with hard-core antisemitic activists. His organisation continues to promote the voices of those that share Holocaust denial, racism and antisemitic conspiracy theory. His platform spews out blatant lies about Israel. Napier is a man who does not blink in the presence of the Hezbollah flag and often speaks at the pro-Iranian, pro-Hezbollah, Al-Quds demonstration in London. Mick Napier has been convicted of aggravated trespass during his campaign to chase a Jewish businessman out of Scotland. The man is simply toxic.

Scottish PSC Mick Napier

Stevie Docherty or Stevie Mecroni is the main activist advertising the event online. Docherty has shared antisemitic conspiracy that blames the Jews for 9/11. The video he shared is no longer available on YouTube because it violated YT’s policy on hate speech (it can still be found on Daily Motion.)

Scottish PSC Stevie Docherty

Docherty has also pushed other antisemitic conspiracy stories and Marxist websites that promote Rothschild conspiracy. Despite standing alongside Jew-baiting Holocaust deniers, he has personally referred to rising claims of antisemitism as a ‘bogus witch hunt inspired by agents of Israel’.

Jola AlJakhbeer (Jolanta Hadzic). Al Jakhbeer pretends she is Jewish and incredibly, is actually the public face of Scottish Jews against Zionism. AlJakhbeer has a history of supporting antisemitic conspiracy theory and Holocaust denial. She has also made racist comments about Scottish people, black people and shared neo-Nazi material online.

Scottish PSC Jola Aljhakbeer

Jane Elliott is another who is ‘going to the protest’.  Elliott also shares conspiracy material from hard-core antisemitic websites such as this ‘humansarefree’ post blaming Rothschild for the JFK assassination. The article references neo-Nazi websites such as Rense.

Any visitor to the ‘humansarefree’ website can see it is junk site that is blatantly antisemitic. Elliott also posted a YouTube video talking about “the Rothschild Zionism secret regime in America” and has shared other 9/11 conspiracy junk. This is a screenshot of Elliott liking a post under her JFK post, that both refers to the Rothschilds as ‘Zionist pigs’ and references Shylock.

Scottish PSC Jane Elliott

Ishaq Islam shares streams of antisemitic material with his friends:

I have no intention of republishing the dozens of SPSC antisemites and their posts here. It is possible to read about the antisemitic shares of well-known Scottish anti-Israel activists in a report I published in 2017. The list is long, and several will be at the demonstration. Concentration levels of hard-core antisemites at protests was shown to be over 50%. At just one protest against Radiohead several in the small crowd were found to have shared Holocaust denial. The SPSC and BDS Scotland flow together like a sewer of antisemites.

A scottish web of Islamist extremists

Other groups ‘co-hosting’ this demonstration include Friends of Al-Aqsa. FoA are an Islamist group headed by pro-Hamas extremist Ismail Patel. Friends of Al-Aqsa published work by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen and antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

The FoA strategy uses religious incitement. FoA frequently lie to their supporters and suggest that the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger. This false claim has often be used to incite Muslim crowds against Jews and in the past has led to anti-Jewish pogroms.

Let us not pretend that this is a humanitarian issue. In his own book,  ‘Islam: the choice of thinking women’, Ismail Patel advocates the killing of adulterers.

Scottish PSC Ismail Patel

The Scottish Islamists

Another co-host, Scottish Human Rights Forum, are a proxy pro-Islamist group. Their Facebook page only ever posts about two issues – ‘Kashmir’ and ‘Palestine’. No other human rights issue in the world interest them. They work hand-in-hand with Tehreek-e-Kashmir – yet another co-host of this anti-Israel event.

We saw their flags at the previous demonstration. Kashmir, Pakistan & Iran. Nobody can wave these flags AND suggest they are human rights activists. Maybe the gross human rights violations in Pakistan are of no interest to Scottish journalists, but maybe they should have sympathy for their colleagues in Pakistan, who are trying to operate in one of the worst nations for free press in the world.

And with the flags comes the antisemitism – Khalid Javid, who attended the last demonstration, shares David Icke’s Rothschild Zionism.

Javid shares numerous Rothschild posts, including from rabid antisemitic websites such as ‘humansarefree’.

Entering some of these timelines you find a web of conspiracy deep enough to make even the members of Palestine Live blush.

It is impossible to identify everyone, but Saeed Sarwar is on the right of the above image.

Scottish Saeed Sarwar

Sarwar shares material from some of the most rabid websites that have existed on the web, such as

It is no secret that antisemitism is a major problem within British Muslim communities and there is no need to trawl through numerous timelines to prove it. That some Scottish Muslims choose to air that antisemitism by protesting against the Jewish state is almost an inevitability.

And beyond antisemitism there is the hypocrisy. The previous Israel v Scotland game was on the 4th September. Two days after this, the Pakistani community celebrated ‘Defence Day‘ – which is a false narrative story that hides their own aggressive stance in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 –  a war that Pakistan started. Those very people who would have you believe that they are interested in human rights – all came out to celebrate. Waving a flag of one of the most repressive nations on earth.

The terrorist supporters

A dissident Irish Republican group – ‘linked to the murder of journalist Lyra McKee‘ – was also standing protesting at Hampden Park last time. Members of the New IRA political front party ‘Saoradh’ stood alongside the SPSC to protest Israel’s presence. The people those with the banner want to ‘free’, have all literally just been arrested on terrorism charges. Maybe they will turn up again this time.

The freedom of the Marxist – Islamist alliance

The important point here is not to curb freedoms. Pro-Pakistani Islamists are allowed to hold hands with Marxists, antisemites and terrorist supporters and join forces to protest whatever they want. The only people who are NOT DOING THEIR JOB PROPERLY are the journalists that reports on these events.

When journalists report these people as ‘pro-Palestinian’ campaigners concerned about ‘human rights’, they are spreading fake news and lying to their readers. They give legitimacy to toxic lies such as ‘Apartheid’, even as they can read the names of Muslim and Christian Israeli Arabs on the Israeli team sheet.

The antisemites are protesting because they do not like Jews, and for them – Israel represents the head of the beast. The Pakistani community that protests Israel does so solely because it is a Jewish state. For them this is a religious battle. Their own nation, whose flag they wave proudly, is a serial abuser of human rights.

For groups like FoA, it is part of the Iranian struggle. The Marxist elements support despots the world over. Given Israel is at war with radical Islamic terrorism, it is little surprise that terrorist supporters do not like them.

None of this is about human rights. We are dealing with blatant Jew-hatred. Something that Scottish people everywhere should be ashamed to have on their streets.

The role of the press is to report the truth. Let us all hope they do so.



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124 thoughts on “Scotland v Israel – will the Scottish press finally tell the truth?

  1. The people you write about are unspeakably vile: and stupid too. I’m very pleased, however, to read that an Israeli football team is coming here.

            1. Another episode and my Bellers Training is still holding up. Posting on command and a nice clean boy at night. Here’s your treat.

              Now, let’s have a go at “oh it’s you again” in a Scottish accent, with a sneering hint of hostility……

                    1. Better, but still a little camp Bellers. Repeat after me “oh it’s you again ” like you’re ordering some small Jewish children into the showers at Dachau. And do it in a Bavarian lilt.

  2. Told you so …. Collier smears again.

    Mike Farmer on October 6, 2020
    Football : Scotland play Israel on Thursday.

    Get ready for a blog on rabid Jew-hating Scotland where almost every Jew is a Zionist.

    1. When you’re right, you’re right Michael. Just like you were with your definition of antisemitism that you posted in the previous episode. So much so, you caught yourself out.

      Want me to ask Collier if there’s leniency for Jew haters that turn themselves in? Don’t want you getting blocked again and missing out on all those “Collier’s a liar” posts.

      1. You have the same miserable lack of comprehension that Richard displays and Collier feigns, Ian.

        Gives you a fantasy flight, better than being stuck 50 metres from a rising sea I suppose.

        1. Nobody understands you Michael. Posting a definition of antisemitism then submitting several posts that met your own definition? Easily misconstrued by anyone, right?

  3. These fucking Zio animals treat Borough Park, New York must be an extension of apartheid Israel. If I ever come across a Zio on the street, I’ll throw him in the gutter where he belongs.

    Orthodox Borough Park Residents Burn Masks, Beat Dissenters Over COVID Lockdown

    Hundreds of members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox community stormed the streets and synagogues of Borough Park on Tuesday night to protest new coronavirus restrictions imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

    Pledging “war” on officials and public health guidance, demonstrators clad in black religious garb set fires along 13th Avenue and tossed masks into the flames. They chased away NYC Sheriff’s Deputies while shouting “Jewish Lives Matter,” video shows, and attacked a photojournalist attempting to capture the scene.

    Another Orthodox man, who’d opposed the anti-mask crowd, was deemed a “snitch” and reportedly hospitalized after a mob of protesters beat him with rocks. His brother, Mordy Getz, told Gothamist that he was “severely” injured and knocked unconscious, but was doing better as of Wednesday morning.

    Police said there were no arrests or summonses issued to the demonstrators.

    The violent scene played out hours after Cuomo announced a tiered system of lockdowns in neighborhoods with spiking infection rates. Across swaths of Central Brooklyn and Queens, schools and non-essential businesses will be forced to close, and houses of worship must limit capacity to ten people at a time.

    Officials in Borough Park vowed to defy the restrictions on religious observance.

    “I don’t care who in government thinks they can stop us,” City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents the neighborhood, told protesters on Tuesday. “They’re wrong, let them try.”

    Residents in Borough Park have largely flouted public health rules on masks and gatherings, even as the positivity rate in the area has surpassed 8 percent, the highest in the five boroughs.

    “Nobody here has the virus,” said a woman walking in Borough Park with her children on Tuesday, adding that lockdowns were politically motivated by Democrats. “The president got the virus, he recovered. There are medicines now.”

    The overnight protest was organized by Heshy Tischler, an anti-mask activist and radio host who last month interrupted a public health briefing. He told the crowd on Tuesday that such demonstrations would take place nightly until the ban on gatherings was lifted. “You are my soldiers,” he said. “We are at war.” As he spoke, other demonstrators could be heard chanting “Donald Trump.”

    Shulim Leifer, a Hasidic man and former Borough Park resident, said the community was plagued by right-wing misinformation about the virus.

    “What we witnessed is a community that is so lacking in responsible leadership that thugs and criminals like Heshy Tischler carry the day,” Leifer told Gothamist on Wednesday morning. “This isn’t who we’re supposed to be.”


    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. Shalom.

    1. Alright Bishop.

      Having a crack at the Bellers copy/ paste provocation game now? 4 episodes on the bounce you played this hand. Lost on me son. Just like you goyim, I think they’re a bunch of cunts as well. Still, your lot and their lot will all be in the same place soon enough.

    2. After reading the link one commenter wrote

      “neuroradical James Joyce • 6 hours ago
      It is because as far as voting blocks go, there is a very large and solid one in that community. Not all Hasids vote the same, but a huge chunk of them do, and it lets that group wield outsized political influence”

    3. “Police said there were no arrests or summonses issued to the demonstrators.”

      Privilege again?

  4. David Collier
    Replying to @mishtal
    Last time @BBCScotlandNews disgracefully used these demonstrators as a backdrop for their reporting – without telling viewers of the toxic, extremist, Jew hating individuals in the crowd. This creates FAKE NEWS and any responsible journalist would want no part of it.

    “without telling viewers of the toxic, extremist, Jew hating individuals in the crowd.”??

    These are your rantings about the people demonstrating. You expect the BBC to use those because a pro-Israel propagandist would like them too?


    1. Yes that is interesting. Wonder if David is given to referncing toxic extremists in the crowd that he hangs out with. Or would that be mixing up the meium with the message.

      1. Another cracking sentence that Bellers.

        Jeezus, proof read your stuff before you post you fucking rem.

          1. So cool. Not only have I trained Bellers to post on command, I’ve also got him doing it in joke accents. Hmm…wonder what else I can make him do.

            Got it.

            Bellers, say “Oh it’s you again” in the voice of Herr Flick from ‘allo ‘allo as if talking seductively to his sidekick Helga.

              1. So-so, Bellers.

                I know, and this may be too challenging for you. Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Kate McKinnon impersonating the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

                Double treats if you get close.

                  1. Nailed it. Bet you can’t do her Angela Merkel. Have a go.

                    Ooops, nearly forgot your treat. Good boy.

  5. David Collier
    Replying to @mishtal
    Last time @BBCScotlandNews disgracefully used these demonstrators as a backdrop for their reporting – without telling viewers of the toxic, extremist, Jew hating individuals in the crowd. This creates FAKE NEWS and any responsible journalist would want no part of it.

    “This creates FAKE NEWS”? Rubbish.

    Should the Scottish BBC press also point out that others with ulterior motives will attack their coverage because they have a vested interest in Israel and smearing those against Israel i.e. a complete picture of Israel, Palestine the pro-Israel demonstrators, the anti-Israel demonstrators, their name, addresses, affiliations, ages, history …. bla bla bla.?

    David seems to be saying that NOT including all this information makes any coverage if “FAKE NEWS”. Weird.

      1. Fair enough Michael. When you put all the words in a weird order like that, I can see why nobody understands you.

    1. Alright Bishop,

      Another attempt at foreskin …sorry, forcing the issue.

      I actually know a goy up in Nahariya that says she’s a Rabbi, but that’s because she’s lying low from the IRS. I think she paid $14 dollars online for the chitty and hides in plain site. That’s about the going rate, right?

    1. Yes some Jews DID live there once.

      Is that reason why Eastern Europeans with 2 millennia of Eastern European history can move there and force others out by military might and US support?

      1. The Jews got back the country that was stolen from them Farmgirll….so it’s all good…
        You might not like it…..but who cares what a racist bigot like you thinks ?

    1. The Israeli Editor saw the Scottish Editor pissing in a doorway. When the Jock Journo finished he took out his key and let himself in.


        1. Good boy Bellers. Here’s your snack. Now a very, very big test of how well I’ve trained you.

          Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Sean Dyche suffering with a bout of reflux acid.

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              Now, lets start the day with a gentle warm up.

              Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Graham Norton sucking a olive but getting stuck with the stone. There’s a good boy.

                1. That was disappointing Bellers, more Larry Grayson being stung by a wasp than Norton. No treat for that.

                  Let’s get back to basics with a nice simple one. So….sit and say “oh it’s you again” in the style of a constipated Burt Kwouk struggling to have a poo.

                  (Aside to camera; I can’t believe how well this training is going)

  6. Anyway this is loads funnier. Michael was clearly prompted that he’d forgotten to post that slogan he does after Ed’s posts in the previous episode.

    He’s now had to scurry back to check his omissions and frantically copy/paste where necessary. Desperate stuff.

    This, my friends is the quality of the ‘Poke David Collier’ gamers in 2020.


      1. Michael, you ingrate. There were several ways to have made you look like a massive dickhead here. But I am not the sort of chap to kick Bambi when he’s already stumbling around.

        You may be a Jew hater but we are very generous with the amount of rope we give you here and elsewhere.

              1. Happy Nakba!

                Yep, the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 and Khybar.

                Meanwhile Arabs/Muslims kill each other.


    1. Pens Michael,

      That reminds me. No Collier research into Tory anti-Semitism. What would he find if he did some; more less or the same amount as he found in the UK Labour Party?

  7. SussexFriendsofIsrael
    Oh hi @scottishpsc, I know you are stuck outside Hamden in the rain and having a few issues with some of your supporters and I didn’t want you to miss this. Enjoy! #SCOISR

    Embedded video of The Israeli national anthem.

    As long as deep in the heart,
    The soul of a Jew yearns,
    And forward to the East
    To Zion, an eye looks
    Our hope will not be lost,
    The hope of two thousand years,
    To be a free nation in our land,
    The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

    An anthem only for its Jewish Citizens.

        1. ‘Are Friends of Israel Jewish?’
          ‘Do they have Jewish poets,’
          ‘Jewish priviledge’

          Isn’t it liberating lifting the veil of pretence Michael. Now you can just do this stuff. You don’t even have to pretend to care about Arabs anymore And it only took you 6 years to come out.

  8. David Collier
    This is a recent action by ‘Palestine Action’. The person on the right -Sarah Wilkinson – is a Holocaust denier and rabid antisemite.

    These people on our streets waving the Palestinian flag don’t care about Palestinians – they just hate Jews.

    Yet another Collier anti-Palestinian rant. Please fund him and he’ll continue.

    1. This is the same Michael the endorses tweets from David Duke fans, defends people that claim the “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews”, traps himself with his own definition of antisemitism and even in this thread above obsesses over “Jewish priviledge”

      His defence; “nobody understands me”.

      Oh, I assure you we do Michael.

        1. Don’t be silly Michael. This is the internet. They’re your posts. Didn’t you realise they had consequences or didnt you care?

      1. Multiple David Duke fans now then? Multiple folk claiming that “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews” also?

        What a rogue I am.

        1. Not a rogue Michael, an antisemite. The former fences a bit of bent Tom down the boozer or shags his mates missus. The latter is a racist bigot whose old man told him he was better than the Jewboy. You’re definitely that Michael. Very unpleasant.

          1. A resident of Israel accusing me of racism? Weird.

            No-one has primed me as to Jews, ian. However my experience of yourself, David and US retard Ted has shown me that I am indeed better than the Jewboys I’ve met on here. They lie and twist so much.

                1. Live by the slogan. Die by the slogan, Michael.

                  Your carelessness has had consequences.

            1. Has it? Just using terminology that you are quite comfortable using yourself.

              Correct, Ian?

              1. And yet we are where we are Michael.

                Easy for you guys to forget when this is so habitual for you. Me and the Zios have what we want. Your team can only turn up and rage about it. I’m happy to jolly you along for the bants.

  9. If my North London MP campaign peters out, I will seek to squeeze the shit out of that motherfucking, pig fucker, Zio Dracula (Ephraim Mirvis) and become the new Chief Rabbi of all British Jews. Please pray to Hasham for my victory. Shabbat Shalom!

    1. Glad you turned up. I got one of those Ministerships too off a very accredited source off the internet. I’ve paid my $14 +p&p and am still waiting for the certificate. It’s been 2 weeks now. I’ve called the helpline twice and the nice Bangladeshi lady said someone from Billings would get back to me and they never did. I even used your name and everything. Maybe I filled out the questionnaire wrong but it only asked for name, bank details and password. As an existing member do you fancy chasing them up for me. I worry I’m missing out on important Ministering jobs.

      1. It took me three solid years of studying the Torah and Talmud and strict synagogue attendance plus extensive credits in counselling, Human Rights and Jewish Studies to earn my credentials.

        Congratulations Ian in obtaining your qualification in awful humour.

        1. Hey, Minister Ian, please. Show some respect. I’m fully accredited like you, according to the receipt.

          When’s the first synod?

  10. Don’t you just love Jewdas

    ” To discuss the Trade Union movement, Peston invited a former PR staffer from Sodexo, a former Israel Lobbyist, a former PR staffer from Nestle and someone described as a US informant in leaked US embassy cable. And that’s only talking about Ruth Smeeth!”

    1. Good Bellers, but can you say “Oh it’s you again” in the style of Ruth Smeeth having just been shived in the kidneys by Chris Williamson?

        1. Nice try Bellers but a bit too Margaret Beckett sitting on a firm seat without her pile cushion.

          Let’s try an easier one. Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Jeremy Clarkson having just heard that there were Pikeys camping on his local green.

          1. Bellers!!!!!

            I need to take your training more seriously today. Real weekend not arsedness creeping in there. Proof reading before posting was Lesson 3.

            Now, try and redeem yourself with an “oh it’s you again” in the style of our Michael upon discovering that Jeremy Corbyn shot JR and no Jews were involved.

              1. This is the most fun I’ve had here in 6 years. Who knew training Bellers could fill a day so happily?

                Tough one next. Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Sara Netanyahu on discovering shes come 2nd in a Sara Netanyahu lookalike competition to Faff Du Klerk.

                  1. Thought we’d already formalised that as my tabloid tag here Michael.

                    Been a busy boy putting your slogans down now Collier’s unblocked you again.Good for you.

                    1. Well, blocking is a coward’s action … so David used to post.

                      “Thought we’d …”? Bless, Ian yearns to be part of a partnership.

                  1. What a great day and a fun way of spending lockdown training my Bellers.

                    Let’s wind down the day with a gentle finale. Be a good boy and say “oh it’s you again” in the style of a drunk Neil Kinnock going full Rourke’s Drift and belting out Men of Harlech as a theatrical tenor.

                    Got some crackers for tomorrow. See you then you gullible fuck.

  11. Oh go on the Bellers. It’s still early here and it’s me that has to so the clever stuff. You only have to follow my commands. So, say ” oh it’s you again” in the style of Menachem Begin accepting his Nobel Peace Prize whilst goosing Yasser Arafat.

    1. ‘There is no suggestion that either the PSC staff or Mr Corbyn knew Abedi.’- Daily mail

      You can calm down, Dobbin.

      1. Dead right Michael. When you stand next to 5 Arab terrorists in a graveyard holding a wreath at a ceremony to honour some other dead Arab terrorists, how could the PR team or anyone possibly suspect anything bad could happen.

        You’re going to have to work a fair bit harder on this one Michael. The usual shite certainly wont do here. Try the “Colliers a liar for money” routine. That should cover it.

        1. “Conversation is always brought down to the level of the least evolved participant, the one who still carries on as he did in the sixth form, who still hides vulnerability with banter.”


          1. That’s me Bellers. Thank you for noticing.

            Am I supposed to be taking you seriously. You should have mentioned.

            Now back to your training. Today I’d like you to say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Bishop Bruce who has just learnt that the chorister he’s just buggered and assumed to be 13 is rather disappointingly 18.

            Shouldn’t be too challenging.

              1. Pudding. That reminds me Bellers. Forgot your special treats for last nights extra session. There you go.

                Now something topical that you’ll like. Say “oh it’s you again” in the style of Fred from Scooby doo on discovering that Daphne has been playing away with Shaggy behind his back.

          1. Dark side Michael.

            That reminds me. No Collier research into antisemitism in the Monster Raving Looney Party, The Christian Alliance, The Liberal Democrats, The SDLP, The Scottish National Party, The Green Party, The Anti Hunt Pro Jam Party or the Independant Liberals.

            If he did some would he find more, less or the same amount as he found in the UK Labour Party?

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