SJAZ liars and antisemites

An open letter to SJAZ – the handful of anti-Zionist Jews in Scotland

I have reported on the antisemitism of the spokesperson of Scottish Jews against Zionism – SJAZ. In response SJAZ published a post on their website supporting her. SJAZ actually came out in support of a Holocaust denier. They said she posted just a few ‘antisemitic conspiracy theory posts’. They made rubbish excuses about how Jola AlJakhbeer was just ‘angry at what was happening in Palestine’. They even promoted her Jewish identity.

As evidenced below in my open letter to the group – they’ve been caught lying and supporting a far-right racist – and their excuses show us all that their primary purpose is to protect those that hate the Jews. Wait till they see what she says about black people, gays, ‘Feminazis’ and yes, Scottish people.

To Scottish Jews against Zionism – SJAZ – the handful of anti-Zionist Jews in Scotland,

I can think of few non-violent actions that are more antisemitic than your current behaviour. Not for the first time I exposed the antisemitism of Jola Hadzic / AlJakhbeer as a raging antisemite. Obviously, my message spread, because you felt the need to respond. You did so publicly, in one of the most disgraceful cover-ups of antisemitism I have seen. This letter exposes the true nature of your group.

SJAZ and the Background

Prior to your groups founding in 2018, I published a report on the horrific levels of hard-core antisemitism present in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The response of your co-founder Sarah Glynn, was to dismiss my report. What is astonishing here is that anti-Israel commentary had no part in my findings. I avoided all relevant criticism of Israel. But in her article Sarah Glynn suggested that ‘the majority of the posts.. are conspiracy theories implicating the Israeli Secret Service’. It is probably worthwhile for Sarah Glynn to take a course in antisemitism. Thinking Israel is behind 9/11 or that Charlie Hebdo was a covert Mossad attack is not criticism of Israel. When instead of criticising Israeli activity in lets say Hebron, you turn Israel into the global Jew – that sinister – all controlling – powerful demon – you are clearly engaging in antisemitism. This is pretty basic stuff.

The thing is, Jolanta Hadzic and her Holocaust denial featured prominently in the report Sarah Glynn criticised, meaning SJAZ knew all this a long time ago. Yet you still deployed her as your key spokesperson when you were founded.

You base your defence on the fact that ‘Israel’s behaviour’ made Jola AlJakhbeer do it – a blame the victim strategy. As I will show here your lies and hers are easily exposed. As soon as you scratch the surface you realise everything is a lie.

AlJakhbeer says she is from the Ukraine:

Aljakhbeer polish

But she is from Poland:

And here it all starts to unravel, because before she came to the UK, her name wasn’t Jola at all, it was Daria. Here is Jola when she was Daria Krysta (Krzyzanowski.) on a bank by the river Wislok in the city of Rzeszowin, January 2009.

When Daria came to the UK in 2012, there was no anti-Israel activism. It was during the relationship with Muhammed Hadz, a Bosnian Muslim, that her anti-Israel slant began to form. And so did her name. Daria Krysta became Jolanta Hadzic.

But this is about far more than name changes and antisemitism. Let me show you:

The Holocaust never happened

In your response you dismissed the antisemitism as being related to Palestinians. Except the Holocaust has nothing to do with Zionism or Israel. The only people who attack the history of the Holocaust are antisemites, not people who ‘accidently’ go there. The first image is of the ‘Red Cross myth’ which suggests only 271,000 died in concentration camps. The second image is an article pushing the conspiracy that the Jews had planned the Holocaust ‘story’ years in advance.

SJAZ Holocaust denial

The Holocaust and the far-right

These shares were not accidents. Here is another Holocaust denial post. Note that the person your spokesperson has decided to defend is Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the French National Front.

Scottish people shouldn’t breed

The far-right association is not a coincidence either. This is what your spokesperson Jola had to say about Scottish people – that the ‘worst thing’ about them is that they are ‘breeding’. Did anger about Palestinians before she even cared about them – force her to make this outrageous comment?

SJAZ Jola racist AGAINST Scottish people

Black people should not be proud

Not content with only attacking Scottish people, your spokesperson also has a thing about black people. She thinks they should be silent and not proud:

Daria Krysta SJAZ

As a Jew, I am proud of our long history of fighting alongside the black community. In your pathetic response – you had tried to minimise and dismiss the antisemitism as being a result of Jola being angry about the Palestinians. But these racist posts PRE-DATE any interest she had displayed in politics and were long before she picked up a Palestinian flag. These are also not ‘shares’, they are her own racist comments. Face it, there is nothing progressive about this person at all. She is a racist – a bigot – a Holocaust denier and a raging antisemite. It is her dislike of Jews that fuels her anti-Israel activism.

Jews steal children’s organs

Which is why we see all the usual antisemitic tropes displayed. Such as claiming Israel kidnapped 25000 Ukrainian children to harvest their organs.

jolanta SJAZ Ukrainian children stolen organs

Jews behind ISIS

Just to prove the point there is this example. The person you have used as your public face often shared posts claiming Jews were behind ISIS. In this one she shared an article from the rabidly racist (and now de-platformed) ‘Uglytruth‘ site. It refers to *Jewish* owners selling the Bataclan theatre and works with the same logic as those who suggest Jews were warned not to turn up for work on 9/11.

SJAZ Hadzic

What is important here is the use of the words ‘Jewish owners’ in the headline. If, as you claim, Jola was brought up with a proud Jewish heritage, there is no way she would not have instantly recognised this antisemitism. Why would her anti-Zionism have made her share a post about *Jewish* conspiracy in the attacks in Paris – it is clearly talking about Jews.

Jews invented racism

In 2015, her partner at the time uploaded a post about Jews inventing racism.

SJAZ 11 Jews invented racism

This is the type of post visible on neo-Nazi websites. Jola ‘liked the post’. Yet another post, that a Jewish person – even one of the few who opposes Zionism – would never have associated with.

The SJAZ far-right hate everyone

In 2015, Jola Hadzic / Jola AlJakhbeer / Daria Krysta shared a post in her native Polish from the Facebook page of Stop Propagandzie:

SJAZ far-right hate everyone

The post is about the supposed ‘cultural and religious war’ being fought against Europeans. It suggests Jews and Americans control ISIS, Al Qaeda and al-Nusra. But that is not the main thrust of the post. It is well worth reading the translation. The post rants against the progressive left and is undeniable neo-Nazi ideology. It is homophobic, racist, transphobic, sexist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim. A full set. To wrap up their argument, the author suggests only two people can save Europe from mass immigration and ‘Islamification’.  One is Putin, through strengthening Assad. The second is Marine Le Pen from France, who the author believes ‘will soon come to power’. The author revels in the fact Le Penn will stop wages for Muslims and black immigrants, forcing them back to Africa and the Middle East. The spokesperson of Scottish Jews against Zionism for a second time looks to a Le Pen as a saviour.

The DNA argument

In your defence of a Holocaust denier, you claimed Jola was indeed Jewish. You published a quote where she spoke of the Jewish grandmother who brought her up to be proud of her Jewish heritage. Two things I have to say here. Firstly, NO JEWISH person who has been brought up by a Jewish, Polish grandmother WOULD EVER deny the Holocaust. It wouldn’t happen. She would have been brought up with tales about how awful the Nazis were. Far-right Holocaust denial goes hand in hand with her shares about Jews, Gays, ‘Feminazis’, Scottish people and black people.

The other is to point out that Jola does not understand DNA at all. She chose to publicly upload her own DNA results a while back. She did so as part of her far-right ideology to push the Khazar theory – that Jews are European converts. But her DNA match is only 8-10% ‘European Jewish. This image was uploaded to Facebook by Jola on a public setting:

SJAZ DNA Jola Aljakhabeer

Jola’s ignorance of Jewish history led her to believe she could use this to promote her own hatred. In truth, because there were millions of Jews in Poland, and a fair amount of assimilation, Polish people with some distant Jewish heritage is a rather common thing. There are probably millions of them. Given her 8-10% return, it is possible that one of Jola’s eight great-grandparents was born Jewish but married out. Experts from Ancestry also told me that at this level it could also be statistical error. But her own DNA images prove the story of a proud Jewish grandmother raising her in the ways of Jewish heritage is total bunkum.

SJAZ Facebook reviews

The reviews on Facebook highlight your problem further. You try to deceive people that Jews are split on the issue of Zionism, however we all know that this is a fraud that you attempt to pass off on the good people of Scotland. Which is why you are scared of Jewish people leaving reviews. We know that you are nothing but a handful of people – some with very fragile or even non-existent connections to the Jewish people at all. Those that are Jewish – a few outliers – are entirely disconnected from the community. Which is why when you need to publicly ask for help, you turn to the antisemites of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Jewish people just do not support you.

Stevie Docherty

For those interested in leaving SJAZ a negative review for supporting antisemitic, racist, Holocaust deniers, they can do so on the FB page.

SJAZ – Let us face facts

Your sole key activist is a rabid antisemitic who promotes far right-ideology. She is the face of SJAZ on the street and wherever she goes – antisemites go to stand with her. This post from Mohammed Tahir Ishad:

Like many of the street activists in Scotland, Irshad is an antisemite:

Jolanta Hadzic / Jola AlJakhbeer / Daria Krysta posts Holocaust denial, racism, supports far-right figures, pushes extreme ideology and even after you knew all this – you chose to support her with lies. You are a toxic group of individuals who do not care about Jew hatred at all. You foster it and help it to spread. Every group that aligns with you, should be shunned in every decent forum. You are beyond a disgrace.

To any actual Jews who might be part of your Jew-hostile group I say this: tonight Yom Kippur begins, the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar. It is a period of reflection. I ask you to think long and hard about how far you have fallen.



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269 thoughts on “An open letter to SJAZ – the handful of anti-Zionist Jews in Scotland

  1. Solid case for the prosecution David.

    I imagine that The Resistance will deploy The Domina Defence. Regulars may recall this during the outing here of Labour Coucillor and professional sex worker Maitresse Corvid last year.

    The guilty remnant wrote this off as more smears and Collier lies, just before the dopey Domme was kicked out of the Labour Party as an antisemitic racist bigot.

    Tricky defence here given that the pokey Pole hates blacks, jocks, gays and Jews.

    1. “The Rogers Opening” again Bellers. Not the classic repost to the “Joke Jock Jew Poke” Gambit.

      Nice to be taking part though, eh?

      1. Is this the Michael that was earlier presenting the discovery that Jewish men and women pray separately, as the scoop of the day?

        As a pro-truther is it reasonable in your opinion for an activist to use multiple aliases when they do their thing?

          1. You are the fraud…. and the racist who has no interest in fighting antisemitism,,,,,,no matter who is doing it………

    2. Not sure what you mean Stephen. There is a basic misunderstanding that most non-Jews have when it comes to this issue. The connection with Israel is a key element of being Jewish. Like having a barmitzvah, being circumcised, marrying under a chupah, welcoming Shabbat, keeping kosher and so on. As we are a people – rather than just a religion – we can give everything a miss and still be Jewish. Unfortunately for those like Gilad Atzmon – you cannot rid yourself of your Jewishness. When it comes to numbers – the three big ones – Circumcision, the Barmitzvah and the connection with Israel are pretty basic. Far more so than let’s say keeping strictly kosher.

      The other side of this coin is full assimilation. Jews simply leaving everything behind, marrying out and bringing up their children as non Jews. Since the emancipation, Jewish assimilation has been steadily growing and in the diaspora roughly half of all Jews end up living in a non-Jewish household. Many of these people no longer self-idendtify as Jewish. If it were not for the growth of the orthodox community – Jewish diaspora numbers would be in terminal decline. Do I care about the opinion of these assmilated Jews with regard to Jewish issues – no, why on earth should I.

      And here is the crunch. A normal Jewish person who is assimilating doesn’t care a jot about me either. Or Israel. The default position of a Jew leaving the fold is indifference.

      Which means the anti-Zionist Jew is something of a basket case. It is odd and clearly exceptional. They are leaving the fold (with the exception of the NK sect) but yet still claim to care so much about the Israeli state that they take to activism. Its a major contradiction. Why on earth does a person who has completely left the Jewish people behind want to take up political arms against a state in the Middle East 1000s of miles away, they themselves say they have no connection to. I’d wager that for the most part there are psychological issues at play. Mummy or daddy issues, guilt or some other deep seated anger issue they are redirecting. Whatever the problem they have, there is no way these people are many in number.

      So I don’t know exactly how many Jews are Zionists. Because an assimilating Jew tends to walk away quietly. I do know however that anti-Zionist Jews – are nothing but a scattering of lost outliers with a severe hang up.

      1. Oh my, so much bizarre reasoning, where to start.

        Oh I know……

        ” A normal Jewish person who is assimilating doesn’t care a jot about me either. Or Israel. The default position of a Jew leaving the fold is indifference.”

        Why ?

        Why can this Jew not have negative feelings about Israel ? About China or any other country that he does not have a connection to without being a basket case, but not Israel? Why can I take up political arms against a country 1000s of miles away without being a basket case but not this Jew ? Why can you take up political arms for a country 1000’s away and not be a basket case ?

        1. “Why can this Jew not have negative feelings about Israel ?”

          Of course you can Bellers but nobody likes a fringe Jew with a bunch of chips on his shoulder raining on their parade everyday. So just get on with your life and stop thinking about other Jews every day. You’ll be a lot happier you thick fuck.

            1. Do you own a basket case Bellers or did someone borrow it and not return it? You never stop going on about them.

        2. A lot of assimilating ‘Jews’ take up the anti-Israel/anti-Zionist cudgel as a quick and easy way of entering the gentile world.

          In academia and the media, being anti-Israel/anti-Zionist is a prerequisite for acceptance and advancement.

          Being anti-Israel/anti-Zionist is also a wonderful cover for being an Antisemite

          1. “In academia and the media, being anti-Israel/anti-Zionist is a prerequisite for acceptance and advancement.”

            But of course, who wants hard-right racists fouling the institutions, Richard?

  2. I am shocked and on my knees bowing down to HaShem with shameful face on how our fellow men/women has gone far hating each other. Denying the truth, promoting earthly desires which does not reflect the fear of our Creator who is the Ruler of all His Creations including Planet Earth.

  3. In fairness the Israel boycott groups (including BDS) do have a consistent record of spectacular failure….

    So what if a handful of left wing weirdos choose to but their avocados from South Africa instead of Israel ? Makes no difference at all.

    Israel’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world….

    Israel is a world leader in medical research – engineering technology – water technology – computer technology – mobile phone technology…..etc…..etc…..etc…..

    Are the racist vermin that choose to single out Israel for “special treatment” over and above the world’s genuine human rights violators (Iran – N Korea – China – Russia etc.) really going to boycott all of that ??

    No of course not……hypocritical scumbags….

    1. Well, Israel has already found a cure for cancer and developed a vaccine for Covid-19. … I think.

      The world thanks Israel for all its amazing products.

      1. Which device did you post that comment from Michael, PC, tablet, mobile?

        Dont be snarky about the YidTech or our gremlins will lock you out with our magic control button..

      2. If / when Israel does develop these cures / vaccines…….make sure that you boycott them Farmboy….
        We already know you are a racist….don’t turn yourself into a hypocrite as well…..

          1. Racist! That reminds me this is the same Michael that endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings” and defended some Irish lads that said “Hitler didn’t kill no fucking Jews”

            His only defence “Nobody understands me” Michael is a racist. Don’t be like Michael.

          2. It is the Farmboy who is racist…..
            I have been reading through your old postings…..
            They are there for all to see…..

  4. There’s much more than a handful of anti-Zio Jews in Scotland Collier. Unlike the English, Scottish Jews are politically aware and aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Being Scottish myself, I should know.

    You’ll struggle to find Scottish Jews who support the apartheid state who aren’t receiving psychiatric treatment, are acute substance misusers, living on the streets of Glasgow or Edinburgh, or attempting to earn a living in the antisemitism industry.

    1. Oh poor Brucie didn’t read the article. They even need to publicly ask antisemites to up-vote them on Facebook because the Jews downe them. There aren’t enough of them to form a minyan.

      1. The real victim is this poor woman who you slandered.
        You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Having old Brutes rant on about mental illness, drug use, inability to have relationships with anyone, or racism perfectly defines one word in the dictionary: projection.

  5. Was that our Michael sneaking into the Israel Advocacy Movement Twitter page to post a slogan about Menachem Begin being a terrorist?

    Reminds me Michael. Were you aware that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just like Arab Leader, Yasser Arafat. In your opinion were they equally worthy winners?

      1. Misleading, Michael?

        That reminds me. In your opinion should anti Israel, antisemitic activists post under multiple aliases or is that misleading?

              1. Shocking deception! Do we have to change the pronouns to they/them?

                They may be an Arthur that self identifies as a Martha. These days you can’t be too careful.

                No wonder they didn’t respond when I asked that one that posts as Bruce whether he was commiting to going full Jew now that he was pretending to be a Rabbi and getting a circumcision.

    1. That’s our Michael. Prejudiced against Jews and now against dwarves too. Michael’s defence is that nobody understands him but Michael is an unapologetic bigot. Dont be like Michael.

    2. Don’t you have a rally to attend Farmboy ?
      Better put on your brown uniform and go polish your jackboots….
      Oh and don’t forget your swastika….

      1. Uniform? Jackboots? Racist? Occupiers? Annexers? Abuse?

        Description of Zionists to a T, Dobbin. You are slow, aren’t you.

        1. Description of you Farmboy….
          You know what you are…..we all do….
          A disgusting racist….that is all……

          1. Be a nice Zio and crawl back under your pile of feces, DeadHeadEd.

    1. No the racist you Farmboy….

      The “pro Palestine” brigade don’t give a sh1t about anyone’s human rights…..least of all Palestinians
      They are all about the REMOVAL of human rights….specifically Jewish human rights….
      And when you take a closer look at who they actually are…..well it’s not pretty….

      Right wing fascists
      Left wing fascists
      Supporters of terrorism
      Neo Nazis
      Holocaust deniers
      2nd Holocaust wishers
      9-11 Twoofers
      Anti Jewish conspiracy theorists

      How many of these apply to you Farmboy ? Five ? Six ? Seven ?

      When you march for Palestine you will 100% be marching alongside people who want Jews to be gassed….do you think that is an accident ?

      But you should know that your life is in the toilet because of you and only you Farmboy……nothing to do with The Jews….

      Only once you accept that truth will your life begin to improve…..

      1. “When you march for Palestine you will 100% be marching alongside people who want Jews to be gassed….do you think that is an accident ?”

        You are a nutter, Dobbin.

          1. Regular contributor, Edward has drawn our attention to the fact that our old friend, serial sloganiser and occasional Jew hater Michael, is in fact a woman. Now, given the constraints of anonymous social media, this can not be confirmed at this time. However it might be useful to get some guidance from the moderators as to whether we need to adjust our pronouns accordingly. We dont want to fall foul of the Frock-Nazis or the Penis-Police. In the meantime let’s play safe and simply refer to them as Michael/Maria and hope we’ve covered the basis.

    1. Repeticious slogans Michael? That reminds me.

      No denial from you that you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings”.

      How come?

  6. David’s thesis does of course bring to mind the judgment in the FUCU case.

    ” Most importantly, the Tribunal rejected out of hand the argument that “a belief in the Zionist project or an attachment to Israel or any similar sentiment” can amount to a protected characteristic.”

    Or in the immortal words of Jonathan Goldberg QC…

    ” You might just as well say that supporting Tottenham Hotspur is a protectd characteristic because a lot of Jews do “

    1. Bellers’ post above and the contributions of the interchangeable Michael/Maria, of course bring to mind the celebrated case of Wintle v. Nye.

      The victorious Plaintiff, Alfred D Wintle wrote in his autobiography (The Last Englishman) of the Defendant Nye as, “the sort of cad that claims to know your own home town better than you do and he ain’t never been there ”

      An accurate reflection on the Panto Provocateurs that slip us their slogans every day but couldn’t hit Israel on a map with a blunderbuss.


        1. Brill !!

          6 years, you’ve been dicking around here and that is the sum total of where you are; a 2nd or 3rd repetition of a tepid slogan. You’ve gone through your “Voila”s, your “Il arrive”s and a couple of years worth of “Gnasher says..” all the ancient shouty yids from 1996 on copy/paste and now you’re here. And you with your double first from Saxmundham Poly.

          You know what you’ve become Bellers……..Michael !!!

            1. I don’t suppose there is anything I could say or do that would stop you stalking me ? I guess I will just have to learn to live with it. Just like the cold sore virus right ?

              1. Bellers, if you want to avoid the LSD haze, stop visiting your dealer.

                If that’s lost on you, just come up with more crushing shut-downs you thick fuck.

                  1. Yup, definitely Michael. If I say “Nakba” do you jump through a hoop and grab a biscuit?

                    (Reckon there’s 4 more of these in this exchange)

                    1. I could say ‘Happy Holocaust’ ….just as tasteless.

                      But then I’m a higher form of life than Ted and his ilk.

      1. Good, good boy Bellers. You’re really getting the hang of this Here’s your biccie. Now, let’s try with the paw as well.


          1. Gooood boy (tickles tummy). Here’s another treat. You’ll be getting tubby. Now, this time play dead.

            Aaaaand……wait for it ……

            (This is brilliant. I’ve actually got Bellers performing on command. Wonder what else I can get him to do for treats)

              1. Good Bellers. Here’s your treat Catch!

                I’ve never managed to train a real dog this well. The power of positive reinforcement eh.

                Now let’s try standing only on your back legs and doing a Hitler salute with your front paw.


  7. David Collier
    When people say they hate ‘Israel’, they mean ‘Jews’. Every time.

    No ifs, no buts. Collier tweets lies, bullsh*t and his misguided imaginings.

  8. David Collier
    When people say they hate ‘Israel’, they mean ‘Jews’. Every time.

    Same as ‘When people say they hate ‘Russia’, they mean the white race. Every time.

    Another illogical Zionist fail.

    1. This is the same Michael that says it’s about Zionists not Jews, then endorses tweets from a David Duke fan saying “Jews are counterfeit Human beings”

      Michael is a liar and an antisemite and will be called out here at every opportunity.

    2. This of course is just an attempt to establish a bizarre kind of Israeli exceptionalism There is of course no other country that you can’t have negative feelings about and not be a racist. An antipathy to Russia might be anti Slav racism but usually isn’t and certainly is never claimed to be so ” every time ”

      But poor old wracked with self pity Israel…

      1. This is 100% on you and your basket case team Bellers. With idiots like Michael and that knob that posts as Bruce you’ve pissed on your own chips and have some serious Jew haters on board who are nowhere near clever enough to disguise it. So when you bleat about being able to criticize Israel we all know it’s just shite. None of you give a rat’s ass about Israel have zero skin in that game and Michael can’t even spell the places or people he writes about. So stick to your slogans and your activist toss and accept that you caused this you fucking moron.

        ( I do have lots more treats though)

          1. Good boy Bellers. And sit. There you go. Just one treat now.

            And I thought you were being an old spoil sport and got bored of our game. You love it.

            Now, roll over aaaaaand…!

        1. It was such a fun day yesterday Michael I have actually managed to train Bellers to post here on command with the result that he will type and post ” oh it’s you again” whenever I want. I have to work on his apostrophes but I’m wondering if I can also train him shit on the paper when I use a key word.

          We’re playing the long game here so I guess I have time.

            1. When I find one I’ll ask.

              Anyway, happy Nak…..,

              No. Too easy and I’m saving the treats for Bellers’s advanced training later.

  9. David Collier
    Only 1 in 5 of UK univerisites has adopted the IHRA definition of #antisemitism – even though government threatened to remove funding.

    1 in 5.

    80% think it is more important to spread lies about Jews than protect their Jewish students.

    That’s the state of UK academia.

    The IHRA def. is a concocted pro-Israel exercise, obvious by the inclusion of Israel in its wording.

    Israel is NOT the Jews.

    Again, David’s mind and sense has gone AWOL.

    1. You’re using the cap-lock again Michael, making you appear angry and frustrated that nobody is listening to your opinions.

  10. Farmer is again using his Antisemitic tropes about Jews and their malign use of money to influence.

    Through centuries of European Antisemitism, the image of Jews worshipping money and Jews using money to buy influence has been an integral part of the demonisation of the Jews.

    This is Farmers oft repeated quote, used here in comments after this article this particular 3 times

    “Mike Farmer on September 27, 2020
    No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

    Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    Farmer is an Antisemite

    1. So, because blagger Collier smears, lies and misrepresents with gusto on a regular basis and begs money to continue his campaigns Richard deems my comments as a trope.

      Have to tell you, Richard, despite your hero worship and infatuation with Collier, he ISN’T the Jews.

      Do get a grip.

      1. Expressing more opinions about Jews, Michael? Not your strong suit this. Do I need to go on?

        Okay, I will. Endorsing a tweet that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings”, defending a comment that “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews”.

        You can see why you’re considered an antisemite and a liar here, right?

  11. Stephen

    Why is the IRHA ‘batshit’?

    I asked you a few years ago thy you called Israel a basket case; and you have never replied. Why is that? Maybe it’s because your comment then was ‘batshit’

    A few years ago you made disparaging comments about the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor, and I asked you why. And you never replied. Why is that? Maybe it’s because your comment and the premise for your comment is actually what the ‘batshit’ is.

    So, again, why is the IRHA ‘batshit’

    And now lets see what the Antisemite, Farmer, and the ‘pretend rabbi’ have to say

    1. Principally Richard because it arises from the batshit notion that the meanings of words and expressions in the English language can be determined by a few bums on chairs around a table.

      1. And that Richard, is why I content myself with training Bellers to do tricks and shit on the paper. You wouldn’t ask your dog a question to which you wanted a serious answer. He’d just whine a bit and piss on your rug. That’s our Bellers.

    1. That’d be people opposed to Israel’s occupation and brutality, Richard ….. according to your love – Collier.

    2. Stinky Dick, your kind use the word “Antisemitic” to describe anyone who they disagree with and try to put them on the defensive.

  12. David Collier Retweeted

    ~Legacy~ נפתלי בן מתתיהו
    So Israelis made a film about a man fulfilling a childhood dream of travelling through Israel in an electric toy car. They promoted it on Facebook and this is some of the comments they received.

    Jews on Twitter will relate to how this feels.

    … as will those occupied by Israel. He’s an ex IDF soldier.

    1. You really are obsessed with David aren’t you Farmboy ?
      Stalking him all over Twitter as well as on here ? lol….
      If I was him I would find that very satisfying…..
      Now do carry on….

  13. Best description of the ………… (fill in what you will) I’ve seen

    Although you have to recognize that he is also the pretend village idiot

  14. The way you use the language, it is an Antisemetic trope

    And as a result, you fit the bill as an Antisemetic trope user

  15. Collier: “When people say they hate ‘Israel’, they mean ‘Jews’. Every time. No ifs, no buts.”

    More lies from @Mishtal

    I hate apartheid Israel with a vengeance and wish to seek its destruction, but am Jewish, a rabbi, on the board of directors of a tolerance/anti-racist centre, work for a Jewish charity and don’t have an anti-Semitic bone in my body. Nor do I hate myself.

    1. And again Richard, this is why I content myself with taking the piss out of knobs like this. Although I must say that after my success at training Bellers, my next session may focus on trying to get this fuckwit to fully commit to his new part and do a circumcision on himself. Messy but funny.

  16. You really have a problem with Jews defending themselves from people that have publicly stated over the years that they wish to wipe out the Jews.

    You conceal your Antisemitism in anti-Israel and anti-Zionist rhetoric

  17. Brucie (the pretend rabbi) babes

    You claim you are a rabbi and a director of a ‘tolerance’ unit or something

    “on the board of directors of a tolerance/anti-racist centre,”

    and yet you practise, if not Holocaust denial, then a dimunisation and denigration of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors which is far from tolerant.

    What Shul are you a ‘rabbi’ at, and are they aware of your unpleasantly foul mouth and the periodic tirades and threats you post against Jews you disagree with.

    What “tolerance/anti-racist centre,” would actually tolerate your intolerance towards the Holocaust and its survivors, and your racist outbursts against Jews you disagree with.

    You are an Antisemitic racist bigot as evidenced by previous posts made on this blog and reference to the IHRA definition (which I’m sure has had you in paroxysms of anger because of the actions/commentary like yours which it so aptly describes)

    1. Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism.

      That is still the widely held definition in the minds of te world.

    2. Hey Stinky Dick, you are a fake, pretend, make-believe, phony, counterfeit Jew.

  18. Brucie (the pretend rabbi) babes

    You are true form; attempts at funny names to try and insult me and excuses. But you are still an Antisemite as per IHRA

    If you can’t/won’t name these, then they are either suspect or you are trying to hide something from them

    1)At what Shul are you a ‘rabbi’

    2)At what Jewish Charity do you work

    3) Which organisation is this; “board of directors of a tolerance/anti-racist centre,”

    1. Hey Stinky Dick, as soon as you provide details of your work and home address, phone number and details of the shul that you worship at.

    2. IHRA?! Are you kidding me Stinky Dick?!

      I like so many other REAL Jews (and Gentiles), and governments and institutions, don’t recognise the IHRA.

    1. The relevance is that your kind are all alike.

      Likely the same kind here in London, Manchester and Glasgow as in New York and apartheid Israel.

  19. Stephen

    Is this one of your pretend village idiot comments/questions

    “Richard what was the meaning of the expression ” antisemitism” in 2015 ?”

    What exactly are you trying to get at

    And why do you call the IHRA “batshit”

  20. avid Collier
    “I want to wipe the UK off the map”

    Isn’t criticism of the UK – it’s a call for genocide.

    Saying you want Israel ‘wiped off the map’ or “from the river to the sea” also calls for genocide.

    We should not hear a call for genocide of Jews on our streets.

    Preventing a Palestinian state, wiping away hope of one is as much a call for genocide.

    We should not also hear a call for genocide of Palestinians.

    1. “Preventing a Palestinian state, wiping away hope of one is as much a call for genocide.”

      The reason that a Palestinian state does not exist is because they have turned down the offer of one repeatedly…..
      As for a “genocide” their numbers have increased ten fold in the last 70 years…..
      So… are an idiot… well as a racist…..

    1. More buggy porn links Michael?

      Very good but you’ve not posted your customary “Collier tweets.. ” on his RT from Honest Reporting. It speaks to the subject of this current article about deliberate distortion and misrepresentation. You’re always keen to poke Collier about this. Are you equally indignant when big newspapers willfully manufacture stories ?

  21. Yes! and you display hostility towards Jews in some of your repetitive commentary.

    Hostility is created by repeating tropes that have been the mainstay of Antisemites and Jew haters for nearly 2500 years.

    And the spelling of ‘Antisemite’ and its variations is done differently by Antisemites and others, but certain forms are becoming more common. My computer spellcheck is in serious disagreement with my spelling of Antisemite, and if it was human would probably be throwing a hissy fit. So there you go,

  22. Richard, you may be keen to learn that I’ve sent a memo to that other imaginary Rabbi and occasional contributor here that posts as Gabriel Canter-Banter.

    As the CEO of All4skins, I thought he may shed some light on how one goes about ordering a “Knit Your Own Rov” kit for pre-Christmas delivery. Apparently they’re on special offer and a snip at £19.99. There’s a 10% online discount using offer code G01 and I thought perhaps David could place a bulk order aa seasonal gifts for Michael, Bellers and that one that posts as Charles, then they can all be lovely woolly Rabbis together.

        1. Sorry everyone. This is on me. I’ve been pretty successful training Bellers when he’s in company. But you know what he’s like when he thinks he’s dug up a juicy bone; throwing it all over the furniture and the best rug, even if it stinks of shit.

          Remember how excited he got when he found his shouty, incidental yids and spent 6 years slinging them around the shop?

          Anyway, at least I’ve stopped him peeing on the Parker Knoll.

            1. Good boy Bellers. Great muscle memory. Here’s your treat. At this rate there’ll be no need for castration.

              Now, remember what we rehearsed with you in the tutu? Aaaaaand post !

  23. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi) babes

    You want my details etc etc; the only way you seem to be able to respond is to try mirror my comments.

    Well I’m not the one bragging of my positions and achievements; it’s you who claims all these things you do, and organisations you belong to.

    If you claim to belong to some organisation or other, then fail to say which organisations they are, one can only be left to assume that you are either a bullsh—er or an a—hole, and you don’t belong to any

    So once again;

    1) Which Shul do you claim to be a ‘rabbi’ at

    2)At what Jewish Charity do you work

    3) Which organisation is this; “board of directors of a tolerance/anti-racist centre,”

    With your school yard name calling, you’ve added ‘stinky’ to the ‘dick, and I was just wondering where you got that stroke of brilliant analysis from?

    Do be a good boy now and answer these easy questions

  24. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    This comment of yours below has always been the province of the racist bigot

    “The relevance is that your kind are all alike.”

    It’s always been used by racists to refer to Jews and black people and other unseen minorities.

    You pretend to be a ‘rabbi’, but the racist drivel that comes out of your mouth is not what I would expect from anyone of the cloth

  25. Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    Is this the language of a ‘rabbi’?

    ………….”Hey Stinky Dick, you are a fake, pretend, make-believe, phony, counterfeit Jew.”

    When I was in Junior School in South Africa, this was very much the type of language/insult thrown at me by the racist bigots. Very interesting that you claim you don’t have an Antisemitic bone in your body, yet you employ the same Antisemitic canards that were constantly levelled at me and the few other Jews that were there by the older children and even teachers.

    Under the above criteria you can also be called a Antisemitic racist bigot

    1. Relatives who died in the so-called “Holocaust” and also 9-11.

      And now also the victim of “antisemitic” school bullies as a child.

      What a vivid imagination you have!

      Typical victim mentality.

    2. “The Arabs are a cancer in our midst. And you don’t coexist with a cancer. A cancer you either cut out, and throw out, or you die.”- Rabbi Meir Kahane

  26. Stephen

    Antisemitism 2015 = Antisemitism 2020

    Only a dyed in the wool Antisemite would disagree with that

    The only difference was in 2015 Antisemites got away with their hatred while today they risk being called out and their behaviour being sanctioned in some way; that’s why they’re squealing so loudly

  27. Stephen

    Very unoriginal repetition here; is this perchance the work of the pretend ‘village idiot’ on downers/steroids

    Stephen Bellamy on October 1, 2020
    oh its you again

      1. Bellers!! Down boy!!!!

        What have I told you about sneaking into someone elses house, shitting in their airing cupboard and then saying it’s on them?

        Good boys take responsibility rather than digging up smelly old slogans.

          1. Back in my best room in my house, shitting on my furniture and saying it’s on me? Tut tut.

            Training tip: Avoid the attention. Find another place to shit.

            Bad boy Bellers

              1. This is amazing. 4 days after starting his training, Bellers is super-responsive, posting on my command and has stopped shitting on the best rug. ( Gonna sneak in a new command now and see how he performs- sssh )

                Bellers……..copy/paste !!!!

        1. Michael, you’re experimenting with a new approach. Good for you.

          I’ve mentioned before that I’d never had a nickname before coming here. Now you guys are coming up with all sorts.

          I’ll take “Lonely Brit in Israel” although maybe “Lonely Rabbi Brit” captures the zeitgeist more closely.

    1. Richard, I was curious no know whether that one that posts as Bruce would be leading his flock in the traditional Kvitzaq Tzaderaq blessing during the repetition of Shidragnu at the High Holy Days. I asked but have heard nothing. Have you?

  28. Ian, yon Brucie babes (the pretend rabbi) has his own agenda playing with Homer Simpson at the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons and. Disturbing yon Brucie will make him have a hissy fit

  29. Michael

    You dimwit

    Of course it wouldn’t have got him nailed in 2015 as it was still in the process of getting accepted as a measure of how to clarify certain forms of Antisemitism.

    In 2020 it is in the process of becoming the way certain Antisemitisms can , and are being defined.

    The IHRA is not law either, it is a guidance method to help law enforcement make studied decisions on complex issues

    Try to show a modicum of intelligence in your posts please

    1. You should be in care with a ‘mind’ like yours, Richard …. for your own wellbeing.

  30. Michael

    Here is another one of your illogical, incoherent statements

    ………..”You should be in care with a ‘mind’ like yours, Richard …. for your own wellbeing.”

    Now what did I say thea could elicit such a stupid and meaningless statement?

    Do try and be a little original and dare I say, intelligent

    1. Richard, what is good about playing the long game with these morons is that you get to see their patterns. Its easier when they have no skin in the game like Michael and Bellers because it means there will never be any original thought or imaginative content, just a series of recycled slogans and copy/pastes. This means total predictability. Honestly, a decent AI plug in here could probably predict every post with very high accuracy.

      Maybe we should get David to invest in one that generates our responses too. Then we can all sit back and watch the bots thrash it out ad nauseam. BTW, I’m not discounting the fact that Michael already uses one……or is one!

  31. David Collier
    What I have learnt about @twitter is this.

    If you are Jewish – fighting antisemitism or the lies about Israel – you must walk on eggshells, watch every word and if you make one mistake, you may lose your account.

    If you are an antisemite -you can pretty much say what you like.

    Remember tweeting this, snowflake?

    David Collier
    Apr 5

    Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

    A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

    Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

    It’s dangerous

    Twitter lets you spew your vile fabrications day after day as the shekels roll in. ………… yet you whine endlessly.

  32. David Collier
    As @owenjones84 tries to pretend he was an innocent observer of the hateful, anti-Jewish Corbyn years –

    it is worth remembering that he CHOSE to BLOCK many of the British Jews actively fighting antisemitism.

    Owen Jones was a key part of the problem.
    Were you blocked by OJ?

    You whining hypocrite, Collier. It is you that blocks others who reveal your procession of lies and smears.

    How many others are YOU blocking?

  33. Michael,

    who are these Jews that you talk about that David blocked

    ………”it is worth remembering that he CHOSE to BLOCK many of the British Jews actively fighting antisemitism.”

    some names please and when they were blocked

    don’t forget that David allowed that rabid Antisemite Charles to post for weeks before he blocked him, showing an amazing tolerance to the intolerant and intolerable

    the context in which people may be blocked is important; were they being insulting, derogatory, racist, Antisemitic, whingey, repetitive etc etc

  34. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    I asked you a perfectly legitimate question about another of your unsubstantiated allegations

    …….. ……”who are these Jews that you talk about that David blocked??!?”

    And your moronic reply was

    ……………..”Seek help.”

    Are you incapable of entering into any form of dialogue without plunging into the depths of mindless inconsequentiality

    1. Read my posts.

      See where I am quoting, and where I am not.

      I can’t help you any more than that, you poor thing.

      1. Again Richard, you see why I’m on much happier ground taking the piss out of old Michael. Firstly, it’s dead easy and second, it’s quite satisfying watching the slight adjustments he’s forced into to support his rather obvious gameplan here.

        Shabbat shalom and chag sameach from the Jewish State boychik.

  35. “The hate is all about Israel’s Jewish identity.” …. nope. Possibly Jewish theft and evil actions?

      1. Like when he said your poetry was good “by Jewish standards” ?

        Imagine if he told a black man that his poetry was good “by black standards” ?

        He really has no idea about how obvious and visible his racism is does he ?

          1. As it happens there are a great many well respected and award winning Jewish poets Farmgirl….but that is not the point here is it ?
            Let me spell this out for you…..
            Are black people renowned for poetry Farmgirl ?
            And even if they aren’t….. it racist to imply that all poetry written by back people is rubbish ?
            Is it racist to even ask that question ?

        1. Let’s remind ourselves here Ken. This is Michael that endorses a tweet that says “Jews are counterfeit human beings” and can’t deny it even when given 14 opportunities. Also the same Michael that defends people that say “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews”.

          Michael likes to tell Jews what is and isn’t Jew hate but Michael is a Jew hater. He hates Israel because Jews run the place and he can’t do anything about it. In Israel we don’t have Michaels. The UK has lots of Michaels. Shame.

  36. Michael

    You have an obsession about the only Jewish State in the world.

    Your obsession seems to centre around Israel, and you seem to attribute to this little country the status of ‘unique evil’.

    Your obsession also seems to encompass Israelis/Jews/Zionists once again attributing to this tiny group of people the status of being ‘uniquely evil’.

    One could say that in your warped logic, the Jewish people and religion have been replaced by Israel/Zionism as the object of your obsession and your hate

    Your views fit increasingly within that area called Antisemitism

    1. It’s name is Israel.

      It is majority Jewish with other sizeable ethnicities.

      Therefore a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc. state.

      1. Thank you Michael. I say it’s the Jewish State. Your opinion doesn’t count, no matter how hard your press the caplock key.

  37. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    You are attempting to better Michael in the dimwit stakes

    Meir Kahane said a lot of things. Meir Kahane was also shunned by the vast majority of Jews.

    His party was banned from running for the Knesset, and a ‘Basic Law’ (similar to a constitutional law) made it illegal for racist supremacist parties to run for the Knesset

    You post quotes that you hope no one will know of in the hope of besmirching Jews;
    You claim to be a ‘rabbi’ and post your garbage on erev Shabbat and erev Chag Shavuot

    You are just a common and garden Antisemite

    1. Hey folks, Michael was called out again yesterday when he let his now almost totally transparent veil of Jew Hate slip..again!!

      It wasn’t even the careless remark about anti Israel hostility being about Jewish theft although this will be useful in the future. He had critiqued a post about poetry with the remark that it wasn’t bad by Jewish standards Then, when called out, backtracked furiously by asking whether there was any history of Jews in poetry. ( I’ll leave others to decide how much of a dickhead they want to make Michael look on this

      What is fascinating is how increasingly careless he is becoming. Time has caught up with old Michael.

  38. anti-Semitic
    /ˌæn.ti.səˈmɪ.tɪk/ us
    having or showing a strong dislike of Jewish people, or treating them in a cruel and unfair way:

    1. Thanks Michael. So, you endorsing a tweet saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings” constitutes treating them in a cruel and unfair way.

      I said that time had caught up with you Michael. I didnt expect you to prove my point so readily.

      1. Has this one run its course?

        Weve done all the customary insults, slurs, tepid provocations slogans and copy/pastes

        Any more shtick or are we done here? David wants to get the cleaners in.

  39. Michael

    The only cesspit that exists here is your mouth/fingers on keyboard

    This is what you say,
    ……………..Mike Farmer on October 4, 2020
    …………….The cesspit that Collier smears from, little wonder.

    If you have nothing nice,and/or constructive to say, don’t say anything

    You remind me of the schoolyard dimwits who always feels that unless they get in the last word they feel that they have lost

  40. “Hearing of another antisemitic attack in Germany. Outside a synagogue in Hamburg.”

    Don’t you know, your kind exploits every crime committed against a “Jewish” person as antisemitic.

    1. “First they came for the imaginary Rabbis….”

      Anyway enough of the boring stuff. I watched Black Klansman for the first time last night. It’s a real you and me film Michael.

      It’s the true story of how a black guy and a Jew continually outsmart David Duke and his Klan mates and thwart all their attempts to make Jew hate and racial prejudice a mainstream hobby.

      That’s you and me that Michael and for avoidance of doubt, you’re the David Duke fan, Jew hater and racist and I’m most definitely the Jew.

      You should watch it. It will give you some style tips for your robe-maker

      1. No doubt that garbage is likely shown on every channel, very similar to when Herr Hitler made a speech, it was broadcast on all radio networks.

        Great analogy, because Israel is the biggest (to use the Zios favourite word) “Nazi” country in the world today.

        And incidentally, I received my theology credentials from an accreditated institution.

        Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

        1. Richard, I’m going to leave Bishop Bruce to you. Feels a little grimy dealing with Papists whose stock in trade is buggering choristers and complaining about episodes of Father Ted.

          You may look to confirm the going rate for ‘theology credentials’ on Ebay. If it’s reasonable I wouldn’t mind a punt. Quite fancy the idea of being a Jedi Knight in my spare time.

  41. Stephen

    You know the Irish are the worst of them when it comes to Israel and possibly a linked Antisemitism ???

    1. Because they’d like sanctions on the Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state of Israel, Richard?

      1. Good post Michael. As someone who says they are Pro-BDS, which Israeli Arab and Israeli Christian businesses would you like to see boycotted ?

  42. David Collier
    When Israel does something positive or show how progressive & tolerant Israel is – people attack it.

    They give it labels link ‘pinkwashing’, ‘greenwashing’ and so on.

    It suggests Jews are sinister & devious -trying to hide their true ‘demonic’ character.

    Classic antisemitism.

    Again, Collier ludicrously attempts to map Israel to ‘the Jews(most of which prefer to live elsewhere) by describing criticism of military, occupying, convention flouting Israel as ‘Classic antisemitism’ .

    Actually ‘Classic antisemitism’ is ‘hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.’ NOT criticism against an ethnically diverse middle-eastern state with a minority of world Jewry.

    Couldn’t be being deliberately dishonest. ‘pants-on- fire’ hasbaring, could he?

    1. Good post Michael. When you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings”, that was you showing hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people, right?

      I did warn you that time was catching up with you Michael but you aren’t supposed to be helping prove you’re an antisemite.

      Has someone hacked your account?

  43. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    You have claimed that Israel is the closest thing to a Nazi state
    ………..” Israel is the biggest (to use the Zios favourite word) “Nazi” country in the world today.”

    For some of us that may be a little unsure of todays interpretation of history, maybe you can explain your Nazi accusation against Israel. You know, things like details and historic fact to back your assertations.

    Now I am well aware that whenever you are asked to clarify and enlighten us on one of your comments/statements, you either obfuscate and/or try to deflect the question by saying it’s not your business to explain your claims or answering with a mendacious question of your own.

    We realise you are here for the sole purpose of trying to do (in the words of the Nazi/neo-Nazi sympathiser poster Charles) Jew Baiting.
    You might call your attempts ar wit funny, but many fit very well into the category of Antisemiric tropes.

    1. I don’t work for you. Do your own fucking research you ignorant bastard.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to lead a Torah study group.

  44. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    Once again you make claims that you are a ‘rabbi’ by saying

    ……………..”I received my theology credentials from an accreditated institution.”

    So which ‘accredited institution’ ordained you?

    And please answer these simple questions!!!!!

    If you claim to belong to some organisation or other, then fail to say which organisations they are, one can only be left to assume that you are either a bullsh—er or an a—hole, and you don’t belong to any

    1) Which Shul do you claim to be a ‘rabbi’ at

    2)At what Jewish Charity do you work

    3) Which organisation is this; “board of directors of a tolerance/anti-racist centre,”

    You made the claims, so substantiate them

    1. Can Richard substantiate the myth that ‘anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism’?

      Course not. David can’t either.

      1. Michael, you’re the proof, you fool !

        You are an antisemite who has spent 6 years rushing here, pretending to hate Zionism and Israel in order to post slogans which, using your own definition above demonstrate ‘hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.’

        You are the proof Michael. Away from this place you endorse tweets from David Duke fans that say “Jews are counterfeit human beings” and here you defend people that say “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews” That is ‘hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.’ using your own definition.

        You are the proof Michael and we need look no further than this comment section. Firstly you post that hostility to Israel is based on “Jewish theft” and later question whether Jews have any notable history in poetry. Constant reference by you to Jews Michael. This is prejudice against Jewish people, using your own definition.

        I warned you that your lazy repetition of slogans and failure to proof read your work would lead to carelessness. I was right and so was Bellers.

        You pass your own test of antisemitism and in continuing to claim that it is about zionsim and Israel you make the case against yourself. You unwittingly demonstrate that antizionism is most definitely antisemitism and you Michael, are the proof.

        The prosecution rests m’lud.

  45. Can Ian substantiate the myth that ‘anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism’?

    Course not. David can’t either.

  46. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    So this is the language and temperament of a supposed ‘rabbi’

    You have claimed that Israel is the closest thing to a Nazi state
    ………..” Israel is the biggest (to use the Zios favourite word) “Nazi” country in the world today.”

    And I asked for evidence of this, and this is the reply from a so-called ‘rabbi’
    ………..Rabbi Levy on October 5, 2020
    ………..”I don’t work for you. Do your own fucking research you ignorant bastard.”

    I have done research on the subject and can find NO similarities between Israel and the Nazis.
    I thus asked you to inform me of this connection so that I may be suitably enlightened.
    Your foul mouthed reply signifies that you are an antagonistic oaf that fits into the IHRA definition of what an Antisemitic racist bigot is

    Which Shul do you claim to be a ‘rabbi’ with, and are they aware of your foul mouthed rants?

    You claim you are Jewish, and a ‘rabbi’; yet your attitude and language have far more in common with our ex self confessed Jew Baiting,Antisemitic, Holocaust Denying Racist Bigot called Charles.

  47. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    Study your own previous poste to find the connection between Antisemitism and anti-Zionism and you will find all the substantiation you need.

    1. Richard, poor old Michael made the case against himself and the daft booby is being dragged from the dock after the guilty verdict still screaming, “prove it, prove it”.

      I warned him. Bellers warned him and now the daft old antisemite has pissed on his own chips.

    1. Pal-e-SLIME IS a racist, terrorist, homophobic, misogynist, imperialist endeavour.

      Happy Nakba to Pal-e-SLIME!

      1. Aren’t you just.

        Anyway Michael, now that you’ve been hoisted high on your own Jew baiting stick are you at least going to be brave enough to own it like the ones that post as Charles and Bruce or are you still hiding behind all your silly slogans?

        Btw, did you thank Collier for unblocking you and allowing you to write “Colliers a liar ” loads of times on his feed?

        1. So keen, so eager to portray themselves as victims, as persecuted by mankind Ian and Richard have begun to Hallucinate instances of ‘antisemitism’ which is apparently different things to different interest groups.

          Keeps them happy, poor things.

          1. Yes yes Michael. The only innocent man in the jail. You were fitted up, right The Judge and Jury were bent. Nobody understands you. You were never even there.

            Now calm down or we’ll have to give you one of those little red pills again. Dr. Goldberg will be along shortly to start your reorientation to enable you to see Jews and not want to persecute them. He’s very good.

  48. Brucie Brucie (the pretend rabbi)

    So this is the language of a supposed ‘rabbi’; childish name calling and spurious allegations!

    …………….Rabbi Levy, Scottish FSZ Minister on October 6, 2020.
    ……………”Hey Stinky, what’s the what’s the difference between Israelis who chant ‘Death to the
    …………… Arabs’ and Nazis who shouted ‘Death to the Jews?”

    Actually there is a major difference. For the Nazis it was official state policy that they then made into a reality. A few Israeli football supporters chant this; but it is neither the policy of the State of Israel or the vast majority of its citizens.

    You clutch at straws in your morbid attempts to smear and besmirch Israel and Jews. It’s normally quiet easy to refute your mendacious allegations as they are mostly the actions of a few deviants, and they don’t represent the vast majority of Jews and Israelis, or are fabrications and lies (of the nudge nudge, wink wink type).

    And here is another of your lurid and mendacious allegations against Israel and Jews

    You have claimed that Israel is the closest thing to a Nazi state
    ………..” Israel is the biggest (to use the Zios favourite word) “Nazi” country in the world today.”

    And I asked for evidence of this, and this is the reply from a so-called ‘rabbi’
    ………..Rabbi Levy on October 5, 2020
    ………..”I don’t work for you. Do your own fucking research you ignorant bastard.

    You have changed your title to Scottish FSZ Minister. What does FSZ represent?

  49. David Collier
    Israel was attacked by rocket fire from Gaza again tonight.

    Imagine if it was your family. The constant sirens, running to shelters, explosions.. Imagine if it was your kids with just a few seconds to make it to safety.

    Well, David It was Israel that declared war on Gaza when Hamas won the democratic elections. the families should blame their own government.

    1. Now, now Michael. We don’t want to read comments about Israel from antisemites that have fallen foul of their own definitions of the nasty bigoted behaviour, do we?

      Now tidy up your slogans box and off to bed with you.

    1. Oh, you shall, shall you, Michael?

      Then I shall continue to remind you every day that you were so silly that you trapped yourself with your own definition of antisemitism.

      That’s as daft as that one that posts as Bruce trapping his forskin in his zip whilst trying to fettle one of his choristers.

  50. Football : Scotland play Israel on Thursday.

    Get ready for a blog on rabid Jew-hating Scotland where almost every Jew is a Zionist.

    1. And in Scotland, every Gentile is an antisemite, except if you’re a Christian fundamentalist.

  51. Michael

    Here you are repeating your mendacious Antisemitic tropes about Jews and their nefarious and malign intentions in relation to money again

    …………Mike Farmer on October 7, 2020
    ………….”Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    You have repeated this twice in your last two posts.Your obsession with David’s reporting on Antisemitism within the Labour Party of Corbyn border on the paranoiac. Get a life.

    1. so, let’s see.

      Collier spends years and years fantasising about the supposed antisemitism of Corbyn and the Labour Party that he led. Asks for money to support his continuing to do so. – No obsession.

      I counter his fabrications and ask him to substantiate Corbyn’s so-called antisemitism. – obsession.

      that’s Richard’s view.


      So, this blogs theme appears to be Fantisemitism which can be summed up so far as :

      Waving a Palestinian flag at an Israeli football match.
      Supporting the Palestinian cause.
      Being anti-Zionist.
      Recognizing that Shakespeare wasn’t Jewish.
      Recognising that David asks for money to continue smearing.

      No doubt others will be dreamt up, the Farce is strong in some..

  52. So, this blogs theme appears to be Fantisemitism which can be summed up so far as :

    Waving a Palestinian flag at an Israeli football match.
    Supporting the Palestinian cause.
    Being anti-Zionist.
    Recognizing that Shakespeare wasn’t Jewish.

    No doubt others will be dreamt up, the Farce is strong in some..

    1. This blog theme is Farmisemitism Michael and it can be summarized as follows:

      1. Ian reminds Michael of his careless antisemitism here and elsewhere

      2. Michael finds some definition of antisemitism and posts it here.

      3. Ian gives 4 examples of Michael falling foul of his own definition.

      4. Michael sulks then posts some vague slogans.

      5. Ian shows Michael up as a self absorbed, Jew hating ninny with Collier obsessions, once again.

      6. Collier unblocks Michael on Twitter allowing Michael to resume posting “Collier’s a liar” 100 times as the stock response.

      Fair summation?

        1. Sharmuta, How’s your “IslamoFAUXbia” Red Herring going?

          9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Charlie Hebdo, Manchester arena, Brussels airport, Moscow subway, Bali, Mumbai, Nairobi, Madrid, Orlando, San Bernardino Beslan, Bamiyan, London and Westminster bridge attacks, Bastille Day truck FAUX-Jihad?

          Happy Nakba!

  53. Michael

    You’ve never countered any of David’s blogs

    You’re sole contribution to the blog is your nonsensical, incoherent and mostly incomprehensible

    You are obsessed with David, Israel and Jews and often slip into Antisemitic conspiracy theory such as the one below!

    …………Mike Farmer on October 7, 2020
    ………….”Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    Et least Charles, the self confessed Jew Baiting,Antisemitic, Holocaust Denying Racist Bigot, admitted to his bias; you just obfuscate and deny yours.

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