Back on the street, lies, the JW3 and bloody racists

Spring is here and the anti-Israel activists wake from hibernation, brush the dust from their racist banners and take to the streets once more. It is going to be a busy season. Over the coming weeks, several large anti-Israel demonstrations are planned. Just a few days ago, on Tuesday 30 April, a small but twisted demonstration took place outside the JW3, a key Jewish cultural centre in London.

It started with a lie

As is often the case, this anti-Jewish demonstration started with a lie.

For thousands of years, people have made up lies about Jews in order to stir up hatred against them. They’ve been blamed for everything, from deicide to spreading the plague. Most modern antisemitic falsehoods are told about Israel and its defence forces. Where once Jews were the baby-killers, now it is the IDF. In reality the majority of IDF forces are 18-21 year-old conscripted Israelis – just as British youth used to be conscripted. Thankfully, the British need for conscription has passed. The UK is an Island in a conflict free zone. The US is a massive nation far from its enemies. Israel is in a toxic neighbourhood. On its borders are some of the most dangerous radical Islamic ideologies on the planet. Israel needs conscription and the IDF protects Israel and saves lives.

Much of the information spread by anti-Israel activism is either an outright lie, entirely distorted or told completely out of context. These anti-Israel activists are spreading lies about Jews, just as antisemites always have done.

The call for a mass demonstration at the JW3

On Tuesday, there was an event held at JW3. It was part of ‘Seret UK‘. the Israeli film festival. Letters appeared in a local Camden newspaper, signed by a group called the ‘International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network’. The network is one of the twenty-five or so identities used by the fifteen or so active anti-Zionist Jews. The three signatures on the letter were Selma James, Michael Kalmanovitz and Sam Weinstein. The letter mistakenly argued the event was part of a recruitment drive by the IDF.

Gerry Downing, who has been expelled from the Labour Party, took it further:

Gerry Downing

Downing suggested that the event at the JW3 was a fundraiser to ‘recruit young people in the UK to join the Israeli army’. The lie had been told, the event was created – a ‘picket’ of the JW3. Just as recently there were calls to ‘march on‘ a synagogue, now we had people making up lies to ‘picket’ a local Jewish community centre.  Other well known anti-Israel activists turned the event into a ‘recruitment fair’:

In reality the JW3 event was about the ‘lone soldiers’ program, by raising funds for Garin Tzabar, a system set up to help soldiers who have made Aliyah, who do not have the support network of a family. But that isn’t really the point. As those behind the ‘picket’ made clear, they supported a boycott of the Israeli film festival anyway:

Lies told, demonstration against the JW3 organised. And a local Jewish community centre had become the target of a protest.

The usual suspects

So who would turn up? Despite the major coverage the event received online, almost nobody came. There were few surprises. Moshe Machover was there. Machover once told students who had asked him a question at a university event, that they had been sent ‘by the Israeli embassy’. Tom Suarez was there too. Suarez authored an antisemitic book full of hate, lies and historical sloppiness. In total about 20-25 protestors arrived. All the usual suspects you expect to see at these demonstrations. The same few faces every time:

jw3 anti-Zionist protest

JW3 Chief Executive Raymond Simonson referenced a previous demonstration that had taken place outside the JW3, on that occasion it was against Ehud Barak, and he pointed out that it was by ‘the same seven or eight people with big banners’. He was wrong, but more on that shortly.

The perverse BAME demonstrators outside the JW3

Despite the large banner, the protestors were not all Jewish. And when it comes to Jews, nobody gets things more twisted than some BAME activists. There are some Jewish people – a tiny minority- who would like to see the Jews assimilate and disappear completely. They are the modern day version of the communist Yevsektsiya.  Jewish Voice for Labour, the Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Free Speech on Israel and J-BIG are just some of the names this small group operates underneath. The vast majority of Jews take pride in their heritage, only a handful do not. So, who should BAME activists stand alongside? Only with Jews do things so clearly become twisted. Only with Jews would BAME activists stand alongside those who want to oppress the minority group and make it disappear:

JW3 anti-Zionist protest

In total about 30% of those standing under the International Jewish anti-Zionist network banner were not Jewish. There were about three BAME activists present. People who are meant to stick up for minority groups, standing alongside those attacking the minority group. The two BAME activists in the picture were Sara Callaway and Cristel Amiss, both apparently women and BAME officers for the local Hampstead and Kilburn CLP. As Rob Yeardley asks in his tweet, how confident would Jewish women be, bringing issues to the attention of these two fools:

BAME activists at the JW3 event

The JW3 demonstration

The demonstration itself was predictable. The anti-Israel activists managed to hand out a few leaflets, but hardly anyone was interested. There were a small group of counter-protestors and the two sides shouted at each other. Every now and again the demonstrators would sing ‘free, free Palestine’ or some other well-worn activist song, but they were few and number and fewer in voice. The more I see this group, the sadder they seem to look. For the most part these are people who in the 1970s would have already been veterans of CND marches.

The racism lie

At some point, a man walked past who seemed to know those demonstrating. They gave him the microphone and he began to spew conspiracy theories about Hamas and Israel. It was complete balderdash and aimed to blame Israel for Hamas rather than the Palestinians that voted for them. The Jews can be blamed for everything. I noticed those demonstrating seemed overjoyed that someone who appeared to have something to say had control of the microphone. I didn’t know who he was, and to be honest I thought I’d never find out. We need to be thankful that their need to lie and demonise has no limits. The man identified himself when he chose to upload a post to Facebook in order to lie about what occurred at the demonstration:

mizanur rahman lying about the JW3 event

Mizanur Rahman claimed the counter-protestors (there were about five) had been hurling racist abuse at him. Thing is, I have the footage from the event. At no point did anyone say anything such as Mizanur suggests. Nobody, even once, shouted anything like ‘Anti-woman’ or ‘homophobic’ in his direction. Which means he is blatantly lying to demonise the Zionists. He has knowingly created a false accusation of racism. How vile and disgusting is this? But as I said at the beginning, people do like telling lies about the Jews. Here is Mizanur on Twitter talking about global Zionist control:

That is who tells lies about Jews outside a Jewish community centre. One wonders how Mizan would feel if some racists had decided to picket a Mosque.

The Inminds demo

One anti-Israel protest in a single day is not enough. On the same day another demonstration took place outside the QE2 building in London. It was organised by the Islamist group Inminds. The public face of ‘inminds’ is a well-known antisemite Sandra Watfa, she of the #jewnitedstates hashtag. Watfa does not appear to have been at this demo however, and her absence was covered by Derek Jardine. This is Jardine leading the protest:

Derek Jardine

Like most of Inminds activists and the majority of anti-Israel protestors, Jardine is a conspiracy theorist obsessed with Jews. He shares posts from those like Atzmon, is friends with some rabid far-right racists and I have presented evidence before of his 9/11 and Mossad conspiracy posts. For those in any doubt, here is posting from a white-supremacist website:

derek jardine jw3 blog

The website is now called ‘’, but when Jardine posted it, the website was called ‘’, a name that leaves little to the imagination. These antisemites lead demonstrations against the Jewish State under a mask of ‘humanitarian concern’, but when you strip away the thin layer, you find neo-Nazi, white supremacist material every time. To bring it full circle, the banner that had waved outside the JW3 in the protest against Ehud Barak wasn’t the anti-Zionist Jewish network, but ‘inminds’. This image is of Holocaust denying antisemite Sandra Watfa (dead centre) protesting outside a Jewish community centre:

sansra watfa jw3


Racists – out on the streets of London – openly demonising the Jewish State. Lies, lies and more lies. It is only the beginning of May, with the political environment so fragile, 2019 has all the makings of a very long year.



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188 thoughts on “Back on the street, lies, the JW3 and bloody racists

  1. “Spring is here and the anti-Israel activists wake from hibernation, brush the dust from their racist banners and take to the streets once more.”??!?

    Seems you’re equating anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, David. Please explain those weasel words and correct please.

    1. No doubt people are “confused” by the similarity between antisemitism and antizionism. Both are forms of hate mongering consisting of hyperbolic demonization directed against Jews.

      A young girl who dies in a bulldozer accident where the driver doesn’t see her is transformed into a state driven conspiracy theory. A Jew living in Shiloh is viewed as a war criminal who has committed a most heinous crime against humanity deserving condemnation by the US but no-one raises an eyebrow over a Russian in the Ukraine or a Chinese national in Tibet. Israel is condemned for poisoning the groundwater of Gaza, which it hasn’t, no different than the medieval accusation of Jews poisoning wells. Jews are from Palestine, they don’t belong in Europe. Jews are European, they don’t belong in Palestine.

      No wonder you are confused. They’re so much alike.

      1. “No doubt people are “confused” by the similarity between antisemitism and antizionism. Both are forms of hate mongering consisting of hyperbolic demonization directed against Jews.”

        I am not confused, are you, L? I can see though how readers of these blogs may become confused. David always attempts to equate one with other, and poorly.

        There are Jews who are Zionists, there are Jews who are not Zionists. There are non-Jews who are Zionists and there are non-Jews who are not Zionists.

        My understanding of Zionism, and please correct me if it is not the same understanding that you have, is the desire to establish a home for Jews where Jewish customs and desires rule within that state, irrespective of any democratic vote from its citizens.

        Must add here that when I previously pressed David on a definition I was told that it means different things to different people so he didn’t commit himself.

        If I have defined correctly then Zionism isn’t (to me) a democratic system and is a racist endeavour.

        Re. Russia/Ukraine. Russia’s annexation of Crime is currently being punished by the West by sanctions. Israel is recognised by the West as occupying land external to Israel and is in the process of annexing occupied Syrian land and the OPT. Yet no sanctions, and still Israel plays the victim.

        Jews are from Palestine? Wasn’t Abraham from modern-day Iraq?

        1. Yes, was wondering why the US would criticise its pet military base in the Middle East.

  2. “protesting outside a Jewish community centre:”??!?

    Seret UK which was held at that location was an Israeli Film Festival. There would have been protests had it been held at the Barbican.

    More weasel words from David. Not a beacon of honesty .

  3. Mike posted 43 times on the last article, frantic in his attempt to prevent sympathy towards Jews and Israel. In every sense making the case about Jew hate in this piece.

    This is the same Mike that defends people that say “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews”.

    Check it out in the previous 2 blog pieces.

    1. “Jews and Israel”

      Does Ian mean ‘Jews OR Israel’?. They aren’t of course the same thing.

      1. Nice set of early blockers here Mike. I get the feeling we’ve not seen the last of each other on this one. Hold on tight to your inverted commas lad. The cattle wagons are leaving the station and you’ve got your chimneys to fire up.

        1. Cattle? Chimneys? You’ve lost me there. Are they exclusively linked to Jews?

          p.s. Aren’t you feeling well, Ian?

              1. Most terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslims.

                9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Moscow, Beslan, Pan Am 103, Nairobi, Jerusalem, NYC, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Brussels, Madrid, commercial aviation (hence the Checkpoints), Bamiyan, Sri Lanka, Halabja, Tel Aviv, Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood Texas, …

                Islam is out of control and a menace to the entire World – even to fellow Muslims.

          1. Questioning my health Mike? I’m a little snuffly. Which line do I join, this side or that side? And yes a refreshing shower would be nice.

          2. Sharmuta, Islam is “The Religion of Peace”?

            Here is evidence to the contrary.

            9/11, London’s 7/7 transport massacre, Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Pan Am 103, beheadings by ISIS and of Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, Boston Marathon bombing, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Christmas market in Strasbourg, Moscow subway, Beslan elementary school massacre, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, Grand Moofti, Brussels airport, two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan, 500,000 dead in Syrian civil war, 1,000,000 in 8 year war between Sadaams Iraq and Fascist Iran,thwarted sneaker and later underwear bombings of inflight passenger planes, London and Westminster bridge ramming attacks, Manhattan bike ramming attack, murder of Theo van Gogh, kidnapping and murder of Ilan Halimi, Luxor massacre of tourists, shooting of Pope John Paul II by a Turk, Fort Hood massacre, …

            the need for checkpoints at every airport in the world to screen passengers and luggage/cargo for weapons (bombs, guns, knives).

            Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

  4. But then the three who turned up to “help” Israel were the same old, same old. Jonny Hoff, ambrosine Shitrit and some geezer who was shepherded away by the police. Same age profile as the antis. Same mentality too.

    1. Hey Mike. Your masters are calling. Arab terrorists launch 150 rockets at our civilian communities today. Very risky to you that sympathy will be given to Jews and Israel. Shouldn’t you be making something up about oppressive Zionist aggression, genocidal child murdering IDF and all that stuff. Come on Mike. Duty calls. Even the BBC website is reporting it as a terror barrage on Israel. You’re failing your handlers and jeopardizing your fee.

      1. “Shouldn’t you be making something up about oppressive Zionist aggression, genocidal child murdering IDF and all that stuff.”

        Need I, Ian? Need I?

          1. Certainly not my wish to create falsehoods, Ian. I think that’s David’s job, Corbyn is an antisemite …. antiZionism is antisemitism etc. etc. etc. etc ….

        1. The Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka by Islamofascist terrorists,

          share the same savage mindset as HamASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Fascist Iran, Boko Haram, Al Nusra

          and the British Islamist terrorists of London’s 7/7 2005 transport massacre, beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby, murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, London and Westminster bridge attacks, Pan Am 103 bombing,

  5. Come on Mike. Pressure’s on. 200 rockets now and the BBC are actually blaming Hamas and sympathising with us. If you don’t get in a “Gaza; a giant concentration camp” or IDF snipers slaughtering little kiddies soon they’ll be replacing you with one of those BDS bots. Get to it son.

    1. Facebook links Mike? The BBC is calling it a barrage of nearly 300 rockets now with images of Israeli homes destroyed. This will result in huge sympathy for Israel and you’re posting Facebook links. Come on man. Not even a “…and how many innocents does Israel murder every minute?” I can hear the BDS bots from here. Pressure’s on son. Get to it.

      1. Ok, Ian, neither of us know the story of just what fired this but this may shed light ….


  6. Facebook AND Al Jazeera, that’s it Mike? The Beeb and the MSM are reporting 430+ rockets on our civilian communities. They’re calling that a war crime by UN standards and calling for the Arabs to be hauled before the Hague. They’re not even doing the thing where they make the retaliation the story. We’re getting loads of sympathy, exactly what you’re here to prevent and you quote fucking Facebook and Haniyeh’s nan. Not even a “Yeah, well Jews control the media” from you. Very disappointing.

    No wonder BDS is using bots instead of humans now. Much more efficient. You’re obsolete man, and you’ve only got yourself to blame. Facebook indeed !

    1. MSM??!?

      The Arabs? Don’t you mean Hamas. You don’t hide your AntiArabism very well, Ian. Related to Edward? David tells us he’s strongly against racism (except for the Nation Law etc.). Bet he’s cross with Ian.

    2. I’m sure Gaza has the right to ‘defend’ itself. Israel’s strong on that excuse … sorry … that reason.

      1. Farmer explain to me how launching more than 400 rockets in one day at Israel from Gaza, that kills at least one Israeli civilian in his home, can logically or morally be considered as exercising the right to defence?

        Please don’t waste my time with any of your usual false equivalence bullshit.

  7. Facebook evidence, then some weird Arab website then some vague insult at me. You’re clueless Mike. The beeb now says a blitz of over 600 rockets fired on our civilians. Even the UN is sympathizing with Israel. You’re supposed to be preventing this for heavens sake. Bring on the BDS bots I say. You’re not fit for purpose.

    1. Unprovoked then was it, Ian?

      Vague insult? Was that the “Related to Edward?”?

  8. It has deterrent value, Gerald … like shooting Gazan protestors should they approach within 300 metres of an Israeli fence.

    Shan’t waste any more of your ‘time’, Gerald ….. You may go and fly a kite this afternoon.

    1. Farmer so the answer to my question is that you confirm that;

      a) you have not got a clue about what constitutes the ‘right to defence’, and

      b) you are even more clueless about the meaning of the phrase ‘deterrent value’.

      As for kite flying isn’t that what your terrorist friends in Hamas enjoy doing?

      Before you reply, wait for an adult to help you. Clearly you are unable to manage a coherent reply on your own that does not embarrass yourself.

  9. Mummy’s not home at the moment but I’ll try on my own ….

    “a) you have not got a clue about what constitutes the ‘right to defence’, and

    b) you are even more clueless about the meaning of the phrase ‘deterrent value’.”

    Educate me on the ‘right to defence’ as applicable to both Israel and Gaza.

    Explain the phrase ‘deterrent value’ as applicable to Israeli strikes and Hamas rockets.

    Bearing in mind YOUR understanding of these terms which could be enlightening.

    p.s. think the balloon idea was sparked(joke) by hilltop youth torching Palestinian crops while the IDF watched idly from a short distance.

    1. Farmer you had better wait for Mummy.

      As for educating you that would not be possible.
      If you were just ignorant, that can be changed by education.
      But you are incredibly stupid, and that in your case is permanent along with your anti-Semitic bigotry.

        1. Farmer as usual wrong.
          Your attempts at deflection and distraction are as puny as your attempts at other tactics.

          Now wait for Mummy to come home and she will explain to you how it is hard, if not impossible, to educate someone as clearly retarded as you are.
          Ask her how long, if she ever succeeded, it took her to potty train you.

    2. By the way Farmer, again you slip into using your usual false equivalence bullshit.

      Doesn’t work Farmer.
      Either learn some new lines or your future might be the scrap heap. Not long before you are replaced with a newer more efficient model.
      This Farmbot is causing more mirth, at its own expense, than it is meant to.

        1. Stephen let us just say that my transfer fee was so large that I now bank in Switzerland.

            1. Farmer leave the attempts at wit to Stephen.

              If you want to make people laugh just keep posting the historically challenged, illogical, half-truths and downright lies that you do.
              It adds to the amusement that your posts are written in fluent retard.

  10. Come on Mike focus. Remember your activist training. “talk about the man, not to him.” Has Bellers taught you nothing.

    The Beeb are now doing interviews with Israeli kibbutzniks; mums and kids whilst sirens are going off and they’re running for cover. The EU are condemning the rocket fire and this is attracting huge sympathy for Israel and what are you doing? Tarting around with a few tepid digs at posters here and re-hashing the slogans about IDF snipers targeting an Arab baby or quadriplegic every second for the last 10 years.

    I think we should do a job swap. I could do loads better than you. Bollox to all this “Yeah but ZioNazi Israel, racist endeavour blah blah”. People have switched off to that shit. Give me a couple of days as Mike Farmer talking about our punitive import duties, crap music and terrible 80s dress sense and there’d be far less sympathy for us. Hey, forget paying David for his patience and hospitality. You should pay me for the innovation.

    Hope BDS don’t replace me with a bot as well.

    1. “Has Bellers taught you nothing. ” No….. but hold onto your dreams, Ian.

      1. Yes, yes Michael but these are stalling tactics. Let’s get back to it man. Nearly 750 Arab rockets reported by the Beeb. Before you know it Jeremy Bowen will be talking of dead Jewish civilians and Israel will be getting the levels of international sympathy that only feature in your nightmares. Do something Mike. Your mission is at stake.

        1. Do you seriously think that the world will sympathise with the state that regularly kills the civilians of its neighbours with gusto on a regular basis? Seriously?

          1. Michael, what you and I think is irrelevant. What people outside Israel were reading this weekend was Israelis under bombardment, Arab war crimes, and mums and kids running to shelters in Sderot, Nahal Oz and Ashkelon. Those are the images that were used in the media and they always resonate far more with viewers and readers than the stock shots of masked teenage Arabs lobbing missiles or grenades at national border fences. The spin will change soon but for now you’re very much on the back foot with your mission. Anyway, I expect your attentions will be diverted to more domestic matters now that your Labour Party is in danger of prompting even more sympathy for Jews and Israel. I don’t envy you your task. You’ll certainly look back in a few years and ask yourself why you bothered. But for now I expect you’ll stick at it.

            1. The dullards, such as yourself, will read that ‘x number of rockets were fired’ and may sympathise with Israel.

              Others may begin to inquire why such a thing has occured given that Israel is a military state under the sponsorship of the world’s greatest superpower, They will read of the massive difference in casualties between the US armed, and encouraged, Israel and the virtually unarmed Gazans. They will see it for what it is. Abuse of others on a grand scale by what is touted as ‘The Jewish State’. Not good for the perception of the term ‘Jewish’.

              But thankyou for your theory, Ian.

              1. Look Mike, you’ve been dealt a hand and you’re playing it the best way you can. It prompts posts like the one above which oddly, seems to do more to make the case against your position than for it, but them’s the breaks.

                To your credit you’re ploughing your furrow resolutely and seemingly untroubled by the events that are occurring. I suppose this is the luxury of remote activism over real life.

                On balance (and if you were truly honest with yourself) I think you’d have to call this one as a complete failure to achieve your primary objectives. However, I doubt this will deter you and as ever, suspect that we’ll be seeing more of each other quite shortly.

                1. But it’s the US/Israel casino that is dealing the cards, Ian, with the odds stacked against the Palestinians.

                  My only objective is to counter the Zionist hasbara that this blog manufactures.

                  Laughingly David declares somewhere on this site that ‘The Truth Matters’.

                  1. As a serious question Mike and given your stated objective, what is your specific experience of the Middle East that informs your counterpoints?

                    (Disclaimer; I have very modest expectations of a sincere answer. So go on. Surprise me.)

                    1. Only what I have read and seen from books and news reports, Ian, much like yourself. I then look at what is logjcally likely.

            2. S’derot? Isn’t that the Israeli town built on the land where Najd once stood before it was destroyed by Jewish militia in their ethnic cleansing campaign during Israel’s creation? Women and children forced from their homes by brave Jewish militia?

              1. No really. What is your specific experience of the Middle East that informs your counterpoints here?

                Just typing the name of a town and following it with a question mark isn’t really an answer.

                Do you want to answer?

                  1. No really. What is your specific experience of the Middle East that informs your counterpoints here?

                    Just typing the name of a town and following it with a question mark isn’t really an answer.

                    Do you want to answer?

  11. Mike, yesterday you responded to the question of what specific experience you have of the Middle East that informs your counterpoint positions here. Your answer; “Only what I have read and seen from books and news reports, Ian, much like yourself. I then look at what is logjcally likely.” (sic)

    So Mike, setting crass social media points scoring aside (honestly) you have made an assumption about me in your response. It happens to be inaccurate, in fact based on no evidence whatsoever, but let’s not dwell on that. What else have you made assumptions about from your research sources that could also be inaccurate? If logic is a driver for you, how do you test and challenge your assumption in order to arrive at logical conclusions ? What happens if you do this I discover you’re wrong? Do you care? What has made Mike Farmer, Mike Farmer?

    Seriously, I’m not trying to social media you. I’m not an activist like you, but you were gracious enough to respond properly to a question and I think it is worth extending the conversation a little on that basis. It may, in all likelihood come to nothing but the option is to spend another couple of years playing “Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is.”

    Fancy being a human with me for a couple of exchanges?

    1. ” I’m not an activist like you”

      I read a blog that attemots to spread blatant untruths, comment on them and I’m an activist. I’m pointing out what I consider to be deliberate attempts at deception.

      You are more jokey. The conflict isn’t a serious issue for yourself. That’s what I take from your posts, rightly or wrongly.

      My assumption is that you gather your knowledge from the same sources as myself. I wasn’t in the war, the holocaust, or present in the 40s. Neither was David.

      This human is just going to have a cuppa.

  12. Jokey works for me because social media and comment sections like this are not a place for serious (and civilised) discussion. It serves you and Bellers on one side and those on the other in your own ways and that’s fair enough.

    I am an Israeli and a Zionist and live with the issues of this region every day. I learn from events in real time and try to see them through a sensibly calibrated lens. It can be challenging but I can only do my best. I am totally disinclined to explain or justify my position further to you for the reasons expressed above. However I do understand that in defining myself as I have you will draw your own conclusions based on your own prejudices and biases and again that’s fair enough.

    Thing is, I know the extent to which I am prepared to test my own views and challenge their validity on a regular basis. I was interested to learn the extent to which you do the same. I doubt this will get very far but you are representative of a type that appears here and I am genuinely curious about how guys like you become you.

      1. Put your tampon back in Bellers. That’s why BDS is replacing you guys with Bots. Far less risk of emotionalising. Cheaper too.

    1. “comment sections like this are not a place for serious (and civilised) discussion.” Neither is this blog serious and civilised. David, who I WOULD describe as an activist twists to present a distorted view of that which I would see to be truth. He begs money for his efforts so a professional ‘activist’.

      “how guys like you become you”. Guys like me become me by having an upbringing where bullying is frowned onand lies(deliberate untruths) are frowned on on the murder of innocents is frowned on(killing sits uneasy with me)…. also by seeing in 2014 (yep BBC, Channel4 … et al(Jazeera?)) the wanton destruction by Israel of a virtually(in comparison) unarmed enclave to further impoverish an already level of existence. All while Israel’s Lord Haw Haw (Regev) glibly paints with no emotion whatsoever Israel as the victim as if killing scores of civilians is as stepping on ants.

      Now it seems that International Law is abandoned, agreements can be ignored and the mighty do because they can. Reminds me of past disgusting episodes ironically.

      1. Farmer I am starting off with the assumption that by (Regev) you mean Mark Regev who is now Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

        ” All while Israel’s Lord Haw Haw (Regev)…”

        How do you arrive at the ridiculous comparison between ‘Lord Haw Haw’ and Ambassador Regev?
        William Joyce was hanged for treason.
        Are you accusing Ambassador Regev of treason?
        If so, when and how did he commit treason?

        1. Regev regularly appeared as the spokesman for Israel while it butchered Gazans in 2014, telling the world that Israel would carryvon irrespective of anyone else’s concerns. He’s no better.

          1. Farmer as I know you are slow and lacking in comprehension skills, I’ll repeat my questions to you.

            1) How do you arrive at the ridiculous comparison between ‘Lord Haw Haw’ and Ambassador Regev?

            2) Are you accusing Ambassador Regev of treason?

            3) If so, when and how did he commit treason?

              1. Farmer so William Joyce who broadcast malicious gossip on behalf of the Nazi regime, attempted to persuade British POWs to join the Nazi Free Corps, was justifiably hanged for treason, and Ambassador Regev used to be an Israeli Government spokesman.

                You regard them as comparable?

                1. By the way Farmer the last question was a rhetorical question.
                  As usual you have condemned yourself with your own posts.

                2. In their dishonesty and their lack of soul, Yes.

                  p.s Treason? He was a German citizen. But the victors get to do as they fancy ….. witness Israel.

                  1. Farmer, William Joyce was tried and found guilty of treason in a court of law. The straw man argument about citizenship was also attempted in court and dismissed.

                    Not surprising that you are now openly, not only an anti-Semite but also, an apologist for the Nazi regime as well.

                    1. As your life revolves around questions, Gerald, could you explain why you label me “an anti-Semite”.

                    2. “Gerald, could you explain why you label me “an anti-Semite”.

                      Farmer if you need this question answered then all you have to do is read your own posts. They are an incontrovertible testament to your anti-Semitism.

                      If you still don’t understand then get Mummy to explain it to you. I never have and never will tolerate fools gladly. Farmer you are not only a fool but a vile anti-Semitic fool.

                    3. You can’t can you, Gerald?
                      This ‘antisemitism’ is just a modern ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ con. It’s the usual Zionist deception. You should be ashamed.

                    4. Farmer your question was asked and answered.

                      It is not my problem if you are unable to understand. You better wait for an adult.

                    5. You’ve blown it here, Gerald. Your loose mouth makes an stock accusation which is queried and you haven’t a clue how to explain. Typical of your ilk.

                    6. Farmer, again you asked a question and I gave you an answer.

                      That you don’t like the answer or can’t understand the answer is your problem.

                    7. Igorant sows like “mike farmer” and the rest of her ilk

                      are still upset that her side SURRENDERED, UNCONDITIONALLY, to the US and UK and SU.

                      Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

                      I wish you and your ilk mucho “Workplace Accidents”!

          1. “Regev the Australian I believe.”

            Yes Farmer.
            Mark Regev was born an Australian,
            and you Farmer was born a retard.

            What else is new?

              1. Quite right Farmer.
                ‘Was’ is the wrong tense.

                You still ARE a retard.

          1. Stephen you more than anyone else on this site must feel some affinity for William Joyce.

            Both anti-Semitic, and both ‘pretend Irishmen’.

              1. Stephen now be honest with me.
                Was your time in Dublin ‘a bit tough’ because you are a Munster rugby man or, more likely, because you are a gobshite?

                  1. Stephen don’t tell me you are a self-hating gobshite?
                    How awful for you.

                    I will have a problem sleeping tonight because of my concern for your deteriorating mental condition

                    1. Don’t worry about me too much. I never yet had a tough time I didn’t survive. I am a bit like eternal Israel. Of course in 5000 million years the sun will leave its main sequence and both me and eternal Israel will be as fucked as the rest of you. I guess God will be doing his real estate agent in the sky thing elsewhere in the cosmos

  13. Okay Mike. You want to carry on doing you. Fair enough. But when your stock in trade requires a position where everything said against Israel is true and everything said against Arabs, (sorry you like to call them Palestinians,) is false how do you react when you read stuff like this?

    It doesn’t fit with your characterisation of Israel as a daily slaughterer of little babies, nor that Arabs are ever bad or wrong. Moreover it completely frustrates your mission to prevent sympathy for Israel. Do you simply write this off as fabrication or hasbara, as you call it?

    1. I react by apologising to Israel for blaming them for THESE deaths. Critisising the shooting dead of protesters at the fence I don’t apologise for.

      Currently Israel isn’t slaughtering babies on a daily basis as it was in 2014.

      Of course Arabs, Jews, Russians, Brits … do things wrong. The murder of innocents is always wrong, my opinion.

      Many past destruction of civilian homes have been characterised by Israel as “accidents”.

      Not trying to prevent sympathy for Israel at all as I’ve explained, here to expose David’s deceptions.

  14. Mike posts above that Israel spent 2014 “butchering Gazans”, carelessly omitting the obligatory activist speak that we are vicious baby murdering “genocidal, racist oppressors” and all round meanies.

    Worth speculating that if they’d fired any more than the 11,000 rockets at our civilian communities we’d have got really really cross.

    At that point we bring in Miri Regev (no relation) she’s the poster girl for ZioNazis everywhere. You wouldn’t like her at all.

    1. Think that in 2014 Israel fired more munitions into Gaza than were fired at Israel. That conflict was sparked by Israel …. as in Cast Lead.

      1. Yes I remember one of the score-keepers from your side bleating on that it wasn’t fair that the terrorists had fired over 10,000 rockets at the time and only killed a handful of us. They went on to say that if we have Iron Dome then the other side should have it too – seriously !! It wasn’t you was it?

        To be fair, every conflict for the last 70 years was sparked by Israel as well as every one that will follow forevermore. (Hint. that’s the bit you de-contextualise and put in inverted commas). Why? Because we won and we’ve got what we want and our enemies will never we able to swallow that. That’s why you exist.

        1. Nobody wins in a war, Ian.

          The families of the recent Israeli dead won’t have your triumphalism.

          1. We definitely won Mike and we know the sacrifice that was made and continues to be made every day by our children and grandchildren. Today, our Memorial Day, we remember the 23, 741 that have fallen to date defending our country. No doubt our enemies do the same, mourning their own people that attacked us and lost. This is not our concern. I am simply grateful that we prevailed and that my kids came home. That is what victory looks like to me.

              1. Natch Mike. We’re all looking at it through our own lens and anything that doesn’t look right is a lie, a trope, hasbara or any of the other slogans currently in circulation. Anyway, as Bellers and I have agreed none of this stuff here matters.

                1. David says ‘The Truth Matters’.

                  Not that you’d think that from his periodic fabrications.

            1. As long as YOU think the present and future Israeli deaths are well worth a greater Israel then you’ll sleep easy.

              1. Correct Mike. These are our sacrifices, not yours. So aside from the odd callous or repetitive strain from typing you have nothing to worry about.

                And yes Israel is pretty great, thanks.

                1. Pretty great? Well, it kills more than its citizens get killed ….. and it won last year’s Eurovision. Think that’s it, isn’t it?

  15. David, I notice that in the paragraph headed . “It started with a lie” you have made the intial statement ..
    “As is often the case, this anti-Jewish demonstration started with a lie.”

    To close the paragraph you stated…
    “These anti-Israel activists are spreading lies about Jews, just as antisemites always have done.”

    These demonstrators at the JW3 are anti-Zionist and anti-Apartheid yet you have dishonestly characterised the demonstration as being an antisemitic one.

    That you have the term ‘LIARS’ heading this blog is a joke given that it is YOURSELF who is pushing the lie. Terming Israel as ‘the Jewish state’ doesn’t help your deception.

    You can’t be trusted to produce an honest blog, can you?

    1. Mike you’re a liar
      Mike you’re untrustworthy
      Mike you’re deceitful
      Mike you’re DISHONEST

      See, you can say it loads of times in block capitals or anything else but it’s not very impactful if you don’t follow it up with more words. You’ve just gone back to “oh yes it is. Oh no it isn’t ” and that wont get you anywhere. You have to say more Mike or it’s not proper countering.

        1. Sharmuta, The obvious truth is that Islam is NOT “The Religion of Peace”.

          See Easter Sunday 2019 in Sri Lanka.

        2. But of course you’re not Mike. You aren’t highlighting truth or lie. You’re just ejaculating words in various fonts and caps. This makes you a name caller and nothing more. It has no impact. Now, if you were a little braver you may choose to place your insult and then support it with some more information to underpin your assertion. Of course this may illicit and response from your target and that’s where the risk to you increases. David is quite good on the issues. In his role he has to be. You are less good because you don’t have to be. As has happened here with other Mikes, the matter quickly blows up in your face like an Arab bus bomb when it is clear that name calling is Plan A, B & C.

          This is what did for old Bellers. Now, as we’ve seen above he’s left with a collection of dusty old slogans, some YouTube clips with his vague Irish references and his massive copy/pastes about people he dislikes. Is that the activist future you want for yourself?

          1. David is quite good on the issues?

            “this anti-Jewish demonstration “?? It was an anti-Israeli-Zionism demonstration.

            “anti-Israel activists are spreading lies about Jews, just as antisemites..”

            David’s slogan – ‘The Truth Matters’

            Are David’s statements here TRUE, Ian? Of course not, as you well know, as David well knows.

            1. Farmer I read what you post as carefully as I read David’s articles.
              After I read any contribution to this, or other websites, I then seek the truth from the facts, and proceed from reality.

              I look not just at the credibility of the post/article, i.e. have they provided verifiable credibile sources, is it logical and rational, is their contribution reasonable, but also importantly does the contributor have credibility or an obvious problem with credibility.

              Farmer if I put your posts and David’s articles on a balance and judge them by the criterion I mentioned above, do you really need me to tell you which one of you has a ton of credibility and which one of you has not even an atom of credibility?

              1. Super, Gerald.

                I suggest then that you re-read (carefully of course) David’s paragraph titled ‘It started with a lie’.
                In it David describes the gathering as ‘an anti-Jewish demonstration’. Has David ‘provided credibile? sources’ for this claim.

                Does Gerald think that David has ‘a ton of credibility’?

                1. Farmer after reading David’s article I am satisfied with the credibility of the article.
                  Yes, Farmer I believe that David does have credibility.
                  I know from the content, and the intent, of your abysmal posts here and on other websites that you have absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

                  Next question Farmer.

                  1. Next question, Gerald is do YOU think that the demonstration, based on David’s ‘facts’, could HONESTLY be described as antisemitic?

                    Decision time, Gerald.

                    1. “Gerald is do YOU think that the demonstration, based on David’s ‘facts’, could HONESTLY be described as antisemitic?”

                      Farmer, Yes I think that the demonstration, based on David’s facts could honestly be described as anti-Semitic.

                      Indeed David did describe it as such based on his facts, so of course it ‘could honestly be described as anti-Semitic.’

                    1. Farmer that may be your opinion.

                      But the same as the other opinions you have ‘posted’ here and on other websites they, the same as you, have no credibility.

            2. See Mike, you’re doing it again. Just repeating an insult is not countering, it’s name calling. If that’s enough for you, fair enough but don’t drag me into your slurs.

              This is why I characterised you as an activist rather than as someone with sincere views that you were keen to express. What was it that that idiot Chris used to say here “any stick I can find to beat the Zionists with.” I’m afraid that’s you as well and your weapon of choice is just name – calling.

              I aim to be around as long as you are so it will be interesting to see whether this tactic has a sustainable lifespan or you develop it in any way to achieve some impact. Still, repetition has worked for Bellers for 3 years so perhaps you’re both trapped like Hamas terrorists in a flooding tunnel.

            1. Stephen is the next YouTube video you’re going to post ‘Delaney’s Donkey’ by the singing Irish cardigan by any chance?

              1. It wasn’t the cardigan singing, Gerald. It was Val who was WEARING a cardigan.

                1. Farmer are you sure?
                  And I thought all these years that the Irish had a cardigan that could sing.

                    1. Farmer always a clear indication that someone is not British is when they do not understand irony.
                      You failed, as in so many other things in your life.

                    2. Farmer so you are now implying that Zionists are not British.

                      How interesting.

                    3. “No, Jeremy said that ZIONISTS don’t understand …”

                      Really Farmer.
                      Jeremy who?
                      What is it exactly ‘that ZIONISTS don’t understand’?

                    4. “English irony, Gerald.”

                      And how is that different to Irish irony, Welsh irony or Scottish irony?

                      So Farmer you are not only anti-Semitic and an apologist for the vile Nazi regime, you also have a colonialist attitude towards the indigenous Celtic peoples of the British Isles.

                      Interesting but not surprising.

  16. This Gerald bloke is giving you a run for your money Michael.

    You reckon Zionists don’t get English Irony eh! Another cracker for the “Bellers ‘n Mike Best Bits”

    1. Don’t forget to list what you’re accusing me of closely followed by what I actually said. Should be a howler, Ian.

      1. It’s more of a “Mike Farmer; in my own words” job, you know, stuff from your “less heinous” phase and of course the robust defence of “The Mike Farmer 3”.

        I’m pleased you didn’t get precious over the billing. Bellers has a fragile ego as you know and his “it’s the taking part that counts” is still priceless.

        1. The thing is Ian, despite your protestations to the contrary, you clearly think there is something at stake here. And you seem determined to win ( win what escapes me.)

          For me it is just coffee break stuff. A brief light relief. When it is time to check see what Rolfie and Robert are up to



          And of course to see what I can learn from David’s stuff that might help me in my increasingly strenuous labours.. David is a mine of illustrations and examples.

          Anyway back to work. Like I say I don’t know what is being won and lost here but don’t count your winnings til the dealings done.

          1. “don’t count your winnings til the dealings done.”
            Stephen so now you are a Kenny Rogers fan.

            Are you a secret country and western fan?
            Do you listen in private while wearing your red “Make America Great Again” baseball hat?

            Why Stephen you old closet right-winger you.

      2. “..what I actually said. Should be a howler.”

        No Farmer it would not be a howler.
        It would be a clear example of anti-Semitic Coprographia.

        1. No, Gerald, it WOULD be a howler.

          p.s. I don’t draw pictures, Gerald.

          1. No Farmer. In your case it would be Coprographia. Which is involuntarily making vulgar writings or drawings. Coprographia comes from the Greekκόπρος meaning ” feces” and “graphia” meaning to write.

            You may not draw pictures Farmer, but you certainly write anti-Semitic shit!

            1. So Farmer you have now clearly demonstrated by the content and intent of your own posts that you are not only an apologist for the vile Nazi regime, a repugnant anti-Semite, ignorant of the truth and reality, but also illiterate in quite a few languages.

              Farmer what a pathetic individual you truly are.

              1. Is that Zionist hate and distaste for others coming out there, Gerald? Take a pill.

                    1. Farmer what I am is someone who believes in the right of the Jewish people to re-establish their home in their historic homeland Israel.
                      I believe that the capital of the Jewish people is now, was in the past and will remain so in the future Jerusalem.

                      If that makes me a Zionist, then I’m a Zionist.
                      However Farmer your opinion of what I am or what I maybe, the same as your pathetic existence, is of no relevance whatsoever

                    2. The region has of course been the “homeland” of many peoples over its history, Gerald.. A tad arrogant given that Jews are not indigenous to the area.
                      Of course they may wish to re-create the home that they had in the past, but to do so in a racist fashion and work towards a non-democratic state flies in the face of accepted norms.

                    3. “The region has of course been the “homeland” of many peoples over its history, ”

                      Name them, and give the dates for when they claim it as their homeland as well as a credible source to substantiate your claim.

                      ” A tad arrogant given that Jews are not indigenous to the area.”
                      If your claim is true Farmer again substantiate it with credible sources. Including credible sources as to which area you claim Jews are indigenous to.
                      Otherwise you have demonstrated how your ilk fly in he face of historical record and facts.

                      “flies in the face of accepted norms.”
                      What exactly are these ‘accepted norms’? And who exactly accepted them?

            2. Quote where I have attacked Jews merely for them being Jewish, Gerald. i.e. Antisemitism.

              None of the IHRA spin on it please.

              1. Farmer are you incapable of reading and comprehending the posts in your name?

                Are you admitting that someone else writes your posts for you and all you do is to copy and paste them?
                It would explain why you are blissfully unware of the content and intent of your abysmal posts.

                  1. “Seems that I am, and Gerald isn’t”

                    Farmer is;
                    apologist for the Nazi Regime,
                    a stranger to the truth,
                    ignorant of history,
                    ignorant about logic,
                    ignorant about reality.

                    And Gerald is not any of those things.

                    1. Gerald is racist (Zionist),
                      apologist for a regime that abuses, occùpies and annexes (deja vu),
                      ignores the truth,
                      ignores of History,
                      clueless about logic,
                      denier of reality.

                      See, Gerald … easy peasy.

                    2. “ignores of History,” (sic)

                      “See, Gerald … easy peasy”
                      But clearly not for you Farmer.

                      Better wait for an adult to help you.
                      Or wait for Stephen to turn up he is head and shoulders above your pathetic efforts, not that you set a high standard to beat.

                    3. “But still above Gerald”
                      Of course you are Farmer.

                      If Mummy’s little retard wants to believe that, why would I want to spoil it for you and introduce you to the cold truth of reality.
                      You have managed to exist so far Farmer without bothering about reality or the truth, so why would I want to spoil it for you now.

                    4. That’s kind and generous of you, Gerald. Not at all self-seeking.

                      Are you sure that you’re a Zionist?

                    5. Farmer I did explain to you above about whether I should be called a Zionist or not.
                      Your memory is also clearly faulty.

                      Is there any part of your brain that works properly Farmer, or are you a throwback to the Neanderthals?

                    6. Naw, think my memory’s fine. Can remember that the Bible tells how the Jews who aren’t indigenous invaded and butchered from elsewhere, whereas you can’t remember that.

                  2. So you want to cite The Bible as a credible source do you Farmer.

                    I do remember Ezekiel 47: 13-20.

                    Now that you have outed yourself as a closet Zionist, you might find that a replacement for the dysfunctional Farmbot comes sooner rather than later.

                    1. “Now that you have outed yourself as a closet Zionist”

                      You really don’t understand what others are saying to you, Gerald.

                    2. No Farmer the truth is that you do not understand the meaning of the content of ‘your’ posts.
                      You think you have posted a witty response when all you have done is to further expose the depths of your ignorance and stupidity.
                      Sadly for you ignorance can be cured by education but the stupidity that you display is probably part of the same mental illness that make you an anti-Semite and apologist for the vile Nazi regime, and beyond cure.

  17. Bellers, I do like it when you feel the need to break with your “on-liners for impact” rule, even if it’s only to rehash the old “just a coffee break for me” slogan first used about 18 months ago.

    Seriously, predictability, repetition and patterns. The bots are coming for you boychik.

      1. I run my own race Chaboobi. Isn’t on me if the opponent doesn’t show up.

        Saw the film of your lot in London yesterday doing the whole “River to the sea” shtick. Which ones were you and Michael?

          1. Which handicapped people are you taking the piss out of Michael, all of them or just Jews?

            Have a word Bellers? Say what you like. It’s not on me if you lot keep giving us an open goal.

    1. Stephen if 5 people know, that is 4 more than would read it on your blog “BumBitersRus”

        1. “But I read it Gerald….”
          You read it Stephen?
          Judging by the standard of its content I thought you just threw it together without bothering to read it.

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