The greatest enemy of truth telling is lazy journalism

The greatest enemy of truth-telling about the Israel / Arab conflict is lazy journalism. Everyone knows Hezbollah are the bad guys. but as you work your way down the ladder of hate, things become progressively more difficult. At the grassroots level of anti-Israel street activism, the lines have become so sufficiently blurred through lazy journalism that you really need to unravel a maze of inaccuracy to get the true message across.

Any reporter writing about such activity needs to do his research. Failing to do so inevitably means the media outlet will badly misinform their readers. Outfits like Palestine Action or the Palestine Solidarity Campaign are not instantly recognisable as a hate group solely because journalists are not doing their job properly.

Organisations such as Camera and Honest Reporting spend all their time fighting back against errors in reporting on Israel. Whilst sometimes the culprit is a hostile journalist, many of the worst cases, come down to simply laziness.

Lazy journalism is an enemy of the truth

As an example I want to use a recent article in ‘the Oldham Times’. The Chief Reporter of the OT is Nick Jackson. As local groups in the region organised a protest outside a factory connected to Israel defence company Elbit, Jackson penned this article for his paper:

lazy journalism oldham times

This ‘Peace Protestors’ headline was not the mistake of a lazy editor. In his opening paragraph Nick Jackson refers to the protesting groups as ‘peace campaigners’.

The article focuses on ‘the Oldham Peace and Justice Group’. The first mistake is that the OPJG are the only group mentioned in the piece. A quick look at the event page shows other co-hosts – Manchester Palestine Action and the Manchester branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. In the ‘peace group’s own report on the protest, Halifax friends of Palestine and Liverpool friends of Palestine are also mentioned. The five groups managed to bring about eighteen people between them.

This is not the first time this has happened in the Oldham Times. In 2018 Nick Jackson made exactly the same mistake:

The headline is outrageous and the comment about ‘slaughter’ clearly stands out as vile and false opinion being presented as fact. But the problems run much deeper than this. Any reporter calling people ‘peace campaigners’ must surely look at the group’s activities. After all, I doubt Nick Jackson would refer to North Korea as a democracy, simply because they  have the word ‘democracy’ in their official title. In the 2018 article Nick Jackson bases his piece on the words of ‘Adie Mormech, a ‘protester and street theatre performer’. In the real world Adie Mormech, who goes by Adie Nistelrooy on Facebook is a hardened activist from the International Solidarity Movement and a member of the thuggish group Palestine Action.

Nistelrooy also hangs out in the sewer that is Palestine Live, mixing it up on the street with well-known antisemites such as Elleanne Green.

lazy journalism

The Oldham anti-Israel outfit

The Oldham ‘Peace and Justice’ group do not state they are explicitly an anti-Israel movement, but it seems that the Israel conflict is the only one these ‘peace loving’ people of Oldham have heard of. Of the 100s of posts made in 2020, only a single nation is attacked – Israel. The group have no time for any of the other problems in the world.

The group is in effect two women, Caroline Bedale and Jacqui Greenfield.

Their page receives virtually no comments or support. Except for the occasional rabid hater who pops up to make his mark or push antisemitic conspiracy theories:

lazy journalism

saying Israel is ISIS

Most of their recent posts have been to promote the hate group Palestine Action. Peace? This next image is a Palestine Action activist trying to throw a brick through a window.

Palestine Action is a violent group that supports the destruction of Israel. It has no problem with antisemites or Holocaust denial, with well-known denier Sarah Wilkinson often turning out for the group. This image of Wilkinson at a Manchester protest was shared by the Oldham Peace Group:

What type of ‘peace group’ supports brick throwers and Holocaust deniers?

Co-hosts of the event, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a group inundated with activists who hate Jews. This hate group also support the destruction of Israel. So do the equally toxic Liverpool and Halifax Friends of Palestine

In other words the peace campaigners referenced in the article are brick throwing thugs, antisemites, hard-core haters, Holocaust deniers and a few naive folk who obsess over Israel and have aligned themselves to a movement seeking to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East.

No Justice – no peace

Anti-Israel activists are not ‘peace campaigners’. None of these groups have ANY CONTACT at all with Israeli peace groups, or groups that cross the divide and work building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians. They represent a side in the conflict and these groups REFUSE to talk to Israeli peace groups. They adhere to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement that never mentions peace at all. Peace is not on the agenda for any of them. What they claim they seek is ‘justice’ – but then the question is – whose justice?

Those behind the Palestinian cause create demands that can never be met, wrongly state they are internationally sanctioned positions and then they suggest they will fight until this ‘justice’ has been brought to serve. This justice includes the destruction of the Israeli state that could only possibly come about through war and massacre. What type of peace is that?

The movements behind the boycott movement BDS, are those such as Hamas and the PFLP, both terror groups. To the radical Islamic terror group Hamas, justice involves throwing people from roof.

It is unforgivable that any journalist would buy into this deceit and help to propagate these lies by calling activists such as these ‘peace campaigners’ in articles. It takes just two minutes of research to expose the truth. Two minutes Nick Jackson obviously was not prepared to take.

Our greatest enemy – lazy journalism?

The article above by Nick Jackson is just one recent example of what is a really dangerous situation. Casual readers see the word ‘peace’ alongside the image of the Palestinian flag. If anti-Israel activists are ‘peace campaigners’ – then what are pro-Israel activists? If Palestine = peace, then what does Israel equate to?

The Oldham Times and the journalist Nick Jackson are guilty of spreading dangerous fake news. These local outlets slip under the radar. There are 1000s of small regional papers and their articles are often shared and read online within their community groups. They tell their readers lies and their false message spreads. Brick throwing antisemitic thugs become ‘peace campaigners’. When Jews opposing them get attacked, it can therefore easily be seen as ‘justice’. Thus the safety of British Jews becomes compromised. It is our duty to seek out these ‘fake news’ errors and make sure they are addressed.

Perhaps we should start by letting Nick Jackson and the Oldham Times know that this lazy journalism is as dangerous as it is unacceptable.



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148 thoughts on “The greatest enemy of truth telling is lazy journalism

  1. This reminds me of the time the rabid racist, Pollard, he of that pillar of the Israelist gutter press, the Jewish Chronicle, referred to Scoffie as a ” tireless worker for Middle East peace”

  2. Thanks Stephen Bellamy, your obsession with demonising Israel, via ad hominem attacks, lies and distortions, serves as a warning to us all. You’re a great example of the type of person that David writes about.

    1. Tony, you’ve missed listing the lies. Could you please include them by return of post?

      Waiting excitedly.

      1. Tony, are you compiling the list I asked for? … or are you hiding?

        Still waiting excitedly.

        1. Question for you Farmgirl….

          What kind of a person celebrates the successes of a vile human rights abusing regime like Iran…..whilst choosing to demonise the world’s only Jewish state and the only country that comes close to being a western style democracy in the Middle East ?

          I await your answer excitedly !!

          1. Wait over, Dobby.

            I’m not celebrating the human rights abuses in in Iran, nor Israel.

            I’m celebrating that the dictator US is losing the power to dictate just who can do what in this world of many nations.

            Given its actions there are many who wouldn’t want to see another of what you term ‘the world’s only Jewish’ state(actually a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state)

            Comes close? Moving away from democracy actually.

            1. So if Biden get elected and tries to impose an arms embargo against Israel then you would be against that……right ?
              We wouldn’t want to be seen to be a hypocrite now would we ?

              Btw a democracy is a country where every adult citizen gets a vote….
              I felt I had to explain that because you didn’t seem to know….

              There is a big clue in the Israeli flag as to what sort of a country it is….
              I’m sure we have been over this several times…..but as you appear to be a bit slow on the uptake I thought I would mention it again….

              Hope you don’t mind……?

                1. And Iran…..?
                  If you are pro human rights then you will agree that they should also sanction Iran right ?
                  Which means you are not in favour of the lifting of the arms embargo against Iran after all !
                  Better put the champers away…..?

                  1. Fascist Iran

                    – executes gays, hanging them from construction cranes
                    – stones girls to death
                    – has DRESS CODES for men and force women to wear black sacks that only expose part of their face
                    – used CHILDREN to clear minefields after the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war

                    Marg Bar Iran and Pal-e-SLIME!

  3. You can always tell when Christmas is coming. Some lass from TOWIE turns on the festive lights in Aylesbury in mid October. The Radio Times starts trailing its holiday schedule and old Bellers dusts off his Winter Range of “Jews I’ve known better than their own wives knew them” first aired around 7 years ago. It’s as familiar as the Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special but less funny.

    Wonder if there’ll still be the annual Christmas Market in Haifa this year what with all the Corona and apartheid and that.

    1. oh its you again. But since you mention christmas markets and similar……

      When the spring season of the village film club was cancelled, folks were saying ” never mind we can look forward to the autumn season”. I felt compelled to tell them not to be so fucking stupid and that they wouldn’t even be singing carols round the christmas tree this year.

      Haifa has no chance especially as only folks within a 499 metre radius of the market place could go anyways.

      Anyway I feel compelled to point out that TOWIE is essex and anyways the fewtive lights in Aylesbury are traditionally turned on by Aylesburys most famous sons, John Otway and Wild Willie Barret.

      But anyways I got a joke for y’all.

      Why wasn’t Jesus born in Eaaex ?

  4. I think this is the paragraph we were most proud of …

    “Once the process of the grand larceny of Palestinian land and property is completed to Israel’s satisfaction, once the bulk of the Palestinian population are safely corralled up in urban ghettos, (Jericho, Nablus and Bethlehem are templates), see link below, once Israeli Jews have swarmed over the rest of the land to a satisfactory degree, there will be a Roman style peace guaranteed by Israeli/American military might. A kind of peace, but no justice.”

    1. Oh, you know us Bellers (probably better than our own wives know us eh?) As long as we’ve got the happiest Arabs in the region that’s really job over for us.

      Reckon I could turn that into a nice slogan. Now, be a good lad and say “Oh it’s you again” in the style of the Head of the International Desk at the Oldham Chronicle on discovering that Bahrain wasn’t where he thought it was.

      1. haaa yes we have the happiest blacks in Africa. See I do know you guys better than your own wives, mainly because I pay you more attention

        Next stop ” this will hurt the blacks more than it hurts us ” huh ?

        1. Correct Bellers. That’s how we roll in these parts. Building the Greater Israel, 499 metres at a time.

            1. Always Bellers. After all, I’ve got what I want. You and the lads aren’t happy about that so it’s on you to try and do something about it with your slogans and copy/pastes. I’ll be here on the sun terrace as always watching you give it a go.

              1. You are like the guy that picks intense arguments about the likely outcome of a football match 5 minutes before kick off. I on the other hand am content to watch the game knowing the outcome will be clear for all to see in 90 mins to 2 hours.

                Is that where your computer is located ? On the sun terrace ?

                1. I can see you put effort into that analogy Bellers. Bit flawed though innit. We won the game 70 odd years ago. We’ve retired to stare at our big full trophy cabinet and you lot have spent the time since trying to get the result voided and the silverware returned. We dont need to do anything now. It is 100% on you if you want to change things. Im just a spectator now in your game.

                  1. I am just a spectator too. No need to do anything. Israel will collapse under the weight of its internal contradictions, al a apartheid South Africa and the Soviet Union. To paraphrase Rivka Mitchel, nothing to do but watch as it goes to hell without any prods from me.

                    It would seem that we are both happy.

                    1. I can only speak of my own happiness Bellers. After all I’m not the one rushing to pro Israel websites every day to get my snark on. That’s all you. But as you say, if that brings you happiness then you do you.

                    2. Meanwhile here in the real world Israel goes from strength to strength with more and more countries wanting to do business with the world’s only Jewish state…..
                      However much you don’t want it to happen…..Israel has succeeded spectacularly where it’s Arab neighbours have failed….
                      Suck it up…..

  5. Wearying though it is to have to keep adding perspective or corrections to these bliog, it would help if, when discussing the so called Palestinians, if it were made clear that peace is attainable. However, as was made clear by President Bush on 24 June 2001, and subsequently by the Isrraeli PM Arik Sharon, first violence has to cease and Israeli sovereignty recognised. There was nothing new in this, either. The 1993 Oslo accords, signed by Arafat, included both.

    Violence has not ceased, and Israeli sovereignty remains unrecognised by Abbas.

    1. Sovereignty over which areas? PA(PLO) did recognise Israel and its right to exists way back in ’93. Much good has it done them. Israel has NOT reciprocated.

      There is still ‘violence’ from BOTH sides, mostly from Israel. More Palestinian deaths than Israeli.

      1. Well Israel did ethnically cleanse Gaza of it’s own citizens back in 2005…..much good it has done them…..
        All they got in return was barrage after barrage of Iranian made rockets….

        Ah well……you live and learn I suppose…..

        1. But what you’ve learned, Dobby, is hasbara.

          Israel didn’t leave Gaza to be nice. Israel left Gaza to better secure the West Bank for themselves. The cost was proving too great and the proportion of occupied to citizens was becoming an embarrassment.

          Funny thing is that the world still classes it as being occupied given Israel’s control of its borders its airspace and its waters.

          See, Dobby, you’ve lived and now you’ve learned. Say thankyou.

          1. Hasbara huh ?

            So you are saying Israel should take over from Hamas and build some settlements there ? Maybe turn it into another Haifa or Tel Aviv ?

            Interesting suggestion…..

            Didn’t think I would ever hear it from you though…..

            Good to see you are thinking intelligently at long last…..

            1. I think you should get someone to read the post for you and explain what I AM saying. Seems that you go into a dream and imagine unrelated stuff.

              1. Well either you want Israel to vacate Gaza (which they have actually done) or take it over again…..?

                Which is it Farmgirl ?

                Are you against ethnic cleansing or are you in favour of it ?

                I await your reply with eager anticipation……

    2. Not sure what this has to do with the blog at all – it is like you feel the need to gripe and take issues with straw men to do so. No problem with it – if this is what makes you feel better John- but I do think I should point it out. On previous occasions I spent time explaining why your comment was misplaced – but you ignored them – so this time I am just making do with letting others know that empty griping seems to be your thing.

      1. Wrong, David. You haven’t explained, you’ve given David’s opinion…. which I maintain is very suspect.

        The last thing you want is peace, hence the years maintaining the great divide.

  6. David hits the nail on the head; lazy journalism has severe repercussions whether it is international, local, economic/financial, health and any other subject.

    Choice of words and lying by omission and commision alter the truth to suit the agenda.

    Talking about ‘peace campaigners’ when there is no evidence in their actions and literature that they want, or even recognise peace is lying by both commision by stating an untruth (they peace seekers), and omission by not explaining the ‘campaigners’ true intentions (the destruction of Israel)

  7. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    I have searched many times to try find where the PLO stated their recognition of Israel’s right to exist, without success.

    If you can show me any documents that show PLO recognition of Israel, I would be grateful

    The PLO Charter is unchanged (although Arafat did say it would be amended) and that document and its other amendments still dictates and guides PLO policy

    The Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of the Jews (no mention of Israelis) and Israel, and their Charter amendments do not alter Hamas’ aim to destroy the Jews and Israel

      1. Michael, I’ve just had a private message from that dope that posts as Bruce. He’s having his bris on Thursday and very thoughtfully offered you the gribbeny so you’d finally have some skin in this game. That was nice wasn’t it?

  8. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    Please explain how Trump is a dictator.

    He was elected to Presidential office according to the electoral rules of the United States Constitution, and in a couple of weeks he may, or may not be elected/ejected out of office.

    The laws he wanted passed had to be approved or rejected by the other two US Government houses and all Executive Orders were subject to Judicial Challenge.

    If you call that dictatorial then you are even stupider than I imagined

    1. US threatened that countries that traded with Iran would be targeted. Dictating to the world who can trade with whom.

      1. Boycotting a serial human rights abusing regime like Iran… a bad thing ?

        You are not making any sense……as usual…..

        1. Israel is a serial human rights abusing regime, yet talk of boycotting it is met with squeals of ‘antisemitism’. Boycotting Israel is a bad thing?

  9. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    Israel does not control all of Gaza borders.

    In case you are a bit slow of learning, Egypt has a border with Gaza; or is this truth a little complicated for your comprehension

      1. Even Egypt hates “pal-e-slime”

        because “pal-e-crime” supports terrorists like

        Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Hebzola, HamASS, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamofascist Iran, terrorists like those who murdered tourists in Luxor.

          1. Stupid Sharmuta,

            Islam was SPREAD by Terrorism. over 1,400 years.

            Islam encourages followers to use Terrorism to punish opponents.
            See the 10/16/20 beheading of the French teacher over satirical cartoons.

            Islamists Terrorize fellow Muslims, murders fellow Muslims.

            Jews prevailing over Terrorist Muslims AKA Pal-e-Terrorists is a “Nakba”.

            Islamic Terrorism is why people have to be scanned at airports all over the World.

  10. Michael

    You dimwit

    I have told you I cannot find it and this is your reply;

    …..”Mike Farmer on October 19, 2020
    …..;Keep searching …. it’s there. Perhaps ask the Israeli Embassy.”

    When someone says they can’t find something and asks for some help (me) in finding the evidence, a person (you) who claims they have knowledge of the situation then offers help.

    When someone (you) makes a claim, and then is unable to supply evidence of said claim, they normally resort to prevarication and obtuseness to hide their ignorance/stupidity

    1. Clue for you, Richard

      Sept 10 ’93

      In an unprecedented move toward ending the Middle East’s most enduring conflict, Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization agreed on mutual recognition Thursday, declaring their intent to begin living not as enemies but as neighbours.
      The agreement, the most important breakthrough since Israel was fashioned out of the territory of Palestine in 1948, does not assure permanent peace but for the first time underscores both sides’ readiness to coexist in a region convulsed by their conflict for most of this century.

      1. Saeeb Erekat is sick. Does he go for treatment in “palestine” by “palestinian” doctors?

        Hell No.

        He goes to ZION ISRAEL for successful Medical treatment.

        “Top Palestinian official Saab Erekat in critical condition|

        The senior Palestinian negotiator Saab Ereket, 65, is in critical condition Monday morning at Hadassah Ain Karem hospital suffering from covid-19. Having contracted coronavirus earlier this month, he was rushed to hospital from his home in Jericho Sunday night when his condition deteriorated. The hospital reports that the Palestinian official is under sedation and attached to a respirator. He is treated as a high-risk patient having had a lung transplant in the US three years ago. “As a transplant patient, Mr. Erekat’s case is highly complex,” said the hospital. Hadassah’s top physicians are overseeing his care and conferring with colleagues on the best course of treatment.”

  11. Ian….

    After all I’m not the one rushing to pro Israel websites every day to get my snark on.

    OK you just had your first day off in 7 years. Don’t let it go to your head

  12. Michael

    You just said this most ridiculous statement

    ……..”Mike Farmer on October 19, 2020
    ………Were Egypt to allow imports through Egypt then Israel would act.”

    Prove it you dimwit.

    Supply some evidence

  13. Michael

    America is at war with Iran.

    Ever since the Iranians broke International Law by attacking and occupying the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, a low level war of attrition has been waged between the two countries.

    If you are/were unaware of the situation maybe you should study some history. Your ignorance is ridiculous

  14. Michael

    All very well telling me about an agreement; but where is it written and by whom is it signed. Without this it means nothing

    Arafat said a lot of things; including that he would change the PLO Charter. The PLO Charter remains unchanged and the Palestinians still call for the destruction of Israel.

    Where is the written and signed agreement from the Palestinians saying that they accept the Jewish State of Israel right to exist, because without this it’s all just more smoke and mirrors.

    Nudge nudge, wink wink as in Monty Python which means zilch is fried apple in fenugreek and fluffballs

  15. Michael

    Your assessment about Israel controlling all borders while ignoring the fact that Egypt shares a border with Gaza, and implying that Egypt doesn’t have control of its Foreign borders because Israel has power over them is just more of the endless rubbish that you spew out; possibly even thinking that you are being clever and intelligent at the same time.

    International relations requires a bit more than your inane evidenceless fact free assessments

  16. The greatest enemy of truth telling is lazy journalism? We all know that those slimy Zios have their fat grubby fingers in the pie of the UK media, along with agents of the apartheid state. How many journalists and politicians have been bribed or blackmailed by Mossed agents? Just ask that mothrfckr Shai Masot.

    1. Hey ImaM Oron, One of your pajama boys beheaded a teacher in Paris,

      and then your jihadi pig got BLOWN AWAY Indiana Jones style by Paris police.

      NOW France will be deporting 200+ of your Jihadi swine before they can murder others – unfortunately too late for the teacher.

      “President Emmanuel Macron has ordered a sweeping crackdown on radical foreigners following the brutal beheading of a teacher on Friday in an Islamist terrorist attack. “Islamists will not sleep peacefully in France,” he told a defense council meeting on Monday. Minister of Interior Gerald Darmarin has listed for expulsion 231 foreigners red-flagged under the anti-terrorism alert law. They include 180 already behind bars and 51 about to be arrested. Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco will be offered deals to take back their Islamist nationals.”

      Happy Nakba Piglet!

  17. Brucie babes (the foul mouthed pretend rabbit)

    Have you been imbibing the tainted moonshine.

    That last post of yours was probably your most illiterate to date

    Pretending you are peddling some form of religion seems to be starting to addle your already confused belief system

    1. Why so nasty Stinky Dick? With the weather turning cold, I can get you some striped pajames made in Poland for a good price.

  18. Michael

    Between you and the ‘pretend rabbi’, it’s becoming difficult to decide who is which is what.

    You are both contributing more and more confused and illiterate posts

    It seems you both in a competitive race to the nether regions of the sewer system.

    Do enjoy.; it goes well with some of the trash you both post

  19. Michael

    Enjoy the sewer; it was made for you.

    And yes, I drink a lot of water and eat lots of garlic; it helps to keep the sewer rats at bay

  20. David, I’m not sure how you can so easily brush aside the “slaughter” headline. It belies the notion that this is just a matter of laziness, and rather seems to hint at activist journalism. At that point the motives change entirely, and the due diligence you have done is clearly not part of the picture he is intending to paint

  21. Brucie Brucie (the foul mouthed pretend rabbi)

    Nothing nasty in my post.

    Just a dose of truth.

    And if you find that being derogatory to the memory of the Holocaust and concentration camp victims is a joke with your striped pyjama imagery, then so be it.

    That you can pretend to be a man of religion and then denigrate and diminish the suffering of Holocaust and concentration camp victims with your crass and intemperate language makes you a fraud in every sense of the word.

    But just carry on in this manner, confirming the reality and truth of what David writes

  22. Calm down dear!! All I offered you was a good deal on Polish-made striped pyjamas. Would make a great Hanu-kah gift! Excellent quality!

    1. Richard, in your exchanges with the comedy cleric, you will remind him of his promise to me; that following his circumcision later this week, I was promised the off-cuts to give to Michael so that he can finally have some skin in this game. Seemed like a good waste management solution, recycling obsolete parts, right?

        1. Bellers, at the risk of going all Michael and regurgitating crass slogans like he does, I’m always here. You’re the constant visitor.

          When you keep saying you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this or that, you’re fibbing you little scamp.

                1. Correct Bellers. We have often agreed that we are obviously not here for instruction or education but only for spite and shithousery. Let’s stay in our lane.

  23. Brucie Brucie (the foul mouthed pretend rabbi)

    And all I did was to reply that you are are a foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator and diminution merchant

    Fair cop

  24. No no no; this is the 28th millionth and a quarter times seven of the weeks of the day.

    You see, being stupid doesn’t take much effort



    The United Arab Emirates officially submitted a request to Israel to open an embassy in Tel Aviv!

    The Times They Are a-Changin’

  26. Michael

    For a dimwit like you it’s the stupidity that is the state of normality.

    You are the master of the inane, the meaningless, the incoherent and the irrelevant and out of context commentary.

  27. Collier – “This justice includes the destruction of the Israeli state that could only possibly come about through war and massacre. ”

    Utter rubbish. Justice can come about through right of return and equal rights for all in Israel. Israel rejects this.

    1. Spouting disingenuous shite again Michael. Go you!!

      Justice looks like punishing Arab aggression and recognising the complete failure of their anti-Israel military ambitions. We have zero responsibility to reward this failure and they should be on their knees begging our forgiveness rather than making demands of anyone. Their leaders are lucky fuckers to be receiving treatment for COVID in our hospitals. If only they hadn’t spent all that aid money paying murderers, they’d have had some ventilators and medicines of their own and wouldn’t be dependent on Jews. Bet they love that.

      “Right of return.” You’re such a mong Michael!!

      1. Actually I been checking it out and I have a right of return as well as Jews. Apparently there was a small colony of West Cork dinosaurs that had meandered over and set up a colony around Beersheba. It did of course go kaput when the asteroid hit like the rest of em. I checked it out with The Great Real Estate Agent in the sky and he confirmed it

    1. Remember when you (and/or your team)came up with this one Bellers and thought ” here’s a mad yid. Put him next to Dave and that’ll do for him, by association” ?

      Did you still think you’d be having to copy/paste the same shite all these years later to get the result ?

        1. But did you?

          If one of your team mates had said, “Hey, Bellers. That post shitting on that bastard Collier, with the shouty old Jewboy kicking off. You’ll still be pushing that one in 7 years” you’d have told him to do one, right?

        1. I’m not a betting man Bellers, mugs game. But I reckon there’s more chance of Michael having an original thought or that knob that posts as Bruce getting his Bris than you ever getting a result.

          Of course I imagine that you have your own rather specific idea of what a result looks like.

            1. Anyway now we are both behaving like the soccer pundits having heated arguments about how a game will work out 5 mins before kick off. Only time knows but I am confident

              1. You guys do that a lot. When in doubt, the default is always a return to some slogan or other.

                I’ve said before that there are real patterns to your posts, obviously some more apparent than others. I still reckon that in a year or so Dave’s team and yours could set up bots to do this with the same charmless spite as us and you could start to do something with your life that is less harmful to your mental health.

                  1. Very much my point Bellers. I’ve noted your persistence with a lot of the older slogans, even some of the newer and obviously weaker material. You kept the “oh it’s you again” routine going even when it was clearly working against you and are quite happy to attempt provocations based on any old shit that I’ve drip fed you over the years. I’m sure I mentioned something about a criminal record and a dubious medical background but maybe you weren’t paying attention that day. This rigid default to fixed slogans suggests a fairly strict training in this sort of thing. This much is clear and confirms my suspicion that a bot could do our thing just as well. On the evidence I thought that Michael may have already been replaced with one but he makes too many careless mistakes here to fit that bill.

          1. You’re thinking of punctuality, Bellers. Nobody’s ever there to appreciate it.

            Let me so the gags. You stick to the snark. It’s much more your thing.

  28. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    We’ve been over this time and again.

    Where in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), besides Israel, is there a functioning democracy that has an Independent Supreme Court and guarantees its citizens full and complete human and civil rights.

    Where in the MENA countries, besides Israel, are the rights of minorities guaranteed and protected by law

    Jews have already been almost expunged from all Muslim/Arab countries, and the Christian minorities have been decimated; and let’s not talk of the Yazidis, the Bahai, the Kurds, the Copts, the Berbers,etc etc.

    Minorities in almost all the MENA countries, besides Israel, suffer discrimination; discrimination that is cultural, economic, physical and religious

    If Israel is destroyed and the Muslims/Arabs become a majority between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, who would guarantee the equal rights of minorities (especially the Jews), and who would guarantee that the state would become (let alone remain) a functioning democracy with full civil and human rights for all

    When you can answer these questions we may listen to you. Until then you are just another wanker that wants to see the Jews ANNIHILATED/ETHNICALLY CLEANSED from the Middle East

    1. Seek help, Richard. You have a skewed view of Jewish History … and Israeli legislation.

        1. Could you two help me with a bet that I’ve been discussing with Bellers above?

          Are there any circumstances Michael in which you think you’ll ever have an original thought and Bruce, you think you’ll ever have your circumcision?

          Let me know. Bellers is waiting.

  29. Brucie (the foul mouthed pretend rabbi)

    Judging from your posts on this blog, I’d never really given you much credit for intelligence; and this comment illustrates and reinforces that impression

    1. Hey, All Hollows Eve is approaching! What fancy dress costume are you planning to wear Stinky Dick?

      With a bit of imagination those striped pyjamas can be put to good use. You and Zio Dracula can go trick or treating together.

  30. Just returned from my hospital/care home outreach visits. In addition to talking to and praying with patients, staff and residents, I also talk about, lead discussions and distribute literature about human rights and the crimes of apartheid Israel. What a mitzvah!

    1. Did they say anything about your impending circumcision?

      Bellers and I have been discussing this today.

      1. I’m 100% Kosher and have been circumcised since shortly after my birth.
        Got the certificate to prove it.

  31. “For me – a British Jew fighting extremism & antisemitism”?

    A British Jew smearing and deceiving daily …. giving Jews a bad name single-handedly.

    1. This 100% Kosher Jooo underwent a Brit Milah by a Mohel shortly after my birth. And I have the certificate to prove it.

      1. Catching your todger in your zip doesn’t count.

        I think it would be helpful to clear this up once and for all. I suggest you post a dick-pic here together with a copy of today’s Jerusalem Post with the date clearly visible and obviously you face. We dont want to scare the children so feel free to wear a surgical mask.

  32. Michael

    As per normal here is a another of your totally meaningless, stupid and disjointed posts;

    ………..Mike Farmer on October 21, 2020
    ………..“For me – a British Jew fighting extremism & antisemitism”?

    ………..A British Jew smearing and deceiving daily …. giving Jews a bad name single-handedly.

    Exactly what are trying to say, besides trying to look busy

  33. Michael

    You don’t seem to agree with my post, but this is all you can manage to say;

    ………Mike Farmer on October 21, 2020
    ………Seek help, Richard. You have a skewed view of Jewish History … and Israeli legislation.

    What exactly is skewed about my view of Jewish history and Israeli legislation, and why do I need help?

    You come out with all these meaningless posts; yet you never manage to explain why you disagree with my posts.

    Are you so stupid that you can’t articulate in an intelligent, concise and clear manner what you are trying to say; or is it the fact that you don’t have anything to say that limits your ability to communicate intelligently

    1. You seem to be ignorant as to why there aren’t many Jews in MENA countries.

      Most emigrated voluntarily to Israel and the US, arranged by Mossad and Zionist groups resident in those countries.

  34. Brucie, the foul mouthed pretend rabbi

    You may have had a ‘Brit’, but your foul mouthed rants and your mockery, denigration and diminution of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors, and your expletive laden rhetoric against Jews you disagree with, places you well outside the ‘Kosher’ tent of mainstream Judaism.

  35. Brucie the foul mouthed pretend rabbi,

    The type of language and Holocaust denigration you use, exposes the lie that you are a mainstream ‘rabbi’. I would posit that your language is at complete odds with the tenets of Orthodox Judaism.

    This is your latest contribution to your Holocaust denigration; joking about the inadequate clothing the Jewish inmates of the concentration camps were forced to wear

    ……….’With a bit of imagination those striped pyjamas can be put to good use. You and Zio Dracula ……….can go trick or treating together.’

    You may have had a ‘Brit’, but your foul mouthed rants and your mockery, denigration and diminution of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors, and your expletive laden rhetoric against Jews you disagree with, places you well outside the ‘Kosher’ tent of mainstream Judaism.

    1. You just walked into a furnace “Stinky Dick” Galber.

      I cannot be anti-Semitic, since I’m a Rabbi AND I’m Jewish.

  36. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    Your comments say nothing, and yet you expect them to be understood. They are vacuous unintelligible one liners that are incapable of having any meaning; yet you persist with your kindergarten type banter

    This is your latest offering

    ………….Told you. You have trouble reading posts. Enlist help..

    So explain to exactly what is within your posts that pose a problem as they have no content that requires reading, and even less that requires understanding

  37. Michael

    As you are the replacement Antisemite, I’m not going to argue with you about this subject of Jewish refugees in the MENA countries. The subject has been addressed on these pages many times, and you keep popping up every few months repeating the same things you previously said that were disproved every time.

    I’m not sure if it was Goebbels or Stalin that infamously said ‘If you repeat a lie often enough the people start to believe it’ ; you certainly give this saying great credence by your constant repetition of the same tropes over and over and over

    I have heard enough stories of Arab Antisemitism and discrimination against Jews from the MENA countries by Jews formerly from those countries to understand why virtually the entire Jewish population fled or were forced to leave.

    But a dead head like you is not interested in the truth, you are only interested in bashing Jews, Israelis and Israel

  38. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed pretend rabbi

    Sorry chappy, but your intemperate foul language and Holocaust denigration and diminution are quite inappropriate for a Rabbi.

    And yes, I think you are an Antisemetic racist bigot despite your claims to be Jewish and/or a rabbi

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