The decapitation of Europe’s freedom

Last Friday 47-year-old schoolteacher Samuel Paty was butchered and decapitated near the school at which he worked. His ‘crime’ was to teach his students about free speech. There is a horrific difference in this terror attack that is not being fully digested. This was a community effort. Some Muslims at the school were offended and a protest was launched. A parent brought in an ‘expert’ to help fight the blasphemous teacher. A fatwa was issued and a punishment for blasphemy was handed out. Worse still – despite statements of solidarity with the victim that inevitably filled the political chambers – the message was clear – and teachers all over France received it. Blasphemy in France is a crime punishable by death.

Many writers won’t touch this subject – they are too nervous in case they make a slight mistake that will be used against them. They fear they’ll be shouted down as an ‘Islamophobe’. This in itself is indicative of the problem and shows how our rights to free speech and to defend ourselves are being removed from us. A teacher was brutally murdered for doing his job. Earlier this year a 16-year-old girl in France needed police protection for criticising Islam. We have to talk about this.

The Paris attack is different

Why is this terrorist incident different? In attacks such as the Manchester bombing, 7/7, Nice or even with the murder of Lee Rigby, the specific victims were random. There was nothing random about this attack. This was the application of Islamic law on the streets of Paris. Which is where we arrive at our first hurdle- the western PC reflex to terrorist attacks by radical Islamic Muslims is to publicly state that it is nothing to do with Islam.

But what may hold some weight (I am not saying it does) when a nutcase with ISIS ideology filling his head detonates himself in a crowded venue – does not hold at all when a particular target is butchered because of blasphemy.

Simple fact : It is an argument within Islam. Those Muslims who say a blasphemer must be killed are arguing Islamic law just as much as those who say it doesn’t.

Those who say this is nothing to do with Islam should consider this – if the teacher had done this in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia or Saudi Arabia the same punishment (death) may well have been handed out – in a state sanctioned killing. In places such as Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Libya or the PA areas, he might just have spent a lengthy time in Jail. But the fact is this – one way or another all Muslim majority countries have criminalised blasphemy. All of them.

Ask yourself this question – how many devout Muslims have you spoken to who think Charlie Hebdo did nothing wrong at all?

What took place in Paris is not out of place in Pakistan. In Pakistan at least 51 people recently accused of blasphemy, never made it to the end of their trial. They were killed in extrajudicial murder. Just four months ago, Tahir Ahmad Nasim, a US citizen was shot dead inside a courtroom as he stood trial for blasphemy. The person who smuggled the weapon into the court and gave the weapon to the killer was a lawyer. The large public protest that followed was not for the victim but in support of the killer:

From Pakistan to Paris

Samuel Paty had done everything a teacher should do. He taught of the importance of free speech. He even told Muslim students that might be offended that they could leave the class. None of this mattered. In sharing the caricature of Muhammad from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Samuel Paty had signed his own death warrant.

The terrorist attack

The 18-year-old terrorist, Abdoullah Anzorov, was shot dead but he was no lone wolf. Since the attack about 15 other people have been arrested, including the father of one of the students. Apparently, after the moral and civic education class took place, a parent of a female student filed a complaint with the police, claiming Paty had ‘disseminated pornography’. His daughter did not even attend the class. Then protests took place at the school and online. One parent had turned to a well-known radical Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui for help. On the day of the murder, the killer stood in wait outside the school and ask some students to identify the teacher – he paid them £270 for their help.

Abdelhakim Sefrioui is a well-known extremist. Here is a picture of Sefrioui speaking at an anti-Israel event in 2012:

Radical Islamic ideology is one of the key pillars of anti-Israel activity but is almost never referenced as such in mainstream media. That 2012 anti-Israel event – with an extremist speaker who thinks blasphemy should be criminalised was no doubt misreported as a ‘human rights protest’. ‘Progressive’ elements in the west hold extremists aloft – give them platforms and sometimes even idolise them.

The deception, deflection and lies

For most people in Europe, the attack was a horrific event that has left them shaken. This was a teacher, doing his job and educating his students. For doing that he met a brutal end. But not everyone felt that way. Roshan Salih is the Editor at 5Pillars, a British Muslim news website. Salih laid the blame on Charlie Hebdo:

Paris Roshan Salih

Since the attack Salih has produced a stream of tweets attacking France. Then there are those who think it was a false flag. Ahsen Khan appears from his profile to be a British Muslim:

British Muslim Ahsen Khan Paris false flag

The classic strategy remains delusion and denial – the ‘this is not Islam’ approach.

The truly spectacular comments are from anti-Israel activists. They leave little to the imagination:

Blasphemy in Paris

This terrorist attack was the imposition of Islamist blasphemy law in Europe. Whilst many Muslims do not support the killing, it is also true many do think that blasphemy should be criminalised (and is therefore punishable to some degree). In return, so as ‘not to offend’ – progressives in the west play this down or ignore it. Just as they ignore the antisemitism that is rife in Muslim communities. We make allowances – and we shouldn’t.

If you walked onto Sheffield Hallam campus waving an Israeli flag – you would soon face hostility and serious opposition. Yet the Pakistani flag can be freely and proudly displayed on the campus grounds:

This question lies at the heart of this issue. Why? How is it that we have allowed anti-Israel activity to flourish, when it is obviously duplicitous and rooted in a religious and antisemitic fervour. Islamic societies on campus are often at the front of anti-Israel activity. This is not a ‘human rights’ issue but an imposition of Islamist ideology or discrimination on university grounds. Yet not a single progressive outlet will call them out on it. Instead they ‘play along’ and pretend they don’t see the truth. Or in an even more dangerous turn of events – they are actually supported by Marxist academics as part of their own anti-Imperialist battle. Perversely – the shutting down of the Jewish voice and the no-platforming of pro-Israeli opinion is presented as a case FOR free speech.

This weakness poses a real danger to all of us – not just the Jews. What happened to Samuel Paty was a result of ignorance, stupidity and cowardice. There should be no tolerance – none – for any type or form of Islamic ideology that does not conform to the freedoms and tolerance expected of citizens in our nations. That is the message we should be delivering loud and clear. Our failure to do this has made Europe a breeding ground for extremism. The parents actually thought they had a strong enough position to raise complaints with the school. That misplaced empowerment is our own fault.

Last year, the Foreign Minister of the UAE Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan told us that our own naivety will be our undoing:

We really should be paying more attention. Many lives may depend on it.


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393 thoughts on “The decapitation of Europe’s freedom

      1. Foreign Minister of the UAE Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan …


        Happy Nakba!

  1. Antisemitism!

    ‘Many writers won’t touch this subject – they are too nervous in case they make a slight mistake that will be used against them. They fear they’ll be shouted down as an ‘antisemite’. This in itself is indicative of the problem and shows how our rights to free speech and to defend ourselves are being removed from us”

      1. Did you notice the IRONY that Islam calls itself

        The “Religion of Peace”?

        See 9/11, London’s 7/7, bombing of Pan Am 103, beheadings of Lee Rigby, Samuel Paty, Daniel Pearl, James Foley, ISIS beheading videos, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan, Moscow subway bombing, Manchester arena bombing, Brussels airport bombing, Bali bombing, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, Pulse nightclub massacre, London and Westminster bridge ramming attacks, Beslan school massacre, Halabja Iraq poison gas (a WMD) attack on the Kurds, Armenian genocide by Ottoman Turks, Fort Hood massacre, Brooklyn bridge massacre, Bastille Day truck ramming in Nice France, Luxor Egypt massacre, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombings of inflight passenger planes, execution of gays in Gaza and Islamofascist Iran, stoning to death of girls over “family honour”, Rotherham rape gangs, …

        BIG thumbs up to the Paris police for bringing the jihadi some Street JUSTICE.

        Happy Nakba!

          1. Cheers Michael. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

            I’ve drawn 9 repetitions in this weeks sweepstake. I think Bellers only got 3. No chance.

  2. Ask yourself this question – how many devout Muslims have you spoken to who think Charlie Hebdo did nothing wrong at all?

    Not sure what Edward means by this. Maybe Edward could expand on it a little

    1. You two scamps have got to do what you’ve got to do here, naturally. But think on.

      If the best you can do is dick around with some lightweight provocation on the internet, you’ll only have yourselves to blame if an Islamic nutter goes into your grandkids school and decapitates the sweet old RE teacher for teaching comparative religions to her students in your shit-tip country.

      And when the cops come round to confiscate your computers and find all the weird shit you’ve been posting, no amount of “yeah but Squiffy and apartheid Israel and our hard won freedoms” will help much.

      Don’t be internet dicks. Be better for your families.

        1. Gnasher said

          ” is that O level chemistry failing Ian going to take over looking after the family ? That isn’t going to include me and Wooser is it ? ”

          I said ..

          ” Don’t worry Gnash I will make you a lil tree house and you and Wooz can hide in there. ”

          Gnash said….

          ” But won’t Mossad help him find us ”

          I said

          ” chill out. Mossad are a bit like originality. Highly over rated ”

          Gnash said

          ” Thanks. I may not always show it but I do love you you know”

          I said

          ” I know sweetheart “

          1. Ah good, back to the comfort of slogan repetition and me training you, Bellers.

            Let’s get straight to it then shall we? Say “Oh it’s you again” in the style of Scooby Doo singing the Terry Wogan version of The Floral Dance.

            Get all the words right and you’ll get double treats.

      1. “Be better for your families”

        Perhaps send my child to help to abuse and oppress for a military foreign power?

        1. As I said, you lads do what you’ve got to do here.

          Honestly, I couldn’t give a toss what you nutcases will put up with on your doorsteps and the price you end up paying when shit happens. Luckily, we are rather more robust when dealing with these problems.

          Nonetheless, I’m sure it will be a source of comfort to you to tell yourselves that although lovely old Mrs RE teacher was eviscerated in front of her Year 6s by an Islamic extremist you were doing your bit having a right old snark here.

          So, keep fighting the fight for all those hard won freedoms lads. A result must be around the next corner, right?

  3. Excellent take on this brutal murder. This is about the violent intolerance displayed by many when their ideas are disputed and/or challenged. This was a murder caused by pure intolerance and hatred

    And it occurred a few days after the 20th anniversary of the brutal lynching of two Israeli reservists who had been placed in jail for inadvertently entering a Palestinian area. The Palestinian mob attacked these two men in jail and dismembered their bodies and bragged about it. The iconic picture of a Palestinian showing the rest of the mob his bloodstained hands will live on in infamy.

    The same bloodlust is apparent in both cases

  4. Michael

    Your post refers to a gruesome fire bombing that resulted in the deaths of Palestinians

    Yes, one Jew murdered some Muslim Arabs.
    Israelis treated this act with revulsion, and nobody was interested in why they did, they were just revolted by that action.

    The killing of non-Muslims by Muslims because they blasphemed is quite common in certain Muslim countries and within certain Muslim communities, and many people applaud these lynchings/murders

    If you are trying to vilify Jews and Israelis for one despicable murder that virually all Jews/Israelis were disgusted by, comparing it to a fairly common (at this point) occurrence in the Muslim world, then you are either being disingenuous and stupid or being an Antisemetic ideologue

  5. Michael

    And which is this military foreign power

    Is it Turkey in Cyprus, Turkey in northern Syria, Turkey in Libya, China in Tibet, China to the Uighurs, Russia in eastern Ukraine, Russia in Crimea etc etc.

  6. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    You’re using the same murders twice, just different newspapers.

    This is your favourite methodology; repeat the same thing over and over again in slightly different form in the hope that others will think of it as multiple different cases.

  7. Michael

    In strictly legal terms Judea and Samaria (the Jordanians called it the ‘west bank’ after they illegally attacked, occupied and annexed the it from the Mandate of Palestine under the command of British officers) has a status that is undefined.

    The last time the area was independent and not under foreign occupation before 1967 was under the Israelites/Hebrews/Jews during the Second Jewish Revolt of AD 132-135. Since AD 135 there have been Roman, Byzantine, Arab/Muslim, Crusader, Arab/Muslim, Ottoman, Egyptian, British and Jordanian occupations (with maybe one or two inconsequential short term occupations).

    In 1947 the UN Partition Plan was between Jews and Muslims. The Muslims and all the Arab states rejected the Partition Plan and Attacked the Jews. The Jordanians, under British officers then occupied and annexed Judea and Samaria and renamed it .

    There has been no change to the legal status of Judea and Samaria/West Bank since the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations Mandate of Palestine.

    Again, in strictly legal terms Judea and Samaria/West Bank is disputed territory not occupied territory (despite how much you refuse to acknowledge that fact)

    1. One of life’s small pleasures is beating the fucking shit out of racists and Zios. As if there’s a difference.

      1. Ah, good you’ve turned up. I mentioned that Bellers and I had been discussing the likelihood of your circumcision taking place this week. We appreciate that microsurgery can be done as an out patient so can we look forward to some evidence of the procedure, suitably time stamped in due course.

        No doubt your choristers will welcome the short respite. ( No girth-based gag intended).

      2. I can definitely imagine someone like you Brutes being violent intertwined with an actual racist, but not because you’re fighting. At best you’re with a man being consensual; at worst, you’re committing a crime that should land you in prison. No good elements there troll.

    2. “a status that is undefined.”

      The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that the West Bank is “belligerently occupied” by Israel…. “in strictly legal terms”

      1. Not long to go now Michael and if that Bruce one goes through with his bris today, you’ll finally have skin in the game, only a tiny bit though.

          1. Michael reads but doesn’t comprehend……..oh bugger that’s one of your slogans.

            Have you retired the “Nakba, that reminds me.. ” one? That’s an old fave. Go on. Do it for me for old times sake.

            1. Richard, did you see that one that posts as Bruce trying to be an armchair hardcase above?

              It was quite funny. From the pictures I’ve seen of him, he looks quite a small man with poor physical development and a bit of a paunch. From this it seems unlikely that he would present any sort of physical threat to even the most limited of opponents. Still, if he was more robust it is unlikely that he’d need to write about it on the internet.

              State of these idiots!!

          1. “I’m a Rabbi and Jewish”


            Good luck with the op. Tip; wear your loosest boxers or better still, go commando. You’ll thank me.

  8. Michael

    So you are now selectively quoting the Israeli Supreme Court.

    According to the Law of Treaties in ‘International Law ‘, the territories are ‘disputed’ because they have never been an independent country.

    The territories have never been ruled by a sovereign government and their status does not meet the standards of a state according to the Montevideo Accord on the definition of a state

      1. Why would anybody care about what a genuine racist thinks about racism ?
        Real or imagined ?

  9. Michael

    You dimwit

    I said you were selectively quoting the Israeli Supreme Court

    No judgement is ever reduced to one line, because in the ‘rule of law’ democracies judges have to explain their judgements with context and proof.

    You may have quoted this single line of a judgement out of context, possibly even in contradiction to its actual meaning and intent

    Your normal use of irrelevant and nonsensical one liners and/or out of context incomplete comments that say nothing and mean even less, allows me to conclude that the single line you mentioned in the judgement fits into the above categories

  10. Michael

    Back to quoting your Antisemitic canard

    …..”Mike Farmer on October 22, 2020
    ……Nakba? That reminds me.

    ……No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

    ……Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    The centuries old charge of the Antisemites that ‘Jews only do things for money with malign intent’ is being used by you again Michael

    The MSM, the TV, the radio etc all employ copywriters, journalists, researchers etc for the production of news and opinion. These people all receive money in some form for their labours, whether their audience and the general public agree with the content or not.

    And yet you somehow think David should not receive remuneration for his work because he is a Jew exposing faults in your pet projects; ie the Labour Party Antisemitism issue.

    Holding Jews to a standard different to the standard expected of others is the epitome of classic Antisemitism. Here you read into Davids writings malign intent, and hold him to a standard not expected of non-Jews doing the same work

    Classic Antisemitism Michael, classic Antisemitism

    1. I know, you, and David knows that what he accuses the Labour Party of is utter drivel, no truth in it. He’s a propagandist.

      It’s all smears.

    2. Classic antisemitism, Richard is ‘the hatred of or prejudice against Jews. ”

      No spurious mention of Israel, questioning facts about the Holocaust (which was not unique to Jews), condemnation of its racism, and all the other contrived IHRA examples.

  11. Nope, not a tad antisemitic, Richard.

    “The MSM, the TV, the radio etc all employ copywriters, journalists, researchers etc for the production of news and opinion. These people all receive money in some form for their labours, whether their audience and the general public agree with the content or not.”?

    Is that you suggesting that non-Jews. i.e. all those that aren’t David, only do things for money?

    That’s a terrible anti-goy trope … shame on you.

  12. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    Everybody does things for money; otherwise we would all starve to death. It’s a people thing that people work for remuneration to live

    You are playing with the Antisemitic canard that Jews as a race employ malign intent in the pursuit of money.

    This is a site run by a Jew about things important to Jews, and Antisemitism in the Labour Party was/is of major concern to Jews in the UK (whether you agree’ or not’ is totally irrelevant)

    Within this context you are using the Antisemitic canard about Jews and money; and I believe you are fully aware of what you are doing.

    And yes, it is Antisemitic; so the question is whether you are an Antisemite?

      1. You seem to have just said that lies and untruths are important to Jews ?

        Oooooops……your mask is slipping again Farmgirl….

  13. Michael

    So now you are telling Jews what is important to them. What next; you will be telling Jews if they are Jews , or not

    …..’Mike Farmer on October 22, 2020
    …..”This is a site run by a Jew about things important to Jews,”

    …….Lies and untruths?

    Your comments are well into the realm of Antisemitism

      1. DUMB BELLamy, why should what is important to Muslims, HamASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, WHAAhabbis, Salfis

        be of interest to anyone else ? It is entirely their business

  14. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    Nowhere have I or anyone else called for Antisemitism to be criminalised.

    How you came to this conclusion is a perfect example of your inability to understand what the general conversation is about, and your amazing ability to read into something things which are not there.

    You are the epitome of a troll who has no ability to critically engage in interesting and intelligent debate

    And you are a user of centuries old Antisemitic and anti-Jewish canards about Jews and their malign intent concerning money

  15. Michael

    Your dislike of the IHRA definition of Antisemitism is because it perfectly describes trolls like yourself, and you don’t have anywhere to hide your Antisemitism

    1. I don’t know why Zio’s who suffer from victim mentality syndrome and who always shout antisemitism at the drop of a hat regardless of reason, don’t wear yellow stars to flaunt their victim status. That can be a status symbol. It’s like “look at me” “I lost a distant relative in the holocaust” “don’t you feel sorry for me?” “Aren’t I deserving of special treatment?”

      Two people on this thread who’d embrace the idea are likely David and “Stinky Dick” Gaber who are always accusing others they disagree with, like myself, of antisemitism.

      What are you waiting for?

      1. I’m feeling very excluded from this Panto Provocation, cockle.

        I spend a huge amount of time taking the piss out of you here and have even referenced your very small stature, poor physique and tiny uncut appendage on many occasions and what do I get in return; a funny nickname, a cutting remark, a snarky reference to my dead Aunty Lotte gassed at Dachau or even a nod to my extreme right wing Zionist credentials? Nowt! Not a carrot! How am I going to face the committee at next week’s Zoom with the International Order of Online Narcissists ?

        Come on now. You know you want to and like your young choristers, I’m wide open for it.

  16. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed pretend rabbi,

    When something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and smells like a duck, it is a duck.

    Likewise, when something looks like a dog, barks like a dog and smells like a dog, then it is a dog

    So when someone talks like an Antisemite, and acts like an Antisemite and smells like an Antisemite, then they are an Antisemite.

    Holocaust denial, denigration and diminution for ideological and political and anti-Jewish reasons is a form of Antisemitism, even if it comes from ‘Jews’ and ‘as a jews’ who flaunt their tenuous connections to Judaism as a cover for their anti-Jewish sentiments .Foul mouthed pretend rabbis can also fall into this category.

    1. He’s very effective though isn’t he Michael?

      Remember all those “smears” against that daft old Trot from UK Labour? Where is he now?

      Then there was the Domina and the Publishers and now Amnesty. I know it’s not the same as posting a quota of slogans here day after day, year after year but I guess you lads all set your own bars.

        1. Yes Bellers, I recall you mentioning here that you were in the process of writing up David. That was in early 2017. Your interpretation of timelines is similar to your idea of results; both fairly abstract considerations.

            1. If it takes you 3 years to write something up and are clueless about what a result looks like, Bellers, I’m sure there’s a generation of students that is grateful that you weren’t marking their papers.

              1. Tell you what. I have lways been a lazy gobshite,right Gerald ? But functionaly lazy. Last few years I have been VERY lazy. But you have stung me into action you little tinker. So a deadline for 2 weeks today.

      1. Collier has certainly been effective in convincing yourself and thousands of UK Jews that his lies and smears were true.

        What it has shown is that simple minds will just just take what is fed to them without looking for the truth behind the Hasbara. A sheepish, gullible following.

        Sad how many of them, without proof, were easily fooled to the dark side.

        1. Your right Michael and in the propaganda game that all you fellas play the outcomes are the only things that matter.

          If you’re anti Israel and want things to change then you need to be better than just writing hopeless slogans on the internet every day. Face it Colliers just more effective at getting shit done than you lads.

          1. Busy with the old slogans again Michael.

            When you say you’re anti Israel what do you mean by that, the whole country or just specific aspects of it ?

              1. So, Israeli Arabs too, Israeli Druze, Israeli Christian’s and all the other Israeli minorities?

                Think about this one Michael. We both know where this is going and you know which answer you don’t want to give. Remember Michael, one of your default slogans is Israel is not the Jews. So again, when you say you’re anti Israel, who are you anti ?

                1. Just told you, Ian.

                  Shall repeat a slogan(a truth) again.

                  Israel is NOT the Jews. You are either ignorant of that truth or you foolishly accept David’s lies.

                  Which is it, Ian?

              2. Anybody who supports ‘palestinians” supports

                hijacking planes and attacking civilians, hijacking cruise ships, using children has human shields, using children as expendable slaves to do dangerous work like digging tunnels that collapse on them, using cars to attacks pedestrians, supports stabbing pedestrians, supports beheading teachers, invading the Olympics and murdering athletes, beheading journailists, soldiers on the streets of London, …

              3. Racists like Farmgirl…..cannot be anti racist…..

                He/she seems to be too stupid to comprehend that…..

          2. So you don’t deny your own Jew hated….which explains why you are really here….


            You cannot fight racism……genuine or imagined……by being a genuine racist…..

            Just makes you look like an idiot with zero credibility…..

            Here endeth the lesson….

              1. Farmgirl doesn’t give a toss about Palestinians…..

                He/she just hates Jews…..and doesn’t deny it…..

                That is all….

  17. Just a reminder from your friendly neighourhood Rabbi that Israel is an apartheid state.

    Shabbat shalom.

    1. Good stuff cockle.

      Me and Mathew, your Chief Chorister were chatting about this. He reckoned that your Panto provocation was dead similar to your sexual technique. Neither touches the sides.

      Try double bagging. Your boy at the Vatican has okayed this now.

  18. David Collier
    Reading the experience of @SabriSun_Miller is heartbreaking.

    NO Jewish students should fear the anti-Jewish racism of professors on campus and NO university should leave them to fight it alone.@BristolUni – this has gone on far to(too) long.

    Harry Markham to Sabrina Miller ” Your Jsoc and its refusal to do Israel/Zionist activity only contributes to antisemitism in Bristol. ”

    So, this Harry dishonestly maps Israel/Zionist activity to Jews…. as you always do.

    That defines Harry then.

    1. Bit dishonest of you to take half a quote and decontextualise it to make a false allegation Michael.

      Banging on that everyone’s a liar and then being a big liar yourself. What a shocker!!

  19. Just a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi that the accusation of antisemitism is used by Zionists to deflect attention away from apartheid Israel’s slow-motion genocide of Palestinians.

    Shabbat shalom.

  20. Brucieeeee the foul mouthed pretense rabbi(t), and now he’s pretending to be a doctor

    You are big on meaningless allegations that you then refuse to substantiate, because you either don’t know what you are talking about and/or your information is flawed

    This is your latest stupidity;

    …….Rabbi Dr Levy, Intifada Rabbi on October 23, 2020
    …….Just a reminder from your friendly neighourhood Rabbi that Israel is an apartheid state.

    Now can you be a bit more specific about this rather ridiculous claim about Israel and so-called Apartheid; or are you just going to go into your normal foul mouthed rant about why you won’t supply any evidence to substantiate this ludicrous claim

    And what are you a doctor of/for

    Now wait for Michael Farmer to throw in a one liner or two to further muddy the water

  21. Michael

    You just posted this, another of your ‘pearls of stupidity’ larks,

    ……Mike Farmer on October 23, 2020
    ……It’s racism, belligerence and its abuse of the Palestinians.

    And Michael yours is just racism, belligerence and abuse of Jews, Israel and Israelis in various different measures at different times

  22. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and now pretense doctor of what

    Back to you wild allegations about the supposed ‘genocide’ of your beloved Palestinians by your hated Jews.

    Once again I say that the Israeli Jews are the worlds worst ‘genocidists’, as proven by the fact that the Palestinian population has grown by at least tenfold since 1948/1967, infant mortality has decreased and life expectancy has increased because of the Israeli Jewish health care regimen.

    So if you are ABLE please illustrate where this supposed ‘genocide’ has taken place

    You are big on meaningless allegations that you then refuse to substantiate, because you either don’t know what you are talking about and/or your information is flawed

  23. Hey “Stinky Dick” Galber, At least 5,100,000 Palestinians have been killed since 1948 which has been frequently described by others as a Palestinian Genocide, a term that is amply justified in relation to the definitions of the UN Genocide Convention as outlined below.
    Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention (see: The UN Genocide Convention ) states:

    “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: a) Killing members of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”.

    Using the latest available UN Agency data we can systematically analyze these UN Genocide Convention points thus.

    “Intent to destroy in whole or in part” – sustained (and frequently asserted) intent over about 150 years of the Zionist colonial project; 0.75 million Palestinian refugees in 1948; currently 7 million Palestinian refugees, and 4.2 million Palestinian refugees registered with the UN in the Middle East; over 40 years of illegal Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza; 0.1 million 1948-2011 violent Palestinian deaths, post-1967 excess deaths 0.3 million; post-1967 under-5 infant deaths 0.2 million; 3,600 under-5 year old Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) infants die avoidably EACH YEAR in the OPT “Prison” due to Apartheid Israeli war crimes.

    As for your other question; I have a Doctorate in Divinity (DD).

    1. According to the UN, 500,000 dead in Syrian Civil War.
      1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran.

      Fascist Iran used children to clear minefields – telling children they’ll get keys to paradise if they die during the operation.

      When Muslims (ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram) can’t get along, mistreat with fellow Muslims, how can Muslims ever get along with Infidels???

  24. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and now pretend doctor

    It’s Shabat and you are texting and you claim you are a rabbi

    Isn’t a dumball like you supposed to be praying, or is that just another one of your pretensions

    1. You just walked into a furnace there Stinky Dick Galber! I provide an answer that you have no comeback for and you harp on something else.

      I have a special dispensation to carry out certain activities during Shabbat.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

      Shabbat shalom.

      PS: You bum chum Scoffy’s answer is: “If the IDF is on duty during Shabbat, so am I.” What a prick!

  25. “Israel and Sudan have agreed to work towards normalising relations in a deal brokered by the US that would make Sudan the third Arab country to set aside hostilities with Israel in the past two months.

    Donald Trump sealed the agreement in a phone call on Friday with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, his Sudanese counterpart, Abdalla Hamdok, and Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of Sudan’s transitional military council.

    “The leaders agreed to the normalisation of relations between Sudan and Israel and to end the state of belligerence between their nations,” a joint statement by the three countries said.”

    Another bad day for the racist Israel (Jew) haters….

    Suck it up guys…………….

    1. Michael, we were chatting and you went walkies.

      Yesterday you wrote here that you were anti Israel and I asked you to clarify what you meant by this. You replied that you were against its racism, belligerence and treatment of “Palestinians”

      So, when you say that you are anti Israel are you against the existence of the State of Israel or against things that you believe happen in the State of Israel?

        1. I knew you’d jump in there to help out Bellers. You saw the potential banana skin that Michael was about to come a cropper on. I’ll return to this later so he may need your services again.

        1. More lies and deception Michael. You’ve never been to The Jewish State nor seen the beauty of the Galil or the Golan, a rich tapestry of autumnal green.

          Stick to the slogans. Much safer than writing restaurant reviews for places you’ve never eaten. Bellers cant be digging you out of holes all day.

    2. “Another bad day for the racist Israel (Jew) haters….”

      Are you another who equates ‘Israel’ with ‘Jews’, Dobby?

      When Israel attacks a flotilla boat in International waters and shoots 9 of its crew dead, is that down to Jews?

      When Israel in its serial invasions of Gaza kills thousands of civilians almost half of them children is that ‘Jews’ that are responsible?

      When Israel builds illegal settlements outside of its own borders and flouts the Geneva Conventions on a daily basis is that Jews’ that just ignore them?

      Does that say it all about ‘Jews’, Dobby? … or is it Israel?

      1. Well you need to ask yourself why you hate Israel so much Farmgirl….

        Do you hate Jews because of Israel ?

        Or do you hate Israel because it is the homeland of most of the world’s Jews ?

        I know the answer…..we all do…..but I think you are you much of a pussy to answer this honestly…..

        But we have all read your posts and know what you really think……

        Racists cannot be anti racist……that is all…..

        1. Sharmuta and the rest of her nest hate Israel because the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khybar.

          Happy Nakba to All!

      1. You’re really giving the slogan Rolodex a spin this morning Bellers and making time to save Michael from another careless blunder. Good shift.

          1. I recall Adolf Eichmann saying the same thing in his defence and look what happened to him Michael.

              1. Sounds like a bitterness in your tone there Michael.

                What defence would you have constructed for Eichmann; “all smears and lies” ? That’s not really worked for you here though, has it?. What about “I wasn’t just murdering Jews. It was Russians, Poles, Gays and Nutters too.” That may have made the world feel less sympathetic to Israel and Jews when we fitted him with the old Pierepoint necktie.

                Very keen to see where you go with this or does Bellers need to step in to bail you out again?

              1. Do you have specific knowledge here Michael? Which bits of Eichmann’s trial do you regard as particularly unfair on the defendant, the representation, the disclosure, the burdens of proof, the conduct of the prosecution, the general court proceedings or something else?

                Do you believe that he should have been brought to trial at all?

  26. Michael

    You are an extreme dimwit

    If it wasn’t for the Jews Israel would not be.

    Israel is the Jewish State and a state for and of all its citizens; Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druse, Bedouin and any other small groups that are Israeli Citizens.

    You don’t like this obvious truth; tough. There is one Jewish State in the world, and you’re obsessed with it to distraction. Get a life

    1. “Israel is the Jewish State and a state for and of all its citizens; Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druse, Bedouin and any other small groups that are Israeli Citizens.”

      But Richard doesn’t know that ONLY its Jewish citizens are said by Bibi to be a part of the state.

      .. and Richard also doesn’t know that ONLY its Jewish citizens are afforder self-determination. That’s Apartness! Being treat differently because they are not Jewish. …. and Richard wasn’t aware of what Israel’s laws are.

      p.s. Israel is the only Jewish-majority state in the world.

      Given its racism that’s one too many of course.

      1. Sharmuta, please explain WHY Muslims hate and murder fellow Muslims.

        500,000 dead in Syria.
        1,000,000 over 8 years in the war between Iraq and Fascist Iran.
        execute gays in Gaza and Fascist Iran
        Wars in Afghanistan, Yemen and others.
        Near nuclear war between Pakistan and India – ANOTHER dispute over Land (Kashmir).

  27. Stephen

    Micronesia has been on board for ever. You must up your game, cause you are letting your side down otherwise

  28. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deleted a tweet in which he posted a video claiming Israel and the UAE are advanced democracies after strong backlash online.

  29. Stephen

    That was a March 2018 article, so one must ask what the reason and relevance is for you having brought it up

    Can we now expect another of your ‘pretend village idiot’ nonsensical non answers.

    The person who pulled out of the debate is not much of a freedom of speech advocate is he. Also this was in Scotland which has a virulently anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and Antisemitic atmosphere among certain sections of the populace

    1. Are you a ‘freedom of speech advocate’, Richard?

      What do you think of all the antisemitism add-ons in the IHRA definition.

      When I say that Israel is a racist endeavour, is that ok by you?

      1. Labour was a racist endeavour under Corbyn……

        Thank goodness the British public saw through that……

  30. Trump announced on Monday he would take Sudan, which the US designated as a state sponsor of terrorism in 1993, off the list once it had deposited $335m it had pledged to pay in compensation.

    So, the US will let you buy your way out of its terrorism naughty book. Funny ol’ world.

        1. Sharmuta, you live in the UK which resoundingly REJECTED the Racist, Fascist LaBOOR Party.

          Happy Nakba to Pal-e-SLIME and racist LaBOOR!

        2. I live in the UK too….and I’m delighted we have a PM who is so pro Israel……

          Keep weeping……racist……

          1. We have a government that designates the Israeli settlements as illegal and will impose sanctions on Israel should it annex the PT.

            1. We have a PM who is not a Jew hater and who is not a supporter of Palestinian terror…..which can inly be a good thing

              1. Labour had a leader who was not a Jew hater but sought justice for the Palestinians….. hence the hateful Collier witch-hunt against him.

                1. Labour had a leader who openly supported proscribed terror groups and was proud to call them his friends….

                  David did a wonderful job exposing him…..

                  It is thanks to people like David that Corbynism has now been consigned to the dustbin of political history forever….

  31. David Collier
    The Israelis have always wanted peace with their neighbours.

    Israel has always wanted to expand .. and only peace on its own terms.

    1. “Israel has always wanted to expand .. and only peace on its own terms”

      Yeh…..explains why they gave the Sinai back to Egypt in 1982……cos they want to expand…..duh !

  32. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and pretence doctor

    In 1948 there were less than two million Palestinians. I know that you have a vivid imagination and are consumed with conspiracy theories, but making the ludicrous claim that five million Palestinians have died stretches reality and enters the realms of fantasy otherwise known as la la land.

    If you and Michael are good little uns’ you can go skipping off into the sunset hand in hand. You make a good pair; you’re nasty and foul mouthed and he’s a dimwit. Some may even call you both Antisemitic racist bigots

    1. Your walking into a furnace if you argue with me Stinky Dick Galber. You can’t win.

    2. Only detached, mentally deranged sociopaths, such as yourself, would refer to us as “Antisemitic racist bigots.”

  33. Michael

    In 1948 the Jordanian army led by British officers attacked, occupied and annexed Judea and Samaria and renamed it the West Bank.

    Only the United Kingdom and Pakistan recognized this annexation.

    In the entire period of the Jordanian annexation there was never any talk of establishing a Palestinian State there.

    In fact in the original Palestinian PLO Charter it specifically stated that there sole aim was the conquest and destruction of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian State.

    So if you want to talk about annexation etc., the British and the Jordanians have a head start.

    Talking about occupation, let’s look Gibraltar, Falklands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland etc etc.

    1. So, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland are occupied? … by England?

      Isn’t England a more decent advanced country than Israel. We let them vote for who rules them. We don’t stifle their economy. We don’t have our heavily armed thugs abusing the occupied. Note that we don’t have a Jewish majority.

      Meanwhile, in the West Bank.

  34. Michael

    Are you such a historical ignoraumaus.

    The victors always dictate the peace terms

    The Palestinians are trying to make history by trying to be the first losers who try to dictate the terms for the defeat of the victors

  35. Michael

    Labour had a leader in Corbyn whose aim was the destruction of Israel and its replacement with a Palestine

    Half of Israel’s population are descendants of Jews who were Ethnically Cleansed by the Arab and Muslim countries that they had been resident in for millennia, and were not into risking living in a Muslim majority country where they would be dummies,also known as second class citizens.

    They have also watched the minorities in most Arab/Muslim lands decimated by religious Islamic fanaticism

    And as a Jew, I would never trust people like you and your ilk to safeguard me and mine.
    Nobody saved us during the Holocaust

      1. Lying, like LaBOOR is “progressive”.

        That’s why the Voters REJECTED the racist, and islamofascist Hezbola friendly LaBOOR party.

        Happy Nakba!

  36. Wayhey, what a day yesterday !!!

    The Panto Provocateurs had clearly taken all the drugs and were falling over themselves here, literally, reading each others lines, jumping in to defend each other and stumbling on their arses more often than Heather Mills in a Jell-O wrestling pit after a night on the sherbets.

    #1 highlight was Michael breaking from the customary slogan repetition to suggest Adolf Eichmann wasn’t given a fair trial. But this is a woke world after all and as a renaissance man, Michael is entitled to his view that genocidal Nazi lives matter too.

    The Comedy Cleric that posts as Bruce took to issuing comedy threats from deep behind the sofa where he seems to live with his imagination. Despite being a chap whom photographs confirm is quite a small man with poorly defined physique and a rather jowly appearance he seems to have identified the virtual world as the most suitable to explore his place in the world, given his limitations in reality.

    Veteran sloganiser and Grande Dame of the “Poke Collier Pageant” Bellers was valiant and stepped in twice to help Michael when he stumbled after the “I’m anti Israel” remarks (see above). Best of all though we are finally get to see the Bellers Magnum Opus *******

    Regular lurkers in this space will be familiar with the oft heard Bellers line ” I’m going to write David up”. It started in early 2017 after one of the old Booby’s frequent flounces and comes around once every 5 or 6 months. Well, big news…….after another hissy fit yesterday our Dolly from the Poly has made his periodic pronouncement and has actually set a deadline of Saturday 7th November for publication. I think he mentioned that there’d be a proper launch with snacks and everything. I can only imagine the excitement and anticipation that must be building up amongst his 272 followers as they and we wait with white knuckles and baited, COVID-free breath for the big reveal of “Collier; my part in his downfall”. Note. Michael will be doing the review 3 days before reading it.

    1. Poor physique? I’m the fittest Rabbi. Ever. I pump iron son. Lots of it. Won bodybuilding awards too. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      But thank you for thinking of me.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

  37. I can imagine you lying in bed and composing that in your head and jumping up ant the crack of dawn to post it. Then of courae you go back to bed for the rest of the day to recover.

  38. Just a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi:

    Israel is a racist, apartheid state.

    Palestinian Lives Matter.


    1. Pal-e-SWINE is a racist, apartheid, homophobic, misogynist TERRORtory.

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-CRIME Will Never Be!


  39. The reason Ian is so crap at this game is that he doesn’t have the remotest fucking clue what the game is. It goes a long way to explaining why he keeps failing O level chemistry. He hasn’t figured out what is needed to get an E

    Since this is not much fun as it stands I have half a mind to help him to become a more effective protagonist.

  40. Ian

    I think that this was one of the best descriptions of our ‘terrible trio’.

    The best part though was the very appropriate comment about Michael and his pre-programmed responses to everything; even if he hasn’t read and/or understood or misunderstood what he’s commenting on he still finds it necessary to try spew venom

  41. Stephen

    I think that those descriptions are more applicable to you and your blog, and your periodic attempts to drum up support for said blog on here

  42. Stephen

    I do like the ‘coin and glory’ bit

    It says so much about you, and not very much about the blog and its enormous impact

    But then hey ho tiddly po

    1. Yes, I like the ‘coin and glory’ bit.

      He’s always factual, whereas David ….. yourself …. and Ian aren’t …. and have no desire to.

      1. > Yes, I like the ‘coin and glory’ bit.

        That’s how Sharmuta likes it.

        ‘coin and glory hole’

  43. Feedback and tips from all the Panto Provocateurs this morning. Job done. Now for brekkie on the beach, only 209 metres away. Lucky me.

      1. And by help Bellers, do you mean a write-up?

        Careful about second album syndrome. After the inevitable success of the Magnum Opus , “The War Years; I was Collier’s Double” a follow up ” Me, Ian and a lack of chemistry” could end up in the aisle end bargain buckets after Christmas.

        Still, you know me, (possibly better than my own wife knows me eh?) I have to renew my subs at Narcissists Anonymous on Thursday and this is good material for my 90 days clean speech.

        1. I meant a bit of education to help you get a lil understanding of the nature of the game in order that you might be more fun to joust with. How was the sand eel sandwich ?

  44. Stephen

    Reading this Methodist Church story is like reading an abridged version of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

    It’s all about Jew power and control. Here it is all about the Jews controlling the Methodist Church leadership and forcing it to do whatever those ‘scheming nasty Jews’ want the poor Christians to do.

    The Nazi sympathiser Charles would have been howling his approval.

    An Antisemetic trope of the most regular kind.

    Now let’s wait for the dimwit Michael to offer up one of his normal mindless out of context comments

      1. I guess when a a Muslim suicide bomber murders 22 innocent people in a music venue in Manchester then by association all Muslims are jointly to blame ?

        Is that what you think Stephen ?

          1. Good to hear that Stephen…..

            So it would be impossible to think that a Jew in Islington could be jointly responsible by association for the actions of an Israeli soldier in say Ramallah ?

  45. Stephen

    Another harriet Antisemitic rant lifted from the lessons gained from the,’Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

    Your links to Antisemitic tropes is very similar to your endless attempts to link the British Jewish community with the EDL because a few Jews had links to it for a while

    How does it normally go, ‘a Jew does something wrong and the entire world Jewish community is to blame’

    Another Antisemitic link supplied by Stephen

    1. Flattered to have been shown your sensitive side Bellers, but there’s too much woke going on here for my liking. Old Michael with his Nazi Lives Matter earlier, now you getting all touch feely. I suspect that there are worthier recipients of your teachings than a chap that may or may not have progressed beyond secondary education. You may drum up some interest on the book tour. 13 days to go eh?

        1. Does this mean I get a footnote in the Magnum Opus Bellers, maybe a cool nickname too? I reckon I could even dig out a film of me that you can copy/paste here loads of times. It’s from 2001 so should meet your current brand guidelines quite nicely. It’s on Betamax but you can still make me out as a right shouty yid with a couple of London coppers clinging into my meaty extremities. The accompanying caption could read “Zios say fuck your hard won freedoms” Wanna discuss a deal for image rights?

  46. Hillel Neuer

    ???? Peace between United Arab Emirates & Israel.
    ???? Peace between Bahrain & Israel.
    ???? Peace between Sudan & Israel.

    They weren’t at war, Hillel.

    It’s just selfies being taken for Tump’s benefit.

    These countries after US patronage and weaponry.

    Silver lining is that these countries will NEVER sanction annexation of Palestinian land 🙂

    1. Keep weeping Farmgirl…..

      Saudi Arabia will be next on the list…………….

      Nobody cares about your Jew hating fake pro Palestine agenda anymore…..

  47. The Antisemitic tropes are all true to form. Both the articles you linked to talk of the immense power Jews wield over non-Jews, which is the age old Antisemitic racist bigotry that has contributed to millions of Jews being murdered over millennia

    Jews sometimes have influence, like all minorities. Jews don’t have power in this country. There is a big difference between wielding power and having influence.

  48. The entire allegations that Jews have absolute control over the Methodist Church is absolutely and utterly false. Antisemitic tropes about Jewish power

    That is what both articles implied

    Jews may have influence, Jews don’t have power in the UK

    Jews have power in Israel

  49. Stephen

    You have just posted links to two articles that conjure up the image of Jews controlling others.

    The implications of those posts creates the image of the main Jewish community organisation in the UK of controlling Christians

  50. Michael

    They weren’t exactly at peace either.

    In terms of the Jewish State and the Arab/Muslim States; if they aren’t actually at peace with Israel then they are at war with Israel according to the warped logic of the PLO/PA/Hamas and their various acolytes. Listen to the words and language used by the PLO/PA/Hamas

      1. Keep weeping Farmgirl…..

        Saudi Arabia will be next on the list…………….

        Nobody cares about your Jew hating fake pro Palestine agenda anymore…..

  51. Michael

    Back to your Antisemitic tropes about Jews and their malign actions with money

    …….Mike Farmer on October 25, 2020
    …….Nakba? That reminds me.

    …….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

    ……..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    Everybody does things for money, so your constant reference to David and money on a particularly Jewish blog has Antisemitic overtones

    1. Rubbish. David ISN’T ‘the Jews’. Just a disgrace to them with his untruths and constant smearing. Israel’s probably proud of him.

  52. Stephen

    I’m saying that the wording of the both articles creates an impression of Jews having undue power to change Methodist policy.

    The BoD definitely has meetings with various organisations to try influence things of importance to the Jewish community. That is what they were created for all those years ago.

    The two posts you linked to go much further than reporting on the BoD meeting with the Methodist Synoid, as they imply that the BoD is forcing the Methodists to follow the BoD line.

    So it’s true that the BoD met with the Methodists, it’s a blatant LIE to imply that the BoD was forcing the Methodists to do something they didn’t want, which is what the two articles were implying.

    Does that answer your question. Maybe you should attempt to answer questions sometime.

  53. Brucie Brucie the pretend rabbi and doctor of what.

    You can call me whatever you like, it still doesn’t change the fact that you are a foul mouthed, Holocaust and Holocaust survivors denigrator

    And you haven’t yet told me how the Palestinian population has grown so exponentially if the Israelis had committed a so called genocide

  54. Brucie Brucie the pretend rabbi and doctor of what.

    What is this answer that I have no comeback on. True to your foul mouthed standard there is the kindergarten name calling, and then your vacuous comments that make no sense. You posted this, so maybe you could enlighten me to what you actually mean

    …….You just walked into a furnace there Stinky Dick Galber! I provide an answer that you have no ……..comeback for and you harp on something else.

  55. Brucie Brucie the pretend rabbi and doctor of what.

    The Palestinians are the only people in the whole world that have changed the definition of refugees .
    The Palestinians and their European backers, in one of the most cynical acts of Antisemitism, gave the Palestinians the up till now unknown right to hereditary and perpetual ‘refugeehood’.

    The Palestinians have absolute governmental and security control of Gaza, and yet they have refugee camps.

    There were supposed to be about 450 000 Palestinian ‘refugees’ in Lebanon, yet when they did a census of Palestinian ‘refugees’ there they only found about 175 000.

    The so-called Palestinian ‘refugee’ issue is just a clever ploy to continue milking the gullible west into providing tons of free money for zero return

    1. …. and the ‘right of return’ of millions of Jews to move to a place they’ve never seen or lived in?

    2. “The Palestinians have absolute governmental and security control of Gaza, and yet they have refugee camps.”

      Rubbish. They are effectively occupied by Israel, not allowed to import defence weaponry and cannot leave without Israeli permission. Despicable.

  56. Another day, another matinee at the Panto and it’s little wonder I’m making no progress at Narcissists Anonymous. Bellers wrote 11 posts yesterday, just about me. 2 got a “Lol” from Michael so all is not lost. Maybe he’ll be joining me at the NA meeting on Thursday. Maybe not though. The Magnum Opus; “The Battle of Bamba; The Uncharitable Years” is due and he’ll be dead busy writing it up. 12 days to go and counting. Will he? Won’t he? Who knows? Who cares?

      1. You’ve got a book coming out. What’s not to love Bellers?

        I’ve already got the drinking game planned where we have to take shots of Palwin #11 for every slogan repetition and tabloid tag.

        12 days ’til launch, 6 days ’til Michael’s review. Will you be doing signings?

        1. I have a feeling that you are going to be busier than me over the next 12 days. Lucky for me me you don’t have the remotest fucking clue what you are doing o))

          1. Mental innit Bellers. Which bit of writing shit on the internet and taking the piss out of you am I getting wrong? Not much really considering the amount of attention you give all my uber trivial comments here and your frequent dash to defend poor old Michael from my toss.

            I like that I’ve made you trot out your rather rude judgemental slogans about my incidental bollox for years now. Think I’ll stick with my approach for now.

            1. Good boy. Let it never be said I didn’t offer to help.

              What are you getting wrong ?

              Well the most amusing aspect of your frantic gate keeping is that you are always keeping the wrong gates. This could be an alternative explanation of your perennial O level chemistry problems. That is, you keep thinking you are in a General Studies exam.

              But anyway I am done. Think I will find myself a more deserving cause.

              1. Bless you Bellers. I knew you’d come. You always come. What you’ve never grasped is that there may be gates, gatekeepers, dungeons and dragons in your weird little world. But I am none of them ( although being a dragon may be cool).

                You were booked to knock off the bloke at Number 26 and you’ve emptied your load into the plumber repairing the sink in number 29. Lucky you only ever fire blanks.

                Anyway, as we remind ourselves often, neither of us give a single shit about the other or anything we have to say in this preposterous place and that’s the way it should always be.

        2. I’ve no doubt it will be a lesson to David on factual writing, were David actually interested and capable of such a thing.

              1. Wait, you’re saying that gullible old the majority of the English electorate and the silly old US government and all bar 9 people on the internet are more influenced by Collier’s approach than yours? Wow.

                Not to worry. Bellers says he’s sorting it, so that’s okay.


    HORRIFIC – a woman in #NYC was arrested earlier this afternoon for pepper spraying a Jewish family, including young children, inside their car.

    What has happened to this once amazing city?!

    Well, that’s the US for you. Anyone can be sprayed.

    ’19/09/2020 · A high-profile incident in which a Seattle Police officer doused a 7-year-old boy with pepper spray at a Black Lives Matter protest was “lawful and proper,”

    ‘Sea Cliff man accused of pepper spraying family during road rage incident in Hicksville’


  58. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    There is a border with Egypt

    Your constant accusing Israel of doing things that it doesn’t do makes your anti-Israel sentiments suspect

    I think you would have been the type of person in the 1930’s that would have approved of the treatment that the Jews were suffering in Germany. I don’t think Israel is your problem, I think Jews, and especially Israeli Jews are your problem

    1. “I think you would have been the type of person in the 1930’s that would have approved of the treatment that the Jews were suffering in Germany. ”

      Richard, you are an insolent fool. It’s you and your ilk that are ok with occupation, annexation and the abuse of those less powerful than yourselves.

      1. Sharmuta, you insolent fool. It’s you and your ilk that are OK with hijacking, stabbing, ramming, poisoning, hanging, raping, shooting, bombing, invading, jihadi and the abuse of those weaker than you.

        Happy Nakba!

  59. Stephen

    Shit disposal machines are the things that make living in crowded metropolises possible. Without them we would all be knee deep in sewage if we weren’t dead from cholera or some other disease.

    So don’t be silly . It’s the most valuable tool that can be given in foreign aid ?????

  60. Michael

    Yes, you seem to be well on your way to becoming an ‘honourable’ Antisemite.

    Go boy, go

      1. There was a guy who used to post on all the news stories about Israel on the Independent website….

        He used to bang on and on about Israeli apartheid and Israeli human rights abuses etc….

        His username was Radegast…..which was a railway station in Poland.

        Approximately 200,000 Polish, Austrian, German, Luxemburg and Czech Jews, and many Roma, Sinti and Lalleri passed through the Radegast station on the way to their deaths in the period from January 16, 1942, to August 29…..

        You remind me of him Farmgirl…….

  61. Michael

    Temper temper; you seem to be losing it a little (or a lot).

    You and Brucie are giving me new names; how wonderful, I’m honoured. But then I’m aware that the comments sections of blogs are not the place for truth and dialogue, but rather an adult kindergarten where people can say what they like and are protected from their words by the anonymity, safety and distance of the keyboard. (the Brave New World)

    If the Palestinians had been more amenable to coexistence and peace in the past, there would have been a functioning Palestinian state by now.

    If the Palestinians were not so obsessed with destroying Israel and murdering Jews, they could have, after the 2005 Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, built a functioning state there that could later have been joined with a Palestinian state in the West Bank.

    The Palestinians have had the backing of the entire Arab/Muslim world for 70 years, and the have blown every chance for peace and a state of their own.

    The majority of Palestinians seem to rate the destruction of Israel as a higher priority than having a state of their own, and in this they are aided and abetted by their useful idiot supporters in the west who are in many cases driven by extreme antisemitism and intolerance of Jews ( you fit this bill remarkably well in my opinion)

    If your poor ‘oppressed and occupied’ Palestinians had their way there would be an awful lot of dead Jews, with the rest expelled from the land (ethnically cleansed) or having to live as ‘dhimmis’ (second class citizens)

    So forgive me if I ignore your whining from the sidelines, but I have no interest in being massacred and destroyed by your darling Palestinians to satisfy your own inadequacies

    1. There was a guy who used to post on all the news stories about Israel on the Independent website….

      He used to bang on and on about Israeli apartheid and Israeli human rights abuses etc….

      His username was Radegast…..which was a railway station in Poland.

      Approximately 200,000 Polish, Austrian, German, Luxemburg and Czech Jews, and many Roma, Sinti and Lalleri passed through the Radegast station on the way to their deaths in the period from January 16, 1942, to August 29…..

      You remind me of him Farmgirl…….

        1. We both know I’m right Farmgirl…..

          Racists cannot be anti racist……that is all……….

  62. Stephen,,
    Have you just said you’re leaving us for greener pasturesanew; or have I misinterpreted this’

    ……….”But anyway I am done. Think I will find myself a more deserving cause.”

    Anyway, if you are off, bon voyage etc etc; but I’m sure you will be replaced otherwise our darndest Michael might be allll lonely???

      1. I’ve drip fed Bellers some right old nuggets over the years Richard; my moribund medical career, my criminal record, my JDL activism and my secondary school examination results. The old booby bit on the last hook and has added it to the Rolodex of slogans he shares with Michael. On the evidence it will have a shelf life here of around 6 years. He’s written 14 posts about me today which is borderline obsessive behaviour and then called me a gatekeeper. It sounded okay at first, then I looked it up and apparently it’s from Ghostbusters. There’s also a Key Master. Maybe he thinks that’s you.

        Could be worse. You could be a little comedy cleric with penis-envy.

          1. Zapping slimey creatures as they emerge to attack you from tunnels and culverts not your thing Michael?

            Like being back in Nachal Oz **

            (** It’s a place in Israel Michael).

  63. Michael

    Did you not see the exclamation marks around these words to signify that they are not representative of what I was saying when I said ‘oppressed and occupied’ .

    If the Palestinians have a problem it’s because they are/were not interested in trying to solve it.

    It is the western ‘useful idiots’ like yourself that have contributed the lengthening of this conflict because the Palestinians have always received encouragement, and financial reward, from you and your lot to not relent on their desire, and stated goal, to destroy Israel and massacre Jews

    1. Oiy Bellers. 14 posts about me today and I dont get as much as a funny nickname, an ancient copy/paste, nothing. I can be as incidental and shouty as the next yid and I bet I don’t even get a mention in your Magnum Opus. Typical. It’s all well and good when you want to tell everyone about my school life in 1973 then you say you’ll call and you never do, you man slut.

        1. Unimaginative, but I’m okay with it Bellers. In fact, if you could include it in some of yours and Michael’s slogans it will add cred to a little side-line I’ve got cookin’ over here. I’ll leave the details to you. How’s the Magnum Opus going? The Countdown Clock on the Town Hall is on 11 days. Have you confirmed the Prosecco and Twiglets?

          1. Good for you Bellers.

            No rush. Hilariously, Michael’s already submitted a full review. We will never have a serious exchange here but I did agree with you when you said he was a complete liability. Harmless soul though.

  64. David Collier
    Is Amnesty International utterly obsessed with Israel and clearly antisemitic?

    Obvious answer : of course not . Many ethnicities in Israel. More Jews live elsewhere than in Israel.

    1. Israel is the world’s only Jewish majority state….
      The clue is in it’s flag…
      Can you spot it Farmgirl?

  65. Though it’s impossible for me to be antisemitic (I’m a Rabbi and Jewish), I can understand why many are and wrote a pamphlet entitled “Why People Hate Jews” which explains to the lay reader why apartheid Israel is the main cause of antisemitism throughout the word today.

    Whenever I pass through the apartheid state to the OPT, I gain knowledge of how Israel encourages antisemitism by their well-publicised actions against Palestinians.

    So for the world to be a more peaceful place, we have to live without what?

    Well I’m not going to say what, because then you’ll claim I’m antisemitic.

  66. US survey says :

    ‘Majorities of Jews and of Americans overall believe that the Republican Party holds antisemitic views, while 42% of Americans overall and 37% of Jews say the same about the Democrats.’
    ‘Majorities of Jews and of Americans overall believe that the Republican Party holds antisemitic views, while 42% of Americans overall and 37% of Jews say the same about the Democrats.’

    The Jewish survey found that a large majority of Jews consider antisemitism a problem, and that most see it as a problem on the right and in the Republican Party. Those findings were in line with what the AJC, a nonpartisan advocacy organization, found when it surveyed American Jews last year.

    Not the LEFT then, David. But you already knew that.

    1. Michael, you’ve just reminded me. In the previous episode you said that “I am anti-Israel”. I asked you to clarify this and you chose to sidestep the question, quite understandably. I appreciate you may be a little insecure in your position here but what does a person who is anti Israel hope to see happen in broad terms?

      1. Thought I’d answered.

        Its actions and its aims.

        Do you wish to see an independent Palestinian state or a one-state solution with equal rights for all?

        1. You didnt answer Michael. You made some remarks about things that you were anti in relation to Israel. That is not the same as being anti Israel. So are you actually anti Israel or anti things to do with Israeli The two are not the same?

          There isn’t much talk anymore about a 2 state solution, even amongst the Arabs.or the Israeli left, such as it is now. It was never a serious option and is as good as dead now. We both know that your other options are disingenuous trickster nonsense and so warrant no further comment. I support Israel as a Jewish State including all of Judea and Samaria and so any other versions are far beyond the scope of my interest.

          In any event, none if this really matters to you so relax and enjoy life.

            1. Yes, those fuckwits do like to keep all their plates spinning. Hope someone’s got a dustpan and brush on hand.

  67. Michael

    Only dimwits take the results of surveys at face value and gospel.

    What were the questions? Were they partisan questions? Were they leading questions? Who commissioned the survey? What were the demographics of the survey?

    Surveys supply an average snapshot of an issue and need to be read with other data to have any meaning; except for the gullible who take anything that is spoon fed to them

    1. Another poll, Richard ..

      Neither of the two US presidential candidates will be good for the Middle East and North Africa – so says a recent survey of Arabs in the region.

      That’s the broad conclusion reached by around half of all those questioned in the poll conducted jointly by the polling research group YouGov and the Saudi-owned newspaper Arab News.

      A further 40% thought Joe Biden would be better for the region, while only 12% preferred President Trump.

    2. Richard I kinda agree. I first began to have doubts about surveys when one told me that 87% of UK Jews were planning to pack up and leave their comfy lives in the left behind Borough of Barnet and head of to a precarious life in the war ravaged ” Jewish State ” .

      Windswept God forsaken Fylde I could understand but Finchley ?

      Turned out it was just the couple of head bangers Mark Lewis and Mad Mandy Blumenthal plus dippy Mo Lipman camping out in the departure lounge of terminal 5 for a couple of weeks

      1. Oh yeah, Fylde….

        I didnt even plant that one. That was all your own work Bellers. This is so cool.

  68. Stephen

    Are you an oracle or something bizarrely similar?… The EHRC report is only being released soon, yet you are calling it batshit. What do you know that we mere mortals don’t

    Or is this just one more of your broad, meaningless statements you put out periodically to try wind people up and/or muddy the water

    You still haven’t told me why you called Israel a ‘basketcase’ all those years ago despite being asked numerous times. I do realise it’s your pretend ‘village idiot’ act, but do show a modicum of good manners by replying (unless of course you are incapable because you knew it was a batshit comment in the first place)

    1. You would only take it as an invitation to enter into an argument Richard. I don’t do arguments about Israel. In any event it is not an empirical proposition and so doesn’t lend itself to being sensibly argued about.

  69. Stephen

    Referencing Asa Winstanley in relation to Israel, Jews and Zionism is akin to referencing our old friend Charles, the self confessed Jew Baiting Holocaust Denying Antisemitic Racist Bigot, on exactly the same issues.

    You are either being totally pretend ‘village idiot’ or you are trying to wind people up and/or muddy the water about some ‘batshit’ issue or another about Israel, Jews and Zionism

    Please tell me why you called Israel a ‘basketcase’ all those years ago despite being asked numerous times, unless of course you are incapable because you know it was a ‘batshit’ comment in the first place

  70. Stephen

    I know you are always making ‘batshit’ comments on this blog; but are you such a perverse character that you can’t explain some of your more ridiculous comments.

    You said a few moments ago,

    ……..” I don’t do arguments about Israel”

    No you are here just to be the pretend ‘village idiot’ and are trying to wind people up and muddy the water about some ‘batshit’ issue or another about Israel, Jews and Zionism

    If you make such pretentious statements, do try choose something that is a little more intelligent

    1. Richard, not sure you could cope with logic or explanations. You seen unable to read English text.

  71. Michael

    Every time the Palestinians are offered a state, they either walk away or start an intifada and try to kill as many Jews as possible. Study the history

    It’s only because of western ‘useful idiots’ like yourself that the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the war hasn’t arrived. Study the history

  72. Stephen

    You are truly saying that you only saw through the unreliability of polls when you read one in the JC. That is the same as saying you only found out a short time ago what a toilet is for

    Incidentally, as much as you would like it to be, Israel is certainly not war ravaged. I would go so far as to say that Israel is generally much safer for the average citizen than the UK. Maybe it’s the knowledge that war is possible at any time, so the Israelis treat life with far more respect than the UK. It is more economically difficult though

    And for Michael, most Israelis of all religions don’t have much to do with Palestinians over the ‘green line’. So let’s see what moronically stupid comments appear

    1. Fluffity floffity. Richard means NOT in Israel.

      Safer than in the UK?

      But David has been doing a Chicken Licken rant for years now telling the Tory press that the ovens are about to be fired up again … and he doesn’t lie(cough).

  73. The Jewish Chronicle *again* lied about Muslims

    The paper falsely accused Nada al-Sanjari of
    – Inviting an antisemitic activist
    – Turned a blind eye to antisemitic statements
    – Launched a vicious protest against Luciana

    All lies. They’ve been forced to apologise & pay libel


    1. So, just ignore it and go straight to the hatches, matches and despatches like everyone else does Michael.

      1. Or as Jewdas put it in their inimitable style, it is worth reading, if only to find out ” who got pissed and touched up the Chief Rabbi’s wife at some Joo do last Saturday”.

  74. Anyway Michael, when we were chatting above you clarified your “I’m anti Israel” remark in the previous article by saying that you were actually anti ” its actions and its aims” .

    I think this is a perfectly legitimate opinion. I am anti the actions and aims of Syria but I am not anti Syria. That would be as ridiculous a position as someone saying they were anti Israel. or anti anywhere else for that matter, wouldn’t it? Mind you. You haven’t actually confirmed this yet so it’s probably worth asking just for complete clarification. Are you actually anti Israel?

  75. If I told you, wouldn’t that be the end of your ‘banter’, Ian … that which you live for?

    1. Dunno Michael. Most of the stuff posted here is only banter isn’t it?

      You could always break character and try a real reply and see what happens. What’s the worst that can happen; I make a dickhead remark or you look vulnerable. I’ve done one and you’ve done the other millions of times here already, so why not shake it up a bit and express a proper opinion ? I was going to add that Bellers will always bail you out if it goes wrong, but that would be me being a shithouse and that’s his thing.

      1. You’re here to make dickhead comments, Ian. …. to be the blog clown. Don’t break character. You’re not enough of a thinker to have opinions on the blog content, that you’ve shown.

        Stick with ‘banter’, there’s a good lad.

        1. So what you’re saying is that you don’t want to clarify whether you are anti Israel or just anti stuff that Israel does, and your excuse is that you don’t trust me to respond reasonably as I said I would.

          Bit lame that, innit?

            1. Yeah, you’re right I was gonna take the piss.

              Played for sparing yourself the humiliation again.

                  1. Dunno Michael. Are you anti them as well and is it just Israeli placebos or placebos from other places too.

                    1. Just wondering whether Israel can produce pharmaceuticals that aren’t placebos, Ian … it’s an interesting field

  76. David Collier
    Tomorrow’s release of the EHRC report into #LabourAntisemitism just reminds me how utterly dark those 4 years were.

    We saw things in the UK that we never thought we would see. British Jews were smeared – othered – in the mainstream. And it was the Labour Party’s fault.

    …and another hasbara soaked neurotic outburst …

    Labour Against Anti-Semitism spokeswoman Fiona Sharpe said the group hoped Labour would build on the findings from the EHRC.

    “But whatever its verdict, the Jewish community will continue to carry the wounds of five years of institutional antisemitism within the Labour Party,” she said.

    no end to the hate-filled deceit these Israelists will spin. No morals at all.

    1. Michael, you wake up cross about Jews & Israel. You go to bed, cross about Jews & Israel. Between the two you write slogans here about how cross you are.

      It’s no life.

        1. Non-Israeli Arabs, please Michael and they are the responsibility of PLO Plc. If you are cross about something you can address your concerns to their Customer Services Team at 1 Ramallah St, Ramallah.

          I’ll try and dig out their fax number for you.

  77. John Mann

    The elderly Jewish couple, life long Labour voters, who sobbed when they went into the polling station. Cried as they voted. Wept as they went out. They are what today’s day of shame for the Labour Party is really about.

    Hilarious. What an actor. Such bullsh*t.

  78. So, a Zionist Labour organisation nudges the EHRC to investigate a party that seeks justice for Palestinians.

    Wonder why?

    1. Yeah Mann is not a bad actor but he is no Ruth Smeeth. Here is what the judge said about him in the FUCU case.

      We did not derive assistance from the two Members of Parliament who appeared before us. Both gave glib evidence, appearing supremely confident of the rightness of their positions. For Dr MacShane, it seemed that all answers lay in the MacPherson Report (the effect of which he appeared to misunderstand). Mr Mann could manage without even that assistance. He told us that the leaders of the Respondents were at fault for the way in which they conducted debates but did not enlighten us as to what they were doing wrong or what they should be doing differently. He did not claim ever to have witnessed any Congress or other UCU meeting. And when it came to anti- Semitism in the context of debate about the Middle East, he announced, “It’s clear to me where the line is …” but unfortunately eschewed the opportunity to locate it for us. Both parliamentarians clearly enjoyed making speeches. Neither seemed at ease with the idea of being required to answer a question not to his liking.

      1. Lucky for you lads that Bobby Ball died of COVID today. This will definitely knock Jew haters off the top story in the red tops.

    2. Yes Michael, we can accept that post as Response 6 on the Bolshy Bingo slogan chart. 4 to go for a line.

      Eyes down for a full house lads

  79. The Jewish Labour Movement, founded in 2004, is the successor organisation to Poale Zion. Earlier this year, the Israeli Labour Party to which it is affiliated, unanimously supported a plan that Israeli professor Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University said “would have been applauded by Apartheid South Africa.”

    Israeli Labour Party leader Isaac Herzog has stated that “we wish to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as quickly as possible….we’ll erect a big wall between us. That is the kind of co-existence that is possible right now.” In April, Herzog said the Labour Party shouldn’t give the impression of being “Arab lovers.”

    Since Poale Zion officially affiliated to the British Labour party in 1920, it has been able to retain an influence at the highest levels of the Labour Party, despite growing evidence of the existence, resistance and suffering of Palestinians, and the increasingly nationalist and colonialist character of the militarised Israeli state.

    Over the decades many Labour figures have remained supportive of Israel despite the devastating consequences of Israel’s occupation for the Palestinians, and the role of the Israeli Labour Party in segregationist and illegal policies.

        1. So this is just your default crossness, a 5 on the Irate-o-rator, if you will.

          Corbyn? Wasn’t he that daft old Trot from politics? Whatever happened to him?

    1. Keep crying Farmgirl…
      Just so satisfying to see you losing your shit like this…

  80. Remember:
    now has a legal fund that sits at just over £330,000.

    Those who seek to continue to lie about him, and smear him, should think carefully before they do.

    He’s no longer the leader of the @UKLabour Party so he might not be so forgiving.

    He means such as yourself doesn’t he, David?

  81. EHRC report …

    Ken Livingstone

    In media interviews in April 2016 when Livingstone was on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC), he made reference to social media posts made by Naz Shah MP.

    Naz Shah’s posts had included a graphic suggesting that Israel should be relocated to the United States, with the comment ‘problem solved’, and a post in which she appeared to liken Israeli policies to those of Hitler. She apologised for her comments in Parliament and conceded that they caused ‘upset and hurt to the Jewish Community’.

    But Livingstone repeatedly denied that these posts were antisemitic and Investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party 29 sought to minimise their offensive nature. In his denial, he went on to allege that scrutiny of Shah’s conduct was part of a smear campaign by ‘the Israel lobby’ to stigmatise critics of Israel as antisemitic, and was intended to undermine and disrupt the Corbyn leadership.

    The EHRC had taken Livingstone’s right to freedom of expression into account, and he was not protected by it.

    So, EHRC as does Collier, maps Israel to ‘the Jews’. Flawed. The Lobby smiles.

  82. Jewish Radio to Keir Starmer … “what are you going to do with Jeremy Corbyn and his henchhman”

    Sums up the problem, taking questions from another country….. Israel.

    Mapping anti-Israel withn anti-semitism.

    Such a deceitful, dishonest episode.

    1. Michael, It’s still only midday in your country and you’re already on a high 8 on the Irate-o-rator.

      Calm down and have a brew or you’ll be a soggy mess by tea time.

  83. Anyway, Corbyn was exonerated even in a biased report that bizarrely mapped Israel to ‘the Jews’.

    1. Seriously Michael. Pace yourself. Collier hasn’t even posted a piece about all this yet and you’re already in full meltdown. Take it down a notch, for your own sake.

  84. ‘One incident reportedly saw the party leader’s staff advising a complaint Mr Corbyn himself – for allegedly supporting an anti-Semitic mural – should be dismissed.’

    But, the mural wasn’t anti-Semitic. Just another smear that the ignorant fell for.

    Meanwhile Racial Riley tweets “Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended. ABOUT TIME! ” Is that the blonde hair forming her view ….. or ‘herd consensus’.

    1. Michael, I hope you’ve calmed down a little. It could be a long couple of days for you here.

      It’s not nice pouring Zio oil on troubled waters but at least I’ve had my earlier question answered “where’s the daft old Trot now?” .

      1. Good man is Corbyn. The opposite of the Colliers, Smeeths, Hodges etc. no morals at all. Deceptive …

        1. That’s a 7 hour meltdown Michael and still only late afternoon in your country. Perhaps a sweet biscuit and half an hour of the lovely Rachel on Countdown will soothe your nerves.

  85. Michael

    Prior to the construction of the Security Barrier thousands of Israeli Jews were being murdered, maimed and injured by the murderous Palestinian Jew haters.

    Jews were being murdered in restaurants, supermarkets, buses, discos and just about anywhere those murderous Palestinians could kill Jews.

    And Antisemitic bigots and western ‘useful idiots’ like yourself supported and encouraged them to continue murdering and maiming Jews all over Israel.

    The Palestinians don’t want to share the land with the Jews, including even refusing to talk peace as evidenced by Hamas arresting a group of Gazans for just talking to a group of Israelis about peace.

    So separating Jews and Palestinians is a necessity to prevent Jewish civilians being murdered by Palestinians.

    And although you disapprove, it’s irrelevant because the last time Jews were being murdered in their millions, it was people like you who just stood by and let it happen (many probably supported the mass murders of the Jews)

  86. Michael

    What is ‘Jewish radio’

    Is this radio ‘run’ by Jews, or is it radio ‘for’ Jews only, or is something else altogether; maybe you are talking about ‘Jewish power’?

    Some clarity please

    1. Towards the end of Starmer’s press Conference I thought that one questioner said he was from Jewish Radio. Find the press conference and watch.

  87. Just so satisfying to see our resident anti semites in full meltdown following the suspension of the odious Corbyn…
    Carry on guys….

      1. I knew I would snag you with this one Farmgirl…
        Thanks for not letting me down…

      1. Here are 100 reasons why Corbyn is odious Farmgirl….

        Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing. Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna. Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Raymond McCartney. Hosted IRA linked Mitchell McLaughlin in parliament. Spoke alongside IRA terrorist Martina Anderson.

        Attended Sinn Fein dinner with IRA bomber Gerry Kelly. Chaired Irish republican event with IRA bomber Brendan MacFarlane. Attended Bobby Sands commemoration honouring IRA terrorists. Stood in minute’s silence for IRA gunmen shot dead by the SAS. Refused to condemn the IRA in Sky News interview. Refused to condemn the IRA on Question Time. Refused to condemn IRA violence in BBC radio interview. Signed EDM after IRA Poppy massacre massacre blaming Britain for the deaths. Arrested while protesting in support of Brighton bomber’s co-defendants. Lobbied government to improve visiting conditions for IRA killers.

        Attended Irish republican event calling for armed conflict against Britain. Hired suspected IRA man Ronan Bennett as a parliamentary assistant. Hired another aide closely linked to several convicted IRA terrorists. Heavily involved with IRA sympathising newspaper London Labour Briefing. Put up £20,000 bail money for IRA terror suspect Roisin McAliskey. Didn’t support IRA ceasefire. Said Hamas and Hezbollah are his “friends“. Called for Hamas to be removed from terror banned list. Called Hamas “serious and hard-working“. Attended wreath-laying at grave of Munich massacre terrorist.

        Attended conference with Hamas and PFLP. Photographed smiling with Hezbollah flag. Attended rally with Hezbollah and Al-Muhajiroun. Repeatedly shared platforms with PFLP plane hijacker. Hired aide who praised Hamas’ “spirit of resistance“. Accepted £20,000 for state TV channel of terror-sponsoring Iranian regime. Opposed banning Britons from travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS. Defended rights of fighters returning from Syria. Said ISIS supporters should not be prosecuted. Compared fighters returning from Syria to Nelson Mandela. Said the death of Osama Bin Laden was a “tragedy“. Wouldn’t sanction drone strike to kill ISIS leader. Voted to allow ISIS fighters to return from Syria. Opposed shoot to kill.

        Attended event organised by terrorist sympathising IHRC. Signed letter defending Lockerbie bombing suspects. Wrote letter in support of conman accused of fundraising for ISIS. Spoke of “friendship” with Mo Kozbar, who called for destruction of Israel. Attended event with Abdullah Djaballah, who called for holy war against UK. Called drone strikes against terrorists “obscene”. Boasted about “opposing anti-terror legislation”. Said laws banning jihadis from returning to Britain are “strange”. Accepted £5,000 donation from terror supporter Ted Honderich. Accepted £2,800 trip to Gaza from banned Islamist organisation Interpal. Called Ibrahim Hewitt, extremist and chair of Interpal, a “very good friend”.

        Accepted two more trips from the pro-Hamas group PRC. Speaker at conference hosted by pro-Hamas group MEMO. Met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh several times. Hosted meeting with Mousa Abu Maria of banned group Islamic Jihad. Patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign – marches attended by Hezbollah. Compared Israel to ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. Said we should not make “value judgements” about Britons who fight for ISIS. Received endorsement from Hamas. Attended event with Islamic extremist Suliman Gani.

        Chaired Stop the War, who praised “internationalism and solidarity” of ISIS. Praised Raed Salah, who was jailed for inciting violence in Israel. Signed letter defending jihadist advocacy group Cage. Met Dyab Jahjah, who praised the killing of British soldiers. Shared platform with representative of extremist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Compared ISIS to US military in interview on Russia Today. Opposed proscription of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Attended conference which called on Iraqis to kill British soldiers. Attended Al-Quds Day demonstration in support of destruction of Israel.

        Supported Hamas and ISIS-linked Viva Palestina group. Attended protest with Islamic extremist Moazzam Begg. Made the “case for Iran” at event hosted by Khomeinist group. Photographed smiling with Azzam Tamimi, who backed suicide bombings. Photographed with Abdel Atwan, who sympathised with attacks on US troops.

        Said Hamas should “have tea with the Queen”. Attended ‘Meet the Resistance’ event with Hezbollah MP Hussein El Haj. Attended event with Haifa Zangana, who praised Palestinian “mujahideen”. Defended the infamous anti-Semitic Hamas supporter Stephen Sizer. Attended event with pro-Hamas and Hezbollah group Naturei Karta. Backed Holocaust denying anti-Zionist extremist Paul Eisen. Photographed with Abdul Raoof Al Shayeb, later jailed for terror offences. Mocked “anti-terror hysteria” while opposing powers for security services. Named on speakers list for conference with Hamas sympathiser Ismail Patel.

        Criticised drone strike that killed Jihadi John. Said the 7/7 bombers had been denied “hope and opportunity”. Said 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like bin Laden was responsible. Failed to unequivocally condemn the 9/11 attacks. Called Columbian terror group M-19 “comrades”. Blamed beheading of Alan Henning on Britain. Gave speech in support of Gaddafi regime. Signed EDM spinning for Slobodan Milosevic. Blamed Tunisia terror attack on “austerity”. Voted against banning support for the IRA. Voted against the Prevention of Terrorism Act three times during the Troubles. Voted against emergency counter-terror laws after 9/11.

        Voted against stricter punishments for being a member of a terror group. Voted against criminalising the encouragement of terrorism. Voted against banning al-Qaeda. Voted against outlawing the glorification of terror. Voted against control orders. Voted against increased funding for the security services to combat terrorism.

        Odious and utterly vile and now thankfully consigned to the dustbin of political history…

              1. Racists are not capable of looking down on anyone or any thing….

                They are the lowest of the low….

  88. Wait and see. A certain group will take the blame as the reason why Corbyn was suspended.

    You Zios are on notice.

      1. Evening prayers were at 5:19pm tonight….

        Funny that you didn’t know this….with you being a Rabbi?


        1. Not reciting the Shema or Amidah, but praying that Keir Starmer becomes a good Zionist and rots in hell for eternity.


    1. Cheers.

      Strange they were scheduled to question Starmer. Questioner seemed a tad agressive.

  89. As the only one around here that couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Labour Party maybe I could bring a measure of clarity and sanity to the proceedings. There are two relevant things that are true together.

    Corbyn is a back stabbing winp

    The EHRC is as bent as a wad of 9 shekel notes

  90. Stephen

    As there are no nine shekel notes the EHRC can’t be bent.

    So with your unnecessary approval we can all take it that the EHRC report is true

    I do recall you using your favourite word, batshit, a few days ago to describe the then as yet unreleased report.

    I see that you haven’t yet choked on your words

    1. “As there are no nine shekel notes the EHRC can’t be bent.”

      You need an appropriate adult looking after you, Richard. Seriously.

  91. Michael

    And all David’s reporting has been vindicated, and all the accusations you leveled at him have just been the ravings of a rather demented little loser

    1. That should be ‘all of David’s smears and lies’.

      You obviously think that smears and lies are ok. Family values?

  92. Michael, I hope you’re feeling calmer today. You were well into the red on the Irate-o-rator most of yesterday.

    I guess you can take some comfort in being right about one thing. The Zio Lobby is smiling and certainly got its value from all those brown envelopes stuffed with bent 9 shekel notes. Smart investment.

      1. Seriously Michael, who gives a shit. You are where you are.

        The Zio Lobby was better than the Trot’s PR team. Collier was more influential than you. Learn from failure and become better.

  93. Michael

    You fall more and more into the nether world of Antisemitic rhetoric with your baseless and stupid allegations

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