wrong sort of Jew

‘the wrong sort of Jew’ – the left’s latest antisemitic conspiracy theory

I want to start with an exercise. Google the phrasethe wrong sort of Jew‘ (you can repeat the test replacing the word ‘sort’ with ‘kind‘ or ‘type‘.)

Scanning the results from the first few pages, one thing becomes absolutely clear – this phrase is exclusively reserved for a hard-left attack against mainstream Jewry. In all of the examples on the pages there is a clear message; that any Jews who stick up for the Palestinians are silenced as the ‘wrong sort of Jews’ and the ‘media’ do not want you to hear these voices. This is one of the ‘fake news’ tricks that is often pushed by conspiracy websites. An offer to hear a truth that the powers that be want to hide from you. It is clearly a conspiracy theory.

Double Down News

Last week one tweet by ‘Double Down News’ was shared 2000 times and received 3400 likes. It was an upload of a 9-minute video of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi from Jewish Voice for Labour. On YouTube, the same video was watched over 120,000 times in 4 days.

Above the video ‘Double Down News‘ used the headline -‘Meet the Wrong Type of Jew, The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know Exists‘. Putting aside the fact that Idrissi and all of her JVL buddies have been given more than their fair share of mainstream media platforms, the underlying accusation here is stark. Zionists control the media. Why else would anti-Zionists not be given a platform? In other words, this is an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

The recent video even starts with Wimborne Idrissi saying she has been called the wrong sort of Jew. Except nowhere in any of the google searches was there any indication Idrissi and co regularly face such an accusation. All of the ‘wrong sort of Jew’ results were of Jews on hard-left websites batting away at an accusation that does not really exist.

They built the straw man and are now busy playing victims as they publicly demolish it.

The video by ‘the wrong sort of Jew.’

In just nine minutes, Naomi Wimborne Idrissi takes the viewer through most of the rancid arguments we have come to recognise in the fight against antisemitism. The pillars of hard-left antisemitic – anti-Zionist discourse.

  • That Jewish people are weaponising antisemitism and are harming the fight against real antisemitism.
  • Idrissi distorts the truth by implying that the Jewish community is evenly divided. She is well aware that her opinion resides in a fringe minority group.
  • She deals in historical distortion by decontextualising pre-Holocaust anti-Zionism.
  • Raises the antisemitic idea that the treatment of the Palestinians by Israeli forces is comparable to the way Jews were treated by the Nazis.
  • Touches on freedom of speech and truth – which is ludicrous hypocrisy coming from a spin artist who publicly calls for no platforming those she opposes.
  • Tell viewers that media has ‘sidelined and ignored’ left wing Jews because they support Palestine. Which is a blatant lie.
  • Takes ownership for the historical Jewish fights for justice.
  • Finishes off by saying that her group are the decent ones – people who want justice and peace. Which means that 93% of Jews must be indecent and against justice and peace.

A vile cocktail of lies and distortion.

Inverting truth, attacking the victims

But despite the blatant propaganda in the video, it is the antisemitic conspiracy theory that does the most damage:

Wrong sort of JewThis message strongly suggests that mainstream press have no legitimate reason to choose not to continually give these people a voice. Which clearly makes this a conspiracy to unfairly silence them.

Which leads to the obvious conclusion which is a total inversion of the truth. Zionists become the antisemites. Those attacking the Jewish mainstream become the victims.

Attacks on Jews can now be carried out under the perverse umbrella of ‘fighting antisemitism’. So when I raise my voice in opposition – I become the ‘white man’ who is attacking the Jew:


Nobody should underestimate how dangerous this type of conspiratorial thinking can become.

The wrong sort of Jew doesn’t exist.

The wrong sort of Jew. What an awful thing to say. Middle East Eye used it as a headline in September. Another well known Jewish anti-Zionist Robert Cohen, used it in 2017.

This isn’t about their Jewish identity at all. Because they represent such a fringe opinion amongst the Jewish voice – it would be a distortion of the truth to use them. They would be of no use at all beyond a propaganda tool to twist the truth. Which is why the hard-left love them so much.

Very few Jewish people walk down the road of ‘who is a Jew’. Most Jewish families have members who have married out – even more that enjoy a bite of bacon. Our cousins span the Zionist spectrum. Because of their small number – not many of us have actual anti-Zionist members, but we know they exist. On all religious matters, we are all full of our own personal contradictions.

Every person I have ever met who uses this phrase, ‘wrong sort of Jew’ comes from one fringe group who are using it to complain they are not being given a loud enough voice. It is a deliberate strategy used to confuse outsiders and render the Jewish mainstream voiceless.

Why it is so toxic

After watching the video, if I didn’t know any better, I’d feel sorry for Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi too. Which is the entire point of the video. Feel sorry for Naomi and grow to hate those that oppose her – the 93%+ of Jews. But JVL and the anti-Zionist Jews who push this antisemitic conspiracy theory know the truth. These outliers are fully aware they do not represent anything but a tiny fringe. Almost every one of these people is an outsider even in their own family.

The strategy is toxic. If, people such as Naomi W-Idrissi know the truth, then the motivation is clear. It is to create an illusion and silence the voice of British Jewry. Over 93% of us disagree with her – but she is demanding that each time the majority is heard – the viewer must also be fed a pack of lies by hard-left Jews so that the general population would be left not knowing what the truth is. What better way of making us vulnerable than to silence out our cries.

The Jewish radical left

Jews of the radical left are not new. Because there will always be some Jewish people to support a cause, it becomes possible for any propaganda outlet to deploy some Jews for the same purpose. Want to ban circumcision? ‘Jews against circumcision’ will be there to help.

The Communist Yevsektsiya were a group set up by the Russians shortly after the revolution. Their struggle was against Judaism and Zionism. The Yevsektsiya was explicitly set up so that the Communist actions against the Jews could deflect accusations of antisemitism. That is identical to the core purpose of JVL. There is nothing new under the sun.

As the Yevsektsiya were part of the ruling party apparatus, it was not long before they began to dismantle Jewish community organisations throughout Russia. Their being Jewish does not protect them from a clear and justifiable accusation of antisemitism.

JVL and company are not the wrong sort of Jews. These people are denied a platform because their voices are fringe, dangerous and they set out to deceive. They enable and empower antisemites. Just like they did with this latest video.



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123 thoughts on “‘the wrong sort of Jew’ – the left’s latest antisemitic conspiracy theory

    1. Bit strange that David contrasts the wrong kind of Jew with the ” mainstream” since he is firmly embedded in the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe which is almost exclusively inhabited by perjurers and other assorted low life criminals

      1. And as he tells us, Bellers knows every single one of them better than their own wives do. Ain’t that so, Bellers?

        When you mix in these circles Bellers is this you in deep cover again, like in the last episode where you told us you were spying on the IDF?

          1. It wouldn’t be deep cover if I told you now Bellers, would it? You lot have a lot to learn about spying and in your case a lot to learn about Bedouin brickwork. No wonder they prefer tents.

            1. I will take that as a no. Yes I know I can take it however the fuck I wish, no need to remind me.

              Gnasher said ….. you can tell that from how his pot belly is all sun burnt

              I said …..Gnash , oh never mind

              1. Bless. You don’t have to explain your stock responses to me Bellers. We’ve been playing for nearly 7 years now. We know the game and our roles in it.

                Anyway, must check up on your Michael. He’ll be itching to move his slogans up the board on this one. He knows loads about Jews, the right and wrong sort. Hahahahaha !

      2. According to this putz- Israel is the land of milk and honey, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein are little angels persecuted for being Jews, and there is no such thing as a *Palestinian.

        1. Just curious….whatever you took before posting that brain-dead drivel, did you inhale it, or did you inject it into your abcess-filled arm? Because you made Brutes Levy look sane, and that is not where you want to be!

    1. Wow! First Bellers with his undercover antics and now this Jenny one. They’re all having a go at these covert ops.

      They must have spotted how effective those unidentified and completely unknown assassins were in Iran last week, Maybe they’re staking out Collier and planning a sneaky hit in revenge, seeing him as a comparable, high value target.

      1. Hang on. Are we doing brand placement here now? Is it for money?

        Careful Bellers. You know Michael hates that. I can sense him warming up his slogans now, accusing you of being another money grabbing Jew. Wonder if he’ll see you as the right or wrong sort.

      2. Dumb Bellamy’s widdle head was resting on his hand when his elbow slipped off the wet Pub countertop and he smashed his head on it.

        Tis a Nakba.

  1. Funny isn’t it that the Antisemites and anti-Jewish trolls and activists try to decide who is an acceptable Jew, or not. We are categorized into ‘good & bad’ Jews and the ‘right and wrong’ type of Jews by those that use their Judaism for the sole purpose of attacking other Jews, Israel and Zionism.

    As a matter of choice people have the right to like and dislike Jews, Judaism, Israel and Zionism, just as people have the right to like or dislike Islam, Muslims, Arabs and any of the multitude of Arab and Muslim countries such as Iran, Turkey, Libya, Pakistan etc. This applies to Christianity, atheism and the many other religions, beliefs, nations, states etc.

    What this freedom of choice to like and dislike does not give anyone, is the right to hate, harm or seek to destroy anyone and/or any state. And as David has so succinctly shown time and again, this is what many of these anti-Israel Jews and non-Jews have as their ultimate aim; the destruction of Israel and for some of the Jews as well

    1. “We are categorized into ‘good & bad’ Jews and the ‘right and wrong’ type of Jews by those that use their Judaism for the sole purpose of attacking other Jews, Israel and Zionism.”

      Your boy David does that constantly on these blogs seeing only those in the “mainstream” as of any value.

      “As a matter of choice people have the right to like and dislike Jews, Judaism, Israel and Zionism,”??!? Do you really think that? David doesn’t. His vitriol and hatred towards those that don’t love Israel to distraction is very well known.

      1. Aaah, there you are Michael.

        In your approach to activism, do you believe you make more or less concessions than Collier?

      2. David does have hatred and contempt for Nazi-sympathizing, Corbyn-ejaculating trolls, and that’s where you run into a spot of trouble Muck-0.

        1. EHRC found no antisemitism on Corbyn’s part.

          It was Shamir that admired the Nazis, even attempted a deal with them 🙂

  2. Excellent article David…

    Let’s not forget the Kapos that helped the Nazis pack the trains to the death camps were also Jewish…


  3. Michael

    David has raised a lot of very import issues regarding Antisemitism, anti-Jewish hatred and anti-Israel and anti-Zionist bias, and considering this very emotive issue Davis investigates and reports it in pretty non-emotive manner.

    You on the other hand spend your time insulting David and Jews, despite the fact that you claim to know nothing about Jews.

    You posted this little gem a short while ago that probably describes you and your antics on the comments section of this blog; you use ‘vitriol and hatred’ against David continuously……

    ………….”David doesn’t. His vitriol and hatred towards those that don’t love Israel to distraction is very well known.”

    David has plainly and openly stated why and how he reports what he does as a Jewish Zionist. That you object to David having and expressing a point of view on a very widely followed blog is a mark of your own inherent intolerance and bigotry of others opinions.

    And now we await another invariably off-topic, incoherent, meaningless ‘Michael Farmer type one-liner’

      1. Shmearer Michael, shmearer. An ancient and noble Jewish profession. But you wouldn’t know that, right?

  4. Michael

    You insult Israel and Zionists in the commonly accepted way that Jews have been insulted and smeared over the years; you just intentionally/unintentionally swap the terms and tropes.

    Ignorance is no longer an excuse because it is commonly reported in the press how and why many of these insults (not all) are anti-Jewish Antisemitic tropes.

    As you have admitted, you don’t know much about Jews, yet it’s laughable how often you pronounce about Jews as if you are knowledgeable about the subject.

    Read some of your past posts for examples

    1. “You insult Israel and Zionists in the commonly accepted way that Jews have been insulted and smeared over the years”

      Of course, Israel is a foul state, Zionist is a foul cult.

      YOU term my posts ‘tropes’. You are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g language either through stupidity or by design. David lies and misrepresents by design. Propagandist. His job.

  5. David, YOU are the wrong sort of JINO.

    I can’t use the word “Jew” to describe you, since everything you represent goes against Judaism. Fake Jew maybe.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

    1. When I knew for sure, it was several dozen. I imagine now it is a couple of hundred. From what we can see online the majority of these have refound their Jewish heritage because it was politically expedient for them to do so. There is neither method nor desire to assess whether the claimed Jewish ‘heritage’ is father, grandfather, long lost aunt or imaginary.

        1. Whatever SC s background is immaterial .Unlike you , an obsessive grade A antisemite , he come from a good place. I’m sure you’d like to achieve more in the notoriety stakes , but in essence you rank nowhere . Just a clown who pops up on David’s blog posting inanities . Antisemites come in many different guises , some do great physical harm , but most are like you , yapping at the foothills full of sound and fury but achieving nothing .

            1. And yes, shutting down ecostream in Brighton was quite an achievement I have always been a bit envious of that. Of course it pales in comparison to your and Scoffies success in shutting down Ahava in Monmouth Street. Though to be fair you did get a fair bit of help from your EDL mates

              1. You shut down a couple of single front lock up shops . That’s it . Even you should be embarrassed by the total lack of success after some 15 years of posturing and self aggrandisement. Epically pathetic .

      1. “From what we can see online the majority of these have refound their Jewish heritage because it was politically expedient for them to do so.”

        If David is to be believed that’s a dangerous thing to do. Aren’t Jews living in the UK risking life and limb.

        Is David to be believed? Ha ha ha ha ha. Don’t be silly.

        1. ALL people, residents and visitors to the UK, are in danger from the same crowd that bombed London transport on 7/7 2005.


          Attack type: Suicide bombings
          Weapons: IEDs
          Deaths 56 (including the 4 bombers)
          Injured 784
          – Hasib Hussain
          – Mohammad Sidique Khan
          – Germaine Lindsay
          – Shehzad Tanweer
          Motive: Islamic terrorism

    2. Wouldn’t ‘Tony Riley’ want to know how many members Labour had, and how many were deemed to be ‘antisemitic’ by the EHRC? … how gullible the press and UK citizens were to believe all the fabrications by Collier and his cult?

      1. Sharmuta,

        Tell us all about –


        9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan, Mumbai India, Boston Marathon bombing, Moscow subway bombing, Brussels airport bombing, Manchester arena bombing, London and Westminster bridge rammings, stabbings, …

        beheading of teacher in France over Freedom of Speech

  6. Brucie babes the foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    Your foul Antisemitic rants make one wonder if you are really a jew. Your attempts to mock and denigrate the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors is more the product of a sick mind than the words of a religious man.

    You are forever talking of going to pray, but to whom; certainly not to Hashem. Your language would lead me to the assumption that it’s closer to satan that your prayers are directed

    1. I pray to Hashem, not Satan, god of the Zionists.

      However, I am hosting Decembers ‘Blood & Matzo’ podcast and am interviewing Zios and supporters of the racist, apartheid state for a programme called “Satan’s Little Army.”

      Would you be up for an interview Stinky Dick?

  7. Michael

    You dimwit

    I do not stretch language ‘by stupidity or design’ as you claim. I use language as it is meant to be used, without ambiguity, to convey ideas.

    You on the other hand mangle and misuse language in mostly incoherent and off-topic one liners that often veer into plain Antisemitic anti-Jewish rhetoric.

    To my mind I have come to the conclusion that you are an Antisemite

  8. I’ve heard a few people describe themselves as ‘self-identifying Jews’ who have decided to claim they are Jewish because that is the way they feel. I suppose if people can choose whichever gender they want to be, then there’s no reason why they feel they can choose whichever religion or ethnic group they belong to. Look at Warren in the USA for one claiming she was ‘native American’.

  9. Brucie babes the foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    I’m totally up for this interview as long as it’s face to face. So please keep me updated as to when we can go ahead

    Incidentally, a while ago you were threatening to sue me for Libel or some such thing, but I’ve not heard anything. Was this just one more of your feeble attempts to appear bigger than your diminutive self.

  10. Quite shocking !


    Another high ranking Iranian meets an untimely end (no fridges involved) and the world harshly points the finger at Israel. Unnamed sources claim that this one was on a secret cross border mission to deliver advanced weaponry to Syrian allies when a drone of unidentified origin , navigated by forces unknown blew him and his colleagues to smithereens.

    It would wrong to speculate on the identity of the actors involved in another terrible loss to the peace loving Iranian regime and I am certain that the 2.3% rise in Elbit shares this morning is purely coincidental.

    For clarity and relevance, these seem to be the good sort of financial results.

    1. La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La!

      What kind of candy should people throw?

      How about Kosher and Halal?

  11. Stephen

    We are talking about JVL with whom you share a close proclivity in relation to Israel, but you try to obfuscate by introducing a totally unrelated issue of JLM membership.

    This is not a ‘village idiot’ type question so there must be a hidden agenda there, which is what and why?

  12. David Collier Retweeted

    Oz Katerji
    “Whenever an incident happens anywhere in that region (the Middle East), I would always go to Robert Fisk to see what he said about it first” – Jeremy Corbyn, tonight on STW’s Zoom meeting.

    Well yes, that was precisely the problem, you were being fed information by a fabricator



  13. Stephen

    You say with some certainty that JLM is not Jewish; is this just another of your ‘off the cuff’ remarks that you make in the hope that no one will query it, or do you have facts to back up your claim.
    You also say that JLM is not Labour, which is so vague that it can be interpreted in so many ways; so is this again another one of your throwaway comments that can’t be substantiated.
    This was your original comment……….

    ………”Stephen Bellamy on December 1, 2020
    ……….lRichard it is just that JLM remind me so much of the Holy Roman Empire. Neither Jewish, ……….nor Labour nor a movement”

    Still waiting for you to tell me your basis/justification for calling Israel a ‘basket case’ and ex Chief Rabbi Sacks a racist. Were these also just throwaway comments made without any intention of ever explaining them because you are aware of the comments basic stupidity

    1. Richard you don’t have to be Jewish or a Labour Party member to be a JLM member. They claim a membership of 4000 and my best guess is that the vast majority are not both Jewish and ” Labour ” .

  14. Careful Stephen; you’ve always got to take the Guardian with a pinch of salt because of it’s selective reporting and ideological bias (and that goes for all news media in any form)

    1. Could’t agree more Richard the Guardian is as bent as a wad of 9 shekel notes. In fact to get to be a Guardian editor you have to pass through the preparatory skool best known as the Jewish Chronicle that pillar of the Israelist gutter press

  15. Stephen

    You talk in riddles with this statement……..”Maybe their ” Jewish heritage” is the same as Simple Simon’s”

    As far as I’m aware Simon is not Jewish, so I’d appreciate if you can put me right about this

  16. Sounds plausible

    One thing I can’t understand is why non Labour members would want to be part of JLM which to my mind is affiliated to the Labour Party

    1. One of life’s great mysteries Richard on a par with the mystery of natural language.

      Just mentioning this in passing but JLM’S affiliation to the LP is a carefully manufactured myth

      1. Seriously? Seriously?

        The slovenly Sharmuta who calls herself “Mike Farmer” squealing about “deceptive names”.

        Surely you jest, piglet.

  17. Stephen

    ………..”Just mentioning this in passing but JLM’S affiliation to the LP is a carefully manufactured ………….myth”

    That sounds like the stuff ‘conspiracy theories’ are made of; unless of course you have some evidence to give it substance. Not liking or agreeing with something does not automatically consign that ‘thing’ to the realms of myth ‘just because’.

  18. On this day 72 years ago, Nov. 30, 1947 — a day after the UN voted to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states — Syria incited mobs in Aleppo. Rioters burned 50 Jewish shops, 5 schools, 18 synagogues, the community’s orphanage, a youth club & 150 homes.

    In Aden, now part of Yemen, local Arabs slaughtered 87 Jews, including children, women and the elderly; dozens more were seriously injured; the two Jewish schools, several synagogues and many homes were destroyed; every Jewish shop was looted.

    In December 1960, Algerian Arabs attacked the Great Synagogue of Algiers, ripped memorial plaques from the walls & torched Torah scrolls. In June 1961, the murder of famed Jewish musician Sheikh Raymond Leiris was seen as a warning, prompting Jews to flee.

      1. After 9/11, London’s 7/7, Mumbai India attack, Boston Marathon bombing, Pulse nightclub massacre, Bataclan massacre, London bridge stabbings and car rammings, Bastille Day truck ramming in Nice, Charlie Hebdo offices massacre, Bataclan massacre, Manchester arena bombing, Pan Am 103 bombing, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombings of passenger planes, Brussels airport bombing, Moscow subway bombing, kidnapping and torture to death of Illan Halimi, Fort Hood massacre, Dahmour masscare, Luxor massacre, beheading of Lee Rigby, ISIS beheading videos, ISIS burning a caged man alive, Rotherham rape gangs, Poison Gas attack on Kurds of Halabja Iraq, attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, shooting of Pope John Paul II by a Turk, Ottoman genocide of the Armenian people, Grand Pooofti alliance, …

        SCREW Deir Yassin and SCRE LaBOOR.

        Happy Nakba! 🙂

  19. Michael

    You’re a historical ignoramus

    …………..”Mike Farmer on December 1, 2020
    ……………Was that after the Nakba and Deir Yassin?”

    This was 1947

    You are forever pontificating on Jews, Israel, Zionists etc., yet you continuously show your ignorance of history and the subject in general; and then you hide your ignorance behind meaningless, incoherent and off-topic one-liners

  20. Michael

    I know exactly when all these events took place. My bookcases is loaded with books about them.

    You are forever pontificating on these events, so I would assume that you would know the dates of these two you mentioned…….

    …….”Mike Farmer on December 1, 2020
    …. ..and when was the Nakba and Deir Yassin? You claim to have knowledge of History.”

    I have books on Deir Yassin; I have met Jewish soldiers that fought there and I have done my own research on it; and Arabs have had to modify their propagandized history as facts have emerged over the decades.

    And when I talk about the Palestinian Nakba of 711,000 people, I think of the Jewish Nakba where nearly one million Jews were forced by various means to flee those Arab/Muslim countries and settle as refugees in Israel. Today those Jewish refugees are being remembered in Jewish communities throughout the world

    1. So, you’ve met some of those that butchered old men, women and children there.

      Seems you’ve misread the story of ‘one million Jews forced out’. A page missing perhaps. One by Joan Peters?

      1. Muslims butchering men, women and children.

        See ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, HamASS, Hezbola, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Wahabbi, Salfi, Sunni, Shiite, …

  21. Paraphrasing the Michael Farmer…..

    ……”Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……..No ‘Farmer research’ into UN and Arab antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Jew … for money.
    ………I think we all have Farmer sussed ..

  22. Paraphrasing the Michael Farmer…..

    ……”Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……..No ‘Farmer research’ into UN and Arab antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Jew … for money.
    ………I think we all have Farmer sussed ..

  23. Jonathan Cook, journalist
    10 h ·
    Thanks to Oz Katerji for perfectly highlighting the corporate, blue-tick echo chamber we now live in. Lots of people are defending Fisk, but you’re unlikely to hear them either because they don’t have a corporate platform or because they have been algorithmed into oblivion.
    Or, understandably, they’re keeping their heads down precisely because they know that goons like Katerji will pile on the reputational damage if they speak up, defaming them as ‘Assadists’, ‘war crimes deniers’, ‘rape apologists’ and ‘antisemites’.
    Why is Assange facing life in a super-max jail for exposing US war crimes? How was Corbyn reinvented overnight as an antisemite? Why in death is Fisk suddenly a liar? Because of an Oz Katerji-style degrading of public discourse and critical thought.


  24. Michael

    Sometimes I think you are so stupid that you are unaware of your own stupidity.

    There is an age old Antisemitic and anti-Jewish trope that links Jews to money in the most malign way, and with this little pearler you have confirmed your animus and anti-Jewish bias……

    ……”Mike Farmer on December 1, 2020
    ……..You got ‘for money’ wrong.
    ……….p.s.I am not Jewish.”

    As I said, I’m not sure if you are ignorant and stupid or just a plain old Antisemite .
    I will file this for future use

    1. It is your own neurosis that interprets my posts, Richard.

      You seize any shape and attempt to fit it into your mind’s jigsaw, so eager are you to paint yourself as another ‘victim’.

          1. Michael, I write to you as the self appointed Quality Assurance Controller here.

            I have reviewed this thread and noted that there are 4 posts from others that specifically mention the Nakba and where you have failed to respond with your stock slogan. This is disappointing.

            I remind you that it is a contractual requirement of your participation here that slogan repetition takes place in every article and I recommend that you revisit the thread and rectify these omissions as a matter of urgency.

  25. Collier Tweets ” You may hear the breaking news that Israel is heading for yet another election.”

    Great news as far as I’m concerned . It means we can finally rid ourselves of Bibi and replace him with a proper right wing government.

  26. Paraphrasing the Michael Farmer…..

    ……”Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……..No ‘Farmer research’ into UN, leftwing and Arab antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Jew … for money.
    ………I think we all have Farmer sussed ..

    And this is his response

    ……..”Mike Farmer on December 1, 2020
    ………You got ‘for money’ wrong.
    ……….p.s.I am not Jewish.

    Michael Farmer claims he is not Antisemitic; but this reply ticks every single box on the register

    1. If, when I mention money you immediately associate the words with Jews I’d suggest that it’s YOU who have antisemitism within your thoughts. Naughty Richard.

      1. Sharmuta, Don’t you expect monetary compensation for your low quality Sex Work?

        Or aside from money, what other forms of compensation do you accept ? Canned food? Tires? Beads and Shells? Goats?

  27. David Collier
    You may hear the breaking news that Israel is heading for yet another election.

    Israel has to have so many democratic elections to make up for the fact that nobody else in the Middle East is having any at all.


    mike farmer
    Replying to

    Gaza had one.

    Israel/US didn’t like the result and imposed restrictions on democracy.

    Bibi’s, sorry Trump’s plan was to only allow Fatah to rule any Palestinian reservation so what would be the use of another election.

    The Palestinians would STILL be ruled by Israel/US.

    1. Pal-e-STINKians in Gaza are ruled by HamASS which

      – executes gays (pushes them off rooftops)
      – drags the bodies of executed opponents through the streets of Gaza
      – uses children to dig tunnels
      – uses schools, mosques, hospitals to store weapons and C&C centers

  28. Stephen

    Where does one begin; here is another of your baseless vitriolic contributions. A string of meaningless accusations without a shred of evidence to substantiate a word of this….

    ……”In fact to get to be a Guardian editor you have to pass through the preparatory skool best ……..known as the Jewish Chronicle that pillar of the Israelist gutter press”

    You contradict yourself by saying that to be a ‘Guardian Editor’ (a news vendor with a particular animus towards Israel) one must have been ‘skooled’ (I assume you mean trained) by the ‘Israelist’ Jewish Chronicle (by ‘Israelist’ I assume you mean that it is run for and by Israel for it’s own purposes)

    A typical mishmash of contradictory nonsense by Stephen that will now no doubt elicit a typically ‘pretend village idiot’ response from Stephen Bellamy, and a ‘village idiot’ response from the Mike Farmer

    1. Given that you are clueless when it comes to parsing, thereby understanding, posts on here you must think that you are surrounded by idiots.

      ‘Janet and John’ books your limit, Richard?

  29. Arab terrorists flee threat of falling fridges.


    The recent series of unfortunate events to befall top Iranian military and scientific personnel coupled with the inexplicable rise in the numbers of fridges falling from apartment balconies is taking its toll on the Islamic Terror community.

    Reports claiming that Israeli firm, Elbit Defence Systems is pivoting into the domestic white goods market are unconfirmed.

  30. “During these challenging times, things look grim for Palestine. Israel’s far-right government and settler leadership have been working restlessly and relentlessly on their colonial project, at the expense of Palestinians.

    Tenders have been published for E-1, Givat Hamatos and Atarot housing units; there was a demolition of the entire village of Khirbet Hamsa in the Jordan Valley on US election day, leaving 73 Palestinians homeless; a court has ordered the eviction of 400 Palestinians from an entire neighbourhood in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah; 26 Palestinian families (800 people) in Silwan’s Batan al Hawa are newly threatened with eviction. These are only some recent developments intended to spell the end of the two state solution and a contiguous, viable Palestine. As Israel continues to ignore international law, its impunity appears to be as unchallenged as ever.

    This week, the Israeli High Court heard a petition filed by far-right NGO Regavim, calling for immediate demolition of Al Khan al Ahmar village and its iconic “car tyres” school. The court ruled to give the State a four-month period of delay for the demolition, but since it did not issue an injunction against the demolition orders, the bulldozers may move in at any moment.

    Due to this emergency, international support has been requested by the Bedouin; their lawyer, Adv. Tawfiq Jabareen, called for the international community to work to save the village and the two state solution. Jahalin Solidarity has been working on the issue widely, including with its network of powerholders and lobbyists in various capitals.”

    1. Silly Michael quoting 2 State Solution fantasies. Soooo post colonial Brit !!

      How do you go about demolishing tents? Do you just need sharp scissors or something more robust?

        1. Michael is like you Bellers and couldn’t give a shit about one, two or three dozen state solutions. It’s all Panto Provocation. As your old mate Chris Rogers used to say “any stick I can find to beat the Jew over the head with.”

          Conversely the diaspora yids have to trot this bollox out as a party line to appear reasonable and conciliatory in polite society so that they don’t rock the boat or get banned from the golf club. So again, no real sincerity there either. Batshit, it all most certainly is.

        2. Mike see a one-state solution to the current problems. It is Israel’s own fault that it has left no land for a Palestinian state. That would result in 2 racist states.

          In the future I believe it will be one state with an Arab majority …may take 20 -50 years.

          Region weaponry will even out in the future…. US influence and superiority will wane.

          1. There we go Michael. It’s taken 6 years but we’re finally on the same page. A one state solution it is.

            Let’s put the past and the 2 state fantasies behind us and accept things for what they are; a lovely Jewish State for me and a nice rest from all the internet slogans for you.

          2. Farmgirl…

            Fairytales should always begin with “Once upon a time”

            Other than that your little story was most amusing….


          3. Aw Muck, you were so damn close to echoing your pinup idol David Irving–he at least kept predicting Israel would disappear in 10 years! Of course, the bankrupt hack author said that in 1993 and was wrong, then he said it in 2010 and he was wrong (said it in July of that year so yes, he missed his 2nd predictive no-Israel try). So yeah yeah yeah, 20 or 50 years. Maybe in that time period you’ll find a nice submissive boy and finally get laid before you do the planet a favor and croak.

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