anti-Israel stickers on the anti-Trump demo

The anti-Trump demonstration, spreading poison on London’s streets

I watched it, saw it live. The young girls who went scrambling for the ‘free Palestine’ stickers’. “I have to get one dad”, one of them squealed, as she dragged her father over towards a table that she believed was giving these stickers away. That was my welcome to the ‘anti-Trump demonstration’, London, 13 July 2018. She wasn’t disappointed. There were people manning several such stalls, all eager to hand these badges of identification over to whomever asked for them.

I write about this often, because the message is so important to get across. I cannot be sure what exactly drew that particular family to the anti-Trump demonstration. The girl’s background, politics and religion are unknown to me. I am sure however, that there is no reason for that girl to treat the only democracy in the Middle East as if it is a pariah state. Yet she, like many of the young people attending this demonstration are being introduced to the idea that it is ‘cool’, the ‘in-thing’ to ‘hate Israel’.

This poison is dripping into the veins of our society. What was most depressing about the anti-Trump rally was that it was so blatant, and I got to witness it all happening in real time.

The Donald Trump context

I am not here to speak in favour of, nor against Donald Trump. He is the democratically elected President of the United States of America. He is their sitting President and they are our strongest and most important ally. We are fortunate that what ties us together cannot be disrupted by a massive show of public disrespect, nor even major media outlets running an incessant anti-Trump narrative.

I do not have to like him nor his policies to understand that he is being demonised with the same fever with which Obama was Lionised. Neither image is real. Perhaps it is healthy to remember this, that not one of the media outlets that are constantly attacking Trump, had ridiculed Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize; an award for which he had been nominated within twelve days of taking office. There is a clear imbalance and everyone has an agenda.

The March

Everyone knew this protest was coming, even before the final date for Trump’s visit had been set. Turnout was always going to be high. When I arrived, they were still gathering, thousands of them. In the end, the march began late because of a bottleneck. With a flood of people still heading north from Oxford Circus to join the march, the demonstration was unable to head south down the same street.

A march like this is made up of several layers. Many will have come because it’s a fun day out, and ‘hating Trump’ ticks a virtue signalling box. Sending images of yourself holding up a banner that attacks the US President will gain you followers and friends.

However at the core, the groups behind the gathering were anti-American, anti-British and anti-west, not anti-Trump. Communists, hard-left Socialists, anti-Zionists, Islamists. Not a single one of the organising hands that I came across see America as an ally regardless of who is President. This is Jeremy Corbyn ‘intersectionality’ territory and it is no coincidence that people like Corbyn, Len McCluskey and Owen Jones had gathered to give speeches in the Trafalgar Square ‘end-point’.

It is also no surprise I met Ken Livingstone there (Ken is in the left image. Ed Miliband is in the image on the right):

Ken Livingstone and Ed Miliband

If you still think this was about Trump and not ‘America’, listen to a couple of interviews Middle East Eye streamed live:

Anti-American imagery was everywhere and walking with the demonstrators in London, it seemed like all sense of perspective had been lost:

Donald Trump

The Friends of Al Aqsa spring to life

A few weeks after the official announcement of the visit, the anti-Israel group ‘Friends of Al-Aqsa’ purchased a domain and launched a ‘DumpTrump‘ campaign. Eleven days before Trump’s arrival, they held a preparation event, seeking volunteers to help them with the anti-trump demonstration:

Friends of Al Aqsa preperation

Friends of Al Aqsa (FoA) are run by Ismail Patel, a British citizen of Pakistani descent. At events I have been to, I have spoken to Ismail before. FoA are not about ‘equality’ at all, but seek Muslim control of areas they believe should not be in Jewish hands. They are about Muslim control – Jewish subordination. According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, FoA ‘attempts to conceal and play down its real objectives by fine-tuning its rhetoric for Western ears‘. Patel has ‘saluted’ Hamas and ‘supported’ the ‘resistance’.

According to ‘Stand for Peacethis is what Ismail Patel wrote about adultery:

‘In humanity, the worst crime after murder is zina (adultery), and the punishment dictated by Islam for adultery is equal to that meted out for murder. This indicates the enormity of illicit sexual conduct … Pornography, prostitution, rape…are the by-products of zina … The free mixing of men and women from the time they become sexually active to the time they are no longer sexually active is prohibited.’

The group is often linked with extremism and they were ‘instrumental’ in the establishment of the annual pro-Hezbollah march through London. On a personal note, I was evicted from their ‘Palestine expo’ event in London last year. As a Jewish person who refuses to be subordinate, I was an unwelcome visitor.

Waving the banner of extremism

I cannot know how much Friends of Al Aqsa (FoA) spent on this demonstration, but it was a substantial amount. There was no way that they were going to let an opportunity such as this go to waste. These groups are brilliant at what they do, and it is important to recognise the strength of the ‘enemy’ if we are to understand the dangers that those strengths represent to British Jews.

It is all about normalising anti-Israel feeling and to bring people to associate ‘Free Palestine’ with every other popular movement. Thousands of people who normally do not associate with anti-Israel activity were going to hold up Friends of Al Aqsa placards. Whether they understand it or not, they were being played.

As I walked from Oxford Street and all the way to Portland Place, thousands, of these placards were placed at the side of the street:

Friends of Al Aqsa banners

These placards were not the stock intended for the march. This was just *surplus* stock that was still not in the hands of demonstrators:

Notice how the placards lead with the ‘Anti-Palestine policies’. Stickers were given out too. I wonder if these girls know where Israel even is on a map?

Yet they wear the badge of a man who pushed an extreme Islamist line on adultery and a group that seeks Muslim domination, not equality. Do you think they know? Of course they don’t, which is exactly the point. This is brainwashing.

There were several FoA stalls there:

Spreading anti-Israel propaganda

This isn’t an accident, it is all by design. With tens of thousands of ‘sheep’ who had come to express their dismay because they believe (rightly or wrongly) that Trump is a danger to world peace, organisations like Friends of Al Aqsa have an unmissable chance to ‘normalise’ an extremist message.

At every opportunity, anti-Israel propaganda was injected into the demonstrators veins. Listen to this chant:

It is so easy to do and notice how the anti-Israel message has been pushed onto demonstrators who turned up to oppose Trump. Build the association. Simply get them to sing ‘from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go‘. In their minds they will begin to associate ‘Israel’ with everything they oppose. These people now know the ‘wall has to go’, oblivious to the fact it went up to save Jewish lives.

The girl leading that chant, standing at the front of that section of the crowd, was wearing a ‘Free Gaza’ t-shirt:

This wasn’t the Palestine ‘block’ in the march. It was part of the strategy of the organisers in almost every block of the demonstration. The next video is another section of the demonstration. Here the person leading the chant was male. He worked the same chant with slightly different words:  ‘from Palestine to Mexico, the racist walls have got to go‘:


The anti-Israel message was everywhere. On the Socialist Worker stall, there were papers, leaflets and a petition. Only one dealt with an international issue – ‘Palestine’. Of all the problems in the world, only ‘Palestine’ was important enough to make it onto the table:

As we closed in on Piccadilly Circus, we came to a halt. The police were controlling the crowds and perhaps there were too many people between us and Trafalgar Square. More chants started. It was here that I heard ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free’. Another chant sung was ‘We are all Palestinians’:

I also heard a new one. ‘From London to Gaza, International Intifada’, which is a particularly worrying chant to hear. British people in the heart of London, calling for an ‘international intifada’. Do they not know that 7/7, 9/11, Westminster Bridge, Manchester, Brussels, Paris, Nice, Manchester is the ‘international intifada’ they are calling for? Of course not. More brainwashing.

Time to go

My time amongst these demonstrators was coming to an end. I had spent three hours walking with them, and for the most part it was a jovial crowd. Yet there were pockets, where groups of anti-Israel activists were gathered and of course, it was those pockets that interested me the most.  I had been seen and of course recognised. People had brushed past me once or twice ‘accidentally’ and yet whilst we were on the move, I had felt secure enough to remain inside.

Once we were kettled by the police I felt cornered. I no longer had the freedom to move, nor an easy exit and some of those who have threatened me online were nearby. ‘Coincidentally’, one of them by this time was standing next to me. I’d seen enough. It was time for me to go.


This is anti-western, anti-Israel, anti-British, poison. Not the demonstration so much, but the use that extreme groups make of it. Thousands of people held up Friends of Al Aqsa placards, wore their stickers and learned to associate them with ‘freedom’ and ‘peace’ and ‘equality’. Given the choice today thousands more young British people would readily associate the Islamic FoA placard as being more representative of ‘freedom’ than the flag of the democratic State of Israel.

Given that I spend so much time researching extremism, I am often sickened by what I witness. It is never easy to stand alongside those who hate you. But there was something even more disturbing about this anti-Trump demonstration. It was that I was watching the virus be passed from carrier to victim. I was standing looking at the enemy gathering new recruits. All of them smiling and all of them now chanting, ‘from the river to the sea’, as if it were some type of peaceful message. From the perspective of a British Jew, it was spine-chilling.



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104 thoughts on “The anti-Trump demonstration, spreading poison on London’s streets

                1. Far-Right, Ultra Conservative Islam ties with Regressive Socialism.

                  Odd bedfellows.

  1. We’ve been challenged by our enemies here too over the last 48 hours. An Arab father and son unwittingly blew themselves up whilst manufacturing rockets to launch at our civilian population. We killed a four man Arab crew that were launching incendiary kites and balloons at our farmland and later destroyed the Hamas forward command centre over which terror tunnel constructions had begun. Here there were large numbers of casualties from their armed wing including the head of the rocket launch brigade for the North of the strip. These activists pay the price for their actions. The greatest risk that little Jocasta and her friends from the Northern Home Counties face is a bit of sunburn and a blurred selfie on their Instagram pages. Still I suppose they’re putting themselves at greater risk than some of the naysayers here. Played David !

  2. I wonder who pays the bills for the hundreds National SOCIALIST Workers pre-printed placards. Follow the money.

    And today is Bastille Day and the second anniversary of the truck jihad in Nice France by an Islamofascist jihadi where 86 people were murdered and 434 injured.

    Those pro-Islamofascism protesters in London essentially support world-wide jihad.

  3. The Zionists are making a grave error in letting Zionism be associated with Trump. Netanyahu is also responsible for this.

    Hillary would have been better for Israel than Trump, with or without moving the embassy.

    1. The way to stand united with Israel, is to stand united with Israel. When you succumb to petty partisan squabbles, as you have done here, you are not helping, but rather making excuses for this left-wing demonization of a democratic state and Jews more generally. That you think Trump is a bigger problem than the ignorance and bigotry found in the videos, and in the MSM generally, I must regard you as part of the problem.
      When someone is right about something it’s important to know that person is right about that thing, and to stand up and support that person in that position even if you don’t support other positions, rather than succumbing to the dictates and ignorance of the mob.
      “Zionists are making a grave error…”, no, anti-zionists are the ones in error. And their error is outright antisemitic, and racist. They have been bamboozled and brainwashed.

    2. The Socialists are making a grave error in letting Socialism be associated with Islamism, Terrorism, Homophobia, Misogyny, Imperialism, Fascism, Corbyn, Hamass, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qada, ISIS, Al Nusra, Hezbola.

  4. I agree with pretty much everything in the article except the use of the term “brainwashing.” I don’t see any brainwashing techniques that cults use on display here. With the repetitive chants and placards they are certainly inculcating a hatred of Israel, one could even say successfully at least in the case of the protesters, but brainwashing is something else entirely. A minor quibble with an otherwise excellent article. Of course, jew-baiter found it boring.

      1. Palestinianism is a DEATH cult.

        The big lure is a street fair funeral and 72 exhausted “virgins” of dubious authenticity.

    1. Well you know Vild David does seem to be competing with Nick Cohen in the who can write the same article the most times without anyone noticing ( except me ) stakes.

  5. Seems like an excellent article, as always David. Unfortunately, I am allergic to anti Jewish bigotry and hatred, and had to stop reading halfway through, as I was about to throw up.

  6. I like the “This close?” game Bellers.

    You find two pictures of two different blokes both standing quite close to someone unpleasant. In your attempt, one of them’s a barely recognizable nobody with delusions of importance and the other one’s your mate Squiffy.

    Not bad. What next; The Donald stood by his Mexican wall and that bloke you hate from the BoD coming out of Hendon B&Q with some ornate trellis work?

  7. It is worth noting here that David’s efforts, exposure and time are highly laudable. I did not go yesterday due to my thoughts that this was an anti-Trump demo and nothing else. Yes, I know he is a buffoon, but I was not aware the demo would be a platform for the anti-Israel brigade. Much of David’s article focuses on the FoA. Some years ago, I attended a meeting at Parliament hosted by FoA with a panel made up of Tony Benn and Gerald Kaufman. The debate was the perceived closure of the Al Aqsa mosque by Israel. This turned out to be just another incident. However, it was presented as a massive impairment to peace.

    I am sorry I did not go yesterday.

      1. Oooh maybe he was stood somewhere else, close to someone unpleasant Bellers. That would make him the same as the leader of the British Labour Party and your mate Squiffy, right. I’ll see if I can get someone to fax me a picture for your blog. You can do a massive copy/paste next time you’re dashing to be first to post. Whaddyathink 8/10?

  8. See, this is why I don’t post as much. You used to have a go but now you’re just boring. Same half dozen soundbites with a couple of in-jokes and the usual copy/pastes from your blog. You were obviously gonna run out of steam eventually with no real interests and nothing of your own to say; just churning the same stuff over. Just thought you’d have kept it up longer. You’re like a Whoopee cushion that’s lost it’s fart noise; just a short waft of tepid air now.

        1. A very dear friend of mine and erstwhile collaborator said to me ……. ” Look, we aren’t meant to win. We come and we go and in between we do our humble best”

          # Iris

    1. These things are not ‘interesting’, they are ‘irrelevant’ Stephen. The small number of Zionist hard-left activists will always be rendered impotent by the total indifference of those that stand around them. Unless there is a message about them worth sending to the wider community, they’re not worth mentioning.

      1. Send Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist JINOs on a Birthright trip to Gaza. Hamass needs Human Shields for overdue “lawn mowing”.

            1. I am seriously interested here. I know Pollard better than his wife, probably because I pay him more attention than she does. I agree nothing is as it first appears.

  9. Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale, in the U.S. in 1966, said of the following countries: Cuba, The People’s Republic of China, North Korea, North Vietnam, The Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam: “they represent the peoples liberated territory.” Israel is being targeted as the next “people’s liberated territory.” The takedown of Israel is part of the worldwide struggle against imperialism. To fight the onslaught, it must be understood within this context.

  10. Outstanding!!!!!

    “A very dear friend of mine and erstwhile collaborator said to me ……. ” Look, we aren’t meant to win. We come and we go and in between we do our humble best” ”

    So after all that, what Bellers is saying is IT’S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS.

    I wish this section had a sound button because you could press it now and hear a recording of me lost in a paroxysm of uproarious laughter.

      1. But once again. You don’t have the remotest fucking clue what is goinng on. That’s no crime but never missing an opportunity to highlight the fact is pretty dumb

      2. Bellers, I pebble-dashed my keyboard with Frosties.



        1. Ian today we are going to find out who owns the Labour Party and you are squealing like a school girl with a hot flush. You really think there is winning and losing here don’t you ? Jezuz wept.

          1. Don’t get me going again Bellers. I’ve just wiped the cereal off the laptop.

            Oh no….I can’t resist…here it is again….


            Oh god…I need more lemony towelettes.

              1. Me and mine have been counting them since 1948 Bellers. Its very nice but as you say…………..oh bugger it one last time….IT’S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS.

                That’s my lot for the day….really!

                1. But the final whistle hasn’t blown Ian. The game isn’t won 10 minutes into the first half. Did you not watch the world cup ?

                  You and I probably will not be here to hear it. In the meantime I will come and go and do my focussed best however inadequate . H/T Iris.

                  You on the other hand will continue to flounder around being kept warm by your delusions of eternal Israel and generally not having the remotest fucking clue what is going on.

                  I have always found Iris’ missive very helpful. It’s not Armageddon.

                  But then you are done for the day. I think o:)

                  Do you really eat frosties? I realise I will have to wait til tomorrow for an answer, but its worth it.

  11. Worth recalling Jonathan Goldberg in the wake of the FUCU disaster. ” Claiming that an affection for the modern state of Israel is a protected characteristic under the equality act is as fanciful as saying supporting Tottenham Hotspur is a protected characteristic because a lot of Jews do”

  12. Well this interesting, maybe interesting enough to get get Ian to expand his interests beyond frosties lemon thingies and posters wives.

    “And they will be right. The EUMC “ WORKING DEFINITION” was recently adopted in the UK and applied to campus An “Israeli Apartheid “ week event was cancelled as violating the definition. A holocaust survivor was obliged to change the title of a campus talk, and the University mandated it to be recorded, after an Israeli diplomat complained that it violated the definition. Perhaps most gregarious of all, an off campus group , citing the definition,called upon the University to conduct an enquiry of a professor for antisemitism, based on an article she had written many years before. The University conducted the enquiry. And while it found no basis to discipline the professor, the exercise itself was chilling and McCarthy like.”

    Ok who said this ?

    George Galloway ?

    Ken Livingstone ?

    Jeremy Corbyn ?

    JeremyCorbyn ?

    The Chief Rabbi ?

    An Ass ?

    That Hamas guy ?

    Nina Watsit ?

    Honathan Scoffman ?

    Gabriel “you are muted” ?

    David can’t play because he already knows the answer. Ian can’t play because he has gone to the beach.

  13. Tweet of the reaction so far

    Stephen Pollard

    Verified account

    24 minutes ago

    A senior Jewish community figure has just texted me: “They’ve gone to war with the Chief Rabbi!”

  14. Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of Frosties Bellers?

    Ordinarily I would have been a bit miffed at blurting a whole mouthful over my work space but I have to say it was worth it. Let’s just remind ourselves. Here we go…………………………………. …………..IT’S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS.

    Ha! Still lovin’ it.

    1. Idiot

      ” There is no final victory and no final defeat.There is just the same battle to be fought over and over again. So toughen up bloody toughen up ”

      Tony Benn

      Seems Iris is in good company o)

  15. David thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. The red facists won’t get their way for long. They have kicked over a hornets nest. The Right won’t always be in dissarray and their backlash is inevitable. Jews can only look at the darkening skies in horror!!

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