‘Breaking my Silence’, discussing the ‘theoretical Zionist’.

On 29/12/2015 I travelled to Birmingham to participate in a panel at the ‘Limmud’ conference. Being a writer rather than a speaker, being given control of a microphone wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to, yet having seen the list of talks, some of which appeared interesting, I had decided to stay for a couple of days and engage a little. I arrived at … Continue reading ‘Breaking my Silence’, discussing the ‘theoretical Zionist’.

Hannah, are we really ‘Yachad’?

An open letter to Hannah Weisfeld, Director of ‘Yachad’. Hannah, I apologise for having to write this letter. I do not care for internal UK Jewish politics nor tend to involve myself in the arguments and machinations that surround it. My stance is and will remain focused on attacking those that delegitimize Israel. You are right when you state nobody can claim a monopoly on … Continue reading Hannah, are we really ‘Yachad’?

From Jerusalem to New York, to Paris, ‘brothers in arms’

For those that haven’t read my writing before, I never shoot from the hip. The bigger the issue, the greater the anger, the longer I require to internalise events before I am able to place my thoughts onto paper. So it is little surprise that it has taken several days to digest the events that took place in Paris last Friday night. Like most people … Continue reading From Jerusalem to New York, to Paris, ‘brothers in arms’

An open response to James O’Brien at LBC radio

Dear James re: LBC radio – Ignorance and the support of terrorism I have just listened to a recording of yesterday’s show on LBC. I appreciate your role is to stir up trouble, create an emotional response and indeed, I would imagine the more people who talk about your show, both for good and for bad, the better your employers will probably like it. You … Continue reading An open response to James O’Brien at LBC radio

BBC – Guilty as charged

I do tend to write about most of the events that I go to, but walking into a room full of people who do not spend their time spreading lies about Israel is an odd circumstance for me. So despite the serious nature of the BBC Watch events this week, it was a refreshing experience and in an odd way I could relax; I was … Continue reading BBC – Guilty as charged