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Nazis in disguise. How some anti-Israel messaging is extreme-right rhetoric

We are witnessing a legitimisation of Nazi messaging against Jewish people in Israel. Some of it is our own fault. We have become so desensitised that we no longer differentiate between ‘a simple lie’ and full on extreme-right rhetoric. We see the messages everyday. They have entered the mainstream and celebrities, newsreaders and lecturers all use it. ‘The left’ as Nazi. We should display zero tolerance of this. Instead of pointing out the blatant swastika hidden behind the image, we enter ‘rabbit holes’ of discussion about historical accuracy. When we respond, at best, we just call it ‘propaganda’.

There is a difference between anti-Israel propaganda and Nazi messages. Arguments over cease-fires, settlements and proportional response are ‘narrative’ or ‘propaganda’ discussions. But what I put forward here has nothing to do with legitimate discussion or hard-left antisemitism. It isn’t about whether the other side has created a myth or not. What I deal with here is Nazi messaging and when you see it, reject it as swiftly as you would if it was in the shape of a swastika. Here are just a few examples.

The ‘disappearing Palestine’ maps

I start with this map (two examples of the same map). It is the first of the four in the ‘disappearing Palestine‘ image. The map is probably the most used of all the images in anti-Israel advocacy. It appears on every campus, at every event, and has even been mistakenly used by mainstream media sources.

Palestine as Nazi ideology

I have no intention of addressing these maps as an anti-Israel propaganda exercise. Whilst I understand their good intentions, people who engage it (and I have seen plenty), by pointing out the issues of demographic mistakes or state own land (and so on) are missing the point entirely.

Let me address the real issue here. Land where Jews were massacred and ethnically cleansed (see lack of Hebron in map on left) becomes ‘Palestinian land’. The term ‘Palestinian land’ does not even relate to where Arabs live or what they own. What has happened is that Jewish communities who have lived there for millennia are ‘excluded’ from the ‘Palestinian population’ and placed into Jewish ghettos with their rights to any claim removed, purely because they are Jewish. The green area may as well have the words ‘Judenrein’ printed on them.

Still don’t get it? Imagine a map of the United Kingdom. Then imagine someone had mapped out places where ‘non-whites’ live. Not even just new immigrants, but anyone who was considered ‘not white’, regardless of how long their families had resided in the UK. At what point, as they designate the areas which are free of ‘non-whites’ as ‘British land’, do the swastikas start appearing in your mind?

There is no excuse for this map, nor any legitimate way of reading it. Wherever this map appears, Nazi ideology is being promoted. It has no place *anywhere*. It is a clear example of how this type of Nazi terminology has entered the mainstream of the anti-Israel cause. If you see this map, wherever you see this map – call it out for what it is. Extreme-right, Nazi material.

From Hebron to Jerusalem and Baghdad to Tulkarm 1929-1949

The next example is a simple one. The Jewish community of Hebron was ethnically cleansed following a massacre of Jews that took place in 1929. That ancient community had a virtually unbroken presence in Hebron, aside temporary expulsions (Crusaders) and an exodus following a pogrom in 1517.

Throughout most of the mid 1800s, Jerusalem had a Jewish majority. For several thousand years, temporary denials of access aside, the Jewish people were a sizeable part of the city’s population. Much of Jerusalem’s Jewish community were ethnically cleansed in 1948. The commander of the Jordanian forces is reported to have said: ‘For the first time in 1,000 years not a single Jew remains in the Jewish Quarter‘.

Descendants of all of these Jewish families, live in Israel today. They are counted as ‘invaders’ ‘colonial settlers’ and ‘usurpers’. Why? Because they are Jewish.

There is no doubt that an influx of Arab migrants entered the Mandate of Palestine throughout the 1900s. That flow of human traffic had started decades before. Egyptians fleeing military conscription in the late 1800s for example. European interest (Britain/France) alongside a Jewish Zionist influx also brought investment, and people gravitated towards economic growth. There are many such clues. Bushnak for example is the surname of Arabs who came from Bosnia. Many other surnames, such as Al-Baghdadi, Tamimi, and Al-Tachriti are clan-based and clearly not local. Martin Gilbert estimates 50,000 Arab immigrants arrived under British rule, others suggest double that.

Many of the descendants of these non-Jewish families live in Israel, or the 67 lands today. They are considered indigenous people, whose rights to the land override all other claims. Why? Because they are not Jewish.

When UNWRA created the definition of a Palestinian refugee they based it around residency of only two years. This means that a 1946 immigrant from Iraq is counted as an indigenous person whose rights in places such as Hebron override those of a Jewish person whose family had lived there forever.  That is nothing to do with settlements or checkpoints. It is another Nazi narrative.

Jewish refugees 1880s – 1948

Jewish people landed on the shores of the Ottoman Empire and then later British Palestine. For the most part they were refugees fleeing persecution. Spikes in Jewish immigration coincided with periods of persecution and the closing of the doors of the UK (1905) and the US (1924) only narrowed the choice. By the 1930s Jewish people had nowhere else to go.

The increase in Jewish immigration was met by Arab violence. The higher the number of refugees, the worse the violence. Eventually the Arab refusal to accept Jewish refugees, forced the British to close the doors completely to the Jewish homeland. This violence was the primary driver behind the idea of partition.

Every refugee or immigrant becomes a ‘settler’, an ‘invader, a ‘Khazarian thug’:

These myths, and every variation of them, all portray Jewish immigration as violent, land-stealing and foreign. Jews came and ‘stole’ the land (under the British – really?). People create something unnatural about the nature of the Jew and they sanitise it by calling every Jew who arrived in British Palestine, ‘Zionist’. Many of these same people, who dehumanise the motives, and desires, of the Jewish immigration into British Palestine, hold up banners saying Europe and America must ‘welcome refugees’.

As always, I ask you to translate the language to the UK or US. Who claims refugees steal homes and jobs? Who calls them invaders or aliens? What ideology dehumanises their motivations and intentions? Yet a complete demonisation has occurred in relation to Jewish people running from Pogroms and Genocide. Why? Because they were Jewish. This is yet another Nazi narrative.

How long have you been living here?

There are a range of questions that nobody would ever ask someone living in the US or UK. Why? Because we are not racists. Almost every single Jewish person who lives in Israel were born there. As were most of their parents. The conflict, started by Arab violence, has created the notion of two separate states, but beyond that? My neighbour is of Indian heritage, I am an ethnic Jew, the person next-door-but-one seems to be white British. We were all born here. As were our parents.

Would anyone begin to suggest that the individual rights of the white British person exceed those of myself or my neighbour? And yet ‘recent invaders’ is a term often used, even in places like the university campus, to describe Israeli Jews. If someone called my neighbour, a recent ‘invader’ where would you place that person on the political map?

Changing names

Remember the right-wing attack on Obama’s heritage? Pretty unpleasant, right? I mean, we know what side of the spectrum these type of attacks come from – don’t we? Anti-Israel activists use that exact strategy with Jewish people in Israel:


For the record, both Elleanne Green and Judith Brown (images above), posted that they joined Labour for Jeremy Corbyn. All of these people, may be dressed up as leftist peacemakers, but the messages are all extreme-right wing.

Cultural appropriation

Imagine walking into a Fish and Chip shop in your local high street. And let’s say the owner is of Turkish, Indian or Chinese heritage. Would you and your friends return to form a picket-line outside, to accuse the owner of cultural appropriation? Where exactly on the political spectrum would you sit, if the thought entered your mind? Yet everything Israelis do is branded as ‘cultural appropriation’.

I start with the fact some Israeli families have lived on the land as long if not longer than the Arabs. Are they not allowed to make hummus and call it their own? The next addition is of course the descendants of the million or so Jewish Arab refugees that arrived. All with hummus, pita, falafel, malawach, tabouleh, matbukha, jachnun and shakshuka in their recipe books. The final nail is the Arab Israelis, 20% of the population. The majority of Israelis are directly descended from people who have never left the region. And what of the rest? What is so wrong with Israeli hummus?

Take an Israeli family who have resided in the region for ever. Before the British, before the Turks, before the Arabs, before the Christians. If they make Hummus it is cultural appropriation. Why? Because they are Jewish. How can people not see this for what it is? Nazi messaging.

Nazi narratives have to be rejected

These are just some of the many examples available. It is wrong to call any of this propaganda and to focus on arguing against the logical or illogical pillars. We should not be calling it revision of history either, because it needs to be called out for what it is. The material is of far-right ideology and the message is a Nazi one.

Far-right ideology has infested the self titled ‘peace-camp’. Much of this (not all) is down to the red-green alliance. Radical Islamists are not leftists and as these groups hold hands on anti-Israeli platforms, elements of the left swallowed extreme-right, racist ideology, simply because it had been repackaged. These themes have entered into campus, into unions, into schools and into politics. Nazi, anti-Jewish narrative has gone mainstream. I have heard or seen every single one of the examples above hundreds of times. I’ve seen them on campus, I’ve seen them in politics, and I have witnessed children being fed them at school.

It is time for us not just to call it out, but to tear the whole structure down.



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53 thoughts on “Nazis in disguise. How some anti-Israel messaging is extreme-right rhetoric

  1. “My neighbour is of Indian heritage, I am an ethnic Jew, the person next-door-but-one seems to be white British. We were all born here. As were our parents.

    Would anyone begin to suggest that the individual rights of the white British person exceed those of myself or my neighbour?”

    But David, Israel has given Jewish citizens of Israel the right of self-determination in Israel yet forbidden the same right to non-Jewish citizens. Isn’t that racism? Do you support that move?

    To make this blog more meaningful it would help for you first to define what YOU mean by the term “Nazi”.

    1. there are no differences in *individual* rights Mike. If Chinatown tried to declare independence, it wouldn’t be allowed, because collectively Chinese people in the UK do not have the right to national self-determination. However individually, they have as many rights as everyone else. If a group of Jews tried to break away as a separate national entity in Israel, their rights would be denied just as if a group of Arabs tried to do it. You are confusing issues. Either you do it deliberately or don’t understand them, but either way, it hardly matters.

      1. David, had you read to the end of my post you would have noticed the question “To make this blog more meaningful it would help for you first to define what YOU mean by the term “Nazi”.”

        Would you answer that question to make your blog meaningful?

        David, as a UK citizen do YOU have the right of self-determination in the UK?

        Does a person of Chinese descent who is a UK citizen also have the right to self-determination in the UK?

        1. Mike I do not think you have read the law
          “The right to exercise


          self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people. ”

          I do not have an individual right to national self determination in the UK, nor does the person of Chinese descent. I do however have the same individual rights as everyone else.

          The Slovaks have the same type of rule in their constitution, as do several other European States. Some are harder hitting. For the record I think the law was unnecessary.

          You’re right – I should have defined Nazi. The blog caused some confusion, because members of the far-right tend to see the Nazi party as being of the left anyway. So I was attacked by extremists on the right, even though I was having a go at messaging by members of the extreme left. I need to write for the stupid and be clearer in my titles. I have to accept half the people never even bother to read the article before commenting. Not that I care. I don’t mind if I annoy either side of the extremes.

          1. If Israel has both Arab, Jewish and Christian citizens what does having “national self-determination” bestow on those citizens that isn’t bestowed on those citizens not selected?

            “I need to write for the stupid”.

            You already do. Your blogs are short on proof but long on innuendo and suggestion, deliberately so.

            1. individually, nothing at all Mike. What part of this are you having trouble getting? Neither the Arab citizen nor the Jewish citizen were given or deprived of anything by that particular point. It is a declarative statement about National self determination. Many democracies have declarative statements like this.

          2. Or, to say it in terms that even Bellend and F’er can understand…….

            what is the difference between

            people who want the British Nationalists to gas the Jews


            people who want the Arab Nationalists to drown the Jews in the Mediterranean???


    2. I think it’s clear David meant “Equivalent” to the lies of the Nazi party:
      Equivalent in intensity of Jew-hatred, in dishonesty, and in group-think.

    1. Ted, I understand the narrator is saying that although the Jewish terrorist group Lehi are pleading with both Fascist parties in Italy and Germany to join them in attacking the British in Palestine Hitler is deaf to their pleading and prefers chatting to the Mufti.

      1. Any Youtube footage to support your typically idiotic claim as there is for the above Socialist Shitler and Grand Mufti meeting?

        You are as honest as Flat Earth, 9/11 Troofer, Reptilian Overlord imbeciles.

        Happy Nakba!

        Now get back to work Sharmuta.

          1. I am not sure if you are aware of how vile the historical decontextualisation and misrepresentation above is. Actually, you probably are aware – which is why you post it. As the British negotiated throughout the 1930s with the Nazis as did the Americans and Stalin – and German Jews had little choice but to navigate their own way through life in 1930s Germany – including making the odd deal with the Nazis – this generalisation, overstatement and fixation on how some of the Zionist groups reacted as the hand closed around the throat of European Jewry is deeply perverse.

          2. David is being quite accurate. And it is interesting that you go to Richard Silverstein to persuade others. Silverstein’s life’s work is subversion through perversion. His output is bigoted, sloppy, stupid and dependent on an audience that fits the same description. And of course Tricky Dicky doesn’t give it the name treason, collaboration, cooperation, nor conspiracy, but settles in on “collusion,” i.e., all the rage in current US politics. Just so darned clever, that Tricky Dick. The fact you choose to single out and condemn Jews, the most vulnerable (to stave off Nazi genocidal intentions), for doing what others were doing is itself antisemitism by definition. What would you have done? What do you pretend that you would do in your “I’m a good person” fantasies?
            I find your act despicable.

            Again, David addresses a certain topic, providing abundant examples, and representatives fitting the description show up inadvertently providing extra examples of what he is writing about. Hilarious!

      2. Ignorant Sow, PLEASE promote my alternative spelling of your terrorist enclave AKA Pal-e-STINE.

        Shout it from the rooftops.
        Rip your hair out.
        Shred your vocal cords.
        Render your garments.
        Throw a fit.

        Happy Nakba!

        P.S. Please consider Eva Braun’s April 30, 1945 Exit Strategy.
        Just Do It.

          1. You betcha Begin and Shamir killed terrorists AKA Sand nazis.

            So too did David, Moshe, Levi, Yigal, Golda, Yitzhak, Shimon, Ehud, Ariel, Benjamin,

            AND Reagan, Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

            Happy Nakba you Terrorist lovin’ sow!

              1. Ignorant Sow, I know I’m expecting a lot from you, but….

                What was the background of the Pan Am 103 bomber?

                What was the background of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers?

                What was the background of London’s 7/7 2005 attackers?

                What was the background of the Charlie Hebdo attackers?

                What was the background of the Shabab terrorists that attacked Nairobi Kenya yesterday?

            1. Most of those you mentioned Ted, have become good zionists. Can’t wait for Ehud, Benjamin and their American pals to become good zios too.

              1. Bruce Levy says “zio.” LOL
                Bruce, Zionism comes from “Zion” not “zio”. Be sure to tell all your illiterate idiot friends. “Zio” actually means nothing at all, just a manufactured prefix from illiterates imagining themselves as socialist saviors of humanity but actually deep in the sac with some of the worst dregs of humanity.

          2. No Farmer,
            I believe Edward was thinking of 1,300 years of Arab/Muslim imperial reign and settler colonialism on historically Jewish land complete with 3rd class dhimmi status and pogroms, aka the kind of violence some Jews were finally reacting to, after all the centuries of admonitions by hypocrites like you telling them to just turn the other cheek when they are raped, robbed, and murdered. Sorry, Farmer, but the “good old days” are over for you.

    1. Wow, a leader critising the leader of an opposition party … and with no proof …. David really does write for the stupid.

    1. not really Stephen. Tracy seems to have fallen into a trap. The belief that by being sincere your good intentions will be reciprocated is not a crime. Reading through that it seems like Tracy genuinely tried to reach out – and was caught with bait. There is a missing tweet which is the girls back to Tracy. I’ve no idea what she said.

      Personally I think Tracy handled it naively. She assumed she would be treated fairly by an enemy audience and seems to have taken it personally when she wasn’t. I would have just said my bit and walked. But there is nothing in any of her tweets that is untoward When the first exchange happened, nobody would have known the girls age – once it becomes clear – you try to deal with it – from that point on – you’re on a hook.

      1. Tracy wasn’t being trapped, David.

        Had Tracy not continued to hound Rosie she would not have been criticised.

        It seems that Rosie was the one being seen as a prize, the lure being treated to tea with an actress whose motives were questionable.

        I see this as Rosie refusing to be trapped or used in some way unknown.

      2. Indeed there is nothing untoward in any individual tweet. It is the cumulative effect of all the tweets taken together. Tracy is clearly a bit of a bully. Anyway we are not going to hear anymore threats against Shaun. Its all gone quiet over there as they say.

        I would take issue with Shaun on one point. He says she is a crap actress. She is not a bad actress. But she is not in the same league as Ruth meeth and Luciana Berger

    1. Are you a 16 year old girl Bellers? I wouldn’t want people to look at the way I’ve been training you and accuse me of bullying. It would explain a lot though.

      1. You are the teacher in the to-and-fro’, Ian?

        Thought you were the attention seeker at the back of the class.

          1. I see. So you’re saying you’re a 16 year old lesbian Bellers. Is Peter another persona? Does he get paid as well?

  2. What Shaun has succeeded in doing is this. He has caused a lot of people, some of them very influential, that had hitherto swallowed the LP AS batshit hook, line and sinker, to look more questioningly at it. And to take a closer look at the head bangers that are driving it.

  3. “The majority of Israelis are directly descended from people who have never left the region.”

    Given that the Arabs there aren’t immigrants they could possibly be the majority of that majority.

    1. gotta love your ignorance. How is an Arab in the West Bank with the name Bushnak, not an immigrant? And gotta love your racism. Why do you clearly consider them indigenous, but call the Jewish family from East Europe ‘invaders’?

      1. Concentrate, David, your arrogance is making your thinking sloppy.

        You were referencing Israel, where neither the Jews nor the Arabs are indigenous.

        At least the Arab-Israelis there haven’t immigrated recently.

        My statement was correct.

          1. “The majority of Israelis are directly descended from people who have never left the region.”

            Given that the Arabs there aren’t immigrants they could possibly be the majority of that majority.


            Feel free to to explain any errors in that statement!

            Thus far you haven’t been able to define ‘Nazi’, Zionism and how the display of Palestinian children’s clothing in the Bansky hotel was hate.

            1. I object to your tag. There is a difference between ‘not being able to do something’ and not considering you relevant. You come here just to deflect and you are not relevant.

              1. Your theme in this blog is Nazi.

                I asked what YOU mean by that throwaway word.

                You admit that you should have defined your use of it and then decline to do so.

                You declare me irrelevant …. your perogative.

                Surely to define your meaning by use of the word IS relevant.

                I object to your dishonesty.

                1. Farm boy,
                  Oh, I see, it’s David that use “Nazi” as a throw away term all the time? ROFLMAO so hard I could faint if I don’t get some air soon.

            2. Actually great numbers of the Arabs have indeed immigrated into the area since the late 1800’s.
              The “Levant” or “Palestine” was observed to be quite desolate and under-populated during the 1700’s and 1800’s. Written descriptions of the region from those times testify to this. Most famously “Innocents Abroad” by Mark Twain. And others.

              And actually, recentness of immigration isn’t needed to have human rights.

  4. Haven’t smelled Tesco Harvela’s vile odor eminating from your blog for quite some time David. Is he still wasting oxygen, or did he finally turn into a good zio?

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