From boycotting Jews to attacking MPs, the bullying thuggery of BDS

By almost any measure of freedom, Israel is a Garden of Eden compared to every single one of its neighbours. The obsession people have with that *TINY* state is simply astonishing. Of all the nations in the world, Israel is the one people want to boycott (BDS)? No less astonishing is the obsession some people have with the *TINY* global Jewish population. You cannot simply ignore that ‘coincidence’.

They say that the entire argument over antisemitism is about freedom to ‘criticise Israel’. That is a lie. There is nothing stopping anybody criticising Israel. The truth is that none of the people on the ‘anti-Israel’ front-line are moderates who seek peace and just want to ‘criticise’. In actual fact, when you kick the rock, the only thing that comes out from underneath is a cultist. A thug who buys into conspiracy theory, wants Israel destroyed and doesn’t like Jews.

Look around you. Look closely at each of those leading the attack.

  • They want Israel gone
  • Support Jeremy Corbyn (in the UK, for non UK – just pick the nearest anti-Zionist politician)
  • Suggest the entire antisemitism argument is a sham
  • Support BDS
  • Suggest BDS isn’t about the destruction of Israel even though they themselves want it destroyed
  • Many have made antisemitic statements themselves. If not, they are certainly busy defending anti-Jewish racists.

The BDS logic

If the central logic underpinning the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement (BDS) had no value whatsoever, it would never have made it off the drawing board. Therefore an important part of fighting the antisemitic attack from within BDS is to understand the simplicity of the argument upon which it is built. Free speech, individual choice and the right to protest. These are all basic values inherent in our democratic freedoms. Given the correct set of circumstances, popular sanction (through boycott) is a powerful and useful tool.

But we also know that despite the squeals of the BDS Central Committee, BDS was designed in the west. A strategy formulated through a four year gestation between the Durban conference in 2001 and the eventual launch of the BDS movement in 2005. The early initiatives had floundered and it was a while before the missing ingredient (the ‘call from within’) was added. There is a video of activist Ilan Pappe virtually admitting that the ‘call from within’ ‘was based on a lie:

Another anti-Israel activist, Norman Finkelstein ridiculed the entire idea of Palestinian ‘civil society’ and attacked BDS for its dishonesty (video later in the blog). The bottom line is this, BDS was developed in the hard-left laboratory of Europe, to be used as a deceptive tool in the war against Israel.

The BDS traps

To cover it’s deliberate dishonesty, BDS lays several traps for those seeking to criticise it. Primarily you become entangled in a deflective argument over international law and freedom. As I saw someone ask on Twitter:

‘Imagine if a white supremacist group started a leaflet campaign to boycott businesses owned by black people.’

Is such an act of ‘free speech’ or ‘public protest’ legitimate? Of course not, yet it contains the underlying principles that BDS activists would conveniently argue are absolute. The problem with BDS is not in the theory but in the practical application. Right of expression and protest only go so far and the existence of the ‘red-line’ exposes the ‘freedom’ argument as a straw-man. As with all punishments or judgements, it is the issues of ‘guilt’ ‘fairness’ ‘proportionality’ and ‘exceptionalism’ that are of primary concern. Even beyond the obvious criticism that Israel is being singled out, there is the underlying assumption of guilt. What if Israel is simply not guilty of the charges laid against it?

‘Oh yes it is’

‘oh yes it is’, you hear the BDS activist cry, as they point to an image of a crushed body in a Gaza ruin. Yet every nation on earth has images such as this that can be used against it. An image such as this, even out of context, is not enough to merit actually ‘destroying’ a nation. None of the legitimate arguments that can be raised against Israel are unique and none warrant an exceptional response.

The only thing that is ‘exceptional’ about Israel is the alignment of forces against it. Beyond it’s own natural environment, radical Islamists, antisemites and elements of the hard-left all wish to see it destroyed. That is why BDS against Israel exists and a similar initiative against the 100+ states with worse human rights records, and fewer freedoms, is non-existent.

Which is why the second trap is one of ‘goals’. BDS deliberately shields its ultimate aims. This is a typical tweet about the aims of BDS:

Notice the pretence that BDS is only about the 1967 lands. It is of course a hogwash statement. BDS has three goals, and only one is directed towards the 1967 lands. More to the point, BDS explicitly unites all three goals. There is no separating a ‘settlement’ boycott within BDS, from the wider aims of the movement to destroy Israel (see article from BDS Founder, Barghouti). In this video below, anti-Israel activist Norman Finkelstein refers to BDS as a dishonest cult that seeks Israel’s destruction and a movement that does not represent the Palestinians:

As Finkelstein points out, these blurred lines are deliberate. They allow for people to believe (and many do) that BDS is a post 1967 argument. It most certainly is not. The illusion this deception creates leaves those fighting against BDS arguing with moderates who don’t understand why Jews see BDS as a danger. All whilst those fronting BDS reap the rewards of the confusion they have made. To the ill-informed, Jewish people attacking BDS look like extremists who want to shut down debate. It is a clever trap. Full BDS brings about an end to Zionism. It treats Israel as an exceptional case, it negates the Jewish right of self-determination and it ignores the democratic wishes of Israel’s citizens *BECAUSE* the majority are Jewish. Full BDS is antisemitic. Period.

The illusive moderates

Yet the argument goes on. As if ‘moderates’ are having their ability to criticise Israel taken away from them. So who are these moderates, where are they and what is it they are not allowed to say? If calling for the destruction of a liberal democracy (full BDS) can be described as obviously extreme, then a moderate pro-Palestinian activist should be someone who is in favour of a two state solution and therefore rejects calls for the destruction of Israel. As moderates, they would also have a problem with all forms of racism, including antisemitism.

The IHRA definition doesn’t silence any of these people. There are many people who criticise Israel who never come close to crossing any lines. Millions of Israelis regularly criticise policies of the State. In fact, whenever you come across someone who is at the front of the fight against the IHRA, you soon realise it is for all the wrong reasons. As I wrote earlier, when you kick the rock, the only thing that comes out from underneath is a cultist. A thug who buys into conspiracy theory, wants Israel destroyed and doesn’t like Jews.

Thuggery of the public kind

BDS as ‘peaceful protest’ was always going to fail. Israel’s economy is too globally embedded, hi-tech and entrepreneurial for BDS to make an impact. And as even Finkelstein points out, anyone with a brain can see through the vague statements of BDS. Pepsi’s recent purchase of Sodastream has reminded us all, after thirteen years of failed boycott, the Israeli economy is booming.

The hard core activists did little better with softer targets, like fruit and vegetables in the supermarket aisle. Short of legislation (the Corbyn threat) global brands such as Tesco are not going to start boycotting Jewish goods.

Where they do have impact, is in ‘ganging up’ against individuals. Either in a localised setting (such as on campus) or in a virtual environment where ‘bots’ can be deployed. A good example of this is Nissan Ayalon. Nissan is a man who built a business here, employed people and was then chased across the United Kingdom by thugs who saw him as an easy target. My understanding is that he has now completely given up the fight and left. As he said ‘ he felt as if *he* didn’t have a right to exist‘. That’s a Jewish person chased from the shores of the UK in 2018.

From artists to MPs

Academics have been silenced and singers who agree to perform in Israel are met with incredible levels of hostility and abuse. This is all personal. It also exposes BDS for the thug-based movement that it is. The boycott movement failed to capture the imagination because it is both unjust and deceptive, therefore BDS relies on ignorance and the motivation of anti-Jewish hatred to create gangs who intimidate people into rejecting Israel.

There is no other description for the mob that attacked Lana Del Rey. Personal vulnerability is taken advantage of by a crowd of thugs, who level all sorts of threats against the artist. Threats of violence are made against the artist, their family and their ‘people’. It must be a truly scary experience for young performers. These are individuals who use social media platforms and are suddenly faced with a tsunami of personal hate because ‘the mob’ suggests Israel is worse than Nazi Germany. This bullying, which includes death threats, is somehow publicised as a BDS ‘success’ by some mainstream online media outlets. As this is all that is left of their movement, the BDS central committee orchestrate such campaigns. Their latest is of course next year’s Eurovision.

As artists are bullied by online thugs, the media stays quiet. Perhaps because inside every newsroom is at least one deluded fool who thinks BDS is a humanitarian argument and something to do with settlements. Maybe the reporters are scared of the mob too. In the meantime, bullying and intimidation on a global scale is taking place and ‘human rights’ groups such as Amnesty actually ‘applaud‘. This abuse is going on before our eyes and in public. When Lana Del Rey was finally pummeled into submission, ‘media outlets’ reported she had ‘changed her mind’. Is nobody thinking straight?

Mob rule of a deceptive, unjust movement

Students on campus also feel the heat of this mob. Israeli societies have little freedom and Jewish societies are intimidated into voluntarily limiting their activity. When Israeli speakers arrive there can be aggressive demonstrations.  It has the same effect as the cultural boycott. Jewish students avoid engaging, just as singers decide that it is better not to arrange a concert in Israel in the first place. This is mob rule of a deceptive unjust movement. The target is not just Israel, it is an attack on core Jewish identity.

What is happening in the UK to MPs highlights this perfectly. Any MP who has tried to speak up for Jewish people is facing harassment and deselection. At a recent ‘no-confidence’ vote raised against one of those MPs, Iranian Press-TV even filmed from within the constituency meeting. If you’re Jewish they want you gone. There is a chance, if you just protect Jewish people they may simply instruct you to stop defending the Jews. Just yesterday news broke of yet another MP, Karin Smyth, facing censure.

Karin Smyth, Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman, Rosie Duffield, Ruth Smeeth, Margaret Hodge, Joan Ryan. Notice a pattern? The vast majority of abuse is directed towards women. As the two most notable bullying campaigns against artists were directed towards Lana Del Ray and Lorde, it may be fair to say that not only are people blind to a vicious bullying campaign, they are oblivious to its misogynistic nature.

I am sure people will protest that I have associated BDS with a bullying attack on British MPs, but it is all one and the same. The people leading the charge against the MPs and the ones at the head of the BDS gangs are all the same people. Look at them. The same names, the same faces, the same media support.

If BDS is a gang gathering together to intimidate a singer into cancelling a concert , why is the same gang gathering together to intimidate or deselect an MP not BDS? The BDS movement is just a cover, a name, antisemites use as an excuse to attack Jews. They chased Nissan Ayalon out of Scotland, just as surely as they are hounding Jewish MPs and their defenders in Parliament.

A couple of examples

It isn’t difficult to highlight that these are all the same people. Take those leading the way. Roger Waters is an anti-Zionist who supports Corbyn, promotes BDS, winds up the attack dogs and denies antisemitism. We can even create a check list.

  • Hard-core Anti-Zionist
  • Supports Corbyn (or if not in the UK, then the nearest anti-Zionist politician)
  • Promotes BDS
  • Attacks (or defends the attack) on sitting MPs
  • Is either an antisemite or defends antisemites

I’d argue that all the leading players in the arguments over antisemitism tick every one of those boxes. To argue therefore that there is a line over which anti-Jewish activity is or is not BDS is an exercise in logical fallacy. Here are visible examples:

That’s Pam Arnold. Supporting Corbyn (image 1) Promoting BDS (image 2) Attacking MPs (image 3) Being antisemitic (image 4). Arnold is a friend of Gilad Atzmon and she is evidence that hard-left and hard-right are interchangeable at times. Although well known in activist circles, Arnold is not a public face of Corbyn support, the fight against the IHRA or BDS, but this check list works with them all.

Take Asa Winstanley, associate editor with The Electronic Intifada. The EI is a rag that works on smears, lies and conspiracy. Winstanley ticks all the boxes.

Asa Winstanley BDS

Ben Jamal is the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. A movement riddled with antisemitic activists. Remember, Jeremy Corbyn is *still* a patron of this group. Ben Jamal supports one of his ‘patrons’, applauds the success of the BDS bullying campaigns, talks at JVL events and promotes articles that defend the antisemites in the Labour Party (that BAME article was shown to be a scam).

Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein clearly pass the test. So do all the leading lights of the Yevsektsiya group ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’:


Here is one from the House of Lords.

I could post hundreds of these, because they all tell the same story. Those at the front of the argument over the IHRA definition are all extremists, who:

  • Support / protect Jeremy Corbyn
  • Want to see the destruction of Israel
  • Try to persuade others BDS is about free speech and not the destruction of Israel
  • Argue that little (if any) of the visible Jew hatred is antisemitism
  • Either attack Jewish (and pro-Israel) MPs or defend those attacking them

Trampling on antisemitism and the Holocaust

So where are the limits? This is the problem, there don’t seem to be any. A few days ago, news spread about a planned panel appearance at a fringe event during the Labour Party Conference of Ewa Jasiewicz . Ewa is an anti-Israel activist who had put anti-Israel graffiti on the grounds of the Warsaw Ghetto. There is little doubt that putting anti-Israel graffiti on a wall at the Warsaw Ghetto is both sickening and antisemitic. It was deliberately chosen precisely because of what happened to the Jewish people there.

Who on earth would defend it? Well, all those who defend Jeremy Corbyn, simply brushed it off.

Ash Sarkar, who shared Lansman’s tweet is Senior Editor of Novara Media, an online media source that openly backs Jeremy Corbyn. And of course she supports BDS:

Yet another story has just broken, about Union leader Mark Serwotka, who accused Israel of ‘creating‘ the antisemitism row. Mark is a Patron of BDS supporting War on Want, one of the most vicious anti-Israel organisations in the country. This image is from the annual conference of the TUC.

Given the context of the current environment, if anything should tell British Jews it is time to start packing, that image should.

The link between Corbyn’s ‘attack dogs’, antisemitism and a call to destroy Israel is almost absolute. When it comes to a choice between associating with hard-core antisemites and Holocaust Deniers or standing up to racism against British Jews, *they all* choose the side of the racists.

The total assault on Jews

BDS is an excuse, the Palestinian cause is an excuse, freedom of speech is an excuse. This isn’t ‘BDS’ attacking Lana Del Ray, nor are they ‘Labour activists’ hounding Luciana Berger. These people are one and the same. A group of antisemitic thugs using whichever umbrella is convenient to legitimise their anti-Jewish stance. They can boycott Israeli business, remove kosher products from stores, bully artists, hassle politicians, deface Holocaust memorials, deny the Holocaust and protect those who spread anti-Jewish conspiracy theory. We should identify all this for what it is, a blatant attack on Jewish people by gangs of antisemitic thugs.



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148 thoughts on “From boycotting Jews to attacking MPs, the bullying thuggery of BDS

    1. Not certain if this is the correct place to post this, but here goes. I have just been hounded out of my flat in a small Scottish sea side town for being Jewish. Guess what? some of those responsible belong to S.P.S.C. one has been arrested and charged with a hate crime.
      Best of all though is another individual belongs to I.S.M. and just came back from causing trouble in Israel. Her name is Tina, don’t know her last name, and she works as a lay visitor at Peterhead Prison and works for a catholic organization called Apostles of the Sea. Her boss is Aberdeen,
      Fraserburgh & Peterhead

    1. Superb article David.Prescribed reading for anyone who wants to understand the systemic antisemitism inflicting so called BDS and the Labour far left. May the enemies of the Jewish people know only bitterness and anguish as we approach the days of awe and the year to come Kol Hakavod
      Shana Tova to you and your family.
      Am Yisrael Chai

        1. Dumb Bellamy, why don’t you swallow a bottle of sleeping pills and wash ’em down with a bottle of Jameson?

    2. Stephen. Do you really believe that setting up some type of homeland for the yazidi’s would be a ‘racist endeavour’? Is it more ethical from your point of view, simply to allow genocide to take place?

  1. 1. David, several times it should be ITS, not IT’S.
    2. The idiotic argument that it’s “illegal” for Jews to live anywhere west of the river Jordan is deeply racist, and should be tirelessly countered as such.
    3. There is no point in engaging with revolting stupid creatures like Bellend.

  2. I found this link at – WOW! Basam Eid is GREAT.

    “Speaking at the EU Parliament in Brussels, the Jerusalem-based Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid criticized Europe for turning a blind eye, for centuries, on the economic plight of Gaza, saying that “dignity can be achieved only via economic prosperity.” Accusing the BDS movement of “trying to use the Palestinians in order to gain power and money,” Eid said that if Europe cut its funding, like Trump was cutting the funding of UNRWA, the BDS movement would cease to exist within six mon…”

  3. Anytime a BDSer claims that it’s just about 1967, just ask them “So, do you then support peace between the Jewish state of Israel, and an Arab Palestine that would be established beyond the 1949 armistice lines?” 100% of them will answer no.

    1. 1) I would certainly support, if it was at the conditions offered by Palestinians and Arab League in 1999.
      2) It is anyway a nonsense question. Because the fact is, such a two state solution is no longer possible. It’s a non-achieavable goal and will never happen. It makes no sense to express “support” for a concept that is simply unreal and will just not happen.

        1. So leah, you think Ian Kay writes think, ignorant unhinged nonsense.
          He shares my view on this point.
          What is your view on something in the merits, instead?

          1. A blatant appeal to authority argument.
            Now, when you talk about the Arab League and the Palestinians you mean the Arabs that are holding 99.5+ percent of the land in the middle east, no? And when you talk about the Palestinians you mean the Arabs that want the other approximately .5 % for themselves on behalf of the Arab nation and don’t recognize the rights of the Jews, an indigenous people, to their historic homeland. And I’ll bet that you would never withhold support from an indigenous people’s rights to their land, settled and colonized by other people who had for their entire history held them in contempt and treated them as inferiors, in any other case.
            Yet you find the conditions set by the former imperialists with their unreformed bigotry compelling for some reason. What could it be, Gabby?

      1. Gabby, There already is a Two-State solution.

        Israel on the West Bank
        Jordan on the East Bank

        Plus there already are 22 Arab states. How many Arab states are needed?

        1. No “Arab” states are needed. And no “Jewish” states are needed.
          The end of apartheid is needed.
          The self-determination of Palestinians is needed.
          The full political rights of Palestiians are needed.
          The pursuit of Justice for Palestinias is needed.
          Equality and power for Palestinians against Zionists is needed.

          1. Gabby, If you really want to end apartheid, you should start with the 22 Arab states that practice apartheid, homophobia, misogyny, anti-semitism, racism. Then there are the Muslim majority countries (ie Indonesida) in the Far East who are racist against Chinese people.

            You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, comrade. Hop to it.

          2. > No “Arab” states are needed. And no “Jewish” states are needed.

            Then it follows that NO “palestinian” state is needed either.

          3. Gabby,
            No European states are needed, especially to tell the Jews what’s good for them. Europe has been on this jag for centuries and should know by now that it’s not the Jews that are the problem here. Don’t believe me? Well, have a sniff.
            What’s needed is for people like you to have your heads screwed on correctly rather than go through another of those distinctly European antisemitic episodes that leaves you with the same old hangover.
            And if your obsession with Jews, which you like to call pro-Palestinian activism (to the exclusion of any of the real peoples in the world who deserve far more support), take their lack of political rights up with the PA, Hamas, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, etc., because they are the one’s actually denying such rights.
            If what you really mean are sovereign rights, you didn’t say so, because you are just that ignorant to confuse sovereign rights with ordinary political rights.
            BTW, Apartheid ended in 1989. Stop pretending and pushing this obvious antisemitic rhetoric on behalf of the Arabs and their racist cause, and the hard left and its racist cause. It’s b.s. and if you don’t know that, then your brain is pickled in it, and therefore an affected organ which is not to be trusted, kiddo.
            Either you didn’t bother to read David’s article, or you have ADD.

            1. First, Iìll just tell you I have no obsessions with Jews – actually I couldn’t care less about Jews or Judaism.
              This frequent Zionist hysterial assuming that people who are against them must have a problem with “Jews”, it is actually form of narcissism, egotism.
              You think that people think abut you. They don’t. In reality, “Jews” are not something sufficiently important to attract neither hate nor any other feeling, for quite the majority of the people. The mind of people like me does not revolve around Jews.
              Jews do not even constitute a political subject to me. (Nether do “Arabs”). There are no political entities such as “Jews” or “Arabs”.
              If Israel was Christian instead of Jewish, BDS movement would be even stronger and more violent.

              My only interest is Europe. I don’t tell Jews what is good for them. I only talk with Europeans about Europe, and about the kind of world that I would like to live in.

              Israel is an apartheid state. It is a fact not a “cause”.

              1. Israel is an “apartheid state”


                Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.

                And to prove the point here are examples of “the Religion of Peace”

                9/11 jihad, London’s 7/7 jihad, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan jihads, Manchester concert hall jihad, Orlando nightclub jihad, DC Beltway sniper jihad, Bastille Day jihad in Nice France, London and Westminster bridge jihad, beheding of Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl and others ISIS jihad, Pan AM 103 jihad, Rotherham rape gang jihad, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombing jihads, Mumbai India jihad, Nairobi mall jihad, Boston Marathon jihad, San Bernardino jihad, Fort Hood jihad, thwarted Garland Texas jihad, Mohammed cartoon jihad, Danish cartoonists jihad, Theo van Gogh jihad, 500,000 dead in Syria jihad, Beslan school jihad, Halabja jihad, Bamiyan jihad, USS Cole jihad, Laboor party jihad, …

        2. Please note that, if there is only one sovereign state West of the river Jordan, currently that one is an apartheid state.
          So, if you want a single state West of the Jordan, you would need to recognize full political and national rights of all the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza, together with their liberties and freedom of movement in such state, you would also need to recognize the Right of return of Palestinians besides the Jewish Law of return; so you could not have Israel as a “national state for Jews”.

          1. LOL! ARABS/MUSLIMS practice Apartheid, Slavery, Homophobia, Misogyny, Racism, Cruel and Inhuman punishments, Child Sacrifice, Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial, murder of Christians AND murder of Fellow Muslims.

            Really Gabby, you are a RACIST AND a socialist FOOL.

            When Muslims can’t get along with fellow Muslims, how does any sane person expect Muslims to get along with NON-Muslims AKA Infidels/Kuffars??????????

            1. This is no argument Edward.
              And you are basically shifting the topic, while implicitly admitting that you support apartheid because others commit atrocities too.

              Israel is a supporter and an ally of the worst Arab regimes for its own convenience – that, for the record.
              It is not true that Arabs commit Apartheid btw, while instead Arab societies do often have other serious political issues, including instability and atrocities of other kinds.
              Actually, many non-arab societies have dreadful human rights records.

              But if the atrocities by others can be seen as bad from a moral viewpoint, the problem with Israel is not moral, but political.
              Just like the South Africa apartheid regime (whose only international legitimizer was Israel, btw) created a problem that was not worse than others on a human rights level, but it was much worse on a political level.

              Israel is a problem completely different from Russia, Korea, China, Egypt, Syria, Iran or Myanmar, from my political point of view. Difference is that: Korea, Russia, China etc., are regimes or societies that perpetrate human rights violations, or war crimes or violations of international law; but the crimes committed by Israel, are crimes that *we* commit. Israel draws Europeans into compliticy with its crimes. That is the difference.

              One thing is if someone commits a crimes. That’s mrally bad. But if someone commits a crime in my name, that’s completely different. It’s politically different. It is an affront to me, not just something morally bad.

              If an unrelated person commits dishonorable actions, that is only judged dishonorable but indifferent on a practical point of view. But if it is a member of the family commits a dishonorable action, the consequence is completely different.

              Israel wouldn’t be able to commit its crimes if it was not because of the support of Western countries. But that’s not all: Israel’s actions have a pernicious effect on European interests about relations with the Middle East.

              Israel national ideology has also a toxic effect within European politics. It looks like Israel also has a world view that is rather asonant with the values of Trump and is simply incompatible with the world orders pursued by European ideology.

              1. LOL! Gabby, you are getting desperate.

                22 Arab/Muslim states practicing apartheid, genocide, racism, homophobia, misogyny – and all you do is get on your milk crate while wearing blinders and bitch and moan about the Only Democratic State in the Middle East – ISRAEL.

                How many Jews live in any of the 22 Arab/Muslims states? Are ANY permitted in Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia?

                500,000 Arabs have died in Syria.
                1,000,000 died in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

                The checkpoints at every airport in the World are necessary to prevent another 9/11 – perpetrated by Arabs/Muslims.

                None of that matters to a fascist pig like yourself Gabby.

                You can LIE all you want, but SANE people see through your LIES and HALF TRUTHS and RESIST Arab/Muslim terrorism which has bled into Eurabia, America, Canada, Australia.

        3. No Edward, it’s the other way around.
          First one needs to behave properly, and only after they may demand that others behave properly too.
          If the West doesn’t take its own responsabilities *before*, if we don’t enforce our values within us, in our in our society, on the small garden we have power onto, first, we will never be able to convince or show values to other civilizations and the rest of the world.
          I can’t think about external problems, if I don’t solve internal problems before.

          1. Internal problems like the chaos that is natural order in 22 Arab/Muslim entities.

            I ask you again, when Arabs/Muslims can’t get along with fellow Arabs/Muslims, how can Arabs/Muslims ever get along with respect and tolerance with NON-Arabs/Muslims.

            And if Fascist Iran or its proxies think they can attack Tel Aviv without terrible consequences happening to Tehran, they are about to experience the worst Nakba in Fascist Irans history.

            Israel is much more powerful that Sadaams armies – which fought a war with Fascist Iran.

            And if the US or Israel or any other civilized country suffers a nuke attack, Mecca would cease to exist Is that what fanatical fascist shia Iran wants? Is that how they will get their “mahdi” to pop out of a well like the Great Pumpkin?

  4. “It makes no sense to express “support” for a concept that is simply unreal and will just not happen.”

    We’ve been saying this to the 2SSists for over 40 years. Very pleased you’ve come round to sharing our view. Although, judging by your previous, it is possible that you’re offering an opinion on a place that you’ve never been to.

    1. Based on your previous records, you might have been lying for over 40 years or maybe you’re denying what you have previously said on another day.

      1. I like the consistency of your posts Gabriel. You review books you admit you haven’t read. You claim to support Arab ambitions but then describe the concept as senseless and then make remarks about the Jewish State but don’t deny my speculation that you’ve probably never been here. You seem very confused about the whole thing. Perhaps you’re just Gabriel in your spare time.

        1. I pick the opportunity to remind you that you are a liar.
          First you had stated that I had reviewed a book I haven’t read – and you this is false, I haven’t reviewed any book (on this forum, I only reviewed the Collier/Hoffman report and mentioned their debate with Suarez, including that about the book contents that are reported by Suarez’ responses, by the book’s online site and by two Collier/Suarez reports).
          Then you stated that I “admitted later” about not reading the book, and that was a second lying, by which you attempted to construe a false ad hominem narrative about me (maybe to deflect the discussion away from the possible topics – I have to say that this cheap strategy seems to be the dominant theme in David Collier’s blog: talk about BDS activists, instead of talking of Israel and Palestine).
          You chose this line in the first place and by lying, because the narrative about someone “reviewing a book” and “later” admitting that he did not read, was a false narrative.
          You tried that. Ok.

          Now, I challenge you to find the posts where I claim that I support “Arab ambitions”. Also, you will hardly find an expression like that in my post.
          I don’t think I have ever used the term “ambitions”, and I think I have not even ever called the Palestinians just “Arabs” – talk about “aspirations” or “ambitions” and say “Arabs” instead of “Palestinians”: that would be Zionist talk, not mine.
          But anyway, yes I do think that I am able to interpret the ideological and political terms of the Palestinian cause, and also I do have my own opinions about sentiments and interests that are present in the Palestinians’ political landscape. And I have my own political analysis of the conflict.
          Based on my knowledge of the situation, I don’t believe there will be any “two state solution”; I don’t believe that a program of that kind exists.

          1. Yes, I know you’re using all your words and all, but you just keep coming across like one of those flat-earthers.

            Anyway, a new year has begun in The Jewish State and in line with my own ambitions I forgive you for calling me names. You are only being you and I wouldn’t want to see you any more upset. You seem to be suffering enough.

            1. No, it’s you who threw a false narrative against me. And you did that first.
              Your concocted narrative (“review books” and “admitting later”) is objectively false. Then you refused to admit that you stated something false. And thus, I note that you are objectively a liar.

              1. Is it OK to say that Muslims are the sons of pigs and dogs?

                Would it be OK to substitute Jews for Muslims in the above sentence?

                I hope you don’t hold double standards.

                1. “Is it OK to say that Muslims are the sons of pigs and dogs?” => no, it doesn’t sound nice

                  “Would it be OK to substitute Jews for Muslims in the above sentence?” => the above sentence is actually a question, it ends with a question mark; if you substitute Jews for Muslims it just turnes into another quesiton:

                  “Is it OK to say that Jews are the sons of pigs and dogs?” => the answer to this specific question is: no, it’s not acceptable (the same answer as to the question above)

                  I wonder why you ask such things.

      2. Ian Kay, by the way I’d like to ask you just a few questions:

        Have you ever been in a Palestinian refugee camp?
        Have you ever been in Syria?
        Have you ever been in Lebanon? Have you ever been in Jordan?
        Have you ever been in Nablus?
        Have you ever been in Gaza?

          1. The fact that you implicitly admit that “mission-driven” may well mean without any normal social interaction, is quite telling. You basically admit that you have no knowledge of life in those realities.
            Frankly, I doubt that you ever interacted with Hezbollah supporters in Sourth Lebanon; maybe you don’t even attend many Israeli Palestinians.
            But for some reason, you seem to suggest that anyone who would not visit Israel would have no knowledge to speak about the israeli/Palestinian conflict at all.

            1. Hezbola, like Hamass, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban need to be eradicated as national socialists were … by any means necessary.

              The only ones who oppose that objective are Islamofascists and their allies on the fascist Left.

              1. Well, if you don’t like Hezbollah… yet, Hezbollah is a legal party in Lebanon with a democratic support, and has been a party in coalition governments.
                Hamas was also voted by the people in a coalition list and has still significant consensus, although it is no longer within a democratic system.
                Al Quaida is hardly an ally of the left. It used to be an ally of the USA, who kept on “using” it occasionally even after it turned against them.
                ISIS was a creation of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey (plus others, including Israel) in an anti-Iran function.
                Taliban were also fostered by the USA in a Pakistani laboratory in the 80s with the purpose of nurturing an anti-Russian insurgency in Afghanistan, at the time when Afghanistan was under the Soviets occupation.

                So, you see, it appears the list of their allies, and of those who oppose that objective, is quite crowded and certainly exceeds the Left.

  5. I do admire the ingenuity being employed by Gabriel. The textual contortions are quite impressive but it’s still all very flat-earthy. Those lads really know how to polish a lens and even have a brilliant story about a big wall like on Game of Thrones that goes round the edge to stop us falling off. I’m guessing that like them, Gabriel probably believes a fair amount of his/her stuff. Luckily I’m still in a forgiving mood on this holy day and offer the traditional blessing from The Jewish State; G’mar Chatimah Tovah.

      1. So you’re a noseist as well Bellers. For someone that is only ‘taking part’ you do go to extraordinary lengths to have a dig. You’re such a Gabriel.

              1. Dead right Bellers. Since you showed my your pussy it’s only fair to give it a little tickle now and again.

  6. Btw Bellers. Are you Gabriel? All this flat earthish, Jews ‘attacking our hard won freedoms’ twaddle is the sort of pants that you normally spout. Have you franchised?

      1. Yes Bellers, I read that the committee at the Schizophrenia Society voted to re-apply to have you sectioned, but they were split.

  7. Gabriel

    You must be the first [aspiring?] Rabbi, to say that they “couldn’t care less about Jews or Judaism”.

      1. I certainly hope I am…

        There was a Gabriel who used to post on here, and linked their posts to a website (, which links to a same named twitter profile (@gabrielquotes), whose biography describes the user as a rabbi-in-training.

        Gabriel could you clear this one up please. Are you one and the same?

        1. @gabrielquotes is one Gabriel Webber. He is a snowflake of a ” liberal zionist ” and is indeed a Rabbi in training ( God help Judaism). I can assure you the presently posting Gabriel is not he.

    1. Mrs Stephen says that if you spent as much time looking for proper work as you do copying and pasting things from all your websites, she’d have had that new Ewbank months ago. Come on Bellers. She’s go a point.

  8. For the tape that was Bellers giving a third outing to the “Nurembourg Rally” (sic) slogan. Thanks for viewing boychik. We can see that small Jewish children playing musical instruments and grandmas singing together has a bad effect on you. Do you feel the same about all kids and nanas or just Jewish ones ?

        1. I think that Mrs Stephen has made her point clearly about your dog. But then again you’re seeing Nazis when everyone else sees little kids and grandmas so old Bonzo’s on a hiding to nothing.

  9. Got one of those much belated notifications that someone had responded to something wot I wrote months ago on some Jewish News site. I followed it back and saw it was about old Bellers. He popped up in the Comment section critiquing an event involving lots of Jews that he clearly hadn’t been to (natch) Guess how he characterised it. Dead right, the old “Bit like a Nurembourg rally with drugs” slogan given another outing. Every time he sees loads of Jews together he thinks of Nazis. What a sweetie.

      1. Nah, It’s working fine for me Bellers. Thanks for reading and for the use of the ‘Blush’ slogan. Nearly got a line on Bellers Bingo.

        1. Thing is there is just you and me talking to each other and David earwigging. That’s fine by me, I am not trying to sell anything and you are. I can’t for the life of me imagine who you are appealing to. Even if anybody was listening there are no undecideads, no swing voters.

          1. Never have been swing voters. Never will be Bellers. Who cares? Neither of us are here to change minds. Our unique brand of shtick has seen off Mikey, Davy and even that nut-job Chris Welshbloke. Lets stick it out and see who blinks first

  10. Keep your sweeties to yourself Bellers. You’ve shown me what happens when you see large groups of kids. We don’t need you going all Nuremberg again do we?

      1. You see, the reason this is such an unequal match is that I know you better than your own wife because I pay you more attention than she does. Bingo ? !!! You on the other hand don’t have the remotest fucking clue about me

          1. We must be thin on the ground Bellers. You’ve become your own double act. Unfortunately it works less well with two straight men.

  11. Ian, your “unique brand of schtick” has seen nobody off. It’s cowardly collier blocking those that mastered him.

    1. poppycock, there isn’t a single name in the block list currently Mike. And only a couple whose posts are placed into moderation (needing approval). I have given temporary time-outs to people who have spammed the site and so on but no more than that. Stop lying.

      1. David Collier accuses me of deception? Classic. David, how long is temporary? My posts disappeared for quite a while. They were wiped .. and you accuse ME of lying?

        1. nothing was wiped Mike. After you went through the Palestine Live document you said this

          “Have re-read the first 40 or so pages of Pt1. Nothing there that could be called blatantly antisemitic.”

          I gave that sickening dishonesty a ‘time-out’. I’d do the same again and don’t really need to be giving ‘spam’ or ‘trolls’ room to breathe here. You get to choose whether you play a real person or not. If you choose not to, I don’t need to entertain you.

          1. I don’t do dishonesty, David. I give my view. Have seen how our views differ widely over labels.

            Both of us know just who is telling porkies here.

    2. Sorry Mike, my contractual obligations only extend to replying to Bellers. Nice try at tabloid tagging though.

  12. Looking forward to the imminent call from several London Jewish housewives querying why some social media speck is obsessivising over all their husbands far more than they are.

  13. Jeezus Bellers. Seeing Nazis for nanas and now spouting Jeerman. It’s like an episode of Father Ted, you racist loon.

    1. That’a very serious accusation Ian. Do you have any evidence that I am hostile to or am prejudiced against the men,wimmins and kids of Connacht ? And don’t quote ” Irish by birth, Munster by the grace of God ” . That was ironical and as is well known Zionists don’t do irony ha ha ha. Or maybe its just English irony they don’t do. Dunno

      1. I see. So when you admitted you were Jane that was irony right Bellers? Are you Mike as well ? Are all three of you racists? Big crowd building up here and you said it would just be you and me. Typical man.

        1. “Are all three of you racists?”

          I’m a democrat, Ian. Can’t speak for Stephen.

          Are you a Zionist?

    1. “A blood thirsty, genocidal, imperialist Yid and a parochial, pig-thick, bog-trotting Mick go into a bar……”

      I’ll let Bellers do the punchline although he normally likes to play both parts.

      1. the blood thirsty genocidal imperialist yid says ” I’ll have a black and tan”.

        the parochial pig thick bog trotting mick says ” fookin hell and there was me thinking you were going to surprise me”

        1. Paddy and Mick are working on a north Dublin building site when it starts to pour down with rain. Paddy says…well its too wet to work outside today what shall we do ?

          Mick….let’s go to the cinema

          Paddy…..good idea whats on ?

          Mick….Moby Dick

          Paddy…….eww no I don’t like sex movies

          Mick……..It’s not about sex you eejit it’s about whales.

          Paddy……well I can’t stand the fookin Welsh either.

          1. Kathleen’s mother comes home from work to find her daughter distraught and sobbing on the sofa, clutching her box of tissues.

            Kathleen …. Mum, my life’s ruined.

            Mum ………. No, no.. don’t cry … what’s the matter, love.

            Kathleen …. I’ll have to get married …. sobs.

            Mum ….What are you on about, Kathleen.

            Kathleen ….. But Mum …. I’m PREGNANT,

            Mum ……. No, no. Keep calm ………. are you sure it’s yours?

            1. If Kathleen lived in Iraq, Fascist Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Yemen, Gaza,

              she’d be stoned to death by her father, uncles, brothers.

              Gotta preserve the “family honour”.

  14. Fair crack but not good enough to offer a profitable alternative to me, you and your multiple personae from writing bollox at each other here for a while yet.

    1. Just light-hearted banter here as the blog subject poses no questions, only of its writer.

    1. The cream of Jewish manhood?

      A disgrace. The little plump one enjoyed quite a lot of sexual harrassment there rubbing up against a young girl!

    2. We should identify all this for what it is, a blatant attack on pro-Palestinian people by gangs of semitic thugs.

      “bullying thuggery”, David?

          1. I didn’t create a straw man. I merely asked the question. You are into thugs. Thugs is even in the heading of this post. I am just wondering if you saw any thugs in that video.

            1. I have little time for Watfa. The woman shares Holocaust denial, frequently posts vile antisemitic posts and uses hashtags such as #Jewnitedstates. It doesn’t surprise me at all she likes to boycott Jewish shops and attacks businesses that do business with Jews. If you wish to frame your question around how Jews should react to such an individual as she publicly protests those trading with Jews, we could possibly have a discussion on it.

  15. Quite right. Puma is the kit provider for 2 Premiership footie clubs owned by by Arab countries with dubious human rights records. You can see why the big lass with the megaphone is so cross. She won’t want that on her conscience when her little ‘uns come asking for an Aubameyang shirt for Christmas.

  16. The website of former diplomat Craig Murray – – provides a platform for the most vile sort of Israel-hatred. A recent thread started by Murray evidences this (but there are many other examples). How can one fight back against such hatred?

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