wikipedia butchers history

Wikipedia butchers history and promotes terrorism – part 1

There are two parts to this essay:

I: Wikipedia Butchers History (see below)

II: Wikipedia Promotes Terror (to come later)

Evolution of a Wikipedia page

For most people, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is ‘just there’, as a handy tool doling out free information with every click. Many also believe the pervasive myth that ‘anyone can edit it’ – thus wrongly thinking the online encyclopedia is driven towards a certain level of balance. But the truth is that Wikipedia is a self-protecting and carefully guarded mirror of the sum motivations and bias of its most obsessive and motivated editors.

For example, the page on the ‘Israel Lobby in the UK’ was created by an editor with a clear Nazi fetish – which is why the page even exists today. Once created the page then became a magnet for other antisemites to develop it further. Unsurprisingly the page today is jam-packed with antisemitic conspiracy, and would not look out of place if it were published on a neo-Nazi fake news outlet.

Another easy example – a prolific Wikipedia editor (18800 edits) endlessly butchered Wikipedia to suggest that the allegations of antisemitism in the British Labour, Party were all part of a baseless smear campaign. Yet the same editor also appears on the page of the Islamist Muslim Council of Britain, inserting comments about how ‘Islamophobia’ in the Conservative party is a real and major problem. This blatant, Islamist driven, anti-Jewish skew – shapes the Wikipedia pages that we are left to read.

As Wikipedia informs more people than any other source on the planet, the anti-Jewish bias plays a key role in the rise of antisemitism that is seen on our streets. Wikipedia is also a central pillar in the Demonise Israel Campaign. Make no mistake about it – the enemies of the Jews have organised there.

Wikipedia’s Timeline of Anti-Zionism

The Wikipedia page that I wish to highlight is titled ‘Timeline of anti-Zionism‘, which self-describes as a page that ‘chronicles the history of anti-Zionism, including events in the history of anti-Zionist thought’. The page is a perfect example to show how parts of Wikipedia have been shaped into raw propaganda – dangerous, deceptive and vicious ‘miseducational’ tools – that have been written by antisemites in a *deliberate* attempt to demonise Israel, Zionism and Jews.

The page was created by the user ‘onceinwhile‘, a notorious propagandist and prolific Wikipedia editor (over 36000 edits) that spends much of its time belittling Jewish history and reducing the online Wikipedia footprint of Jewish suffering. I have pointed out some of its many destructive actions before.

This specific Wikipedia page only exists because ‘onceinawhile’ created it – and then staunchly defended it – from those who rightly saw it as a needless offshoot (there is another page on the history of anti-Zionism). The motivation behind the creation of the page – and the protection of it – is rooted in antisemitic anti-Zionism.

The Holocaust and anti-Zionist thought

Any encyclopedia seriously approaching anti-Zionist thought cannot help but approach the subject with an ‘BH’ and ‘AH’ system. There is anti-Zionism before the Holocaust and a very different anti-Zionism afterwards. These are not the same thing at all and to treat the timeline like a continuum grossly misrepresents the subject. So the first notable thing about this page – that details ‘events’ in the history of anti-Zionist thought – is that the Holocaust isn’t explicitly mentioned as an event. Incredibly, ‘Adolf Hitler’ and the rise of the Nazis – or Arab alignment with the Nazis – are not mentioned either.

In fact, the first mention of the Holocaust on the page is in a quote from 1961 that blames the Zionists for it – seeing it as being sent by God as a punishment.

Actual Holocaust mentions in the page:

  • 1961 – Satmar Rabbi blames Zionists for the Holocaust.
  • 2000 – Finkelstein publishes ‘Holocaust Industry’
  • 2003 – Hajo Meyer publishes book comparing Zionists to the Nazis
  • 2010 – Alan Hart publishes book stating Zionists are the enemy of the Jews – and claims Jews hide behind the Holocaust

And that is it. Jews were to blame for the Holocaust, they exploit the Holocaust to get rich, Jews today act like Nazis – and the real enemies of Jews are the Jews themselves. This is how Wikipedia views the impact of the Holocaust on anti-Zionist thought. It is as outrageous and sickening as it is twisted and non-factual. How about adding this one:

1942-1945: The key Jewish opposition group to Zionism, the Bundist movement – died in the furnaces of the Holocaust amidst the Nazi effort to exterminate the Jewish people.

Was this not important enough to mention as a key event in the history of anti-Zionist thought?

Sanitising anti-Zionism

As you read through the list of events that is presented on the page, the strategy of the editors soon becomes clear. For example – how is the Mufti, meeting Hitler to discuss the future of the Zionist project, not included in an encyclopaedic entry of the timeline of anti-Zionism? The Mufti is not mentioned anywhere on the page because it exposes a key strand of anti-Zionism – a genocidal strand – that these editors of Wikipedia want to remain hidden.

One this realisation hits you, reading the page becomes an exercise in witnessing the absurd. For example a non-relevant quote from 1943 reported by a minor author, makes the cut, because it permits the editor to suggest accusations of antisemitism are often bogus – meanwhile the President of Iran can publicly call for the destruction of Israel – and that is omitted. How is Ahmadinejad calling Israel a ‘stinking corpse’ that is ‘on its way to annihilation’ – not a key moment in anti-Zionist thought?

Almost every single entry pushes one of the key messages of either Marxist or Islamist anti-Zionist propaganda. For example, Finkelstein’s Holocaust Industry is included – even though it is not strictly an anti-Zionist text. Yet the Hamas Charter – a clear anti-Zionist text if ever there was one – is simply not there. Hamas do not make it onto the page at all – nor does Hezbollah. How is genocidal anti-Zionist rhetoric from radical Islamic ideologies not included in a timeline of anti-Zionist thought?

The bare truth is that the only thing that is allowed onto this page is the type of material that Electronic Intifada would publish.

Wikipedia’s propaganda police

Like most anti-Israel propaganda pages on Wikipedia, the page is well policed. For example a Wikipedia editor named ‘Nishidani‘ patrols the page, removing things that dirty the sanitised image of anti-Zionism. When someone tried to insert an antisemitic anti-Zionist incident Nishidani deleted them. His reasoning is useful. Following a deletion in 2017 he wrote:

“If we listed every antisemitic incident as anti-zionism, then the page, which talks of long term movements or major incidents or influential theories would lose its raison d’etre.”

By using the phrase ‘raison d’etre’ – Nishidani means that the page was created not to tell the whole truth – but rather to distort it. In that comment Nishidani also presents three criteria for inclusion:

  1. That it has to be a long-term movement
  2. A major incident
  3. Or an influential theory

This list is absolutely nonsense given some of the petty and inconsequential stuff that is included – but more than this – how are Hezbollah and Hamas not long term movements with influential theories that have caused major incidents? Both Hamas and Hezbollah tick every box of Nishidani’s statement but still the page will not reference the genocidal antisemitism of these anti-Zionist terrorist factions. Given the endless list of historical activity by Arab terrorists against Jewish and Zionist targets across the globe, it is incredible that the words ‘hijack’ and ‘terrorism’ do not appear on the page at all.

Ask yourself this – Why is the BDS movement included (because it can be passed off as peaceful and the editors want you to support it) – but Hezbollah not included (because it exposes the truth about anti-Zionism)? It is that simple.

Selective, self-reverential inclusion

Some of the entries are truly absurd. The page mentions (1943) the ‘National Liberation League in Palestine’ – which was a short-lived, tiny and inconsequential group of Arab Communists in British Palestine. As the group supported partition it cannot even strictly be defined as ‘anti-Zionist’ yet it is still included. It was probably mentioned so as to include a positive comment about saving Jewish refugees.

Yet none of the far more numerous and relevant groups which violently opposed the Jewish refugees are mentioned. Which reinforces the key point. Items are included that promote a particular vision – even if they are not worthy of inclusion – and others – far more worthy of inclusion- are omitted because they destroy Wikipedia’s editorial position.

Another example. The (1918) listing for the Yevsektsiya suggests only that it was formed in Soviet Russia ‘to fight Zionism and bring Communism to the Jewish masses’. It fails to mention that the stated aim of the group was the ‘destruction of traditional Jewish life, the Zionist movement, and Hebrew culture’. They were hard-core antisemites. Maybe we can call this repetitive Wikipedia strategy ‘hatewashing’.

A stream of content-empty, repetitive books is included – but there is no entry for the blood-curdling cries of the Arab leaders. Abdul Rahman Azzam, the Arab League’s first secretary-general, said that the establishment of a Jewish state would lead to “a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades.“. Wikipedia editors obviously believe that the horrific and murderous ideology promoted by Arab leaders is not as worthy of mention as books that almost nobody bothered to read.

And looking at anti-Zionism today, nothing has changed. All around us we see violent threats, and antisemitism spreading through anti-Zionist thought. The false image that anti-Zionism has a friendly, peaceful face may be all you will see on the page, but as Bret Stephens pointed out in the NYT not everyone got the memo:

“Not the people who, waving Palestinian flags and chanting “Death to Jews,” according to a witness, assaulted Jewish diners at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant. Not the people who threw fireworks in New York’s diamond district. Not the people who brutally beat up a man wearing a yarmulke in Times Square. Not the people who drove through London slurring Jews and yelling, “Rape their daughters.” Not the people who gathered outside a synagogue in Germany shouting slurs. Not the people who, at a protest in Brussels, chanted, “Jews, remember Khaybar. The army of Muhammad is returning.””

These incidents are just a snippet, but provides an image absolutely representative of anti-Zionism in the modern era. Just as the Hamas Charter represents the 1980s, the three Nos of Khartoum the 1960s, and the genocidal call from the Arab leaders the 1940s. Where is all this in Wikipedia’s sanitised timeline of anti-Zionism?

This isn’t an encyclopedia – it is a propaganda site.

The timeline of anti-Zionism page is an exercise in carefully polished propaganda. It is not real – it is not history – it does not even try to be balanced. All that exists is a page for anti-Israel propagandists to use as a reference guide.

Is this really what Wikipedia’s founders imagined the website would become – and more importantly – is this really what Wikipedia donors are supporting? A Marxist / Islamist vision of the world? This is a single page – there are 1000s of them. Every page that deals with Jews, Zionism, the Palestinians, or Israel is tainted.

I cannot stress this enough Wikipedia is a hostile website that spreads anti-Jewish disinformation and hate – much of it written by the hands of Islamists. This is even more important given what will be exposed in part two of this story – evidence that ‘Wikipedia promotes terrorism’. Coming soon.


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47 thoughts on “Wikipedia butchers history and promotes terrorism – part 1

  1. Interesting and thought provoking article, and very timely in terms of the Synagogue hostage incident in the US over the weekend. An interesting snippet of info that I read over the weekend, but has not been verified in any other forum so needs to be viewed with caution, is that the Rabbi from that Synagogue is a Brucie Levy clone.

    The Antisemitisms and anti-Zionism that you talk about is very similar, if not the same, as that produced by Czarist Russia and the USSR, and follows on neatly from ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

    The world’s ‘oldest hatred’ is an ever-changing concept that is the same as its been for two millennia. The hatred remains the same, it’s just the names by which it is called that changes. Once it was anti-Jewish, which progressed to Antisemitism, which progressed to anti-Zionism.

    Hatred of the Jews concealed behind hatred of the Jewish State of Israel.

  2. The Irish and Wikipedia seem to be easy targets for you DC, since this ain’t the first time you attacked them.

    Guess they take no notice of the false antisemitic accusations and twisted lies that you peddle.

    I’ll be back on International Holocaust Remembrance Day later this month with a special blessed Rabbinic message.

    1. Now that Stephen has fronted up that this Panto Pontiff is one of his nearly 100 internet personae, I wonder if this season-regular will be killed off as abruptly as the “Gerald” one.

      Beware dead cats falling from high buildings.

        1. Stephen may have also been that Chris Activist account from a few years back. Very on brand like the Levy one. Preposterous wind-up posts and an abrupt exit, not forgetting the lovely line “I’ll use any stick I can find to beat the Jew over the head”.

          Stephen’s words ? Possibly.

          As I keep telling him, there is more blood on his hands than from a dead cat in a blender and it will be the metaphorical death of him.

                1. This whole gender fluidity must be an activist thing; you being Jane, the late Michael being Maria, that old Scoffee one that you hate and said dressed in womens clothes. You’re a curious bunch.

                    1. “Guys” ? Stephen puurlease. You mean gender fluid contributors who self-identify in any variant including felines, alive or dead.

                      If your kind are open to embracing multiple personality conditions, then you’re already well on your way, woke-wise.


  3. Beggars belief that a British born Muslim with Pakistani ethnicity will travel to Texas to hold hostage a synagogue of Jewish worshippers to force the release of a convicted Al Quaeda terrorist?


    What is this world we are living in today?


  4. The Islamist gunman from Blackburn, Lancashire, who took hostages at a Texas synagogue was an active Labour Party campaigner……….

    A former local Labour activist from Blackburn said, “Malik was very active in the community – a very well known person here. Although I would never have predicted he’d get involved in something like this…..

    There is a big problem in the local Labour branch with antisemitism, and within the community in general. This hate needs to end.”

    Meanwhile, US and UK security authorities are trying to understand how Malik Faisal Akram managed to enter the United States despite having a criminal record, including an exclusion order for abusing court staff about 9/11, the day after the terror attacks 20 years ago.

  5. Just popping in to say it was a blessing 🙏 to read that a certain Jewish counsellor who DC beat with lies and tried to get expelled from Labour over their stance on Palestinian self-determination a few years back, is still in role and serving the people of their constituency.

    Loss of face for DC. And others. Again.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. 🙏 ✡️

  6. Following the boycott of Israel, Unilever’s shares have had an unprecedented crash….

    In six months the company’s stock plunged 20.7% translated into losses of $26 billion.

    In comparison, the shares of major competitor Nestle rose in the last six months by 5%.

    Conclusion: Do not boycott Israel.


    1. Stephen, please note that all of us at SCOFFEE MEDIA, from our managing partner Scoffington “Scoffy” Scofton to Scoffwell “Skiff-Skoff” Scoffenham in the warehouse, wish to endorse the work of our BFF, DC and commend him for his scofftastic efforts on the daily.

      Remember, WE ARE ALL SCOFFEE.

      Note; no dead cats were made deader in the posting of this Scoffomercial.

  7. oh dear another one at the top of David’s signatories. Its not looking good

    The Board of Deputies is looking into claims of racism from ANOTHER one of its reps.

    “Peter Baum calls Desmond Tutu a ‘true black coward’, repeatedly brands Palestinians ‘Nazis’ and uses other dehumanising language”

    1. Crumbs, this is the same Stephen who has regularly and cheerily used the slogan “the happiest blacks in Africa” to demean Arabs in Israel. Racism very much on brand for our lad.

        1. So, Stephen, you’re saying that Arabs and Blacks all look the same to you. That’s not very woke and also quite racist isn’t it ?

    2. “We will approve the meeting on condition there are no Jews.”

      This is what you are likely to hear these days if you request a meeting with any senior Palestinian Authority official in the West Bank.

      Palestinian journalists who try to arrange meetings or interviews with Palestinian Authority representatives for Western colleagues have become used to hearing such things almost on a daily basis.

      Just last week, for example, a journalist who requested a meeting between Western journalists and a top Palestinian Authority official was told “to make sure there were no Jews or Israelis” among the visitors.

      The official’s aide went on to explain: “We are sorry, but we do not meet with Jews or Israelis.”

      Another Palestinian journalist who tried to arrange an interview with a Palestinian Authority official for a European colleague was turned down “because the man’s name indicates he is a Jew.”

      In yet another recent incident, a Palestinian Authority ministry instructed its guards to “prevent Jewish reporters” from attending an event in Ramallah.

      It is not clear at this stage if the Palestinian Authority leadership is behind the boycott of Jews and Israelis who seek to meet with its representatives.

      What is clear is that Palestinian Authority officials do not hesitate to state in public that they do not want to meet with any Jew or Israeli.

      The Palestinian Authority representatives assume that if you are a Jew, then you must be pro-Israel or anti-Palestinian.

      The only people with whom they want to meet are those who support the Palestinians and do not ask difficult questions.

      That is why the Palestinian Authority earlier this year imposed severe restrictions on the work of non-Palestinian journalists in the territories under its control in the West Bank.

      Now, any journalist who wants to visit a Palestinian city or meet with a top Palestinian official needs to get permission in advance from the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Information.

      Even the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in the West Bank has come out in support of the restrictions. The syndicate has even gone a step further by urging the Palestinian Authority leadership to ban Israeli journalists from entering Palestinian cities and working there without permission.

      Juden ist verboten ?


      1. Well, apartheid Israel describes itself as a “Jewish state” so the PA is merely protecting itself.

        I’m Jewish and visited the OPT dozens of times. The PA knew who I was and I’ve never felt so welcome. So what you’ve copied-and-pasted “Ken”, is total bullshit.

        1. Wonder how many Jews will be allowed to live in any future independent Palestinian state?


          Looking forward to seeing what an “anti apartheid” Palestine will look like….


        2. “I’m Jewish and visited the OPT dozens of times…..”


    1. By “the rest of us” Stephen means his nearly 100 other accounts he revealed to us. All available for weddings, barmitzvahs and pile-ons at the weekend.

      Serving London’s Jewish Communities

      Dear Ambassador Hotovely

      Thank you for your invitation to the Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day VIP Gala at the London Embassy.

      Because of my revulsion for your apartheid state, as well as being against the exploitation of history and antisemitism for political purposes, I decline to attend.

      However, I’m certain the PM would appreciate the Champaign toast, gourmet food, open bar, live music and dancing, so suggest you contact him to confirm attendance.

      Thank you and wishing you a successful Holocaust Remembrance Day event.

      Rabbi Dr Levy
      Mayer of London

      cc: David Collier.

      1. What’s “Champaign toast” Brucie ? Is it like the knock-off tins of creamed mushrooms at the Minimart where you work ?

      2. For the record…Levy 🐰is not…

        A doctor 😷
        A Rabbi 🐰
        A Mayer

        And he can’t spell to save his life….


        “Champaign” ??

        🙄 😁 😉 😕 😝 😂

        Embarrassing….plain and simple…..

        1. Blame autocorrect spellcheck.

          That is all.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. 🙏✡️

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