The outrageous hypocrisy of Anum Qaisar MP

Three weeks after an MP was bigging up increasing trade with the serial human rights abuser Pakistan, she was in Parliament calling for trade boycotts against the UK’s democratic ally Israel. Did she think nobody would notice? This outrageous hypocrisy exposes Islamist driven political bias at the heart of Westminster. Is this really what her constituents voted her into office to do?

Anum Qaisar

Anum Qaisar (she recently seems to have dropped the use of ‘Qaisar-Javed’ as her surname) is the MP for Airdrie and Shotts. Qaisar was originally a Labour activist, and was former general secretary of Muslim Friends of Labour. She defected to the SNP over Scottish independence. On the UK Government website, she identifies her nationality as Scottish, her ethnicity as Pakistani and the religion she follows as Islam. She openly says that being a proud ‘Scottish-Pakistani Muslim’ shapes the way she lives her life.

No problem so far. Although there were issues with her selection as a candidate for the seat. There were accusations that she was pushed through because of her friendship with the then SNP Scottish Justice Minister – Humza Haroon Yousaf. This was against the wishes of some local SNP party members – who said they were ‘disgusted at the way the selection had been handled and at the lack of respect to the branch‘.

Qaisar and the Israel issue

Following her defection to the SNP, Qaisar swiftly aligned with the SNP Friends of Palestine (image left 2015, image right 2016):

Qaisar 2015, 2016 SNP FOPalestine

Qaisar won the byelection on the 14th May 2021. On the very same day, the toxic anti-Israel organisation CAABU published an anti-Israel letter signed by several politicians. Incredibly Qaisar found time to sign it – which makes this one of her first public political actions following her election win.

Leaving aside her traditional maiden speech in May 2021, the next time Anum Qaisar spoke in Parliament was on the 10th June 2021. What was the subject that drove her to ask a question? Israel. Her question was about arms sales to Israel and ‘the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Government’.

Qaisar also made a tweet to let everyone know what she had done. She ended the tweet with the ‘free Palestine’ hashtag:

Anum Qaisar - first question Israel

Her official website also takes time to point out that today she is in the APPG (all Parliamentary group) for ‘Palestine’.

But the question can be asked – why ‘Palestine’? Why not Syria, Turkey, Russia, China or any of the real human rights issues on the planet? She seems to have no interest in those. In fact, when it comes to Pakistan – another of the world’s real human rights abusers – she has never made a critical tweet – far from it. In fact Qaisar pushes the case for stronger ties:

Qaisar Pakistan trade tweet

The Israel-trade debate

Which brings us to last week. Last Thursday, January 20th, there was a House of Commons debate on UK – Israel trade negotiations.

The Israel-UK trade relationship is important. Israeli innovation in the vital tech and pharmaceutical industries is world renowned, and its position as a strong UK ally, and MENA’s only liberal democracy – only embeds the relationship further. Finally, Israel’s expertise in the field of terrorism keeps us all safer – from London to Edinburgh. You would expect a positive discussion in Parliament and for the most part the debate reflected those strong ties.

Simon Cobbs from Sussex Friends of Israel watched the debate and described it like this:

“A hugely positive reflection of the amazing trade relationship between Israel and the U.K. that continues to grow exponentially. Possibly the stand out point that was reflected by most of the MPs who spoke (including the Labour Party spokesperson) was Israel’s contribution to saving British lives, both civilian and military. The MPs spoke of their pride in the ever developing and increasingly strong bi-nation trade and the opportunities it presents post-Brexit”

All the MPs that contributed spoke of their pride in the strong bi-nation trade. All except one -Anum Qaisar from the SNP.

Qaisar-Javed calls for penalising and boycotting Israel

Anum Qaisar’s speech contained 1138 words – and not a single one of them was positive. She is a MP representing a constituency in the UK. Her constituents are safer and healthier because of Israeli innovation, the UK-Israel security partnerships and UK-Israeli trade. Yet not one word of her speech was positive or reflected the vital importance of closer UK / Israel ties.

Instead Anum Qaisar:

  • Complained about the recent strategic plan signed between the UK and Israel
  • Whined about the trade agreement between the two countries
  • Threw in the imaginary HRW ‘Apartheid’ libel
  • Implied there should be no free trade deal until the Palestinians live freely in their own (undefined) state
  • Called for the UK to advise UK businesses not to deal with some Israeli companies
  • Attacked arms sales to Israel

Basically her line was this: until such time as groups like HRW are happy (which will be never) and Palestine is free (which is more about Hamas, Fatah, the IJ and PFLP than Israel) – the UK should have as few dealings with Israel as possible.

Anum Qaisar is an anti-Israel obsessive and clearly follows the same absurd anti-Israel feelings that many politicians from the SNP do. But this story does not end there.

Where was Anum Qaisar in December?

Just three weeks before Anum Qaisar tried to argue against Israel-UK trade, she was in Pakistan. You know Pakistan – the serial human rights abuser. Pakistan is a state in which the government makes people ‘disappear‘, Christian (and other minority) children are kidnapped, tortured, forcibly converted and married off to middle age Muslim men, and even false accusations of blasphemy can lead to non-Muslims being publicly lynched.

Freedom House does not consider Pakistan a free nation. In fact it scores just ’37’ on their 2021 ‘Freedom Table’. Israel – even with the threats of radical Islamic terror groups – is listed as ‘free’ and scored ’76’. Israel scores more highly than several European nations – Pakistan only just beats Uganda. In the Democracy Index Israel scores ‘7.84’, giving it a higher score than Italy, Greece and Belgium. Pakistan only received ‘4.31’ – which is even worse than Erdogan’s Turkey.

In other words, the two nations are incomparable. Israel is a free, liberal nation doing its best in extremely difficult circumstances – whilst Pakistan is turning into just another oppressive failed state.

So what was Anum Qaisar doing in this backward, abusive, human-rights abusing country? Qaisar was actually talking about how trade with Pakistan needs to increase. Qaisar first turned up over xmas in Dubai – addressing the ‘Overseas Pakistan United Forum‘. It was an event to celebrate the Pakistan – UAE partnership – although I am unsure what that has that got to do with an MP from the SNP.

Qaisar - dubai

Because of her own media silence, the dates are not all clear – but this trip included the visit to Pakistan:

Pakistan trip

Bearing in mind the toxic demands that Anum Qaisar had made on the UK’s democratic ally Israel – it is worth reading through what she had to say about trade with the terrorist-supporting and human-rights abusing nation of Pakistan:

  • She said that Pakistan was an emerging economic power and a beautiful and peaceful country.
  • Said that the United Kingdom wants to increase bilateral trade with Pakistan from existing £3 billion to £10 billion
  • Ms Anum emphasised that Pakistan should focus on addressing the issues of red tape and other bottlenecks along with ensuring a predictable and growth-oriented tax regime to attract more investors from the UK and other countries (Note – nothing about human rights, just red-tape).
  • She added that the UK would try to provide preferential access for Pakistani products to its market

It can be noted with interest that Qaisar did not post about this trip on Twitter. Her feed went virtually silent for the time she was away. Maybe she did not want her constituents to know.

Hypocrisy that knows no bounds

Anum Qaisar’s key points about Israel also included the UK-Israel arms trade. She seem to have a problem with the UK selling Israel the weapons that it needs to defend itself from radical Islamic terror groups and the growing threat from Iran. But here is the real twist. The UK sells Pakistan weapons too. In fact, Pakistan has had more than twice as many (157 vs 77) ‘unlimited-value’ weapons licenses issued (they’re the important ones) since 2008.

Anum Qaisar has never apparently asked a hostile question about Pakistan. She certainly never tried to tie trade to human rights – far from it. Nor has she called for the UK to stop selling arms to Pakistan. Instead she travelled to a seriously oppressive nation to try to get more trade flowing.

This is hypocrisy that knows no bounds. And one that clearly betrays the interests of her own constituents. It is almost a cliche. A British Muslim MP with Pakistani heritage gets into Parliament and then spends her time bashing Israel whilst simultaneously promoting Pakistan.

From the evidence here you cannot argue that Anum Qaisar calling for a boycott of Israel is a human rights issue. Clearly if she seeks to improve trade with Pakistan – human rights is not really driving her agenda. So – if it isn’t human rights – what is it?

I will leave that for you to decide.


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        1. Have fun beefing up something that isn’t there Stephen. I don’t believe I have ever spoken a word against the Pakistani people.

            1. I recall saying that about Imran Khan when listening to his Ted Talk about successful marriage to women of Jewish descent. Zero credibility. Reasonable middle order batsman though.

            2. no – I would never say that – nobody loses credibility based solely on nationality. There is something missing from your story.

    1. Trolls are trolls, but Dumb-Bell trolls not for thee, he trolls for…his own arsehole, frankly. He’s not good at anything.

  1. So would any future independent Palestinian state (if it ever actually happened) be a beacon to the world with regards to….

    Religious freedom?
    Gay rights?
    Women’s rights?
    Political freedom?
    Civil rights?
    Civil liberties?
    Tolerance and acceptance?

    We in the west have clearly been doing it all wrong for centuries….


    Can’t wait to be shown how it should all be done…..

      1. In the run-up to Holocaust Memorial Day, it’s time for the racist state to drag out the very few survivors of the attempted German genocide not living in poverty, shed some crocodile tears, listen to some fanatical Zios thank HaShem for Israel while the killers and thugs of the murderous, Waffen IOF stage a parade with their military bling purchased from the USA.

        And your reminder that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

        1. And what kind of state would any future independent Palestinian state be “Rabbi”🐰?

          Do enlighten us…..


        2. “Military bling purchased from the USA”.

          Let me correct that for you. You mean ” gifted to the Jewish State with $3.5tn of annual aid from the American taxpayers”.

          Stop fucking up your team slogans.

          1. Which pub will you be observing Holocaust Memorial Day in Ian?

        3. I read this 5 seconds ago and forgot everything listed here, not because your brilliance (which doesn’t exist) is so blinding (it isn’t even memorable) but because you are a truly bad and uninteresting writer. You have one note and it’s playing on a busted piano.

        4. It’s ‘boxcar Levy’ the pretend rabbi and serial Holocaust denigrator spewing his drivel again.

          I wonder if he suffered some sort of trauma in his youth that can explain his perverted obsession with Jews, Israelis and Zionists; it’s very difficult to understand his animus to Jews, Israelis and Zionists otherwise.

          Anyways off you go ‘boxcar’, Satan and other suchlike deviants are eagerly awaiting your company

  2. oh dear

    lee harpin
    · 2h
    Breaking : The @BoardofDeputies has voted in favour of a resolution calling for the censure of @JNFuk over its failure to disavow chair Samuel Hayek’s inflammatory and bigoted comments. 64 per in favour.

    1. Don’t know him…

      But he winds you up a treat so he can’t be all that bad……


  3. The whole anti-Israel scene is a hypocritical farce.

    It is as if the rest of the world, and all its warts and dingbats, does not exist when Israel is mentioned.

    Israel is accused of crimes that many other countries seem to accept as the day to day normal, and the western, mainly white, so-called intelligentsia seems to throw critical reasoning out the window when demonising the Jewish state. I’m not sure if that is driven by stupidity/ignorance and/or Antisemitism

    And then we have ‘boxcar Levy’ and his mindless drivel

    1. Richard, in one of my little chats with Brucie we uncovered the main reason for his thing here. Primarily, it’s a reaction to having parents of an interfaith marriage and the problems that this caused him as a kid. Unlike most people that can just get on with their lives, he decided to takes it out on Jews because some of them treated him unfairly and Israel because we have a home and he never found his. He’s an angry man and it’s a shame. Life is short and this seems such an awful way to live it.

      1. Also, did you spot how Stephen reprised his 2017-8 shtick with the rather mewling “Oh and I’ll be writing all this up.” Bet he doesn’t.

          1. Yes Stephen. BetFred reckons that on form they’re happy to pay out early on both. I’ll trouser the sovs thank you very much.

      1. Keep up with the goss Stephen. We at SCOFFEE CASTING are very proud to now be representing Salma Hayek in all of her movie, personal branding and charity work. Did you know she is also a keen supporter of QPR ?

        Scoffel Scoffenberg CSA

  4. ‘Boxcar Levy’ is much more appropriate when discussing a fake rabbi and serial Holocaust denigrator and revisionist.

  5. Crickey! internet baiter of Jews has his collar felt despite hiding behind an anonymous ID and playing the “I’m Jewish, honest” hand.

    Imagine doing such a think Brucie?

      1. Innit ?

        As Marky Mark Lewis says; he can’t take away your thoughts, but he can take away your house. Have you got a house Brucie?

        1. Mark Lewis lol. What a wimp. He threatened to take away my house once. I told him to fuck off and he did. Fucked off that is, not took away my house. Of course it may not have been me telling me telling him to fuck off. It might have been the realisation that Gnasher came with it.

        2. How many houses I own is a matter between TESCO Harv and myself.

      1. You have a bit of a thing about Arabs don’t you Ian ? It;s like that old university challenge episode and your endless o level chemistry resits. whats the chemical symbol for iron ? ARABS !!!!!

        1. Took your time coming to rescue Brucie, Stephen.

          2nd use of the “you’ve got a thing about……” slogan in this thread. Weak banter. Marky Mark’s win rate must have rattled you fellas.

          1. I noticed that too.
            The Zio has a sick obsession with Arabs.

            1. More than 50% of Israeli citizens are of Arab descent…..

              And that’s just the Jewish Israelis….


              Fancy not knowing that “Rabbi” 🐰


  6. The realms of fantasy get distorted and distended further into the fringes of madness or stupidity.

    The last few comment threads on this blog have become quite pitiful

    All we need is for ‘boxcar Levy’ and we’d be in the deapths of debauchery

  7. And ‘boxcar Brucie Levy’ has an obsession with denigrating and minimising the Holocaust.

    1. In fairness, Boxcar Brucie (love that richly earned insulting nickname BTW) picked up the pus-covered Nazi lover troll mantle here from Muck Framer, who tried to make the Holocaust’s central victims the Soviet and Eastern European folks whose leaders collaborated with the Nazis and then got stabbed millions of times in millions of backs (and let’s get real, a lot of those dead Eastern Bloc-ers loved seeing Jews murdered and were shocked-SHOCKED! when the Nazis extended the murder their way).

  8. Every attack on a synagogue, every attack on Jewish worshippers is like manna from heaven for the greedy thugs of the CST.

    Seems £14m of taxpayers money isn’t enough for those greedy bastards. Now they’re demanding more. Keep those Zionist claws out of my pockets!

    I wonder how many CST thugs have criminal records, just like our anti-Zionist hero, Jonathan Hoffman?

    1. Good news Brucie.

      We at SCOFFEE FORENSIC ACCOUNTING have analysed your earnings over the last 10 years and are pleased to inform you that you do not meet the minimum threshold for paying tax at the basic rate in the UK. Therefore you need not worry about having to make a contribution to organisations such as the CST. Should you still wish to do this privately then that is a matter for you alone.

      Scoffton Scoffinsky
      Senior Partner.

      1. Stephen must really give a flying fuck about our Brucie. Riding to his rescue here at the merest hint of danger. Hope Brucie appreciates this.

  9. They are not of Arab descent. They are Jews of Jewish descent from Arab lands. This seems to be a common error. The Jews of Middle East/North Africa preceded the Arabs by at least a thousand years

  10. ‘Boxcar Brucie Levy’ spewing forth with his usual vitriol.

    Tell me ‘Boxcar’ why Jewish sites in the diaspora are, and have been attacked for centuries, and centuries before Israel’s rebirth, and are still being attacked.

    I know you aren’t to bright and you seem to have a particular animus towards Jews, but can’t you push through that fog of hate to see that th CST and similar organisations are fighting pure and unadulterated Antisemitism

    1. No they’re not Stinky Dick Galber. The CST gravy train exists to support and subsidize the lifestyles of its leaders and allows the UK government to pay lip service to fighting antisemitism. Nice work if you can get it.

  11. Another one of your unsubstantiated and evidence free allegations against another Jew, this time Mark. You should really try to broaden your script Stephen

  12. Stephen, you should look at the title that David gave to this article especially the word ‘hypocrisy’

    Also please try and clean up your language;it’s normally when people have no decent argument, but need to say something, that they resort to cursing and swearing

    1. Pushing Stephen’s buttons is too easy these days Richard. Just the mention of old Marky Mark Lewis above and he’s scrambling through his slogans and becoming very rude indeed. Maybe he’s had his collar felt. I’ll ask Mark when I see him.

    1. Our Stephen hates it when Jewish lawyers successfully destroy the lives of vicious antisemites. He seems particularly bothered about Marky Mark Lewis as we can see above.

      Perhaps it was mean of me to mention him here. I’ll stop now.

    1. See what I mean. Stephen really does have a thing about “MML” doesn’t he ?

      Relax Stephen. I’m sure your house is relatively safe.

  13. You certainly trawl the bottom of the barrel to try rubbish Jews

    While fining Mark, they also accepted that the provocation towards him,both gross disability and Antisemitic abuse, were mentioned.

    I assume that you agree with the sentiments of Antisemitism and disability abuse displayed by Marks attackers because of your highlighting of this particularly unfortunate case

  14. We are lucky that the Internet doesn’t stretch back more than a few decades, otherwise it would put a severe strain on Stephens time forcing him to search ever harder to find these minor articles in his attempt to rubbish Jews

    1. Yes Richard and he’d have to come here extra often to tell us all how really, really not – arsed he was about Jews whilst searching for articles about them on the daily. Poor soul. MML has really got to him.

  15. Repeating yourself Stephen. You must get a grip before you end up in a self-inflicted car crash

  16. , ‘Boxcar Brucie Levy ‘ , the fake rabbi and Holocaust denigrator and revisionist

    It’s not so much how many houses you have, rather It’s how many ‘boxcars’ you have collected

  17. No Stephen, the tweets existed but have now been deleted by those people that sent them.

    It’ a regular occurrence; people delete tweets once they have been rumbled to try appear innocent of any wrongdoing

  18. Yes Richard, this is why Stephen has got the jitters. Techno-dopes like him thought that they’d be safe having a poke behind a few anonymous accounts or deleting their posts when they’re rumbled. The work of (whispers his name) ‘Marky Mark’ has put the mockers on that hideaway and collars are now being felt. Perhaps Stephen’s put his house in his kids’ names. That may help.

    1. Dodgy lawyer Lewis is about as straight as the letter ‘Z’.

  19. He always knew, he says, that he wanted to be a lawyer, for an odd reason.

    “I liked old cars and I wasn’t very mechanical, so I thought, well, I like arguing and lawyers make a lot of money, so I can buy cars. It wasn’t that I wanted to save the world,” Lewis says.

    Well since his fine was reduced to 2.5k from 7.5 on account of his impecunious condition, that didn’t work out too good. I guess the cars just had to go.

  20. And even the 2.5k had to be met by crowd funding. I guess that might explain his unhealthy interest in my house complete with the bestest cat in the history of the world

    1. This guy has really got under Stephen’s skin, even more so than all the other Jews who fill his personal grudge basket. This could be fun.

    2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Obsessed or what ???????

      Embarrassing as usual……

      That is all………..

  21. For decades, Palestinians spoke of a massacre whose site has been turned into an Israeli beach. They were silenced, dismissed and their claims were shelved.

    A mass grave with the remains of Palestinians executed by Israelis during the 1948 war in Tantura, south of Jaffa, has now been confirmed.

    Tantura, once a fishing and agricultural village in northern Palestine with 1,500 residents, is now an Israeli beach resort sitting on top of a mass grave.

    How antisemitic is that?

  22. How’s everybody celebrating the Zios favourite day? Nice gala posh dinner at the Israeli embassy? Drinks in the pub? Listening to lots of hypocritical speeches by Judeo-Nazi Zio politicians? Getting wasted?

    1. For the record Levy is…..

      Not a doctor

      Not a Rabbi

      Not a Mayer (whatever the fuck that is)….

      Levy is just a tw@t…..

      And that is all………..

      1. Shhhh. Don’t tell my congregation, or the seminary where I earned my DD Degree. Or the university where I’m now in the process of earning my second Doctorate – this time in Peace Studies.

        1. Shhhhhh Levy…..

          You are only all of those things inside your own head….


          Here in the real world you are just a bit of a twat….


          And an embarrassment….


          And that is all…..

    2. Very good Brucie. Have you thanked Stephen for dashing to your rescue when you were being humiliated above?

      1. Humiliated? ha ha ha ha ha ha….lol

        Funniest thing you ever wrote “Ian.”

        1. Bit of nervous laughter there Brucie ? Relax. It’s only social media.

          Nice to see the return of the inverted commas though. Who is this masked “Ian” ?

      2. I heard that for tomorrow’s festivities, the Israeli embassy has hired dancers from some of London’s top strip joints.

        And lots of Champagne to toast “The Jewish State” and everything that led to its creation.

        Go figure it out.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray ✡️🙏✡️

        1. A far more trenchant story involving exotic dancers than Boxcar’s ravings: an investigation is apparently ongoing into a customer, who is named either B Levy or Bruce L., and is suspected of infecting several dancers with a combination of herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Of course, I’m not speculating as to HOW B. Levy managed to do this. I’m just gonna say it’s not remotely surprising he could do it.

  23. ‘Boxcar Brucie Levy’ the fake rabbi and serial Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Tantura has been known about for decades.

    We don’t run around bragging about it like the Palestinians brag about and celebrate Dalal Mugrabi and the coastal road massacre where about 38 Jews were massacred, nearby 30% being children. There are no schools and monuments to the commanders from Tantura, but all over the Palestinian territories there are schools and buildings and competitions named after Mugrabi

    Squirm out of that ‘Boxcar’

    1. So massacring Palestinians in cold blood is OK, so long as you don’t brag about it.

      You mask slipped and now you’re showing your true colours.

      If I was you, I wouldn’t go out in public and would keep a low social media profile.

      You’re a ghoul Stinky Dick Galber, but I will 🙏 for you.

      1. Just checking Brucie. How many is a massacre; 3, 12, a couple of dozen ? After that is it a genocide ? Just want to be clear for the PR team. Can you advise ?

      2. Boxcar Levy accusing others of “showing their true colours”? 🐰


        What a first class Loonster our Levy is…..


  24. Media regulator Ofcom have said that they’re launching an investigation into the BBC after the corporation released a statement partially apologising for their coverage of the Oxford street Chanukah bus attack.

    In an exclusive statement to the JC, Ofcom said: “We have reviewed the BBC’s final response to complaints about this news programme. We consider it raises issues under our due accuracy rules and have launched an investigation.”

    Earlier today, the BBC issued a qualified apology for their reporting of the incident saying: “We apologise for not doing more to highlight that these details were contested – we should have reflected this and acted sooner.”

    They also said: “Following the ECU’s ruling, we have amended the story posted on the BBC News website on 2 December 2021 and issued a clarification in relation to a news report aired on BBC London on the same day.

    However, the apology was only partial and the BBC’s complaints unit found:
    “no evidence to support any claims of victim-blaming in our reporting.”

    The Community Security Trust reacted furiously to the BBC’s statement accusing the corporation of misrepresenting its position. In the complaint resolution posted on its website, the BBC claimed that the CST had verified that an anti-Muslim slur could be heard in the recording.

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “We welcome Ofcom’s reaction to the ECU’s pitiful report by announcing its own investigation, which will hopefully deliver the justice to the Jewish community that the BBC has once more denied.”


    1. A nice dose of truth serum would have resulted in a BBC statement along these lines:
      “The actual story here was about straightforward, ugly and indefensible anti-Semitism by British Muslims. We didn’t want to piss off the Muslims or their Left acolytes, so we lied to make the victims here look like bigots. When we got called out on it and our gaslighting failed, we downscaled our lie into a “bad blood all the way around” miasma and thought that would work, because we are stupid. Then we got called out again and our gaslighting failed again, so we are sort of are sorry–not mainly for our despicable actions, which we still resent being exposed, but about how truly shitty we look. And we’re still going to try to keep babbling out hot air, because the idea of telling the truth if it makes Jews look good in any way is not something we’re comfortable with.” That’s about it.

    2. Another copy-and-paste from the J-Crap rag “Ken?”

      Theft of intellectual property is called plagerism.

      As a Rabbi and Mayer of London, I cannot look the other way. I’ll have to report this and you may very well end up losing your home. Do you own your home “Ken?”

      1. Ha! Brucie’s copying my stuff. It was only a matter of time.

        Now, repeat after me Brucie. ” I am Scoffee. I am Scoffee. I am Scoffee.”


        1. Priceless….


          Brucie accuses me of plagerism…..and then immediately does it himself in the same post!


          Once again Loonster Levy redefines the word IRONY

          😁 👍 😉 😝 😂 😜 😝

          What a first class Loonster our Levy is…..


  25. Cracking day here yesterday. Haven’t seen Stephen lose his shit like that since 2014 when he really got cross with me. I knew this would be fun.

  26. ‘Boxcar Brucie Levy’ the fake rabbi and serial Holocaust denigrator and revisionist

    You truly are a twisted little twerp.

    But then someone that makes fun of the systematic mass murder of six million Jews could never really be viewed as anything more than a sewer rat

    Incidentally, acknowledging something that has been done that was wrong is the way to improve and better one’s self. The Palestinians perpetuate, or attempt to perpetuate massacres and murders of Jews and others on a continuous basis because they have not yet learned how to better themselves. And the western ‘useful idiots’ that aid and abet them in their nefarious activities and actions are below contempt

    But then asking a dimwited twerp like you dear ‘Boxcar Brucie’ to understand that simple logic was futile endeavor at best, but a good excuse to put ‘pen to paper’ as the old saying goes.

  27. He is a ‘Boxcar’ collector, with a penchant for buying ‘soap and lampshade’ amongst other things.

    Pretty much says it all

  28. Remember in 2017-8 when Stephen, our long time house troll said he knew all about Israel coz he’d been here once in his “gap 9 months”?

    He claimed he’d volunteered as a brickie working on Bedouin projects until someone pointed out that Bedouin live in tents.

    In fairness that still puts him one visit ahead of our Brucie.

  29. Boxcar Brucie Levy

    Not only are you a fake rabbi, but you are also a Holocaust denigrator and revisionist.

    And in your latest post a few days after Holocaust Memorial Day you introduce another element into your Holocaust denigration; gas.
    So it has been tattoos, lampshades, soap ovens, mocking Holocaust survivors;and now gas

    But then you are a sicko twerp

    1. Hey Stinky Dick Galber

      Look up online what “gas” means.

      And every historian – including Zionist historians – admit that there’s no evidence whatsoever of humans being turned into soap or made into lampshades. We’ve been through this ad infinitum.

      I will pray 🙏 that a cure for stupid will be discovered. You’ll be the first to benefit. Dick.

      1. Calm yourself Brucie. “Ian” is here and as you know, I’ve always given you far more latitude than all the other Zio-meanies here.

        It can’t be easy or pleasant for you to see the amount of sympathy Jews and Israel get, especially coming from a religiously confused background like yours. Deciding to collectively punish an entire group though, just to get back at the few that gave you a hard time as a kid seems a bit crazy though. Don’t you accuse us of doing that shit ?

        Look, if this is the way you’ve chosen to live out your days, filled with anger and spite, fair play to you. It just seems like such a waste of a relatively short life.

        I’m sure that Stephen will agree with me when he turns up here to help you out. If you won’t listen to me, listen to him.

        1. You’re talking out of your arse Ian and obviously you’re misinformed about my childhood.

          In all your assumptions, you’re dead wrong.

          Religiously confused? I’m Jewish on both my maternal and paternal sides! 🙄

          Never had a hard time or was ever bullied as a child. Full stop.

          And don’t even get me started talking about collective punishment (like what you Zios are doing to Palestinians in apartheid Israel). 🤬

  30. Before the signing of the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, few would’ve imagined that Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah (‘The Hope’) would ever be played within the borders of the Gulf State.


    How symbolic that the playing of ‘HaTikvah’ signifies that peace between the two nations is no longer only a hope, but a living reality.


    Am Yisroel Chai….


  31. Here is an interesting set of interlocking realities:
    1. Anti-Semites in the Middle East (repped by your Hamas and your Hezbollah) want Israel to be dismantled and the (in their views, hopefully very few post-war) survivors to leave for either Europe or the U.S.
    2. Anti-Semites in Europe (a mix of unreconstructed Nazis and far-Leftists) want Jews to leave the continent for either the Middle East or the U.S.
    3. Anti-Semites in the U.S. (same mix as the European ones) want all Jews to be deported to either Israel or some random location like Madagascar or the Autonomous Oblast in Russia.
    4. The people from groups 1-3 are generally like-minded friends of each other and provide support for the other 1-2 groups whenever 1-2 of them are called upon to do so.
    5. Groups 1-3 think Jews are too stupid to know that any of those facts are accurate and that their claims of wanting Jews to be peacefully living “somewhere else” are unmitigated horse shit.
    6. We live in reality, so we can address insanity.

    1. The key reality Ben, is that Israel exists as an independent sovereign state and as Stephen, our long time house troll has often agreed with me, will be eternal.

      We have been and will always remain far too strong for any regional enemies that remain once the Abraham Accords have inevitably expanded and the Iranian proxies have completely failed. We will continue to act decisively and with impunity against terror as and where we see it and whilst we may smile and say the right things to keep our slate running with the yanks and the soviets, our government, representative of all Israelis, will always act in a way that serves the national interest of all Israelis.

      This is our victory Ben and our opponents have little left than to tap out their gulps and gasps and groans in the frayed margins of the internet or even more remotely, in the chambers of the UN.

      It’s all very satisfying.

  32. ‘Boxcar Brucie ‘

    The fake rabbi and serial Holocaust denigrator, minimiser and revisionist

    It was you in years and multiple posts ago that you introduced all your anti Holocaust imagery such as ‘lampshades, soap,tattoos, boxcars etc.’

    You have spent years attempting to denigrate and minimise the Holocaust and then malevolently try to accuse others of being obsessed with the Holocaust when they challenge you on what actually seems to be your obsession

    But then you have always been none other than a malevolent twerp when it concerns issues of Holocaust, Israel and Jews you disagree with

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