Exclusive – Project Wiki – how Wikipedia is breeding armies of antisemites

Tell people that Wiki is a problem when it comes to antisemitism or historical revisionism and they will most likely brush you off. You will hear stock responses that range from ‘everyone knows that about Wikipedia‘ or ‘I only use it as a guide‘ to the more expertly constructed excuse that ‘most people understand it isn’t 100% accurate, but it is a good starting point to gather further sources‘. Sometimes they’ll acknowledge Wiki is a minor problem but claim it ‘does its best’ in the circumstances and suggest it has far too many benefits to give up.

I think these attitudes grossly understate the danger Wiki poses and the damage it has already done. Far too many people are still making donations to a platform that has long since turned from ‘doing its best’ into a manipulated monster that breeds ill-will towards Jewish people.

To those that say Wiki isn’t a serious problem

BBC watch, Honest Reporting, UK Media Watch, Camera – these are all organisations set up to tackle misinformation – in the understanding that bias or non-factual articles in newspapers influence readers. CIF Watch was originally set up just to monitor the Guardian. How many readers did the Guardian have?

Wiki is the 13th most visited website in the world. If you search for a term online, the most visited website in the world, Google, will *almost always* put the Wiki entry in top spot. Whether we like to admit it or not – Wiki is probably one of the greatest influencers in the world. Everyone knows media outlets such as the Sun and Daily Mail contain some inaccuracy – but would anyone in their right mind suggest that they do not influence people? What is written in Wikipedia matters. You can dismiss it all you like, but I promise you, more people in the west will have their opinion shaped today by the words of Wiki than any other source on the planet.

Read what Wikipedia says about itself:

“Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic writing or research. Wikipedia is increasingly used by people in the academic community, from freshman students to distinguished professorship, as an easily accessible tertiary source for information about anything and everything, and as a quick “ready reference”, to get a sense of a concept or idea.”

As one of the most popular websites on the planet, Wiki is therefore a builder and protector of paradigms. Even amongst those who won’t use it as a primary source, there is a growing habit of turning to it as a collector of further resource material. This holds true for academia too. Thus – if you are in its pages – you are part of the conversation – if not – you are left outside of the normative paradigm.

The damage it can do

Bad references, or sources on the issue of the Titanic, may be a catalyst for sloppy articles elsewhere, but they probably won’t lead to anyone financing terrorist groups or joining racist movements. But when it comes to issues that matter – Wiki is a clear and present danger. Given what can be found on its pages, Twitter and Facebook should carry a disputed warning on any Wiki article linked to their platforms.

Wikipedia possesses its own Overton window, but this fluctuates according to subject matter.  How bad can it be? Here are some examples of the massive brainwashing / disinformation campaign that is taking place:

The skewing of history – the example of Nebi Musa

The Nebi Musa riot was an anti-Jewish riot, perpetrated by Arabs that took place in April 1920 in Jerusalem.

Wikipedia’s Nebi Musa page reads like an apology for public violence and murder. At no point in the page is it clearly stated this was an anti-Jewish riot. It is unlikely that anyone reading the page will understand what happened on that day. Rather than talk about the violence and murders, Wiki spends time focusing on ‘Zionist provocation’. One of the key sources even goes as far as suggesting one provocation included a group of ‘Zionists’ who were ‘listening to speeches.’ The entire thing is based on nothing but deflection and assumption. In the introduction paragraph, there is this explanation for the outburst of violence.

The trigger which turned the procession into a riot is not known with certainty – some evidence exists suggesting Jewish provocation, but it is also possible, though unreported, that Arab activities also contributed.”

Which is basically just rumour mongering without any support. The source for that quote is Ulrike Freitag –  a professor of Islamic Studies. Freitag who has the Israel hostile SOAS University on her CV, has publicly supported the BDS campaign.

Anyone reading Wiki’s entry as a landing page for further investigation will be injected with ahistorical, anti-Zionist poppycock before they begin proper study. If all they wanted was a brief outline, they will be given only a false anti-Zionist position. As these events are the building blocks of the 100-year-old conflict, this type of brainwashing is extremely damaging.

How does it happen? In the original page from 2012, the word ‘provocation’ is nowhere to be seen.  The original introduction clearly tells of ‘a serious outbreak of violence against the city’s Jews’.  That all changed on July 5 2016. A single user removed the mention of an attack against the city Jews *as well* as inserting  the allegation about Jewish ‘provocation.’  The user, ‘Onceinawhile‘, has been active on Wiki since 2010.

The first actions of ‘Onceinawhile‘ were on the Jerusalem page – where the user inserted a graphic that minimises the Jewish timeline in Jerusalem – by hiding it under Babylonian and Persian control. Within months he had opened a Wiki page titled ‘Criticism of the Israeli government’. Shortly after this he tried to have Christian and Muslim usage of the ‘Star of David’ incorporated into the history of the Star of David Wiki page.

Other early edits include adding ‘Israel’ to the Wiki page on ethnocracy – placing it first on the list. A page which hadn’t previously included Israel at all suddenly posits that it is the ‘key example’ of the term. Going through his highly active stream soon highlights that this is a pro-Palestinian activist, which then raises the question of whether the deletion of the mention of violence against Jews on the Nebi Musa page was accidental or deliberate. This is a great example of the way Wiki is being manipulated by those who are clearly biased against Israel.

Or is someone really going to argue that the person who this year created the Wiki page on West Bank Bantustans, just accidently deleted comments about anti-Jewish riots on the Nebi Musa page?

A few other edits –

  • In the page on the 1929 Palestine ‘riots’ (if this was the other way around – the page would definitely be titled ‘massacre’). ‘Onceinawhile‘ repeats the Nebi Musa exercise. He firstly changes the phrase “assembled at the wall” to the more aggressive “marched to the wall”. The given source is Segev’s ‘One Palestine Complete‘. In the chapter Segev only uses the term ‘congregated’ (p309) – so it is unclear where the more aggressive ‘marched’ description comes from. Then ‘Onceinawhile’ inserts an inane paragraph from the ‘Shaw Report’ – deflecting attention to the possibility that there were ‘undesirable elements’ in the Jewish crowd. ‘Maybe’ and ‘perhaps’ doesn’t make a fact. Then he inserts several lines about Jewish provocations / attacks on Arabs and misrepresents the Shaw Commission source as he does so. Later the same year he returns to the page to insert extracts from the Shaw Commission report that put the major blame on the earlier Jewish demonstration. There is no context given that these British reports were inherently anti-Jewish in sentiment. The user is grabbing at any archive material or source that furthers the agenda.
  • He edited the page of the 1834 Safed looting to add an entire section – copying in (rather than just giving a source) an almost biblical account from a Rabbi written 16 years after the event. It is an account that is clearly exaggerated about the magnanimous way that the Jews were treated following the attack. This is the constant direction of the edits – on one hand belittling what happened to the Jews or amplifying Jewish provocations and on the other using any source available that paints the Arab side in a better light. In other words – propaganda.
  • Attempted to smudge the issue of Jesus’s Jewish identity. Little gives away there is an unhealthy agenda at work here more than this entry.
  • In 1660 Jews suffered attacks in both Tiberias and Zefat. The user complained that because the towns are near to each other – and it was part of the same event, the two pages should be merged (thus reducing the footprint of attacks on Jews). You can use the same argument about any battle or any war which affects neighbouring towns. It is an absurd argument.
  • Toned down the title of the page for Alexandrian Pogroms to Alexandrian Riots. The user stated that Google books prefers one to the other – even though scholars use both. It should be noted that this, the 1834 Safed looting and the 1660 attacks have nothing to do with Israel and the Palestinians. All of these edits are aimed at reducing the footprint of historical Jewish suffering – just as the attack on the identity of Jesus reduces the footprint of historical Jewish influence.
  • Edited the page on Palestinians – to include ‘pre-mandate’ Palestinians. Because of this user there is actually a Wiki page now that claims Jesus was a Palestinian.
  • The edits on the page of the 1948 Cairo bombings expose the strategy all too clearly. ‘Onceinawhile‘ includes a list of the bombing attacks – but attaches to each a completely arbitrary cause. For example, he states that the bomb of 22 September occurred 5 days after the assassination of Count Bernadotte. That may be the case but why on earth have the two incidents been linked? How on earth can anyone know whether the assassination was in the mind of the bombers? This need to place cause to effect on every incident that takes Jewish lives is a consistent theme of this user’s work on Wikipedia. This user does not want readers to consume information about Jewish deaths without in some way implicating other Jews as bearing responsibility for the killings. This is also a propagandist’s method to deflect attention. The reader, who came to learn about the Jewish expulsion, is distracted and if they follow the link – suddenly reading about a completely different incident.
  • Onceinawhile turned his attention to the Jewish exodus from Arab lands. He makes two important edits and both somewhat blur the information below them. In the departure from Egypt he squeezes in mention of the Lavon Affair, although the 1956 imprisonment and expulsions from Egypt were not related to this. Then on Iraq he adds information about the bombing campaign against Jewish targets and the imprisonment of the ‘suspected’ Zionists, linking this campaign to the exodus of 120,000 Iraqis. The idea that a few minor explosions with a low casualty count would cause the complete upheaval of an entire community is bordering on the insane. As is the idea that Israel – which was struggling to cope with the Jews that had arrived, would be agitating for more. It is to push irresponsible conspiracy theory to even create linkage. His source for both of these edits were the writings of a Marxist anti-Zionist Jew. The core of both of these edits still exist on the main Wiki page.
  • Whilst inserting information about the bombings to create linkage between those bombs and the exodus of Iraqi Jews – the user edited out content that linked the Farhud to the exodus – claiming that this linkage was disputed. What is interesting in this evidence is that it was unsourced when it was placed. It was just the author’s point of view. Today that sentence still exists in the Wiki page but now carries three separate sources. This is how it done. You can always find support for any comment – but first we saw the unsourced insertion – then someone went to grab at archives to support the position. Either way it is a nonsensical argument. There is no way that the Farhud did not unsettle Iraqi Jews and no way it had been forgotten just ten years later. To suggest no linkage at all is ahistorical insanity.
  • He constantly complains about sources that he claims are from ‘right wing pro-Israeli sources’ such as CAMERA– going on to suggest they are one-sided. Yet he personally promotes anti-Zionist sources he finds on websites such as Jews for Justice for Palestinians- pushing these onto Wikipedia Editors. Or introduces into Wiki pages a rush of Marxist anti-Zionist Jewish thought that creates a total imbalance in the suggested reading section.
  • Edited the Wiki page on the murderous 1945 anti-Jewish riots in Egypt by adding a single sentence – that the Prime Minister of Egypt blamed the Zionists for provoking the attacks.
  • Tried and failed to have the page on the expulsion of Egyptian Jews deleted.
  • Edited the page on ‘refugees’. This was an interesting edit. The section on Jewish refugees (which this user edited) is all about how politicised the argument is, how Israel wanted the refugees and the possibility of Zionist false flag attacks. The section immediately above it is all about Palestinian refugees – there is no mention of politicisation and the focus is almost exclusively (and errantly) on forced expulsion. The page was eventually cleaned up – but the insertion about politicisation stuck and is visible on other Wiki Jewish refugee pages (see here).
  • Created the page about Ben Gurion’s letter to his son in 1937. The page was weighted to imply that Ben Gurion had stated his intention to expel the Arabs. Placing the original page alongside the current version highlights the problem of correcting bias – whilst individual attempts can be made over time to clean up the entry – the pillar of the page, the very bias with which it was created, remains intact.

The above are just a few examples. There are 100s of pages that have been edited. Much of the work of this user has been on the pages of key landing pages such as ‘Israel’, ‘Palestine’ and on the history of ‘Palestinians’. Onceinawhile has made over 32000 edits on Wikipedia.

The mistake would be in thinking this is an exceptional case.

Yahya Ayyash – the engineer

Yahya Ayyash was the chief bomb maker for Hamas during the early 1990s. This means that as Israel and the Palestinians engaged in peace talks, Ayyash was building bombs specifically to kill civilians and destroy the peace talks. He was responsible for several bus bombings at the time, including the bus 5 bombing in Dizengoff, a bomb at Hadera bus station, and others in Ramat Gan and Jerusalem. The man was a murdering terrorist.

I start by presenting how a search for Yahya Ayyash comes up – with the tags Wiki has attached to him and compare it to how Al Qaeda bomb makers and leaders are represented:

Yahya AyyashOnly Ayyash is glorified with the tagged title of ‘military leader’. Moussa – a ‘military leader‘ of Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin is not tagged but clearly labelled a ‘Jihadist’. al-Asiri, is just factually labelled a bomb maker for al-Qaeda.

Ayyash is responsible for the death of more than 70 Israelis, yet Ayyash’s Wiki page humanises him. Readers are not told how many people he killed but are informed he was “well educated, ambitious, and soft-spoken”. The page even indirectly blames Israel for his activity by claiming that he only joined Hamas because Israel blocked an opportunity for Ayyash to study in Jordan. The source for that nugget is a single book – a non academic piece that does not seem to hold references on its pages. It was written by Maxine Rosaler. I contacted the author by email, to ask for the source of her claim. She has no recollection of where it came from. The key context – that Ayyash’s activity took place to disrupt the peace process – is completely missing from the page.

The motivations behind these editors is the key issue here. Why are they placing information on the page? The wiki page was updated with the new ‘humanising’ source on 27th January 2009. The Editor was a user by the name of Tiamut. The user’s landing page on Wiki is a poem about Gaza by Mahmoud Darwish. These make up some of her Wiki bio – a belief in the Palestinian right of return and more tellingly, a supporter of acts of terrorism:

It isn’t a question of illegitimate sourcing. If this were a history book, the argument would be that the author had grabbed at archives, carefully selecting only material to present the picture that the author wanted you to see. Wikipedia users can follow the same guidelines. Find 1000s of positive things to say about Palestinians and then insert them onto Wikipedia’s pages. It is a pure and effective propaganda strategy. Reading through Tiamut’s many, many, contributions one thing is absolutely clear – the user is an anti-Israel activist. What she is doing is helping to shape Wiki in a particular way. The end result – who wins- is simply down to numbers. How many of each side are there? In a numbers game that is based on how many hands are active – the Jews always lose.

Just this one user has made over 30,000 edits on Wikipedia:

As evidence of the degradation of the Wikipedia platform, the 2005 listing for Ayyash was far more factual and clear. Fifteen years of ideologically driven interference has rendered it an anti-Israel propaganda piece. Because Wiki does contain a checks and balances system – this propaganda is so smooth, it fits seamlessly into the page.

Importance of a disappearing sentence

In the early versions of the page on Ayyash, there was a sentence in the introduction that was precise, factual and necessary. It spoke of the human cost of his terrorist activity:

“The bombings he orchestrated caused the deaths of approximately 90 Israelis, many of them civilians.”

That information is clearly informative. It is no longer on the page – nor any reference to the number of people Ayyash’s bombs killed. So what happened to it? The first edit in December 2007 removed the part that suggested many of the victims were civilians. That is a deletion which is clearly political in nature. On the 26th July 2012, a User, ‘Egeymi’ removed the sentence completely. The User suggested he ‘shortened’ the lead because ‘it included repetition’. Nowhere else on the page was that information included. Egeymi is one of the most active Editors on Wikipedia and for whatever reason he completely deleted the human cost of Ayyash’s actions from the Wiki page. Now all readers are left with are tales about how ambitious and soft spoken he was.

Israel lobby in the United Kingdom

There is a Wiki page on the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom. There is however, no page titled ‘PalestinIan lobby in the United Kingdom’ – which highlights the bias inherent in the platform. Antisemites want a page about the ‘Israel lobby’ and so one exists. Is the Palestine Solidarity Campaign with its regular petitions to Parliament not part of a Palestinian lobby? Or active NGOs such as the Palestine Return Centre? Or the Central Committee for the BDS movement? How are these not lobbying agents? Why have only one page? If less than a dozen ‘Friends of Israel’ groups are troublesome, are dozens of Palestine Solidarity branches – less troublesome?

The page was created in 2006 by a user called ‘Arthur Warrington Thomas‘. He has been active on Wikipedia for 14 years and according to his Wiki page, he lives in Jordan. The motivations of the user were clear, the few links he provided on the original page include websites such as David Duke.

Arthur Warrington Thomas appears to be a full blown antisemitic conspiracy theorist. He has ‘a thing’ for Nazi Mysticism. Looking at his activity, there seems to be an Islamist link as well. The Israel Lobby page is not the only current Wiki page started by this antisemitic conspiracy theorist. He also opened the page on ‘Christian Zionism in the United Kingdom’. Some of his other edits are predictable. In June of 2009, he added positive comments to the page on Holocaust denier David Irving. This user created dozens of pages on Wikipedia and made 1000s of edits.

The page itself – created by someone who appears to be a Holocaust denying, neo-Nazi, still exists on Wikipedia. It is still a depressing tale of conspiracy, mixed in with obsessions about Jewish money and Jewish connections to the State of Israel.  The page is of interest to this research because it uses an article by Jane Jackman as a source:

Jane Jackson

Although the Wiki page relies on Jackman as a source, she was just a student. This is interesting as it goes against Wiki’s own standards – so the talk section of the page proves enlightening. In the talk (which is a historical record of editorial discussion surrounding the page) the inclusion of Jackman’s piece is justified:

The argument here is that the piece should be included solely because it says what these people want it to say.  As I proved not long ago, that Jackman article is a junk piece, full of errors and antisemitic conspiracy. Yet they have awarded it prime real estate on that Wiki page. Note the role of the person fighting for truth (BobfromBrockley) is reduced to negotiating over how much antisemitism should be allowed. This is the best we can expect.

Just to reaffirm the level of people building pages on Wikipedia, the person who included Jackman’s article and argued for its inclusion – had this to say about its relevance:

Wiki collier gnasher jew

Which outrageously suggests I am part of the GnasherJew account. This is the type of antisemitic conspiracy drivel we fight from trolls on Twitter. The links ZScarpia provides to support the Gnasher Jew allegation are the usual libellous rants of anonymous bloggers or people like Tony Greenstein. Unsurprisingly Zscarpia is also out there making edits to pages about Israel. This user, who relies on people like Tony Greenstein for material so he can smear the name of Zionist Jews, has a Wiki career spanning 15 years.

His anti-Israel activity is predictable. The users first actions on Wiki were to edit the pages of the King David Hotel bombing. He also edited other pages related to Jewish Insurgency. How many of these important pages were edited by someone who thinks Tony Greenstein is a reliable source, is anyone’s guess. It is worth pointing out that the Wiki page for the King David Hotel bombing opens by directly calling it a ‘terrorist attack’. The pages for suicide attacks against Israel, such as bus bombings, do not use such direct terminology. He has also made edits on pages such as on Shlomo Sand’s book, ‘the invention of the Jewish people’. Wiki is compiled by people who trust Tony Greenstein, think antisemitism is a smear campaign and do not like Jews/Zionists very much.

I will bring one piece of evidence to show just HOW selective Wikipedia is. In December 2019, Zscarpia edited the page for Stephen Sizer – his reason for doing so was because a ‘Board of Deputies’ document was used as a source. He deleted the BOD link. He claimed that the BOD document was not reliable to use as a source. This is the same user who inserts the trashy work of students into antisemitic Wiki pages when it suits him.

If you read this Lobby page properly, especially the ‘talk‘ section – you will never use Wikipedia again. Nor should you. In fact the world will be a better place if everyone ceases to use Wikipedia or at least refuse to ever financially support it. The entire construct has become an antisemitic dogpile. They included a piece solely because it said what they wanted it to. This is how twisted Wiki articles can be.

Which brings us to a case where the opposite rules apply:

The massacre that wasn’t

In the Israel Lobby section just discussed, Wiki editors were arguing for the inclusion of a junk antisemitic conspiracy article because it was ‘of interest’ to them. They acknowledged it was written by a ‘student’ but spoke up the quality of her writing (even though as shown, the article is junk). They were so insistent on its import they justified using four whole sentences from the article to support the page. Which brings us to an existing issue with another Wikipedia page – about a massacre that never happened.

My research on the myth of the ‘Balad al-Shaykh massacre‘ is well known. I discovered a contemporary police report from the British archives that shows that the bragging Haganah fighters had exaggerated their activity. In fact there was no massacre at all. Only five Arabs had died that night, with three Jews also killed. I have the names and ages of the victims.

Wikipedia has a page on the event, outrageously calling it a ‘massacre’ and suggesting there may have been anything from 21 to 70 killed. So I tried to get it changed. Over three years has passed and the massacre page is still standing. The changes have been called ‘crap‘ by Wiki editors. It was uploaded by regular Wiki users in further attempts to have the material included. This too was deleted with claims that I am an unreliable source and further comments suggesting that the Wiki user is not allowed to edit that page. The key gatekeeper on this page was a user by the name of ‘Nishidani’ – whose user page is full of quotes about how Israel is an Apartheid state that is ‘infinitely worse‘ than South Africa was. This is the user who wouldn’t allow the archive material to be included. He has made over 80,000 edits on Wikipedia.

Think about it – it is proving impossible to get even one grave and blatant error on Wikipedia changed, even when supported by archive material. If only I was a Glasgow student writing antisemitic conspiracy theories – then the doors of Wikipedia would open widely for me.

Jewish Voice for Labour

There are different types of bias. The Jewish Voice for Labour page must be included here because it shows how Wikipedia exists in its own universe, untouched by the reality around it. The page does not even inform readers that JVL members have been suspended and expelled from the Labour Party. The entire page reads like a promotion.  The page was clearly written and edited by members and supporters. It is just list of empty claims that JVL have made. Contrast this page, with the page about Campaign Against Antisemitism, which has an entire section set up for criticism of the group. Wikipedia are not even trying to hide the bias – nobody cares because they think there is nothing you can do.  Roland Rance – one of the key JVL faces – has even outrageously made edits on the JVL page. As a side note, Roland Rance has made over 30,000 edits on Wikipedia in a career stretching back 14 years.

Christian Persecution

Then there is bias by omission. As an example there is a Wiki section on persecuted Palestinian Christians. It is a tiny section about three paragraphs long. In the last 100 years, the percentage of Christians in the Palestinian community has dropped from over 10% to just about 1.5%. Much of the section in Wiki is given to criticising Israel. Where Islamic persecution is mentioned – such as Islamic attacks in Gaza – the article swiftly provides a quote denying the claim. Given the true nature of Islamic persecution of Christians and the unarguable disappearance of Palestinian Christian households – this page is Wikipedia giving protection to blatant ethnic cleansing.

The land without a people

The phrase ‘a land without a people for a people without a landhas its own Wiki page. The meaning of the phrase is pretty clear cut and the only real arguments can be on historical usage and context. The statement is unambiguous. The Jews had no land, the land of Israel was underpopulated. No Zionist today needs to pretend that 19th century Zionists weren’t living in the 19th century. History is only relevant and true when viewed in context.

a people without a land - wiki

What the phrase cannot signal is an intent to ethnically cleanse the inhabitants. It clearly does not consider there to be any inhabitants. Yet in the Wikipedia page as ‘possible interpretations’, that very suggestion is made. This is beyond absurd. The statement literally says there is nobody there. Of all the possible interpretations that we can bring to a table to discuss – this one is loony tunes. What it is however – is a propagandist’s opportunity to insert ‘ethnic cleansing’ into the discussion. This is Wikipedia’s golden rule – every possible opportunity to place antisemitic or anti-Israel propaganda on any page – is always taken.

The page only exists because a sock-puppet (since banned) created it. The User behind the sock puppet was also banned for using multiple accounts. A short while afterwards, a new section titled ‘an expression of the intent of ethnic cleansing‘ was introduced to the page. That user has also been banned for hiding behind multiple accounts.

It is a page created and edited by trolls. How much of Wikipedia has been created and edited by people who are not acting in good faith? As this article shows – and it is just the tip of the iceberg – you would have to be a fool to even click on any link to Wikipedia – not matter how lazy you are.

Conclusion – Wiki a war of attrition

Last year I wrote a report on a school text book. After publication Pearson pulled the text book from the shelves. One of my key findings was that the author had relied on Wikipedia as a central source for her research. One of the examples I gave from the book was about information taken from Wikipedia on the 1956/57 exodus of Jews from Egypt. That page was edited more by the Wiki user ‘Onceinawhile‘ (mentioned earlier in this research), than any other Editor. Which shows how toxic Wiki edits can end up in our schools – being taught to children as a fact in a textbook.

‘Israel’, ‘Jews’, ‘Jerusalem’ these are some of the most visited pages on Wikipedia. There are 10,000s of relevant pages. Yet every page on Wikipedia that is on the subject of Israel or Palestinians is tainted – and contains lies about Jewish people. Wikipedia is an antisemitic website.

Wikipedia’s influence is unimaginable. The problem here is that Wiki fails us all. Some pages – such as the sections on Palestinian history – are incoherent and ahistorical garbage. The pages on Jews and antisemitism only help to spread a hatred of Jews. Those who set up the rules for Wikipedia may have anticipated acts of correctable terrorism on their pages – but did not foresee the war of attrition. Nobody was going to come along and attempt to rewrite history in a day. The best strategy is taking the current mindset apart brick by brick. Patiently over a number of years. That is what is happening with Wikipedia. As bad as it might have been a few years ago, each year it becomes gradually worse.

Every edit by someone with a Zionist leaning is placed under a microscope, if it gets past the gatekeepers at all – and then immediately contrasted with the placement of an anti-Zionist counter-argument. There is no shifting towards a more moderate or historically accurate narrative. On the other hand – it is impossible to keep pace with all of those innocent – and not so innocent- corrections that lean the other way. All of the errors therefore lean in one direction. As Wiki places new information on the shoulders of the information that came before, the passage of time has only exacerbated the situation. As it stands today – Wiki is doing more damage to historicity and to the Jews – than any other media outlet on the planet.

Something must be done and this battle cannot be fought in the trenches. We need to take action. Start by making sure nobody in your circle donates to the website. Then make a call so others stop funding this Jew-hate. Start petitions calling for change and for the government to discuss the problem. Unless Wikipedia can clear up the insidious antisemitism from its pages – a call should be made for schools to block the website. Wikipedia should be considered harmful content. There are antisemites out there trying to influence our children and turn them against Jews – why should that be accessible in a school setting? If Facebook and Twitter have to answer to government because of the negative influence they have, why isn’t the government also looking at Wikipedia? No one can deny its influence. It is time for us to deal with Wikipedia.

If you have ideas or knowledge that can help – do not hesistate to get in touch with me – and please if you can, help to support this research.



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  1. Excellent research as always. Surely there ought to be a committee or group which protests to wiki and makes changes.

    1. Which committee or groups filter Collier’s smears and hasbara, William? … the trash printed in the Jewish tabloids?

  2. Interesting. How come Gilead Ini and his Camera goons, including the juvenile delinquent Adam Levick, got banned from editing wiki for concerted attempts ro subvert the accuracy of the information ?

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      Did you not notice in the link the word ‘OPINION’. You don’t quote opinion pieces as factual when positing an argument unless you are the uneducated ‘village idiot’, stupid or an intentional provocateur

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      What and who is this ‘prwatch’ that you use to validate your facile argument.

      Well firstly if you read the article you find that its only source is Electronic Intifada; this is rather like using an article in Stormfront and/or Der Sturmer as a source to justify anti-Jewish Antisemitism.

      You are truly scraping the barrel to try justify your inherently anti-Israel and your animus to the main stream British Jewry and Jewish institutions

  4. “The affair is also a reminder — not the first — that CAMERA is ready to exempt itself from the demands for accuracy that it aims at the media. And like others engaged in the narrative wars, it does not understand the difference between advocacy and accuracy. “

    1. None of that detracts from my piece Stephen – I’d argue that it even enhances it. If both sides were playing the game (which would seem logical) and one side was ousted – it

      a- suggests the other side were more powerful
      b- implies they’ve been left to carry on their own revisions virtually unchallenged.

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    People need to stop funding this hate site.
    Action needs to be taken.

    My thoughts exactly, David

  6. this is too funny coming from a jew. now you know what it’s like to be a goy. Wikipedia is entirely a jewish enterprise. Jimmy Wales is a jew, and the most frequent editors are jews. Wikipedia is known as jewpedia amongst we goy.

    i doubt there’s a single page on WW2 that’s accurate. it’s all full of nonsense about the ‘mass gassing of jews’ myth, ‘evil Nazis’, and so on and so forth. all totally unreliable.

        1. Muslims hate Muslims – Sunni v Shiite.

          AND they hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Animists, Atheists, Klingons…

            1. Anti zionism is racism FG…

              The racist in the room is you…

              Always has been

              Happy New year anyway


              1. “Anti zionism is racism”??

                Cannot be …. Zionists aren’t a race … they hold political views.

                But ,yes, Happy New Year.

                1. “palestinians” aren’t a race … they are a psuedo nationality that was invented in 1965

    1. “it’s all full of nonsense about the ‘mass gassing of jews’ myth, ‘evil Nazis’, and so on and so forth. all totally unreliable.”

      Hello Charlie…

      I’m sure you will be right at home on here….plenty of our regular contributors share your liberal views and grammar skills….


      1. Be specific, Dobby, if you think I deny the Holocaust. There are 17 million reasons to believe it really happened.

        1. Sharmuta, do you deny that

          19 Muslim terrorists – jihadis dressed as civilians,

          hijacked 4 passenger planes on 9/11/01 and flew 3 of them into buildings – one crashing before it could reach its target.

          BTW, 2021 will be the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

            1. We CELEBRATE your “Nakba”, like we CELEBRATE the

              Unconditional Surrender of National SOCIALIST Germany

              to the US, UK and Soviet SOCIALIST Union.

              Happy Nakba Sharmuta! 🙂

              1. Ah yes, the right-wing abusers,occupiers and annexers …. that’s what Israel is … isn’t it?

                1. Sharmuta, are HAM-ASS and Hezbola and Islamofascist Iran …


                  “Nakba” seems to get your attention so…

                  Happy Nakba! 🙂

        2. Maybe it’s Charlie you should be challenging on that then and not me?


          Just a thought?


          There was a Nakba….

          1m Jews in Arab countries reduced to less than 10k in less than 10yrs…

          How’s that for ethnic cleansing? The Arabs do it so well don’t they?

    2. Charles Alban the self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot and Jew baiter

      You are back spewing your anti-Jewish Antisemitic hatred

      You are the Hitler fanatic that loves quoting the ‘electrical engineer’ and referencing David Irving, who was totally trounced financially and reputationally by Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin when he tried to sue them for Libel when they accused him of Holocaust denial.

      Where have you been these last few months

      1. Just to say that with all the accusations on here you’d think that real antisemitism was a crime.

        Wonder if all those on here making such accusations hate or have ever hated anyone … or whether they are special.

      2. Your ugly Zionist features makes you instantly recognisible.
        Be careful where you put your tentacles, or I’ll be forced to permanently shorten them.

        1. ImaM Oron, Your ugly Pally features makes you instantly recognizable.

          Be careful where you put your cloven hooves, or I’ll be forced to permanently shorten them.

          Nakba 2021! 🙂

              1. DeadHead Ed, I was going to buy sharpener for your horns, but donated the money to Hamas instead.

                1. Imam Pinhead,

                  Your head is getting very dull. Time to sharpen it by rubbing it across your hairy mothers beard.

    3. The info on Wikipedia is of varying accuracy, that’s part of its structure. The material I’ve seen on WWII tends to be VERY accurate. And Charles Alban isn’t prominent enough to get a WIki page, but if there was one it would also be accurate as long as it noted he was a Nazi-loving liar who has some very disgusting part-time sexual habits (you know it’s true, arsehole). Kisses.

        1. It ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.

          Hence LaBOORs crushing defeat in 2019.

          Happy Nakba!

            1. Corbyn lost the election because of Brexit…nothing to do with antisemitism

              He actually won more seats in 2017 when there were plenty of antisemitism allegations flying around…

              Nobody gives a fuck about 200k Jews in a population of 70m but that’s fine…

              We can take care of ourselves….

              1. Whatever happened to the myth that Jews were in danger. that they all had suitcases packed? or was it all a campaign by a lying mob?

  7. Thanks David for a really timely and important expose of a new type of Mein Kampf type misinformation

    I have never used wikipedia as a sole source, but I’m astounded at the intensity of its bias

    After reading this article one can see Michael Farmers sources for his information. So many of Davids examples are part of the Farmer line of attack

    Very sad.This is certainly the next area that needs major reform

      1. Michael

        You stupid Antisemitic dimwit

        This ‘prwatch’ article you reference was posted by the Bellamy to try substantiate his facile argument.

        Well if you read the article you find that its only source is Electronic Intifada; this is rather like using an article in Stormfront and/or Der Sturmer as a source to justify anti-Jewish Antisemitism.

        You just return to your normal level of ignorance by using wikipedia as your main source of dubious information

  8. The Farmer and Levy duo of Antisemitic pantomime return with their silly oft repeated cut and paste slogan are at it again.

    The Farmer and the so-called rabbi used this cut and paste 3 times on this blog stream in the space of a few hours

    ………. Mike Farmer on December 31, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase there nonsense too much better effect

    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

    1. Ah, you’ve spotted that myself and the Rabbi tout for money to continue the smears and lies?

      Funny that.

      1. Just spotted you over on that Twitter Michael getting your botty spanked.

        Careful who you play with over there. Some of them are far nastier shithouses than you.

            1. Farmgirl is a fairly low grade racist compared to the majority of other loons that are out there..

              The anti Jewish obsession is a little bit tedious but that is all it is…

  9. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    Charles Alban admitted all those things.

    Everything I said about Charles has been confessed by him of his own volition

    1. You’ve been right about something? Really? Hard to believe based on your performance on this blag.

    1. Rabbis? Well, the British ones have a duty to smear Corbyn, lie about him and lobby for racist Israel …. nothing of course to to with any deity.

      1. Sharmuta, It ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.

        Hence Fascist-Wing LaBOOR Party suffering its Worst Loss at the Polls in 85 years.

        Happy Nakba and a Whole New Year of NAKBA for HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Fascist Iran!

          1. As long as there is a Corbyn Free UK – the UK has a fighting chance to SMASH Islamofascism within the UK.

    2. I do Dick “Licker” Galber

      I officiated at 5 weddings and several more blessings, led study sessions, fundraising and worship. And of course contributed to our online portal of Jewish free thought, Blood & Matzo.

      I’ll close by wishing Zio cretins like you, David and DeadHead Ed a peaceful and safe 2021.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

      1. Keep taking the meds Bish…

        I wish you luck with your recovery

        And a very happy new year


          1. Btw if you are going to continue to pretend to be a Rabbi in 2021 then you should know that…

            Rabbis pray 12 times per day at set times. Which means that you shouldn’t be posting on here when you should be praying.

            Posting on Shabbat is a big no no.
            You cannot use your phone or car or laptop or anything electrical. Even progressive rabbis would observe these rules….so trying to pretend that you have special permission to ignore them is complete bullshit…


            Just trying to help…

            Happy New year to you anyway you loon…

            1. I’m sure you havev ways to worm around God’s directives …. like wig-wearing. Driving while sat on a hot-water bottle. Your rules are there to be broken surely … thou shalt not kill … coveting your neighbours land ….. things like that?

              1. Rabbis are supposed to set an example for us all to follow FG….

                You know…like Catholic priests do for your lot…



                    1. Many in the apartheid state follow the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who’s an excellent role model for you Zios.

      2. ImaM Oron, What’s the deal with you Licking Dick?

        Must be the next step after your sniffing stinky Dicks obsession.

    1. Curtain up on another year of Panto Activism here Bellers.

      My resolution is to be a kinder, gentler responder to the comedy contributors here, take the piss out of Michael far less, be more charitable to the berk that pretends to be a cleric and be less flippant with you when you get your shithouse on. We’ve all got our roles to play here after all.

      1. yeah and now we’ve left the EU and we are are stuck here on plague island. It’s beginning to look like even Israel might last longer than this shit show of a place.

          1. I’m vaccinated bubaleh. We Zios are taking this shit seriously. The metres of the world are all mine now.

            Your little prick will be on the way soon. (You have to insert your own gag now that I’ve made my resolution)

      2. It’s actually pretty tame on here but in a good way…and I quite like that…

        But in some ways the honesty of the “eyeballs out” Jew haters on twitter and YouTube is better than the pussyfootying pretence of the ones that masquerade as “only supporting the downtrodden Palestinians”.

        But the inconsistency of their postings always gives away their true intentions….

        Ah well…..

        Happy New year Ian….

        Looking forward to enjoying another holiday in Eretz Yisroel in the not too distant future

        1. Yes it really is “Carry on Poking” here Ken.

          One of the Panto Provocateurs, probably Michael got really cross with me a while back for being too jokey here.

          Honestly, nobody told me that these numpties wanted to be taken seriously.

          Anyway, Happy New Year to you too and shabbat shalom from the Jewish State..

          1. Jewish State? NOT IN MY NAME! You mean the ZIONIST State.

          1. You didn’t get that dictionary you wanted for Xmas then FG?



            Maybe next year?


            1. I still have my 2014 one, Dobby; It’s fine.

              The modern ones are flawed on ‘antisemitism’.

              1. Suggest that you look up “blood libel” then FG


                You seem to be a bit hazy on that one….amongst many others….


                  1. Whine is all you do FG

                    You are the world champion when it comes to whining

                    Tell us about David and Tory antisemitism again.

                    You haven’t done that for about four minutes


  10. So our very own pretend rabbi(t) is back playing with the cartoon Simpsons in Beth Springfield with their ‘Blood and Matzo’ magazine that invokes images of the ‘Blood Libel’ that resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews in Europe

    1. Libel. That’s been Collier’s job for over 5 years, Richard.

      Seems second nature to the ‘UK Jewish Community’.

      1. Have you been drinking FG?

        You seem to be a bit more of a tw@t than you usually are…which is actually quite amusing…


        But you do need to get your story straight…

        Is it Zionists you hate or the UK Jewish community?

        Or both?


          1. We are ALL Zionists huh?


            Never heard of JVL?


            And what about non Jewish Zionists? Are they okay or not okay?

            You seem confused today….

            Maybe take some aspirin and have a lie down?


  11. Michael

    You dimwit

    Do you even know what the ‘Blood Libel’ is, or do you dribble nonsense out of the corners of your mouth on a regular basis

    1. Probably something that someone once said about some Jew and it ‘s been added to the collective Jewish memory, just another prized example of how insulted you are. Worth its weight in the shame for us bank.

      1. Looks like Charles has been a bad influence on you FG…

        I preferred the loopy but benign Farmgirl…

        Suggest you look up what a blood libel really is….

        Try Wikipedia….


    1. If this is your idea of factual information Stephen, it explains a lot about why you believe what you do….

  12. My good friend, teacher and mentor, Chief Rabbi Dreck were studying this article to turn it into a sermon entitled: “Jews Also Hate.” for worship and also for inclusion in our online portal of Jewish free thought, Blood and Matzo.

    “The pursuit of wealth in slaves and usury not only violated Jewish ethics but destroyed the rough democracy imposed upon a people in exile. Initially, the Jews looked to their rabbis and scholars for guidance. Eventually, the aristocracy of learning gave way to the aristocracy of wealth. Leadership of the community passed from the wise man to the rich man, a curse of organizational Jewry even today.”
    —Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht, The Fate of the Jews: A People Torn Between Israeli Power and Jewish Ethics, p. 39.

    Yitzhak Yosef, the chief rabbi of the apartheid state of Israel, exposed for the world the Jewish mentality of that racist state when he unashamedly asserted that “Blacks Are Monkeys.”

    When confronted, the preeminent spiritual leader of the Chosen People doubled down and said that it was not his fault, that the sub-humanity of Blacks is a root teaching of Judaism’s holiest of holy books—The Talmud. So easily did the Hebrew word for “nigger” fall off the chief rabbi’s lips that one gets the impression that Judaism’s highest leadership circles are filled with hood-and-sheet-wearing klansmen. … Well, they are.

    Blacks have been under the woefully false impression that among all Whites their best friends have historically been the Jews. But, as the good Chief Rabbi has indicated, their Cheshire smiles and glad-handing Black people conceal a deeply entrenched racial viciousness that is at the very core of the world’s system of White supremacy. And it has been that way throughout the ages. The record of Jewish slave-trading is massive, and Jewish apologists have never been able to refute it. But these were not the acts of Jewish outcasts in the back alley of the shtetl: the mind of the slave-trader was shaped by the hallowed pulpits of the world’s most prominent synagogues. So let us review the racial record of Jewish community leaders—the rabbis and spiritual leaders at the center of Jewish life—going back in history to the most prominent in the Jewish world.

    The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion refers to Moses Maimonides as “the symbol of the pure and orthodox faith.” In 1190 Rabbi Maimonides’s “truths” enabled Jewish slave-traders to target Africa because the continent was filled with sub-human Black near-apes. He wrote:

    “…the Negroes found in the remote South, and those who resemble them from among them that are with us in these climes. The status of those is like that of irrational animals. To my mind they do not have the rank of men, but have among the beings a rank lower than the rank of man but higher than the rank of apes. …”

    According to Wiesenthal Center historian Dr. Harold Brackman, Rabbi Judah Halevi and Maimonides were “the two greatest thinkers the medieval Jewish world produced,” and “virtually the only point” on which they “agree is that Blacks are biologically inferior.” Both based their “wisdom” on Talmudic authority.

    Among the several Jewish financiers of Christopher Columbus’s New World voyages was Rabbi Don Isaac Abravanel, the great sage of 15th century Judaism. He was a major promoter of the despicable Talmudic fable known as the Curse of Ham—a racist invention of Jewish rabbis.

    Rabbi Morris Raphall
    Abravanel wrote that because of Ham’s crimes against his father, Noah, God cursed Ham’s descendants to be “black and ugly” and have “animal lusts, lacking intelligence and sciences and lacking political states.” This is the Jewish man that sent Columbus into the land of Africa and South America, where the Indigenous peoples suffered a Holocaust of immense proportions.
    New York Rabbi Morris J. Raphall, the most prominent Jewish clergyman in the Civil War era, wrote passionately that “God Supports Slavery.”

    When Jews began arriving in the Americas in the 15th century, they brought their racial teachings with them. Every single Jewish community in the Caribbean was built on slavery and thus all the spiritual leaders that served them endorsed and participated in the Black Holocaust. The Jewish lust for the profits of the sugar trade drove their migrations, and the Curse of Ham rabbinically sanctified the slaughter and enslavement of the Indian and the African.

    America’s Jewish Defenders of Slavery

    Jewish America was no different. When the Civil War was approaching, no event caused the forces of bondage to rejoice more than when Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York issued a sermon that was to become known as the “Bible Defense of Slavery.” On January 4, 1861, he preached the most publicized sermon ever delivered by an American Jew up to that time. Said he:

    “[I]t remains a fact which cannot be gainsaid that in his own native home, and generally throughout the world, the unfortunate negro is indeed the meanest of slaves. Much had been said respecting the inferiority of his intellectual powers, and that no man of his race has ever inscribed his name on the Parthenon of human excellence, either mental or moral.”

    “What he did,” Rabbi Dr. Bertram Korn wrote, “was to place Judaism squarely in opposition to the philosophy of abolitionism … and insisted that … biblical tradition and law guaranteed the right to own slaves.” This critical confirmation of “God’s will” from a prominent and respected Jewish authority, indeed the highest-paid American clergyman, gave the slavemaster all he needed to fight the righteous battle against the abolitionists.

    Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, the “father of Reform Judaism,” supported slavery and cited the Talmud as his source.

    Rabbi Isaac Wise
    Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise was the FOUNDER of Reform Judaism, which is today practiced by most American Jews. In significance, Rabbi Wise might be viewed as the Martin Luther King of American Jews. But those men have only a figurative connection, for Rabbi Wise viewed Blacks as “representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years.” He defended slavery, saying that “The Negro was never free; and his bondage in Africa was simply duplicated in a milder form when he was imported here.” He considered abolitionists to be “fanatics,” “demagogues,” “demons of hatred and destruction,” and “habitual revolutionaries, who feed on excitement and delight in civil wars. …”

    Wise’s biographer, James G. Heller, said of his subject: “Clearly the Abolitionists…were men whom he would detest and of whom he would disapprove with all the force of his soul.”

    Worse, Wise’s racial wisdom was far-reaching. He set up the first training center for American rabbis and sent his race-corrupted graduates to serve Jewish communities throughout the cotton South, where the brutal enslavement of the African was most intense, and where Jewish profits from the lucrative trade were most exceptional. More slave-trade sanctification from Reform Judaism’s founding father, Rabbi Wise:

    “…We are not prepared, nobody is, to maintain it is absolutely unjust to purchase savages, or rather their labor, place them under the protection of law, and secure them the benefit of civilized society and their sustenance for their labor. Man in a savage state is not free; the alien servant under the Mosaic law was a free man, excepting only the fruits of his labor.”

    These were the rabbinical “stand-outs,” but there was no shortage of race-hating rabbis who were salivating to reinforce Black slavery and the immense cotton, tobacco, and sugar wealth that it brought to the Jewish communities they led. Rabbi George Jacobs of Richmond, Virginia, owned and rented slaves. Rabbi A. Gunzberg of Rochester, New York, wrote a letter complaining of the “high standing politicians who are very zealous for the half-civilized Negro, [but] so illiberal against our nation.” Rabbis Simon Tuska of Memphis and James K. Gutheim of New Orleans both defended the enslavement of Blacks to their congregations. Gutheim, the most distinguished of the South’s Jewish clergymen, chose to move his family to the home of his in-laws in Mobile rather than take an oath of allegiance to the United States and the “Dictator of Washington,” Abraham Lincoln. Similarly, Rabbi Henry S. Jacobs, who had served Beth Shalome of Richmond for three years (1854-1857) before moving on to Charleston, denounced those Jews who stood against the Confederacy. The slaveholding Charleston rabbi Gustavus Poznanski summed up the Jewish American credo in messianic terms:

    This [Charleston] synagogue is our temple, this city our Jerusalem, this happy land our Palestine, and as our fathers defended with their lives that temple, that city, and that land, so will our sons defend this temple, this city, and this land.

    Rabbi Michelbacher of Richmond, Virginia, composed a prayer for the slavery cause, which read in part:

    “Be unto the Army of this Confederacy, as thou were of old, unto us, thy chosen people–Inspire them with patriotism! Give them when marching to meet, or, overtake the enemy…”

    Rabbi Michelbacher justified the enslavement and the prison-like atmosphere of the slave states in this prayer, reasoning that it was the only means to prevent a repetition of the Saint Dominique massacre of the 1790s:

    “…Behold, O God, [the abolitionists] invite our man-servants to insurrection, and they place weapons of death and the fire of desolation in their hands that we may become an easy prey unto them; they beguile them from the path of duty that they may waylay their masters, to assassinate and to slay the men, women and children of the people that trust only in Thee. In this wicked thought, let them be frustrated, and cause them to fall into the pit of destruction, which in the abomination of their evil intents they digged out for us, our brothers and sisters, our wives and our children.”

    Rabbi Alexander Marks was the acting rabbi in New Orleans in the 1830s, a major hub for slave traders and the products of slave labor. The rabbi owned eleven Africans, according to the 1840 census. Rabbi Manis Jacobs (c. 1782-1839) was the spiritual leader of New Orleans Jews and he also held eleven Black people as slaves. Rabbi Harold I. Sharfman writes of Jacobs: “He proudly signed his name in Hebrew on bills of sale, as a cachet or seal—some on his transactions involving the purchase of slaves still exist.” Even the rabbi of the island of Barbados, Rabbi Haham Lopez, had the “enjoyment of his own two negro attendants.”

    Rabbi Bernard Illowy, distinguished leader of Baltimore’s Orthodox Hebrew Congregation, declared his open sympathy for slave property rights:

    “Who can blame our brethren of the South for seceding from a society whose government cannot or will not protect the property, rights and privileges of a great portion of the Union against the encroachments of a majority misguided by some influential, ambitious, aspirants and selfish politicians who, under the color of religion and the disguise of philanthropy, have thrown the country into a general state of confusion, and millions into want and poverty?”

    Illowy, as with his other slave-making religionists, turned to the Bible for justification: “Why did not Moses…prohibit the buying or selling of slaves?” “Where was ever a greater philanthropist than Abraham, and why did he not set free his slaves?” When federal troops occupied New Orleans, the rabbi and most of his congregation refused to take the oath and were deported.

    No Blacks Allowed in the Synagogue

    The rabbis were already enforcing a system of apartheid within their places of worship, an action entirely compatible with their public positions on the issue. The rules of Southern Jewish synagogues, says Joseph P. Weinberg, “reflect a clear and conscious desire to exclude Blacks from Jewish fellowship.” Rabbi Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus writes that Richmond’s Beth Shalome or House of Peace, the most democratic of the nation’s six synagogues, was dedicated to “peace and friendship,” yet membership was restricted to “any free man.” This stipulation, Rabbi Marcus says, “would seem to be directed against Negro slaves who might be attracted to the synagogue of their masters.” Likewise, in the 1820 constitution of Beth Elohim of Charleston, “people of colour” were excluded from membership.

    According to Rabbi Korn, some rabbis were directly employed by the Confederate Army because “the Confederate Congress was more liberal and tolerant than its Washington counterparts” with regard to the appointment of Jewish chaplains in the army.

    Rabbi Jacob Levin sells Black human beings in 1852.

    Rabbi Jacob Levin of Columbia, South Carolina, was the leader of his Jewish community in the mid-1800s and a slave-trading auctioneer. He was quoted in prestigious Jewish periodicals, and his wife was director of the Columbia Hebrew Sunday School. He was also the secretary and treasurer of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Columbia and a grand master of the Masons. On December 17, 1852, he advertised in the Columbia Daily South Carolinian the sale of “22 Likely Negroes, the larger number of which are young and desirable.“

    Where Are the Jewish Abolitionists?

    Jews can’t argue with those facts, and they search in vain for abolitionists. But the only notable rabbi who came close to abolitionism was Rabbi David Einhorn of Baltimore. According to the Jewish scholar Dr. Leonard Dinnerstein, Einhorn “is the only prominent southern Jew who is known to have spoken out against slavery. Others either kept silent or gave whole-hearted support to the Southern ideology.”

    Einhorn’s eloquent rebuke of the evil institution found no sanction, however, among the Jewish community. The Jews of his own congregation rejected his uncompromising stand on the issue. Indeed, they ran him out of their pulpit and out of Baltimore, forcing him to flee in the night.

    Even the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society wondered aloud where the Jews were in the movement. In 1853 they complained that “The Jews of the United States have never taken any steps whatever with regard to the slavery question. …”

    And so it is today. The ideological leaders of the Jewish faith have throughout history set a demonically racist standard that has endorsed and sanctified rather than condemned the most racist Jewish acts and behaviors toward Blacks all over the world. Jews like Israel’s “Chief Rabbi” have now come out and boldly declared that racism is a Talmudic dictum and has always worked for them and their fathers, and they are sticking with it. Their direct targeting of Black political leaders all over the globe, their wanton murder of the Palestinians, their expulsion of the “non-white” from a land they stole, the series of “false flag terrorist acts they have committed and blamed on others—all of those acts should be the final wake-up call to the Black man and woman about who the Satanic Jews are and who they have always been. Just as in Job 1:7, we—like the long-deceived angels—have walked up to God with our “hypocritical friend but His open enemy on our arm. And now that The God has pointed him out, are we ready to believe Him?”

    1. Discuss: Racism is “baked-in” to Zionism and that the two are inextricably linked.

        1. I got a special dispensation from Chief Rabbi Dreck to post on Shabbat to educate and inform idiot morons like you.

          What a dozy c@nt you are Dobby.

          Now take your medication and sit in a corner for about an hour or until it starts working.

          1. No Rabbi on earth would use his/her phone on Shabbat you dozy fucking mong…


            But as it’s a new year….

            I will say a prayer for you to the Patron Saint of the Mentally Challenged and the Perpetually Unfunny…

            Go in peace my child

            And may your recovery be a swift one




              1. Yet, Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, the head of Zomet, warned against the widespread use of the new technology and asserted that,“The halachic approval was only given for essential workers and important needs like health, security, public services, water and electricity and so on.

                Also he phones can only be used for calls that last for around 10 seconds.


                You didn’t read the article properly before you posted the link did you?


                What a dozy fucking c@nt you are….


                1. This Rabbi is an essential worker and ten seconds is long enough.

                  The learned Chief Rabbi, Dr Shalom Dreck is in agreement here with me.

                  Now take your medication Dobby and get some rest.

  13. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

    Shabbat shalom.

    1. ImaM Oron, You and your fellow Imam should fervently Pray for Nakba. You’ll get all the Nakba you dream of.

      Happy Nakba!

      1. Bellers, you scamp. Making up quotes above for a sneaky poke. Naughty naughty.

        Like you I couldn’t give a single shit who writes wot or where on the interweb. I’m only here to banter with you and your Botty Bois, obviously in a kinder and gentler way this year.

        Now, I’ll excuse you whilst you blush, you little tinker.

          1. Oh yeah quotes. I heard about them

            ” Thank you Jonathan – and as always thank you for your help. You are often the only thing standing between a legible article and an incoherent mess.”

            1. yes, Jonathan has an incredible eye for detail – If I am concerned about the blog (and I have often been up all night working on them) I send them to Jonathan to make sure all my wears, where, were ‘.’ ‘,’ etc are all in the right places. No problem with admitting that at all – obviously true- as I thank him publicly. Have previously credited him in larger reports. Whatever some think of some of his behaviour, the man deserves a lot of credit for the amount of work he does for the community. As far as I am aware in no universe does quickly scanning a piece for grammatical error make him a co-author – not even in anti-Israel fairyland.

              1. That reminds me of the time Pollard described him as ” a tireless worker for Middle East peace.”

                David, when you are in a hole it is best to stop digging

                  1. Does that count as 2 or 3 numbers in Bellers Bingo. Who cares. I’m going for 3.

                    Now, if I can just get him to say “…and I know him better than his own wife does”, and mention the 4th division Albanian basketball league, I could win an Angle poise lamp.

        1. Michael, this isn’t even associated to a relevant post. You’ve got Tweeter Tourettes and are just ejaculating your slogan at random now like that one from Father Ted. “Arse, feck, boobs, Nakba”

          There. Now you can do it.

        2. It’s a shame you didn’t think to post this repeatedly before the election in 2019…

          I’m sure it would have won the election for Jezbollah…

          ? ? ?

    2. The 1 millionth Covid vaccine in Israel was given in Umm al-Fahm – to an Israeli Arab.

      How is that for “racism” ?

      Shabbat shalom “rabbi”…..


        1. “I guess a lot depends on who got the first 999,999”

          How come? Was this citizen less worthy Bellers?

      1. Careful Ken. That leaves an open net for Bellers to tap in slogan #11 on his Rolodex first aired in 2014; ” we’ve got the happiest Arabs in the region” is the customary insertion when social justice, inclusion, equality and freedom is demonstrated. They hate it when we’re lovely. Can’t think why.

        I’d say it was basic shithousery, but I’m trying my hand at kinder, gentler posts with less piss taking.

        1. Very true Ian…

          Incidentally over the summer it was interesting to note that out of the boatloads of illegal immigrants that were coming over from France to Dover how many were from Iran (loads) and how many were from Israel/Palestine (zero)

          Wonder why that is?


          1. Because Israel won’t let them leave?

            p.s.they come from Iraq because US and Blair ruined the country.

            Shows how much Iran needs nuclear, before US ruins there too.

            1. I said Iran not Iraq…

              Funny how you got that one wrong


              Israeli passport holders can go where they want to

              As for Palestinians….

              WB has a border with Jordan

              Gaza has a border with Egypt

              Not very good at this are you Farmgirl?


          2. |There were 4,000 asylum applications from Iranians, 2,000 from Iraqis, 1500 from Afghanistan, 1500 from Vietnam, 1000 from Syria.

            Notice that the US has been complutic in interfering with all of these of these countries, and is now responsible for impoverishinthing the Iranian people by its harsh sanctions on Iran in an effort to cause an uprising and a regime change. US care nothing for the families in Iran but seeks to benefit Israel

            1. Sharmuta, Muslim are Fucking up Muslim countries,

              but Dumb Sharmutas blame the US? LOL!

              – The 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war killed 1,000,000+
              – The Assad regime of Syria has killed 500,000+
              – Sunnis and Shiite kill each other.
              – Muslims have killed tens of millions of Hindus in India.
              – Pakistan and India almost had a nuclear war over India’s Kashmir.

              How about having Muslims STOP murdering people (Muslims AND NON-Muslims) ALL OVER THE WORLD?

              Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

            2. 4,000 applications from Iranians?


              How many from Arab Israelis living in the “hell” of “apartheid” Israel?


              Btw Iran is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and does not have to sell it’s oil to America to survive.


            1. Article from 2013?

              You are desperate aren’t you Farmgirl?

              Meanwhile 300 black Jews arrived from Ethiopia today to make new lives for themselves in “apartheid” Israel…


              Suck it up FG…

  14. Stephen

    So what. Does it make any difference.

    Or are you just trying to be an a–hole for some reason or another

      1. Richard, wait ’til he asks you to show him your medals for your internet war victories. (See above)

        This is cos he wants to tell you about the time in 2006 that he got some elderly Jew banned from the charity shop. It’s real Burma Road heroics and the Bellers Posse still laugh about down the Frog and Fishbowl of an evening.

          1. No, it’s definitely the winning Bellers. It’s loads better than the taking part. Still, what you’ve never had, you’ll never miss.

            Maybe try Bingo or Kerplunk.

  15. Stephen

    If time is the great healer, it’s not been very effective in your case as you still seem to be suffering with the same malady

  16. Congratulations to Mahmood Abbas on entering the 15th year of his 4 year term as president of Palestine….

    Such a wonderful example of how a democracy should be run…unlike “apartheid” Israel….


    1. Why the need for elections. It’s israe/US dictate which Palestinians work for them.

          1. I think Hamas are fifteen years into a four year term in Gaza too…


            It’s democracy Jim…but not as we know it….


            1. It is said that Israel has a democracy … but not as we know it.

              Not all of those ruled by Israel get to vote in its elections, and those that do are only allowed statehood and self-determination if they are …. guess …. YES … Jewish.

              1. All Israeli citizens get to vote in Israeli elections

                Palestinians get to vote in Palestinian elections when they bother to have them…usually every 25 years or so

                Israeli citizens do not get to vote in Palestinian elections

                Hope this helps you


    2. How many DECADES has apartheid Israel been a Jewish supremacist state?

      1. Who will you vote for in the Palestinian elections ?


        They are taking place sometime in 2050


        I will pray for you my child….

      2. ImaM Oron,

        Q. How many DECADES has apartheid Israel been a Jewish supremacist state?
        A. 300 DECADES.

        Happy Nakba ImaM Aggot!

        Q. How many DECADES has Apartheid Islam been a Muslim Supremacist ideology?

  17. The Covid-19 Vaccine: Another Ugly Face of Israeli Apartheid

    The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine perfectly illustrates Israel’s apartheid system.

    by Yumna Patel

    Close to 400,000 Israelis have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and tens of thousands of others are on track to do the same in the coming weeks.

    Israel was one of the first countries in the world to begin rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine to its population, and according to the University of Oxford-run Our World in Data, is currently second in the world in vaccinations per capita.

    The Israeli Health Ministry is aiming to vaccinate 100,000 Israelis per day as soon as this week, Israeli media reported, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made the bold claim of saying that Israel would be out of the woods “within a few weeks.”

    Last month, Israel secured 8 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine — enough to cover nearly half of Israel’s population of 9 million, as each person requires two doses. Among those eligible to receive the vaccine from the Israeli government, are the nearly 2 million Palestinian citizens of Israel.

    Those not eligible to receive the vaccine, however, are the more than 5 million Palestinians living under the control of the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

    The disparities between Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and Israeli citizens are constant, and simply a fact of everyday life in Israel and Palestine — laws that favor Israelis over Palestinians, and systems that actively discriminate against the latter are commonplace, and widely documented.

    The apartheid system under which Israel operates inside the occupied territory, however, could not be better displayed than in the case of the COVID-19 vaccine — who gets the vaccine, and who doesn’t, is a simple matter of nationality.

    “Firstly we have to be very clear: with military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza effectively under Israeli control, Israel is legally obliged by international law to provide for their [Palestinians’] healthcare,” Dr. Yara Hawari, Senior Analyst at Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, told Mondoweiss.

    “Israel is legally required to provide that vaccine to Palestinians under occupation. We know they [Israel] have not done that,” she said, adding that Israel puts that responsibility on the PA as the service provider for Palestinians.

    “That’s a real worry,” Hawari told Mondoweiss. “We know it’s likely that it will be a really slow process if it’s just left up to the PA.”

    The ‘de-development’ of Palestine’s healthcare system

    Unlike the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been unable to secure the amount of vaccines needed to treat the more than 3 million Palestinians living in the West Bank, and 2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

    While PA officials have said that they expect to start receiving vaccines in the next two weeks via the World Health Organization (WHO), they’ve said it could be months before the vaccine is distributed amongst the general population.

    The type of vaccines Palestinians will be receiving and the amount are still unknown, as they’re relying heavily on international donations for their supply, and the Palestinian government does not have the infrastructural capacity to store vaccines like the Pfizer one at the required low temperatures.

    Meanwhile, Palestinians continue to live between unending periods of lockdown, as the virus rages across the oPt, with daily infection rates in the thousands and daily death rates in the double digits.

    The PA’s inability to procure and store vaccines, along with its flailing healthcare system, is indicative of the decades worth of damage the Israeli occupation has done to Palestinian infrastructures, Hawari said.

    “There’s this common recurring narrative that the reason the Palestinian healthcare system or other systems like education are inefficient and not doing their job because of incompetency on part of the Palestinian people or their culture — this idea that they’re stupid and can’t govern,” Hawari said.

    “That’s obviously not the case. The Israeli regime has systematically targeted the Palestinian healthcare system and contributed to its de-development,” she said. “Palestinians have been forced to rely on outside help and have been prevented from being self-sufficient by the [Israeli] occupation, with the complacency of the international community.”

    The most prime example of this, Hawari said, is Gaza, where the healthcare system has been on the brink of collapse for years, and has been unable to cope with years of Israeli bombardments and offensives.

    “Hospitals in Gaza have been unable to cope with injuries and illnesses for years. They couldn’t cope before COVID, and now COVID has exasperated the situation and made it ten times worse.”

    Apartheid at work

    While Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza will not receive vaccines from the Israeli government, the hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers living illegally in the West Bank are getting vaccinated every day.

    Palestinian activists and their supporters have sounded the alarm over the stark disparity between who is getting vaccinated and who is not, saying it amounts to nothing less than Apartheid.

    When talking about things like the COVID-19 vaccine,“there seems to be a false separation between Israel and Palestine,” Hawari said. “In reality it’s one entity where people are treated unequally within that space.”

    “There is a huge amount of interaction between the populations, but totally imbalanced power levels,” Hawari continued, pointing to the tens of thousands of Palestinian laborers who work inside Israel and the settlements every day.

    “The Israeli economy relies on that [labor force] Will they be getting the vaccine as well?” she asked. “If not, that poses a risk to Israel. We’re such intertwined populations, as is the case in colonial populations.”

    “It necessitates providing the vaccine for everyone, and should not be exceptional to Palestine. Someone said it perfectly: we’re not safe until everyone has access to the vaccine. This isn’t a virus that knows borders.”

    While Israeli officials have floated around the possibility of providing some vaccines to the PA if necessary, Hawari cautioned against being fooled by Israel’s false displays of generosity, saying, “we know they will present such a move as great act of benevolence and international cooperation, but they’re not even meeting the minimum requirements under international law.”

    Hawari highlighted the fact that in the midst of the pandemic, Palestinians have “seen very little from the Israeli regime in terms of supplies and support for Palestinians and their fight against the virus. And when they did finally coordinate to allow internationally donated supplies, it was praised as a wonderful form of cooperation, when that is the minimum that is required of them.”

    “We’ve seen Israel do this for decades — Israel is constantly praised for letting Gaza cancer patients in to Tel Aviv for treatment, but they are imposing the siege that prevents hundreds of Gazans from getting the necessary treatment in the first place,” she said.

    “It’s a very clever spin on something that they are supposed to be doing, but that they’re not.”

    In addition to questions surrounding where Palestinians in the oPt stand when it comes to the vaccine, Palestinian activists and rights groups have voiced concerns over the potential marginalization of Palestinian communities in Israel when it comes to getting vaccinated.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, groups like Adalah criticized the Israeli government for sidelining Palestinian communities in place like East Jerusalem, where coronavirus testing clinics were scarce to even non-existent.

    Hawari is confident that “we will see those trends” again during the vaccination process.

    “It’s still early and the vaccine is just rolling out, but if you look at implementation, they’ll [Israel] be rolling them [vaccines] out in clinics. And we know that of course in Palestinian villages and towns in ‘48, the health care system is deprived so there are fewer clinics and medical professionals, so it will be a slower roll out in those areas,” she said.

    “It will be easy for the Israeli government to brush this aside and say ‘every Israeli citizens is treated equally,’ but if we look at the geography, those Palestinian communities by design have been left out when it comes to health facilities, clinics, and other essential institutions.”

    Palestine & the Global South

    As dozens of countries around the world, like Israel, the US, UK, and countries in the EU begin rolling out their vaccines to the general population, places like Palestine and other countries in the “Global South” have been left behind.

    Even before the vaccines hit the market, rich nations began stockpiling some of the most promising coronavirus vaccines. According to the organizations like Amnesty International and Oxfam, it’s estimated that despite being home to only 14% of the global populations, rich nations have already bought 54% of the total stock of the world’s most promising vaccines.

    Amnesty International has said that by the end of 2021, wealthier nations will have purchased enough vaccine doses to “vaccinate their entire populations three times over,” while some 70 poor countries “will only be able to vaccinate one in ten people against COVID-19.”

    “What’s happening globally is very demonstrative of the structural inequalities that exist worldwide,” Hawari said. “Places like Gaza, where it’s difficult to even maintain basic sanitary and social distancing requirements, should be prioritized in order to prevent the spread. But of course they won’t be prioritized because of prevailing structures of oppression.”

    “COVID has highlighted structures of inequality around the globe,” Hawari continued, saying she thinks “it’s almost impossible to have health justice and equality within these structures.”

    “A step in the right direction, specifically in regards to Palestine, would be for Palestinians to immediately be provided with the vaccine, because they live vulnerable lives, and are a vulnerable community,” Hawari said. “This priority shouldn’t be exclusive to Palestinians, but to other countries in the global south as well. Access to healthcare shouldn’t depend on whether you can afford it or not.”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

    1. Brutes Levy and Mondoweiss go together like unprotected anal sex and gonorrhea. The pus in one breaks the blisters in the other. Kisses.

  18. As Israel Leads In COVID-19 Vaccines Per Capita, Palestinians Still Await Shots
    December 31, 2020

    Israel has vaccinated a larger share of its population against COVID-19 than any other country, and is aiming to achieve “herd immunity” from the virus by the end of spring or midsummer, the Israeli Health Ministry told NPR.

    More than 800,000 of Israel’s population of about 9 million have received COVID-19 vaccination shots. The country aims to vaccinate 25% of Israelis by the end of January.

    The vaccination drive began Dec. 19 with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu receiving the first shot on live TV. Israel so far is using the vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech and is awaiting a shipment of Moderna’s vaccine.

    Figures compiled by Our World in Data, a website published by Oxford University, put Israel in the lead in vaccination doses administered per 100 people. But the country is behind China, the United States and the United Kingdom in the total administered as of Thursday.

    But Israel is not providing vaccines to Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank or in the Gaza Strip, which is blockaded by Israel and Egypt. Palestinian officials are scrambling to secure deals with vaccine manufacturers.

    In February, 3% of Palestinians in both territories are expected to be vaccinated through COVAX, an initiative co-led by the World Health Organization and a vaccines alliance to distribute COVID-19 vaccines more equally around the world, said Ali Abed Rabbo, director general of the Palestinian Health Ministry. That program pledges to eventually vaccinate 20% of the Palestinian territories, which have a combined population of about 5 million.

    On Wednesday, drugmaker AstraZeneca offered to sell the Palestinian Authority enough vaccines to cover an additional 20% of the territories’ population in February, he said.

    Israel says the Palestinians are responsible for their own health care under the 1990s Oslo peace accords. Some aid groups say Israel and the Palestinian Authority both share responsibility.

    Abed Rabbo said the Palestinian Authority only began approaching drugmakers in the last few weeks, long after other countries inked their own vaccine deals. The Palestinian Health Ministry official said a recently resolved Palestinian financial crisis, brought on by a months-long Palestinian Authority boycott of Israel, had left few funds for vaccines. Officials had expected to receive vaccines from Russia, but Russian officials Wednesday notified the Palestinian Authority they did not yet have enough supplies to offer.

    Israel’s vaccination bonanza — with inoculation stations open every day, including on the Sabbath, from a sports arena in Jerusalem to tents in Tel Aviv’s central square — is at the core of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s campaign for reelection in March.

    “Israel is the world champion in vaccines,” Netanyahu said Tuesday. “Maybe we will be the first country in the world to emerge from this coronavirus.”

    The prime minister has said his new friendship with Pfizer’s CEO got Israel toward the front of the line. Israeli officials have indicated the country paid a higher price than other countries. One Health Ministry official told local media Israel paid $62 a dose, compared to the $19.50 price tag in the U.S. In a statement to NPR, the Israeli Health Ministry did not confirm how much it paid, citing the “sensitivity of the subject,” but Israeli Finance Minister Israel Katz said the higher price was necessary considering Israel was vying for vaccines among much larger countries.

    Israeli officials believe the country’s fast vaccination campaign could provide an early model for countries.

    “One of the reasons why Israel was given some of the vaccines [may be] so we can study in advance to see how such a big effort takes place,” said Dr. Boaz Lev, who heads the Health Ministry’s advisory committee for prioritizing how COVID-19 vaccines are distributed.

    Officially, Israel’s four national health insurance companies are only vaccinating citizens over 60 years of age, health care workers and residents of psychiatric and geriatric institutions. But many younger Israelis, who are at lower risk of COVID-19 complications, have also found ways to get vaccinated.

    Some clinics vaccinate younger Israelis in the evening so Pfizer vials removed from refrigeration do not go to waste, Lev said.

    How Rich Countries Are ‘Hoarding’ The World’s Vaccines, In Charts
    How Rich Countries Are ‘Hoarding’ The World’s Vaccines, In Charts
    Some Israeli Jews have also found it easy to get vaccinated at clinics in Arab communities in Israel. Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, who comprise about a fifth of the country, have been more skeptical of the vaccine.

    Nicole Schwartz, 27, accompanied her grandmother to get the vaccine Thursday, in the town of Sderot, and unexpectedly received one herself when she asked. She feels relieved after taking a year off work as a special education teacher out of concern she would catch the virus, but also guilty at how easily she as a young person got the vaccine.

    “I am unhappy with how political it is to bring the vaccines and do it so fast,” Schwartz said. “It’s important to [Netanyahu] that everyone will know that he brought the vaccines and he did it so fast and we are the first country.”

    Sderot borders Gaza, where the medical system has struggled to cope with coronavirus infections.

    “No one talks about it in the news, and I don’t think that people that live in Sderot actually talk about it, but it’s not fair,” Schwartz said about Israelis having vaccines before Palestinians in Gaza. “There are people there.”

    1. A couple of helpful hints for Panto Provocateurs.

      1. Keep it pithy and punchy. Nobody’s reading a 5-Scroller. They’re okay as a block in the road but don’t waste your time on the content. It’s a fool’s errand.

      2. Copy/paste links. (see above) Nobody in 2021 opens some buggy porno link in a post. Michael, take note.

      3. If your aim is to be provocative, BE provocative. Noncing around with tippy-toe slogans and polite agitation is barely even taking part. Think about our friend here, Charles. Do you think he looks in his mirror in the morning and says “I know. Today when I go to bait some Jews I’ll pretend to be a Rabbi from a cartoon shul. That’ll get a rise out of them for sure.” Course he doesn’t. It’s straight into historical revisionism and studied and calculated Jew Hate.

      So, the real for you lads if you’re serious about taking part is to ask yourself the question “who is Collier more likely to ban, Bellers with his shithousery, Michael with his silly slogans, Bruce with his comedy cleric shtick or Charles with his approach?”

      Get the point?

      1. The fake rabbi is about as Jewish as a bacon butty and as funny as a burning orphanage ?


  19. Stephen

    What is the point of referencing Pollard other than to bring up his name to try rubbish another Jewish Zionist, as is your wont.

    And please inform us about this hole that you infer David is digging. If you can’t then we can all just accept that it’s another figment of your over active fantasised imagination

    1. Richard, if the hardcore online Jew baiters are the blood soaked, faeces-stained crack house of online activism, Bellers and his Botty Bois are the twee, chintzy Lakeland Tea Room.

      You’re more likely to get a scone and a cup of Orange Pekoe off these lads than a decent provocation. I have tried to encourage them to up their game. (see above).

      1. Dumb Bellamy said:

        > The Great Real Estate Agent In The Sky. ?

        You care about “Allah”? Tell us more.

        BTW, your insatiable thirst for alcohol are Haram in Muslim controlled enclaves.

        ANOTHER Nakba for ye.

        Happy Nakba!

  20. Shalom. Your regular reminder that racism is baked into Zionism.

    1. There you go Richard. Told you you’d only get baked goods from the Tea Set rather than proper provocation.

      Another Eccles Cake waitress !

  21. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    The kosher phone you waffle on about exists but only has kosher Rabbinic approval for use on Shabat by emergency services IN emergencies only.

    And a foul mouthed Antisemitic pretend rabbi, most probably an irreligious twat, like you Brucie would never be rated as an emergency.

    And when you refer to a rabbi dreck we do understand that you love to intentionally misspell names and words in the hope that Antisemitic dimwits like Michael Farmer will believe you

    And the Temple Beth Springfield is part of the cartoon series The Simpsons

    The real Rabbi DWECK is a Sephardic Rabbi in the London area

    So anyone reading the Antisemitic pretend rabbi’s words must be aware that this Bruce Levy lies/manipulates/twists the truth to try achieve his desired hatred

    And a while ago you threatened to sue me for Libel or some such thing. So what’s happening.

    1. Hey Dick “Licker” Galber. As an act of Jewish charity, I’ve decided not to sue you, as I don’t want to see you lose your home and assets in the middle of a pandemic. Nor do I want to add to the UK’s rough sleeper population. The country has enough problems as it is.

      To make amends, I’ve donated an amount in your name to a Hamas charity instead.

  22. Stephen

    Why are you referencing Pollard when you are trying to bad mouth David

    Or is it because Pollard is a Zionist Jew, so his mere existence is halal to you.

    You still haven’t explained/answered why you called the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor Lord Sacks racists

    And I’m still waiting to hear why you refer to Israel as a ‘basketcase’.

    Please tell at some point

    1. Lol. Nobody ‘badmouths’ half as much as David, its how he seeks his income. Others work honestly for a living …. not your David.

      Smears and fantasies put bread on his family’s table.

      Can’t taste nice can it?

  23. The Bruce Levy did read the article, but knows that most people won’t. So he posts bullsh-t here to be both provocative and in the hope that some wikipedia type ignoramosous’ will believe the rubbish he spews out in his more lucid ramblings

    1. Wow … back on topic.

      Topic being Zionists attempts to take Wiki for themselves as an Hasbara tool ….. and being rumbled..

      Hence David’s attack in this blog.

      Poor David.

  24. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    All Israelis, irrespective of race, religion and creed vote in Israel’s elections

    The Palestinians are not Israelis, and when they stop trying to kill and maim Jews and Israelis and make peace peace with Israel instead, they will have their own sovereign state

    Until they make peace with Israel, the Palestinians can vote in elections in Gaza and the west bank, and have their electoral freedom ignored by their leaders, one who was elected 15 years ago for a 4 year term.

    But hey; why should Antisemites listen to the truth

    1. “All Israelis, irrespective of race, religion and creed vote in Israel’s elections”

      Yet others cannot vote for/against those that rule them, Richard.

      No, they will still be controlled by Israel.

      You are ignorant of Israel’s terms for ‘peace’.

      When they did vote Israe/US ignored the result.

      You reject the truth, Richard.

      1. “Yet others cannot vote for/against those that rule them, Richard.”

        Because they never hold elections….



        1. Duh indeed.

          Palestinian elections would have no effect whatsoever on who rules them … Israel.

          Beyond our Ken indeed.

          1. Is it my fault that they repeatedly turn down the offer of having their own country?


            Silly sods….


            Ah well….never mind…

            1. While Israel has rejected peace by insisting on building settlements outside of Israel.

              1. Well they should have accepted the country they were offered shouldn’t they?

                All their problems stem from this decision

                They are victims of their own greed and stupidity…

                Ah well


  25. Those on here that regularly accuse Israel of only allowing self determination to its Jewish citizens clearly don’t know what self determination actually means…


    Do they……………….FG?


    1. Ok, Dobby … explain to the readers what sellf-determination is.

      perhaps … self-determination – “the process by which a person controls their own life.”

      1. All citizens of Israel certainly get to control their own lives FG

        They have freedom to vote and to get educated and to express their political views…

        These freedoms apply to men and women of all religions….

        Thanks for pointing that out


  26. Your reminder that Judaism is about living your life and practicing what’s in the Tanakh, not being obsessed with antisemitism.

          1. Collier’s the one for racist hate, Dobbs ….. piles it high and sells it cheap..

            1. Don’t do yourself down FG…

              You are wonderfully racist in your own understated little English way…


  27. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    Where are your figures and statistics on Muslims killed by non-Muslims. Edward gives figures, you just flail around wildly to say something, anything. But for facts, you supply nothing, as usual

    A while ago I asked you what other ethnicity, race, creed or religion besides the Jews was specifically targeted by the Nazis with racist laws and then herded into ghettos (children, women, the aged and men) before being mass murdered.

    So where is your answer; or does wikipedia not have the correct answer to satisfy your anti-Jewish biases

    1. Well, we know that Israel killed over 500 Muslim children in barely a month in 2014. You should be ashamed.

  28. I got the Zionist blues
    The Zios are murderers
    not Jews
    They gonna lose
    I got the Zionist Blues…

  29. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    The percentage of the population of Israel that is Jewish has increased both in numbers and as a percentage of the population since this article/opinion piece was published in 2013 by Uri Avineri.

    Israeli Jews leave to study and work abroad and some remain in those countries and many return after a period. It’s something that seems remarkably normal in this age of easy international travel, the current blip of Covid no doubt being just a temporary interruption.

    Selective cherry picking of opinion pieces in various media to try bolster your anti-Jewish Antisemitic biases doesn’t make much of an argument

  30. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    But I want you to sue me for Libel just like your great friend Tony Greenslime (sorry I meant Greenstein) tried to sue Richard Millet and got left with a bill for £68000.

    The reason you won’t sue me is because your foul rhetoric and Holocaust denigration and diminution and your insults against the vast majority of Jews for being Zionists wouldn’t do very much to bolster your case

    1. Playing to stereotypes I see. Hey Rothchild, all “your kind” thinks about is money.

      Hey Dick “Licker” Galber, I’d win, though it would cost more to fumigate your home from the Zio stink than it’s worth.

        1. I had a vision Dobby that you were laying down and surrounded by fire…

  31. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    When Hamas and the other factions in Gaza shoot hundreds of explosives laden missiles into Israel at civilian targets to kill Israelis/Jews, then Israel has a right to defend itself.

    And when Hamas and the other Islamists place their rockets and launchers in schools, hospitals and civilians residences (a war crime) then it is understandable that there will be civilian casualties.

    This is not the 1930’s and 1940s where Antisemites and their accomplices can kill Jews with impunity, as much as people like you would like to see that

    1. “kill Jews with impunity, as much as people like you would like to see that”

      Now you ARE being silly … and not a little neurotic. Are you related to Collier?

      1. Sharmuta, The checkpoints at every airport in the world to screen passengers and luggage and cargo for bombs

        prove you are a Pig Ignorant Sharmuta.

        Happy Nakba Piglet!

  32. (Sigh) The Panto Posters didn’t read my memo yesterday with tips on better content here. Honestly, you try to help out.

    Look, I’ll have one more go and then you numpties are on your own again. Think about your comrade Charles who has now become my poster boy for incisive Jew Baiting. Can you imagine him waking up and thinking ” Must bait Jews today. I know. I’ll go on one of their sites and write a little poem with funny lines.” Course you can’t.

    Can you imagine him coming here to get a rise out of some wet diasporan yids and his main tactic was the repetition of some limp slogan that said “Oooh, you big liar….for money” Hell no ! He wouldn’t be able to look himself in the eye with embarrassment.

    So come on people. Remember Rule #3 ” If you’re here to provoke, BE provocative “

      1. Pay attention Bellers and see above tips to avoid Tea Room Shithousery

        ” If you’re here to provoke, BE provocative “

    1. Not surprised that shitposter admires shitposter, but it’s interesting that even the Far-Left UK judge didn’t agree on a single one of Ass-hang’s pathetic “journalism” arguments, they just said the poor little Aussie hypocrite is so darn fragile that he’d kill himself if sent to an American prison. He’s still destined for the U.S. It’s just going to happen in a different direction. When it does…will you do the right thing Muck, and set yourself on fire in protest? Show your commitment man!

  33. Noticed that one of your vile tweets had the tune of Hava Nagila as the soundtrack.

    This ditty is dedicated to you DeadHead Ed (we know you’re a moron) and Dick “Licker” Galber.

    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli goods today! (x2)

    L’Oreal and Ahava, Stolen beauty breaks the law
    Boycott Israeli goods! Boycott today!
    Motorola, Sabra Hummus
    You won’t take our freedom from us
    Boycott Israeli goods! Boycott today!

    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli goods today! (x2)

    Hey, hey, hey hey hey hey!
    Our taxes buy the weapons
    Gotta stop this gruesome schleppin’
    Government needs some moral fiber
    Zionists can’t be the drivers
    Freedom now!
    Freedom now!
    Freedom now for Palestine!

    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli goods today! (x2)

    When you shop
    and when you dine
    You can send Israel a sign
    Boycott Israeli goods!
    Boycott today!
    Human rights are on the line,
    Stand up! for Palestine!
    Boycott Israeli goods!
    Boycott today!

    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli,
    Boycott Israeli goods today! (x2)

    1. Pay attention Bishop and see above tips to avoid Tea Room Activism. Would our Charles come here and do funny tunes to bait Jews? Course not !

      ” If you’re here to provoke, BE provocative “

    2. ImaM Oron,

      Aside from unfit for human consumption olive oil (diarrhea and headaches),

      what does Pal-e-SWINE produce, sell to the World????

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

        1. Charles says repeating a slogan loads of times is lazy and asks you to poke harder.

          Charles says “Go provocative or go home !”

    3. The learned “rabbi” is as Jewish as a bacon butty and as funny as a burning orphanage ?


      He is also a tw@t


  34. Q. What did the Zios learn from the Nazis?

    A. Brutality, humiliation, tyranny and murder.

  35. Shalom friends. Your regular reminder that racism is “baked-into” Zionism.

    1. Charles says that’s not very provocative and asks you to have another try.

      Don’t upset Charles. He’s got the Jew Bait game sewn up.

    1. “I would be interested…..and couldn’t give a flying fuck anyway.”

      I’ve never been a fan of the “take your meds” line that you lads always default to, but on this occasion it does seem quite appropriate for this muddled shithousery Bellers.

      Remember Charles’s words; ” If you’re here to provoke, BE provocative “

        1. There are many things I couldn’t give a flying fuck about but I am interested in just about EVERYTHING, including last sundays results in the 4th division of the Albanian bsketball league

  36. Stephen

    You are a p-ss taker and you know it.

    The Palestinian Authority has actually said in various forra that they will be sorting out their own vaccine program. The Palestinians also have their own independent health system/authority

    The PA broke of relations with Israel 2 years ago, and have been self harming ever since. Don’t blame Israel for thei Palestinians own self inflicted damaging policies

    This whole anti-Israel thing about the vaccines is another ‘Blood Libel’ type situation, where Israel is intentionally blamed for doing, here not doing something that many know is a blatant lie, and knowing that most Antisemites will believe it because it fits their anti-Jewish biases

    1. The issue here is about Israel. Why is the word ‘antisemites’ being bandied about. There is no connection.

      Is yours the “blatant lie”, Richard?

  37. Stephen

    Referencing phr about anything Israeli, Zionistic and/or Jewish is like referencing Der Sturmer for information about Jews, Israelis and/or Zionists

    Best to reference Charles on this one; he’s sure to have all the answers

    1. You used to take Der Sturmer then, Richard?

      Was it as reliable as The Tablet, Jewish Chronicle, other Jewish tabloids and David’s blags?

      1. Ha! Caught you sneaking around Twitter again Michael, this time on the same thread as your friend Charles. Such a difference in styles from two team mates.

        You, dithering around with your ” Ooh, you big liar ” routine and him with a balls-out, unashamed “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews” approach.

        As above, can you imagine him planning for a day of Jew Baiting and thinking ” I know, I’ll pretend to be a Rabbi, repeat my slogan loads of times and then post a funny tune with words that rhyme with Zio. That will wind them up.”

        Step up guys and remember Charles’s words ” If you’re here to provoke, BE provocative “

  38. Get your slimy Zio tentacles off Wikipedia, or I will permanently shorten them.

  39. As is well known I am no lawyer so don’t shoot the messenger. It has been pointed out to me that Israel can’t evade it’s responsibilities as the occupying force by sub contracting some of them to a bunch of corrupt spivs. I wonder if any of you zio guys had any thoughts on this point. I am here to learn

    1. Hang on a sec Bellers. Is this something you couldn’t give a flying fuck about, couldn’t give a rats ass about or couldn’t give a gnats knacker about?

      After all your muddled shithousery yesterday, it would be good to clarify.

    1. Oh yes Israel. You have a thing about Israel, Bellers. I can’t be arsed talking about it but you do seem to insist on bringing it into stuff at every available opportunity.

    2. Hollin Knowle Nursing Home in Buxton has vaccinated 100% of it’s population.

      Hollin Knowle Nursing Home 1 : 0 Israel.

      1. Hollin Knowle nursing home is not and has never been a country….

        Just like Palestine….


  40. In Stephen’s link one Anshel Pfeffer was crowing that as a % of of population Israel was leading the world in vaccinations. ….. was just putting the record straight, Dobby.

    p.s. Palestine WAS a country … read Balfour.

    1. Just seen you sneaking around Twitter again Michael, lying about Israeli Arabs. You got rumbled as a Jew Baiter by the locals though and got a slapped wrist, didn’t you?

      1. Israel certainly is leading the world in Covid vaccines….

        But that does not really help me here in the UK…


  41. Israel’s Nation law – ‘ The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is UNIQUE to the JEWISH people.’

    1. Ah so Israel is a Jewish country after all….

      Thanks for finally admitting that….


      1. Pay attention … was Bibi that says so .. not me ..even a dullard like you knows that it’s the Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc state of Israel. Look at a map..

        1. Look at the flag ??
          Look at how it defines itself


          Not the brightest are you Farmgirl?


          1. Ah, the flag …… yes, the gov. of the Jewish, Muslim, Christian state of Israel shows only the star, references only Jews in its National Anthem, and grants self-determination and statehood only to its Jews.

            It fools itself into thinking that it has no Muslims, no Christians or other ethnicities.

            Certainly smacks of racism there.

            Collier says all are equal. Sorry, David, the lies don’t wash.

            p.s. Trump defines himself as the winner in the election. Dobby no doubt believes him. The world knows otherwise.


            1. What about the Islamic Republic of Iran?
              Or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
              What about all the countries that have a crescent moon in their flags? Or a cross for that matter?


              Are they also “Jewish Christian Muslim” countries too?

              Or are they racist ethno States?

              I look forward to your reply with much excitement…


        2. Has always amused me how you feel you are entitled to define the identity of a country and yet somehow the prime minister of that country or indeed the country itself aren’t?

          ? ? ?

          Go figure….

          Your head sure is a wild and rocky place FG…


          1. Also very interesting (and amusing) how you equate the way individual countries define their own identities with former President Trump’s refusal to accept the result of an election?


            That’s not a stretch at all is it….


            Like I said….the inside of your head is a wild and rocky place FG….


  42. A senior, well-informed source confided in me that the Zionist tentacles of AIPAC funded Wednesday’s attempted coup in Washington DC.

    Those fucking Zios will get what’s coming to them!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

  43. Sneaking around Twitter again I see Michael. This time in the same thread as your friend Charles.

    You’re always going on about Jews in your posts. Why do Jews make you so cross?

  44. Let ir not be forgotten that the BoD welcomed the election of Trump and the racist Sacks wrote speeches for Bannon

    Oh and that David is a bit of a fan too

    1. Not a fan of Donaldinho then Bellers? You lads could learn a thing or two about proper provocation from him.

      Credit where it’s due. He had the smarts to agree with us that our capital is where we say it is. Foxy missus too.

        1. And of course it might be widely reasoned that if Trump says the Israeli capital is where the Israelis say it is, that must be a heap of shit.

          Just saying.

          Hard to know which way it will bounce.

          but since I m not invested in the issue, I , as I m sure you are aware, don’t give a flying fuck.

          You of course are

              1. Wow. You just said “if Trump says the Israeli capital is where the Israelis say it is, that must be a heap of shit.”

                There you go. That was almost Trump Standard provocation. You could get a rise out of a few damp diasporan yids with stuff like that.

                    1. Stop typing whilst driving. You may kill one of the kiddies that’s still allowed to go to school in your shitty barn-pot country.

                      Yes, I know you couldn’t give a flying fuck about killing kiddies, so at least think about the way that your rushed gibberish impacts on the intended provocation.

    2. If anyone is anti-Arab and loves to stuff it to the Palestinians they’ll have David’s vote.

  45. Stephen

    It’s a while since you claimed Rabbi Lord Sacks was a racist

    I’ve asked you a number of times for proof and evidence of this, and to date you have never had the balls to reply with the facts

    So the ‘village idiot’ facade and the gobledygook bullsh-t are back in full form

    As Ian says though, if you’re going to be provocative you must follow in the footsteps of the Charles Alban. He said what he felt straight out, without trying to hide his true feelings in fluffy words like so many others do

  46. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    So someone has been whispering sweet nothings into the cesspit you call ears. That must be the idol you worship so feverishly. Isn’t his name satan or something similar

  47. Hey Dick Licker, I pray to Hashem, not Satan, the god of Zionism and apartheid Israel.

  48. So if you have no feelings are you no longer a pretend ‘village idiot’ but an actual ‘village idiot’????

  49. I am no fan of Corbyn, he is a back stabbing wimp, but we must avknowledge the three times he has been proved right this week…..

    Universal broadband is a necessity

    A four day week works

    The State banquet for a fascist president was wrong

  50. Stephen

    Without your normal bullsh-t and obfuscation, and in plain English, tell me why you call Trump a fascist. Just facts to back your accusation

      1. Sneaking around Twitter again I see Michael. This time in the same thread as your friend Charles.

        You’re always going on about Jews in your posts. Why do Jews make you so cross?

            1. Seriously Michael, set your slogans aside for a moment and tell me why Jews make you so cross and you are so compelled to write about them all the time here and on social media. Like Bellers, I’m here to learn.

  51. Con-artist Sacks was more interested in promoting himself, the apartheid state and enriching his coffers, than practicing real Judaism. He was more at home on a street corner hustling than behind a lectern.

    Rabbi means “teacher” and I look forward to teaching lessons ‘your kind’ will never forget.

    Shabbat shalom.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

  52. All these accusations and allegations against Rabbi Lord Sacks from various Antisemites, but not one shred of evidence and/or fact to back up their arguments. It’s all Monty Python ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ conspiracy theory type rhetoric

    But then the Antisemites Anonymous of serial Jew haters is not interested in fact; only in insulting and smearing

    1. “but not one shred of evidence and/or fact to back up their arguments.”

      … as it was with attacks on Corbyn, Richard.

      1. So do you really believe that the late Lord Sacks was a poseur and a con man Michael and if so why?

      2. Answer the question, Dick “Licker” Galber. If you can.

        No fan of Corbyn, but the attacks on him we’re unsubstantiated and without merit.

          1. Answer the question. Bet you can’t.

            I must tend to my model train boxcar collection before Shabbat.

            1. Patience Bishop. It’s a Christian virtue as you know.

              Michael wants to tell me about his compulsion to write about Jews and why they make hin so cross.

  53. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    I was talking about the accusations Stephen was making about Rabbi Lord Sacks.

    I didn’t mention Corbyn; I wasn’t talking about Corbyn

    If I want to talk about Corbyn I’ll talk about Corbyn

    You are totally unable to deal with any conversation without trying to change the subject. Is this because you’re to stupid to be able to stay on one subject because yo’re unable, or is it that your knowledge of specific subjects is so small that you need to change the subject to hide your stupidity/ignorance.

    Engaging in debate with you is akin to addressing a brick wall; an exercise in time wasting

  54. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Antisemitic Holocaust denigrator

    So you are back to your Holocaust denigration again by the totally unrelated reference to ‘boxcars’ which you only use here in the knowledge that we know that it was railway ‘boxcars’ that the Nazis used to transport Jews and other undesirables (Nazis term)

    And now on Shabat you insult and denigrate the mass murders of millions of Jews and then you claim to be a rabbi; you are nothing more than a fraud in my opinion

    You are an Antisemite and if you want to sue me like you threatened, then go ahead

  55. My favourite sociopath. You have a wild imagination Dick Licker. It’s impossible for me to be an anti-Semite, since I’m Jewish and an ordained Rabbi.

    I will pray to Hashem for your recovered mental health.

    Shabbat shalom.

    PS: Why are you so obsessed with “the holocaust?”

    1. Good question Bishop. I’ve been asking Michael the same question but he doesn’t like answering.

      Same question to you. How come you are so keen to use Holocaust imagery as jokes?

  56. Brucie babes the foul mouthed Antisemitic Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    I would never believe that you are an ordained rabbi without it being verified by an approved and recognized Rabbinic institution.

    Your behaviour, your language, your mockery of the Holocaust and deaths of millions of Jews and your postings on Shabat are not the actions of a rabbi and supposed teacher.

    As far as referencing the Holocaust, your continuous reference to Holocaust imagery is the reason that I talk about the Holocaust. In a court of law it would be extremely easy to prove that many of your comments, while not being quite Holocaust denial, are definitely attempts to mock and denigrate the Holocaust and Jewish survivors

    I think you are the epitome of Antisemitic racist bigot

  57. I can’t entertain you any longer.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

    Shabbat shalom.

  58. Ah yes the foreign press bleating at Israel for not caring and sharing. As the Emirati Minister said about Abbas and co. on Thursday ” If $39m of aid per week for 4 decades doesn’t buy them professional healthcare provision how much does?”

    You reap what you sow, eh Michael?

    1. Very nice Michael but you asked about Arabs vaccinating Arabs so try to keep focused. If other Arabs reckon that Abbas and co have blown their aid money that sounds like an Arab problem.

      Anyway, we’re doing fine here, so before you foreigners tell us how to do things it would probably be smarter for you lot to sort out your own vaccination mess, right?

  59. Michael

    You Antisemitic dimwit

    What about the thousands of troops and military equipment in South Korea, Japan, Germany, the UK and other NATO countries.

    The UK and NATO get tens of billions of dollars in military aid every year in the form of protection by having American boots on the ground

    Israel’s military assistance it gets from the USA pales into insignificance in comparison to what the UK, Europe, Japan and South Korea receive.

    But only anti-Jewish Antisemites would ignore that point because in their opinion the Jews must always be in the wrong (even if they are very conveniently called Israeli)

    1. Strange that the subject is Israel and you introduce the word ‘Jews’, Richard.

      Suggest that when you read you read more slowly, moving your finger along under the text, mouthing the words if you must..

      US money to Israel far exceeds money to the other countries that you mention.

      The term Arab-Israeli must really spin your mind.

      1. Nice of you to help Michael out in a jam Bellers.

        Explain to him how nobody gives a flying fuck about dependence when you’re getting all your population vaccinated whilst you nutjobs are still arguing over what Tier 4 means.

      2. Dependant on another country this year to jab its citizens. Wonder how an Israeli developed vaccine is coming along.

        1. See above Michael. Bellers will explain it all to you. In sum, good health trumps giving a flying fuck.

  60. Stephen

    Still waiting for you to explain why Rabbi Lord Sacks and his successor are racist according to you

    While you’re at it, I’ve been waiting a few years for you to explain why in your opinion Israel is a ‘basket case’

    You made the accusations/allegations, so you must have some evidence to qualify your statements

  61. Stephen

    Another example of your wild, evidence free allegations about Israel

    Why is Israel the most dependent country in the world. What evidence and criteria have you used to make such a ridiculous statement, and what methodology did you use in comparing it to other countries.

    Or is this just one more of your attempts at provocation in the perpetual ‘village idiot’ mode.
    If it’s provocation you are attempting, follow Ian’s advice and use Charles’ methods as a template

    1. You’re not seriously recommending that people take the advice of a lonely clown are you?

      You’re puddled.

      1. Vaccinated lonely old clown puuurleeese Michael.

        Not to worry. You should see your little prick some time in August if your crackpot leaders can sort it out.

  62. Yet more proof that the biggest antisemites are Zionists who support the apartheid state.

    Given that most of the founding Zionists were atheists who despised Judaism, it’s no surprise.

    In Washington DC, the mob that stormed the US Capitol were spotted carrying several Israeli flags, while one Trump supporter who breached the Capitol wore a “Camp Auschwitz” jacket.
    Who’d wear something like that?

    Zios and antisemites are like fish & chips.

            1. Ken, to call you a dirty, filthy, JINO sack of ? is being kind.

              Now if you excuse me, I have to pray ✡️?✡️

                1. Don’t hate ‘Jews’. But not too struck on the sh*tty ones I’ve encountered on here, yourself included of course.

                  1. Muck’s Vainglorious Credo: When Muck is a complete asshole and remarkably stupid and monomaniacal, Muck reserves the right to be angry that people aren’t supporting his behavior, because he thinks screaming Jeremy Corbyn’s name while masturbating and pretending to care about Hitler’s non-Jewish victims (a list that he attaches Russian soldiers to, because Muck is that kind of a sick fuck) should earn him fans amongst commentators who aren’t as cultured as Muck.
                    Alternate Credo: The Worst of Muck Brings Out The Best of People Who Unlike Muck Have Talent. Kisses.

                    1. Thankyou for your opinion, mr. anonymous.

                      You have obviously misunderstood my posts.

                      Please read more carefully in the future.

  63. Poor Michael; the dancer on the end of the chorus line crying, “Look at me. I’m the only one in step”.

    1. Michael thinks he is hiding his overt racism towards the Jewish race….

      Michael thinks his postings here are just misunderstood…but we understand them perfectly…..

      Michael thinks he is clever but the truth is that he is not very bright….

      He is also a bit of a c@nt….

      Be smart and don’t be like Michael….

      That is all…..


      1. Nothing to hide, Dobby. Your neurosis will spot anything that really doesn’t exist.

        Get well soon.

        1. Keep deluding yourself into believing that you have successfully hidden what you really are….for the sake of your mental health it’s probably for the best….



  64. Nice article and thank you for writing it. It goes to show how centralization of knowledge in a single website can be so dangerous. There are several independent wiki encyclopedias but none of them come close to Wikipedia in popularity. Anyone concerned about a biased Wikipedia article should publish their preferred version on WIkipedia, and also on alternative wikis. Writing clear, referenced, fact-based articles is the hard part. Support knowledge diversity and publish everywhere you can.

      1. Just spotted todays twitter performance Michael. Honestly, the way you write and the things you say, there are times when it looks like you’re actually on the pro-Jew, pro-Zio side.

          1. Sharmuta, Your Right-Wing Grand Mooooooooooooofti mohammed Amin al-Husseini

            was an ally of Right-Wing national SOCIALIST SHlTler.

            So too are…

            HAM-ASS is Right-Wing.
            Hez-ebola is Right-Wing.
            Fascist Iran is Right-Wing.
            Fascist Syria is Right-Wing.
            Al Qada is Right-Wing.
            ISIS is Right-Wing.
            Taliban is Right-Wing.
            Muslim Brotherhood is Right-Wing.
            Boko Haram is Right-Wing.
            Wahabbism is Right-Wing.
            Salifism is Right-Wing.
            Al Shabab is Right-Wing.

            Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

            Happy Nakba!


  65. Listen trolls. For the next thread let’s try something different. Nobody gets anything from 400+ comments in a thread. Your slogans become pointless in a sea of your own turgid repetitions and the tepid provocations are lost after the 200th insipid “yeah but apartheid Israel” poke. Even the dibbles with shithousery and the baited lines go un-nibbled and so become entirely self serving.

    So here’s the suggestion. When DC puts up his next article, lets agree on two posts each. They can be as slogany, provocative or shithousy as you like. No copy/paste is too irrelevant and no grudge too personal. Literally anything goes but once they’re posted, that’s that and we can all get on with real things that we actually care about knowing that we have filled our quotas. You lot can wait for your vaccines. I can stop taking the piss out of internet strangers and we’ll all have more time to live our lives.

    Sound good?

  66. Ready for a guffaw Wed or Thursday.

    How much gelt can you extract out of antisemitism?

            1. You wouldn’t know what truth is if it jumped up and f@cked you up the arse….


              With all due respect…


        1. There you go Michael. Now, a cooperative plan like the one suggested below would mean that Ed would get 2 posts that may or may not be used to say Nakba and you would also get 2 that may or may not be used to paste your customary slogan.

          Parity would be achieved and you both may decide not to waste your 2 slots on crappy posts and in your case use them instead for something more provocative and effective.

          There’s also a chance that your stuff will be more visible outside the current forest of auto-responses and repetitions that nobody reads.

          Are you in ?

      1. DeadHead Ed, (we KNOW you’re a moron)

        Please read Mr Farmer’s comment.

        Zionism is the disease, Palestine is the cure.

            1. Spooky….


              It’s almost like “Kosher Fone F@cktard” and “Farmgirl” are one and the same person….


  67. So trolls, what did you think of the deal of the century above ?

    Two posts each on the next article, then we’re done. You can go first, last or wherever you want but the quota is the quota. You can use the slots to repeat slogans, copy/paste any old shouty yid from your archive, try some light provocation, pretend to be the Pope or just “use any stick you can find to beat the Jew over the head” There are no boundaries other than your imagination.

    Same rules apply to the resident Jew/Zio contributors.

    DC may have to police it a bit to check that there’s no funny business but it seems that everyone wins. You trolls get far more exposure and visibility rather than being lost in your own eternal repetitions and we Jews/Zios get to be kinder and gentler. Everyone gets more time to live their real lives.

    Seems sensible, right? Who’s in?

    1. Yes Michael and in my suggestion above you wouldn’t waste a post on this sort of unattributed, decontextualised soundbite at the end of a 400+ comment thread.

      At the moment this can only be for your own self gratification given that nobody other than idiots like us would spend 10 minutes physically scrolling down to the end….and none of us could give a monkeys about your posts.

      So why not consider the 2 Post limit along with everyone else here. If it was guaranteed to be legit and properly policed it has to be better for your own comments and the public visibility of them, right ?

      1. No response to this from either trolls or normals. Wonder what DC thinks.

        It may skew his SEO ratings having far less engagement but he may see it as a way to encourage contributors to think about the content of their submissions a little more if they know they only get 2 bites. Would Michael use the 2 posts just to repeat Nakba slogan? Would that Bruce knoblet use his on his “I am a Rabbi, seriously…” shtick? Would Bellers waste his on a 2006 copy/paste of some long dead loon? Who knows?

        It would certainly make for an interesting experiment into troll behaviours and I still think that you have more to gain than to lose if we all face the same restrictions.

        Come on. Let’s do it !

  68. Probably the best suggestion of the year so far

    Trying to talk and debate with the human form of a brainless brick wall becomes rather boring after a while

  69. Ask two Jews their opinions, you get three answers.

    Trust me I’m a Rabbi.

    1. ImaM, You’re as much as a Rabbi

      as you are the Prophet Moooohammed eating a ham sandwich in Mecca.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  70. Please say a prayer for the brave freedom fighters of Hamas.

    1. You see ! You wouldn’t waste one of your two posts on crappy content like this if we went with the 2 Slot Solution (2SS) suggested above. You’d have the opportunity to place something much more provocative in a really prominent position, visible to far more readers – if such a group actually exists and really try to get a rise out of them.

      So DC. What do you think about the 2 Slot Solution ? I think it’s worth trialling, perhaps for one article and see how it impacts on the posts that appear. It feels democratic, reasonable and offers equal exposure to the trolls and the normals to manage as they see fit.

      So far, me and Ken are in the YES camp (not that kind of camp Michael), Surprisingly, the trolls have been reluctant to respond. I guess that the chair casts the final vote.

  71. יוסף חדאד – Yoseph Haddad
    Hi @CNN ?‍♂️

    I’m Yoseph, an Israeli Arab. I checked the definition of apartheid and you seem to be confused by the propaganda of this political org.

    Israeli Arabs like me have full equal rights and live, learn, work, and play together. Take it from me, I live it. Stop lying.


    Hi, Yoseph. As an Israeli Arab you are a second-class citizen of Israel.

    You don’t have self-determination and statehood like your Jewish neighbours.

    You aren’t mentioned in the national anthem like your Jewish neighbours.

    You’ve fallen for the Hasbara, Arab-Israeli.

    p.s. Apartheid is Apartness. You live in a pro-Jewish state.

    1. This is good Michael and such a pity that it will be completely lost in 428 other posts, mostly your own slogan repetitions. Imagine if you had used one of your slots in the abovementioned “2SS” to post this. It could have gained far more prominence at the top of the thread and you would have been able to make a much stronger point. Now it will just be scrolled past by two or three other idiots here.

      Shame for you as you rarely get a chance to deploy your deep knowledge of Israeli Jews and Arabs to tell an Israeli Arab how he should be thinking from your home several thousand miles away from his in Israel. This could have been a much more powerful statement under the suggested “2SS”. I’d have thought that on those terms you’d have been dead keen to support it.

      Are you in?

    2. Joseph lives in a Jewish state…along with around 2m Arab Israelis with full and equal rights as citizens….

      Here is the Israeli flag ??

      There’s a big clue in it which tells you what kind of a state Israel is…

      Joseph is happy to live in Israel every as a non Jew with full and equal rights as an Israeli citizen….

      This is the Union Jack ??

      There’s a big clue in this flag as to what kind of a state the UK is….

      As a Jew I don’t have any self determination in the UK as a minority….

      It does not bother me that Christmas and Easter are declared public holidays but Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanna are not….

      As I UK citizen I get to vote in elections and have full and equal rights as a UK citizen just like Joseph does in Israel….

      As a Jew I’m happy to live in what is and what has always been a Christian country….


  72. I have posted a comment that “is awaiting moderation.”.

    How long will that process take?

    1. Who knows Michael. You only say 4 things so I doubt it will be anything new to trouble the management.

      This will be the benefit of the suggested “2 Slot Solution” above. It will challenge you to use your posts more thoughtfully for greater visibility and impact. You’ll probably be able to be much more provocative and far less lazy as turgid repetition will be even more pointless.

      Doesn’t this feel more like what you signed up to this activism lark for ?

  73. Ian, the rest of the world doesn’t operate like your beloved dirty, JINO, racist, neo-nazi apartheid state.

    Stop trying to stifle the open and free exchange of ideas and opinions

    1. Quite the opposite your eminence.

      I’d have thought you’d have been very keen to support the “2SS”. You could use your 2 slots to post some really meaty 5 scrollers filled with attempted provocations, stories from Cleric Land and any number of slogans that incorporate the words, “apartheid, genocide, ZioNazi” and all that stuff. There will be no stifling or restriction on your content other than the number of slots and in that case we will all be subject to the same rule. Whether you used both slots to plagiarise and copy/paste Michael’s Nakba slogan is entirely down to you.

      I will only be able to take the piss out of you twice and then I’m done too. Although it is likely that I’d use my slots more imaginatively.

      You have to agree that it doesn’t get any fairer than that.

      So, are you in ?

  74. The JINO imposing themselves on others. Sound familiar? Must be a Zio thing.

    1. I think you’ll agree that if everyone gets the same deal then the only advantage that can be gained will come from individual intelligence.

      In your case that will be used to write more imaginative and provocative content to get a rise out of the damper diaspora yids. Obviously you’ll need to rethink the daft “Honest, I’m a Rabbi” routine. But if you’re as smart as you think you are, you may come up with something.

      Question is, are you up to it?

  75. Dear friends and online congregants

    Some good news.

    American Israel apartheid-lover, notorious JINO and Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson turned into a good Zionist.

    Let us pray to Hashem for his speedy delivery to hell to join other good Zionists.


      1. Sheldon was a legend….

        Did more good for the Jewish people in one day than Kosher Fone F@cktard could ever managed to do in an entire lifetime…

        Rest in peace….

          1. All Jews of course…d1ckhead


            Now tell me all about the UK being an apartheid state because it has a cross in it’s flag ?? and only Christian holy days are public holidays….and only Christians get to self determine…..?


            1. “only Christians get to self determine…..?”

              Is that what your mind holds? Doesn’t Dobby get get to self-determine his life? Isn’t Dobby a part of the UK?

        1. That fucking JINO Sheldon (and now a good Zionist) owned a casino ?

          Motivation for gambling is to Covet and Violates the 10th Commandment. ✡️

          That’s why Sheldon’s a JINO.

          Enjoy! ?

    1. Hashem, please look after your son Dick “Licker” Galber’s mental health and grant him your blessings to heal quickly and make a complete recovery so he could rejoin the human race.


      1. Okay, so I can see why you would struggle with the 2 Slot Solution suggested above. You’d have to rethink these sorts of posts in favour of something provocative and effective. Pity. I think the option presents a real opportunity for you and your team to have a real go at winding up Jews in a much more visible way.

        Give it some thought.

        1. Seriously Michael ! A fortnight of posting on this thread and you’re reduced to trying to get the last word in a name calling competition with another contributor after 448 Posts !!!

          Does anyone seriously see this approach as anything more than a silly, self-gratification exercise?

          If you guys want to make a strong point I honestly see the 2 Slot Solution, suggested above as a winner for everyone. Michael’s “Collier’s a liar for money” remarks would be much more visible and prominent, surely a huge attraction. Bellers could really go to town on his shithousery and that Bruce one could have a much more serious stab at being provocative and all visible without having to do half an hour of scrolling through your normal repetitious dross.

          You can can see this is a win-win, right?

  76. Hey – doing research – I need your help..

    Zionist / Pro-Israel thugs. Know any?

    I need names to smear. Please tell me the names of Arab-haters and right-wing Zionists on campus.

    If you don’t want to respond publicly – DM me.

    *Please R/T to share this around*

    also …. send me money.

    1. You should start your own blog FG…

      I’m sure it would appeal greatly to Jewish Holocaust deniers and haters of Jewish poetry but especially to people who demand a higher standard of behaviour from the world’s only Jewish state whilst simultaneously accepting a lower standard of behaviour from every other country?


      I’m sure it would be a big hit FG….


        1. Not unless you think it’s okay to colonise/enslave/steal half the world and never give much of it back to it’s rightful indigenous owners?


  77. Hmmm looks like the 2 slot solution might have to be put on hold. David is struggling a bit with his next post

    Hey – doing research – I need your help..

    Anti-Zionist / Antisemitic academics. Know any?

    I need names. Please tell me the names of haters on campus.

    1. Seriously Bellers, the 2SS should be right up your street. You’re always keen to get the first poke in and this suggestion plays nicely with your general tactics. Obviously you’ll have to rethink the copy/paste tactic but the quality of the shithousery should improve as you become more focused. Also, less to worry about from your team mates. Their daft slogans have become so repetitious that the old boobys end up blocking each other and they end up looking like an even bigger pair of muppets.

      Honestly, there was an instance where Michael and that Bruce knob featured in 5 sequential comments where each of them posted that same Nakba slogan one after the other. Hardly the level of pokery and provocation that you can be after.

      I’ll commit to two comments per thread and be happy to be blocked by DC afterwards. Will you?

      1. Its a bit premature, David is struggling with his next post.

        Time enough for deciding, when the deed is done

        As for being blocked by David, you will not be surprised to learn, I couldn’t give a flying fuck

        1. There you go Bellers. I knew you’d come round to the idea.

          Imagine how powerful and provocative your statements of not-arsedness would appear if uncluttered by the customary sea of repetitious slogans and other dross that your team mates post here.

          This will also be a real win for your not-giving-a-flying-fuckedness too.

          Good decision !

          As Bellers is in, I’m definitely in.

    2. Danger here of lonely Brit in Israel Ian having much less opportunity to be the blog clown.

      Cutting his own throat there.

      So, David’s stuck.

      Still, there’s always Mother Teresa for David to wite a smearing blog on … or Nelson Mandela.

      1. Michael, please !! Fully vaccinated, lonely Brit in Israel if you please. It fully covers me for blood infections after throat cutting, thank you very much.

        I hear that you lot are getting jabbed with some back stairs home brew with a very short shelf life that they’re calling “Hancock’s half Hour” Good luck with that !

        Now about the 2 Slot Solution. Have you seen this for the win it could be for you yet ?

  78. Stephen

    What a mindlessly stupid ‘village idiot’ type comment

    When a person researches something they seek the widest possible source of information, often by requesting leads and sources on social media. When they have the information they will
    then sift and check for relevance.

    I would assume that you do research in such a manner; or do stand in front of a brick wall and make up your own opinions (which is the realm of the Michael Farmer and the pretend rabbi Brucie Levy, where facts and truth are an unnecessary obstacle to their opinions and ideas, and the revision of history to suit their own narrative is a given)

    1. Hey Dick “Licker” Galber, I’ll take it from who it comes.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go to Chief Rabbi Dreck’s birthday celebration ✡️?✡️?

      1. ImaM Oron, you’ll take it from the hairy guys in row behind you – and behind them too.

        Happy Nakba!

  79. Ian

    The two slot idea is wonderful.

    Can’t see either of the current anti-Jewish Antisemites (the Farmer and the pretend rabbi) going for it because they need to post to fill their empty, pointless lives (otherwise why would they post such inanities as they do)

    1. “inanities” being things your limited mind cannot process.

      You and Ian would be lost without posting on here. Poor dears.

      1. So, what’s it to be Michael, silly remarks and excuses or straightforward opt-in ?

        I’m definitely in. Given what you have to gain, why wouldn’t you be ?

        1. This isn’t going to work for FG and the fake rabbi for one simple reason….they can’t count to 2….


          1. Maybe we should just try it as an experiment anyway. All it will take is the nod from DC and his willingness to police it, blocking anything after 2 posts. If he’s up for this and keen to see how this plays out in the next thread, then we should do it.

            Whaddya say DC?

  80. Ian’s suggestion has a mega flaw. Let’s say there are 3 trolls. Troll A, troll B and troll C. Troll A, recognising that Ian, being Israeli, has the widely recognised Israeli virtue of being a man of his word, truthful and honest to a fault. He can be trusted, and relied upon to honour any agreement. The living proof is that they keepe electing Bibi. As I never tire of pointing to these ludicrous bores that call themselves ” liberal Zionists” , ” Bibi understands Israelis way better than you do”.

    However, trolls B and C, say ” no fuck off “.

    So Ian, having made an agreement , will feel honour bound to stick to it. That is, he has to stick to two comments. Trolls B and C , not being party to any agreement can have 400 each. Or more

    1. Bellers the suggestion is as flawless as my lovely Mediterranean complexion. It will only activate if it is policed. That will be down to DC, who will block everything after the second comment for every contributor, troll and normal alike. Sounds like a ball-ache and for this reason I doubt he’ll have time to try it. But it is definitely worth everyones while.

      You are a case in point. Look how hard you worked to get the Bibi crack into a post about posts. It’s this sort of imagination that should be encouraged with the others. They have only ever said 4 things, all of which could fit into a single sentence, so the question is only how often they want to say them in each article.

      Fully endorse your Bibi comments by the way. You are both seasoned shithouses and I wouldn’t trust either of you with the kiddies milk money.

        1. Focus grouping Bellers, for my own interest. It just breaks up the tedium after 470+ posts.

          I’m with you though and couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens.

  81. So, Fagin calls on his urchins to help him steal the reputations and livelihoods of those who care not for the racism and abuse of Zionism.

    A foul enterprise.

    1. Now, you could have used one of your two posts to build out this Fagin caricature that you’ve introduced above Michael, perhaps with an illustration attached with all of the customary features. That would have been a very provocative comment and quite instructive.

      Have you warmed to the idea. I think it will happen.

      1. Ian the ?, it’s all too easy to imagine your kind as that character as Michael described.

        No if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

        Shabbat shalom.

        1. No, not provocative. Would you waste one of your two slots posting weak content like that? I doubt it.

          The 2SS makes sense and forces you, your troll team mates and the normals to take this more seriously.

          1. Your proposal should be thrown into the furnace and incinerated.

            1. ImaM Oron, You’ll end up like Snake Yassin – a Hellfire missile up your Nakba.

              Happy Nakba! 🙂

            2. And this Bishop, is the challenge for you and everyone else with the suggested 2SS. Would you use up a slot on that sort of weak comment or would you up your game and try something really provocative and get much more prominence? Do you have the courage to try?

  82. Collier tweets –

    David Collier
    Israel ?? have now vaccinated 25% –
    1in every 4 of their citizens – with the first dose.


    Truly stunning.

    Stunning indeed that . Strange that Ian claims to have had his second vaccination when he posted…’ ” ..Fully vaccinated, lonely Brit in Israel”.

    Wouldn’t be lying would he?


    1. Bless you Michael. We’ve already given nearly 195,000 of our citizens the 2nd jab. They’re 3 weeks apart, not 3 months like in your chaotic shithole country.

      Don’t panic. Your time may come.

      Now, you wouldn’t have wasted one of your two slots on crappy content like that would you?

    2. Therefore Israel has vaccinated some of its citizens with their second dose while leaving 75% of their citizens without any vaccine at all for the moment.

      Unless David is the liar.

      1. Thanks for your concern for us Michael but really no need. We’re all sorted. You’ve got more than enough to worry about in your own crackpot country. Good luck with that.

  83. David Collier
    Lots of media reports that the Palestinians are intending (hasn’t happened yet) to hold their first elections in 15 years.

    This shows you that the choice to hold or not hold elections has always been theirs.

    They just didn’t want to have any.

    During the last Palestinian election Israel interfered with voting in East Jerusalem and when the Hamas victory was announced Israel and the Quartet imposed sanctions on the enclave.

    What’s the use of elections if Israel punishes the people for the result?

    1. Ahaa! So you don’t want to support the suggested 2 Slot Solution because it will restrict you from re-posting all of Colliers tweets, Michael ?

      Be honest with yourself. You only ever say 4 things and they can easily be condensed into a single post and that’s job over for the thread. Everyone will be able to read loud and clear that in your opinion, Collier’s a liar for money, Israel was built by terrorists and is unnecessary, Jews are counterfeit human beings and the mention of the word Nakba reminds you of the UK Conservative Party.

      So what your opposition boils down to is just restriction on your personal freedom to be repetitive?

      You’re not seeing clearly. You still have the freedom to say “Nakba, that reminds me…” 100 times in the same slot if you chose to. I’m sure that would be every bit as effective as your current efforts.

      Equally that Bruce knob can use the two slots to pretend to be a Rabbi, a gas fitter, a dentist, a train driver or anything else that takes his fancy and use the words “apartheid, ZioNazi, genocide” or anything that is calculated to get a rise out of the yid readership a million times and right up at the top of the thread.

      This is a gift horse for you lot and you’re looking it straight in the mouth.

  84. Collier’s BS about apartheid Israel is a laughable and tragic lie. Those dirty Zio JINO’s stoop to new lows. Read on…

    Israel has been praised for launching an aggressive coronavirus vaccination drive. There’s just one problem: they’re excluding Palestinians in occupied territories.

    On the first day of the new year, Bloomberg ran an opinion article by Daniel Gordis — senior vice president at Jerusalem’s Shalem College — titled “Vaccination Miracle Brings Israel Back to Its Roots.”

    The “miracle” in question refers to Israel’s aggressive coronavirus vaccination drive, thanks to which it currently leads the world in per-capita vaccinations. And while Israel’s literal “roots” lie in the uprooting and slaughter of Palestinians, Gordis prefers a more mythological version of the Israeli past: “early socialist roots” that cultivated a “sense of social cohesion [and] shared destiny,” a nation that saw itself “as a family” and that knew “how to come together when facing a mortal enemy.”

    Gordis was able to get his own personal “Israel of yesteryear” fix at the sports arena in Jerusalem where he was administered the vaccine: “[A]s I looked at the eyes of other people waiting, their faces hidden behind their masks, I could tell that I was not the only one overwhelmed by a profound sense of gratitude for being part of this country.” The old Israel was also embodied by the “small army of nurses and medical techs injecting one person after another with utter efficiency.”

    Efficient or not, the vaccination campaign has only underscored Israel’s roots in Palestinian oppression: the nearly 5 million Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip are being criminally excluded from the program. As Amnesty International notes, Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention requires occupying powers to ensure and maintain “the medical and hospital establishments and services, public health and hygiene in the occupied territory, with particular reference to the adoption and application of the prophylactic and preventive measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics.”

    Not that Israel has ever done much for Palestinian medical establishments and services. Along with bombing hospitals, ambulances, and medical personnel, Israel has imposed a crippling blockade of Gaza for the last thirteen years that prevents the import of necessary medical equipment and supplies. Even before the pandemic, the coastal enclave’s health care system was already on the verge of collapse. The Israelis invoke the Oslo Accords in claiming that the Palestinians are responsible for sorting out their own vaccines, but this is kind of like cutting off a person’s legs and then telling them to jump rope.

    According to the British Independent, Israel rebuffed an “informal plea” from the World Health Organization (WHO) to help vaccinate Palestinian health workers, almost eight thousand of whom have been stricken with COVID-19. The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reports that Israel has purchased 8 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, 6 million of the Moderna variant, and 10 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca iteration. (Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s need to rehabilitate his tainted image ahead of Israel’s upcoming elections probably has something to do with the mad scramble.)

    It’s hardly shocking, in this charmingly capitalist world, that rich countries are getting vaccines while poor countries are getting screwed. It nonetheless does a number on one’s gag reflex to read that Israel is vaccinating illegal Jewish settlers “deep inside the West Bank” while 2.7 million West Bank Palestinians are condemned to an indefinite state of insecurity (or, rather, a state of even greater insecurity than when Israel was simply killing and maiming them and bulldozing their houses).

    The WHO puts the total number of coronavirus cases in the occupied Palestinian territories at more than 160,000, with over 1,700 deaths. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the diminutive territory accounts for nearly 47,000 of the cases and more than 460 of the fatalities.

    Often described as the “world’s largest open-air prison,” Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on Earth, and the crammed and unsanitary conditions into which Israel has forced the population make it an ideal venue for virus propagation. In early December, as the virus spiraled out of control, and Gaza found itself running out of oxygen, ICU beds, and coronavirus tests — on top of all of the usual blockade-related shortages and a frequent lack of electricity — a senior health ministry official declared it the “worst health care crisis that we have ever faced.”

    The WHO-led COVAX program has pledged to assist the Palestinians in vaccinating a portion of their population; however, it’s not clear at what point in the distant future this might realistically take place. It seems it would be in Israel’s own self-interest to provide vaccines to the Palestinians, given that tens of thousands of them, you know, work in Israel.

    But, of course, Israeli officials have often found it politically expedient to portray the Palestinians as disease personified, and the coronavirus era has already provided Israel with loads of exciting opportunities to perfect its surveillance state capabilities and trample on civil liberties. For example, the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, was tasked with “hunting down” persons suspected of exposure to COVID-19 using counterterrorism measures and technology.

    Near the end of his Bloomberg drivel, Gordis recounts a heartwarming coronavirus tale about an Arab physician from the Galilee who told Gordis’s friend the following: “Usually, when Israel goes to war, we’re not in the army, we can’t help. But this time, Israel went to war again, and we Arabs got to be soldiers, too!” The Bloomberg reader is left to conclude that Israeli Arabs are entirely content to be second-class citizens of Israel, except when it means they can’t help Israel kill their fellow Arabs.

    There’s no denying it: Israel’s war on coronavirus is also a war on the Palestinians. And there’s nothing whatsoever miraculous about coronapartheid.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to conduct a teleRabbi session on Zoom.


  85. Your regular reminder that Israel is an apartheid state.

    1. There you go Bishop. You’ve just proven the value of the 2 Slot Solution suggested above.

      You’ll be free to post a long 4 – scroller like this or a post of any length and have it appear much earlier in the comments section for improved visibility rather than as a 500th post that nobody will ever read. I’m sure the new system will meet all your expectations and achieve for you no less than your current endeavours.

      Also, don’t worry about missing out on the vaccine. Your time will probably come.

          1. Step off the HMS Shithouse for a sec Bellers and check out the rule. The game only works if DC polices it. If not then it’s back to the 500 post tedium.

            It goes like this; you dash here to get your first slot up at the top of the thread as per; some wanky question about one of those old florid faced yids you hate, follow it up with some copy/paste from 2004 and then try to make a 3rd post with one of your slogans about Zios – this last one should be blocked. Same goes for me. My first two piss-takes of you and/or Michael will be posted but any attempt at a third will be blocked.

            This will keep the game straight and ensure that we avoid one of your legendary faux-flounces.

            Simple, right?

    2. If Israel ?? is an apartheid state then so is the UK ??

      They either both are or neither of them are….


      1. ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the UK is unique to all but the Jewish people.’

        Yeah, heard that in the UK. Is it true, Ken?

        1. In order to excercise self determination in a democracy like the UK your religious/ethnic group would need to be in the majority….


          Have you really not worked that one out yet FG?


          1. If one eskimo gained UK citizenship what couldn’t he do that a Christian citizen could do, Dobby?

              1. Be a member of the state and have self-determination, which he would also have in the UK. alongside all the other UK citizens.

                1. Well that would depend on whether he was a Christian Eskimo or a Jewish Eskimo or indeed a Muslim Eskimo?

                  Wouldn’t it?

                  You don’t understand what self determination actually is do you?



                  1. Suggest that Dobby explains what self-determination means to Dobby.

                    All are equally UK citizens All have statehood.

            1. If Michael thinks that the language of Israel is Israeli, that says all you need to know about Michael’s knowledge of …well, just about anything.

              1. FG doesn’t understand that the dear old UK that he lives in as as much an apartheid state as Israel is…

                Those of us who live here who are members of one of the minority faiths know that we will never be able to self determine in line with our religious beliefs. However we are happy to live here and self determine as UK citizens…

                And this is exactly what happens in Israel…


                So if Israel is an apartheid state then so is the UK…

                Glad we got there in the end….


  86. Jewish Chronicle – “Survey finds 45% of UK adults hold antisemitic views

    11 per cent of respondents stated they believe Jews have “too much power” in the media, and 8 per cent agreed “Jewish people talk about the Holocaust just to further their political agenda”.”

    Why on earth is having that opinion ‘antisemitic’? It’s an observation.

  87. Is the UK ?? apartheid state?

    Big cross in it’s flag….

    Only Christian holy days are public holidays…

    Total lack of non Christian places of worship in most of the country…

    Total lack of non Christian faith schools in most of the country….

    Total lack of availability of kosher and halal meat in most of the country….

    Never really thought about it that way before but I suppose if Israel is an apartheid state then the UK must be too…?

    Ah well…..never mind….

  88. Well, Dobby, truth is that 2,771 UK schools have NO religious character. Not Christian, not Jewish, not Sikh and not Muslim.

    There are 322 Roman Catholic and 209 Church of England schools, 12 Jewish, 4 Muslim.

    Of course any religion can attend any of the 2,771 schools.

    The only “Total lack” is within your mind. If it was an apartheid state Jews would not be able to attend any non-Jewish schools.

    0.5 % of the UK is Jewish and have 0.4% of the schools. You’re an idiot.

    1. Only 12 Jewish faith schools in the whole of the UK?

      Only 60 Muslim faith schools in the whole of the UK?


      So…..this means that Jewish and Muslim families and families of other faiths are being forced to live in specific areas of the UK should they want their children to attend a faith school ??

      Sure sounds like apartheid to me…..


      This is what I meant by “total lack” you illiterate f@ckwit….


        1. You are the one in favour of ghettoising the non Christian population of the UK….

          You are much much more than an idiot FG….


          1. Not like the Jewish community to want to live apart from other ethnicities following only their own laws and customs, is it Dobby?

            1. Ah ok…

              So you are in FAVOUR of religious apartheid (apartness) in the UK because you think that’s how ALL non Christians (not just Jews) actually want to live?


              Got ya…..!


              P.S. Bit of a c@nt aren’t you Farmgirl?


  89. From wiki (ironically!) –

    “The two main providers of faith schools in England are the Church of England and the Catholic Education Service. In 2011, about one third of the 20,000 state funded schools in England were faith schools, approximately 7,000 in total, of which 68% were Church of England schools and 30% were Roman Catholic…..”

    So your figures are ever so slightly off there FG…..!!

    Who is the idiot ??????

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