The antisemites and their defenders

The obsessions of Antisemites Most people do not understand antisemitism at all. The question “what did he say that was antisemitic” is one almost immediately encountered when challenging antisemites. But antisemitism is not just about individual acts – anti-Jewish hatred is a mindset. The antisemite carries a grossly distorted view of how things work. To an antisemite the world would be much better if only … Continue reading The antisemites and their defenders

This is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh

Yesterday, the NYT published the findings of its investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh. They found that an Israeli soldier probably fired the shot that killed her. Last month I wrote an article about the rancid CNN investigation into the same incident which even disgracefully claimed Israel shot her deliberately. The Washington Post also ran an investigation into the killing. So did Bellingcat. … Continue reading This is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh

CNN find their ‘Dancing Israelis’

Two days ago CNN produced a report that claimed that Israel deliberately targeted Shireen Abu Akleh, the Al Jazeera journalist. The facts themselves are very simple and you won’t find many of them in the CNN report. Given everything we know about the events – and what we do not – we cannot know for sure who fired the shot. It is not about denial. … Continue reading CNN find their ‘Dancing Israelis’


Amnesty and the left wing media, finally spill the truth

Maybe we need to be thankful to the media and organisations such as Amnesty International, that in their rush to demonise Israel, they sometimes inadvertently expose the truth. Here is the story. The media and the biggest demolition of the decade Last week *MANY* of the major news networks ran headlines about ‘the biggest demolition in a decade‘. Predictably, obsessive NGOs who spend their time … Continue reading Amnesty and the left wing media, finally spill the truth