This is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh

Yesterday, the NYT published the findings of its investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh. They found that an Israeli soldier probably fired the shot that killed her. Last month I wrote an article about the rancid CNN investigation into the same incident which even disgracefully claimed Israel shot her deliberately. The Washington Post also ran an investigation into the killing. So did Bellingcat.

All of the basic truths remain the same. None of these reports have included a forensic analysis of the actual bullet that killed the journalist. Why? Because the Palestinians do not want this to take place.

For now, the Palestinians are milking a perfect scenario. Everyone is blaming Israel anyway, and the story is dragging out month after month. Eventually, if the Palestinians are confident an Israeli soldier did fire the shot, they may even produce the bullet for inspection – thus ‘proving’ Israel did it and creating a whole new round of ‘we were right’ stories in the international media. Of course, if the Palestinians have any doubt at all over what really happened, they wouldn’t dare risk the fall-out.

An Israeli soldier may have shot her. These things can and do happen in areas of conflict. That isn’t the point. The issue remains that Israel cannot know for sure, so is being held hostage by Palestinians who benefit from the very information void that they have created.

On the one side we have major media outlets scrambling to produce endless reports about the killing, on the other Jews are left able to do nothing but point to the weaknesses in all these investigations.

Jews are always left fighting a desperate corner, rather than pointing out the blatant discrimination that placed them there.

Because this is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh. The real question is why are we seeing an endless stream of pointless dead-end investigations into this incident? This irrational obsession that surrounds her death is rooted in exceptionalism, discrimination, blatant bias and antisemitism. To highlight this I just want you to meet some people you probably have never – and will never – hear about:

Ricardo Alcides Avila

On May 26th the journalist Ricardo Alcides Avila was traveling from his home in Santa Cruz to his work in Choluteca in Honduras. He was shot in the head. The police put the shooting of the journalist down to a ‘common criminal assault‘. Yet whoever shot him did not touch his money, backpack, keys, phone or motorcycle. The killer, whoever it was, just wanted this journalist dead.

He is the fourth journalist killed in Honduras this year. UNESCO condemned the killing and called for an investigation.

Subhash Kumar Mahto

Six days earlier, on May 20th, the journalist Subhash Kumar Mahto was shot when he was returning from a community dinner at his friend’s house along with his father and other relatives. He was killed in the Begusarai district of Bihar in India. It is believed the journalist known for his reporting on local gangs may have been targeted by gunmen as a result of his work. The Committee to Protect Journalists, NUJ, Reporters without Borders and UNESCO have all called for an investigation.

Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff

The Journalist Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff was killed in Ukraine. His story is somewhat different because you may actually of seen his name mentioned – briefly. He was killed on May 30th. The Western press had every reason to obsess about this one (he was white, European and probably killed by the arch-enemy Russia). But they still didn’t. CNN mentioned it for a day and forgot. The NYT mentioned it once as part of their ‘European News’. Al-Jazeera also mentioned it for a day. The Washington Post ran the story for a day. Unsurprisingly, his name does not appear at all on the Bellingcat website. UNESCO called for an investigation into his death. France demanded a probe into his death. Not a single one of the outlets that have obsessed over the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh did anything more than yawn.

Francisca Sandoval

The Journalist Francisca Sandoval was shot on May1st. She lay in critical condition in hospital for 10 days before succumbing to her wounds. Sandoval was murdered. During a protest a group of men opened fire after a standoff with marchers and a bullet pierced Sandoval’s visor. The NYT do not even seem to have covered her killing. Nor do the Washington Post. CNN covered it in a single article on the violence, several weeks after her death. The rest of the English speaking press as a whole have long forgotten this killing. UNESCO called for an investigation.

Fighting racism is not whataboutery

Pointing at other incidents to highlight obsession and racism is not whataboutery – it is the very basis of almost *every* argument about racism. Anti-Jewish hatred and all forms of racism carry discrimination in their veins.

Why is the black child the only child being picked on? Pointing at other rowdy, misbehaving children that remain unpunished is not whataboutery. In fact the accusation of ‘whataboutery’ is often the last, desperate defence of the racist. They use it because there is no reason – no explanation – beyond the racism itself – for their actions – and they have simply no other defence.


Outside of family friends and those directly involved in the stories above, nobody on the planet remembers any of these names. Shireen Abu Akleh will be remembered forever. Just like Rachel Corrie and Muhammad al-Durrah.

Why? Why did the tragic shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh have so many mainstream media outlets in the US scrambling to spend untold resources on an investigation that they could never find an actual answer to?

A killing of a journalist covering conflict, however tragic, is not an unusual event.  These outlets sought to milk an opportunity to demonise Israel. To have the Jews painted as killers – over and above all others. Part of a growing atmosphere of antisemitism that is spreading throughout the west. It is why you will remember the name Shireen Abu Akleh forever. There will even be annual campaigns to remind you.

That media obsession is the one true thing out of this whole sorry story that seriously needs to be investigated. Because once again, Jews are left fighting a desperate corner, rather than pointing out the blatant discrimination that placed them there.


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35 thoughts on “This is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh

  1. I’m thinking David should be saving some of his income from begging in far right face book groups. He seems to be going down hill fast. Tomorrow is never the same as today. Ain’t that right Ian ?

  2. The problem is that none of those examples are American citizens and these outlets could easily claim that that is the reason for the obsession. It’s similar to how people like AOC blame their fixation on the fact that America gives Israel money despite her position being the same as the rest of the international left who have no such excuse. It’s very easy for them to place the goalposts exactly where it serves there purpose… they may even be convincing themselves.

  3. “This is not an article about Shireen Abu Akleh” Yes it is, and the pathetic attempts by Mr.Collier to introduce as many doubts as possible. The back story of course is that Palestinians are being murdered almost daily by Zionists to suppress all opposition to their apartheid racist State. Shireen is just one of their latest victims.

      1. What a pathetically desperate attempt by Ian Kay to try and dissinvent the Palestinian people!

        Who lived in Palestine before the Zionists decided to colonise that land? It was Arabs and Jews both of whom were Palestinians. There are many references to ‘Palestinians’ by Zionists before and after the start of the Zionist colonisation. Ian Kay, you have taken a lesson from the Nazis, which was; dehumanise a group of people and thereby in your sick mind you have the excuse to murder and torture them.

        Attempting to remove the identity of any group of people so that you can deny their human and civil rights is despicable. Your motives are transparent and disgusting.

        1. Don’t be silly Jack. You and I are both in the bullshit game, but the evidence for this is in the public domain many times over. More than happy to go through their quotes with you line by line and if you keep up your nonsense we can start with the quotes from Arafat’s Romanian handler who helped design the “Palestinian” people. So, go on. Give me some more of your faux angst and we’ll get cracking.

          1. Ha ha, Ian Kay a flat Earther personified.

            “The term “Palestine” first appeared in the 5th century BC when the ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote of a “district of Syria, called Palaistinê” between Phoenicia and Egypt. In ‘The Histories’ Herodotus applied the term to both the coastal and the inland regions such as the Judean mountains and the Jordan Rift Valley”

            But enough of historical facts, Ian Kay is a blinkered bigot who, in the words of Carl Sagan cannot accept that he has been bamboozled, lest his tiny world collapses.

            Ian, you do not accept that Palestinians are a ‘people’ so is that the reason you accept uncritically, their murder by Zionists?

            1. Jack shiT, you Dumb Fascist Pig,

              Here is a link to a Youtube of a Newsreel documenting a sit-down meeting between your Eurotrash Nazi Socialist SHlTler and his ally,

              the Sand Nazi Islamofascist Grand Moooofti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini .

              Happy Nakba to ALL!


            2. Jacques shiT,

              I have as much sympathy for your Fascist Pal-e-SWINE as I have for your National SOCIALIST Fascist Germany.

              Happy Nakba! 🙂

            3. Oh Jack, you poor propagandist. “Ian thinks this. Ian says that.” Irrelevant to our discussion about the invention of a “Palestinian” people in the context in which dolts like you use the term. Let’s stick to facts on public record.

              We’ll start with the words of Zuheir Mohsen (Arabic: زهير محسن)- top PLO member responsible for Damur massacre who, in 1974 said :

              “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”

              Shall we carry on?

  4. Jack T(wat)

    It has been clear to most intelligent folk for some time now that the “Palestinian” plight is a completely bogus one…..

    Bogus because it is 99% self inflicted and therefore completely undeserving of the attention or sympathy of anyone…..

    Your hero Corbyn tried to get himself elected on a pro Palestine ticket…..and look at what happened to him…..


    Ah well…..never mind

    1. Hello Dozy Dobkin. Try as you and your knuckle dragging Zionist mates might, it must be hell for you to know that you will NEVER be able to dissinvent the Palestinian people. They will be around long after Zionism becomes a stain on history.

      1. You write like someone whose IQ and penis size are the same low single digit number. It’s kind of cute honestly.

        1. Hi Ben, true to form, you and other Zionists resort to crude, juvenile comments when they can no longer make any sensible arguments to support their case.

          1. The arguments have already been made, troll. I’m making accurate observations about your stupidity, and extrapolating that you’re not much of a man in any respect. You’ll have to pay for it elsewhere if you want your ass kissed.

      2. Jack shiT,

        Remember this…

        From the River to the Sea,
        Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!

      3. Thanks for exposing your ignorance once again on the pages of this blog Jack T (wat)

        The Kingdom of Israel existed as long ago as 1050BC as the nation state of the Jewish people….

        Whereas no nation state of Palestine has ever existed at any point in history…..ever

        It could have been created (for the first time) in 1947 but the silly sods turned it down….

        If you really think that any future state of Palestine will ultimately replace the current state of Israel as we all know it today – I would love to hear your thoughts on how you think this will actually come about? Given that (patronising lip service aside) there is absolutely zero political will from the international community to make this happen?

        So please share your theory with us Jacky lad….


        I have always enjoyed a good fairytale….


        1. “The Kingdom of Israel existed as long ago as 1050BC as the nation state of the Jewish people….”

          And how long have Zionists been there Dozy?

          1. Since 1050BC Jack T(wat)


            Reading and comprehension not your thing huh?


            Anyway….the Jews have now got their country back….so it’s all good


    1. I couldn’t give a flying fuck one way or the other Stephen. I’m much more interested in taking the piss out of Jack. He’s not much kop at your game is he? Real entry level activist.

      1. Ah come on Ian, you know very well that the only person you are taking the piss out of is yourself, with your foolish comments. But that’s Zionists for you isn’t it! No self awareness – reminds me of that Collier guy.

        1. Still using the “oh look at Ian” diversion Jack. Let’s get back to the invention of a “Palestinian” people that you seem so anxious to dodge. Consider the words of Professor Azmi Bishara an Arab academic from Beirut who said,

          “There is no “Palestinian nation,” The word “Palestine” itself is a colonial invention used by the Romans to erase the Jewish identity of Judea and Israel!”

          Shall we continue?

          1. there has to be someone out there, apart from Ian, that gives a flying fuck about whether there is a Palestinian people . Unfortunately I don’t have the time to find them. I am fully occupied trying to find the fucker that is more boring than Paul McCartney

          2. Yes, happy to continue Ian. Palestinians are those ‘invisible’ people, who the Zionists infesting Palestine, are murdering on a regular basis in an ongoing project to colonise their land.

            1. Palestine?

              If it was ever an independent state then when was it founded and why whom?

              How was it governed and who governed it?

              What religion did it’s citizens follow?

              What was it’s currency?

              What did it’s flag look like?

              Please do tell us….if you can


            2. Oh dear Jack “Palestine is real coz Zios are murdering Palestinians there” is not your strongest card. Let’s be charitable and pretend you didn’t say that and come back to our old friend Zuheir Mohsen, the PLO terrorist who had this to say about being “Palestinian”.

              “In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.”

              Bit more compelling than your stuff, no?

              Shall we continue?

              1. The old ‘Oh dear’ attempt at exasperation doesn’t cut it Ian, nor does making stuff up as per normal Zionist tactics.

                Palestine is a land, with Palestinians living there, as acknowledged by Zionist colonisers from the outset who made it their stated mission to get rid of them. Whether you or Dozy Dobkin accept it is immaterial.

                1. Oh dear Jack. You poor propagandist. Are we to believe a silly person like you or Walid Shoebatt, who was a former PLO terrorist who acknowledged the lie he had been fighting for when he asked,

                  “Why is it that on June 4th, 1967, I went to bed as a Jordanian and woke up as a Palestinian? We considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then, all of a sudden, we were Palestinians.”

                  You seem to think this is made up. I wonder why.

                  Shall we continue?

                  1. Scraping the barrel again Ian. I assume you mean Shoebatt the supporter of Israel who lives in his own Walter Mitty world?

                    Your quarrel is with your fellow Zionists who have already shot you down by acknowledging Palestine and Palestinians.

                    Your argument is obviously nonsense, see you again when Mr Collier writes another load of twisted rubbish, shalom.

                    1. Can’t answer a single one of my questions huh Jackie?

                      Says it all


                      For the record NO country called Palestine has existed at any point in human history


                      And that is all….

                    2. Oh dear Jack. Despite all this publically available material, you are as much a rejectionist as all of the “Palestinians” that were invented decades ago.

                      The purpose of all of my posts is to make you and all the dolts like you aware of the tactics that the Soviets and the Arabs used to manipulate white western morons like you. I’m trying to save you by waking you up to the deceit that you bought into. I can’t help it that your biases are stronger than a will to open your eyes.

                      All the source material is in the public domain (see the link in my first post) and serves to underpin your stupidity and the willingness that you have all had to jump on their train to reinforce your own prejudices. So we’ll let our Casual Reader decide. Do they believe you or do they believe Syrian dictator Hafez Assad (father of the present dictator) who told PLO leader Yasser Arafat,

                      “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria.”

                      Shall we continue?

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