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An open ‘response’ for Asa Winstanley at Electronic Intifada

It seems as though Asa Winstanley at ‘Electronic Intifada’ decided he needed to attack me. A point of recognition that indicates the work you are doing is having an effect. When Mondoweiss dedicated an entire piece to me, I considered it a mark of respect. The Algemeiner J100 recognition was another step up. Now Electronic Intifada? One of the central hate-filled mouthpieces of the entire anti-Israel propaganda campaign? Hey, oh yes, little old me is making a difference.

Yesterday, I received an email. Asa is an Associate editor at EI. An email that has ‘questions for me’. It can be used to shed light into how ‘red-fascism’ and antisemites operate.

This is the email. I have numbered the questions in the order I respond:

Asa Winstanley

1 I start with the vile and libellous notion that I criticised Naomi for her choice of partner. The comments I made are public. This is typical of the type of empty character assassination, behind which fascism hides. I doubt either of them are so galactically stupid as to have innocently misinterpreted my comments, which makes the exchange between them illuminating. Did they acknowledge the distortion as they discussed it, or is it some type of silent agreement of stupidity?

Context: I released a report into the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. What Naomi’s group ‘Free Speech on Israel’ chose to do, was publish a piece attacking me and belittling the antisemitism. Jewish people smoke-screening Holocaust deniers in the name of the ‘cause’ – truly sickening.

This is what I said:

‘Look at Naomi. She is free to do what she wants, as each of us are. She can marry whomever she pleases and hold whatever ideological stance she finds attractive. Naomi Wimborne was free to marry a Muslim, and become Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. She was then free to name their child after the 36th sura of the Koran. I wish her and her family only happiness. But, given her life choices, is Naomi really in a position to talk publicly as if she is representative of British Jewish identity?’

There is no criticism there at all about her partner, nor would there be. This isn’t good enough for Winstanley and Idrissi of course. I have to be smeared as a racist, and after scouring 100,000’s of words on my blog and finding nothing, they need to make something up.

2 The Joan Ryan issue. This publicly exposes Winstanley’s sources as blatant liars. I didn’t spend any time at all there with Joan. As this is indicative of the quality of Winstanley’s sources, we can write off anything he produces.

He approaches Labour Friends of Israel for comment and there is no way they would remember exactly how long I stayed (I imagine they saw me a few times, as I needed to walk past to get to the PSC stall – over the three days, I also stopped a few times to ‘steal’ a pen).

I believe I spoke to Joan for no more time than it took to exchange our names. Maybe a minute, probably less. I may have hung around the stall for five minutes longer. Winstanley doesn’t seem to care though, for him, it is all about lies, smears and guilt by association. Smear me, tie me to Joan, two birds – one stone. An hour? Lol. Liars.

3 A further glimpse at how a disgraceful ‘take down’ of a person’s character works. A question is thrown to Labour Friends of Israel:

‘Given Collier’s horrific long history of making ‘anti-Palestinian’ statements, are you associated with him?’

LFI respond in the negative. They would – we have no connection at all beyond facial recognition and siding with truth and democracy. Except of course the card has been played. LFI are now on record as rejecting association with ‘Collier’ and his long record of anti-Palestinian statements are all ‘of his own’. BANG! Quotable.

Yet nobody has dealt with the central issue. Does Collier have a long history of anti-Palestinian statements? No, he doesn’t. Collier has a problem with antisemites, terrorists, radical Islam, red fascism, historical revisionists, and people like Winstanley, who disgracefully propagate a conflict that should have ended in 1949.

Collier doesn’t have a problem with the people who live in Ramallah, Jericho, or Bethlehem. In fact, Collier spent more time in those cities, working with those that live there, than Winstanley or his warmongering cronies ever will. Collier doesn’t have a problem with any ‘people’, at all. Each of us, all of us, are born equal. Shameful lies.

4 Am I a member of Labour? Winstanley has jumped onto a badly worded article that used the word ‘infiltration’ to describe my joining Labour. People like Winstanley love stuff like this. Conspiratorial. The perfect tie in with Jews. Anyway, it is irrelevant, I am no longer a member. After the disgraceful antisemitism at the conference, the horrific standing ovations that such antisemitism received, and being turned away from the JVL event because of my Zionism, I resigned.

In conclusion there is nothing to the questions but underhand smear tactics. Ava Winstanley works on lies, distortion and guilt by association. He has a fixation with British Jewish Zionists. He once placed a microphone under the nose of Richard Millet and asked ‘where do you get your funding? My own detractors often attack my requests for donations.

He has taken to hiding behind the anti-Zionist Jews, a lot. This the classic communist style antisemitism that places a few token Jews up as an excuse to take on British Jews as a whole.

He even twists antisemitism around on its head: Look at this tweet.

Asa Winstanley

Holocaust Deniers and rabid antisemites didn’t faze him, but suddenly Winstanley becomes the defenders of Jews. The email shows exactly what this animal is like at work. Reliant on sources that lie, deliberate misquotes, character assassination, guilt by association, and so on.

I have those who come to my blog seeking to trip me up and trying to catch me out – will Collier say something, anything that can be twisted around enough to misquote and used to smear him? I am photographed everywhere I go in the hope an image will catch me in the frame with someone considered ‘unacceptable’ – the guilt by association trick, even when there is no association. This is all Winstanley does. Like others in his little posse of haters, it is all about lies, distortion and a fixation with Jews and their money.

The Intifada saw all manner of tactics used to attack the enemy. Electronic Intifada didn’t choose its name by accident.



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