Mondoweiss protecting Jew hate

The unforgivable shame of Mondoweiss. Protecting hatred of Jews

Mondoweiss protecting Jew hateLast month I published a report investigating hard core antisemitism within the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Despite focusing on those pushing Jewish conspiracy tales or Holocaust denial, Mondoweiss, and other anti-Zionist Jewish forces, felt compelled to attack me for it.

The report into antisemitism was clear cut, and I am sure alarm bells rang throughout PSC HQ. Although I have not yet received an official response for saving them time and highlighting bucket loads of antisemitism within their organisation, the PSC can thank me later.

When I compiled the report, I attempted to remove all references to the Israel / Arab conflict and focus on classic antisemitic tropes.  I also sought to ensure that only real activists would be included (impossible to seal hermetically, but I certainly tried).  I tried only to catch serial offenders.

Despite the research receiving wide coverage, there was no public comment from the PSC, or indeed from any of the anti-Israel activists. Privately however, there were some dark days and I received numerous threats. Then, last week, someone called Jonathan Ofir wrote a piece published in Mondoweiss attacking the report. Following this, the UK based group ‘freespeechonisrael’, reposted the piece.  So happy were the Jewish anti-Zionists in the UK, that the URL of their page reads ‘ofir-demolishes-david-collier’. Demolishes? Wow.

This entire response by these anti-Zionist Jews is sickening. Not because of the attack itself, but because of what they felt compelled to protect – hard core, rabid, Jew hatred.

The Mondoweiss gutter attack

The attack on the report is empty. The research is built on three central pillars. Firstly, that the antisemitism exists. Secondly that most of the activists mentioned are connected to the PSC and finally that the concentration levels (of these antisemitic activists) is extraordinarily high. To break down the research academically, you would need to attack those elements or explain the activity and presence some other way.

At no point does Jonathan Ofir do this. In fact, he accepts that the report “catches a whole lot of awful stuff.” He goes on to admit many of the posts are “horrible” and suggests that some of the antisemitism presented “should not be allowed or accepted in any circumstance.” He rounds off by accepting that perhaps the antisemitism “should be looked further into and investigated.” It would be safe to conclude that Jonathan Ofir visibly accepts the underlying logic of pillar number one.

And despite 3500 words and a detailed look at the screenshots, the report wording and my own website, pillars number two and three are never challenged. Ofir’s article in Mondoweiss is the work of an amateur trying too hard. Ofir distorts, he twists and he deflects. He deploys a strategy of ‘shoot the messenger’.

Jonathan Ofir doesn’t seem to know how to critically analyse academic study. Either he is simply incompetent or deflects from malice. As I tend to believe most people act from sincere intention, we will have to settle with incompetence. A long list of straw men are created as he strangely seems motivated to limit the damage the report can do. You cannot help but ask why Jonathan Ofir felt the need to write an article deflecting criticism of hard core antisemites? And then try to understand why Mondoweiss published it?

The random and the personal

So, if the research was not academically attacked, what did Jonathan Ofir write about for 3500 words? He spends the first 1200 words or so, loosely collecting comments I have made, trying to attach me to media sources and ideologies he considers extreme and building arguments built on logical fallacy.

Like almost all my work, my report was originally published on my own website. Ofir chooses to focus on a site that reposted it and introduces it as “an op-ed posted on the religious-nationalist outlet Israel National News”. The classic ‘guilt by association’ opening gambit. When someone does this, and in the very first sentence, you know there is no intention of playing straight.

I am not going to spend much time on these attacks, because it was all so random and ineffective. For whatever reason, he feels the need to describe my logo.  He becomes fixated with suggesting I am biased. He returns to ‘bias’ on three separate occasions. In my own ‘about Me‘ page I say this:

“I found myself a man without many friends. It doesn’t mean I do not have bias, I do. I am 100% a Zionist”

Which he clearly must have read. In fact, he quotes from the paragraph that comment came from. The fixation was pointless. We are all inherently biased. But pretending to prove an empty point whilst having been given that quote on a plate suggests dishonesty or forgetfulness. Once more, in the interest of providing the benefit of the doubt, let us stick with forgetfulness.

Straw man after straw man

antisemitic straw manAnd then there is straw man after straw man. For example he takes this quote:

“Although it claims to be concerned with human rights, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is not a movement of peace, but rather a group that seeks to push Palestinian political ambitions.”

And suggests I state that “seeking to ‘push Palestinian political ambitions’ is simply anathema to peace and human rights”. Ofir goes on to reinforce the point: “He couldn’t be more clear about that.”

Sorry Jonathan, but saying something ‘is not the same as’, does not mean it is ‘opposite to’ or ‘repelled by’. Still. Another straw man created, another 155 words written.

The next argument based on false logic occurs in the very next paragraph when he attacks my comments over anti-Zionist deflections on antisemitism.  I point out that no Zionist is suggesting all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. He has a problem with this but becomes lost in a convoluted and nonsensical argument that I imagine made sense in his head. Remember, as my report set out to disconnect itself from this very discussion, Ofir spends a lot of time trying to divert attention back to the conflict. Needless to say, the image on the left speaks for itself. The anti-Zionist Jews have created a straw man argument and are currently pushing it down the throats of anybody willing to listen.

Eventually Ofir turns his attention to the report. Of over 200 screenshots from the report, Ofir seem to take issue with about seven. Ironically, it is when Jonathan Ofir attempts to attack the posts themselves, that he highlights how little he understands about the research, how artificially he approached his own task, and more worryingly, how blind he is to antisemitism himself.

The hopeful examples of Jonathan Ofir

His begins by criticising a screenshot from page 9 (‘5 Mossad agents’). For whatever reason he has completely ignored the issue of serial offenders, so absurdly spends time arguing over a single post about 9/11 conspiracy. Two adjacent posts show the same activist posting that al Baghdadi is a Mossad agent and that the French shootings are possible false flags “to stifle the growing European sympathy for the Palestinians”. Clutching at straws by suggesting the 9/11 article isn’t as bad as the clearly distorted ‘Mossad agents’ headline suggests, is at best limited thinking, at worst deliberately deceptive.

Next is a comment about a screenshot on page 11, ‘the complete guide to killing non- Jews’. The same issue. On the same page, that activist posted that al Baghdadi is a Mossad agent, and suggested the French attacks are false flags.  But this activist has four example posts, not three, and the last one is about Israel seeking to become a ‘world power’. An article from the website “The Ugly Truth”; a site that loves conspiracy stories and which uses the byline ‘Intelligent anti-Semitism for thinking Gentiles’.

He makes the same rookie error again (surely this all has to be deliberate?) on page 19, where he talks of a post about ‘Greater Israel’. Yet the same activist has four other posts on the same page. One claiming Israel has brought “some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two years in order to harvest their organs”.  The next was that Israel took out the Egyptian flight that crashed, MS804. The final two, I will show in a screenshot. That Mondoweiss can be creating smokescreens over this type of classic Jew hatred is mind numbing

mondoweiss3500 words to protect Jew haters

The second strategy was to deflect from the subject, rather than the activist. Wherever possible Ofir distracted attention by introducing subjects such as the ‘Yinon Plan’.  He is clearly desperate to bring this back into a discussion about Zionism and Israel, something the report deliberately set out to avoid.

But you cannot discuss the Yinon Plan as a way of diverting attention from the ‘Israel is ISIS’ accusation. Which is exactly what Ofir did. Nor can you mention a 2009 Guardian article about organ harvesting as a way of deflecting attention away from accusations Israel kills Palestinians, or imports Ukrainian children to steal their organs. These do not equate. This is a perverse attempt to deflect attention away from the very real Jew hatred, and classic antisemitic tropes the report brings to light. This is what Ofir said:

“Now, I could say more about this, go into more detail. I could go in depth into why one of the subjects which Collier presents as the worse-of-the-worse – Israeli organ harvesting – is in fact a rather uncontroversial finding.”

See the deflection? I never touched on the 2009 Guardian article (he references) and it was not mentioned in the report. What I did, was take suggestions from 2014 and 2015, that Israel kills people for their organs or imports Ukrainian children to steal their organs and label it a classic antisemitic trope. Try as I might to give Ofir the benefit of the doubt, in the end even I was losing patience. These were examples of the posts I raised an objection to, the ones that Jonathan Ofir felt a need to deflect attention from:


Blind to antisemitism

Another highlight occurs when Ofir seems to suggest we discard the remarks of the activist (!), because the link itself isn’t as bad as the Activist comment suggests.  This from page 45. Be prepared to read it twice:

“Could it be that Collier regards the activist’s heading to be problematic? It says: “We no longer have a democracy when the Jewish lobby can tell what we can and cannot discuss. With 80% of the Conservative Party belonging to The Friends of Israel group it is no surprise.”

Ofir then goes into a discussion about the Al Jazeera ‘lobby‘ documentary. Apparently because he personally believes the article itself to be legitimate, the activists added comment about ‘the Jewish lobby’ becomes what in Jonathan’s eyes? Acceptable? If Jonathan Ofir cannot see or acknowledge blatant antisemitic tropes when they reach from the page to grab him, he had no business looking at the report at all. Astonishing.

And that is it. Jonathan’s dismissal of my report in Mondoweiss is complete.

Jewish anti-Zionists

How such a second-rate analysis can be considered fit for publishing highlights the lack of cohesion of the thinking behind it. There doesn’t need to be an argument, there just needs to be 3,500 words of fluff so people believe the subject matter has been addressed. Embarrassing really.

Jonathan Ofir is a musical conductor based in Denmark. He seems relatively new to the activist scene. As an Israeli, he will be used and in demand. The anti-Zionist Jew, especially one with an Israeli passport, is a tradable commodity.

Some Zionists seek to create a science around these people. I think it a misguided approach.  Each and every society has outcasts, these are ours.  They are as interesting an anomaly as people who think they have been abducted by aliens. I don’t know why Jonathan Ofir felt comfortable swapping one mythical narrative for another, but today he believes in myths all the same. He may believe he has become intellectually ‘free’, in reality he has replaced one ideological shell with another (smaller) one.

What is certain is that jumping ship will take them from obscurity to the limelight. Before the transition, Ofir received no social media attention. Today, his posts are quickly shared. That some of those sharing his posts number amongst the people posting antisemitic conspiracy theory doesn’t seem to bother him.  I am not a psychologist and it is for others to discuss motivations. If it were not for our enemies, these people would remain obscure. What raises them from insignificance, is the hate others have for Jews. If they are comfortable with this, I feel sorry for them.


The Mondoweiss piece was reposted on the website ‘freespeechonisrael’. A website created by Jewish anti-Zionists in the UK like Mike Cushman and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi to suggest the Jewish connection to Zionism isn’t rock solid (it is). Jews who have dedicated their lives to deflecting issues with their own internal demons by attacking mainstream Jewish identity and thought.

Look at Naomi. She is free to do what she wants, as each of us are. She can marry whomever she pleases and hold whatever ideological stance she finds attractive. Naomi Wimborne was free to marry a Muslim, and become Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. She was then free to name their child after the 36th sura of the Koran. I wish her and her family only happiness. But, given her life choices, is Naomi really in a position to talk publicly as if she is representative of British Jewish identity? At every event, every demonstration, this woman provides cover for those that hate Jews by cruelly suggesting they do not exist.

She, along with others from her group were present at the demonstration on the 6th February. The demonstration used as a case study in the report. Standing next to Naomi, were scores of people that have distributed truly horrific antisemitic posts. People who engage in holocaust revisionism and denial. Those that believe Jews control the world. As the report shows, this wasn’t one, or two individuals, but rather, many demonstrators. How does this group respond? By reposting an article that attempted to divert attention from the content of the report itself.

This website, and those that support it, have given cover to blatant Jew hatred. Nothing to do with free speech about Israel at all. They are deflecting criticism about people who share Nazi ideology. Absolutely shameful.

The very Jewish state

I have probably spent more time amongst Palestinians in the West Bank than the Danish ‘musician’ and most of the Mondoweiss mob. Cushman and Wimborne-Idrissi too. I can assure them aligning with Jew haters won’t see the Palestinians make any political advances.

It is true I find the entire Jewish anti-Zionist cause pathetic.  When I speak to them, they seek to remind me that many Jews prior to Israel in Europe were anti-Zionists. But those people are not the anti-Zionists of today. They opposed a theoretical position. Furthermore, and a point the modern anti-Zionist Jew always skips over, is that the vast majority of European Jewish anti-Zionists of the early 20th century, burnt, along with all their family members, in places like Auschwitz.

The anti-Zionist Jews today are ‘destructors’, not ‘constructors’. Sitting in the comfort of London, New York or Copenhagen, they seek to fight a nation that they want no part of. Oddly they claim it is not a ‘Jewish state’, whilst at the same time they attack it because they are Jews. An odd bunch who for the most part have left ‘being Jewish’ behind, yet for some reason cling to an obsessive hatred of a Jewish state that has no part of their lives.  If you want confirmation that Israel is the nation state of the Jews, look at what nation the anti-Zionist Jews target.

Anti-Zionism is a career path for failed Israelis. An ex-pat Brit who hates everything about the UK, can only resort to using whatever skills they possess to make a living wage. Having an Israeli passport, or being a Jew opens up a whole range of possibilities. For those with low-self-esteem, personal issues of unfulfillment or childhood playground scores still unsettled, the glare of the adoring Jew haters is an enticing option.

The shaming of Mondoweiss

And of course, Mondoweiss published the original, shameful article. An article about a report that does not deal with the Israel/ Arab conflict at all, but rather highlights the presence of hard core antisemites who have attached themselves to the Palestinian cause. The response of Mondoweiss? Deflection.

These anti-Zionists are people who are visibly deflecting criticism of hard core antisemites. So much so, they become attack dogs, picking on any Jew that has dared to highlight Jew hatred.

The article about my report on Mondoweiss is evidence of an unforgivable and disgraceful strategy.  A badge of shame for the editors to wear. Mondoweiss – is this now where Nazi ideology is given protection? How sickening.

Perhaps we need to thank Jonathan Ofir, Mondoweiss and the UK Jewish anti-Zionist gang at FreespeechonIsrael for the clarification. If there was any doubt before that these people have completely lost all sense of what is morally acceptable, we have just had it thoroughly confirmed. Shame on them all.


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45 thoughts on “The unforgivable shame of Mondoweiss. Protecting hatred of Jews

  1. While by no means I want to generalise, I have to notice that Philip Weiss is married to a non Jew, that he goes to a great extent to portray the hostility he allegedly has encountered in his own life for marrying out, and describes with the very same language what the “Jewish Establishment” (all elderly men) causes young idealistic Jews to endure.
    There is certainly something psychological at play, here.

  2. This is a most illuminating article. Before I go to comment, I must add that I do not know how David does it. The research, the time, the analysis and the ability to stay calm. Many thanks David.

    I have found the site freespeechonisrael. The ongoing debate that tries to separate anti-Semitism from anti-Israel can be summed up in one paragraph.

    If the anti-Israel fraternity are so moved about the ‘humanitarian’ issues regarding the Palestinians surely they must look outside Israel to note the incredible breach of human rights in KSA, Egypt, Libya etc. Israel is an easy touch.

    So, why do the likes of the PSC focus on Israel. My guess is because it is safe….until now. Bibi has done the right thing by turning back any PSC or left-wingers whose sole purpose is to demonise Israelbefore they even enter the country.. But, it gets deeper. The common denominator is left-wing politics. If Israel was far more left-wing, there might be less criticism, but I doubt it. Which comes back to the bizarre scenario of left-wingers supporting the nationalist cause of the Palestinians. By-the-way, the former CEO of War on Want, John Hilary, who was the driving force in financially and morally supporting the Palestinians, even though there were many other worthy causes to consider,, is now working for Momentum. I rest my case.

    1. These charities have shown themselves to be Trojan Horses for Israel bashing for some time Mike. You may recall the Oxfam Director Ben Phillips being interviewed on Newsnight in 2014 on the BBC. He was commenting on the matter of Sodastream locating its factory in Samaria where it employed hundreds of Arab workers on Israeli salaries and benefits. He indicated that it would be preferable for the factory to shut down rather than remain operational in ‘occupied Palestinian territory’ He was challenged on this point and informed that the closure would leave 500 Arab families without well paid work and in all likelihood cause them severe financial hardship. The abovementioned spokesman for an anti-poverty charity declared that this was preferable to him than to support the enterprise operating in an area under occupation. Of course he would argue that this position had nothing to do with anti-Israel sentiments but then again he would say that wouldn’t he?

      1. Ian – I totally agree. On MEMO I expressed my anger at the closure of Sodastream leaving many Arab families with no income. An American pro-Palestinian replied that Arab pride (she was white middle-class American) was more important than having a good salary. The issue of Israel/Palestine can be summed up in one phrase: Common sense – v – Idealism.

        1. Mike, this is the same message that Phillips was trotting out when Sodastream CEO Daniel Birnbaum pointed out that his company was giving 500 workers high salaries, health and dental care, pensions and full employment rights including personal development training and accelerated management opportunities. Of course this was never going to wash with the old booby who was intent on beating out the party line of ‘apartheid state, imperialist occupation’ . You know the lines. Meanwhile Arab families were made redundant, forced back into poverty under the medieval pre-industrial Abbas regime and Oxfam can feel particularly self satisfied that Arab pride was suitably restored. Funny isn’t it how Western Liberals set themselves up as the ones to decide what Arab families many thousands of miles away should and shouldn’t earn in their pay packets as if they were smarter and better qualified to make the judgement than the actual beneficiaries. What grotesque arrogance!

  3. David, you are right to highlight this response to your piece and challenge it. Cluttered, disjointed and wholly dysfunctional arguments bellowed passionately are a decades – old tactic that successfully deflects from linear discussion as you say and allow the protagonists to lead their opponents up blind alleys. Why lay yourself open to accusations of antisemitism when you can veil your prejudices around Black Live Matter or Womens Strike slogans where the justification for Jew hatred comes through some impenetrable conflation of the issues. We live in a time when people will march behind anyone who appears to act as a sop to their own frustrations and impotency and as your doughty Dane has shown very few are looking beyond the headline and the volume.

  4. “I am sure alarm bells rang throughout PSC HQ”.

    I don’t think so David anymore than they rang through the University of Bath.

    PSC central suck though. We can agree on that. But I think you have caught Jonathan desease. That is, , disastrously over rating your influence.

    1. Oh Stephen, why does everything have to be about the ‘self’? I think you will find I rate ‘news’ as having ‘value’ rather than the messenger. Not much of an ego here.

      I’d argue there is little comparison with pointing out the apparent unethical research behaviour of a PHD candidate to an academic mentor who doesn’t seem too big on ethics himself *AND* releasing a research report that lists bucket loads of hard core antisemitism inside the UK’s largest publicly declared anti-Israel group.

      As ‘PSC central’ seem to delegate the hate to the shires as part of their central strategy, I am willing to bet the alarm bells went off when it was publicly pointed out. Maybe Hugh Lanning pondered over that as he sat waiting to be deported. In any event, none of this has much to do with Mondoweiss. What are your thoughts on them?

      1. They are part of the anti zionist industry. When causes become an industry……

  5. An appalling article. Yes there is anti semitism I faced it growing up in Leeds in the 50s. I was bullied and the teachers looked the other way. But Israel has nothing to say on anti semitism except to defend the Trumpists and their nazi friends whilst the real anti-Semites desecrate cemeteries, shuls and attack Jewish people.
    Israel is a colonial settler state born in the last days of colonialism, using the holocaust as an argumentdespite the fact that the zionists broke the anti-Nazi boycott, dealt with the Nazis through the Ha’avara agreement and were trained by Mussolini in the case of betar. Israel which armed the apartheid regime, armed pinochet, supported Rios Montt in his genocide in Guatemala etc is not a friend of Jewish people it is an apartheid state. the sooner it is replaced by a binational state in mandate Palestine the better.
    Israel is a blot on Jewish culture

    1. This is what happens when you cherry pick facts, ignore many more facts that don’t agree with your ideological presuppositions, exaggerate and outright lie to support the indefensible. I call it the “David Irving School of History”. Congratulations. Not only are you talking like an anti-semite, you’ve obviously taken lessons on writing history from a holocaust denier. Mazel Tov.

  6. Crickey Neil, I know that Harry Ramsdens is a Yorkshire franchise but you’re supposed to sell the chips not wear them on your shoulders. Shabbat shalom from all in the Jewish State.

  7. That is exactly the problem isn’t it. It is a ‘jewish’ state not one for all the people who live there. Thus part of the population are systematically discriminated again. This goes for the Palestinians who live within 48 or those in the West Bank and Gaza (and of course the diaspora). All in different ways have suffered from a state which defines itself as the state of one confession, rather than a state for all its people

  8. Your distaste is noted Neil. But panic not. When the Chapeltown boot boys come knocking and are deaf to your bleating and whining that you’re not one of those sorts of Jews our State will be waiting for you with open arms. Lucky for you that even the self loathers have a place here when the chips are down (no pun intended).

  9. It most certainly won’t. It is quite happy to collaborate with Trump and his holocaust denying Nazi friends who desecrate Jewish graveyards in the US with swastikas simply because they are pro Israel. and Israel has banned thousands of Jews because they support BDS

  10. Oh well. We’ll have to learn to live with your disappointment. Good luck with the Harehills Massive. Show them your BDS membership card and your Gerald Kaufman hymnal and you may get lucky. They can always find work for chaps like you. Shabbat shalom.

  11. You are incapable of replying to my points, merely engaging in abuse. And your racism is appalling.

    1. Neil, with all due respect you haven’t made any points. Like other Jews who regurgitate these twisted ideas you probably align with Marxist ideology and have clearly swallowed a whole lot of anti-Israel propaganda.

      Whether you buy into the idea of Zionism or not, the historical pillars of the Jewish people are buried deep inside that land. There is no amount of wishful thinking that can turn the movement into one of ‘settler colonialism’. It isn’t Australia. The historical and religious ties between the Jews and that land are simply too deep to accept that distortion. The empty claim is merely an easily identifiable academic weapon that was designed to attack Israel. It has no basis in the real world. It is foolish to try to use it outside of the small clique of rabid anti-Zionist academia.

      As for antisemitism. You are lucky. Israel exists and has placed itself between you and the antisemite. Your standing, your position as a Jew in the world today, is all the safer because of a nation you choose to hate. Before Israel, there was only the insecurity of not having a home, of being an (sometimes) unwelcome guest. That all changed in 1948. Only a fool would think that Israel wouldn’t be to antisemites what a light is to the fruit fly. How do you think antisemites would view a nation full of Jews? (please don’t tell me you are stupid enough to believe the argument that they’d support it because it means Jews wouldn’t live amongst them). That suggests that racists who hate blacks would love Africans in Africa. Racism /Antisemitism doesn’t that way. The tired arguments against Jews, simply became tired arguments against Israel. Israel controls the world, Israel is sinister, Zionists rule banks, media etc. Look at your charge sheet. You created a nice example list yourself.

      Still, as a Jew, you get to enjoy the cover Israel gives you anyway, so why bother defending it against the mountain of lies built to delegitimise it.

  12. Trust me Neil my incapabilities go way beyond a capacity to reply to your points. I think that we can both accept that our positions are as far removed as The Donald is from a second barmitzvah on his 83rd birthday. I’m guessing that you must be about as old as the Jewish State and as such suspect that from your chosen vantage point have consumed the acres of voluminous Arab propaganda that has been sustained and amplified for decades. Of course you are not alone in your singular view of things and this has been the success of the Arab strategy. Just as they are pawns in a bigger game so are you. Your agitations on social media and other places loosely perpetuates a relevance for their dysfunctional messages and keeps the gravy train rolling for their leaders. If you are sincere in your support for the Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian Arabs living in my country in Judea and Samaria you may choose to to direct a useful question to their unelected leader in Ramallah on their behalf, perhaps in these tones; “Mr Abbas, you have been in receipt of £39m of EU aid finding every week for the last 11 years; funding that was intended to be used for building the fabric of a country and preparing for statehood. Where has all the money gone?” If you want to help, this would be a good start. Everything else is just two blokes whining on a blog.

  13. Abbas is an Israeli subcontractor doing the dirty work for the Israelis – you should know that

  14. Hmm..nice blocker Neil. I must have hit a raw nerve. Pretty irrelevant nonetheless. We will both live and die on different sides of the metaphorical barrier.

  15. I used to post as a Zionist on Mondoweiss until I was banned for crime of pointing out the relationship between Islam and terrorism.

    My unpardonable offense wasn’t being pro-Israel; it was ironically enough, Islamophobia, the notion that Islam is beyond criticism since its a pure religion.

    So much for free speech. There is a limit to what anti-Semites and Israel haters will stomach in in the way of robust debate.

    Attack a sacred cow and you’re done.

  16. Palestinians don’t understand what is peace. They will never agree to peace. They teach their children that death is more then life. Their ultimate goal is to die for the course. They live a lie and die for a lie. They live to destroy Israel but in the end they will destroy themselves .

    The sad truth is that the Egyptian terrorist Arafat like his corrupt, anti-Semitic terrorist successor Abbas have never been interested in presiding over the 23rd Arab/Islamofascist state, so much as destroying the only Jewish one.
    Let them rot in their cesspool of hate, mediocrity and misogyny.

    When Palestinians are made to pay a price for their intransigence and sabotage – yes, peace will become possible.

  17. Why do Zionists end up parroting racism that could come out of the mouth of Himmler or Hitler? It makes me despair. The lesson of the holocaust is racism of any sort is a stepping stone to the gas chambers.

    1. Wishful thinking Neil. As much as you may want the ovens to re-ignite they will do nothing to make your chips any more digestible. Are you contesting the assertions made here and elsewhere that the unelected Arab leadership is corrupt and has no interest in peace but only in the death of Jews or are you simply upset at having it brought to your attention in terms that you find inconvenient ?

  18. I am simply horrified at your appalling racism. Change one word and you are parroting Fascist propaganda about Jews. Did you learn nothing from the holocaust?

    1. You are beyond pathetic. you bleat about racism and fascism without a clue. When “they” attack Abbas it’s “fascist propaganda,” however when you do it, apparently it’s something positive and pure. Crap. The real apartheid is of course with the Arab states who evicted all their jews, discriminate against religions other than Islam, treat their women like shit, and murder gays for their sexual orientation. Not a word about that, but Israel Israel israel. You’re an obsessive freak, nothing more.

    2. Neil – I have met many Jews who feel the way you do., however you must be careful about what you want to believe and what is fact. At the moment, there is a plethora of re-written history books by the likes of Lenni Brenner that suggests a different version of history. The likes of Ken Livingstone lapped it up. Then you have the Jewish voice of the pro-Palestinian such as. Norman Finklestein,, Shlomo Sand and the despicable Richard Falk..

      These protagonists have a massive following because they rant what pro-Palestinians want to hear, which are not facts but opinions.

      So, how can Israel be a racist country with blacks, whites, Christians, Jews, Muslims, et al all living side-by-side with free speech, elections on a regular basis and most importantly Gay rights.

      The Palestinians however are the racists because their aim (see Hamas Charter) is to make Israel Palestine again with one main objective and that is Palestine will be Judenfrei.. The Palestinians will continue to live in the dream for their right-to-return because unlike the Jews, they do not realise that you cannot turn the clock back.

      As for their current situation, maybe invading Israel by the Aarb nations in 1948, 1967, and 1973 and losing has resulted in the Palestinian diaspora, which could have been avoided.

  19. Thank you, dear David Collier, for this article.
    As a 50-years old Greek, I was a Palestinians’ supporter for all my adult life. Because this was the stream in Greece and in our new-born true Democracy (only after 1974).
    All Greeks, we have to stand for the weak and the oppressed, so opposing Israel is something natural.
    For the last years, I’ve started to see that some things weren’t that right in the Palestinian cause, and some things weren’t that wrong in Israel’s respond.
    Then I’ve noticed a lot of antisemitism going around inside Greek BDS. Not exactly with the same tropes and hoaxes as those in your 79-pages report,ours are more primitive but similar to them in the core.

    Today, I read your report, I read Ofir’s reply, and I read this here, and I have to thank Ofir and Mondoweiss, as well. In fact, tThey opened my eyes, perhaps more than you did with your original post. Just like the Greek BDSers these guys are racists, hatemongers, irrational and the worst of all, they think of themselves as not being antisemites although they are the definition of antisemitism.

    Now I can say I stand with Israel and I think I can start to describe myself as Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian, at least with those who honestly say they want a state of their own next to the Jewish state, and not with those who will say ‘Yes’ to a state of their own if only Israel stops to exist.
    Thank you David,
    greetings from Thessaloniki, Greece.

  20. Whoa… What a treasure-trove of fallacies, including personal attacks to the directly-unrelated people to the subject whom you kept harping that you’re “avoiding”.

    Indeed, you just proved Sir Ofir accurate.

    Not that it’ll matter to your choir or gullibles alike.

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