Burning peaceful roots. How UK politicians side with the terrorists

Every now and again the mask of the anti-Israel movement slips to such a degree that even the naive and foolish should be able to see the real face of anti-Israel activism. The ‘rape your daughters’ convoy last year is a good example – even if shamefully the CPS has decided not to prosecute those responsible. The current attempt to silence the NGO ‘Roots’ on their UK tour – a joint Israeli/Palestinian peace initiative – is another one of these examples.

Why would anti-Israel protestors seek to silence those building bridges for peace? And what right do people in places such as Manchester or Edinburgh have to try to stop Palestinians who seek dialogue – from having their voice heard in the UK?  What makes it all far worse are those – like politicians – who choose to listen to, and side with, UK activists who support terrorists – rather than helping those Israelis and Palestinians who want peace. Read on.

Friends of Roots come to town

I want to introduce the current target for the ‘haters’. It is a ‘co-existence’ NGO called ‘Roots’. Most people in the US and US have not heard of them because unlike many of the self-titled ‘peace groups’ (which are nothing of the sort), the main focus of Roots is on the ground, building networks within local communities of Jews and Arabs. They are a grassroots organisation who spend their time advocating against separation, a group that believes in ‘non-violence, dignity, and equality’.

Roots is a quintessential grassroots peace group – a real one – built on the hopes of mutual co-existence. Most importantly of all – they encourage dialogue and 10000s of people – Jews, Muslims and Christians have been involved in their initiatives:

Over the past five years, the organisation has been busy, setting up dialogue centres in Nablus, the Jordan Valley, Kfar Adumim-Jahalin, Bethlehem-Gush Etzion, and the South Hebron Hills.

Nowt not to admire surely? Who on earth would want to oppose a joint Israeli – Palestinian initiative? Yet Roots has become a target for boycott. That is because anti-Israel activism in the west, is not about peace-making or Palestinian rights at all – it is about perpetuating the conflict and removing the rights of Jews. Which is why voices of peace and dialogue must be silenced. Groups like Roots pose a real threat; not to the Palestinians – but to the narrative of anti-Israel activists based in Europe and the US.

The Boycott of Roots

A ‘Friends of Roots UK‘ (FoRUK) has been set up and is officially launching this month. As part of the launch, the group is touring the UK, and had organised events in places such as:

  • The Scottish Parliament,
  • London
  • Luton
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Warwick
  • Birmingham
  • Huddersfield
  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Trafford

This was to enable people in the UK to hear first-hand from Israelis and Palestinians about their personal experiences in bridge-building. These events immediately became targets for anti-Israel protest, with Campaigns from those likeWarwick Action for Palestine‘:

no eqaulity for Jews -warwick

The biggest players behind the boycott are hard-core extremist groups, such as ‘Manchester Palestine Action‘ and ‘Youth Front for Palestine‘. These groups celebrated as their campaigns had the desired effect. One by one, their targets cancelled the events.

In Scotland the ‘Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign‘ (SPSC) targeted the events in Edinburgh:

Scottish boycott roots

We must always bear in mind that these ‘success’ posts can sometimes be bombastic and lack accuracy – but there is evidence that events were indeed called off. This jubilant post from the holocaust denying antisemite, Pete Gregson, which includes official notification of a cancellation, makes for depressing and sickening reading:

Pete gregson

From the posts of these toxic groups it would appear they have been successful – and some events have been called off – including those that involved sitting parliamentarians. Even the student union at Warwick, not just the Palestine Action group – joined the cancellation circus and it appears as if there was some trouble last night- as the students tried to forcibly stop the event.;

roots warwick
What does this tell us about what these people stand for – and about those cowards that cave in to the pressure of hate groups?

International hate groups

I have been saying for years that the rise of these international hate groups – like Palestine Action and the SPSC, which in part has been galvanised by rising Islamist strength in the west – is a key part of the conflict today. On the international stage they are dictating the narrative – and in turn extremists on the ground in PA areas perform with them, dancing in a symbiotic relationship. Together they effectively side-line all moderate voices, and it is unlikely to be a coincidence that talks between the two sides stagnated – along with the rise of the international BDS movement.

These extremists in the west do not really care about Palestinians at all – and they certainly do not speak for the majority of them. Instead – they glorify violence and hate – supporting and giving voice to those terrorists who slaughter innocent Israelis in the street.

These banners – part of Manchester Palestine Action and YFFP protests, were seen in Manchester just a few weeks ago:

no equality for Jews - support for violence in Manchester

Make no mistake about what these banners represent. The ‘glory to the freedom fighters‘ banner – is a direct reference to those terrorists currently attacking innocent civilians in the street. In the promotion for the event, they even name some of those that they went out to ‘honour’:

The fourth image in from the left is Wadee Al-Hooh. He led the Lion’s Den terror group in Nablus and was responsible for numerous attacks. This is also an image of him (left):

These people are literally glorifying terrorists on the streets of Manchester and supporting those who slaughter Israelis. When they hold up the banner ‘resistance is a duty‘, it is a clear reference to the ongoing violence or ‘Intifada’. This ‘Globalise the Intifada’ tweet is from the YFFP account on November 8th:

YFFP Roots boycott

The ‘Intifada’ that they want to globalise murdered three Israelis – Tamir Avihai (50), Michael Ladygin (36), Motti Ashkenazi (59) just last week. This is open support for terrorism on the streets of the UK.

Those who side with the hate groups

On the one side we have a join Israeli / Palestinian peace initiative. On the other we have open support for terrorists. Those behind the peace initiative want to talk to people – the group supporting terrorists want them silenced. It is *inconceivable’ that anyone in their right minds would side with the terrorists. Yet clearly this is what has been happening over the last few days in the UK. Even politicians appear to have sided with those that openly support terrorism – and helped to no-platform those that seek dialogue and peace.

This tells you everything you need to know about the reality of the conflict, the state of the solidarity movement, and tragically, which side the politicians are more willing to listen to.

If it is true that Afzal Khan – a sitting Labour MP in Manchester – actually sided with groups that carry terrorist supporting banners – and chose to cancel his appearance at the Roots UK launch event. Then the Labour leadership should make sure he is no longer speaking in their name.

But for the rest of us – we need to understand the hostile reality of the world we live in – and we need to make sure that as many other people as possible understand it too.


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70 thoughts on “Burning peaceful roots. How UK politicians side with the terrorists

  1. Shalom DC. As England’s Antisemitism Tsar, I’m issuing you a cease and desist order to stop implying Jews are a single monolithic entity. People like you cause more antisemitism by implying all Jews support the racist, apartheid state. They don’t. And our numbers are growing larger every day.

    Now if you’ll excuse me…

    1. Dear David C,
      After some reflection, I have come to the conclusion that “Bruce Levy” does not need to be a poster on this site anymore, and should be told as politely as possible that he will not be granted any commenting space here for the future.
      This isn’t because BL-Fake Name is intelligent, or interesting, or even dangerous as an opponent–“he” started out as none of those things and has remained so for years. It’s also not because he’s an ugly troll, since the troll community here has included individuals who needed to be excised and burnt off in medical waste bins (where have you gone, Charles Alban?) and individuals who are reasonably kept around while being dismantled and mocked eternally (Stephen Bellamy).
      It’s because BLFN doesn’t belong in a forum that addresses serious issues with genuine consequences. He doesn’t have the ability to produce material with any value, and tolerating his presence in the name of “free speech” has had its time come and go, leaving the simple fact that he’s reached the point of forfeiting his voice here because he has nothing he’s learned and he has nothing to add.
      It’s your site and your call, and I’ll remain here whatever you decide to do. I will be hopeful that you can in fact “excuse” BLFN from being a part of this important site’s interactions. Permanently.

      1. …says “Ben”, one of your vilest contributors, who in many of his past comments, refers to those he disagrees with as (I’m being polite) as human waste and sphincter muscles.

      2. You may ban me, but that will only make enhance the Zionist reputation of intolerance, like a microcosm of apartheid Israel.

        And this Rabbi will not be silenced.

        1. What you write here is irrelevant, because your credibility is permanently gone, and you don’t have the brains or wit to get it back. Whether you keep polluting this board or not, you are, old son, finished. I closed the book on you. Bye bye.

      3. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Edward and Brucie are one and the same people. They certainly are two cheeks of the same arse

        1. That’s not a very nice thing for Dina to say about a beloved Rabbi.

          Methinks Dina isn’t who “she” says she is.

        2. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Dina is suffering from self-inflicted brain damage.

          Happy Nakba!

  2. What I have to say to the Scottish Nazi Party is…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

  3. Worthy though this group is, it isn’t a “peace initiative”. And the main problem is, as I see it, is that the Israelis, many of whom are West Bank settlers, see co-existence through the prism of the occupation. In short, the co-existence of the donkey and its owner. It’s good to talk, but it’ll only work are treated as equals.

    1. Dina, In which Muslim majority country are NON-MUSLIMS treated as equals, and NOT as jizzya paying second-class dhimmis???

      Why are there checkpoints at every airport in the world to screen passengers their luggage and cargo???

      Who attacked writer Salman Rushdie – and why???

      Who bombed the Boston Marathon with bombs hidden in backpacks???

      1. Whataboutery, I’m afraid. David was writing about Israelis and Palestinians. Not other Muslim countries.

        1. LOL! Whataboutery. LOL!

          When talking about WW2. Ignore Pearl Harbor and National Socialists declaration of War on the US four days after the Pearl Harbor attack – just focus on the US bombing Imperial Japan and National Socialist Germany.

          Again, you DUMB Sharmuta,

          Why is there a Jewish Voice for Peace

          but NO MUSLIM Voice for Peace???

          Happy Nakba you deceitful Sharmuta!

          P.S. Do you know who assassinated US Senator from New York State Robert F. Kennedy????

          Big HInt: It was a Pal-e-SWINIAN


    2. Dina, is your post made sincerely and in good faith? The use of the inverted commas, the characterization of Israelis as settlers and of Arabs as donkeys makes it difficult to tell. Do you believe that all Israeli citizens are equal?

      1. Sorry about the pesky commas, but that’s grammar.
        As this is in large part about settlers and Palestinians, I referred to settlers.
        The donkey analogy is a well known Israeli one which is not meant to be taken literally. Nice try, though.
        The point being that there cannot be co-existence without equality, and the Israelis do not feel that the Palestinians are equal to them. Hence the analogy of rider (Israelis) and donkey (Palestinians).

        1. Hello Dina. Thank you for the response. I asked two questions that I would be grateful for you to consider. Firstly, do you post here sincerely and in good faith or as a propogandist and secondly, do you believe that all Israelis are equal?

          If I may, I’d like to add a third and final question for context. Do you live in Israel?

          1. I’m not sure why you think I am not posting in good faith and in sincerity. I have no need to propagandise, so I’ll leave that to the foul-mouthed and ill-mannered right and left wing extremists who appear to populate the comments section here.
            Of course all Israelis should be equal, irrespective of their religion, gender, ethnicity etc. But when no Israeli Jewish leader is willing to accept the premise of it being a state for or of all its citizen, it basically shows, in my opinion, that some are more equal than others because of the faith into which they were born of to which they converted.
            In answer to your third and final question: ken, achi.

            1. Hello Dina. Again, thank you for your continued engagement and your noble sentiment about equality for all. My specific question was “do you believe that all Israelis are equal?” I’d be keen to hear your response to that question.

              You responded that you did live in Israel. Are you a citizen and therefore a voter? If so did you vote for one of the 8 parties that comprised the government under former Prime Minister Bennett? Many Israeli Jews, Arabs, Christians, Bedouin and Druze regarded it as a government representative of all Israelis and the most inclusive in over 70 years. Would you agree?

              1. No, I don’t believe all Israelis are equal. How can they be if no Israeli leader accepts that it can be a state for and of all its citizens?
                I am an Israeli citizen who served my three years in the army, countless days of miluim and pay my taxes. Are you, have you and do you?
                You’ll forgive me, but for which party I voted is between me, my kalpi and my conscience.

                1. Hi Dina. Thank you for another timely response. You had criticized the extreme left and rightists that post here so it seemed reasonable to conclude that you would have voted for a party somewhere between these poles. As these were almost exclusively the ones that composed the recent coalition, I repeat my question. Do you agree with the Israeli Jews, Arabs, Christians et al that this was the most inclusive government in over 70 years and one that represented all Israelis?

                  1. I answered your questions. Would you do me the courtesy of answering mine.
                    Quick reminder,
                    I am an Israeli citizen who served my three years in the army, countless days of miluim and pay my taxes. Are you, have you and do you?

                    1. Hi Dina. Thank you for the continued willingness to respond in good faith and I am sorry if you think that I am provoking or goading you with my questions. It is certainly not my intention. You are also perfectly entitled to challenge me and my background against your own life experiences here if you feel that will benchmark your views as more valuable than mine. If I said that I had given more time and more tax than you to the state would that help? What do we do after that, share our tax returns with each other?

                      Anyway, in terms of the main point of discussion between us, I am very interested to learn how you believe that the characterization of our country as a Jewish State removes or diminishes the rights of Israeli citizens who are not Jewish? I have discussed this at length with Christian and Druze friends here and they don’t see it. Who do I believe, them or you?

        2. Sharmuta, Muslims can’t get along with fellow Muslims (Shiite v Shia v Wahabbi v Klingon, Fascist Iran v Saudi Arabia…

          so how are Muslims supposed to get along with


          Continue to eat your fascist heart out over your realization that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2.

      2. Citizens of Israel ARE equal, regardless of their religion. Non-citizens aren’t – just like in every other country. Why do these antisemites lie? Is it because they can’t tolerate the truth and are jealous of the success and of Israel in so many fields. All they have to offer is death and destruction as is made obvious by their actions and comment. Why would anyone genuinely interested in peace do everything they can to stop meetings that might be a step in the right direction? Is it because they know that their arguments don’t hold water when challenged?

  4. The Jews and our friends in the UK are to small a demographic to win against the anti-Jewish, Antisemitic, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist groups in this country. The Jewish mainstream for to long ignored or minimized this threat until it is almost to late. Maybe the only recourse left to us is ‘lawfare’; but it comes at enormous cost. The only mainstream organizations that seems to get results is the Campaign Against Antisemitism and Lawyers for Israel, and their success is rooted in lawfare.

    Thanks for keeping highlighting these issues which would otherwise slip unnoticed into the netherworld of subterranean Antisemitic conspiracy theory without ever being challenged

  5. Ask Salman Rushdie if “Islamophobia” is an irrational fear.


    Checkpoints at every airport in the world is a Checkpoint to Resist Islamofascism.

    Happy Nakba to Fascist, jihadist, terrorist “paleslime”!

  6. Whataboutery is totally relevant because the Israelis have to take into account how other Arab/Muslim countries and communities treat their religious minorities.

    Most Arab/Muslim countries treat minorities abominably, so it will always impinge on both Israeli and Jewish sensibilities

  7. Whataboutery?

    Yeh that seems to be the standard response to anyone who has the temerity to point out the 100x worse human rights abuses that routinely take place on a daily basis in countries OTHER than Israel?

    Sorry guys this one doesn’t work anymore

    If you are so concerned about human rights abuses then tackle the worst offenders first and you will then find that Israel is way way WAY down on that list….

    I actually saw a fantastic example of “whataboutery” this week…
    Bunch of Qatari nationals protesting an Israeli film crew outside one of the World Cup stadiums??
    This is a country who has literally murdered thousands of migrant (slave) workers ? And is literally one of the worst countries on earth for human rights abuses?
    Protesting Israel?


    1. SCOFFY: “The accused said that they “did not intend to get the paint on either police or protesters”. A flat lie. The paint was thrown straight at me. I gave a Witness Statement to this effect. Why was it ignored?”

      RABBI DR LEVY: “Because you’re a convicted criminal.”

      1. Definition of irony….

        A poster with at least SEVEN LIES in his username alone accusing another poster of not being who they really are ?????


        You literally could not make this shit up…


        1. I know, and the frustrating thing is that FNBL would make massive strides in the honesty department if it would finally put the word “Pederast” in its handle.

      2. ImaM Oron,

        You are a brain damaged Moron.

        Happy Eternal Nakba to you and terrorist, jihadi Pal-e-SWINE!

      3. Forgive my ignorance but what are you Deluty Chief Rabbi of? And who made you England’s Rabbi?

  8. I read some of the responses here with interest. It troubles me how much the demonisation of Israel has taken hold, and how history and facts have been swept under the carpet, in order to drive the narrative some are pushing here.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit produces an annual Democracy Index for the world. They have no interest in Israel, Palestinians, politics, conflicts or anything beyond the criteria that define democracy. That makes them objective. For 2021 they have placed Israel as the 23rd most robust democracy in the world, ahead of the US, Belgium, Italy, Greece and 150 other nations. Yet the narrative of “apartheid state” and the other nonsense specifically redefined to demonise the Jewsish state not only persists, but gains ground. The only reason I can see for singling Israel out is because it is a Jewish state. It goes hand in hand with the growing levels of violence against Jews globally, equally ignored.

    I lived in Israel at a time, pre-Oslo, when there was no need for grass roots movements. The Arabs of the West Bank were Jordanian citizens, and thanks to Israel their economy, health, longevity, and standard of living increased in leaps and bounds, whilst infant mortality and death from various diseases plummetted with access to Israel’s medical knowhow. I travelled there, and even visited Gaza, and was welcomed in both places, but back then the vicious brainwashing advanced by the new “leaders” and UNWRA schools hadn’t begun yet.

  9. Hey DC, are you, or your cast of characters, going to call these devout Jews antisemites because they’re AntiZionist?

    “EPIC: Over 50,000 AntiZionist Jews gathered to celebrate the Grand Rabbi of Satmar Holocaust rescue & reaffirm his great legacy of kindness & truth.

    AGAIN, we’ll proudly raise the Rabbi’s flag of AntiZionism & declare that Israel doesn’t represent Jews/Judaism!”


  10. This Rabbi doesn’t gamble, but if I did, I’d bet that “Dina” = “Ken” = Scoffy.

    1. I do gamble….

      And I would happily bet my last penny that “Rabbi Dr Levy, Mayer of London, England’s antisemitism Tsar and author” is in reality….
      NOT a rabbi
      NOT a doctor
      NOT a Mayer (whatever that is?)
      NOT a Tsar (lol) of ANY kind
      NOT an author (double lol) of any kind
      NOT even called Levy

      I would advise that casual readers of this blog give this escaped mental patient a wide berth and take anything he says with a large pinch of salt

      And that….is all


    1. Dina Vagina
      Rolled out of bed
      And went to the po-lice station
      When Poppa found out
      He began to shout
      And started the investigation

  11. 15 yr old boy murdered in a blast in Jerusalem yesterday and 22 others injured in the name of Palestine

    Yes I’m sure that murdering children in cold blood like this will gain them the sympathy and support of the western world to their cause like it always has….?

    Disgusting really


  12. For nearly a decade now, Dave’s supporters and opponents have visited this tiny tiny corner of the virtual world and posted on every new article. The posts never actually address the articles and the posters never engage with each other about the articles. They simply type out stuff that they hope will poke and provoke the other team…..in a tiny spec of the internet…..for nearly a decade. You have to admire that level of commitment.

    Kudos to you all from The Jewish State. You’re doing your gods work.

    1. Apartheid Israel IS NOT a Jewish state Ian. Never has been and never will be.

  13. Ian

    That is nonsense. This site and the posts are read by many, and it influences their thoughts and ideas
    If you disagree, that’s your right; but to mock is rather ‘woke’ in and of itself

  14. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Have you managed to escape from the sewer again

    As far as I’m aware satan is looking for you, as he needs a sidekick to aid him in his nefarious activities

  15. Marg Bar racist, fascist, socialist, jihadist, child sacrificing, homophobic, misogynist, satanic


    Marg Bar iran!!!

  16. Hi Dina.

    I’m not sure if you’re still around as our conversation above, uncharacteristically civilized for this place ended quite abruptly. We were talking about the equality of Israeli citizens and I challenged your belief that the characterization of our country as a Jewish State removes or diminishes the rights of Israeli citizens who are not Jewish? I added that I had discussed this at length with Christian and Druze friends here and they don’t see it. I’m keen to know why you do.

    1. Dina is almost always a female name, Richard. I understand why you’re asking but we have to remind ourselves that this is social media and people simply do their thing here for their own reasons. Sincerity tends to be a somewhat volatile currency.

      Whether our Dina is in fact a Dina or something else is not worth challenging. I am more interested in exploring the subject matter of their point, unusual as this may seem for posters here.

  17. Ian

    Thanks! Just wanted someone else’s opinion
    Every Dina I have met has been female, in Israel and outside.
    Saying she had spent 3 years in the military, and miluim made me wonder. That is normally the male preserve. Just stating this for readers who may not know

    1. Richard, there are several circumstances in which a female soldier would serve 3 years. For example, they may have been in a combat unit or may have signed extra time for e.g. an officers course or a specialist role requiring advanced training. Many females in these roles and other continue to do miluim for many years after completing their military service. As above, I see no need to challenge this. I am far more interested in discussing the points that were raised that focusing on identity.

  18. Shalom. This Hannukah, we’ll be lighting TWO menorahs; one Jewish 🕎 and one Zionist 🕎 to tell the story of the miracle and to educate others about light and darkness.

    Likewise, visitors to this blog can spin one of two dreydels; one Jewish 💫 or one Zionist 💫

    1. Hasn’t time flown since last Chanukah, Brucie? You’d wheeled this out as your seasonal content here and we discussed how Jews say Chanukiah and goyim say Menorah. Check out the archive from last year. We did a whole thing about your mum not being a halachic Jew and you got all chippy about it. No doubt we’ll trot out the same bollox again next year.

      Kudos on your commitment. You’re doing your god’s work.

      1. Take it “Ian”, you’ll be lighting the candles of the Zionist Menorah and spinning the Zionist Dreydel. I’ll save some chocolate gelt for you.

        By the way “Ian”, do check out the new documentary “The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh,” about the May 11 shooting death of the veteran Palestinian-American Al Jazeera journalist by an Israeli sniper in the illegally occupied city of Jenin. Sure DC will slander it as antisemitic.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray ✡️🙏✡️

        Shabbat Shalom!

        1. Of course Brucie and I shall be making some lovely Chanukah decorations from my collection of 209 Zionist inverted commas that you have gifted me since this time last year.

          Nes gadol haya poh as we like to say here in the Jewish State.

          1. “Jewish State”?

            Never was, is not and will never be. Not in this Jew’s name.

            Likely you meant “Zionist State.” “Ian.”

            (A few more inverted commas for your collection)

            1. Not in your name Brucie? Of course not. Then it would be Brucereal and that just sounds silly.

              If you insist though, I could get my mate Sid Bathfloor to make a declaration, The Bathfloor Declaration, if you will. It will declare that Brucereal is the national homeland of the Brucies. You could be the Mayer, the High Chincellor or even the Life Prosident.

              Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll get my people to call your people.

              Keep it up though. You’re doing your god’s work.

    2. What kind of a “rabbi” doesn’t know the difference between a menorah and a Chanukiah?

      A fake one perhaps?


      Brucie outs himself once again !


      Ah well….

      Happy Chanukah everyone


      1. Now chocolate gelt for you “Ken.” Lose some weight.

  19. Brucie Levy, the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Back to spouting your normal bile then.
    You must have managed to escape the sewer

    I heard on the grapevine that satan is looking for you because he says he prefers praying with a professional who has mastered the bile banter, as you have

    1. Funny you should mention Satan, Stinky Dick. He told me he is a Zionist.

  20. Ian

    Keep it up
    That last piece of yours was rather good; and it gives old Brucie a whole new game to try and play

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