The Guardian newspaper goes full Electronic Intifada

The Guardian just ran an article that could have been penned by activists at the propaganda rag Electronic Intifada. The piece heartbreakingly describes 41 children who have been left homeless by the Israeli army after their ‘village’ was razed.


The article tells us that 73 villagers lost their homes and that this is the ‘largest demolition in the past decade’. There are post demolition pictures of a bed (and a cot for good measure) lying homeless in the desert along with footage of villagers ‘rifling through their wrecked belongings’ as the ‘first rains’ fall.  The Guardian piece quickly went viral, receiving 1000s of shares in just a few hours. And with every propaganda piece that only tells part of the story and dehumanises Israel, comes the vile responses. There is a clear correlation. Lies about Israel – a demonisation of the Jewish state – logically creates hate against Zionists.

guardian creates responses of hate

This is not about whether you agree with Israeli policy vis-a-vis the Beduin in the Jordan Valley or not. It is about newspapers having a duty to tell the truth. The Guardian knowingly pushed out an anti-Israel propaganda piece.

The Guardian and Khirbet Humsa

The village name is given as ‘Khirbet Humsa’. There is even a link to a B’tselem video inside the article that shows vehicles on a road approaching with menace – before the footage swiftly cuts to an after image of a bed and some other objects lying around after the destruction. What there isn’t – is an image of the village itself being destroyed. Why doesn’t the B’tselem video show it?

Exercise 1 – Google “Khirbet Humsa” and click on images. You soon realise why nobody is showing images of the village prior to the demolition. There aren’t any. You’ll be lucky to see pictures of a tent. And publishing images of a couple of tents would greatly reduce the impact of the propaganda story. Which raises a question. In researching this story, the journalist Oliver Holmes MUST have looked for images of the village. Yet sorely lacking from the article is ANY suggestion, this village is no more than a few make-shift tents.

If you do a quick historic search of ‘Khirbet Humsa’, you soon realise this small gathering of tents has been a politicised battleground for decades. There is nothing on this ‘village’ at all – outside of the context of this conflict. It is a fairly basic conclusion that the Guardian reporter MUST have done this ABC research. Yet his article holds back all this information from the reader.

The politicised argument

This area, alongside the Jordanian border was declared a firing range shortly after the 1967 war. Today there are a few clans of Beduin who use the land for grazing. For decades the Israelis have been trying to move them out. They refuse to go. Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians said it had ‘destroyed structures that had been erected illegally on an IDF live-fire zone’.

These tents are placed illegally in an army zone and because this is an ongoing story, it keeps resurfacing in the press. See these from 2015, and 2016, and 2018. Anti-Israel outlets continually run propaganda stories about how the residents of Khirbet Humsa have to leave their homes because of army exercises. None of this in the article.

The residents have taken the matter to the High Court – as is their right. They did this several times – and they lost. Why is there no mention of the legal battle in the Guardian article either? Whilst ‘Israeli military law forbids the expulsion of permanent residents’ from a firing zone, the High Court ruled that ‘Khirbet Humsa’s residents did not meet that standard’. The high Court decided that ‘the petitioners have no recognized property rights in these areas. These are intruders who use these areas for grazing’.

All omitted from the Guardian piece. Clearly the propaganda intent is to infer that these people had no legal recourse. That is a lie.

This story is clearly part of a wider argument and each side takes up position accordingly. There is history, there is context, politics and there are far too many facts being left out of the Guardian article for it to be taken seriously. All we are left with is a story about children being evicted from their homes as their village is demolished by a brutal army. A decontextualised, non-factual article that tells lies and demonises the Jewish state.

As stated earlier, it does not matter what your political views of this issue is – newspapers have a duty to tell readers the truth and let them decide for themselves. Spreading lies, hate and a demonisation of the Jewish state is the job of propaganda rags like Electronic Intifada. With each passing day the Guardian looks more and more like one of them.



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41 thoughts on “The Guardian newspaper goes full Electronic Intifada

  1. This Guardian article is another of those manipulating the truth by omission and commission.

    They don’t actually lie; they just don’t include all the necessary information for the reader to make an honest appraisal of the situation.

    If Biden wins I’m sure we can expect a lot more of these articles; factually correct but dishonestly reported because of intentionally unincluded fact

    1. Oh dear Michael. An open goal and you missed it.

      In an article about deceit and untruth in the media you let Bellers lead off with some wanky deflection from his Shouty Yid Gallery.

      Instead you could have copy pasted a nice big section where Collier calls the Guardian a bunch of big fat liars and added your customary line at the bottom ” Coming from Collier, the biggest liar on the internet, much”.

      Jeez. I’m even writing your bloody lines for you now. Are you even a real activist?

      (Go on. Write it anyway. You know you want to.)

  2. The Guardian has been a joke of a publication for many years now.

    I posted on their “Comment is Free” for 16 years…but ironically got myself banned for making a comment about China not Israel !

    Seems that any criticism of China on CIF is strictly verboten…


  3. Stephen

    What exactly has that got to do with David’s article about a grossly distorted item in the Guardian.

    About Ali, I remember you said, before the EHRC report was even released that it was’batshit’. Since the reports release you seem to have gone remarkably quite on the issue.

    Oh well! More of the same from you! Ho Hum Ho Hum

    1. If the Press Council allows the Jewish Chronicle propaganda sheet to continue I’m sure the Guardian will be ok.

      1. I read the Jewish Chronicle once. It was at a Shiva House ( find a Jewish person and ask what this is Michael & Bruce).

        I have to say I read through the local and regional news stories, recipes, hatches and matches, fashion (!?) U12s football reports and classifieds and I struggled to see any rabble rousing propaganda Michael.

        Of course I’m not looking with your eyes. Had I been so doing, I could see how the display ads by travel agents peddling package deals to Israel for Passover could easily be seen as insurgency. Also the letters page had some pretty harsh words about a rather rapacious local caterer. Don’t even get me started on the OP-ed about some unfortunate infighting on the Kinloss shul wonens guild.

        You are clearly a much more frequent reader than me. I think Bellers must be a subscriber too. He’s always going on about it.

          1. Of course you are.

            Did you read that piece last week from Mindy Rosenblatt about vegan friendly sheitels? Vicious propogandist stuff, right?

              1. Bellers, sexual deviance is a big part of religious extremism of any shade; and taking the cloth comes with a perks package that also includes corruption and bloodlust. The left footers cornered most of this market years ago and the Buggering Bishops just assumed it was part of the deal.

                Also, it sells newspapers (and most other things) as your subscription proves.

  4. A complaint may or may not work.

    The article didn’t lie as such, it just omitted vital details to give the whole story context.

    This is how propaganda works; you supply the details/facts you want the audience to hear, and ignore any details /facts that could alter perceptions about your (Guardian) viewpoint. You are actually not lying, but you you are most definitely not telling the truth.

    1. Now, THERE’s something for David to aspire to, Richard. Prob. get less donations though.

          1. You’re the best asset this board has ever had Muck. I very much appreciate all the work you inadvertently do here for people you hate. And no, I’m not a fan of you personally, but who gives a shit? I have enough friends already.

  5. Stephen

    I know you said it was all ‘batshit’. you’ve called other things ‘batshit’ and you called Israel a ‘basketcase’; but you’ve never explained why you use those terms.

    Any uneducated idiot can make inflammatory and nonsensical claims; even ‘pretend village idiots’ can make such claims. But there does come a time where the constant repetition of meaningless catchwords and slogans becomes pointless by overuse; it also becomes rather boring.

    Do leave off; or at least try to be a little more original

    1. “But there does come a time where the constant repetition of meaningless catchwords and slogans becomes pointless by overuse; it also becomes rather boring.”


      1. And to prove the point, you give that line an outing for the fifth time in 7 articles.

        Seriously Bellers, just programme the Bot to do it. (Not you Michael. Relax.) You’ll still get your slogans posted but will free up loads of time to enjoy life more. I’ve been using one on and off for a month or so now, mostly responding to your stuff which is easily predictive and you’ve barely noticed.

  6. Guardian states ” …. repeatedly displacing the local Palestinian population and damaging much of their agricultural lands ”

    Is this truth, David?


    Is it propaganda, David?

  7. An element of intelligent debate returned to the blog for a short time; then the dimwit Michael Farmer and his incoherent, meaningless and mostly out of context comments returned.

    Well at least the dimwit Michael does single handedly increases the traffic on David’s blog comments section.
    Oh well; it takes all types to make this world what it is

  8. Hi David, have just made a formal complaint to the Guardian’s Readers Editor. Well done for publicising this.

  9. David Collier
    I have worked out why so much of the media is silent as a million Uigur Muslims are placed into concentration camps for ‘reprogramming’.

    They are too busy reporting on 7 illegally placed tents that Israel demolished.

    Perhaps both actions are legal in the respective countries … vile though they are.

    p.s daughter help with destroying their homes, David?

    1. There you go Michael. You have shown that you can be imaginative. I had predicted that you would do your copy/paste of some Collier remark and then tag it with your customary “smearz ‘n lies” sign – off. Instead you went for the attempted provocation. Frankly, bullying a teenage girl on the internet is much more on brand for you lads.

  10. While researching an article on life in apartheid Israel for our shul newsletter, ‘Blood & Matzoh,’ I forced myself to sit through an hour and a half of Israeli porn and almost wretched watching women with ugly Zionist features have sex.

    Not surprising since most Israeli women are dogs (apologies to dogs and dog lovers) – both on the inside and out. The only people I would recommend Israeli porn to are those who are totally blind.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

    1. So, to recap on show so far this morning, Michael is bullying teenage girls online and this knob above is saying that girls are ugly.

      Bellers, are these the team mates you imagined when you started out on your crusade ?

    2. Dear Rabbi Levy, please could you tell me which shul you are employed by as a cursory Google of your name and daringly named shul magazine have failed to yield any results. I have been intrigued by the interesting views you express here and your forthright way of stating them and would be very interested in finding out more about a synagogue willing to employ a rabbi with such radical and unconventional views. Many thanks.

      1. Sarah
        No Rabbi . He’s an ex employee of a supermarket chain . Given his P45 for bringing the company into disrepute and then turned on his ex employer penning defamatory face book posts . Canadian Communist of Communist stock . Think Yevsektsiya but without the intellectual input. Like Greenstein , suffers from exceedingly small man syndrome

    1. I can see the attraction Bellers. Big lists of Arabists who’ve maimed, murdered and mutilated people all over the world versus bullying some girls on the internet and calling them ugly.

      I can ask the question but as Michael often says here, us Yids only work for money. So you’ll need to write a sensible offer on your napkin and slip it across the table.

  11. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed Holocaust and Holocaust survivors denigrator

    For a so-called rabbi and pretend doctor of something or other, you become more foul mouthed as time goes by. Are you on drugs or something similar that fires up your fevered imagination to come out with increasingly bizarre visions. I can just imagine you in your more delusional moments frolicking in Dante’s Inferno or being one of the more deformed individuals in one of Bruegels paintings.

    I assume you’re now off to pray to some of your many idols in the perverse world of intolerant progressivism.

  12. Sarah

    I doubt you’ll have much luck with rabbi Levy.
    I’ve asked him and he said something about Beth Springfield, so I asked if it is the same as from the Simpsons cartoon series.
    I also accused him of playing fast and loose with the ‘Blood and Matza’ name and it’s connection to the ‘Blood Libel’.
    I think he is taking the p-ss and is not really a rabbi or doctor.

    But if his type of hype is your cup of tea, go for it. I think you are wasting your time on a con merchant

    1. Thanks Richard, I was working on the theory that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and hoping that a polite request might lead to a bit of honesty, but I may have been being too fair. I personally find it unthinkable that a real synagogue would employ a rabbi who makes violently anti-Semitic threats, demonises Jews and Judaism, denigrates holocaust survivors, minimises the holocaust, swears at and threatens to physically attack people with whom they disagree and engages in any of the shocking behaviour exhibited by this contributor in these comments. As unlikely as a real shul publishing a newsletter which invokes the blood libel. I can guarantee that this person is neither a qualified rabbi nor a doctor of theology, my concern is that people reading this thread may take him at his word and believe that his shocking behaviour is in any way representative of British rabbis or that his hateful words carry any weight by virtue of a falsely claimed position of authority which he does not hold.

  13. Sarah

    This is why when I reply to his posts I always qualify them with some supplemental information

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