Two days before conference, JVL antisemitism at Jackie Walker event

This weekend the Labour Party Conference opens again in Brighton. I was there in 2017 the last time it was held in the town, and the level of antisemitism witnessed at the event led to threats to ban the party from holding future conferences there unless it tackles antisemitism. I find it difficult to believe how anyone left sane on this planet actually believes Labour have tackled anti-Jewish racism – and yet here we are.

The conference fringe

Running alongside the conference there is the ‘fringe’. A host of events that allow Labour ‘deniability’. Most of the entities who bait Jews or rely on antisemites for support, manage their antisemites with a similar strategy. For example, the Palestine Solidarity campaign (PSC) distances itself from the high levels of antisemitism in their camp by denying any responsibility for its own branches. At conference, Labour uses the fringe. The fringe contains hundreds of events by organisations that are not officially ‘inside’ the conference. But whether the Labour Party like it or not, there is a registration process and the party have to accept you.

There is little excuse for the run of events scheduled for this year’s conference. Both Jewish Voice for Labour and the PSC have official fringe events scheduled. But the true situation is worse. The gathering of the faithful creates ‘unofficial events’. Inside the Labour CLPs and online forums, groups like Labour against the Witchhunt are advertising their ‘unofficial’ events.

Labour’s response of course is – ‘anyone can organise an event in Brighton at the same time as our Conference. This does not mean they are part of it.’ Deniability. In the JC article on the issue the Labour Spokesperson even resorts to the most twisted excuse of all – by suggesting that ‘nobody who has been suspended or expelled’ is a part of the official fringe listings. This may be true, but what about all those the party should have expelled but haven’t. It isn’t for nothing the party is being investigated by the EHRC.

A simple official statement from Labour to say these people are not welcome, nor wanted by the party, may have ‘cleansed’ some of this, but those inside the Labour Party know that their movement is as reliant today on the energy of antisemites, as the PSC is.

The Walker event

conference flierJackie Walker is one of those expelled. Not explicitly for antisemitism of course but rather for ‘prejudicial’ and ‘grossly detrimental’ comments. Walker is also due to speak at conference at an ‘unofficial’ event. Yesterday she held an event in Brixton. A screening of her ‘witchhunt film’. Only about 15-20 people showed up, which Jackie blamed on deliberate ‘ghost booking’. A strategy that has the ‘other side’ booking in large numbers to make the event planner think it was full and stop taking bookings. As usual Jackie’s conspiratorial mindset is working overtime.

Sitting in the audience was Mike Cushman, a leading ‘official’ representative of Jewish Voice for Labour. No doubt Mike is part of the ‘official’ fringe. This raises the first interesting point. On every chair was a JVL flyer. This is the ‘official fringe’ and the ‘unofficial fringe’ holding hands. The acceptable and the unacceptable working together. It shows how ridiculous the strategy of the Labour Party is and throws in the bin the absurd notion that they care about fighting antisemitism.

Thanks to Eye on Antisemitism, and for reasons that will become clear, I was given a recording of some of the discussion.

Walker the liar

Jackie’s ramblings were made up of the usual distorted, nonsensical and offensive statements that make up most of her act. She went on about how all genocides are equal, not even bothering this time to mention the Holocaust by name. The main problem with this is that even to begin to accept her argument, one would first have to accept Jackie is sincere in not understanding why Europe would be chiefly concerned about an industrial genocide it committed on its own soil against its own Jewish citizens just 75 years ago. Then there is the ‘hierarchy of racism’ which is basically another way of saying Jews hold the power. Of course, there was a lot of talk about empty smears and the witchhunt and about ‘Jackie the victim’. One issue worth raising is when she mentioned anti-Zionist Jews.

‘I want to say something very quickly about the Haredi (orthodox Jews). The Haredi make up about a quarter (Cushman interrupts her and says a third – at which point she corrects herself) of the entire Jewish population. And they are all anti-Zionist’. Where are their spokespeople? And can I tell you I know because I speak with them – they are silenced as well’

Jackie is lying. Primarily this comment shows a horrific misunderstanding of the history of the Jews and Zionism throughout the 20th century. Which would be odd for someone who is making a career talking about it. Anti-Zionist Jews are a tiny number -fact. A fraction of the community – fact. Non-Zionist Jews make up another small part. But the notion that the Haredim are a silenced anti-Zionist community is wrong, insulting and absurd. A third of British Jews are anti-Zionists?

Jackie is claiming ownership of a non-existent Jewish community to attack Jews with. Perhaps she would like to explain the existence of both Shas and United Torah Judaism? Two orthodox parties in Israel – both of which are aligned in Bibi’s bloc – and which received a combined total of 17 seats in the recent Israeli election. Are they silenced? Do they agree with me or her? Is she suggesting the orthodox Jewish community in Britain supports Jackie Walker over UTJ or Shas? It would chiefly be UTJ over Shas but I am not going into that here.

Vile, unsupportable lies. Bashing Jews with Jews she has made up in her head. The rantings of someone too far lost to be found.

Cushman the liar

Cushman starts by introducing himself as being an officer at Jewish Voice for Labour. He said he has been a Labour Party member all his life. Cushman then says he has never seen it or experienced it. He is lying. Cushman has been an active member of Palestine Live for four years. He claims to have read my reports on the PSC and Palestine Live. Cushman personally knows people like Elleanne Green. He hangs out in a group with Labour members who he has seen have shared Holocaust denial and neo-Nazi material (unless he is lying when he said he has read my reports – this must be true).

Palestine Live is full of dozens of posts of Cushman belittling antisemitism amongst a crowd of antisemites. Cushman then went on to say that when the allegations of antisemitism made by those like Luciana Berger are examined properly ‘they fall apart like a tissue of lies’. Has he not seen the antisemitic abuse Luciana received? This is Cushman suggesting one of the most attacked female politicians in the UK is ‘making it all up’ for political purposes.

More Antisemitism heading for conference

There is one specific incident that needs sharing. After Mike Cushman introduced himself and denied he had ever seen antisemitism in the Labour Party he went for me.

We saw David Collier, he says he sits at his computer finding this stuff. I’m sure that Collier may be obsessive. But you do not find this stuff by human trawling of the internet – you need high grade artificial intelligence services to get this. Now I have always assumed that this was being done from Tel Aviv by Mossad and other security services. I am not saying they are not doing it, but I’ve seen some suggestion and I think they’re very compelling suggestions that a lot of this is actually coming from the British Security Services’.

So, he has always assumed I worked for Mossad but now it is MI5? I cannot be a Jew who has a problem with antisemitism. Collier is not capable of doing this alone. I have to be part of a global conspiracy. This snippet includes those remarks:

This is Cushman being antisemitic. He has turned the Zionist into the Jew. Everything antisemites thought about the Jew, Cushman thinks about Zionists. All he has done – and the only thing he has done – is remove himself and a handful of others from the equation. Only when the Labour Party realise this and see it for the obvious antisemitism that it is, will they even begin to handle anti-Jewish racism properly.


In the meantime. This weekend, under the Labour Party banner and at events promoted inside their magazine, these people will gather to talk at the conference. It is time, Labour did what they should have done four years ago and kick *all* the antisemites to the kerb. Tomororw it starts. Am I going? Apparently I need to receive instructions from my handlers in Jerusalem before I can answer that question.


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41 thoughts on “Two days before conference, JVL antisemitism at Jackie Walker event

  1. “This is Cushman being antisemitic.” A strange conclusion based on your text.

    Explain please the antisemitic accusation.

    1. Mike Farmer is one of the resident trolls. Not a nice chap. Is obsessive about Jews to the point of being pathological! Tries to pick a fight but that requires something Mikey does’t have: intelligence!
      Sad but true

      1. Seems Judah differs not from the abusive posters on here. All of those questioning David’s smears lack intelligence.


        David implies Walker is antisemitic.’Ben Zion’ says she is. How novel. The usual tourettes … antisemite … antisemite .. antisemite ….

        1. Well, you are a proud Nazi-supporter with an odd fascination for crying tears over the deaths of Nazi partisans and Russian soldiers during WWII. The shoe fits, that why you wear itZf

    2. What are you doing here, on this website? Other than to be disruptive, i.e., a troll, why are you here? It’s not a website aimed at people who neither support Israel, nor Jewish people, so why are you here? And if you do come here, why don’t you read the text before asking questions already answered?

  2. The film is antisemitic and promotes the cause of someone suspended from Labour and subject to the Party’s disciplinary procedures.

    The film includes the following lies (most are antisemitic):

    – Mark Thomas saying that Israel is an apartheid state and that the allegations of antisemitism in Labour are a ‘witchhunt against Israel’s fiercest critics’;

    – Moshe Machover saying that Israel’s critics ‘are denigrated as antisemites’;

    – An allegation by Walker that Israel Advocacy Movement is funded by Israel;

    – The suggestion that David Collier’s ‘political connections are open to question’;

    – The suggestion by Professor Lewis Gordon that ‘Jews who want to be white benefit from the idea of a Jew-hating black’;

    – Wimborne-Idrissi saying IHRA is ‘designed to prevent criticism of Israel’ and that local authorities were defrauded into adopting it;

    – The commentator saying that Israel is ‘moving to full-blown apartheid’;

    – The commentator saying “The Zionist project, emboldened by unprecedented support from the Trump White House, is now surging ahead in its attempt to eliminate Palestine from history. Its muscular ultra-nationalism has become a model and an inspiration not just for white supremacists in America but for extreme right regimes now emerging across parts of Europe. …. Recent large scale far right demonstrations in central London have revealed a convergence of fascist and neo-Nazi groups with hard line Zionists”.

    1. Walker was NOT suspended for antisemitism.

      Of your list only “The suggestion by Professor Lewis Gordon that ‘Jews who want to be white benefit from the idea of a Jew-hating black’;” could be seen as antisemitic. NONE of the others are.

      Remember ‘The Truth Matters’. It seems not to Jonathan … nor David.

      1. Errrr – David mentioned this fact but it does’t mean Walker isn’t an antisemite. She is! Why don’t you try something novel: truth! Else it’s more of the same . . . . . Trolling!

        1. Sorry, the truth is that Walker was not suspended for antisemitism.

          Judah and David wouldn’t speak the truth if you paid them.

          1. Farmer yet again you show your inability to read and comprehend David’s posts.
            You claim Farmer,
            “Sorry, the truth is that Walker was not suspended for antisemitism.
            Judah and David wouldn’t speak the truth if you paid them.”

            Yet if you bothered to read the first sentence of the section titled ‘The Walker event’ you would have noticed that David wrote this,
            “Jackie Walker is one of those expelled. Not explicitly for antisemitism of course but rather for ‘prejudicial’ and ‘grossly detrimental’ comments. ”

            Now Farmer is your problem that you are clearly educationally sub normal and can’t comprehend the English language, or are you just copying and pasting the pieces given to you by the third rate Troll Farm that uses you?

              1. Farmer, David has already answered that question in English.
                Such a pity you are unable to comprehend the English language.

                1. Farmer after your latest attempt to ‘troll’ on this site has failed, again.
                  Perhaps it is time for a career adjustment for you.

                  Suggestions for a suitable career for Farmer should be sent to the Matron at the Home for the Incurably Stupid, Farmer is confined in.

                  1. The question was for YOU, Gerald.

                    Have you no mind? …. no opinions?

                    Must it always be ‘Whatever David says.’?

                    1. “The question was for YOU, Gerald.”
                      Yes Farmer, and I gave you MY answer.

                      “Have you no mind? Yes, in answer to your poorly worded question, I have a mind.
                      …. no opinions?” Yes I have opinions.

                      “Must it always be ‘Whatever David says.’?”
                      No, but if David has already written something that I agree with, why would I repeat it?
                      Just to satisfy your puerile attempts at trolling. Not going to happen Farmer.

                      Now off you fly little Farmer, back to your third rate troll farm.

                    2. So, Gerald says that Walker was NOT expelled for antisemitism.

                      David HAD dishonestly implied it.


                    3. Farmer you don’t have sufficient intelligence, or knowledge of the English language, to twist my words. So don’t waste your time trying.
                      It just makes you and your poor efforts look increasingly pathetic.

                    4. By the way Farmer, IF what you risibly claim is true.

                      Why would Jessica Elgot, Chief Political Correspondent of The Guardian, write an article with the following headline, “Labour expels Jackie Walker for leaked antisemitism remarks”?

                      If you want proof that the article and headline exist, you can check. It was in The Guardian 27/03/2019.

                    5. Farmer as I know due to your mental and or physical disabilities you are unable to scroll up or down, the question is this,

                      “By the way Farmer, IF what you risibly claim is true.

                      Why would Jessica Elgot, Chief Political Correspondent of The Guardian, write an article with the following headline, “Labour expels Jackie Walker for leaked antisemitism remarks”?

                      If you want proof that the article and headline exist, you can check. It was in The Guardian 27/03/2019

                      Now Farmer answer the question put to you.

                    6. Farmer clearly you can’t, or don’t want to, answer the question put to you.

                      A good example of how truth and reality are complete strangers to you and the ‘world’ you anti-Semites live in.

                    7. You bunch are con-artists … accusing folk of antisemitism when you can’t even quote the antisemitism. You’re a joke, living in a pretend world.

                      At least David makes his living from the falsehoods.

                    8. Still waiting for you to answer the question I put to you Farmer.

                      Your false ‘outrage’ at your self-evident anti-Semitism being pointed out to you, is hackneyed and very boring.

                    9. Then we both wait, Gerald.

                      Perhaps you can’t say how I am antisemitic, as David can’t say with Corbyn., but I suppose it’s the group mantra.

                    10. “towards Israel and the Jewish people”

                      “the Jewish people”??

                      No! Israel.

                      Where have I bad-mouthed “the Jewish people”?

                      So, David and yourself are “the Jewish people”?

                      Lol. Israel is also NOT “the Jewish people”. It is a state containing Muslims, Christians and a minority of world Jewry just as the Sweden is not ‘the White people’.

                    1. Asked and answered many, many times.

                      Trouble is Farmer you are either a) too stupid to understand the evidence, or b) a blatant liar who continually denies the evidence, or c) a combination of both.

                      You can run as much as you want to Farmer, but you can’t hide from the truth.
                      Even though you keep trying to pretend the truth doesn’t exist, or hope if you ignore it long enough it will go away.

                      And, I am still waiting for an answer to the question I put to you.

                    2. So tell me Farmer is your animus towards Israel and the Jewish people,
                      driven by the fact that you are a loser?

                      Farmer, without any shadow of doubt, you are a failure who is nothing and has achieved nothing. A reject from society, about as useful and welcome as a shit-stain.

                      Poor Farmer whose only ‘purpose’ in life is to post incoherent, anti-Semitic drivel.

    1. So, only 15-20 ‘antisemites’ from a membership of over 500,000.

      Seems David’s hysteria re. Labour was a ruse.

      1. Pretty sure at this point if Muck Framer somehow miracles his way to a hole in one in miniature golf, he writes down a Zero on his scorecard. He’s such a loser.

  3. If David worked for Mossad/ MI5 he wouldn’t need to beg for money every blog….. and his output would need to be more convincing.

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