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The deliberate lies in the Washington Post

The Washington Post published an article profiling seven journalists killed in Gaza. The research below suggests it was a deliberate attempt to deceive.

The Washington Post report

The Washington Post report covers the deaths of ‘journalists’ in Gaza. Using the list of names provided by ‘the Committee to Protect Journalists’ (CPJ), the Post describes the Gazan journalists as brave heroes who paid the ultimate price just for trying to tell the world the truth.

The article implied that not only was Israeli deliberately killing journalists, but that Israel also targeted some journalist’s families to make sure there would be no witnesses.

In many ways the piece is typical of the junk that much of western media is producing; a transparent attempt to delegitimise Israel by twisting facts and removing context. The end result is little more than a pro-Hamas propaganda item.

The Washington Post deception

But sometimes, in the rush to demonise Israel, journalists try to be too clever – and in this case, the Washington Post article can be used to hang those that put it together. We need just three pieces of evidence to do it.

The first is the list of the seven journalists that the Washington Post chose to profile:

  • Mosab Ashour, died Oct 22 (green)
  • Belal Jadallah, died Nov 19 – (green)
  • Roshdi Saraj, died Oct 22 -(green)
  • Majd Arandas, died Nov 1 – (red)
  • Montaser al sawaf, died Dec 1 – (green)
  • Samer Abu Daqqa, died Dec 15 – (green)
  • Ayat Khadoura, died Nov 20 – (green)

Don’t worry, the colour coding will be explained later.

The second piece of evidence is the source the Washington Post chose to use.  The WP used the CPJ list, even promoting the Hamas driven fiction that this is the worst war for journalists in history:

The final piece of evidence is the method used to put the seven profiles together. From the descriptions provided we know that the Washington Post had clearly searched the social media pages of those journalists that they profiled:

These three facts are the only things needed to prove that this report is a massive and deliberate deception.

The 78 dead Palestinian journalists

Had the Washington Post just told the tale of seven fallen journalists, I would not be writing this. War is a terrible thing, people die, and families are destroyed. There is no doubt that in this conflict, a small number of actual journalists have been killed.

But the Washington Post did not just leave it with their seven examples. They used the chosen seven to piggyback on the CPJ claim that 78 Palestinian journalists have been killed.

The WP even ran with this quote which implies Journalists are ‘bearing the brunt’ of the Israeli response to October 7:

These are just lies put out by Sherif Mansour, the CPJ’s Egyptian born coordinator (on a related note, Ellen Francis, the key journalist behind the WP article is from Lebanon).

But this all avoids the most basic and burning question. How did the Washington Post decide on which seven journalists (from the 78) it wanted to profile? And it is the answer to that question that exposes the deliberate misrepresentation of facts.

My own research

I probably know as much if not more about the journalists who have been killed than anyone else in the west. For my own research I searched for and found the social media accounts of 93% of them. This allowed me to check the veracity of the claim they were working journalists. A month ago I published a 200 page report detailing the findings – which show quite clearly that the claim of targeted journalists is nothing but a Hamas propaganda exercise.

I have a large excel file which helped put together the full picture. Each journalist is listed along with what I found attached to their name. To help organise the list, I colour coded them. For example, ‘grey’ indicated they had died at home – not in the field. And ‘orange’ meant they were employees of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

There were also those who got an ‘all-clear’.  When I highlighted the name in ‘green’ it meant I could see a fair amount about them, but found nothing definitive that incriminated them. ‘Red’ indicated that the social media account was found, but was private – so I had to set them aside.

Six of the seven chosen by the Washington Post were highlighted green in my file (all clear). One was red (private account). The odds of this having been a random selection make it almost impossible. So whoever chose them must have seen a completely different story from the one the WP told.

A statistical starting point – the terrorist workers

The Washington Post picked seven journalists to profile, and successfully avoided picking any of those who work directly for agencies of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. My research showed that 50% of those listed were directly employed by these proscribed terrorist groups. This means that picking seven in a row who did not work for terrorist outlets would be similar* to correctly calling a tossed coin seven times. The odds of this happening can be calculated.

The odds of the Washington Post doing this by chance are higher than 1/128*.

(* there is a small mathematical error here. On each successful ocassion, the WP is reducing the number of ‘clean’ journalists that can still be picked, and therefore increasing the likelihood they will pick someone who worked for Hamas or Islamic Jihad. In other words, the precise odds are higher than the simplistic 1/128 calculated above).

As an example, the WP article lists Hassouneh Salim as a hero (one of the dead journalists to be mourned) but does not create a profile of him:

On the morning of Oct 7 Hasouneh Salim was distributing the Islamic Jihad call to to arms (translation of post from Salim’s Telegram channel).

In its choice of seven to profile the Washington Post successfully avoided every single one of these (50%) people who were acting on behalf of the terrorist groups.

Taking it further

The method the WP used to research the article makes the full picture even worse. We know that the Washington Post searched the social media posts of those they profiled. Yet from my own research of the dead journalists listed by the CPJ, 79% promoted and celebrated terrorism and the death of innocent civilians.

For example these four ‘journalists’ all openly celebrated the murder of civilians:

And all four are included in the Washington Post list of ‘heroes’:

Washington post heroes support terrorism

But none of these four were profiled. In fact, there are many other ‘journalists’ held up as heroes by the Washington Post who have openly celebrated deadly terrorist attacks:

Mohammad JarghounIbrahim Mohammad LafiMohammad al-SalhiAssaad Shamlakh
Mohammed SobhSaeed al-TaweelHusam MubarakIssam Bhar
Mohammad BaloushaKhalil Abu AathraSaed al-HalabiYasser Abu Namous
Yahya Abu ManihAhmed al-QaraYaacoub al-BarshMohamed Mouin Ayyash
Abdullah DarwishAdham HassounaOla AtallahAssem Kamal Moussa
Haneen KashtanAbdallah AlwanMohamed KhalifehMohamed Khaireddine

79% of the names in the CPJ list publicly supported the murder of civilians. Yet somehow the Washington Post successfully avoided all of these as well.

This means that in a random selection – to pick that first journalist to profile – the Washington Post were 79% likely to pick a journalist who had published extremist comments. Except they missed, and picked a journalist who hadn’t. And then they did it seven times in a row.

This is beyond all reasonable statistical probability.

Other probabilities

There are other probabilities included in this exercise. Approximately 20% of those listed were not journalists (they even included a builder), and some were clearly family of key terrorists. For example, Ahmed Shehab was included in the WP list:

Yet he was killed alongside his uncle – Abd Al Rahman Shehab – who was Islamic Jihad royalty:

In choosing the seven journalists to profile, the Washington Post article successfully missed them all.

The Washington Post scam

We can therefore dismiss the possibility that the seven profiles were chosen at random. This means that someone carefully selected which ones to profile. In doing so – they must have found many unsuitable candidates because of their ties to terrorism or visible extremism. They cannot reference a journalist’s Facebook page if it is full of the glorification of those who slaughter Jews.

To find their lucky seven, whoever put this report together must have realised that many of the names included in the CPJ list work for terrorist groups or publicly support terrorist violence against civilians. Yet they still chose to go ahead and present a completely fictional tale – falsely presenting them all as heroes and the seven chosen profiles as if they were fairly representative of the whole.

The Washington Post article

  • does not mention that many (50%) of the journalists work for Hamas / Islamic Jihad
  • does not mention that 79% of the journalists openly supported the slaughter of Israeli civilians
  • does not mention that many of the journalists (20%+) were not journalists at all

And yet this must have been known (or heavily suspected) by whoever did the Washington Post research.

Right to reply

An email was sent to the three journalists (Ellen Francis, Artur Galocha and Joe Snell) attached to the report:

My questions:

  1. Did the CPJ do all the legwork here – did you basically just run an advert for them.
  2. How did you fail to see that many of the journalists either work for terrorist organisations or support the slaughter of civilians
  3. Given you must have seen them to research the article, how on earth have you ended up suggesting 80+ journalists have been killed?

I received no response at all to the questions.

The Washinton Post motto reads ‘democracy dies in darkness’. They are right, democracy does die in darkness – and they are some of those helping to kill it.

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51 thoughts on “The deliberate lies in the Washington Post

  1. Barely a day goes by when we don’t prove that Gazan doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, journalists, UNWRA teachers and administrators were all complicit and in many cases active in prosecuting violence, abduction and murder of Israeli babies, children and the elderly.

    We should spare a thought for the wardrobe mistresses in the Hamas Cunning Disguise Department who are working tirelessly to outfit these errant extremists.

  2. Thanks for that, David. It proves what many of us have thought for years ie that the Washington Post – once a great newspaper of record – is now nothing more than an anti-Israel propaganda comic beloved of Biden worshipers and those who hate Israel and/or Jews. Same applies to the New York Times.

  3. PALLY-WEID [Pallyweid]

    First, it was, 1961, as at the UN, nations discussed apartheid in South Africa, infamous Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy] (who helped Hitler during WW2, had justified the Holocaust in 1946) decided to come up with the apartheid slur.

    Shukeiri is infamous for the “non of them will survive” genocidal admitted plans ahead of the Six-Day war. Months after his apartheid-slur, he had complained of too many Jews in the UN, then in Nov 1962, he had promoted Neo Nazi group there. In his 1969 book he would write that Mandatory-Palestine Arabs cheered and prayed for Hitler.

    Since then, it (Apartheid slur) became a default terminology for haters, (recent example was Omar Shakir, who misrepresented facts and broaden apartheid definition to fit his propaganda he has been involved in years before his HRW career), or the ignorant or the misinformed. (Not to mention the wide range of preferential treatment for Arabs over Jews in academia, court cases, employment, prison conditions, etc.).

    Yet, for decades Pallywood had pushed the G slur (so called genocide) on anti terror operations by the good-guys Israelis while racist-Arab anti Israel forces use their civilians as human shields and facilities in that ‘dead baby strategy’ in their diabolical routine of twisted win win. If IDF hits at the terrorists, some civilians will die and Israel would look bad. If they don’t, then they can continue wagering Israelis. The methods began under Arafat in the early 1980s.

    While “palestinian” Arabs and Hezbollah are by no mean the first to use human shields, they stand out in using their own people for that terrible goal.

    Then came the long planned Oct 7 2023, massacring youths, targeting entire families, burning them alive, decapitation, mass rape. All under the Hamas leadership (beneath them, PFLP and PIJ and other ordinary Gazans, and of course UNRWA guys too as well as some Arab “journalists,” including al Jazeera’s) which never had recanted its genocide goal.

    But when Israel, ahead of its operation, evacuated civilians to save their lives, the “cleansing” cries arose (never mind that ethnic Arabs in Israel are the same ethnicity).

    Al Jazeera (dubbed Jihad Zeera already in 2002) Hamas’ chief mouthpiece has been reinforcing its old bloody routine of showing graphic images to incite the Arab world, while knowing fully well terror methods of using hospitals, etc.

    And the Hamas’ Gaza “health” ministry has been keeping publishing “numbers” while the aforementioned Omar Shakir was one of the first to give credibility to those numbers.

    The Jihad regime, concocted a “genocide” case by sending South Africa to do their dirty job. After years of Islamist lobbying there and relations with Hamas.
    Thus, trivializing really genocide cases.

    So what now?

    It’s what happen when pushing the envelope too far.

    1. Thanks for elaborating about the ‘Pallyweid.’ A correct term for drama lexicon of buzzwords by Pallywood.

  4. add the UNWRA train crash and the Palestinian ‘World of Tricks and Horrors’ becomes more invasive and all-consuming
    the Palestinian ‘Department of Propaganda’ also known as the Hamas ‘Palestine Health Department’ with the aid of these ‘journalists’ completes the disinformation campaign which is gleefully accepted by legions of the worlds media

  5. Thank you David. Great job meticulously exposing the fog of “innocent journalists “. The tragedy of the “Palestinian” Arabs is also, that for decades , seemingly innocent human rights members and journalists were used for the dangerously violent war against Israel.

  6. Israel will do what it needs to do to get the job done in Gaza

    And the civilised world will be very grateful to Israel for doing it


  7. The other day a colleague asked me about “powerful” Israel…
    And I replied:
    What would have happened, had Israel not be so careful in avoiding harming the unarmed… how many would even survive In the FIRST strike?

    Man, you’re right, she said.

  8. Zionism is now being recognised throughout the world as the hateful ideology it has always been. Consequently Zionists are competing with each other to show who can be the most brutal in its defence. Israel, this cauldron of wickedness, a laterday Gomorrah, is imploding in its own depravity. If there are ‘ten good men’ get out now before the downfall.

    1. Hello Jack. As a keen student of our affairs from 2855miles away, you will know that we are the 6th happiest country on the planet. When we achieve the latest of our many victories against the Arabs, I expect we’ll be at least 4th.

      Pip pip !

      1. Well they do say ignorance is bliss 🙂 and there are certainly no people more ignorant than Zionists!

  9. When you say there’s an increase in antisemitism, do you actually mean there are skyrocketing numbers of protests taking place daily around the world against Israel?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Hey Jew Boy/Girl, when you took to the street on 8/10 to squeal with joy at the murder of Israeli babies and children and celebrate inevitable Arab victory are you now dead embarrassed that you went too early?

      I feel for you, I do. That was your moment and now it’s gone. Still, there are still some hostage posters around to be ripped down whilst doing that smirky vegan face. Wot’s your personal best in a single day?

      Asking for Norris McWhirter.

  10. Why can’t your friend ask the question themselves, or are you just using that as a foil to conceal an animus towards Jews and Israel
    Also you mention ‘Jew’ in your title, so I ask what your connection to Judaism is. I ask this because to often over the past few months I have encountered posts where people have claimed to be Jews, but when challenged show a total ignorance of said Judaism. They have just been using ‘Jew’ as a weapon. A little like totalitarian dictatorships using the word ‘Democracy’ in their name.
    So, no offence, just asking for clarification for the above reasons 🤔

  11. David, what a nerve you’ve got to accuse anyone of lying! Daily we see Israeli mouthpieces on our screens lying through their back teeth in an attempt to justify Israel’s genocide. Hasn’t your ‘undergound research’ shown that Israel has created an industry out of lying to the public. Thankfully more and more people are recognising that lies are the stock in trade of Zionists and are no longer being fooled by Israel’s despicable spokespeople.

  12. JackT, our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite.

    I call you an Antisemite because of your seeming obsession with and about Jews and who is a ‘good or bad’ Jew.

    What are your views and comments on what happened on October 7th. Do you blame the Jews/Israelis for what happened to themselves. Do you think it was an act honorable resistance or do you think it was an unprovoked genocidal anti-Jewish Antisemitic and anti-Israel pogrom; the worst loss of life suffered by Jews since the Holocaust. Do you think that Hamas is guilty of committing a genocide (as per the Hamas Charter Article 7). Do you think that Israel is committing a genocide, and if so, why?

    1. The last refuge of a Zionist scoundrel is to accuse others of being antisemitic. Are you a Zionist scoundrel, Richard?

      The CST, CAA and other greedy orgs who generate £££ on what they define as antisemitic, tries that on all the time.

      Doesn’t work anymore. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

  13. JackT

    Before you reply please read the definition of GENOCIDE and maybe even read the GENOCIDE CONVENTION

    1. Those naughty Hamas ‘terrorists’ had every right to oppose the military occupation of Palestine by Zionists. As for the genocide being committed by Israel, the actions of Hamas come nowhere near it. Read their declaration which says their action was not against Jews it was against the illegal occupation. I assume you know that many of the Israelis who were killed on Oct 7th were killed by the IDF!

      1. Still smarting from picking the wrong team Jack. I do feel for you but seriously, did you never bother to check the stats before you chose. We’re winners and the obvious choice. You’ve done the equivalent of checking the options and going “Yeah, Walsall looks like the one for me.”

        Buckle up for a lifetime of disappointment, son.

        Zios for the win……….again !

        1. ▪️Zionism is today’s new Nazism.
          ▪️Zionism is not Judaism.
          ▪️Being against Zionism is not Antisemitism.

          1. When Islamists (including those who pose as non Muslim) make the nazi comparisons, it is just a ploy, but not an anti-nazi statement at all. On the contrary.

            Michael, George. The enemy of my enemy : the alarming convergence of militant Islam and the extreme right. United States: University Press of Kansas, 2006, 

            We Muslims were fascinated by the Third Reich in the 1930s because Hitler had some ideas at the political level and the economic level , and the cultural field , which were very close to the political, economic, and cultural.

            So this man and his movement were fascinating to many Muslim intellectuals all during the 1930s. And since 1945, Muslims have been studying all of these things . And we judge him in a different way. Even if now, of course, when the Muslims protest against America, they say Bush equals Hitler, or Sharon equals Hitler, they say that not for themselves, but [because] they know that it has an impact on Western public opinion. You see Hitler himself had a quite positive attitude towards Islam… He said several times in his table talks that” After the final war the swastika will rule over Europe and will represent a new Europe.

            We will help the Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East to reestablish the Caliphate.” That means there would be an Islamic civilization. [And Hitler said] “In the Far East , there will be the rising sun ” -Japan of course.


  14. You haven’t answered the question; are you Jewish, or are you just pretending to be one. ‘Jew of Conscience’ is an extremely questionable handle

    1. 100% Jewish. 100% Kosher.

      Now answer my question:

      When you say there’s an increase in antisemitism, do you actually mean there are skyrocketing numbers of protests taking place daily around the world against Israel?

      1. Point of interest Jew Boy/Girl.

        Am I right in thinking that you chaps are doing a Kaddish for Hamas again in North London this weekend?

        Asking for a Progressive Rabbi who says that they/them may be interested in participating, weather permitting.

        1. If I were you Ian, I’d lie low, since word on the street is that you’re wanted for desertion. but that’s not the point.

          Listen to me Ian. I am your conscience. Hamas will not be defeated since a defeat for Hamas would mean game over for the hostages. Lots of tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth!

          And apartheid Israel wouldn’t want that now, would it? 🫡

          1. Oh calm down Jew Boy/Girl. You’ll barely have the energy for your Kaddish for Hamas at this rate.

            Worry not. We’ll keep you in Arab savages to pray for, not to mention the 95,000 innocent Gazan babies that we’re genociding every day of the conflict and you can conscience me on my desserts. What do you reckon goes better with a blood red apartheid jus, Arctic Roll or Vienetta?

            1. Bubbie, I heard you screaming in the middle of the night. No doubt you were haunted by the genocide being carried out in the name of the Zionist state.

              It’s not too late to admit you were wrong and repent.

              A step in the right direction would be to seek out and join Combatants for Peace.

              Listen to your conscience Bubbie.

            2. Hey armchair warrior, tell your conscience why IOF military murdered over a hundred civilians waiting for food? That is not what any real Jew would do.

              Listen to me Ian, I am your conscience. Renounce Zionism, just as you would renounce Nazism.

      2. Hello JOC 😜

        I do admit that the “protests” (riots!) that you refer to are a little tiresome


        But I find that the best tactic to deal with them is to simply avoid the city centres at weekends and just leave them to blow off steam as necessary…

        I suppose it somehow adds meaning to their dull empty hateful little lives?

    1. Yes, the faint smell of damp Kagool and day-old Woodbines were the giveaway. I think that the reference I made to Arctic Roll and Vienettas finally smoked him out. I know he works the Frozen Dessert aisles at Lidl on a Thursday.

      Just between us, I prefer it when the Comedy Cleric is in the house. It’s like playing pub footie and turning up to play a rival who’ve selected a 26 stone lard-arse in goal. You know you’re gonna have a good day !

  15. The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to somehow convince the western liberal left that the Palestinians still have the right to claim a country that they have repeatedly rejected and that all of their miseries (past and present) don’t directly stem from the disastrously bad choices they themselves have made…..


  16. Don’t forget that a country called Palestine has never existed in the annals of human history.
    It’s first iteration was the British Mandate for Palestine between 1917 and 1948.
    It is a total European construct

  17. I’m sure you like boxcars and soap and lampshades etc, and thus you call the Zionists the new Nazis. I would really appreciate it if you could list the actions of the Zionists that comprise/constitute the basis for such a comparison.
    As you have never answered any requests for information regarding your allegations before, I’m sure you will respond with your usual snide commentary

  18. Speaking of malicious bias…

    Biased PBS pushing terrorist Hamas propaganda, again.

    PBS News hour

    Feb.29, 2024

    Former Al Jazeera (Al jihadzeera) journalist, Nick Schifrin aired an Al Jazeera clip about the deaths of stampede as crowd storms aid trucks. Then a short clip of the IDF in which it clarifies it did not fire at people who were trying to get aid, but fired [at those] when facing a danger.

    Yet, minutes latet, Geoff Bennett, had interviewed Jeremy Konyndyk, Jeff outright began in stating, as a matter of fact, that Israel (supposedly) “fired on the people” attempting to get aid.

    He then quoted Amna Nawaz’s citing “Gaza health ministry” about the toll, Jeff stated that the “Gaza health ministry” as “widely reliable,” omitting that it is actually by Hamas, who, of course has always been using civilians. The only side in interest of maximizing fatalities. 

    1. The toll, if it is even accurate, includes terrorists, theiir hepers and civilians. Bibi Netanyahu said that it is 1 per 1.
    2. Palestinian gunmen did open fire too today.
    3. The IDF also replied to I. Tyab of CBS that it was only a small group who were fired upon, and after being warned not to approach them.
    4. The IDF fire came AFTER the stampede began.

  19. From the river
    to the sea.
    Only a ceasefire
    will set us free.

    Listen to your conscience 🤔

    1. There will be no ceasefire until these Hamas vermin are 100% eliminated

      And when this objective is achieved the civilised world will rejoice

      Shabbat Shalom everyone


      1. Hamas eliminated = hostages eliminated. Simples.

        Ceasefire NOW!

        Listen to your conscience 🤔

        1. Hamas eliminated = peace for Israel and Gaza and the civilised world 🌍

          Something worth praying for


  20. When someone uses the term IOF, he already shows that he is an Arab posing as “Jew.”

    Like many do online.

    ‘Nuff said.

  21. Report: UN Is Starving Palestinians to Save Terror-linked UNRWA

    By Joel B Pollak.
    29 February 2024

    United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has reportedly told other UN agencies to reject funding and tasks that ordinarily would fall to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which has been linked to Palestinian terror.

    As Breitbart News has reported, many donor countries suspended donations to UNRWA after more than a dozen of its employees were found to have participated in the Hamas terror attack of October 7. In addition, UNRWA has been faulted over the years for indoctrinating Palestinian children to hate Israel and Jews, and the very existence of the agency perpetuates the idea that Palestinian “refugees” — several generations later — will return to a destroyed Israel.

    Israel has said that it sees no future for UNRWA in a post-Hamas Gaza. It is encouraging other UN agencies, which are not infested with terrorists or suffused with terrorist ideology, to perform the functions that UNRWA performs in Gaza.

    The UN is trying to resist that idea, according to an investigative report by Colum Lynch at DevEx.com:

    Secretary-General António Guterres has urged the heads of the United Nations’ principal relief agencies, including the World Food Programme and UNICEF, to rebuff appeals by Israel and the United States to undertake work currently carried out by the world body’s beleaguered Palestinian refugee agency.

    The outreach pits Guterres against the Biden administration, which is mounting a campaign to persuade the U.N.’s main relief organizations to take over some of the functions of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, the decades-old Palestinian aid agency that Israel has accused of complicity in Hamas’ crimes, reflecting concerns that its financial future is endangered.

    Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a watchdog organization that monitors the UN and its institutions. raised the issue Thursday:

    Israel has said that it is capable of delivering “unlimited” amounts of aid to Gaza, but that UNRWA is failing to distribute it properly to civilians in Gaza, and that much of it is being hijacked by Hamas terrorists or by armed gangs.

  22. Regarding the anti-Jewish user here
    [Joe/johannes/jew-with-conscience and more…], under different names, usually masquerading as just “anti-zionist” …

    …he is not the first in history..

    The first Arab to pose as a Jew was in 1953 in Germany propagating against reparations.

    Founder of “Jewish Association’ Exposed As Arab Agent
    Article – The Sydney Jewish News, 2 April 1953 – Page 3.

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