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We don’t choose our battles, like with Corbyn, some choose us

It is seventy years since the ‘Jewish People’s Council’ gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum and approved the proclamation declaring the establishment of the State of Israel. For six months, Jews had been engaged in a bloody civil conflict that would turn the right of having a state, into actually creating one. To do this they had to fight united groups that stood against them. Those that sought to destroy the idea of the Jewish state, fighting alongside those that sought to destroy the Jews.

Following the establishment of Israel, the regional war began, as local Arab armies tried to succeed where the Arabs inside the Mandate and their own irregular forces had failed. For seventy years now, Israel has faced a range of enemies that seek to destroy it. During this endless war of hate, 27,779 people Jews/Israelis have been killed. 23,645 soldiers and 4134 victims of terror. The price has been heavy and felt by every family in Israel. Which is why it is fitting that Israelis remember the cost, the day before they can celebrate the gift.

This is not a battle that Israel chose. Israel has pulled it’s forces out of Sinai, Gaza and Southern Lebanon. It has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. It was closer with the Palestinians than many think and it was the Arab inability to end the conflict, rather than anything Israel did, that remains the primary reason why such a treaty was not signed. If Israel had it’s way the fighting would end today. Israel’s children wear the uniform because they must.

Parliament 2018

It may seem like a change of subject but in reality, the events in the British Parliament yesterday are part of the very same fight that make Israeli children wear the IDF uniform. In an emotional debate about antisemitism, several Jewish MPs spoke of the hate that has been personally directed towards them. Anyone who is publicly engaged in this fight against antisemitism probably knows those that were read out were ‘light’ examples, of some of the torrent of abuse we receive.  The speeches of both Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth were heartbreaking. Both of these MPs were visibly affected by having to deliver such a truth to the British Parliament in 2018. This was not a battle they chose.

The ‘tightening air’

It was a Tory MP, rather than a Labour one, who provided the best description of the deteriorating environment. Robert Halfon said he felt as if ‘the air has grown tighter’ in this country. A reference to the increased toxicity that exists on our streets, and that feeling that we are less safe, less free, than we all were yesterday. A sense of slow suffocation, a claustrophobic quality. Halfon then said this:

‘I never imagined, because I always thought this was the greatest country in the world, my father was an immigrant here – he escaped from Pogroms in Libya – and I never imagined that one would ever feel the air tightening in this country’

That he said this indicates that Halfon never chose this battle either. Like Berger, Smeeth and the thousands who turned up at the demonstrations either at Parliament Square or outside the Labour HQ, none of us ever imagined this is where we would be in 2018. This was the battle of our parents, our grand-parents and our great-grandparents. Many thought this battle was done. They were wrong.

The personal attacks

It isn’t surprising that there is a virtual army online defending Jeremy Corbyn. 100,000’s of people joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn and he has an adoring following. He provides many people who felt excluded from politics with a voice. Some of those voices we are better off without. He is seen by some as the person who will bring the ‘revolution’ against a world controlled by Jews. These people act like a swarm, crowding around and then abusing anyone who attacks Corbyn. As someone who is at the front of this fight, and not acting anonymously, I have been abused, threatened and defamed. I have had my contact details publicly shared. My family has been hounded at times, and even my 87-year-old mother became a target for online abuse.

Gilad Atzmon, Free Speech on Israel, Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada, JVL, Asa Winstanley, Tony Greenstein, Bella Caledonia, Sarah Glynn, Alan Maddison and Jonathan Ofir are just some of those who have written or published nonsensical stuff about me, and in many of these pieces I have been called a combination of racist, neo-Nazi, Islamophobic and misogynistic. All this because I believe in the ethical underpinning of the Jewish right to statehood and I fight against antisemitism.

Corbyn on the stool

None of this will be changed by the debate yesterday. It was emotional, but we already know that there is more than one party inside this Labour party. We know Corbyn has brought a cult with him and we know moderates inside the party are being abused. The truth is this – if Corbyn were really to tackle antisemitism, he would be the man standing on a stool with a noose around his neck, kicking away the very legs upon which the stool seat stands. He cannot and will not tackle anti-Jewish racism in the party.

Just as he is caught in his world, we must face the reality of the dangerous environment this creates. I personally saw Jeremy Corbyn swimming in the sewer with Holocaust Deniers and rabid antisemites. He seems at home in these environments. Just as he appears at home with ideologies promoted by groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. For me, this man is not, nor never will be fit, to lead this country.

The game must be played

Yet nobody can say Jeremy Corbyn must go, because his followers have a grip on the party apparatus. We can only ask him to change or to tackle the racism. In turn he can suggest that he will or pretend to do so. This is the near choreographed dance that is taking place at the moment.

The Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council must be seen to be willing to accommodate a world with Corbyn as PM, even though they already know Corbyn is just playing games with them. Jeremy Corbyn must be seen to be willing to attend to the antisemitism, even though he has no intention of doing so. The dance begins. The BOD / JLC issue demands. Corbyn goes to a Jewdas Seder. The meeting is set up. Corbyn sets up a second meeting and invites anti-Zionist groups to come along. There is a debate on antisemitism, Corbyn walks out and then back in again. We demand he investigates antisemitism in the party, the entire process becomes a shambles.

At every juncture, Corbyn’s strategy will be to play games, or use the tiny minority of hard-core Jewish anti-Zionists to annoy the mainstream Jews. When necessary, he will hide behind a slightly less extreme fringe, like Jewdas, to create confusion in the wider public. If pushed, he will use support for ultra-Orthodox Jews to blur lines even further ( see the deflective speech by Diane Abbot in the debate).

Corbyn confusion

The wider population will never understand the opposition that mainstream Jews have to groups like JVL or Jewdas. They cannot be expected to fathom the gulf that separates a few naive synagogue going students (Jewdas), from a handful of Marxist assimilationists who care nothing about Judaism or the wider Jewish community (JVL). Most importantly nobody outside the community can see the numerical insignificance of any of these groups. Even if we add JVL to Jewdas and then include anti-Zionist (not non-Zionist) orthodoxy, we are still dealing with an insignificant fringe. These people are of no relevance beyond their use as a political weapon to shield antisemitism.

Which Jeremy Corbyn will use at will. Creating a false impression that this is an internal Jewish fight. Classic Soviet style strategy that seeks to divide to rule. He does this with an army of antisemites hiding behind him. We have no choice but to stand up against the threat. To argue semantics over anti-Zionism and antisemitism is a pointless exercise when they all fight in the same army, sleep in the same barracks and eat in the same canteen.

Semantics and statistics

Yet that is exactly what Corbyn’s followers want people to do. Become confused by irrelevant semantics. To show the level of the absurdity, look at this post by Alan Maddison:

Alan Maddison

Maddison actually went through the entire first part of the Palestine Live report and found only 4 posts that were shared in the Facebook Group he was willing to consider as antisemitic. 10%. According to Maddison the other 90% were not antisemitic at all. I can only assume he is seeing ‘Rothschild Zionism conspiracy’ as anti-Zionist and ‘Mossad did 9/11’ as anti-Israel. Look through the report yourself. How blind must you be not to see it? This man was a key strategist for JVL and is behind many of the ridiculous statistics about antisemitism being shared by Corbyn supporters.

The other trick is to distribute statistics that exclude ‘Zionism’ completely. Much of the available data on antisemitism, tests public attitudes through the use of the word ‘Jew’. Which means that someone who thinks Zionists control ISIS, the media and banks or steal organs from Arab children, would not register as antisemitic in the statistics. Anyone who has learnt to switch the word ‘Jew’ for ‘Zionist’ would not be included. Because of anti-Zionist antisemitism, this would affect Labour more than any other party. It renders those statistics virtually meaningless.

The fight

Which brings us back to Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn will see the mainstream Jewish community as an enemy for as long as he is leader. His political world vision will never accommodate being ‘Jewish’ in the same way as we understand it. For decades he has aligned with those who hate Jews and those who seek to destroy Israel. Behind him today stands an army that includes far too many antisemites for us to ignore as a serious threat. We are destined to oppose him. We do not choose our battles, sometimes they choose us. Israel sits surrounded by enemies, so are we.

As the environment deteriorates in the UK and beyond, we cannot know how all this will play out. This battle we did not want or expect. We stand against those who hate Jews via Israel and those who hate Jews directly. From the perspective of some naive idealistic anti-Zionist, these positions may seem entirely different. For a Jew, fighting anti-Zionist antisemitism, there is virtually no difference at all.

In 1948, when they celebrated the creation of Israel, Zionists knew the battles were still to be fought. Today we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday as the ‘air tightens’ around us in the UK. What yesterday’s debate showed us all clearly, is that whether we wanted this political fight or not, it is upon us.



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78 thoughts on “We don’t choose our battles, like with Corbyn, some choose us

    1. Dumb Bellamy is a Master in Projecting his failings and neurosis onto others.

      Happy Nakba Ahole!

    2. Stephen,
      Regrettably the faux Syrian air strikes have taken up most of my time, but did review the theatricals in Parliament on Tuesday – was under the impression that the AS debate was going to be on Monday, alas trying to start World war III derailed it a little. I must say I was never aware Smeeth and Berger had attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, but such was my delight, don’t know whether to nominate them for a Theatre Award, maybe the Tony’s, or an actual Oscar for best actress – really moved by the tears. Alas, I then reviewed some Yemen material, which did make my heart bleed, but our heroines don’t seem to want to discus that, maybe because its just Muslims being murdered daily by the House of Saud, and as with upsetting Israeli for its crimes in Gaza, can’t be annoying the Saud’s can we?

      1. Crimes in Gaza … blah, blah … Israelis daring to defend themselves.
        You give sick creeps a bad name, you revolting creature.

        1. Leah27z,

          I take it you must be one of the snipers who delight in murdering children? Under the Nuremberg Laws, which resulted from the prosecution of those who supported Hitler and pursued genocidal policies against numerous European communities, among them the Jewish ones, those who engage in such illegal acts can be hung. Maybe its time you stood trial at the Hague, you callous bastard.

          1. Chris,
            It’s “hanged,” not “hung.” “Hung” is what you, sadly, would like the girls to think of you. And shooting at people who want to annihilate you is called self-defense. Jews were not trying to destroy Germany. Germans tried to destroy the Jews. It’s the anti-Zionists who have picked up the habits, rhetoric, tactics, and goals of the Nazis, not the other way round. As someone who has seriously studied the subject, I am amazed how closely the rhetoric of the British “anti-zionist” resembles the rhetoric of the Nazis.

            1. Jeff,

              If that’s your own complaint, I can live with it, the rest of your response is crass nonsense, particularly your references to Nazi Germany, which if memory serves me right, the Soviet Union Armies destroyed, with some help from Western powers, particularly in shipping war materials to the USSR and a very large bombing campaign against Germany and its allies. Oh, and it was the Left in Germany that took the Nazis on, not bloody liberals.

          2. Chris

            Please tell me in clear, unambiguous English where Jews/Israelis are murdering Children

            If you think that on the very day that Israel has chosen to mourn the industrial scale , pre-planned and mechanical murder of six million Jew (2/3 of the pre WW2 Jewish population of Europe) we are going to allow our borders to be invaded by people who have publicly vowed to destroy Israel and wipe out its Jewish population, then you are indeed a fool or an Antesmite/Jew hater.

            When we were led into the gas chambers people like you looked the other way, or asked why we didn’t put up any resistance or fight back.

            Now when we fight back and defend ourselves against our genocidal foes, pewople like you tell us to roll over and die like good Jews have done for centuries at the hands of Christian and Muslim Jew haters.

            Your hypocracy and double standards leveled against Israel reek with of the same putrid air as that that that hung over Aushwitz/Birkenau and the other camps

      2. “…I must say I was never aware Smeeth and Berger had attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, but such was my delight, don’t know whether to nominate them for a Theatre Award, maybe the Tony’s, or an actual Oscar for best actress – really moved by the tears….” Chris Rogers, you are a scumbag!

        1. ” Norm” someone who got booted off the JC blogs for threatening a female poster ( maryinbrighton was her angle as I recall) with rape is not well placed to call someone a scumbag

          1. So this where you are slumming these days. I see you’re still at it. Was hoping maybe you had opted to get a life instead.

        2. No Norm,
          I’m actually a eco-socialist &, unless its our masters, am usually opposed to the killing of innocents. Further, had not realised that we engaged in Pogroms here in the UK, but according to Smith and Berger, evidently they are on the way, except its not Jews they’ll be killing, but those opposed to the totalitarian, racist scum inhabiting our Parliament.

          1. Chris

            You had better polish up on your history

            The ‘BLOOD LIBEL’ about using the blood of Christian children in the Passover Matza is an English invention (circa 1100AD)

            That charge led to muliple pogroms in England prior to the expulsion of Jews from England

            Sinxe the readmitance of Jews I am unsure if there have been any pogroms in the UK, though there have certainly been some very unpleasant instances over the years.

            When you claim Jewish soldiers are murdering children with no context of time, place and circumstance, the Antisemetic charge of ‘Blood Libel’ springs to mind

        3. Norm,

          It must be very distressing for the likes of you and Leah27z to learn that an actual actress of some renown, who also happens to be Jewish, is so annoyed at the IDF killing and maiming 1000s of Palestinians in Gaza, that she’ll no longer make public visits to Israel. Indeed, Natalie Portman, who’s not your typical ‘self hating Jew’ speaks for many, alas our UK Parliamentarians, many who are supposed Friends of Israel, seem unconcerned, among them Smeeth and Berger. And I’m supposed to respect these buggers? Do give it a rest as you make my heart bleed:

          1. Chris

            Natalie Portman has since qualified her remarks, making your spurious statements an addition to your nasty anti-Israel Jews remarks,

            I refer to Israeli Jews because your animus is directed at the only Jewish state in the world and at only the Jewish population of Israel, excluding all non-Jews from your calculus.

            You claim all manner of progresive attributes and ideas, and funnily enough one of those is the completely unhinged obsession with Israel.

            Hatred of Israel has replaced the hatred of Jews
            Hating the country gives you the get out of jail card that hating Jews would get you into.

      3. Well the Marc Wadsworth ” hearing” should be interesting. You know what ? I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t happen and the hopelessly corrupt LP NEC bottled out. It would only bring the reality of Ruth Smeeth into focus.And we can’t have that can we. A rerun of the non action against the OLC ” names”

    3. Stephen

      You seem to be preoccupied by Jews, Zionism and Israel.

      You also refuse to ever address any questions pertaining to any of your more ridiculous and outlandish allegations against particular Jews, Israel and Zionists

      If you cannot or will not respond to quite simple questions, I must start to assume that you have no ability to answer said questions and your entire contribution to this blog commentary is driven by a pure animus to most Jews who support Israel, are Zionists and who don’t hate Israel. Lets leave particular names out for the moment

      So be a good chap then and ANSWER THE QUESTIONS

  1. “Jeremy Corbyn will see the mainstream Jewish community as an enemy for as long as he is leader.”? Absolute rubbish. You are dishonest.

    This IS a battle that yourself and the Zionists have chosen. A drive to blacken the name of the leader of the party that would hold Israel to account for its actions.

    1. Hey pal, Corbyn has hijacked and blackened the reputation of the Laboor party by his and other low lives associations with racists, fascists, islamists.

      Who murders people all over the world, as on on 9/11, London’s 7/7, Manchester, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice France, Mumbai, Nairobi, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Bali, Madrid, Pan Am 103, Fort Hood, Westminster and London bridges, beheaded Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, Palmyra, Beslan, Moscow, Halabja (poison gas), Bamiyan, …

    2. Not really . The leader who presides over a hotbed of seething antisemitism. I suggest you read Mr Collier’s 280 page report on Palestine Live.

      1. “seething antisemitism”? You believed that c**p? The evidence show that it was rare and none of it came from Mr. Corbyn. It’s an obvious smear campaign against him by those who aren’t fit to kiss his feet.

        1. Mr Corbyn becomes the target because he is leader of the party and as such has to take responsibility for the behaviour of the members of the party which he leads. If he disapproves of what these people are saying or doing he should take appropriate action – but he doesn’t do anything.

          The Chakrabarti Report published 2 years ago recognised that there was a problem with antisemitism in some ‘sectors’ of the Labour Party and its supporters and it contained some recommendations for dealing with this. None have been implemented. Mr Corbyn may not be an antisemite but by doing nothing about it, he demonstrates beyond all reasonable doubt that he condones antisemitic behaviour.

          My Corbyn spent 30+ years on the back-benches where he could say what he wanted, vote how he wanted, do what he wanted because it didn’t matter; he was accountable to no-one. Today he’s the leader of a major political party – with aspirations to be Prime Minister (heaven forfend) – and quite frankly he’s not up to the job. He’s yet to learn that leadership requires more than spouting a political ideology, shouting at the Prime Minister over the Despatch Box, firing people who disagree with him and trotting out platitudes.

          There’s a tendency to judge people by the friends that they keep. According to Mr Corbyn his friends include two internationally-recognised terrorist organisations – Hamas and Hezbollah – and a whole host of known antisemites. Tells you all you need to know about the man and his disposition.

            1. Are we referring to Scoffie and Paul Besser here by any chance, I mean, they make such a wonderful couple in the wedding photo’s I’ve seen on Google.

            2. Stephen

              Stupid comment, but in keeping with your previous contributions.

              David is merelly a commentator; he is not the leader of the official opposition party in the UK, so his views lack the force of power

              Corbyn is the official leader of the opposition party in the UK parliament and as such the people with whom he associates, befriends and tolerates is of extreme importance; a fact that only a fool or a provocature would try to deny

          1. “There’s a tendency to judge people by the friends that they keep.  ”

            I would suggest then that, given Israel uses live fire on demonstrators that post no direct threat to its soldiers or its citizens; ignores the Geneva Conventions by collectively punishing the family and neighbours of ‘terrorists’; arresting, binding, blindfolding and questioning Arab minors without representation or parents having forced itself into their homes in the early hours, that all members of Labour Friends of Israel should without delay be thrown out of the British Labour Party.

            Sound right Charlie.

            1. Keep the smoke from hundreds of burning tires, a palestinian “Arts Project”, on the Gaza side of the fence.

              If the Laboor Party threw out all the bigots, racists and fascists from its ranks, there would be nobody left.

              1. The next thing they’ll claim is that there is a severe tire shortage in Gaza and that Israel is to blame.

            2. Ah, Davy is a new thick troll.
              Those ‘peaceful demonstrators’ are viciously aggressive and threaten the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians.
              Just fuck off.

              1. Leah27z,
                Its only 24hrs after some sort of a celebration and thus far today 128 Palestinians have been killed or maimed by the not so brave IDF – seems you must be looking for a total 10K in this current environment of social eradication. Well done love, you must be very proud. Thankfully Natalie Portman ain’t.

                1. I am extremely proud of the restraint the IDF shows. The British have never shown such restraint.

                  1. I was not aware that the British Colonial Government engaged in utilising snipers to kill innocent protesters, usually they’d use a maxim gun or battling gun for such massacres.

                    Restraint you say!

                    Give it a rest as it gets rather tiring.

                    Again, many Jewish folk are now seeing through this deception and getting restless. Good on em I say.

                2. Chris

                  The more you post the more your veneer of tolerant progressiveness slips and your obsessive hatred of all things Jewish, oops a typo, I meant Israeli becomes apparent

                  70 years of incredible success by Israel in medicine, agriculture, industrial innovation and technology; the making of the desert bloom, and the survival against the most incredible odds must really make you ill.

                  Israel, that minute sliver of land on the Eastern Mediteraenean, has lifted Jews around the world out of the fear of the next outbreak of genocidal Antisemitiswm/Jew hatred, or having to live as tolerated second class ctizens throughout the Arab/Muslim world.

                  I hope that when you manage to clear the hate against Israel that clouds your vision, the success and vibrancy that characterises Israel sticks in your craw.

                  Have a good day

            3. Davy

              Your mindless repetition of context free allegations against the Jewish soldiers of the only Jewish state in the world say much about your intolerant and obsessive animus against Israel.

              While the Palestinians were attempting to attack Israel and breach the border fence, Israel was officially mourning the indusrialised mass murder of six million Jews by the Germans in WW2.

              The irony is not lost on Jews that a heroic icon of Palestinian story telling is Haj Amin Husseini, the Grand Mufti of the al-Asqua Mosque, who spent WW2 in Germany as a Guest of Hitler and the Nazis, and he was an enthusiastic supporter of said Nazis.

              Hamas in Gaza in their original Charter, which has been nominally changed but remains inherently the same, calls for the destruction of Israel and the annihalation of its Jewish citizens.

              So if you think we Jews perceive Hamas’ actions as harmless fun, then think again.

              People like you looked away when the Jews of Europe were being mass murdered, and you wondered why we did not resist to protect ourselves.

              Now when Jews protect themselves from self-declared genocidal Jew haters, you scream blue murder and expect us to roll over and die like good Jews once did; well think again matey, because we are not going to march to our deaths because of wankers like you.

        2. Davy, I have to say by your responses that you ARE fit to kiss his feet and to lick his arse as a bonus.

  2. Two small points, David:
    … pulled its forces … (not it’s).
    Why ‘Jewish People’s Council’? Surely Ha-va’ad Ha-le’umi translates as The National Committee.

  3. “To argue semantics over anti-Zionism and antisemitism is a pointless exercise when they all fight in the same army, sleep in the same barracks and eat in the same canteen.”

    Do you consider them to be the same? Straight answer if you would, David.

      1. Well, I’d love to know. Would be useful to know when people declare that they’re Zionist.

        I asked David but he can’t define it either. Perhaps Leah can do so.

    1. The problem with new people arriving here, is they think they can place me on the spot, with the same questions I have been answering directly for years. I think this makes you about the 20th person who believes I can be placed into a corner with the same playground question. I could just ask you to search the site for the other 19 responses. I could even just point you to the very sentence you cite, or the article it was taken from, because it clearly contains the answer. But I won’t.

      No. I think the idea they are the same is ludicrous and given I doubt you could define either term properly, I think the question itself is as ridiculous as it is insincere. There you go. Quotable.

          1. Stephen/Davy,

            I think it fair to say that Mr Collier would never get a hack job at The Sun, or any other tabloid newspaper, due to the fact that he works on the assumption of: ‘Why write 100 concise words when you can utilise a 1000.’ Thing is, in print media, such considerations usually result in high costs and bankruptcy

            1. Chris/Stephen/Davy

              So there are now three of you spouting from the same drain.

              I hope that that 70 years of Israels incredible success in making the desert bloom and survival against about one and half billion muslims and probably a like number of Jew hating Antisemites sticks in your craw’ and makes you hopefully review your obsession and hatred for Israel.

              We are tired of running from Jew hating Antisemites who wish us ill and blame us for all the worlds ills

              Israel is a beacon of light in a war ravaged medieavel Middle East and North Africa, and it shall defend itself as it has done since its rebirth 70 years ago

  4. Very hurt that I hadn’t had a single “Happy birthday” from Bellers, Chris or anyone from else from the Bader Meinhoff Lite. 70 wonderful years of our Jewish State and nothing….. you guys!!!

    Still I suppose with Hitler’s birthday today and all, you’ve been distracted. “What to wear for the party that won’t show the vomit; the brown shirt or the brown shirt?”

    Anyway, must dash. We’re still partying here. Before I go just quickly, a question from a bloke I know; He’s coming to Luton soon on Emirates, travelling light but with carry on of a couple of Goodyear radials, a box of matches and a small electrical device with a load of wires. Any tips for him when he arrives at the UK Border. I reckon he’ll be okay but you lot seem to know a threat when you see one.

    1. Ian,

      Funny old world, but as I type this Jonathan (Scoffie) Hoffman, Paul Besser & Jemma Sheridan are photographed together yet again demonstrating at the HSBC AGM being held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. Paul Besser of the EDL/Britain First fame no less. Pity I was not there to witness and photograph myself, but already have some nice photo’s of this trio taken this morning when the sun was shining.

      I’m actually in London in about 10 days time and Emirates don’t fly to Luton, although Qatar Airways do, as of May, actually fly to Cardiff Int. Airport – I’ll be flying BA direct on a Airbus A380, which would destroy Luton if it landed there.

      What’s all this birthday stuff, many are commiserating the Nakba, so what have I missed?

      Will forward a Tweet to Ian Austin and see what I’m supposed to be celebrating, but it ain’t my birthday for a few months and have never celebrated being closer to a six foot hole in the ground. Although, in fairness I’m going to have a green burial under a tree in Wales when i snuff it.

      1. Narcissus, Why don’t you post your details of your trips, meals, quality of your bowel movements on Facebook?

        You might reach a wider, interested audience of two.

        1. Edward,

          Whilst I’m lucky to have regular bowel movements, and presently at least no sign of cancer in my Intestinal tract, the fact remains it would seem you have not had any movements whatsoever for a considerable period of time, hence all the crap being emitted via your mouth. I’d visit a doctor if I were you and get yourself purged and have a CAT Scan.

      2. Chris

        Funny you mention the Nakhba

        The Jews created a country out of a backward wilderness

        The Jews had to contend with the British mandate authorities, the Foreign & Colonial office and the British militart conspiring to thwart the birth of a Jewish homeland.

        And the Jews had to do it without any foreign government aid; the Jews had to rely on donations from diaspora Jews and some non-Jewish sympathysers.

        And the Arabs did all in their power to destroy us
        And the Palestinians get billions of dollars from foreign governments
        And the Arabs and the Jew haters control the UN.

        And the Jews, with the help of some friends, built this amazing country.
        And the Palestinians, with all the help and aid, can’t build a country.
        And the Palestinians blame the Jews, and their supporters all over the world blame the Jews.
        Maybe its easier to blame the Jews rather tham getting down to the hard work of building a country,
        Maybe its easier to blame the Jews and then trying to destroy everything that they perceive to be Jewish that is in their path

        Ho Hum

        1. “And the Palestinians, with all the help and aid, can’t build a country.”

          But the country is not theirs to control, Richard. Israel controls it.

          it even stifles Gaza. Any infrastructure built there would be the first target for destruction by the IDF should Israel want to further dissuade the civilians from supporting Hamas. In essence the enclave is still occupied and controlled.

          1. A more helpful question for anyone with serious concerns for the Arabs would be this; with £38m of weekly EU aid funding coming in for the last dozen years, where has all the money gone?

  5. Wow, you’ve got loads of friends Chris. No wonder you’ve no time for real activism. The party never ends here either. The Spring Fete at Nahal Oz is in full swing. If you knock the quadriplegic out of his chair with your pop gun you win a teddy; get the Hamas lad that pushed him there and it’s a full box of cigars. There’s even talk of little Ahed featuring as Miss May in next years Pirelli calendar. Smart marketing that!

  6. Ian,

    Are you chaps presently celebrating yet more Palestinian eradication programmes in Israel presently, I mean the IDF could have utilised ‘puff the magic dragon’ to actually slay peaceful protestesters rather than 100 snipers – imagine the carnage that would have wrought! Indeed, you could have proclaimed another national public holiday had 10,000 been murdered, instead of well over 1000 killed or maimed by dum dum bullets. What’s not to like, particularly when the likes of Leah27z relish all this death. I’ll stick to opposing the murder of innocents, but happily recommend stringing up those who support such crassness. Although down is West and South Wales we usually parade blighters around strapped to a hobby horse, before setting fire to it.

    Still, its a bit of a coup with Natalie Portman, who’s a very accomplished actress and good looking with it too – Leah27z et al must be devastated by this latest set back.

    1. Chris

      Your disingenuous conflation of dead and injured to attempt to create an image of an incredibly high death toll reaks of Goebels/Stalin type hyperbole

      First 1000, then ten thousand; are you trying to create a new blood libel

      Your misinformation and anti-Israel venom stinks like the sewer from where it festers

    2. Chris

      Your obsession with Natalie Portman seems to have all your juices flowing

      The erotic fantasies that come shining through must be making your day

      And just think that it is a Jewish woman that has given you so much joy

      Is she one of you ‘Good Jews’ then

  7. Not so much. The Arabs are shit at their eradication programmes and mostly end up ‘neutralized’. Even our grannies and young mums that they try to stab have learnt to fight back. They’re not even winning any prizes for their tunneling as you may have seen. Can’t speak for anyone else but like my bloke with his radials, if you start carrying on with guns and bombs near the border of any sovereign state you’re probably going to come unstuck. I’m sure you take some comfort from them attacking us rather than Assad and his mates on their border. He’s have gassed the lot of them and be done with.

    1. Ian,

      Its illegal to burn vehicle tyres in Wales due to the pollution that’s emitted, usually, you make a man-made reef out of them to encourage fisheries revival, as they do in the Philippines. Not too sure what you are going on about Mr Assad, who only a few years ago was given hospitality by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her London Residence – luckily, we don’t have any Royal residencies in Wales – they’d probably be burnt down. You should see the fuss that’s being made about re-naming the Second Severn Crossing after Price Charles in Wales. Indeed, it may be necessary to actually burn tractor tyres on the causeway if our English overlords continue in this vein.

  8. You and your Welsh Borderer mates should take an AirBnB down Gaza way and give them some of that eco-nous of yours. I’m sure that will calm everything down a treat. Not sure what we’ve put down their tunnels, maybe a bit of DynoRod, but they’re really narked about it. Imagine being a little seven year old Arab kid and your life choices are going digging under our border or shielding some Hamas lad at the razor wire while he pops an IED down. Then, if you survive you have to go back home to Bellers’s dodgy brick work. Bit much really.

  9. Actually Ian I’d be keen on visiting Jonathan Cook in Nazareth, although the rather large unsightly wall with graffiti on it is rather off putting, never mind IDF folk with big guns waiting to kill you. They don’t have give you a welcome in Israel don’t they!

    As for Gaza, we’ll many parts of South Wales actually do look like Gaza, which is why 50% of our entire population detest Tories. And I’m one of em – I detest Bitterites & Blairites too, and we have loads of these buggers in South Wales. Think the African’s know how to use tyres the best, if you get my gist.

  10. Davy

    Then how did the Jews build a country when the Government was controlled and run by the British who did all in their power to thwart the Jews and establish another Arab state

      1. Davy

        A very intellegant reply
        It contains so much information that we can all use to better understand the conflict and thus resolve it

        Has it not occured to you that trying to rubbish an idea normally requires a modicum of information to inform the rebutal.
        But then I suppose if your argument is vacuous and empty, then your reply makes sense

  11. “part of the very same fight that make Israeli children wear the IDF uniform” … thought it was their Government that made them wear it. A military state thaf conscripts them.

    1. Davy

      Without that Jewish Israeli army there would be millions of dead Israeli Jews
      The Goverment of Israel is elected by the people of Israel and includes representatives of those that would destroy Israel and kill the Jews, who are a small minority Thank G-d

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