The antisemitism problem in the Labour party turns from bad to shameless

The antisemitism problem inside the Labour Party is turning from bad to shameless. Just this week, there were two more public incidents. Potential Labour candidate Nasreen Khan was dropped in Bradford for making antisemitic remarks on social media. Jewish News ran the story, but the question remains how even now, these candidates are not being properly vetted by the system. In another example, Labour ‘withdrew it’s endorsement‘ of Billy J Wells in the Bradwell South and Hopton council election, also following the discovery of controversial social media posts.

Labour have two stark choices: They can either deal with the problem head on and attempt to rid the party of antisemites, or can suggest antisemitism isn’t actually a problem at all. As it stands, elements inside the Labour Party are now busy doing the latter.

Dr Alan Maddison

A few days ago an article was published on the ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ (JVL) website. It was written by ‘Dr Alan Maddison’. Maddison is listed as an ‘Independent Strategist and Associate Member of JVL’. Dr Alan Maddison is not an impartial academic. Maddison is a Labour Party activist on the ‘left’ of the party spectrum.

For those who might recognise the name, it was Maddison, alongside the disgraced Tony Greenstein, who a year ago attempted to discredit John Mann over a letter written by a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor. It was Maddison who broke the story on Twitter of his 90-year-old ‘friend’s’ letter, Greenstein also picked it up.


Alan Maddison, Labour

Seemingly arm in arm with Greenstein ever since, this was a Maddison response on one of Tony’s blogs on the incident:

Alan Maddison, LabourSo according to Maddison, the fight against antisemitism in Labour, which he clearly sees as little more than a strategic weapon against Corbyn, ‘must be stopped‘. John Mann became a target for those on the far left, because of his fight against antisemitism, and the incident with Ken Livingstone. The middle man in the story with John Mann was a certain ‘Graham Martin’, who according to Greenstein had ‘helped’ Dr Glatt to write the original letter. Oddly, Martin created his Facebook account in August of 2016, just a few weeks before he was able to confirm the validity of the letter he wrote for Glatt.

Graham Martin

As a point of interest, Graham Martin still doesn’t have many Facebook friends. Less than sixty in fact. They include Jacqueline Walker, Mike Cushman and Alan Maddison – three of the cream of the JVL crop. That little quirk may have been that, except the core element of the story wasn’t really new at all. This is a Maddison article from over a year earlier, August 2015, when Maddison went round to Dr Glatt and ‘spoke to him’ about his reflections on Corbyn and antisemitism. Perish the thought they found a better use for their friend a year later. Cynical. It is all quite shameful really.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that Maddison was chosen as JVL’s ‘independent strategist’.

The Maddison – JVL article

The JVL / Maddison article opens with the question ‘How serious is the threat of antisemitism in Britain today?’ and follows with another – ‘are British Jews the target for more hate crimes than other victim groups?’ At no point in the article, is the threat of antisemitism, nor the issue of ‘targetting’ Jews, ever covered. The piece simply tries to belittle antisemitism with an entirely misplaced and deeply flawed interpretation of crime statistics.

The first point of note: Here is an academic attempting to do a detailed analysis of a subject, without understanding it at all. Maddison doesn’t know what antisemitism is, he isn’t an expert on it, disagrees with the government’s accepted definition of it, and even stands in opposition to the mainstream Jewish community on the matter. Yet for some reason (remember he is desperate to ‘stop’ the antisemitism argument in Labour’), he pushes himself into the frame as the expert.

So what does he do? Maddison begins with some headlines about the high threat of antisemitism, and then says ‘however, these headlines do not seem to reflect the true picture’. What he wants to do is clearly brush the ‘threat’ away. Then begins a quite ludicrous and mindless abuse of statistical data using five different data sets to quickly conclude that:

The alarmist headlines are neither justified nor helpful. The pro-rata risks for hate crime are small for Jewish people and the risk for a violent crime lower than for those people from other races or religions.

Let me just address some of the ridiculous mistakes Maddison has made.

Take point number four: ‘A Jewish person is 50 times more likely to suffer an assault unrelated to antisemitism’. Maddison has taken national crime statistics of violent attacks, and simply divided the total by the number of antisemitic assaults.

This is the research level of a fourteen year old. Violent attacks are not a constant, they differ from point to point. Maddison is suggesting someone from Radlett or Bushey suffers the same level of violent crime as someone from Bradford, Glasgow or Cardiff. There is more. Violence is also related to drug use and alcoholism. If Jewish families are less likely to encounter either, this would reflect on the risk levels. And the variables continue, unemployment, lifestyle, education, the family unit – all factors in evaluating risk. How many Jewish teens are in gangs? None of any of this is taken into consideration. None of the samples are weighted – The 50x statistic is entirely bogus and Maddison is a fool.

Maddison’s folly

Yet this isn’t even the gravest error Maddison makes. For an antisemitic attack, surely the Jewish person must be known to the attacker or visibly identifiable as Jewish. So the comparison of all blacks against all Jews becomes unworkable. A Jew, fearing antisemitism, removes either his ‘kippa’, or ‘Star of David’ from his person before going out in public. The black person has no such luxury. This submissive result of high levels of antisemitism is a classic sign of a persecuted minority, and yet the good ‘Dr’ Madison, ignores it. I call this ‘Maddison’s Folly’.

Because of the ‘identity’ issue, ‘Jews’ cannot count as a whole number, the way other minority groups can. The question becomes – how many Jews amongst all the Jews are visibly Jewish – only they can be counted as the representative number of the entire community.

I am absolutely convinced that if all Jews dressed without any religious markings or dress whatsoever, then antisemitism crime levels would plummet. Black racial attacks would remain constant. Does that mean antisemitism would be over? This is the Maddison formula. Insane.

Then there is ‘Maddison’s second folly’ – take the CST. The CST secures over 1,000 communal events each year. When Jews gather as Jews, there is always a protective barrier in place around them. At the state level, my child goes to school behind an additional layer of protection. Dr Alan Maddison is either absurdly implying the levels of antisemitism would remain constant if that layer of protection was removed or all his conclusions are bunkum.

Then there is ‘hostile surveillance’. Does Dr Maddison even know what it is? What the CST does? What of those strangers that monitor Jewish sites, take photographs, are spotted, and deterred by the able defence?

Take two banks. One completely unguarded, the other guarded. The protected one holds diamonds, the unprotected one, Gold. Maddison is suggesting because the people take the Gold more than the diamonds, it means the people want the gold more. A schoolboy could do better than this.

Jewish Voice for Labour

Dr Alan Maddison wrote the report for the new group ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ (JVL). Some of the central figures behind this group are actively trying to belittle claims of antisemitism. I can provide two personal examples. My own research produced two large reports on hard-core  antisemitism inside anti-Israel activist groups, one on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), and one on the sister group in Scotland, the SPSC.  The research was careful to avoid all reference to criticism of Israeli policy. As the Scottish Sunday Times suggested ‘ you would have to work very hard to be included’ as someone who shares antisemitic material. Yet the only response of key figures in this JVL group was to belittle the two reports into Jewish conspiracy theory and Holocaust denial. They never do anything but defend antisemites. This latest article fits the pattern perfectly.

These are people inside the Labour party actually defending racial hatred. Sickening.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to clean the Labour Party of antisemitism. He needs to publicly state that the party adopts the IHRA definition in full. This stance needs to be fully supported by the unions, and they all need to entirely reject the attempts of this insidious and underhand group to belittle racial hatred.


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93 thoughts on “The antisemitism problem in the Labour party turns from bad to shameless

  1. Well leaving aside for the moment that the CST is as bent as a wad of £9 notes……

    David when did you first come to know that there is a particular problem of antisemitism in the LP and how did you come to know it ?

    1. Dead right Bellers. The last thing a bunch of boot boys want to see when they come to wind up some old weedy Jews at a synangogue or community centre, smash up some grave stones, or twat a few of those zombies in the black hats is muscular, deterrence from Jews that bite back. It’s just not playing the game and I agree with you, It’s bent as hell.

  2. I think Martin may have been at the yachad/nif eve t this evening.
    What is his part in the general anti Israel world frame

  3. What numbers are in the denominators of Maddison’s ‘pro rata risks’ chart? ‘Race’ should be the total BAMI population; ‘LGBT’ the total LGBT population. But it is ***wrong to use the total Jewish population in the denominator for antisemitism.*** Unlike the BAMI population, most Jews are not identifiable as such! The correct number to use is those who are visibly Jewish (including for example regular walking to synagogue on Shabbat) or who choose to manifest their Judaism in other ways, for example by speaking out at anti-Israel meetings! (a point which David Collier makes). Why does Maddison even go down this ‘pro rata’ road? It can only be for what Dr Daniel Allington calls the ‘Oppression Olympics’. A pointless exercise. (In fact he uses a figure of 4 million for the ‘religious’ population – where does this come from?).

    Now look at his table ‘pro rata risks’ (NB the title is wrong, column 2 shows only violent incidents), Maddison concludes that the chance of assault for a resident of England and Wales (he says ‘Britain’ but that’s wrong) is ‘50 times greater than the risk for a British Jew being the victim of an antisemitic assault.’ And ‘the Jewish community is exposed to only one fifth of the pro rata risk for hate crime assaults compared with victims of racial hate crimes (0.41 versus 1.9).’ This is a false comparison. It’s ‘apples and pears’. Not only are Jews vulnerable to the assaults in the first row of the table as well as those in the fourth row, you cannot compare for example a robbery with violence in the street to an antisemitic assault. They are simply different offences. Being Jewish carries an extra risk – not a lower risk.

    And of course there is masses of evidence of antisemitism which Maddison ignores in his rush to assume the problem away. Take the experience of Jewish students at UK universities for example. The JPR’s 2011 National Jewish Student Survey found that 42% of Jewish students had witnessed antisemitism or been a victim of it. A shockingly high figure!

    Jonathan Hoffman

  4. I think most Jews know that antisemitism is at a very low level, hence the effort of Zionists to talk it up. Despite the inflated number of antisemitic assaults in the CST half yearly report for 2017 none of them were serious. One wonders what these ‘assaults’ actually consist of. As for 42% of Jewish students experiencing antisemtism what would that be? Opposition to Israel!

    1. Tony,

      No doubt in the mind of Collier et al., Monty Python’s Life of Brian is ‘dripping in hate’ & obviously, many of the visual jokes & gags contained therein must be seen as anti-semitism in action, luckily, Monty Python as an Ensemble are not members of a revitalised Labour Party, one that strives to achieve some resemblance of justice for the Palestinians. As for the suggestion that 42% of Jewish students in UK Universities experience antisemitism, I find this ludicrous based on seven years attending UK Universities – three in fact, and in not one of them did I ever come across any anti-semitism, although in the late 80s/ early 90s most of us had thicker skin, particularly those engaged in student politics.

      What I really find funny though, is the fact that Collier tries to undermine Dr Maddison by looking at the number of Friends he has on Facebook – funny that, particularly given it has bugger all to do with anti-semitism & the fact, if like me, the good Doctor has little interest in ‘self-promotion’, something Collier knows all about.

      As for an AS crisis in the Labour Party, well, we all know its BS mean’t to undermine the resurgent Left, a resurgent Left that does not support imperialism, colonialism & apartheid, be it in the US South Africa, Israel or Saudi Arabia – all are equal, but in Collier’s mind, and that of the Bitterites, some are more equal than others and more prone to alleged slights – I wonder why?

      1. Chris, full respect for getting Python references into the thread but I’m sure you’ll agree that it has hard to take the rest of the stuff seriously when the main thrust of your point is that it wasn’t the same 30 years ago. Let’s pretend we’re having this exchange in 1938. Imagine saying to me ” Burning books, torching synagogues, in Germany? Don’t be daft I was there in 1908 and it was lovely. They must be real wimps.”

        You see what a prick you’d sound?

        1. Ian,

          The only ‘prick’ is yourself, alas I expect this from persons unable to comprehend that just one generation ago we enjoyed notions of ‘free speech’ and certainly, at the time, had no anti-semitism issues, be it on the Left or Right within Student politics, of which I was very much active (the same was true of the Labour Party.) Still, glad to have drawn you out on certain issues, and one’s reference to Monty Python’s Life of Brian was with regards the hysteria it drew from Christians opposed to its airing, despite the fact it was but a comedy – something lost on you I’m afraid. Seems Israeli apologists don’t get comedy, nor understand notions of FREE SPEECH. Please keep up the ‘propaganda’ as really is most enjoyable from where I sit, particularly how swiftly you managed to bring Nazi Germany into the equation – the UK in the 80s/90s no way resembled Nazi Germany, but lets not let facts get in the way of BS.

          1. Great comeback Chris. I can see why you like Python. Not an Israeli apologist though mate, an Israeli, so forgive me if all the post ironic pith is a little over my head. We don’t really do satire here in the Jewish State and one rarely refers to oneself in the third person for fear of one being branded as a bit of a knob by ones peers.

          2. Ian,

            Thankfully I’m a global citizen, so not too keen on any ‘nationalism’ I’m afraid – however, having witnessed the hysteria over Monty Python’s Life of Brian when it was released in the UK, it seems important to ‘out’ hysteria whenever it raises its ugly head, particularly given such hysteria leads to outrages such as happened at Salem or attacks on one segment of the population by another, which obviously I’m opposed too, particularly if based on ethnic or religious grounds. Still, glad I’m versed in my own unique culture, one more hardened than many of those claiming mass anti-semitism, not only within the ranks of the UK’s left, but everywhere!

      2. I loved Brian, think it was one of the best movies ever. About the 80’s and 90’s, I remember them well. We lived with it then – just laughed it off or ignored it. So did the Asians when they were called ‘Paki’. I am not sure what you are trying to imply through this though, but I am certain I disagree with it. I abhor racism and the use of ‘Paki’ is completely unacceptable.

        What I find really funny is that I never commented on the number of friends Maddison has. I didn’t even look because it is of no interest and entirely irrelevant to the story. I did comment on another posters friend list, but that was because I was making a point over the legitimacy of the account and the coincidental timing of its creation. It would help if you read the piece properly before commenting.

        1. David,

          Sorry to rain on your parade, but one actually attended University in a City with the UK’s highest percentage of immigrants from the Indian Sub-Continent, was proud to confront the National Front & proud that ‘freedom of expression’ & an environment of ‘non-censorship’ existed. Indeed, in 1989 the Hall of Residence I was posted to had a large contingent of Israeli students who had just finished their stint in the IDF. Funny, we had a very active Palestinian Society too, alas, such freedoms don’t exist today – please read the following & then pontificate:

          1. Chris, I do think you are missing the point entirely. Are you suggesting the racist tone of the 1980’s and 1990’s (calling people ‘Pakis’ etc) was a good thing, or are you only mourning the fact that Jews have become more protected?

            As for free speech – I am all for it, I don’t think you are seeing straight. This is a blog that raises an argument, it is the epitome of free speech. I also allow free posting for pretty much anybody, with any opinion. Beyond childish personal targeted attacks, I can’t remember the last post I moderated. I don’t think any subject should be taboo, nor do I think critics of that subject should hold back on their criticism. Face to face – full on confrontation, let us battle it out with facts and words. that’s my game. So I am not sure what you are getting at. In fact, my belief in free speech has changed and hardened over the last year or two, and where I might have raised opposition to some elements two years ago, I wouldn’t now. I think you have a picture of me in your head that you are arguing with. When you are done and want to deal with the real me, let me know.

    2. Tony, as a Zionist, I see Israel as more inherently Jewish than for example the East European dress code you’ll find in Stamford Hill. I am sure that you’d agree people screaming at those people in Stamford Hill to dress like ‘normal people’, would be an antisemitic act. Neither Israel, nor the custom of wearing those clothes, existed 500 years ago. Of the two, only Israel has deep historical roots that tie us in with the Jewish foundation. Simply telling me I am wrong isn’t going to change anything, nor is your insistence on over-playing and decontextualising the Nazi-Zionist period a convincing way to reach those who disagree with you.

      My own children have been verbally abused, both of them – several times. None of those incidents were ever reported. I grew up in a world where it was common, and Id rather teach them to stand up for themselves than report every slur. But myself, I am a man of communication, and I know that you have outed antisemites yourself before. We just categorically disagree over where to place the line. I am more than willing to have a chat to discuss it all. Sit down, drink coffee, talk over things like two people should. All entirely off the record too – at least from my side. Let me know.

  5. Ian you are our very own living, breathing illustration of what a basket case The State of Israel is.

    1. Can not work out why you keep calling Israel a basket case.
      Would really appreciate your reasoning and some evidence to back up that reasoning

    2. Crushed Bellers. I am no match for your paid media response skills. The shame. How will I show my face in Baskets4U on Monday morning? Still, mustn’t grumble. At least we’ve got a living breathing Jewish State, perfect or otherwise. Anyway don’t want to keep you. You’ll be wanting to go over and bully the old dears supporting IsraAction 2017. I recall you get cross when Jews donate food to the needy.

          1. Wow, thank for that Bellers. I had no idea. So you’re saying that if the old dears don’t sign off that they support Israel their donations are rejected and if the needy don’t do the same they don’t receive anything. This is appalling. And as for this Cobb and Newmark, they sound terrible; funding charitable giving and pretending to be Jewish. Bastards? Cancel the Bamba Alice!

  6. @ Chris Rogers ^
    You have the temerity to remark that Israel activists fail to grasp the notion of free Speech when bds fascists regularly shut down Israeli speakers on campus and disrupt theatre and dance troupes. Your rank hypocrisy is truly something to behold .

    1. Harv how many Israeli speakers have been shut down on campus in , say, the last five years. No rush. Take all the time you need.

        1. Yep that is one Harv. I knew that is all you could come up with. That hardly counts as regularly does it ?

          Is that what you say to your rickshaw customers ?

          ” Effing walk you idle bastard. I am not your gopher”

          1. No rickshaws in Tel Aviv Stephen where I’m taking a short break. I have got an opening for an SClass operator if you wish to apply . Somehow feel the ECRB could prove a stumbling block though . #JSAbandit

  7. Stephen Bellamy please explain to me why Israel is a basket case with some relevant evidence to support it.
    Remember that opinion is not fact
    Second time I have asked for this

    1. Richard ” facts ” are very strange alleged things. No less than truths. I mean do you subscribe to a coherence or a correspondence theory of truth ? Or neither of those. Opinions are much less problematic.

      That Israel is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case is my opinion. I have no need or wish to sell that opinion.

      1. “..Israel is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case..”

        Yes Bellers, but on a crisp autumnal November morning with the sun rising on our Sabbath day it’s quite lovely. Just my opinion.

          1. Count your blessings and then look wistfully at the UK. What a strange tormented creature you are Ian.

          2. Bellers I can’t tell whether you’re doing your media response shtick or you’re just flirting with me now.

      2. You still haven’t attempted to answer the question
        Making vacuos allegations and silly statements neither make an argument or illuminate an issue so as to better understand it
        Please answer the question; why is Israel a basketcase?
        If you have no answer at least be man enough to admit it!

  8. Not many events were cancelled mainly because there were not many events held, mainly because of fear of disruption due to previous Jewish/Israeli events being shut down/cancelled due to mob violence
    It’s only recently that open Jewish/Israeli events have been able to be held again; and security nis such a big issue that it often detracts from the event or becomes so onerous that it makes people reluctant to put the effort in just to have it rubbished by fascist style anti-Israel protestors

    1. Richard maybe you are a better player than Harv, Can you point us in the direction of a Jewish.Israeli event being shut down/cancelled due to mob violence.

      Even Harvs treasured little SOAS example is not available to you here. While the pro Palestinian activists ( stupidly and counter productively in my view ) tried to prevent the thing taking place by occupying the lecture room, the video evidence overwhelming shows that the mob violence came from non student Zios . Harv’s veterans you might say.

      Simon Cobbs was chief among them.The only time Simon was ever a student was the nine months he spent in the education department of Her Majesty’s Slammer, Exeter.

        1. Is that roughly equivalent to the prison population of the UK Harv ? A sincere question I am not well up on these things.

  9. There are so many , but this one has to be up there.

    Greenstein due to be called to the naughty step and getting short shrift over his request for extra time to prepare his case due to his recent discharge from hospital ( constant pus drain malfunction) and need to convalesce. Apparently he was seen at Brighton train station the next day on his way to the rally for neer do wells in London

      1. Why Simon . Greenstein the sociopath is far more entertaining. Before you ask why sociopath, Greenstein used to bring his son who is on the autistic spectrum , to Soda Stream protests, in the knowledge that such protests can be extremely upsetting to vulnerable children. His son ran away but Greenstein remained. He should have been reported to social services at the time.

        Fact is we have the drop on many of the bds half wits. Each damaged beyond repair in their own inimitable way . You are one such execrable character hiding away under the guise of a keyboard warrior. But then again I have a pretty good idea about what motivates you . #Douche bag

        1. Harv if I thought for a moment that you had had a pretty good idea in your entire life I maybe might be a bit worried

          1. Anyway I am sure David will appreciate your intimation that he should be reported to social services for child abuse.

  10. The most recent was the UCL and I was there and had a birds eye view of the supresion of our right to speak
    The other that springs to mind is KCL where the police were called
    Problem is you and your freinds have suitably cowered the Jewish students at university and the university authorities that everyone is either to scared to stage an event or nave such stringent security arangements imposed that the event is a farce (in terms of free speech and freedom of association)
    I have been to events that were so sparsely attended due to lack of advertising for fear of intolerant fascist like bigots who would come to disrupt the meetings
    By the language and terminology you use, I would neither expect you to understand or sympathize with our predicament, but the suppresion of our free speech and thought on campus have had a deleterious effect on the life and enjoyment of many Jewish (and Christian and Other) students on campuses up and down this island.

    1. Richard if Jewish students are such snowflakes they can’t cope with encountering political Perspectives that mummy and daddy brought them up on maybe they should just stay home with mummy and daddy. University is not the place for them

  11. I was under the impresion from previous discusions that you were capable of a form of intellegent debate, but it appears that I was mistaken.
    Your litany of ad homium and mindless commentary and insult does not do you any credit.
    Do try to improve a little; there’s a good lad.
    And please try answer the question why You say Israel is a baket case with some supporting evidence. If this request is to complicated for you to understand, let me know and I will try to dumb it down a little to make it moreunderstandable

      1. Richard, I’m sure that it’s self evident so apologies in advance but Bellers is not here to debate the issues. He’s admitted as much many times. His role here is purely media response and his tactics are deflection, distraction and attempted demoralisation. You will see that he is like the personification of an ‘in-joke’ where most of his remarks refer to a tiny group of people and events that live in the narrow ecosystem that he inhabits and are mostly obscure and impenetrable to the general reader. They serve as useful targets to place him on what he hopes is safe ground and allows him to continue his main purpose which is stalking David for money. It’s a fairly primitive tactic but fits neatly in with his brief and his capabilities. Saying all of that I do sense a delicate vulnerability lurking somewhere in his persona so perhaps he’s just looking to be loved. Aren’t we all?

          1. Aaaw Bellers! Feeling neglected? Get in here son. After all it is Hug-a-Zio Day. Throw in a cheeky peck and I’ll donate an extra case of Bamba to IsrAction.

  12. basket case – useless person or thing (concise Oxford Dictionary)

    At the turn of 19th-20th century malaria was rife in the Middle East – Jews of Palestine mandate (future Israel) destroyed malaria by 1930 making valuble land available for agricultur, including basket making to include basket cases like you.

    Mobile phone technology was advanced to such an extent by Israel from the 1980’s onward; especially text communication. This better enables basket cases like you to spread your basket case ideas through the electronic media in the hope of increased social esteem (see Cheech and Chong ‘Up in Smoke’)

    The Israeli inovative mind developed drip irrigation which helped basket case economies in the Mediteraenean area overcome serious lack of water and develop agriculture, and basket making to help inter the basket case ideas of people who should know better, but find their heads so deeply buried underground that they are blinded by mindlessly stupid ideologies that are prevalent in certain quarters

  13. basket case boyo. stick to the subject and answer the original question if you are able; in consice proper English, remaining on the subject without letting your mind meander into the grey fields of fantasy and delusion

  14. I think you mean concise Richard. I am not of the spelling and grammar police. Heaven knows that would open me up to all manner of slap downs. But then I don’t demand ” proper English”.

  15. Well Harv you may equally well ask why David takes his son to pro Palestinian events in the knowledge that the experience will be extremely upsetting. But I wouldn’t go there.

    As for the keyboard warrior thing. How I would have wished to be a keyboard warrior for a total of 9 months slaving under a blazing sun, ten hours a day, helping to make mud bricks in the Jordan Valley to rebuild Bedouin structures demolished by the IOF in the furtherance of the Eretz Israel enterprise.

    Harv, you think making an arse of yourself in a Tesco supermarket, and a few incoherent scribblings on rabid racist blog spots, and a weekend in Tel Aviv is the coal face.

    Mon Ami you are the keyboard warrior par excellence.

    1. And as for why Simon. Well the deal was a Simon moment for a Simon moment. Hard to know how Tony got into this.

      1. You don’t get to set the agenda keyboard warrior. Pleased about the 9 months ‘ slaving under the blazing sun. At least it removed the burden on the state for a while

      1. Ian how many months are there in a year ? No rush.Take your time

        And gap years are an Anglo Saxon boooogwrooowise thing. Humble Irish bog men have no use of em.

        And maybe Ian you might benefit from a gap yar in the Jordan Valley, At least you might be better able to recognise the bogey man when it comes to get you, as it inevitably will

        1. Ah bless your wishful thinking Bellers you daft deluded eejit. Thanks for the concern but pretty sure we’ll be fine. I know a few lads that could use a decent brickie though.

  16. why are you including a link from 2012.
    are you living in the past
    strikes me as rather idiotic that you are making mud bricks in the 20th century. you should be making baskets so that basket cases like you can have somewhere to hide in the boiling sun as most inteligent humans take shelter at that point

    1. Richard some folks don’t have the luxury of the time to ” in(?) the burning sun””

      Or the luxury of having anywhere to hide in (?) it when the IOF have passed through.

  17. normally 12 but in a leap year 13 months
    I thought they taught you that at school, or was that a luxury not afforded you

  18. normally 12 but in a leap year 13 months in the lunar calender
    I thought they taught you that at school, or was that a luxury not afforded you

  19. From what I can gather from local sources it actually went like this for our brave freedom fighter;

    (Scene opens in open ground on a balmy June morning, somewhere in the Jewish State. In the foreground a slight figure kneels in the earth, a box fresh keffiyeh protects pallid Celtic flesh as wafting dust clouds fall gently on faded Leila Khaled T shirt. Entering stage left a swarthy figure appears, Nike AirMax90’s crunching gravel underfoot. Flinty eyes peer through trusty Aviators as he glances impatiently at the hour on his Omega Seamaster. A sharp tone pierces the silence.)

    Arab Local; “Oy! What the feck do you think you’re doing there son?”

    Abu O’Bellers; “Fear not my brother. I am fashioning bricks from the earth with my bare hands so that you can continue your eternal struggle with the murderous Zionist oppressors.”

    Arab Local; “Look I’ve told you lot before. We’ve got two coach loads from Conservative Friends of the IDF coming in an hour and the tour from Birthright at six so get that feckin’ T shirt off and make yourself scarce.”

    Abu O’Bellers; “But my brother, I am here at the coal face of Popular Resistance to the barbarous Imperialist Occupation. Surely there must be something I can do to aid your struggle”

    Arab Local; “Well, as it happens, with cousin Ghassan on his jollies in Benidorm we’re one down in the Gift Shop. How does thirty sheks an hour sound?”

    Abu O’Bellers; “Make in thirty-five and I’m here for the season.”

  20. There you go Bellers. We can agree to spend the rest of our dubious existences loathing each other for our respective positions but will acknowledge attempted satire when we see it. I knew there was a warm and fluffy soul in there screaming for love.

  21. The sun seems to have addled your brain as your language is becoming disjointed and rambling

    1. Bellers, you’re such a tease. But I think you’ve let your ludicrous anti-Israel veil slip, you old softie.

      1. I don’t have an anti Israel veil Ian. Israel sucks. It is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case. I don’t know how much more unveiled than that it can get.

        1. Bellers you’ve used that precise and somewhat eccentric choice of words twice now. I’m not sure I understand it. I’m not sure you do either. Are you repeating someone else’s sentiments or are these your own words?

  22. you asked the question, I gave you the info to find it! put some effort in laddie
    Where is the answer to the question on basket cases, or are you so bereft of knowledge and the ability to explain your claim that you avoid the issue rather than provide an explanation backed by evidence

  23. Do you ever read what any one writes, or are you on your own planet spin.
    Some of your replies border on illiteracy. They are mindless waffle. Do you do it to show you are stupid, or do you do it to pretend you are stupid. That is the question

    1. You’ve spotted the pattern then Richard. Old Bellers does not answer open questions. He has neither the knowledge nor the inclination as he has admitted many times. Bellers likes to say that Israel “is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case” lots of times and for the most part that is job done. Media responders don’t need to do anything more. They are not accountable to you or I, need to offer no reasoned arguments nor sensible conclusions. It’s just anonymous noise designed to distract and deflect. I mean, seriously; all that stuff about honing his views as a Bedouin brickie battling the dark forces of the evil empire. What a load of bollox, straight out of Leftie Student Central Casting. Real people just don’t say shit like that. But it does makes old Bellers perfect for this sort of work. Take a look at his blog. It seems to exist entirely to tackle personal grudges by aiming his cross-hairs at specific targets that support Israel, asserting that they can’t be taken seriously. His coup de grace; that they are either pretend Jews or have done a bit of bird. Honestly, check it out. It’s an interesting 3 or 4 minute interlude in your day and it will certainly clear up the matter of why Bellers doesn’t answer questions.

  24. An excellent description of a mindless blimp.
    The question is; is he stupid or does he just pretend to be stupid

  25. standard wishy washy reply; blame the victim when they are bullied. Nice one Belly, you have excelled yourself this time


  26. Chris:
    “the UK in the 80s/90s no way resembled Nazi Germany” – oh dear, that’s the sort of logic failure so typical of your lot. The analogy was between the UK in the 80s/90s and *** 1908 *** (and, of course, betweeen 2017 and 1938, a year we are reliving now in terms of antisemitism).
    How many universities did you say you had attended?

  27. “Israel sucks. It is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case” – Bellamy seems to think (yes, OK – I know) that if he repeats this nonsense often enough, it’ll become true.
    Sorry, sweetchops, Israel is a highly successful country, which is why you are so full of impotent rage.

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