Anti-Semites and useful idiots unite in support of Southampton U


This is an updated list of those academics that signed a  statement in support of the University of Southampton anti-Semitic conference in the name of ‘free speech’. The number at this point is 370. This is without doubt one of the most depressing tasks I have ever undertaken. As I delved into the thoughts and opinions of these ‘academics’, these people that shape the way that young people learn and view the world, I admit to feeling despair.  Dirty, is probably the best word to describe how I felt, and abused along with it. Behind some of these names are dark thoughts, conspiracies and accusations of anti-Semitism following in their wake. Even the professor standing accused of waving money in front of the Jewish lady last week in the anti-Israeli attack against Col Richard Kemp’s speech in Sydney is there. No, you could not make this up.

Despite the contradiction (we already know the list is SLANTED because the University have admitted it) they claim “to the best of their knowledge, the conference invitations in this case are based on qualification to speak on the topic rather than on political positions held.” and despite being in  full support of a”commitment to freedom of speech and scholarly debate” most of them are involved in a boycott of Israel. Apparently they want us to believe that Israelis have been invited and they support the conference and yet most of them have openly and publicly stated that conferences with Israelis are wrong and should be stopped.  It is just insane that people allow their internal hatred’s to dictate so openly their actions even to the point of blatantly discrediting themselves and appearing stupid in the process.

This is the list. I have linked the names of these ‘neutral and concerned academics’ to their signatures on boycotts or pro-Palestinian activities. Once again, many are simply activists. They are also academics who have put their name to the legitimacy of a conference without possibly having had been able to verify the issue.

Once again, the list is long and I have attempted to double check everything. I cannot stress more strongly that in an effort such as this, despite diligent attempts to avoid errors, mistakes can still be made and I apologise in advance.

Ahmed Abbes, French National Centre for Scientific Research

Professor Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi,  San Francisco State University, USA

Dr. Mark Abel, Senior Lecturer in Politics and History, University of Brighton

Dr. Salman Abu Sitta

Jose Abu-Tarbush, La Laguna University, Spain

Professor the Baroness Haleh Afshar, University of York

Hilary Aked, PhD candidate, University of Bath

Nadje Al-Ali, Prof. of Gender Studies, SOAS

Dr. Saydul Alam, University of Cardiff

Prof. Ammiel Alcalay, Queens College, CUNY, USA

Dr Mansur Ali, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University

Tariq Mehmood Ali, Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Rory Allen, Associate Lecturer in Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Eric Alliez, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University

Ömer Faruk Altunç, Muş Alparslan University, Turkey

Fateh Azzam, Director, Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Tal Badrawi, Professor Emiritus, MIT, USA

Dr. Claude Baesens, Associated Professor, Mathematics, University of Warwick

Mona Baker, University of Manchester

Dr. Patricia Balcom, Université de Moncton, Canada

Dr. Samia Bano, School of Law, SOAS

David Barkin, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico

Dr. Ian Barnes, Department of Computing, University of the Highlands and Islands

Isam Bashour, Prof. of soil science and plant nutrition, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Munir Bashshur, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Jinan Bastaki, PhD candidate, SOAS

Dr J. Chimène Bateman, New College, University of Oxford

Prof. Rosalyn Baxandall

Dr. Hatem Bazian, Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Prof. Dr. Gie Vanden Berghe, University of Ghent, Belgium

Prof. Chris Berry, Dept. of Film Studies, King’s College London

Brenna Bhandar, Senior Lecturer, School of Law, SOAS

Monica Biagioli, University of the Arts London

Elizabeth Bishop, Associate Professor, Modern Arab History, Texas State University, USA

Dr. Susan Blackwell

Dr. Benay Blend, Central NM Community College, USA

Prof. Hagit Borer,  Queen Mary, University of London

Joanna Bornat, Emeritus Professor, Open University

Richard Bornat, University of Middlesex

Abderraouf Bouferrouk, Tlemcen University, Algeria

Dr. Abdessalem Bouferrouk,  University of the West of England

Glenn Bowman, School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent, Canterbury

Bill Bowring, Prof. of Law, School of Law, Birkbeck College

Prof. Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Dr Robert Boyce, London School of Economics (LSE)

Timothy Brennan, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Prof. Haim Bresheeth, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS

Martin Bright, University of Leiden, Netherlands

David Brophy, University of Sydney, Australia

Sophia Brown, University of Kent

Wendy Brown, Prof. of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Audrey Bryan, Lecturer in Sociology, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Ireland

Clive Bush, King’s College London

Ray Bush, , POLIS, University of Leeds

Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Charles Butterworth, Department of Government & Politics, University of Maryland, USA

Patricia Caillé, Université de Strasbourg, France

Lesley Caldwell, University College London

Dr. Colin Calleja, University of Malta, Malta

Dr. Marina Carter, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Baris Cayli, The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

Bahadir Celiktemur, PhD candidate, University of Warwick

Dr. Jad Chaaban, University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. J. T. Chalcraft, London School of Economics (LSE)

Prof. Michael Chanan, Department of Media, Culture and Language, Roehampton University

Shohini Chaudhuri,University of Essex

Dr. Lounes Chikhi, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

Dr. Yves Chilliard, Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA), France

Louise Chircop, PhD candidate, University of Malta, Malta

Dr. Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex

Dr. Adrian Chown, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, University of Brighton

Dr Bruce M Z Cohen, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Raya Cohen, AMM Archivio Memorie Migrante, Rome, Italy

Peter Collins, St Mary’s University College, Belfast

Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. David Comedi, Physics Department, National University of Tucumán, Argentina

Eddie Conlon, College of Engineering and Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology

Prof. Andrew Cruden, Prof. of Energy Technology, University of Southampton

Elizabeth Coombes, University of South Wales

Dr. Laurence Cox, Dept of Sociology, Maynooth University, Ireland

Dr. Hannah Cross, University of Westminster

Prof. Andrew Cruden, Prof. of Energy Technology, University of Southampton

Dr. Juan José Cruz, Departamento de Filología Inglesa y Alemana, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain

Mike Cushman, London School of Economics (LSE)

Nabil Dajani, Professor, Department of Sociology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Gareth Dale Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations, Brunel University

E. C. Dalrymple-Alford, Emeritus Professor, University of Guelph, Canada

Bucker Dangor, Imperial College, London

Colin Dayan, Robert Penn Warren Professor in the Humanities, Vanderbilt University, USA

Dr. Giulia Daniele, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and University of Exeter

Dr. Adam Darwish, University of Sussex

Dr. Marc David, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Chandler Davis, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Laurence Davis, Lecturer, Dept. of Government, University College Cork, Ireland

Professor Graham Dawson, Director, Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton

Prof. Dr. Lieven De Cauter, Philosopher, University of Leuven, Belgium

Dr. Herman De Ley, Professor Emeritus, Ghent University, Belgium

Juana Celia Djelal, Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Dr. Francine Dolins, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, USA

Judit Druks, Research Department of Linguistics, University College London

Gavin Edwards, Emeritus Professor of English, University of South Wales

Prof. Steve Edwards, Open University

Ghada Elkhatib, PhD candidate, POLIS, University of Leeds

Jan Engelen, Professor Emeritus, KU Leuven, Belgium

Susan Ervin-Tripp, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Samera Esmeir, Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Nick Evans, University of Oxford

May Farah, Assistant Prof. of Media Studies, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Randa Farah, Associate Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, Western University, Ontario, Canada

Aline Figlioli, PhD candidate, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Barry Finegan, Faculty of Journalism and Media Communications, Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland

Lorna Finlayson, University of Cambridge

John Fletcher, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick

Dr. Peter Fletcher, Keele University

Giorgio Forti, Professor Emeritus, Universiotà Degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Dr. Jerise Fogel, Montclair State University, USA

Dr. Naomi Foyle, University of Chichester

Danny Fox, Anshen-Chomsky Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT, USA

Cynthia Franklin, Professor, Dept. of English, University of Hawai’I, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Prof. Des Freedman, Goldsmiths, University of London

Keya Ganguly, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Sarah Gartland, University of Roehampton

Conor Gearty, Director of Institute of Public Affairs; Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics (LSE)

Dr. Philip Gilligan, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Bradford

Dr. Jay Ginn, Visiting Professor, King’s College London

Prof. Terri Ginsberg, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Salvatore Giuffrida, Professor, University of Catania, Italy

John Gledhill, Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

Sherna Berger Gluck, Emerita, California State University, USA

Tami Gold, Professor, Hunter College, CUNY, USA

Aritz García Gómez, Professor of Social and Economic History, Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina

Priyamvada Gopal, University of Cambridge

Deborah A. Gordon, Chair and Associate Professor, Wichita State University, USA

Gillian Gordon, Royal Holloway, University of London

Hector Grad, Dept. of Social Anthropology, UAM, Madrid, Spain

Dr Mrinalini Greedharry, Laurentian University, Canada

Dr. Anne Gray, Visiting Scholar, Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, London South Bank University

Dr. Lee Grieveson, Director of the Graduate Programme in Film Studies, UCL

Morwenna Griffiths, Chair of Classroom Learning, School of Education, University of Edinburgh

Laura Guazzone, Professor of Contemporary History of the Arab Countries, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Éric Guichard, Collège international de Philosophie, Paris, France

Dr. Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Management, Birkbeck College

Christian Haesemeyer, Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Rania Hafez, Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Health, University of Greenwich

Elaine Hagopian, Professor Emerita, Simmons College, Boston, USA

Prof. Daphne Hampson, Emerita, University of St Andrews

Prof. Daphne Hampson, Emerita, University of St Andrews

Sari Hanafi, Professor and Chair, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Jeff Handmaker, Senior lecturer in law, human rights and development, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Dr. David Hardman, Principal Lecturer in Learning Development, London Metropolitan University

Harry Harootunian, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, USA

Dr. Barbara E. Harrell-Bond, Emerata Professor, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Michael Harris, Prof. of Mathematics, Columbia University, USA

Dr. R. Hasan, Senior Lecturer, Science & Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex

Prof. Kamel Hawwash, University of Birmingham

David Heap, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Christian Henderson, PhD candidate, SOAS

Peter Hill, D. Phil. Candidate, University of Oxford

Ata R. Hindi, Researcher, International Law, Institute of Law, Birzeit University, Palestine

Dr. Walter Hixson, University of Akron, USA

Nancy Hollander, Professor Emerita, California State University, USA

Dr. Anne Hollows, Principal Lecturer in Social Work, Sheffield Hallam University

Grace Kyungwon Hong, Associated Prof., Dept. of Gender Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Kate Houlden, Lecturer in English and Cultural History, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr. Michael Hrebeniak, University of Cambridge

Prof. Richard Hudson, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, University College London

Dr. Edel Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of East London

Dr. Lee Humber, Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

Maggie Humm, Emeritus Professor, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London

Mehdi Husaini, Lecturer, Teeside University

Dr. Phil Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. P. James, Senior Lecturer, Classical Studies, Open University

Professor KP Jayasankar , Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India

Revd. Dr. Stuart Jennings, University of Warwick

Jeff Jeske, Dana Professor of English, Guilford College, USA

Dr. Evan Jones, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Peter Jones, Principal Lecturer in Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University

Baudouin Jurdant, Professor Emeritus, University of Paris VII, France

Ray Jureidini, Associate Professor of Sociology, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Dr Virinder S Kalra, Sociology, University of Manchester

Prof. Cora Kaplan, Honorary Professor, Queen Mary, University of London

Saeb Kasm, PhD candidate, King’s College London School of Law

Kehaulani Kauanui, Associate Prof. of American Studies and Anthropology, Wesleyan University, USA

Michael Keefer, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, Canada

Dr. Paul Kelemen, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Dr. Brian Kelly, School of History & Anthropology, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr. Kieran Kelly, University of the West of England

Anna Kemp, Lecturer in French, Queen Mary, University of London

Marie Kennedy, Visiting Professor of Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Amy Kesselman, Professor Emerita, Women’s Studies, SUNY New Paltz, USA

Assaf Kfoury, Professor, Boston University, USA

Shehla Khan, PhD candidate, Keele University

Dr. Nabil Khattab, Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Gholam Khiabany, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London

Paavo Kinnunen, Professor, Aalto University, Finland

Gary Kinsman, Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada

David Klein, Prof. of Mathematics, California State University, Northridge, USA

Dr. Sam Knowles, Leeds City College

Dennis Kortheuer, Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach, USA

Dr. Adam Kossof, University of Wolverhampton

Dr. Mikel J. Koven, University of Worcester

Dr. Karima Laachir, Senior Lecturer in Literary & Cultural Studies, SOAS

Ailsa Land, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics (LSE)

Dr. Sam Ladkin, Senior Lecturer in ​Contemporary Literature, University of Sheffield

Ole Birk Laursen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Christian Lavault, Professor Emeritus, University of Paris XIII, France

Zoe Lawlor, University of Limerick, Ireland

Nicholas Lawrence, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick

Dr. Ronit Lentin, Retired Associate Professor Sociology, Trinity College, Dublin

Dr. Les Levidow Senior Research Fellow, Open University

Prof. Malcolm H Levitt FRS, University of Southampton

Gerd von der Lippe, Professor Emeritus, Telemark University College, Norway

David Lloyd, Distinguished Professor of English, University of California, Riverside, USA

Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS

Prof. Michael Loughlin, Dept of Interdisciplinary Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University

Rashmi Luther, Lecturer (retired), Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Rudi Lutz, University of Sussex

Jake Lynch, Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Staughton Lynd

Moshe Machover, Emeritus Professor, King’s College London

Dr. Malcolm MacLean, Associate Dean Quality & Standards, University of Gloucestershire

Prof. Philip Marfleet, University of East London

Dr. Michael Marten, University of Stirling

Florence Martin, Prof. of French and Francophone Literature and Film, Goucher College, USA

Prof. Nur Masalha, School of Arts & Humanities, St. Mary’s University

Dr. Mazen Masri, City University, London

Rania Masri, Associate Director, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Dina Matar, Senior Lecturer, Political Communication, SOAS

Associate Professor Steve Matthewman, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Lisa Matthewson, University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Beatriz Maturana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Chile, Chile

Prof. Peter Mayo, University of Malta, Malta

Dr. Conor McCarthy, Dept. of English, Maynooth University, Ireland

Prof. Terrence McDonough, Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Dr. Tracey McIntosh, Associate Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Ken McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. John McTague, Lecturer, University of Bristol

Prof. Brinkley Messick, Middle Eastern, South Asian, & African Studies, Columbia University, USA

William Messing, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr Francine Mestrum

Alan Meyers, MD,MPH Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Alice Mills, Senior Lecturer in Criminology,University of Auckland, New Zealand

Prof Sara Mills, Sheffield Hallam University

Eduardo Missoni, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University

Julia Modern, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

Prof. David Mond, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Dr. Anjali Monteiro, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India

Dr. Claire Moon, Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, London School of Economics (LSE)

Prof. Bart Moore-Gilbert, Goldsmiths, University of London

Norma Claire Moruzzi, Associate Professor, Director International Studies, University of Illinois, USA

Aziz Muhammad, Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Martha Mundy, Prof. Emerita of Anthropology, London School of Economics (LSE)

Dr. Karma Nabulsi, University of Oxford

Bahadur Najak, Durham University

Orayb Najjar, Emerita Professor, Northern Illinois University, USA

Rima Najjar, Assistant Professor of English, Al-Quds University, Palestine

Mica Nava, Emeritus Prof. of Cultural Studies, University of East London

Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab, Research Fellow, University of Exeter

Dr. Adel G Nasser, University of Manchester

Rehab Nazzal, PhD candidate, Western University, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Marcy Newman

Pd Dr. Norman Saadi Nikro, Research Fellow, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin, Germany

Dr. David Nir, Physicist

Máire Noonan, Department of Linguistics, McGill University, Canada

Dr. Jacob Norris, Lecturer in Middle Eastern History, Dept. of History, University of Sussex

Michelle Obeid, Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

Dr. Brian O’ Boyle, Economics Programme Director, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Joseph Oesterle, Professor of Mathematics, University of Paris VI, France

Tema Okun, National Louis University, USA

Michelle Pace, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University, Denmark

Dr. Paulina Palmer, Emeritus, University of Warwick

David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford University, USA

Ian Parker, Professor of Management, University of Leicester

Benita Parry, Prof. Emeritus in English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick

Dr. Ian Patterson, University of Cambridge

Prof David E Pegg

Miranda Pennell, PhD candidate, University of Westminster

Sol Picciotto, Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University

Professor Lionel Pilkington, English, School of Humanities, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Professor John Pinkerton, Sociology, Queens University Belfast

Dr. Pekka Pitkänen, Senior Lecturer, Humanities (Theology – Old Testament/Hebrew Bible), University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Thomas Poole, Associate Professor and Reader in Law, London School of Economics (LSE)

Prof. Sam Porter, Chair of Nursing Research, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr. Stephen Portuges, Associate Editor, International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies

Prof. Malcolm Povey, University of Leeds

Scott Poynting, Prof. in Criminology, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Nicola Pratt, Reader, International Politics of the Middle East​, University of Warwick

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor, University of Bethlehem, Palestine

William Raban, Professor of Film, London College of Communication

Yemil Antonio Harcha Raffachello, Professor, University of Arts and Social Sciences, Chile

Ms Haifa Rashed, Research Associate, Human Rights Consortium, University of London

Prof. Stuart Rees, University of Sydney, Australia

Luc Reychler, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, KU Leuven, Belgium

Dr. Ned Richardson-Little, Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter

Nick Riemer, Senior Lecturer, English and Linguistics Departments, University of Sydney

Dr. Paola Rivetti, Lecturer in Politics of the Middle East and IR, Dublin City University, Ireland

Dr Rachel Robbins, Senior Lecturer, Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University

Corey Robin, Prof. of Political Science, Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center, USA

David Robison, Senior Lecturer, University of Bradford

Dr Owen Robinson, Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, University of Essex

Maggie Ronayne, Lecturer in Archaeology, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Caroline Rooney, Professor of African and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Kent

Hilary Rose, Emerita Professor of Social Policy, University of Bradford

Barbara Rosenbaum, Honorary Fellow, Parkes Institute, University of Southampton

Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead, London School of Economics (LSE)

Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University, USA

Dr Chris Rossdale, Teaching Fellow, Royal Holloway, University of London

Adam Sabra, Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Mauro Saccol, PhD candidate, University of Genoa, Italy

Dr. Amanda Sackur

Dr. Ahmad H. Sa’di, Political sociologist, Haifa, Israel

Prof. Ken Safir, Dept. of Linguistics, Rutgers University, USA

Steven Salaita, USA

Ruba Salih, Reader, SOAS

Professor Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Déborah Berman Santana, Professor, Mills College, USA

Imad Saoud, Dept. of Biology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Prof. Rosa Sarabia, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Aditya Sarkar, University of Warwick

Derek Sayer, Prof. of Cultural History, Lancaster University

Dr. Rosemary Sayigh, Visiting Lecturer, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Florian Schäfer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Christiane Schomblond, ULB, Belgium

Bill Schwarz, Professor, Queen Mary University of London

Joan W Scott, School of Social Science in the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, USA

Prof. Richard Seaford, University of Exeter

Lynne Segal, Anniversary Professor, Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck College

Dr. Arianne Shahvisi, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Noa Shaindlinger, University of Toronto, Canada

Martin Shaw, Professor, University of Sussex

Christopher Shaw, Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Todd Shepard, Dept. of History, The John Hopkins University

Dorothy Sheridan, Honorary Professor of History, University of Sussex

Magid Shihade, Abu Lughod Instittue for International Studies, Birzeit University, Palestine

Avi Shlaim, FBA Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

Dr. David Shorte, Professor, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Mark Shuttleworth, Senior Lecturer, School of European Languages, Culture & Society, University College London

Jawed Siddiqi, Emeritus Professor of Software Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

Ludi Simpson, Prof. of Population Studies, University of Manchester

Prof. John Smith, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London

Ailbhe Smyth, Emerita, Women’s Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. David Spencer, University of Canberra, Australia

Annabelle Sreberny, Professor of Global Media and Communications, Centre for Media Studies, SOAS

Angelo Stefanini, Director, Centre for International Health, Dept. of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

David Steinsaltz , Associate Professor, Dept. of Statistics, University of Oxford

Dr. Barry Stierer, University of Westminster (retired)

Bernard Sufrin, Emeritus Fellow, Worcester College, University of Oxford

Javier Barreda Sureda, University of Alicante, Spain

Marcelo Svirsky, Faculty of Law, Humanities & the Arts, University of Wollongong, Australia

Professor Rabah Tahraoui, University of Rouen, France

Carlos Taibo, Professor of Political Science, UAM, Madrid, Spain

Richard Tapper, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology in the University of London, SOAS

Sibel Taylor, PhD Student / Associate Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

Lisa Tilley, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

Dr Gavan Titley, Media Studies, Maynooth University, Ireland

Rajive Tiwari, Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Belmont Abbey College, USA

Graham Topley, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University

Alberto Toscano, Reader in Critical Theory, Goldsmiths, University of London

Jules Townshend, Emeritus Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Kate Tunstall, University of Oxford

Fatma Ulgen, University of California, San Diego, USA

Sherry Vatter, California State University, USA

Agustin Velloso,   Lecturer, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Spain

Dr. Julian Vigo

Prof Ian Wall, Visiting Professor of Architecture, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, Aberdeen

Sean Wallis, University College London

Dr. Judith Watson, Senior Research Fellow, University of Brighton

David Wearing, PhD candidate, Department of Development Studies, SOAS

Dr. Tony Whelan, London School of Economics (LSE)

Ben White, PhD candidate, University of Exeter

Professor Jennifer Wicke, University of Virginia, USA

Patrick Williams, Prof. of Literary and Cultural Studies, Nottingham Trent University

Dr. Milly Williamson, Senior Lecturer, Brunel University

Dr. Sarah Wilson, University of Stirling

Robert Wintemute, Prof. of Human Rights Law, King’s College London

Dr. Patrick Wolfe, History, La Trobe University, London

John Womack, Latin American History and Economics, Emeritus, Harvard University, USA

Dr. David Wood, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Dr. Fiona Wright, Teaching Associate, Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Nira Yuval-Davis, Refugees and Belonging (CMRB), University of East London


3 thoughts on “Anti-Semites and useful idiots unite in support of Southampton U

  1. I wonder what would happen to some of these anti-Semites if the Christian world fulfilled its job properly and protected the Jews . I spotted a name the same as mine and do not wish to be even that close to the names (some of which are from a religion of Satan) and the others who think the rest of the population respects them for ‘their learning’ From Machieavelli to the so called Enlightenment writers Margaret Sanger , Darwin – wonder how many know Darwin was a eugenisist whose theory is badly flawed and partly made up.
    Hitler took his ideas from Darwin and Nietsche although the latter was not particularly anti Jew. Marx was a Jew , which is unfortunate for the not so learned University clan because his ideas went on to see tens of millions of Jews slaughtered in the gulags by Lenin. Time to see that under the guise of left wing you people are the true racists, not the so called right. After all wasn’t Hitler leader of the National Solialists.
    Now we have Corbyn. If this is rejected it is because you know you have been rumbled so I shall fight elsewhere

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