Bloodthirsty – in the mind of the anti-Israel activists

One of the biggest lies currently being sold to populations in the west is that anti-Israel activity is related to a movement of peace or justice. Relying on a strategy of intersectionality, this deception has permitted violent, racist ideologies to take a firm foothold within other well-known ’causes’. Infecting them and leading them astray. These people may call themselves members of ‘solidarity movements’ or ‘pro-Palestinian’ but they are nothing to do with ‘peace-makers’ in the traditional sense. I’ve been inside these movements, pretending to be an activist, infiltrating their social media groups and I’ve been researching them for years. Anti-Israel activity is full of little but fake news, hate and demonisation. In their twisted world, Palestinians are sacrificial, and these movements act as a bloodsucker, leeching onto the conflict, yearning for blood and only satiated when it flows.


The situation between Israel and Gaza is a complex one. Anyone who thinks this is about ‘strong’ Israel battering weak ‘Palestinians’, has no understanding of the conflict at all. Many of the shortages in Gaza are the result of Fatah-Hamas power-struggles. Egypt’s own issues with the Muslim Brotherhood play a major role. In addition, Hamas rule is brutal and Gazans face a violent crackdown when they protest.

An interesting note can be made here. I recently wrote about ‘independent reporters’ operating from Gaza. I suggested they were not independent at all and that their massive online social media accounts allowed for Hamas propaganda to be delivered directly into the veins of anti-Israel activism. It raises a question – how many of those accounts I monitor, which spill out ‘news’ 24-7, even mentioned the public protest and Hamas crackdown? The answer is – just one. All the other ‘independent reporters’ – telling ‘the truth’ from Gaza – didn’t see anything at all. As Gazans were arrested, beaten and tortured, all those people ‘reporting’ on life in Gaza, like Muhammad Smiry and Walid Mahmoud, didn’t see a thing.

Anti-Israel activists swallow *anything* whole and without question. Look at this post. Walid Mahmoud, (who did not see Hamas thugs beating up and torturing Gazan demonstrators) blames a broken lens cap on the Israelis, turning it into a ‘near-death’ incident. The post received 787 likes and 680 shares. I’ve no idea how this happened but I do know he is a propaganda agent. Every trip, every broken I-phone screen, every accident, is used to turn Israelis into blood-thirsty monsters – and it is all devoured ravenously by a truly insane crowd.


Hamas take control

Whether or not the original ‘march of return’ was a grass-roots event, it is well-known that Hamas soon took control of the ‘movement’. Whenever Hamas have needed to alleviate internal pressure, they’ve sought to create conflict with Israel. The way they have used the ‘return march’ is no different. It is also no coincidence that just as the recent anti-Hamas protests were at their peak, rockets were again being fired towards Israel. The front this creates is a Hamas- activist alliance. One in which Hamas dutifully creates the conflict and the activists happily blame Israel for it. Hamas push the children to the front line – and the activists eagerly log-in to their social media accounts – both these partners want innocent Palestinian blood to be spilt.

Every innocent death is tragic – the very true, yet obligatory statement that anyone criticising media reporting must first put out. We cannot talk about Israel, Hamas and casualties without first accepting casualties do exist. Yet I see footage from the Gaza border, see the children near the fence and shudder. What kind of parent would send their children to stand across from armed military units that are defending their nation from rioting radical Islamic terrorists?

Blurring lines

Hamas deliberately seek to blur the lines. All Palestinian factions do. Just last week ‘a medic‘ was shot near Bethlehem. Yet footage also emerged of a medic removing his medics vest to engage in violence. How difficult is it to slip someone’s jacket back on – after they are shot- in time for the photo opportunity? We cannot know what did or did not happen in this particular case, but that’s the point. We can’t know. Neither could the Guardian (if they were being honest) or any of the other news outlets that blindly take the footage, and then run stories with it about Israel killing innocent people. The footage is all part of a propaganda machine, or as Richard Landes coined the phrase – ‘Pallywood‘.

This habit of choosing to take the story at face value – despite 1000s of examples of where this has been a mistake, is beyond irresponsible and a huge part of the problem. Especially footage from Hamas controlled Gaza. Israel is always guilty first, even though the witness in the box is a serial liar. The anti-Israel activists, and even many professional reporters have no interest in truth – what they want is food for their demonisation campaign and a body count.

The massacre is coming

Look at this tweet from Ariel Gold from shortly before the major demonstration last Saturday. Gold is a well-known anti-Israel activist in the States. Despite her self-given humanitarian title, Gold is a member of Palestine Live and hangs out with those who share neo-Nazi and white supremacist material. In the tweet Gold wished everyone a peaceful Shabbat – everyone that is, apart from the ‘Israeli military’.

Arile gold massacre Anti-Israel

There are so many things wrong with that tweet, but it clearly displays the truly twisted desires of anti-Israel activism. Like most people engaged in seeking peace, I wish peace on all sides – all the time. That after-all, is the way everyone sleeps well at night. Not Gold, she explicitly does not want the Israeli military to have a peaceful Shabbat (the day of the demonstration). But if the IDF don’t have a peaceful Saturday, neither will the Palestinians. In that scenario, the one Gold wishes for, the chances that people will lose their lives increases. Her ‘teary-face’ as she mentions the massacre becomes deceptive. In truth – isn’t this exactly what she is hoping for? Isn’t this what Ariel Gold is about?

This ‘thirst’ for a massacre was everywhere to be seen. Here is JVL’s Naomi Wimborne Idrissi. Idrissi is annoyed a BBC correspondent isn’t talking about the ‘impending slaughter’. She goes on to claim he cannot be a serious journalist for not doing so:

Naomi Wimborne Idrissi Anti-Israel

Here is another example. Israel with their tanks and air fighters about to slaughter ‘2 million Palestinians’. This post was shared 372 times:


And another, with talk of ‘barbaric Israeli captivity’ and a ‘Gaza Holocaust’:


Alec Tredwell could not hold it in – and even posted about the ‘Genocide’ in upper case:

And of course, those suggesting the upcoming ‘slaughter’ was pre-planned:


It isn’t just that these people live on a different planet. Nor that they exist on a diet of fake-news and firmly believe Israel is some type of demon state. It is the role that innocent Palestinians play in this ‘blood-thirsty pantomime’ that is of interest. As most normal people across the globe held their breath and hoped that the day would pass without bloodshed, there are those that perversely want to hold casualties aloft as some type of prize. These people *want* blood.

Anti-Israel appropriation – the Christchurch example

Hamas and other Palestinian terror factions can only play this game because their audience performs with them. A symbiotic relationship. If ‘Pallywood’ did not work, it would not exist. Both these sides *want* Palestinian victims – for Hamas, it feeds their ideology, for the anti-Israel activist, it feeds their psychopathy.

To highlight how extreme this is, we can turn to the recent devastating attack in Christchurch. 50 innocent Muslims brutally and tragically murdered in the attacks. That is not enough for the anti-Israel crowd. They need two additional elements to function – the first that Palestinians must have been the *primary* victim, the second is Israeli culpability. The industry provides. Here is a claim that the ‘majority’ of those killed in New Zealand were Palestinians. Shared 470 times:

The NZ police provided the names of those that lost their lives (pages 1 2 3 4). Sixteen were from New Zealand. Seven from Pakistan, five from India, three from Bangladesh, two more from Fiji. Only one was listed as coming from ‘Palestine’. Even if we count every Jordanian and Egyptian as having been Palestinian (about six), the claim remains absurd. But the Palestine victim industry wanted to claim Christchurch as its own. This attack couldn’t be about white supremacists, racism and anti-Muslim hatred, this was about Israel and ‘Palestine’. And if Palestinians were the primary victims, then the perpetrator had to be Israel:.

Brendan Tarrant visited dozens of countries, on his travels Tarrant also visited the UK. The next post shows how far removed from reality these people are. Getting ‘a visa’ for Israel is as simple as arriving at the airport. Standard tourist visas are issued upon arrival. But no, in this scenario our visitor must have gone through ‘the task’ to receive ‘his instructions’.

Or this post, which does not just create a linkage with Israel, but makes the killer Jewish:


After the horrific Grenfell fire, we witnessed speakers at a London event blame the fire on Zionists. Christchurch was no different. Within days, at a public memorial event, the head of a major mosque in New Zealand, blamed the massacre on the Mossad. The linkage is complete. In the eyes of these anti-Israel activists, the Israelis were behind the Christchurch massacre and the Palestinians were the ones who were killed.

But the Gazan massacre never came

I followed Saturday’s events online. There is pressure to wind up the audience early. Look at these reports of ‘Journalist’ Mohammed Abu Sultan being shot. This is the first reported injury – having taken place the night before. One report says he was shot in the chest, the other the stomach. But the location of the wound is not the central issue, Mohammed is such a skillful journalist that he has managed to change shirts and grow a beard whilst waiting for treatment.

But there is more. I looked for Mohammed online. Here he is getting shot in the leg last August:

Younes Arar got more shares from the image the second times around. What makes this even more suspicious is a report by the ‘Journalist Support Committee in Palestine’ that claimed *seven* journalists were injured during Saturday’s ‘demonstrations’ – shirt-changing Abu Sultan was not named. He is not listed by the very organisation that details these incidents.

This is Younes feeding the hungry. He uploaded this post claiming someone had been shot twenty minutes before. *Twenty minutes*. Arar is not even in Gaza, yet here he is with the name and social media picture of a casualty within twenty minutes of the incident. The circumstances surrounding the death of Amarah is not the issue here- this industry is set up to feed the vampires and it is lightning fast. That image was shared 2,300 times.

It soon became clear that this day was going to pass ‘relatively calmly’. As the day began to wind down, you could almost sense the feeling of disappointment amongst the anti-Israel activists. There just hadn’t been enough blood for them. Al-Jazeera set the tone and posted a long thread on Twitter reminding people about casualties from last year. They were feeding off ‘seconds’. This was the easy response:

And then it was over. We all went home, most of us exhausted but relieved, but the other side – there was no satisfaction for them. Not enough Palestinians had been sacrificed by the Hamas-activist alliance. For them there was only dissapointment. The sane people in the world breathed more easily, the anti-Israel activists were depressed. Now you tell me who cares more for Palestinian lives.



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47 thoughts on “Bloodthirsty – in the mind of the anti-Israel activists

    1. And you are most certainly a scoundrel, Stephen. I have yet to read an informed comment. Sarcasm and insult is your byline.

    2. Say this to yourself….

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-STINE Will Never Be.

      Feel better now?

  1. “Hamas rule is brutal and Gazans face a violent crackdown when they protest.”

    …. yet less brutal than having Israel’s firing-squads shoot you dead while you protest NEAR to their fence.

    1. Mike, always ready to demonise, delegitimise and treat Israelis ie Jews differently. It’s not “their fence” but Israel’s border where Hamas has ordered 40,000 terrorists to break through & murder Jews who live a few kilometers away – the same civilians who have suffered 14000 rockets. Armed with knives, hatchets & explosives, they are given maps to help them murder Jews. Israel unilaterally left Gaza in 2005. Hamas, a terrorist organisation’ Charter makes clear the aim is to kill every Jew!

      Yahya SINWAR: “The March of Return is a DECEPTION! The aim is to eat their livers and rip out their (Jews) hearts!”

      Care to comment!

      1. ” Israelis ie Jews ” Deceiver!

        Re. Sinwar’s statement … it’s rhetoric. This you know. They have no hope of moving anywhere within Israel should they breach the fence. Israel is the region’s greatest military power. It is Israel that has the blood-list.

        Who built the fence, Jud? Who declares that coming within 300 metres of it will get you shot?

        1. Hitlers message was also rhetoric until he turned rhetoric into fact and murdered 6million Jews because they were Jews (and another 6million others because they also didn’t fit)

          But then a knowledge of history and fact have never seemed to be your strong point.

          1. Perhaps not the History that you’ve been fed since childhood, Richard.

            I see you played the get-out-of-criticism holocaust card there, you rascal.

            Refreshing though to have you mention that other than Jews were targetted in the Holocaust. Have a care … you could be labelled antisemitic in this modern bizzaro bubble.

        2. Who is “Jud”? The name is JUDAH after whom the geographical area called JUDEA was named! JUDEA & SAMARIA was rename by antisemite Emperor Hadrian in 135, to Palaestina. Palestine refers to JEWISH Judea & Samaria. It is Jewish land which we agreed to share but the Palestinians refuse to share: they refuse to recognise Jews or the Jewish State. They demand the whole of the Middle East as Judenrein.

          Ever read the Hamas Charter? Of course, you haven’t, just as you haven’t read or watched Arabs calling for the death of all Jews – where ever they may be – in Arabic because you know nothing!

          At least in this latest nonsense, you admit you are an antisemite. Blood Libel is te master trope for antisemites. 14,000 rockets Mike – on civilians ie Jewish Israelis. Terror tunnels. Murderous attacks on Israel children. Tell this to the parents of 4 yr old Daniel T, blown up in is garden. Or, Hillel’s parents who returned to find their 12 yr old child dead in bed from multiple stab wounds as the cowardly terrorist – a teenager who, from infancy, had been taught to kill Jews. Explain to the 2 remaining childen why 2 teenage terrorists cut the throats of the parents, as they slept, then beheaded 3 month Hadas, before slitting the throats of 2 more children. Or a pregnant mother who stopped a terrorist, but died, along with her unborn child. Men, praying in a synagogue were slaughtered in Har Nof or others who were shot to death while stopping to help what they thought were people with a broken down car. Stabbing attacks or vehicular deaths of innocent people, but I
          doubt you have any thoughts about terrorist attack – like blowing up school buses, bombing a pizza parlour where children would be killed, or sending a missile to hit kindergartens inside Israel. A latest ploy is to use balloons, dressed up, so that Israeli children will be blown up. When a terrorist attack succeeds, Arabs celebrate by giving out candies.

          You create a view of Palestinian-Arabs as helpless victims, when they are the perpetrators. How dare you trivialise Jewish lives! How dare you accuse us when we are defending our own citizens. How dare you ignore Hamas as a terrorist organisation who, as I write, are continuing to murder Jews, even though there are NO JEWS in Gaza & that the Middle East is almost Judenrein.

          Israel could easily bomb Hamas out of existence, along with Gaza. Why doesn’t Israel do this, Mike? After all, Israel is powerful? Explain this can you?

          Instead, Israel drops hundreds of thousands of leaflets warning citizens to leave. Israel makes thousands of cell phone calls. Israel invented “knock on roof” to warn Gazans,. What does Hamas do?

          They hide behind civilians, especially children. They fire rockets from schools, houses, mosques & hospitals, hoping that Israel will kill civilians because they know they can rely on western antisemites like you.

          40,000 Gazans were at the border. Hamas arranges coaches & if a Gazan refuses, they are arrested, tortured, imprisoned or killed. As I write this, Hamas are terrorising protestors inside Gaza against Hamas, but antisemites like you, ignore the real uman rights abusers. You don’t give a damn about the people of Gaza, or the Syrians, or indeed any human being. That’s right, isn’t it, Mike?

          Where were you Mike, when tens of thousands of Syrian palestinians were dying of starvation in te Yarmouk Refugee Camp, later bombed by British trained ophthalmologist al-Assad, responsible for 500,000 deaths? What have you done? Israel saved over 5,000 inside Israeli hospitals.

          Mike – your miserable life, revolves around trolling Jews. You are ignorant. You are a racist & antisemite. You have a view of Arabs that is called the expectation of low expectations. You don’t hold Arabs to the same standard, while you lie & libel Jews & Israel.

          If you gave up being an antisemite, you would not have anything in your life whatsoever. You are a liar, engage in libels & above all, you are an antisemite who lives in the antisemitic sewer.

          1. Arabs refuse to recognise Israel (its name) as the Jewish state because that would be accepting that non-Jewish citizens were second class, an undemocratic situation.

            Of course I don’t support terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens as I condemn Israeli attacks on Gazan civilian targets.

            You’ve highlighted the deaths of several Jewish children. I’ll highlight the deaths of over 500 Gazan children in the latest murderous Israeli invasion of Gaza precipitated by Israel.

            Does knocking on a roof before you reduce the house and its personal possessions to rubble whitewash the vile action? Would a call to Israelis in Sdererot forgive any rockets falling on the town?

            Still the baseless ‘antisemitic’ jibes …. worthless over the recent years.

            1. Sorry Mike but do you actually think this type of comment

              “Arabs refuse to recognise Israel (its name) as the Jewish state because that would be accepting that non-Jewish citizens were second class, an undemocratic situation.”

              Actually passes for a legitimate argument? I mean even putting aside the nonsense of second class citizens, the sheer absurdity of positing Arab nations won’t recognise Israel because of ‘democratic sensibilities’. Israel is BY FAR the most democratic nation in the region – using all and any indices you choose to pick. Don’t the Arab states all recognise each other – even though they are all far less democratic? You’re not just selling poppycock, you are insulting the intelligence of anyone who wastes their time reading it.

              1. “the nonsense of second class citizens”?

                Netanyahu and the Nation Law class them so, David.

                p.s. you make your living blogging ‘poppycock’ surely.

  2. Excellent piece David
    Once again we await the mindless commentary from the resident Jew haters and baiters, so beautifully clad in anti-Israel rhetoric

    This brings to mind the same sort of thing that happened during in Communist Russia before, during and after Stalins tyranny.
    Millions were murdered and/or starved to death, and the western media lauded the progressive actions of the communists, denying that there was a genocide happening, and telling westerners that communist Russia was the ideal system and the way forward.
    It is estimated that the death toll in Russia and its colonialist empire could have reached approximately 63million before communism there collapsed

    And in China exactly the same thing happened.
    The progressive western liberals and media lauded Mao while approximatelly 50million were murdered and/or starved to death under his rule.

    It was the same media and liberal elite that excused the brutallity of the communists, while denigrating the western Democracies they safely lived in, that is today excusing the brutallity of Hamas and Hezbollah while denigrating democratic Israel

    Funny that.
    The world moves on, but the hate remains the same.

    1. ” .. resident Jew haters and baiters, so beautifully clad in anti-Israel rhetoric..”

      Seems you parrot David’s rhetoric with the above, that antiZionism = antiSemitism…… only in Zionists’ scripts.

    1. Very overt baiting on this one. Which one of them was it who, at the start of 2018 wrote that they had to do their thing here for fear that David’s blog would cause people to have more sympathy for Jews and Israel? It was either Mike or that other daft booby Chris.

      1. That a question, Ian?

        Chris was far from daft. He owned David.

        David wrote a blog accusing one Scot of cowardice, yet wouldn’t accept Chris’s challenge.

  3. So you know Chris then Mike? His was an eclectic approach to disruption and deflection, not as linear and obvious as yours. What did he say; ” I’ll use any stick I can find to beat the Jews with”? He was certainly imaginative, at various time claiming to be an Asian eco-warrior, a bloke from a Welsh mining village, a mate of a disabled transgender, Marxist ex IDF officer that had recanted his/her/their Judaism and now went as Cohen from America. I had great fun with him, then he legged it.

    Many similarities with my dwarf cousin Mitchell at the Harpurhey Public Baths; Miles out of his depth.

    Do say hello from me.

      1. Perhaps his Hebrew name. He liked to say how fond he was of his close friends who were Jews; always carefully qualifying that they had turned from the religion.

        Where you differ is that he actually believed some of the things he wrote, not much but enough to differentiate the two of you. He often got quite cross about things; carelessly breaking cover to show that he cared about the issue. Not something that we ever need concern ourselves about with Bellers and Associates.

        1. Oh, I believe the things I write. You’re confusing me for David, who sells a tailored product to his customers.

          1. I think it’s pretty clear that you don’t. Real people just don’t express themselves like you do here with all those contrived phrases and slogans.

            That’s all okay as we are never going to debate anything here. As you know that’s not what social media is for and certainly not what you’re doing here. So I suggest that you just do you, but please don’t say you believe any of this. You’re just an activist. Own it.

  4. David’s blog over the years has contained many offerings from him containing the phrase ‘hate-filled’ and ‘dripping with hate’.

    Witness his twitter offering about a man who has done MORE for the Jewish Community than David would ever take the trouble to do.

    David Collier
    ‏ @mishtal
    Apr 5

    Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

    A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

    Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

    It’s dangerous

    Take care with that wounded foot, David.

    1. When you and your team get the group call with the daily content and the times and places to post, what happens if you’re out for the day visiting your nan or such like? Do they get cross with you or are they quite understanding?

  5. You’re such a tart Bellers. You say you work alone but you’re loving your little two-hander. Nice change from the one-hander eh?

      1. Too right. I’ve been here as long as Bellers. I want a sidekick too. What cut does he take from you?

        1. Suppose that’s the problem with this Zionist racial-purity milarky … limits things.

      1. Come on Bellers. You know the rules here;-
        1. Place misquote in inverted commas for pretend attribution
        2. Do the playground shuffle saying something like “bit like ZioNazi Ian and his racist endeavour”
        3. Sign off with a nice camp “whoopsie” or “tut tut” from behind your crinoline skirts.

        Your sidekick’s got it. Can’t wait to get mine.

  6. Bellers

    You have no right to ask questions and expect answers, when you refuse to answer questions asked of you
    So Bellers up

    1. That is to say my question to Ian is a question of empirical fact. I said it or I didn’t. In contrast ” Israel is a crappy racist klepomanial basket case ” is not. I am beginning to think that David should make commenting here contingent on having having passed a year one, Term one day one course in epistemology

      1. Yeah, yeah; blah blah blah. Does this mean I’m getting my sidekick or not? Bellers has that had so many liggers he could run his own activist pyramid scheme if he isn’t already. No wonder he’s in second gear with his feet up.

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