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JLM blindness, as Momentum go full ‘Israel made up the antisemitism’

On Sunday, the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) held their AGM. JLM passed a ‘motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn‘. The ‘closest vote of the day’ was apparently an amendment to a motion on antisemitism. Through this amendment the JLM voted to shield Momentum from criticism. Instead of suggesting Momentum had ‘protected those engaging in antisemitism’, they praised Momentum’s commitment to fighting antisemitism‘. There is a stark difference between the two positions and it shows how lost the JLM are, that they were not sure whether Momentum had been fighting or protecting antisemites.

In fact, just as JLM were voting in their AGM, Momentum activists in Birmingham were busy preparing for an event. Called ‘Labour & Palestine’, it was hosted by Momentum Birmingham and took place at the offices of Unite the Union. The key speaker at the event was Hugh Lanning:

This event took place just as JLM were showering Momentum with praise. I have seen Lanning speak many times. He is a key part of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and has acted as Chairman for a decade. As a front-line BDS activist, Lanning has been banned from visiting Israel. The PSC are themselves riddled with antisemitism. Some of their own Board have flirted with vicious anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and websites that promote Holocaust denial. If you are fighting antisemitism, you don’t ‘accidently’ invite Hugh Lanning or the PSC.

Momentum and the Israel antisemitism industry

What did Hugh Lanning say at the event? Amongst other things he said this:

“What Israel has been trying to do for the last decade, which is drive Palestine off the agenda. Out of consciousness and so on. It was after 2009, after Operation Cast Lead, when they realised they had lost global public opinion. They commissioned an organisation called the Reut institute, which is an Israeli think tank set to the right, and what they said they’ve got to do is delegitimise the critics of Israel. And there has been a conscious plan and strategy by Israel since then… and the plan was to use criticism of BDS, to accuse people of antisemitism and to make sure that the debate was around that and not about the actions of the State of Israel.

And that has been a consistent strategy that they have been following ever since. I am not actually a Corbynista…. but actually I know where his heart is, but we also know that the Israeli government have a strategic objective of trying to ensure that Jeremy is never elected Prime Minister of this country. They do not want there to be a progressive Labour Party with somebody who is supporting Palestine as its head. And they have, as we have seen, put an awful lot of time and effort into supporting (?) and undermining Jeremy.”

In the current environment this comment is outrageous. It came with no clarification and no attempt to offset the damage. Hugh Lanning suggested to everyone listening that the current ‘antisemitism crisis’ was concocted in Jerusalem. A strategy born in Israel just to deflect criticism. How on earth is giving this man a platform part of a commitment to ‘fight antisemitism’?

From the friends of the JLM: The Jews who cannot look at Palestinians

Much of what Lanning said was the usual propaganda nonsense. Just a string of distortion. There were also constant references to the boycott of Israel, why and how people should adhere to it. He spoken about Apartheid, and he also wanted to talk about ‘Israel’s racism’. Here is a good example of the difference between criticism of Israel and unacceptable demonisation. The distinction between them is far clearer than most anti-Israel activists want you to believe. As their movement explicitly rests on the pillars of a racist demonisation, they oppose the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Take this comment from Hugh Lanning:

“They are building roads from Jerusalem to the settlements, the settlers themselves are building the walls and so on, and the roads are walled, so Israelis can go into the settlements, backwards and forwards and not really have to see or bother encountering Palestine at all”.

Talk of settlements and so on would fall into the category of criticism, but Lanning goes much further, he mentions the walls that run alongside some of the roads. These walls along these roads are there to stop Palestinians killing Israelis. That is why they were built. That’s the fact. You can argue around it, place your own perspective on whether the roads or settlements should be there- but the walls and the reasons for their existence are not part of that discussion. Lanning ignores the legitimate reason for the walls – and replaces it with racism. Lanning suggests Israelis built the walls so they wouldn’t have ‘to see’ Palestine. That’s demonisation.

It takes a very real and understandable position and distorts it, removing the humanity of the people involved. According to Lanning, Israelis are not worried about security – they build walls along the sides of their roads so that they don’t have to view Palestinians (who therefore they obviously regard as sub-human). A totally unacceptable distortion.

JLM certified: No context, no truth, no history

There was little context, nor basic adherence to historicity in anything Lanning said. When asked about the 1947-1949 conflict, he said this: “The Nakba didn’t happen as a consequence of the UN partition vote, it was a conscious decision taken by the Israelis at the time to drive people out and take control”. That’s false history and conspiracy talk. No history, no context – just a pack of distortions and lies explicitly set up to demonise the Jewish state. To make people hate Israel so much, that people will seek to join the movement to boycott it. To join a movement that seeks Israel’s destruction. Lanning even wrote off Israeli political movements such as Meretz, by suggesting *all* the parties were just arguing about how mean Israelis can be to the Palestinians. It was the usual PSC rubbish.

Let us put aside the distortions, the demonisation and even the accusation that the antisemitism crisis is clever Israeli engineering. Maybe only hearing one side is okay, if people are given a chance at balance at another time. But when is Momentum offering its members the chance to hear *another side*? And that is a key issue here. They won’t. And that is the problem. Momentum are spreading lies about the Jewish state without giving any room for a defence. They are discarding the accusations of antisemitism: they are promoting a boycott of Israel and they are allowing for Israelis to be demonised.

That isn’t fighting antisemitism at all. It isn’t even protecting those engaging in it. This time, they were caught helping to spread it themselves.



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90 thoughts on “JLM blindness, as Momentum go full ‘Israel made up the antisemitism’

  1. “entering a shop and trying to persuade people to boycott products from the Jewish state.”

    Are you seriously classing that as ‘antisemitic’, David, just because you have used your euphemism for Israel?

    1. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and:

      1. Give up your pathological, obsessional trolling; and
      2. Read the IHRA definition of antisemitism!

      It’s not too late to join the Vad Vasem course on Antisemitism at FutureLearn!

      1. 1. I am questiong David’s obsessional imaginings and accusations of antisemitism

        2. The IHRA def. is a Jewish contrived ludicrous assortment of maybes and could bes. Not legal at all. That it contains the word ‘Israel’ shows it for the fake it is.

        1. Certainly not a worthless little antisemite like you. You just want to see your name in print. Pathetic.

          1. …. whereas you’re too afraid to use yours.

            ‘”antisemite”? ….. boring…. boring.

  2. I find Lanning complaining that Israel is delegitimising anti-Israel activists laughable, when the whole thrust of of the PSC is to delegitimise Israel.
    He and his ilk wage war against Israel; and then they get all uptight and offended when Israel responds to their attacks.

    Momentum is a bit bizzare.
    Landsman, their leader is Jewish, and calls out Antisemitism and Jew hate within Momentum.
    And yet Momentum seems to be the driver of Antisemitism and Jew hatred within Labour.

  3. JLM is a profoundly racist org. And while I cannot at this point prove it I am guessing they never affiliated to the LP.If I am allowed a transferable vote I am guessing the affiliation was fraudulent. This would make sense since fraud and JLM are never far apart

  4. Farmer boy,
    It is a reply to your mindless and repetitive anti-Israel diatribes

    Bye bye and good riddance

  5. Quality sidekickery there. Seriously, what cut does Bellers take? I’ll take 10% less and supply much smarter content. You can even carry on pretending to care about it all.

    1. Naw, we do it for free, because we believe that which we write. Quite refreshing given this blog.

      On those that seek payment, Ian, I couldn’t possibly comment.

  6. You’re even writing in the plural now. So you’re officially outing yourselves as a couple here? Were you together before this?

  7. Humouring you.

    Not smart enough to realise, Ian?

    Seems you’re only worth 50% less.

    1. All the more reason why I need a sidekick to keep me on track like Bellers and you do with each other. Even 50% is an overvaluation. The internal auditor from the Activist Union assessed my shtick unfavourably; not enough slogans, almost no decontextualised misquotes, a woeful lack of high camp ‘tut tutting’ and a glaring absence of that thing you do when you take a comment from someone you don’t like and then go “Yeah, just like ZioNazi Ian.” Anyway he said I need to be doing more of that to be a proper activist and confirmed that a sidekick would help. Crickey, imagine if i could get the lovely Rachel.

      1. Activist – a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.

        Mr. Collier, publishing his regular blog supporting Israel and Zionism, touting for funds to allow him to continue his campaign, is of course the activist here

        Myself, yourself and Bellers are but commenters on his Hasbara.

        1. You see. That’s how you do it. You can make the most banal placeholding bollox sound like real activism. Bellers has taught you well. Solid investment in you I’d say.

          1. Apologies, Ian. I understand that you’re only here for fun. My last comment was unwarranted.

  8. I see. So if you’re saying you are only spiteful and offensive to people with sincerely held views rather than frivolous idiots like me, that does rather confirm your role here as a troll rather than someone who has any real opinions. This much has been obvious for as long as you’ve been posting here. It is noted that you have become a lot more open about your motivations lately.

    1. My opinions on David’s continuing false flags on ‘rampant Labour Party antisemitism’ have been posted many times.

      Can’t remember any of your posts that have given an opinion on any of his creations.

      You’re here for fun. Does ‘troll’ encompass that?

      1. But they aren’t opinions are they because you don’t believe any of the things you say here? As we agreed many times, neither you nor Bellers are here for that. The Belhami ‘not arsed’ card punctuates so many of your contributions and the challenges from the serious posters are always ignored. No, I will continue to enjoy your old-school deflections and the re-hashed slogans you and Bellers share here. If you don’t take any of this seriously why should I?

        1. “you don’t believe any of the things you say here”…… countered that recently.

          “As we agreed many times” …… no, you agreed for me.

          “the challenges from the serious posters are always ignored.”??!? …. which serious posters would that be?

          It’s difficult to take David’s misrepresentations as serious beliefs, but I try.

      1. Err..Mike, were you aware that Bellers was playing away behind your back . Is this a new sidekick or just a temp fill-in? Check the advanced scripts son. If the Page 11 establishment shot says “Fridge falls from fifth floor balcony” I’d get your agent on the blower sharpish.

  9. I wonder how long we can keep this going. I make some general observation about the tactics that Bellers & Associates use to deflect articles and this is followed up by you with some vague copy/paste from the archive and the regular half dozen slogans. Lets go for a personal best. Does wonders for the SEO of the main articles and in any event it’s great fun watching you guys make the case against yourselves with each banal submission.

    Let the inverted commas and high camp tut-tutting begin……..

    1. Please dont let me inhibit your use of the inverted comma, although the deviation from the high camp sign off is noted. New group directive?

      1. I’ll lend you one to use in your second word, Ian. Ok? I’m sure that’s what you wanted.

  10. Here is a 30 second newsreel on Youtube of a sit-down meeting between National SOCIALIST Shitler and the Islamofascist Grand Moofti of Jerusalem.

    Sadly the hopes and dreams of the Grand Moofti and the Fascist Ayatoolas continue to go unfulfilled. /sarc

    Happy Nakba to All! 🙂


      1. Mrs Stephen……..” You are active ? How come I never noticed ? ”

        Gnasher ……. ” You are not looking in the right places at the right time “

        1. Sort of flattered that you’re copying my shtick Bellers but I do it better and anyway you’ve already got a sidekick. Dont be greedy.

  11. “JLM passed a ‘motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn‘” Well, that’s their job isn’t it?

  12. “Hugh Lanning suggested to everyone listening that the current ‘antisemitism crisis’ was concocted in Jerusalem. A strategy born in Israel just to deflect criticism. How on earth is giving this man a platform part of a commitment to ‘fight antisemitism’?”

    The ‘crisis’ is a transparent attempt to have Labour, as led’ by pro-two-state Corbyn, seen as an antisemitic organisation. It is certainly fuelled by Zionist groups, publications and bloggers such as Mr. Collier himself, constant slanderer of Mr. Corbyn’s character.

  13. What happened in Palestine between late 1947 and early 1949 was described by eye-witness Nathan Chofshi, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, who arrived in Palestine in 1908 in the same group as Polish born David Ben-Gurion, real name David Gruen: “…we old Jewish settlers in Palestine who witnessed the flight know how and in what manner we, Jews, forced the Arabs to leave cities and villages…some of them were driven out by force of arms; others were made to leave by deceit, lying and false promises. It is enough to cite the cities of Jaffa, Lydda, Ramle, Beersheba, Acre from among numberless others.” (Jewish Newsletter, New York, February 9, 1959)

    Chofshi was deeply ashamed of what his fellow Jews did to the Palestinians: “We came and turned the native Arabs into tragic refugees. And still we dare to slander and malign them, to besmirch their name. Instead of being deeply ashamed of what we did and of trying to undo some of the evil we committed…we justify our terrible acts and even attempt to glorify them.” (ibid, p. 803)

    In 2004, when asked by Ha’aretz journalist, Ari Shavit, what new information his just completed revised version of The Birth of the Palestinian Problem 1947-1949 would provide, Israeli historian Benny Morris replied: “It is based on many documents that were not available to me when I wrote the original book, most of them from the Israel Defense Forces Archives. What the new material shows is that there were far more Israeli acts of massacre than I had previously thought. To my surprise, there were also many cases of rape. In the months of April-May 1948, units of the Haganah were given operational orders that stated explicitly that they were to uproot the villagers, expel them and destroy the villages themselves.” (Ha’aretz, January 9, 2004)

    As determined by Walter Walter Eytan, then Director General of “Israel’s” Foreign Ministry, 800,000 Palestinians were dispossessed and expelled from their ancestral homeland between late 1947 and 1948. Before and during Israel’s first invasion of Egypt in 1956, about 25,000 more were expelled. As a consequence of the war Israel launched on 5 June, 1967, a further 250,000 were driven out as Israel seized and has since illegally/brutally occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip (still occupied by Israel in violation of international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, i.e., “collective punishment”) as well as Syria’s Golan Heights and Lebanon’s Shebba Farms and Kfarshuba Hills.

    1. Now Bellers and sidekick are both using the “Chris Filibuster” much loved by the Welsh mining, Asian Eco-warrior and lover of lapsed Jews. How did the handlers get all that on the SMS that sends the daily directive?

        1. Better ask your erstwhile associate Chris that one. They were his words. He used them a lot when describing the type of Jew he liked. Was that part of his cover or just a group directive to you all?

            1. Good. I’ll take that as part of his and your cover then. Did they train you for this together or apart? Did they ever pair you with that other idiot Gabriel. I think I recall seeing you and he working together here before you started side-kicking for Bellers.

              Do give him my best.

              1. That a conspiracy trope? Tut tut. I know groups that would burst into tears at such a slur.

                1. Reverting to the high camp ‘tut-tutting’ from behind your lacy fan? Was that Module 4 of the training when they recruited you?

                  What was the answer about Gabriel? You said you knew Chris, just wondering whether you all came through the course together.

                  1. No course needed. Just need enough sense to see through the crap that is peddled on these blogs.

  14. Scoffies explanation for the climate change protesters

    (((Jonathan Hoffman)))
    ‏ @jhoffman1
    Replying to @SkyNews

    She’s ( Emma Thompson ) an Israel hater — Like the vast majority of them #ExtinctionRebellion
    4:53 PM – 18 Apr 2019

      1. Of course, despicable words.

        Seems that they are equating Israel and its vile treatment of the Palestjnians with all Jews. A bit like someone saying that not enougb Germans died in WWII.

        They’re taking the much used phrase ‘Israel the Jewish State’ completely out of context.

        Not helped by Netanyahu stating that Israel is a state of only Jews.

        1. No. It doesn’t seem like and isn’t a bit like anything. It is exactly what your Hi Viz mate says three times. “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews”

          Very on-message for you guys.

          1. Perhaps to his knowledge Hitler didn’t.

            Were Arabs ethnically cleansed in ’47, Ian.

            1. I see. The member for Dachau West is using the “They only hate Jews ’cause they’re misinformed” defence.

              Is that your excuse ?

              1. Only?

                They have been “misinformed” by Netanyahu and others who repeat the ‘Israel the Jewish State’ mantra that Israel is totally Jewish.

                Having seen Israel’s actions and disregard for the lives of others they condemn therefore Jews.

                Good to see your ‘serious’ side, Ian. Not always the fool then?

                Noted that Tenenbom fished for the answer he got. Also noted that he didn’t argue the point.

  15. Wow, careful you dont trip on your cables as you dash to respond. A couple of vile anti semites telling us that “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews” and Bellers & Associates are panic stricken.

    Calm down lads. It’s only antisemitism. You”ve got loads of tactics to deflect that one.

  16. “Antisemitism”?

    Naw, antiIsraelism, Ian. Remember that the state of Israel comprises of only the Jewish people …. its PM told us, he should know.

    1. Total desperation from Bellers & Associates here and it’s becoming very entertaining.

      “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews” said thrice and all the “yeah, but Israel..” ain’t gonna deflect from that.

      Best just quitting before you do yourselves anymore damage and have another stab in the next one. ( bit like the Arabs you pretend to like when they see our nans and young mums).

      1. Perhaps mere ignorance on his part. No great sin to be ignorant of a part of History.

        David has even stated that ethnic cleansing of Arabs wasn’t carried out by Jewish militia in the 40s.

        1. Working in pairs lads? The handlers must be anxious. Be careful, your unusual dash to deflect will make you careless.

          Let’s go once round again before bedtime. Tell us again how anti semites saying “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews” is down to Israel. Your answers have been amazing.

          1. I don’t have the remotest fucking clue and I don’t recall ever telling you ” how anti semites saying Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews is down to Israel.”

            Are you hallucinating ?

            1. The “it wasn’t me. It was him” defence Bellers? You’ve been running your two-hander for days now. What next, Mike saying “I was only following instructions” ?

              Antisemites saying “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews” is just ‘misinformation’ ……..stunning!!!!!

              1. I speak for myself, Ian.

                What the clip showed was that Israel’s actions, coupled with Bibi’s claim that Israel is a state for only the Jewish people, are giving the words Jew and Jewish a definite taint.

                Shows perhaps that the chap you reference has the same ‘sense of humour’ as Edward has.

                1. I see. You need to get all the slogans in but you’re contradicting yourself. First you reckon that they say “Hitler didn’t kill any fuckin Jews” due to misinformation. Then you say it’s because of Israel. It cant be both so which one is it? Better consult Bellers before exposing yourself again.

                  1. Think that you’ve just exposed the low level of UK private education. Is the word ‘perhaps’ new to you, Ian?

                    1. Yes, yes Mike. Feel free to deflect to your hearts content but you still cant have it both ways. Did the anti semites say “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews for your first reason, misinformation or your second, because of Israel ? Your words, nobody else’s? Please clarify.

  17. “They have been “misinformed” by Netanyahu and others who repeat the ‘Israel the Jewish State’ mantra that Israel is totally Jewish. Having seen Israel’s actions and disregard for the lives of others they condemn therefore Jews.”….
    was my stab at why they came across as antisemitic. He may not know that the majority of Jews don’t live in Israel and shouldn’t therefore be held responsible for its crimes.

    “Perhaps to his knowledge Hitler didn’t.” was another stab at a reason.

    What seems clear is that the constant insistence that Israel IS the Jews by Bibi, and scores of others, casts on Jews a stain in their minds.

    1. Fantastic! I think that the post above from Mike should be pinned and preserved for ever, as one of the most remarkable and quite ingenious justifications for holocaust denial.

      Apologies, but I’m going to do that thing that now where you talk ABOUT the guy rather than TO him (tip from Bellers). It seems appropriate.

      Mike the Activist says that the men in the video above said “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews” because they have been confused. The cause of this confusion is that there are loads of Jews in Israel and loads who aren’t in Israel. Therefore in their understanding they couldn’t have been killed by Hitler. What’s more, according to Mike the Activist, is its all down to Israel for having all those Jews there (and using his logic, down to all the other Jews for being where they are.)

      Now, Mike the Activist doesn’t really believe any of this. He’s just very concerned that if people see videos like this where people are caught bang to right talking in such deeply offensive terms about Jews, it might prompt sympathy for Jews and worse still, for Israel. His narrative requires that there is no antisemitism only anti-Israelism, or whatever he and Bellers are calling it this week. He can’t have us seeing real live antisemites so he has to dash to his keyboard and try to deflect the story and mitigate the risk. You get the idea.

      Unfortunately for him, he’s had nowhere to go with this one so has had to use every “bit like..” and “seems like..” in his fertile imagination to construct a deflection and the posts above are the result. I’d encourage anyone that has been bothered to read this far to revisit some of his stuff. It’s terrific.

      Back to you though now Mike. Accusing these lads of being thick eejits may not play too well with your handler. You know Bellers likes to pretend to have some vague affinity with Irish nationalism when he’s posting here. You’ve just tarred him with the same brush. Careful now. That could be your gravy train leaving the station…..and his.

      1. “The cause of this confusion is that there are loads of Jews in Israel and loads who aren’t in Israel. Therefore in their understanding they couldn’t have been killed by Hitler. ”

        Your sub-standard private education again, Ian? Never said that.

        “holocaust denial. “? Now, there’s a overused misnomer, Ian.
        If I stated that 7 million Jews didn’t die in the Holocaust would I be guilty of ‘holocaust denial’? If I stated that only a minority of those that died in the Holocaust were Jewish would I be guilty of ‘holocaust denial’

        The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), the country’s official memorial to the Holocaust, “The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II.” The museum puts the total number of murdered during the Holocaust at 17 million: 6 million Jews and 11 million others.

  18. Mike, you’ve taken this one round the houses several times now and wrapped yourself into the most excruciating contortions; all the while trying to deflect from some vicious antisemitism where the quote that you are trying to justify was “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews”.

    Let’s remind ourselves for context;- https://twitter.com/i/status/1117176828140060672

    Your side of the fence requires you to mitigate the risk of people seeing this and feeling sympathy for Jews and Israel. That’s your choice and you’re sticking with it so just have the self respect to own it and save yourself a lot of additional typing. You may be being paid per post but surely not for making Bellers & Associates look so inept.

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