Amnesty's real problem - too many Jews

Amnesty’s problem with Israel – too many Jews

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll know that Amnesty International released a vile report accusing Israel of ‘Apartheid’. Every informed and level headed person on the planet also knows it is a spiteful and false claim. In a recent ranking of the world’s democracies, Israel came in at number 23, which makes it one of the freest, most liberal and vibrant democracies on earth. Political leaders from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, the Czech Republic and Canada swiftly rejected Amnesty’s report.

The Amnesty report is even more obscene given that just across Israel’s northern border in Lebanon – there is an actual case of real Apartheid.

Most know that Amnesty followed HRW and B’tselem in spreading this libel, but many do not realise that this was not some ‘eureka’ moment for them all. Since 2001, they have all been working on Israel being labelled the new South Africa. Slowly but surely ramping up the volume with each passing year. It is one of the reasons that Amnesty has an obsession with attacking the Jewish state.

It is also important to understand their strategy has nothing to do with events in the real world. In fact, if you actually place Amnesty’s report next to reality – you will be left scratching your head. Just last year a broad coalition formed to become Israel’s new government – which even included an Islamist party. This total political inclusiveness is a key reason Israel’s saw a slight improvement between its ‘Democracy Index’ ranking in 2021 (23rd) and the one it received in 2020 (27th). Amnesty producing its report now, proves beyond much argument that they are working to a timetable that has nothing to do with what Israel does or does not do. That is a key message that those on the left should really pay attention to.

Following Amnesty’s publication, three key questions have surfaced:

  • Why have Amnesty called the only democracy in the entire region an ‘Apartheid state’?
  • Why are they picking on Israel?
  • What do Amnesty mean by ‘Apartheid’?

It is only the last question that really matters. Because when you unravel the answer to that question – everything else becomes crystal clear.

200,000+ words and little meaning

The anti-Israel activist Ben White wrote a book about ‘Israeli Apartheid’ and has been smearing Israel for decades. White is one of the stars of anti-Israel activism and deliberately demonises Israel everywhere he goes. I mention him because of his manner of delivery.

I have watched and spoken to Ben White on numerous occasions. Once, even though he probably does not remember it – I sat down next to him at a roundtable event (in those ‘undercover’ days he would have known me as ‘John’)  to discuss BDS strategy. What White does when he opens his talks, is throw ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’ at people in a barrage. Nobody listening can get their head around any of the complicated graphs they are shown, nor stop to analyse whether every piece of information is accurate. White drowns people in so much disinformation – they cannot see beyond the headlines that he gives them at the end. Because most of those in the audience are already sold on whatever it is Ben White is selling – they just sit in admiration of his ‘knowledge’ and accept whatever conclusion he provides for them. It is a great tactic.

Amnesty International just did exactly that in a 200+ page report containing over 200,000 words. They simply misdirected everyone under a mountain of nonsense.

Double meanings

Firstly – the elephant in the room. We have TWO accusations, not ONE. There is the Apartheid smear (also false) about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, and then there is the bigger one – that even if Israel were to withdraw from all the 1967 lands – Israel would still be an Apartheid state. It is important to understand this because it highlights just how bad the report is. What Amnesty International is saying is that if the Palestinians had a state of their own – if Israel withdrew from every inch of Gaza and the WB – Amnesty International would still consider Israel a pariah state. Leftists – take note.

Let me dismiss the lesser of the smears quickly – because leaving it in the air will just get in the way. You simply cannot believe in an ‘occupation’ and believe in ‘Israeli Apartheid’. If there is an ‘occupation’ – then at the root there must be an ‘occupied’ and an ‘occupier’. These labels are applied going by where one would have been standing on the morning of the 4th June 1967. They have absolutely nothing to do with race, Jews, Muslims, or any other criteria other than a historical geographical position. Within this paradigm an Israeli Arab could be an ‘occupier’ and his cousin could be part of the ‘occupied’. Calling this Apartheid is nonsensical. It is an ongoing conflict, and it is complex enough already. What makes the smear even worse is that the only reason Palestinians do not yet have a state of their own – is because they have rejected offer after offer.

We can argue over international law and whether the territories are ‘occupied or ‘disputed’, we can all struggle to find a workable solution that isn’t scuppered by Palestinian intransigence and Islamist extremists – but there is certainly no room around the table for empty smear campaigns that rely on offensive and wildly inaccurate terminology.

…and misleading articles

These two separate accusations allow for an enormous amount of misreporting. One of the most glaring lies in the media came unsurprisingly from the Guardian which ran an article suggesting that some Israeli leaders also think *Israel* is an Apartheid state. They mention Yossi Sarid (talking about the ‘occupation’), Ehud Barak (didn’t say it at all – but suggested it could happen) and Michael Ben Yair (talks about the ‘occupation’). These are all left-wing voices referring to the possible implications of failure to find a solution with the Palestinians. It was disgraceful for the Guardian to imply that they agree with Amnesty’s findings about Israel. Michael Ben Yair – in the very article the Guardian links to, suggests that Israel is ‘progressive and liberal’. This is shameful reporting from the Guardian – but deliberately misleading those who do not know enough to understand is exactly how these lies are spread.

But I digress – putting aside the secondary smear – let us deal with Amnesty’s key claim.

Amnesty edit

When Amnesty sent out the embargoed version – it contained a smoking gun. In the Executive Summary they claimed that Israel’s ‘Apartheid’ began with its birth (lower part of image). When there was initial outrage – and prior to publication – Amnesty changed the sentence to hide the evidence (upper part of image).

Amnesty state explicitly that the problems in Israel go back to the state’s founding in 1948. It is worthwhile remembering that Israel came about through a rejection by the Arabs of the UN partition plan, a civil conflict fuelled by genocidal comments from Arab leaders – and an invasion by several Arab states upon the departure of the British. When the dust settled, the Jews had survived (they’d lost 1% of their entire population in the conflict) – and Israel had withstood the first of many brutal attacks. At the report’s heart then, by suggesting that the problem began with Israel’s birth – Amnesty are not just sorry the Jews survived – they now want everyone to punish the Jews for surviving.

Amnesty don’t think it is Apartheid

So what ‘Apartheid’ does Amnesty thinks exists in Israel? Actually – they don’t believe it exists at all. I’ve read the report and there is no way anyone truly believes the Apartheid label applies to Israel. Amnesty even tell us that in the report when they write that they do not seek to argue that Israel’s ‘Apartheid’ is even ‘analogous’ to South Africa:

If it is not even analogous – why on earth use the word?

Amnesty use the word only because of the effect they hope it will have. And in order to do so – they needed to do a ‘Ben White’ and make sure nobody in the audience understood what they are talking about. Hence a 200,000+ word document, overburdened with one-sided, non-factual, or irrelevant information, that butchered every definition and every human rights law relevant to the situation.

We know that Amnesty has misrepresented ‘facts, laws and definitions’. We are aware they butchered quotes, spread lies, revised history, and downplayed all the terrorist attacks on Israel. And we also know from CAMERA that the report is full of gobsmacking pieces of non-factual propaganda. Amnesty even appropriated the identity of proud Arab Israelis and called them ‘Palestinians’ (against their wishes) – to help blur the lines even further.

But it still leaves the question unanswered. If Amnesty’s ‘apartheid’ doesn’t actual mean ‘apartheid’ – then what does it mean?

Amnesty’s definition of ‘Apartheid’ means ‘Jewish majority rule’

These are some of the problems in Israel inside Amnesty’s ‘Apartheid’ report:

  • The report makes clear that they have a problem with Israel’s ‘law of return’ which is the basis of the world having a refuge for Jewish people (page 82).
  • Amnesty has a problem with Hebrew being the dominant language (page 212).
  • They have a problem with Jewish majority state control (throughout the document).
  • Amnesty has a problem with the Jewish state ‘owning’ its own land (throughout the document).
  • It has a problem with urban renewal projects (throughout the document)
  • Amnesty has a problem with the Jewish state building towns to house Jewish refugees and immigrants (page 146)
  • It has a problem with a Jewish majority anywhere – referring to the impact of that majority as ”Judaization’ (example page 22)
  • Amnesty has a problem when the Jewish state embarks on social and economic development programs (page 153)
  • Amnesty has a problem with normal economic restraints (such as a state not having enough money to invest as much as it should – see investment on classrooms on page 213)
  • It has a problem with there being more ‘Jewish localities’ than non-Jewish ones (page 146).
  • Amnesty scream ‘Apartheid’ when they see a housing shortage (you know, like we have in the UK)

The bottom line is this: Amnesty International have a problem with a Jewish majority state – period.

Anti-democratic ‘equalness’

Maybe this single sentence highlights the problem best (from page 213):

‘In 2016, only 526 classrooms were built in Arab localities, compared to 2,171 built in the Hebrew education system’

That is nonsensical because Arabs are approximately 20% of the population and yet Amnesty are complaining when Israel gave them 24% of the new classrooms – outrageously using it as an example in a report about ‘Israeli Apartheid’. But it does highlight what the real problem is. Israel has a Jewish majority – and to the Islamists that is an unacceptable state of affairs. This is not about individual rights – which are equal throughout Israel. Amnesty’s demand is far more sinister. Amnesty is saying that as a minority group the Arabs should be on an equal footing with the majority – in all areas.

So if the 80% of Jews have 2171 new classrooms – so should the 20% of Arabs have 2171 new classrooms. If not – it is ‘Apartheid’. Arabic should be on an equal status to Hebrew – if not, it is Apartheid.

If you do not believe me – look at the NGO Adalah. They are mentioned 156 times in the Amnesty report. Adalah actually holds a database of what they call ‘discriminatory laws’ and it is frequently referenced by NGOs like Amnesty. The database is even used as a reference twice in the report. A few years ago I looked at the Adalah database and wrote a report exposing it as a scam. According to Adalah – even things like the flag, state emblems and Jewish holidays are discriminatory.

Amnesty scam

Now while Amnesty do not explictly use these examples – they rely 156 times on the NGO that produced them. Amnesty’s sources all want Israel gone – and they want a Muslim majority nation to take its place. This is why Amnesty can claim Apartheid has existed since 1948. It is all about the Jews actually enjoying the trappings of their own majority status.

Wanting to destroy Israel

Being in the majority comes with perks. Most people will speak the same language as you, worship the same god as you and celebrate the same holidays as you. A nation’s culture is shaped by the majority. Christmas day is a big holiday in the UK – not so much in Saudi Arabia. The UK’s flag and many of the state’s emblems carry a cross – which you won’t tend to find on the state emblems in Indonesia. Nothing of this is untoward. The UK is not an Apartheid state because Easter is celebrated with a public holiday – and Ramadan isn’t. And inside pre 1967 Israel – this is what Amnesty are calling ‘Apartheid’ – this is what they want to tear down. They want to destroy the Jewish state.

So remember, when you see Amnesty say ‘Apartheid’ – what they mean is democratic representation inside a Jewish majority state. And when they say they want to ‘end it’ be in no doubt that they are talking about the deliberate destruction of the only democratic nation in the MENA region.

Why are they doing it? – Simply because the Islamist / hard-left alliance have taken a firm grip of what was once Amnesty’s soul.



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165 thoughts on “Amnesty’s problem with Israel – too many Jews

  1. Thank you very much for this very explanatory article. In reply to your last sentence , every time I hear the name Amnesty International on news programmes in praise of them , the first thing that comes into my mind certainly is ” antisemites!” . I realised this many years ago from the wise words of my father and he passed nearly 30 years ago. I hate when AI appear on news items as paragons of virtue. They are not the only well known organisation who wish Israel and all Jews gone either.

  2. Your work is amazing and this report is outstanding . One missing factor is that so many Israeli Arabs have opposed and denied the Amnesty allegation

    1. Are you the same Joy Wolfe that was a joint VP of the ZF at the same time as Scoffie ? The one that was hurriedly dumped when they became too embarrassed by the Roberta Moore connection ?

      1. Aren’t you the same Stephen Bellamy as the jew-baiting bigot who regularly trolls this site?

  3. Worth a reminder that Israel is governed by a coalition of parties who came together when King Bibi fell and include Mansour Abbas’s highly influential Ra’am Islamist Party,: a true coalition of representative Israelis governing for all Israelis.

    For balance, internet slogans from opponents and trolls are also available.

    1. NOTE TO READER: Please refer to apartheid Israel’s controversial Jewish Nation-State Law.

      1. Shush now Brucie. People with proper opinions are talking. We’ll get to all your silly “I’m a Rabbi, honest” nonsense in good time.

  4. David, what particularly fries them is that Israel won in 1967. As if the tiny Arab armies were unfairly overcome by the formerly-Jim Crow Jews. Can we have a do-over please? This is a continuing war of attrition.

  5. Amnesty has always had a problem with Israel.

    As time goes by and organisations like Amnesty become very important in their niche markets, but less important elsewhere, they need to periodically produce big ticket programmes to prove their relevance, AND keep their donor base enthused to keep the dollars flowing in

    Durban 2001 is probably the most important dates in their calendar, because that’s where the anti-Israel movement fermented their programme to destroy Israel.

    I had forgotten about our ‘dear’ Ben White. The way you described his fast delivery of his almost ‘scripted’ diatribe is spot on. He was/is so quick at replying to, and shutting down challenges to his rhetoric. I once challenged him about using embedded technology in the devices he used, and he had the temerity to reply that he would choose how his method of BDS would manifest itself.

    And thanks to you and your reseaching and reporting their carefully constructed subterfuge and obfuscation of their aims are continuously exposed

    1. no it looks like Collier’s fact-based demolition of the Amnesty report has triggered you.

  6. Boxcar Brucie’

    And what is wrong with the Nation State Law.

    What rights does it remove from anyone; Palestinians are not citizens of Israel and are covered by the laws pertaining to occupation which were modified by the Oslo Accords.

    You are a fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator, and you are in my opinion an Antisemite despite your claim to be Jewish

  7. Stephen

    It looks like the Amnesty report has offended more than just David.

    The misappropriation of the truth by omission, commission and distortion has offended most of the Jewish people/world, and has been condemned by many, if not most, democracies

    The majority of people who approve this report wish ill-will towards Jews because of their anti-Jewish Antisemitic hatred, or are aware of the situation but in ignorance of the multi faceted and mult-sided reality and truth.
    And to many the truth is just incidental inconvenience

    Representing London’s Jewish communities

    As your elected Mayer, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches to my plan that will accelerate visitor numbers to our blessed Capital.

    Details of my R-E-A-L plan will be forthcoming by midweek.

    1. Shush now with your silly Brucie words, Brucie.

      You know what happened to that other internet troll that pretended to be something he wasn’t to wind up Jews? It cost him £128K in legal fees. You could alway crowdfund it amongst your old dears I suppose.

      1. He’ll be in for the biggest shock of his life.

        I’ll give your visitors a taster of what R-E-A-L stands for; Rabbi’s Excursion Around London. Details to follow.

        That is all for now.

  9. Stephen

    You’re a such a flakey punce

    We know you read the Jewish press, so you have seen it. Don’t play the dumb innocent; it just makes you look like a lier

      1. The jew-baiter ignores Collier’s listing of democracies that have criticized the Amnesty report. Because he loves the report.

  10. Stephen

    The comments of democratic politicians and officials were reported in the Jewish press

  11. Ooh, Stephen is in full attack mode at present.

    He must have a rolladex with everyones bad points, and he’s rolling them out now.

    But surely Stephen should realise that we are all Scoffie now.

      1. Now, now Stephen. We at SCOFFEE RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING are very proud of our results with the much put-upon males of Activistia. Scoffees can now enjoy a safe space away from the haranguing amazons of their households and beyond. If you too are a Scoffee at risk, call us on 0898 4441967 with anonymity guaranteed.

        Scoffler Scoffingham.
        Keeping Scoffees safe since 1967.

  12. As I said Stephen, it’s all been reported in the Jewish press. Get the back copies of the last couple of weeks to see them.
    And anyway as far as the Internet goes, I personally find it quite difficult to navigate to back issues for links.
    You on the other hand have always seemed quite adept at trawling through back issues from years ago to find what are in your opinion, tasty little anti-Jewish titbits

  13. So you say Stephen, but if you have ever met the person/women in question, you would understand that it’s quite possibly the case that it’s men that are in danger from her

      1. Stephen really got his knickers in a twist today. Poor soul. Honestly, we’re only muckin’ around here.

  14. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ the Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Gas; a little more of your playing with Holocaust imagery. Funny, rabbi’s are supposed to show empathy towards the victims of the crimes of genocide, and yet you the fake rabbi mocks those victims.

    Says it all and a whole lot more

    1. Hey Dick, you asked why I always refer to you as “Stinky Dick Galber.” It’s because I can always smell YOUR KIND from from across town, across the pond and even online!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏✡️

  15. You say “the report makes clear that they have a problem with Israel’s ‘law of return’ which is the basis of the world having a refuge for Jewish people (page 82).” Playing devil’s advocate I think Amnesty was not opposing Israel’s ‘law of return’ as such but opposing the disciminatory way it does not grant Palestinians a similar right of return.

    1. Simon. Yes, they would be happy if Israel allowed itself to be a Muslim majority state. I think the law of return problems are always funniest. Mainly because many nations have immigration policies that heavily skews towards their own dominant ethnic makeup. Germany is an example. It is not racist that I cannot emmigrate to Germany but an ethnic German living in Poland can. If a state of Palestine is created – and they decide to have their own law of return – will they allow Jews from all over the world to go and live there – or are Amnesty’s problems with a ‘law of return’ only about the one in the Jewish state?

      I’ll start paying attetntion to all of this the day I see 100,000 people marching through London calling for the right of the return of the Circassians

      1. heap of bollox David. I have an automatic right to emigrate to Germany, as does any Pole. That you don’t have an automatic right is down to your mate Bojo. However you almost cetrtainly could if you wished to. There is anyways no such thing as an ethnic German,

        1. “Herr Bellamy.

          Ve haf your application to become a citizen of der Fatherland. Ve note zat under Profession you haf written ‘lickle rebel solja’ and we will need some clarification from you on what zis entails.

          Ve alzo note that under Pets you haf written ‘imaginary cat, created to wind up Jews on de internet’. Zis seems unusual but ve haf no problems here.

          Finally ve note de links you provided to your zocial media and vhilst it seems quite controversial, it has zo little traffic zat ve vill let it pass.

          Please report to room 1967 at the Ministry of Sheisshousen on your arrival zo that ve can continue processing your papers.”

          Helmut Skoffz
          Dept. of Absorption.

          1. That is quite a decent effort actually. Made Gnasher smile anyways. Unlikey to win you an honorary O level chemistry frrom Fylde quicksands secondary mod. But not bad.

      2. I think leftists argue a German is somebody with German citizenship. The equivalent to ethnic German would be ethnic Israeli not ethnic Jew. Israel does not allow ethnic Israelis to return if they are not Jewish, so in that sense Israel’s law of return is unique.

        The fact that there are very good reasons for Israel’s law return, does not mean it is commonplace

  16. ‘Boxcar Brucie’

    Glad you clarified that about why you call me ‘Stinky Dick’

    As you say it’s my kind that ‘stink’

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s what the Antisemites have always said about Jews; we smell differently to others. They could never define the smell, so they made us wear ‘Yellow Stars’ so that they could recognise that there was a smell

      1. “Herr Levy. Even pretending to be a chew is frowned upon in de Fatherland and unlike ze dentists, ze gess is no leffing matter. Now please proceed to ze room at ze end of ze corridor, close the door behind you and vait. If you are expecting refreshments, don’t hold your breath. “

      2. I find this ahole’s continual references to “gas” rather revealing. Reminds me of Woody Allen’s joke. “We got married by a reform rabbi, a REALLY reformed rabbi, a nazi.”

  17. Stephen

    Are you losing it a bit. Your post is a host of contractions.

    If a person can prove German heritage they can gain access to Germany and thus the EU. The great pal of European unity, old uncle Adolf, defined many races including Ethnic Germans. Although it’s a total no-no to talk of race classification, I have no doubt that it is alive and well throughout the world, though only manifesting itself subconsciously, and still dictates where one is permitted to live.

    If you are going to reply do try to make it more than a pithy one liner, with some debatable content

    1. Richard the Germans have a notion of citizenship by descent. That is if you have a parent or grandparent or great grandparent that was a German citizen you will be favourably looked upon from an immigration point of view. I on the other hand can fuck off there any time I please.

      Do you have a parent or grand parent or great grand parent that was a citizen of Israel. Richard ? No ? But you can fuck off there any time you want. On the other hand my mate Mo whose family were kicked off their land ,land they have lived on for generationsby by colonisers from Russia cannot go there cuz he aint Jewish.Geddit ? ergo apartheid

      Obviously I don’t really have a mate called Mo I just made him up.

      1. Cry me a river Stephen.

        My fictitious mate Avi says your fictitious mate Mo picked the wrong side and paid the price. He can always earn a ficticious crust stabbing Jewish nans and young mums and get $1,940 a month for life from Abu Mazen and the other lads in Ramallah; the ones that planned Munich. Good luck in der Fatherland.

          1. Like the 135 from Canon Street to Bury bus station. Maybe Stephen’s been banned for texting whilst driving. Naughty boy.

            1. Pssst Ian, don’t tell anyone, but the London train terminal you’re referring to is Cannon Street.
              You’re welcome.

      2. Jews need a safe haven from their persecutors, European and Arab. Palestinians do not. Certainly not in Israel where 90% of the ones there refuse to defend the country

  18. Stephen

    At least we now know where you stand on the issue; it has taken a long time for you to fully exit the closet

    My claim to be indigenous to the land is over a few thousand years. Jews left the area and others were exiled; but there was always a Jewish presence, albeit small in the area. Islam arrives nearly 800 years after the birth of Jesus Christ (the Jew), and he was preceded by at least 1500 years of Judaism

    Israel’s location makes it a crossroad, and over the millennia thousands have moved through the area; some staying, others moving on. Such is the history of the Holy Land and the broader Middle East.

    But through the last few millennia the only group that has claimed continuous indigency to the land is the Jews. Our name comes from the area called Judea, and Jerusalem has been the focus of the people/religion for thousands of years

    And the majority of Jews in Israel, possibly the largest grouping, are those descendants of the Jews that were ETHNICALLY CLEANSED and/or forced to leave the Muslim/Arab lands during the mid-twentieth century

    But your post makes abundantly clear that Jews/Israelis don’t count

      1. Stephen was noticeably frenzied here yesterday. Our lickle rebel solja likes his “couldn’t give a flying fuck” shtick, but spot how lairy he gets when you touch a raw nerve. Good fun innit?

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              1. It’s “RABBI.” Or if that’s too much for you, then “Dr.”

            1. “Ken” Would you like to perform for our tour? Bring your flag.

              I’ll give you a 10% off Jew Tattoo card.

          1. Actually this is not an entirely uninteresting tour. The best bits are where Scoffie and his mates got Ahava kicked out of London and where Simple Simon got Sodastream kicked out of Brighton, and where Tesco Harv challenged Fiona Sharpe for the perjurer of the year award.Life would be so bereft without David’s besties

            1. Are these all the Jews that you “don’t give a flying fuck about” Bellers?


              Yeh…it sure seems that way….


    1. Gdp of Israel has pretty much doubled since 2010 Bellers….


      So a fat lot of good your little Ahava protest did huh….?


      Ah well….never mind….


  19. ‘Boxcar Brucie’

    We know that amongst other things, you are a fake rabbi.

    So in the interests of ‘community’ cohesion, we have all become fake rabbi’s to ensure that you are not left all alone.

    So now, not only are we all Scoffie, we are now all fake rabbi.

    Please from now on call me rabbi Stinky Dick, and if you want you can also call me doctor and mayer of Brighton

    1. When you spend several years studying in a seminary, and then ordained, then I’ll call you RABBI. Until then, it’s “Stinky Dick Galber.”

    2. Oi Richard, I’m the Mayer of Brighton. You’re Luton.

      Rabbi Dr. Scoffley Scoffenstien
      Deputy Chief Rabbi Brighton and Hove Albion.

  20. Stephen

    The way the Shekel has improved over the last 20 years, it may just be the currency to hold

      1. Levy is….

        Not a Rabbi

        Not a Doctor

        Not a Mayer (whatever that is)

        He is just….a bit of a c@nt….


        And that….is all….


  21. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    When you provide proof of your rabbinical ordination I’ll believe you.
    Until then I’ll just think of you as the ‘mail order rabbi’; pay the few hundred dollars they demand and you get your papers by return.

    1. You’re such a GAS, Stinky Dick Galber.

      Now if you’ll excusme, I’ve got to pray 🙏✡️

  22. Stephen

    Please let me in on the secret of Bury

    I’m already in a state of near hysteria while awaiting this life shattering, earth moving revelation

    Please please please please 🙏 please

  23. This is your regular reminder that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

    Shabbat shalom to all my beloved friends.

    ✡️ 🙏 ✡️

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Fake – deluded – under medicated fuckwit……

      And that…….is all……..

      1. It’s only banter Ken.

        In one of our little chats years ago, Stephen and I agreed that this comment section was pointless and should be closed down. Predictably, since that time, he’s actually shown an insatiable appetite to return here in every episode without fail.

        For this reason I think DC was quite smart in keeping it open as it serves a useful purpose in showcasing the tactics used by antisemites to wind up Jews on the internet. Current trolls like Stephen, Brucie & Jack continue to support this mission with their contributions.

        If you’re ever bored, check out the similarities between the tactics used by our trolls and those on any football fan sites. The playbook is almost identical. The “couldn’t give a flying fuck” slogan is a great example of the overlay.

          1. Talk about repetition Ian, here’s a quick guide to Israel’s PR methods:

            1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, we’ll check into it;
            2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb;
            3. OK we killed them, but they were terrorists;
            4. OK they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields;
            5. OK there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we
            kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose;
            6. OK, we kill far more civilians than they do, but look how terrible other
            countries are!
            7. Why are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of anti-Semite?

            Test this against the next interview you hear or watch.

            1. Levy is clearly off his meds again….



              Tell us again how BDS is destroying the Israeli economy…..



              As per fucking usual….


  24. ‘Boxcar Brucie’, the Holocaust denigrator and the and pretend rabbi

    You make so many infinitely inane statements within your posts, and this is just another damp squib to add to the collection

    1. Don’t get upset bubula. Let your beloved RaBbI bake you some oVeN-fresh BoXcAr cookies. I’ll even bLeSs them for you.

  25. Got a name check from Brucie this morning without the inverted commas. Very odd.

    He reckons Israel does PR. Interesting. Maybe he means Iceland.

  26. Looks like BoJo and Sleepy Joe are vying for who can have the most Neville Chamberlain moment with Tsar Putin. Weak as water these white Western leaders who could learn a lot from us. When Iran starts false flagging on our borders and threatens to establish proxy bases in firing distance we simply bomb the shit out of them and their allies and the job is done. Still, if you’re happy hocking your cars to pay your gas bills so be it.

  27. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ your post once again highlights your pretensions as a rabbi are as fake as your ‘mayer of London’ flub

    A comment on your recent contributions though; they seem to be getting weaker, more inane and more irrelevant than ever.

    Do try and be a bit more inventive and interesting in the future; it will increase our enjoyment in this ‘contest’.

    1. Not now Stinky Dick Galber. I’m enjoying my favourite TV programme; The SIX MILLION dollar man.

      1. A new wind-up Brucie ? Correct use of the cap locks too, just in case the reader missed what you were trying to do.

        I’ve got a great one for you about the dychloromethate acid experiments on the corneas of live Jewish babies. Right up your street. I’ll DM it. Great wind-up potential.

        1. I fail to see what you’re trying to imply, “Ian.”

          1. Attaboy Brucie. Lovin’ the return of the inverted commas.

            (Whispers. Between us, did you know that Doc Mangeler used cocktails of mood suppressants like Haldol and Olanzapine in experiments to see if he could saw off body parts of unanaesthetised Jewish children without them complaining. I’ve got a great gag for you about this that would work well when you next use this sort if imagery to wind up Jews here. I’ll DM you shortly as a freebie.)

        2. Apartheid Israel killing Palestinian babies and children comes to mind.

          1. Yeah, but not as fun for you as when you use the holocaust imagery as the wind-up, Brucie. Check out my DM. The gag will be right up your alley and I’m gifting it to you.

            Oh, and don’t forget the cap locks where indicated, just to land the piss-take.

  28. Iran has returned 820,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines donated by Poland because they were manufactured in the United States, state TV reported Monday.

    TV quoted Mohammad Hashemi, an official in the country’s Health Ministry, as saying that Poland donated about a million doses of the British-Swedish AstraZeneca vaccine to Iran.

    “But when the vaccines arrived in Iran, we found out that 820,000 doses of them which were imported from Poland were from the United States,” he said.

    Hashemi said “after coordination with the Polish ambassador to Iran, it was decided that the vaccines would be returned.”

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has final say on all state matters, in 2020 rejected any possibility of American or British vaccines entering the country, calling them “forbidden.”

    Iran now only imports Western vaccines that are not produced in the U.S. or Britain…….



    1. Rum bunch these extremists. Abu Mazen was gifted millions of vaccines by the UAE but wouldn’t accept them because they had been flown from DXB to TLV and were warehoused at Ben Gurion Airport. Perhaps they can ship them to Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base next time. He’s been happy enough there in the past. Nice gift shop.

    1. “Biggest” The average height of a Zio Jew is about 5’8″. I think you’re thinking of Norwegians Brucie. They’re massive.

  29. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Palestinians like to sneak into the houses of Jews and slit the throats of months old babies and smash the heads of toddlers to pieces on rocks and with rifle butts. And we know you love people like that and that you hate most Jews. But that’s you, isn’t it

  30. I’ve been dubbed “England’s Rabbi” by Blood & Matzo magazine. Well deserved. Kinda like that title.

    1. What the Luton Minimart magazine is saying about our Brucie.

      “He’s our aisle mopping Janitor
      Who likes to wind up Jews.
      He’s the Mister April centerfold
      In Risperidone news”

  31. ‘Boxcar Brucie ‘, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    They forgot the ‘t’ at the end of ‘rabbi’

    And anyway this ‘magazine’ is no doubt another figment of the overactive cesspit that you call a brain

      1. Hey Brucie! Why no reply to my DM?

        That was a cracking holocaust gag well on-brand for your wind-ups, no?

        1. Which one was that “Ian?” There were so many of your jokes. Especially the ones about the elderly Holocaust survivors that apartheid Israel treats like human garbage. Why not share them?

    1. Silly Stephen. We’re happily bombing the shit out of Iranians and their proxies in Syria and the Soviets in Latakia are helpless to stop us. Business as usual son. You lads should learn from us if you don’t want to find yourself queueing for pre-payment cards from the gas board.

        1. Yup and a Ford Capri cost around 8 large. That’ll be your quarterly gas bill when the Soviets start turning the screw. No worries. Our Leviathan gas fields start pumping to Europe in 2028 so a hat and some mittens may be handy in the meantime. Bbrrrrrr.

  32. Those cowardly, fucking Zios just bombed Syria. Wonder how many civilians were killed?

  33. I predict that those fucking, Zio bastards will take advantage of the world’s distraction focused on Ukraine and commit even worse atrocities on Palestinian civilians.

  34. “Middling” level of interest, Stephen? Come back when you’re proper keen. Then I’ll have a lickle chat with my lickle rebel solja.

    In the meantime, file me under undecided.

    1. I’d say pretty good odds that the apartheid-loving Zios have profited off the Ukraine crisis, just like they profited off COVID and the economic crisis.

    2. That wasn’t very nice. You have such contempt for keyboard warriors I just assumed you had a long and illustrious history on the front line disposing of bombs and other heroic deeds. Maybe you even scored the winning goal for ashdod rovers in the final of the champions league. A kinda Israeli Ian Race. Your reluctance to confirm all of this is explainable only by a natural world famous Fylde modesty or by you being full of shit and you are really just a wannabe lickle Zio solja.

      1. I think Stephen’s crushing on his boi

        He wants us to be lickle rebel soljas together. Sorry to disappoint Stephen. All that “I’m Oirish, honest” is your game and yours to play.

  35. This has got to be the weirdest soap-opera i’ve ever read, but strangely compelling!

  36. And speaking of all the lickle rebel soljas, where are they all?

    They’ve all keeping their heads down and their mouths shut here. Maybe they’re waiting for the party line on how to play it against current events.

    Fair enough. What place in the world for The Keyboard Cops whining about Jews when the Cuban Missile Crisis is being re-run on mainland Europe and every one of them could be fucked?

    1. I mean like what did Jews ever do to you, to cause you to bring them into everything ? You need a diversionary cat. Gnasher said ” well he can just fuck off “

      1. Hey, it’s Stephen, my lickle rebel solja, flinging custard pies in another hilarious episode of Trolls in PantoLand

        Last week he got really cross with me when I asked if I was supposed to be taking him seriously. There was lots of swearing which I took to mean YES.

  37. So the apartheid Zionist Hasbara corps is on its way to the Ukraine. If they arrive, join me in praying that they’ll be lynched.

    Occupied Ukraine = Occupied Palestine.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏✡️

    1. Fascinating Brucie. When you say “Occupied Ukraine” who do you see as the occupiers and who do you see as the occupied?

      Hint. Think carefully about your answer if you’re keen to make an anti-Israel poke. It’s a bit more complex than you think. Maybe ask Stephen for help first. He’s reckons he’s clever than you.

  38. Anyway Stephen, I reckon this one’s run it’s course. The civilians made their early remarks. Brucie’s done his 4 dozen “apartheid Israel” posts and his “I AM a rabbi, honest” shtick and we’ve had our customary 2 hander. So, I’ll leave the gate open for you to get the last of the “oooh look at Scoffee” posts off your chest, perhaps some last smear of shithousery and maybe a YouTube clip of your lickle rebel soljas doing a tune then I’m off for a brew.

    Lock up when you’re done.

  39. Purim fancy dress sorted. Dressing as an IOF soldier covered in the blood of Palestinians.

  40. David, Ian, I know you are unlikely to read this preoccupied as you are by your trip to Kiev to join the International Brigade. But someone has to put on record your selfless and fearless commitment to freedom and democracy. I will take that responsibilty. You put us keyboard warriors to shame. My prayers are with you and if the Great Realist Agent in the Sky has any self respect you can be assured of his protection and succour .

    What a tradiition you keep alive !!!!!

    I am humbled that you offered me the last word. I pray that that you will accept that I used it wisely.

    Gnasher said ” gulp. I am filling up”

  41. Haven’t seen “Ken” lately. Hope he’s OK. If Satan drags him down, who will we take the piss out of?

    I will pray to HaShem.

  42. ‘Boxcar Brucie’, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    I’ve always thought you were thick/stupid and this post of yours confirms it

    Any Israelis going to Ukraine are going to help Ukraine and its people from Russian aggression.
    Your Palestinians/Arabs are far more like their Russian allies because of their intransigence and intolerance to anything they disagree with, and I’m sure the Palestinians support the occupation of Ukraine by the Russians.
    Remember they supported Saddam Hussain when he occupied Kuwait. It’s the Palestinian position to always support aggressors and occupiers

  43. ‘Boxcar Brucie’, the Holocaust denigrator and revisionist and fake rabbi

    I see you have changed your handle to ‘England’s rabbi’.
    So you are no longer ‘mayer of London’ and ‘deputy chief rabbi’.

    Oh well; as we know ‘bullsh-t baffles brains’, and you are a premier bullsh-ter and fantasist, so do carry on with your amusing little fantasies to keep us amused

  44. Europeans, who take up arms to defend their lands and families, are called ‘resistance fighters’ but Palestinians doing the same damn thing are called ‘terrorists.’

  45. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    If it walks like a terrorist, and if it talks like a terrorist then it is a terrorist; and far too many Palestinians walk and talk and act like terrorist.
    That’s why I refer to the vast majority of Palestinians as either terrorists or terrorist supporters

    1. If you’re trying to wind me up Stinky Dick, it’s not working.

      Now be a good bubula and take a bath.

  46. ‘Boxcar Brucie”, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Trying to wind you up is not worth the effort.
    You’re such a dimwit that I doubt you would ever understand the difference between fact and/or fiction

    And anyway I’m not taking a bath, I’m going for a beautiful warm shower heated by my wonderful gas boiler, using gas at a price that was fixed before the prices went skywards

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