Electronic Intifada goes full Putin

Like most people I have been watching with horror the unfolding events in Ukraine. Unlike many I am not surprised at all. My Zionism is primarily based upon an understanding that the world is a nasty place. Since the 1990s a growing (yet entirely baseless), sense of over confidence has embedded itself in the west. The cold war Soviet threat was replaced with the Islamist one – and whilst these far-off radical terror groups could make us bleed – there was no perceived existential threat to the problem.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a rude awakening. As the people of Ukraine are slowly crushed by the Russian pincer movements, we applaud them in our parliaments, we speak of how brave they are – and we run to send them aid packages to make their suffering a little less ‘suffery’. But that is all we will really do. We won’t fight Russia. Putin found a turf outside of the NATO umbrella and picked a fight knowing we will refrain from escalation. He is free to do what he wants.

The only people you can trust

There is no cavalry coming to help Ukraine. Nobody can save Ukraine but the Ukrainians or an implosion from the Russian side. And in this truth lies the basis for my politics and my Zionism. At the end of the day – the only people you can trust with the safety and security of the Jewish people – is the Jewish state. Every other nation out there – including Israels closest allies today, will only come to Israel’s aid if it suits them to do so.  If, like Ukraine, the Jews were to find themselves dependant on aid from nations who were politically restrained for whatever reason – real help would never arrive.

And make no mistake. The only reason Ukraine is in our news everyday is because it is in Europe, the refugees on our screens are white *and* we feel comfortable hating the aggressor. The primary issue here is not the barbarity of the invasion, nor the supression of democracy or human rights – but rather that this is taking place on our own geo-political doorstep.

Our attention and our sympathy is always case specific. We are often playing the role of the cat while the politicians and media hold the laser pointer. Take the Biafrans. ‘Who’, I hear you ask – which is exactly the point. The Biafrans today are suffering under an increasingly violent Islamist boot in Nigeria. There are innocent civilians being slaughtered on a daily basis and these people are never mentioned in our news. But the Biafrans are well used to being ignored. In one truly dark episode of British history, we sat by as millions of them died. ‘Sat by’ is perhaps an understatement – we supported the regime that carried out the killing.

All over the world today there are ‘Biafrans’. Forgotten people suffering under one despotic boot or another. The safety and survival of the Jewish people is dependant on a strong, independent Jewish state and this simple fact should never be forgotten or downplayed.

The Palestinian division

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has opened another long forgotten division – which sits at the very foundations of the ‘Palestinian struggle’. Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the pro-Palestinian movement has embedded itself within mainstream leftist western thought. Time was that this was impossible. The Soviet Union allied with the Arab bloc and then used downtrodden refugees, leftovers from a 1948 civil conflict – to do what they did best – create division and perpetuate unrest. The uneccessary creation of the Palestinian identity was a deliberate act that led to unmeasurable suffering – on every side. This is the only reason a conflict that should have ended in 1949, is still ongoing today.

And for as long as the Soviets sat behind their wall – the status quo remained intact, but that all changed in 1989. In a post Soviet world, parts of western society began to believe that their bubble was ‘the world’ and what really mattered was gender identity, decolonisation, white priviledge and critical race theory. Let’s be utterly frank – outside of our western bubble – which contains only about 10% of the world population – most people think we have gone insane. Do the Biafrans – along with the Kurds, Uighurs and countless others that have long been sold out – need to make sure that they sign every plea for assistance with the correct pronouns? The world hasn’t changed – some people just fool themselves into believing that it has.

The age of post Soviet propaganda

The post Soviet world was still a dangerous one. A world with Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, the DEC, Nigeria, Myanmar and so on is hardly a vision of utopia. But with the ‘big bad’ seemingly done away with, a growing number of people in the west lowered their guard and for decades Russian state propaganda has spread endless lies into our ‘bubble’. Assisted by Islamist forces such as the Brotherhood and PFLP, what was once the ‘unthinkable’, became a new truth embedded inside the mainsteam left.

Western politicians / journalists / academics / activists all shared the lies of these propaganda outlets. You don’t have to go far to find evidence of politicians sharing RT Today or numerous other Russian propaganda outfits. The lies they told were endless – and these lies became the new truth.

‘Israel is an Apartheid state’ is a lie so obvious – yet everyone from the BBC to CNN has given this propaganda airtime. That is where some of the conversation is now and it shows just how successful these outlets have been over the last few decades. In the last few days Twitter has taken to placing warnings on Russian State news outlets. Why now? What exactly is it that separates the lies of Russian propaganda today, from the lies of yesterday? Or last year? Or the year before?

Exposing the alliance

But with Russia on one side and the west on the other – the original divisions have become visible once more. I hope everyone is paying attention to the ‘Electronic Intifada’ mob now pushing out pro-Putin, anti-western propaganda. How many of our politicians, councillors and academics have felt comfortable spreading anti-Israel lies by sharing Electronic Intifada articles for all these years?

Think about it. Propagandists such as Asa Winstanley and Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intifada) have been key in leading the fight against Israel. Their articles have been shared countless times, handed around the halls of power in the west and used to push arguments from boycotts to explicit calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

They are now engaged in a distinctly pro-Putin, anti-western propaganda campaign.

Asa WinstsanleyAli AbunimahMost of their posts in the last few weeks have pushed anti-Ukranian propaganda. Even some of their supporters have noticed. One contacted Abunimah to ask if he had ‘gone insane’:

Electronic INtifada Ali Abunimah

That private message is evidence of the rabbit hole that many left wing human rights activists have fallen into. They were duped by an endless stream of Russian or Islamist propaganda, spread over decades, through an increasingly loud drumbeat. They actually thought they were engaged in a fight for human rights. Insane? It is no more insane that believing that the only democracy in the Middle East is an apartheid state.

Visible everywhere

The alliance is visible everywhere you look. Remember Elleanne Green – the founder of the notoriously antisemitic group Palestine Live?

How about Middle East Eye? Middle East Eye (MEE) is a London-based online news outlet covering events in the Middle East and North Africa. It is part of the main news feed of *every* anti-Israel activist in the west.

MEE is meant to focus on MENA – and yet they are so invested in this that they have created a special section on this conflcit in the main menu of their website! How about Mick Napier, head of the antisemitic Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

Shahd Abusalama, the Sheffield Hallam activist who was recently investigated for terrorist-supporting social media comments, is another who has difficulty understanding straightforward ethical issues:

Or Jackie Walker:

I could write a 2000 page report, highlighting how so many of the key faces behind the anti-Israel campaign are either supporting Putin, or have gone into hiding so the face beneath their mask is not revealed.

Just a few days ago Bob Seely MP, named and shamed several ‘amoral’ British lawyers who he claimed had allowed Vladimir Putin’s “henchmen” to intimidate and silence a free press.  They are not all strangers to us. In the list was Hugh Tomlinson, the QC hired by hard left groups to discredit the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

Openly siding with Putin is not the only strategy. Many have taken to disgracefully call Ukraine – a democratic state with a Jewish leader – a ‘Nazi state’. Others like Mohammed El Kurd try to draw parallels between Ukrainians fighting against the Russian invasion and Hamas suicide bombers climbing onto buses and blowing up children. These people have no shame – and yet for years they have endlessly been held up in the west as leaders of a ‘moral’ argument.

It has all become transparent now the mask has been removed. Anti-Israel activism is propped up by a Russian disinformation campaign. Just as it always was.

And all those who shared Electronic Intifada, MEE, or spread the word of any of the pro-Putin media outlets as a means of demonsing the Jewish state – how do they explain it now? It is not just the fringe faces. Here is Wes Streeting MP sharing an MEE propaganda video during the conflict with Hamas last spring:

Wes Streeting

Do they still believe these outlets are reliable sources of information worthy of sharing with their followers or constituents? What about those that waved the Palestinian flag at ‘Stop the War’ demonstrations? They should all hang their heads in shame!

We always knew the truth. Now it is there for all to see. But the bottom line is this:

We must be thankful as Jews that Israel is strong and is capable of defending against those that seek to do it harm. Outside of our progressive bubble it is still the same old dangerous world it has always been. It is easy to remember this when Russian tanks are surrounding Kyiv. We must make sure that we all remember this even when the waters will once again appear deceptively calm.



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28 thoughts on “Electronic Intifada goes full Putin

  1. I usually agree with you; but not concerning the Ukraine invasion. The West, aroused from its years of complacency by a real existential threat, and clearly determined not to lose the freedoms that have been built up with struggle and difficulty over hundreds of years, is doing what it can: imposing sanctions, which are increasing, and will continue to do so; and sending weapons to Ukraine. We don’t intend to actually join battle with Putin and we are right not to. We fear, rightly, that this would start a world war. That could still happen, if Putin were to invade a Nato country. On balance, I don’t think he will. He has miscalculated the West’s reaction, but, enraged though he must be, I don’t think he is mad enough, or stupid enough, to actually start a nuclear conflict.

    Like you, I am relieved that Israel can defend itself if necessary. They, at least, have always been on red alert.

    As for the many dreadful conflicts going on in other countries, it’s true we know little about them, and do little. Is this racism? I don’t know that it is. They are (to be realistic) far away, not in the news, and don’t represent a threat to our freedom. This doesn’t make our neglect of them all right, but does make it understandable. We can’t know everything; we can’t do everything. Ukraine is in Europe, which means that it is on our doorstep. Hence the urgency.

    1. I’ve read your comment twice and still do not understand why you disagree with me.

      1 I do not for a minute suggest we should attack Russia – I merely point out the obvious – that we won’t.
      2. I do not believe it is racism either. I explicitly say as you do – that it is because they are on our geo-political doorstep.

    2. If we don’t “join battle with Putin” and broadcast that we’re not going to join battle with him, what’s to stop Russia attacking Finland, Sweden and Moldova and what’s to stop China getting in on the act and attacking Taiwan? Would war with Russia inevitably go nuclear? I thought MAD (mutually assured destruction) was supposed to prevent that.

  2. Very interesting point raised at the beginning of the article that only Israel and Jews can be relied upon in the final instance to stand up for Jewish and Israeli interests.

    During the Yom Kippur war Europe as a whole refused to supply Israel with urgently needed weaponry, while Russia immediately started resupplying the Arab states. Even worse, those same European states refused permission for US Airforce planes flying to Israel to land and refuel in Europe, even at US air force bases in Europe. End at the beginning of that war Israel was in dire straits for a while

  3. At the end of the day – the only people you can trust with the safety and security of the Jewish people – is the Jewish state.

    The problem here is that ” the Jewish State ” is the most dependent nation on earth. Left to itself it wouldn’t last five minutes

  4. I can understand how naive individuals can be taken in by the likes of electronic intifada. Politicians are not naive and they will use whatever suits their purposes so I am not surprised when they quote electronic intifada. But when I see their articles cited as sources in academic articles published in so-called respectable scholarly journals it boggles the mind.

  5. Stephen

    What a stupid and meaningless post

    Seems you are back to your broad, fact free and evidence free statements. Of course Israel is dependent on other countries. Please tell me one country that is not dependent on other.

    And Israel has been in a constant state of war for 74 years because the neighbouring countries have been trying, and are still trying to destroy it and the Jewish people, and it’s still a thriving and prosperous country. And of course you always support Israel’s enemies; your default position

    1. And yet here we are Richard, and all the lickle rebel soljas with all their whiny slogans are completely helpless to do anything about it.

      Still, a life’s duty should last a lifetime, right Stephen ?

        1. Huh indeed Stephen.

          Anyway, it’s Friday. Lead us into the weekend with a tune from your lickle rebel soljas. You like that and you never know. It could make all the difference to your efforts.

          1. Ian if you hope to communicate with regular readers you need to quit speaking in a private language. A private language is of course no language at all. Humpty Dumpty did that and this was one of the surer signs that Humpty was nuts

            1. Silly Stephen, forgetting your own slogans. Everything is something, as you’ve been saying here for nearly a decade. Now where’s our weekend tune from the lickle rebel soljas?

              Bella Caio old son !

              1. Of course a private language is something you hopelessly under educated fuck wit. It is something that gets called a private language. What it isn’t is a language. Sunbeam you really should gen up on the difference between a name and a definite description.

                Might I recommend Saul Kripke’s ” Naming and Necessity “.

                In the meantime do take care not to fall off that wall

                1. Dumb Bell’s mark of trolling remains at 100%, his mark of facts and insight remains at 0%.

                  1. Now now, Ben. Don’t be mean to our lickle rebel solja. Duty is duty after all and he’s gonna need to keep this going for a fair old lick yet. Wonder whether he’ll die before me.

  6. DID YOU KNOW that apartheid Israel’s national anthem called the ‘Hatikvah’ is the only anthem in the world which promotes terrorism.

  7. The fact that people like Abunimah support Putin just yet again proves my point that antisemites hate actual freedom and love tyranny.

  8. Oy vey!

    DID YOU KNOW that the Israeli national anthem declares terrorism, spear-throwing and bloodshed a success?

    The word ‘Hatikva’ means ‘Hope’. However, after learning its meaning in English, one feels far from it.

    The English translation of the Israeli national anthem, is as follows:

    As long as there is a Jewish soul in the heart!

    yearning forward, towards the east

    Our hope is not made yet!

    A thousand years dream on our land

    The land of Zion and Jerusalem

    Let those who are our enemy shudder

    Let all the inhabitants of (Egypt and Canaan) tremble

    Let the inhabitants of Babylon shudder

    To loom over their skies, panic and terror from us

    When we plant our spears in their chests!

    And we see their blood being shed

    And their heads cut off!

    Then we will be God’s chosen people where God willed

    This anthem no doubt raises a question as to who were the original terrorists.

    1. It’s always sad to see an escaped mental patient off his meds….


      We wish you luck with your recovery Levy…..

      And may the redeemer come to Zion and let us say….



  9. Oy vey!

    DID YOU KNOW that the Israeli national anthem declares terrorism, spear-throwing and bloodshed a success?

    The word ‘Hatikva’ means ‘Hope’. However, after learning its meaning in English, one feels far from it.

    The English translation of the Israeli national anthem, is as follows:

    As long as there is a Jewish soul in the heart!

    yearning forward, towards the east

    Our hope is not made yet!

    A thousand years dream on our land

    The land of Zion and Jerusalem

    Let those who are our enemy shudder

    Let all the inhabitants of (Egypt and Canaan) tremble

    Let the inhabitants of Babylon shudder

    To loom over their skies, panic and terror from us

    When we plant our spears in their chests!

    And we see their blood being shed

    And their heads cut off!

    Then we will be God’s chosen people where God willed

    This anthem no doubt raises a question as to who were the original terrorists.

    1. Intellectual coherence of a mentally ill person, without any of the empathy one would usually feel for someone struggling against such demons. Lying frauds bring that out in me.

  10. Shocked to see all dem estuary English Islamists appropriating another man’s war to remind us how the “Palestinians” have got it worse, innit ?

    If they’re so concerned they should follow the example of the Poles and open their homes in Romford and Chigwell to ther oppressed Arab brothers. Right Brucie?

  11. (Scene: Back room in drab South East London boozer. Assorted white middle aged, middle class activists huddle round a corner table shod in cagoules, keffiyahs and various badges proclaiming slogans from long forgotten causes. Barely consumed pints of mild and packets of pork scratchings litter the table as the spokesperson address the small gathering.)

    Troll Meister: ” What the fuck are you lads playing at ? Jews all over the news, saving injured mums, delivering babies in war zones, taking in 200,000 refugees and that smug cunt Bennett is centre stage as Henry fucking Kissinger. We can’t get Orla in front of a camera, Bowen’s gone AWOL and what are you pricks doing? Sweet FA !!!”

    Troll 1: ” It’s a tough gig, gaffer. We’ve done the APARTHEID ISRAEL shtick on the daily and Stephen’s digging out all his old slogans and rebel tunes but shithousery just ain’t what it was.”

    Troll 2: “Yeah Brucie’s right and those estuary Islamist pricks don’t help; looser cannons than comrade Putin’s. Making us all look like a right bunch of Charlies.”

    Troll Meister; ” I don’t want to hear it. You know what we say ‘ The Jooz is the nooz’ and that’s that. Now, get out there and get poking. Any more of your slacking and we’re replacing you all with real activists from the Trans Vegan Alliance.”

    Scene ends.

  12. (Scene. Corner table at The Laughing Lentil Cafe on the High Street. Androgynous activist with sharp undercut and ‘Death to JK Rowling’ T Shirt hunches over their Macbook whilst slurping loudly on a carrot and tumeric smoothie.)

    Tiss Ramm (they/them) ” Right you fucking slackers. I’m here and I’m not impressed. Big X has called me in to shake things up and it starts here. I’ve checked your post histories over the last 8 or 9 years and they’re fucking hopeless. Stephen’s pokes land with the precision of a pencil-pricked male trying to enter the mothership in dark room whilst wearing a blindfold. And as for that Brucie one. Pretending to be a Rabbi and saying “apartheid” 20 million times hasn’t exactly moved the dial now, has it son?

    So, let’s get real. Head Office wants these Jooz to feel the heat and you wimps aren’t cutting it, so step aside and watch how the real gender neutral, badasses get a kike cancelled. Oh, and did I mention, I’m vegan. “

  13. Here’s your friendly reminder from the Trans Vegan (Free Palestine) Alliance. Jooz are blood sucking, meat Nazis !!!!

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