Israel vaccine libel

Palestinians and the Covvid vaccine – the return of the anti-Israel libels

The propaganda surrounding Israel and the vaccine allows us a brief glimpse into the true motivations of the forces fighting the Jewish state.

The Palestinian propaganda industry is somewhat fortunate in that the core of the conflict is so often buried deep out of sight. The Jews did not just stand up and win against the genocidal forces that aligned against them, they created their state – Israel, and beat back those trying to kill them – again and again. Each time Israel won, it grew a little stronger and the Arab forces against them grew weaker and weaker.

Time was when an array of Arab national armies lined up to wipe the Jews out. Pointing out who were the bad guys was an easy task. How things have changed – Syria and Iraq are both failed states, Jordan is a basket case, and those in the hills of Lebanon stand at the edge of disaster. The conflict is a mere shadow of what it was. Because of this, it is ironically the anti-Israel activists who have a relatively easy time of it. The Palestinians have been transformed through a web of illusions into the underdog – and underdogs are always an easy sell.

Everyone has stopped asking the questions that matter – such as what motivates the Palestinian leadership, what are their end goals and are they truly willing to live side by side with a Jewish state? Instead, people just hold up both real, and photoshopped, images of Palestinian children who have lost their lives in the recent conflicts – and direct all the blame at Israel.

The vaccine and the truth

This is why the PA rejection of the vaccine deal with Israel should be used as a reminder of why the conflict still exists at all. It reminds us that the Palestinian leadership prefer to sacrifice their own people rather than shake hands with the Jewish state. This is and always has been the central pillar of the conflict.

The vaccine deal was a perfectly good deal. The Palestinians – who need vaccines NOW – would be given Israeli stock – in return for stock to be delivered back to Israel later. Israel offloads expiring stock, the Palestinians get vaccines early. It is a classic win-win situation. The alternative is that the vaccines eventually get binned and the Palestinians are left to just sit and wait. As is so often the case with the Palestinians, their leadership chose the lose-lose option and everyone suffers.

Across the world, first world nations that participated in aggressive vaccination drives are now holding vaccine stock that is due to expire. The vaccines are viable and within the expiration dates, but nations such as Israel and the US are holding stock that they probably won’t need before the mad rush for ‘booster jabs’ begins later in the year. The Biden administration is also looking to ‘offload’ stock before it expires. Nobody would think of criticising the US for taking such a step. It is the rational and humane thing to do.

Two key pieces of evidence can be tabled here. The first is that all nations are logically using ‘close to expiry’ stock first – which means the Israelis currently being vaccinated would be receiving the same jabs that weren’t good enough for the Palestinians. Second, other nations have now contacted Israel to ask about the possibility they receive the vaccine batches the Palestinians didn’t want. The situation is clearly absurd – that any leadership, anywhere in the world would turn down viable vaccines that their population desperately needs. But then the PA doesn’t operate as normal leaders would.

The vaccine and the lies

As is always the case, anti-Israel propaganda goes viral. That the story isn’t true never matters. The story spread that Israel sent the Palestinians ‘expired vaccines’:

They didn’t do anything of the sort. In the batch of 100,000 delivered were some vaccines expiring at the end of June. Just the same as the vaccines Israelis are receiving now expire at the end of June. Not a single ‘expired’ vaccine passed hands. Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority has declared it has a vaccine delivery capacity of approximately 60,000 jabs every day.

vaccine capacity

The truth is that the Palestinians saw an opportunity to try to discredit Israel. This being more important than the health of their own people. It isn’t just libel – it exposes the true nature of the Palestinian leadership. Anti-Israel at all cost. The welfare of their own people is always secondary – it is why they continually rejected peace deals.

Not the first Covvid libel

With leadership that doesn’t care about the truth or its own people, the pandemic has thrown up numerous opportunities for Palestinians to spread lies about Israel. The first Covvid libels surrounded imaginary testing centres. For a while, every illegally placed tent that Israel took down, was described as a Covvid testing centre. This went on for months. It even resurfaced during the recent conflict in Gaza.  The May 2021 ‘destruction’ of the only testing facility in ‘Gaza’ story even ran in the NYT. Yet the Palestinians own Covvid update website shows no pause at any time in Covvid testing. How is it possible that Gaza continued to test if their only testing site became inoperable? – It isn’t.

Testing results Gaza May 15-19 2021 (Gaza’s *only* testing site became ‘inoperable’ on 17th May)

  • 15 – 51 New cases
  • 16 – 41 NC
  • *17* – 72 NC
  • 18 – 110 NC
  • 19 – 122 NC

The centre was so badly damaged, they even managed to capture an increase in positive Covvid test results.

Foreign news services, simply regurgitate Hamas propaganda at will. The situation is so bad now, the Palestinians do not even need to hide it. All the data is publicly available.

The NYT ran another story on this later the same week- and claimed the only testing centre was closed for 3 days.


The ‘quality’ press had no interest in how absurd the claims were – or that official evidence that they were lies was publicly available – they printed them anyway. It is simply impossible to trust any of these outlets anymore.

Understanding the truth of the conflict

When Israel was leading the world in its aggressive vaccination drive, the anti-Israel propaganda machinery went into overdrive trying to smear Israel with lies about how it was responsible for vaccinating the Palestinians. There was hardly a news outlet that did not run a version of that lie.

Again, the press didn’t care about the truth. When Israel does not give vaccines – it is guilty – when it gives them – it is guilty. Whatever Israel does is always used against it.

So this latest attack on Israel is not the first related to Covvid or the vaccine. But it is the most transparent. It shows in an instant the core of the conflict. The Palestinian leadership prefer to sacrifice their own people rather than shake hands with the Jewish state. That is the simple truth. These are the neighbours Israel somehow has to make peace with. Never forget it.


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13 thoughts on “Palestinians and the Covvid vaccine – the return of the anti-Israel libels

  1. Fighting the racist Zionist occupiers of Palestine would be a more accurate description.

    1. Hello Jack. You were going to tell me whether you found it bothersome that the Islamists in the UK & US had blown your cover story that “it’s about Zios, not Jews” by screaming for Jewish blood and the rape of Jewish women and girls. You must have forgotten.

      I know you prefer to drop a slogan down here an then leg it, but aren’t you a bit peeved that your team mates have unravelled all your hard work ?

    2. Jack, I send money to the Israel Defence Force and United With Israel every time someone makes a racist comment about Jewish people, so thank you for your kind donation.

  2. The Palestinians know that the international community will excuse and whitewash any hateful, infantile behaviour they flaunt in their hatred of Israel. A poll revealed that 93% of them harbour extreme antisemitic views. They will never change so Israel must make them irrelevant.

  3. I think the refusal of the Palestinian Health Authority to accept the vaccines supplied by Israel is simply its inability to vaccinate so many people before the expiry dates 30 June and 31 July. The PA only started vaccinating in March using a mere 20000 doses and then got another 60000 doses via Covax. To suddenly have 100000 doses available for immediate use and a further 900000 in the pipeline would overwhelm the poorly organised PA health system. Of course, no such admission of incompetence can firthcoming so blaming Israel is a convenient way of getting out of the embarassment.

    1. In terms of operational and logistical limitations, you’re right of course. However, even taking the PA’s own projections of capacity, which is obviously a worst way scenario, they projected around 5-6000 vaccinations per day which over around 15 days would have given around 75,000 of their most vulnerable people around 60% immunity. Instead they sought some low level political capital.

      It seems insensitive now, but we can only do what we can do and whilst they may point fingers and make accusations, our adult population is fully vaccinated with most of the 10-19yr olds now following on. It means that when the Indian Variant threatens, we are far better equipped to deal with it without significant risk to our population or our domestic economy. The Arabs could have had this but once again have chosen their own path.

  4. The bottom line is that the vaccines in this case are usable, and Palestinians really would rather take a strong chance of getting sick (and a longer-odds one of actually dying) than work with the hated Jews (yeah, I said Jews, not Israelis) in a situation where it would legitimately help them.
    BTW, I’m very disappointed with Jack T.’s performance as the new resident troll on this board. Since Brutes Leaky and Muck Framer and Chuzz Alban and Sigerico The Pederast all died in real life or were banned from commenting here–and I’m fine with either scenario–Jack-off’s had to be the voice of stupidity and tedium on this site. And while Jack-off IS quite dumb….he’s also boring as fuck. Step up your lying dichead game, Jack-off! I don’t want it to feel like cruelty to a retarded child when I’m kicking your sorry arse here.

  5. I am concerned about the recent increase in violent hate crimes against Jewish people so I have compiled a list of things that Jewish people can do to defend themselves and I am sending it to as many Jewish people as possible:
    Make use of the Goodsearch search engine to raise money for charity at no cost to yourself. Visit and type in “Israel” or “Jewish” to find a list of charities which help Jewish people.
    Keep a container at home to use as a charity box and put money in there every time you experience anti-Semetic abuse. When it reaches a substantial amount you could send the money to a charity which helps Jewish people, such as United With Israel, which helps Jewish people in Israel by providing them with bomb shelters, medical services, practical relief and funds anti-terror vehicles and security equipment. You can donate to them at and use the drop-down box to choose the relevant currency.
    I found a website called Survival Sullivan which has lots of helpful advice on self-defence and pre-attack indicators. You can access it at and
    You can download a free First Aid app at so you can help yourself or others in the event of a violent assault.
    Sign a petition to defend Israel from anti-Israel attacks across the globe at
    You could also sign the petition at

    I hope this info is helpful. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who may benefit from this advice.

      1. ..and Stephen will return with another episode of “The One Second Sermon” later today.

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