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An open letter to Boris Johnson – do not u-turn on antisemitism

Boris Johnson PM

I basically have just one question to ask you – are you a man of your word? After all that British Jews have been through over the last few years, after all your promises and supportive words – it seems as if you are about to go back on everything that you promised. You are about to betray British Jews.

We all know about Durban IV. It is an upcoming anniversary celebration of that vile, antisemitic UN event in 2001. The Iranian sponsored conference of hate that did not just spawn the anti-Israel boycott movement, it also helped to legitimise and spread antisemitism throughout the west. The then UK Prime Minister David Cameron, withdrew the UK in 2011 from the anniversary event, saying that it should be condemned not celebrated. That has been the UK policy. We clearly should not be going in 2021. Both the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council have asked that you follow the previous government position and boycott the event.

If you attend Durban IV you are reversing the UK policy on antisemitism. Why would you do this? If anything has changed since 2011, it has only got worse.

Looking back at the comments of Boris Johnson on Israel, antisemitism and the United Nations, this case is a simple one:

You have stated that you have ‘always been proud to be considered a friend of Israel’, even having spent time there as a Kibbutz volunteer. You rightfully recognise Israel as the only ‘pluralist, open society” in the region.

Boris Johnson has already shown that he knows that the boycott movement is a sinister extremist strategy to undermine and weaken Israel solely because it is the Jewish state. You spoke out against BDS even before you were Prime Minister. Your government has moved forward with anti-boycott legislation in order to thwart its spread, even including it in this years Queens Speech – thus making it an official part of your agenda. UK universities have faced growing pressure to reign in the toxic antisemitic activity and ideologies of their students. Given all this – it is unimaginable that under your watch the UK will actively participate in a conference that explicitly demonises Israel as a pariah state, and promotes the full BDS Boycott – with all of its sinister aims.

On the UN bias you have openly stated that the UK recognises that there is a continual obsession with Israel at the UN. You called it ‘disproportionate and damaging to peace’ and changed UK voting patterns because of it. The Boris Johnson I know, understands that there is, as there has always been, a bloc of toxic despotic states operating against Israel, turning international bodies into weapons to use against it. Just recently you have said the opening of an ICC investigation into Israel appeared to be ‘a prejudicial attack on an ally‘.

Given this – it is inexcusable that the UK under your watch would actively participate at Durban IV. The celebrations of Durban are the prom, the graduation party- the leading banquet, of the antisemitic extremist lobby against Israel. Why would you join the celebration?

Then there is your attitude towards antisemitism. Boris Johnson stood by British Jews throughout the ordeal with Jeremy Corbyn, and there are endless examples to be found online of you offering your support in the wider fight against rising antisemitism. You have forcefully promoted the use of the IHRA definition. At each Jewish holiday you publish a warm greeting, stating that you stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Durban IV is antisemitism central. It is a gathering of the most toxic gang of antisemites on the planet – all meeting to rub their hands and plan their next moves. As David Cameron said ten years ago – you condemn this – not celebrate with them.

Our friends and allies the US, Canada and Australia have withdrawn already. They all know their nations can take no part in this hate-fest.

When we turn to what is happening in the UK we see the results of the Durban effect. The rise of antisemitism and the threats of violence in the streets. We see the extremist banners paraded down London. The Durban IV conference, driven as it is by Islamist antisemitism and other anti-western ideologies, will further empower those that spread anti-Jewish hate and violence on our streets. This is about the safety and well being of British Jews, people that you have a duty to defend. Withdrawing immediately from the conference is the right thing to do.

You are the Prime Minister. Now is the time for you to stand up and make sure that our great nation takes absolutely no part in the anti-Jewish hate fest. Pull the UK out now.

Please do not u-turn on antisemitism – do not betray us.

Sincere regards

David Collier


Note to anyone reading: If you share this letter anywhere – or make any comment about Durban IV online – please use the hashtags #DurbanIVTargetsJews #NoUKAtDurbanIV


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25 thoughts on “An open letter to Boris Johnson – do not u-turn on antisemitism

  1. ” I basically have just one question to ask you – are you a man of your word? ”

    David that must be a rhetorical question. Do you seriously not know the answer ?

  2. Open letter to Boris Johnson.

    Boris, chuck this nonsense from David Collier in the bin. It’s more racist Zionist whining claiming that they are the victims.

    Now that the Zionist racist colonisation of Palestine is being rejected by more and more Jews, Zionists such as David Collier are becoming isolated and desperately trying to claim they speak for all Jews. They obviously do not, as organisations such as Jewish Voice for Peace will testify.

    1. Hello Jack. You must have missed the question I asked you in the last episode. Here it is again.

      Do you find it irksome and a tad inconvenient that whilst you’re working so hard to pretend it’s about Zios and Israel, your unreliable Islamist team mates in the UK and US are blowing your cover ?

      It can’t help you that their motorcades and marches are screaming for Jewish blood, the rape of Jewish women and violence against Jewish religious leaders.

      1. By the way Ian if you have a link to the identities of those despicable racists screaming around London I’d love to see it.

        1. “Links to their identities” Jack ?

          Why, how many of these guys do you hang around with ?

          Were you with them when they were screaming for Jewish blood and the rape of Jewish women ?

          Were you supportive or irked at their carelessness ?

    1. Hey Bellers. Found Bruce and Michael yet?

      When the Islamists were on UK streets screaming for Jewish blood, the rape of Jewish women and violence against Jewish religious leaders, did you tap them on the shoulder and gently remind them that they mean Zio blood, Zio women and Zio Religious leaders, coz your team doesn’t think about Jews from one day to the next ?

        1. If we were both fish Bellers who’d be the one to flounder when his team mates blew his cover by screaming for Jewish blood on UK streets ?

          (Note to reader. Not my best work here but the fish gag was necessary to land the point about white western antisemites being left in the lurch by unreliable Islamist allies.)

            1. “Finding Bellers” the heartwarming story of a simple shibunkin with a memory span of 3 seconds.

              “I dont think about Jews from one minute to the next……. I don’t think about Jews from one minute to the next…….I don’t think about Jews from……….”

              1. see above. Or as my grand ma Maggie O’Hara always says. ” Don’t waste time getting into arguments about stuff you don’t give a flying fuck about “

                1. True Bellers. Or as my grandpa, Motti O’Cohen always says, ” Don’t go round your neighbour’s house 3 times a day just to say you don’t give a flying fuck about them or you’ll look like a bit of a shmuk “

                  1. oh no !!!!!!!! not a shmuk !!!!!!! Anything but a shmuk !!!!

                    Which reminds me. I went outside the other day,. Won’t do it again. There was Israelists and wasps. Both cunts.

                    1. That’s not very nice Bellers.

                      But anyway, if you’re gonna hang around the Kedem Vespiary every day just to tell them you couldn’t give a flying fuck about them, expect to get stung.


    Wonder how much of the Durban conference will be given over to the plight of white South African farmers who are being murdered almost daily for the simple “crime” of being white and owning a farm?


  4. The Arabs are an ungracious lot. Their leaders are now rejecting vaccines from Israel because they’re within 5 weeks of their use – by date, interestingly more “in-date” than the ones the Canadians accepted from the USA with fulsome gratitude.

    Mind you, this is the same rude bunch that knocked back a shipment of medical aid from the UAE because it arrived at Ben Gurion Airport and would be seen as a cover for ‘normalising’ ties with Israel.

    Lucky it’s not an election year for them !!

    1. Morning Bellers. Poppin’ into the gaff again to tell us how you couldn’t give a flying fuck about the gaff. Very good.

      Same time tomorrow ?

  5. Did I see somewhere that the UK government had pulled out of attending the Durban thing ?

    If so, nice work again DC and the all powerful Zio lobby.

    1. “A UK Government spokesperson said last night: “Following historic concerns regarding anti-Semitism, the UK has decided not to attend the UN’s Durban Conference anniversary event later this year.”

      Insiders said the decision was based around anti-Semitic action and speeches in and around the previous conferences.

      The UK did not attend the 10th anniversary of the Durban Conference in 2011, following the same concerns.”

      Good lad Boris…..

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