Twitter discrimination

Twitter discriminates against me because I am a proud, unapologetic Jew

Twitter discriminates against me because I am a proud, unapologetic Jew. If you are Jewish and active on the platform – Twitter probably discriminates against you too.

Twitter is a biased platform. We all know that. But their ability to influence goes a lot further than simply not banning antisemites. They also decide who to legitimise and who to refuse to give that credit to. As an example, Twitter have just turned me down as a candidate for verification for the third time.

Last year there was a Jewish boycott of Twitter because of the platform’s unwillingness to take antisemitism seriously. Twitter provides a blatantly visible example of open discrimination – in which anti-Jewish racism is treated very differently. You can say almost anything about Jews on Twitter- yet Twitter rarely responds to complaints of antisemitism the way they would if the target was a different minority group. This blindness explains why antisemitism is so rampant on the platform.

When their own ‘partners’ point out their failings, Twitter cuts all contact – just as they did recently with the Campaign against Antisemitism. Through their inactivity and unwillingness to act, Twitter permit daily racist abuse against people like me.

But the non-banning or suspending of anti-Jewish racists is only one element of Twitter’s multi-faceted discriminatory environment. ‘Zionists’ are errantly seen as ‘right wing’ and the Twittersphere leans ‘progressive’ left – which means openly unapologetic Zionists are disfavoured on the platform. It is a shifting Overton window. As right-wing voices are cut more frequently, and for lesser crimes, than left-wing voices – what constitutes the middle ground, slowly, but consistently moves further left. Eventually what was once a centrist opinion becomes right-wing, and what was centre-right is then viewed as an extremist position- and those promoting it become vulnerable to censorship or expulsion. In such a manipulated test-tube, everyone who does not conform to the progressive mindset – is standing in quicksand.

I’ve been active against antisemitism and extremism for over two decades – but only turned to publicly associating with my own research with the start of this blog in 2014.

Within a year my research saw an MP disciplined (Guardian, Independent). I was the one there – reporting on Gerald Kaufman when he made his antisemitic comments about ‘Jewish money’. My research also played a large part in the fight against the one-sided conference scheduled to take place in 2015 at Southampton University. My analysis of the participating academics was used as the evidence with which to expose the hypocrisy and bias, and thus delegitimise the delegitimisers.

Since then – the detailed research published through this blog – has consistently been driving the narrative and creating news headlines. This blog now has 1000s of subscribers – many of them politicians, journalists and academics. When a point is raised in the blog – such as the obsessive number of events held in the UK on the issue of ‘Palestine’ – that same point is soon raised in Parliament.

My reports – such as those on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Amnesty International, or on the radicalisation of members within the Labour Party – have all made the mainstream press (see examples in Telegraph and Sunday Times). I have seen the results of this work published by the Times, Telegraph, BBC, Mail, Sun, Mirror, Independent, Guardian and more.

Time after time – driving the narrative. It was this blog that exposed (see BBC, the Times) Jeremy Corbyn’s active membership in the antisemitic Facebook group Palestine Live. The report acted as a snowball and within a month – the community was demonstrating in Parliament Square.

Beyond the obvious and previously stated, my work has also:

  • rewritten the history books on key events such as the Mavi Marmara incident (Tablet Magazine)
  • seen textbooks removed from UK schools for anti-Israel bias (Bookseller, Telegraph)
  • forced apologies from UK universities over their published antisemitism articles (JC)
  • taken up the fight against NGOs, Wikipedia and Academia
  • led to countless suspensions and resignations of political figures (Daily Mail)
  • Scared the opposition into running away from public debates with me (Scottish Herald)
  • and far more I cannot even mention here

Being a front-line soldier has a cost though – and I became a figure of hate for the other side. My name was trashed in their toxic journals – I am sent death threats and obscene messages almost daily, my website is constantly under attack – and I have been physically assaulted -twice- on London’s streets.

There are few names more associated with fighting antisemitism, anti-Zionist activity and extremism in the UK than mine. I have been publicly recognised by the Algemeiner as one of the J100 – ‘the top100 people positively influencing Jewish life’. I also have 66700 Twitter followers, 1000s of them are verified accounts – politicians, journalists, academics – and I am never abusive no matter what is thrown at me. There is absolutely no doubt about who I am – and what I do. But none of this is good enough for Twitter.

This is not about blowing my own trumpet. Anyone who follows this blog knows that goes against my very nature. But in this instance – the importance and relevance of the research is in itself – the evidence of Twitter bias. Others- who I know well – and should also have been verified – tell me of similar problems.

All you receive when verification is denied is a simple email – that neglects to tell you on what grounds you have failed. The issue here is not difficult to understand – someone who has had the impact I have had – who is as recognised in his field as I am – *and who is visibly a left leaning progressive* would already have been verified long ago. Look across some of those crank leftist nonentities who have been given that blue tick. There is even one ‘blue-tick’ account whose only claim to ‘notability’ appears to be that he was denied access to Israel because he is a toxic anti-Zionist. For him it was that simple. The reason I am not being verified is almost certainly based on identity bias. As my identity is proudly  Jewish – this discrimination is antisemitism.

There are those that will say it is unimportant, but it is discriminatory and therefore it matters. I will not apply again. Not because I do not think verification doesn’t have value on the platform or wouldn’t add power to my voice – it certainly carries legitimacy in its own environment. But because the system is rigged – and I will not play the antisemites’ game. Our time and efforts are best spent attacking the forces lined against us – not bending down before them.

From permitting abuse against me, to refusing to treat me as it does others – Twitter discriminates against me because I am a proud, unapologetic Jew.

Onwards and upwards



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21 thoughts on “Twitter discriminates against me because I am a proud, unapologetic Jew

  1. David, if Twitter sanctions you it’s probably because you are a racist i.e. a Zionist.

    1. A) Twitter’s still not going to fuck you no matter how much you whore for them and B) 0/82 on merit pots you are, Jack-off.

  2. There are plenty of proud, unapologetic racists and fascists around. They all think they’re right, just like you do. Israel has deliberately and falsely conflated the zionist horror show with somehow being Jewish. Many Jews, myself included, want nothing to do with the racism and state-worship which have been part of the colonial zonist project from the start. Decent people are increasingly peeling off the layers of free-floating guilt about the Holocaust for which they bore no responsibility but which has been milked for decades to excuse zionist outrages. I lost sixteen relatives and gained a father badly damaged by survivor guilt. I am on the side of the innocent victims, not the racist brutes which their Israeli descendants have become. I am perfectly content if your claims against Twitter are true. There is more than enough pro-Israel PR pressure.

    1. Hello Manfred. I am an Israeli Jewish Zionist and I appear have made you quite cross, although the sentiments that you have expressed towards me here could be as truthful as all of the other things that you have written in your post.

      With this said, may I ask how you feel when the Islamists in the UK and US scream for Jewish blood, the rape of Jewish women and girls and the enactment of violence against Jewish religious leaders ? Do you feel that you and they are no longer reading from the same script ?

      Does it concern you that when they come to give you and yours a good kicking or worse it may not be enough to show them these posts as proof that you were with them all along ?

      Not to worry “as a Jew” you may still have access to the Zio state if things get too lairy….as long as you don’t piss the authorities off too much with all this toss.

      1. Ian Kay, how do you feel when IDF thugs shoot children in the back killing them, as one of the low life members of the IDF did yesterday?

        You, Collier and other Zionists here are a disgrace to the Jewish religion, hiding behind it to excuse your support for murder, theft and brutality.

        By the way, where are you from, it sounds as though you are one of those settlers with no right to be in Palestine in the first place?

        1. Hello Jack. Thank you for your message. You had mentioned that your only purpose was to place your posts here and leave without engaging as that didn’t interest you. Well, that wasn’t true which makes me wonder what else about you is also untrue. Obviously the part where you say it’s about Zionisim and not Jews, but what else?

          I think we may be about to have some fun, you and I.

          1. Ian, I engage as it suits just to highlight for the casual reader, the hypocrisy of Zionists such as youself. Have fun in your mentally ill Zionist bubble.

            1. Hello Jack. Sensible tactics. War is fluid and you have to be adaptable, even if your battle plan is just writing things on the internet. This will serve you well. We’re in this for life and you want to avoid running out of steam; the fate of your predecessors like Michael, Bruce and Chris.

              Guys like you who have zero skin in the game need to mix it up, just for your own sanity if you plan to play the long game.

    1. It’s okay. Stephen says the same things to people when they complain about prejudice and discrimination based on race, sex and disability. He’s absolutely definitely not one of those people who just hates Jews, honest.

      Note. For avoidance of doubt, just check out any thread here from the past decade. He’s in them all.

  3. David, you may be a ‘proud’ Jew but are you a good Jew? Good Jews don’t support racism. Good Jews don’t support illegal occupation. Good Jews don’t support the theft of other people’s land and homes. Good Jews don’t support apartheid.

    1. Hello Jack. How come you’re still saying it’s about Zionist? All your Islamic friends are quite clear that it’s about Jews. Mind you they’re also getting a bit violent against Christians now. Were you with them at Hyde Park Corner ?

    2. Substitute ‘muslims’ for ‘Jews’ in your post and you might be making some sense.

    3. Good people, Jews or non Jews, do not support illegal occupation of the lands legally bought by the Jews, the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea, theft of Jewish Negev (area C) and building illegal structures on the Jewish land. Also, good people don’t support racist murders and paying for the murders of children in their beds or random civilians on the street – more Jews killed – higher the reward.
      Also, Good people support IDF protecting Israelis (ALL Israelis, Jews or not) from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, internationally recognized as terrorist organizations.
      And now replace “Jews” by another marginalized group, LGBT for example. Take Pride parade, they maybe ‘proud’ LGBT, but are they good LGBT? Would you be comfortable to ask this question? Or it’s only ok when you are talking about Jews?

  4. I hope you’ll always be a proud, unapologetic Jew, David. I applaud your courage and tenacity. Keep fighting the good fight and know that you, israel, and the Jewish people as a whole have many, many supporters like me.

  5. The well known Iranian pro-democracy activist – and Israel’s friend – Potkin Azarmehr is permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook for sounding the alarm regarding the threats posed by Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.

    However, Khamenei’s posts calling for the destruction of Israel are not considered hate speech by Twitter (yes, that is the official position0.

    I’d say that being discriminated against by Twitter or Facebook is becoming a badge of honor.

  6. Thank you, David, for doing great job exposing antisemitism, the oldest type of racism. Zionism is a liberation movement of Jewish people, support their right to have an independent state (just like any other Nation), safely develop their culture and protect their citizens. Today, when antisemitism is on the rise, when Jewish businesses are boycotted similar to Germany early 1930s, when the biggest American “newspaper” publishes Nazi-style cartoons, when convicted terrorists are presented as “freedom fighters” and invited to talk in front of American students, we need strong Israel and mighty IDF. Am Israel Chai!

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