Hatun - speakers corner terrorist attack

The Speakers Corner terror attack – was a knife in British democracy

On 23rd July 1866 the ‘Reform League’ attempted to meet in Hyde Park to demand the extension of the franchise. The Government declared the meeting illegal, closed the park and placed over 1000 police officers at the Marble Arch entrance in an attempt to stop the meeting. The police failed to stop them, the protestors entered the park, and three days of ‘skirmishes’ followed.

That movement for change proved unstoppable politically too. Within a year the government had passed the Reform Act of 1867. The area in which that meeting had been held was also given protection – and in 1872 another Act of Parliament led to the creation of Speakers Corner – a designated place in Hyde Park at which people could speak freely without fear of arrest or sanction. Because of the way in which it came about, Speakers Corner is embedded in the very history of the freedoms that we all enjoy. A hard-fought-for pillar of our precious British democracy.

Visiting Speakers Corner today

Like most young Londoners who take a day out to be tourists, I visited Speakers Corner a few times when I was younger. I always found it a fascinating place, with numerous oddballs standing on ladders, boxes or whatever came to hand – shouting out in earnest about the specific issue that bothered them. Unfortunately, since I have been researching antisemitism, I have had plenty of cause to return – and the difference could not have been more stark. Over the last few years, there has been a distinct change, as more and more of those gathering were pushing extremist Islamist ideologies – or more importantly, intimidating those that weren’t.

Between 2014 and 2016 I would go once every three or four weeks. Then it turned to once every two months, then once every four or five. Over the last year I have been just twice – both times in some type of disguise. The reason I stopped going so often was simple – I was worried about my safety.

The 25/7/21 Speakers Corner terrorist attack

On Sunday, 25th July 2021 – exactly 155 years to the day after the Reform League protestors were battling in Hyde Park for the right to be given a voice, this piece of British democracy was attacked.

The targeted attack was against Hatun Tash, a Christian and Speakers Corner veteran. Hatun has a long history. Born in Turkey, she converted to Christianity from Islam and was forced to flee the rising aggression against her – as many ex-Muslims are.

Hatun is described as provocative – but then so are most people at Speakers Corner. It is in essence precisely what this pillar of British democracy was all about. The relevance here is that Hatun -an ex-Muslim – was frequently critical of Islam.

On Sunday a terrorist tried to murder her. They went for her throat with a knife and it is only through her reactions and good fortune that she only received mild cuts to the side of her face and a few defensive wounds.

Although this is the worst of the attacks against her, another regular at Speakers Corner recalls that Hatun has previously been spat on, knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted. There are also numerous videos around of her being surrounded by Islamists trying to intimidate her.

Yesterday Joseph from the Israel Advocacy Movement ran a live panel event on the attack, in which several regulars at Speakers Corner participated. The exchange brought people from all sides – including those that clearly felt that in some ways she deserved – or at least ‘asked for’ the attack. It is impossible to tell others to watch a video that in the end ran for four hours – but I can say that everyone with an interest who watches it will certainly benefit from doing so.

The most troubling part of the Hatun Tash story, which resulted in her attempted murder on Sunday – is that almost every time Hatun faced trouble, the police dealt with her – rather than those threatening, assaulting or intimidating her. She was even told that for her safety, it was better if she stayed away – a message of total surrender from the very force that is there to keep our streets safe for us to walk freely.-

Identity unknown

At this point there are those who will remind me that we do not know the identity of the attacker – and therefore we are wrong to point the finger at a radical Islamist. I suggest that this is the response of cowards – and reflects the type of mindset that has led to the rise of this threat in the first place. This was not some random attack in the street. This was a targeted attack against a Christian preacher in an environment that has become dominated by Islamist threat and intimidation.

This is the suspect:

Speakers Corner stabbing suspect

The Counter-Terrorism police are leading the investigation precisely because in this particular attack – there is little doubt about the ideological identity of the attacker. It was a radical Islamic terror attack on London’s streets. It was also an attack on Christians. Just as we see Islamic terrorists persecute and attack Christians from Pakistan to Nigeria – so too we now see it in London.

Which brings us to the scary public response to the rise of Islamist intimidation on our streets – support, cowardice or silence.

If a white nationalist had stabbed a Muslim at Speakers Corner – the media would have brought out their big guns. ‘Islamophobia’ headlines would be running 24/7 and our online news channels would be rolling out an endless reel of interviews all pushing a similar ‘broken society’ message. Social media would be awash with hashtags of solidarity from celebrities and politicians alike. How different it all is when the victim is Christian.

The horrific response 1- the Islamists

If the fact that Islamic and intimidation doesn’t scare you – perhaps the support for the attack will. Immediately after the attack – some Islamists who had witnessed the attack were standing in a group – with some saying ‘she had it coming’.

Within hours we witnessed online support for the terrorist attack. Tweets keep getting reported and deleted- but still they keep coming:

Hatun speakers corner

And there are those sorry that she survived:

It isn’t all about semi-anonymous accounts. Even in the IAM panel event, there were speakers that belittled or excused the event. Some seem more troubled by Hatun’s ‘provocation’, than they did the attempt to murder her. And then there were viewers’ comments such as this:

The horrific response 2 – the media’s short skirt excuse

Perhaps even scarier is the virtual silence from the Fourth Estate. Sure they all ran a small piece, but it was all generic, matter-of-fact and was clearly only published to ‘tick-the-box’. Almost all of them used the same piece taken from a news-wire rather than spend any resources on it themselves. Our media simply did not want to talk about it.

Each and every one of them also focused on the fact that Hatun was wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.

cowardly media

And? Isn’t she allowed to wear what she likes in this country? And if this is a provocation that is described to somehow ‘explain’ or diminish the horror of the act of the person who attacked her – are we going to revert to 1970s style reporting, when the clothes a girl may be wearing become important in a rape case? The press should be ashamed to follow such a line here. What she was or was not wearing is irrelevant. She was attacked because radical Islamists do not allow dissent – and some of them will act – even to the point of killing the dissenter. That is the point that needs to be made.

The horrific response 3 – the politicians

Total inexcusable silence.

A microcosm of British society

What happened to Hatun should be screaming from the headline of every newspaper because this is the way that the Islamists work. Some amongst them (Islamists, not Muslims) – the more radical – intimidate, threaten or kill some of their opposition. The strategy works. The opposition get the message and go into hiding.

In the end the only ones left on the street are different factions of radical Islamists, fighting for supremacy amongst themselves.

This has happened in so many Muslim majority countries it is impossible to list them all. The Islamist domination of Speakers Corner has now resulted in the attempted murder of a Christian preacher. If you speak out too much about it you will be called an ‘Islamophobe’ – as no doubt I will be for writing this piece. This is also part of the strategy. All these elements work to stifle criticism of an extremist ideology that seeks to dominate and force us into submission. We have this ideology spreading in our politics, our ‘human rights’ NGOs, our unions, our schools and clearly on our streets.

If we continue to cower in silence – then the end of our freedom is already written in stone.


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33 thoughts on “The Speakers Corner terror attack – was a knife in British democracy

  1. Some weeks ago the Islamists were out on the streets of the UK screaming for Jewish blood, the rape of Jewish women and girls and the enactment of violence on Jewish religious leaders. Now, on the same streets they are aiming their violence at Christians.

    I wonder how many of their white Western sympathisers will be rushing here to tell any casual readers how it’s all about Zionists and Israel.

    1. Don’t worry, casual reader. Stephen attends Speakers Corner and says the same thing about Iran, China, Pakistan and lots of other places that he thinks are racist endeavours. He is absolutely definitely not one of those guys that only says this about Israel, honest.

      Check him out in any of the comment sections in the archive over the last decade. He’s in them all.

  2. Sadly, and disgracefully, unsurprising. The media are – mostly – very shy and retiring about focusing on any persecution of Christians, whether individually or en masse. Extremist Islam has somehow become entangled with the hard-Left and Wokeism; perhaps because all these groups share a hatred of the free West. But then fanaticism, as someone has pointed out, is caused by unacknowledged doubt.

  3. And every day, scores more young muslim men arrive on the south coast, often escorted by the Royal Navy and the RNLI, protected by the courts, never to leave the UK. Brought up to hate the West, hate the Jew, hate the gays and to view young white women as sluts, I’m sure our declining nation will be greatly enriched by this “diversity”.

    1. Those “refugees” from Islamic HELLHOLES have ALSO been mindlessly brainwashed to hate Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Animists, Atheists, Ex-Muslims the wrong kind of Muslim.

      1. They hate all ‘infidels’. Their ‘holy’ book is the only religious text that exhorts its followers to murder.

  4. Wonder how many Western whiteys are lurking behind the keffiyahs here, thinking ” at least I can say I was with them when they give up trying to beat the Jews and come after us.”


    Hey, Western whitey. Big News. You’re all infidels to them. They can’t beat us but when you roll over, they’ll have you on toast. Best of luck. You’ll need it.

    1. The trolls here had their prayer rugs pulled from under them Ken when the Islamists in the UK and US started screaming for the blood of Jews and the rape of Jewish women and girls. All those years of Western whitey pretending it was about Zios and Israel, undone by a few pesky Jew8ing Muzzies with megaphones.

      Ah well.

      1. Yes that incident in London does seem to have been a gamechanger doesn’t it ?
        The anti “Zionist’s” REAL agenda slipped out when they though that no-one was looking….
        But we all knew what the truth was all along really…..didn’t we ?

  5. Hey Jew8ing Western whitey. Support the Paly Pound with a cheeky weekend break at Gaza’s premium luxury destination, the Bianco Resort on the Northern Strip.

    The Palestinian Association of Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism Services (honestly) invites you wallow in the fleshpots of the Eastern Med with sun, sea and sangria. But bring a false beard for the missus or you may fall foul of the local Islamic extremists.


      1. Dead right Ed. It’ll be those short URLs next like Michael (RIP) used to post. Old Bellers has a thing about vicars. Maybe he is one.

    1. Next you will be telling us how “David never investigated Tory antisemitism and just smears Labour for money” ?
      Right Bellers ?

        1. Bit of classic Bellers there for our Casual Reader; turning up here every day to tell us how totally not arsed he is about turning up here. Of course, he may be fibbing.

  6. Sand Nazis, Taliban, have taken over Afghanistan

    just as Sand Nazi’s, HAM-ASS, have taken over Gaza.

    And Afghanis are fleeing Afghanistan because they don’t want to live under misogynist, homophobic, Islamofascist Sharia law either.

    1. A history lesson for the Islamophobic Judeo-Nazis in this corner of the Internet.

      The first university in the world to educate women was opened in 841 AD under Arab Islamic rule, and it is the first of its kind in the Arab and Western world.

      The University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Kairouan,fes Morocco, was founded by Fatima Al-Fihri, the daughter of Uqbah Ibn Nafi’ Al-Fihri.

      While the first university in the West to teach women was opened in 1821 AD after a severe struggle!

      The difference between them = 980 years!!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

  7. 200k + protesters set to march on London tomorrow in support and solidarity of the human rights of the now occupied Afghan people…..


    Nah…..only kidding…..

    Seems that The Woke Brigade are currently Missing in Action….?

    Seems they only care about the human rights of only one particular set of people?

    Wonder why that could be?


    1. Western whitey has always been intimidated by the Islamists, fearing that pissing them off gets suicide bombers offing themselves in the big concert venue, the tube station or the local Aldi. Alternatively, poking a Jew is much safer with no greater risk than strongly worded letter from an expensive London Law firm. No brainer really.

    1. Hey Bellers. Up for a bit of mischief, you little scamp ?

      You and your Western whitey mates create problems for Jonny Foreigner and expect everyone else to clean up your mess. Think we’ll pass son. Your councils seem to have it all in hand anyway. Nice big Victorian refurbs, free DenPlan and Uni places where they can radicalize on a full grant and then blow themselves up in your Lidls. Best keep your women covered up.

        1. Less than that Bellers. We’ve found 7 of them here with bent Paly papers and we’re repatriating them to you. They’re keen on a 6 bed council house in Luton and free tests at Specsavers. Watch out for the ones that wear heavy coats in M&S on a hot day.

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