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The Methodist Church promotes antisemitic conspiracy theorist

The Methodist Church, the fourth largest Christian Church in Britain, are actively promoting an antisemitic conspiracy theorist as one of their key readings on the subject of Israel.

There are six thousand Methodist churches and a total membership of approximately 330,000 people. Globally the community number 70 million. My own experiences with the Methodist Church have been far from comforting. Anti-Israel propaganda events at Hinde Street and the Marlborough Road Methodist Church spring to mind. The Methodist Church even called for a partial boycott of Israel as early as 2010.

At Hinde Street in 2016 I spoke to someone connected to their toxic exhibition. She told me that Church based organisations have funds to send people on organised trips (propaganda tours) and as part of the agreement for the subsidised trip, they must organise ‘x’ number of events of their own upon their brainwashed return.

This type of activity turns the ‘Palestinian cause’ into a church-backed growing missionary movement – one that seeks to create new disciples and ‘spread the anti-Zionist word’ into new regions. As most discussion within the Church expressing sympathy towards Israel is silenced or at best met with deep hostility – this is one sided radicalising discourse that will only lead to an even more hostile atmosphere.

Antisemitism in the Methodist Church

There is no way of addressing Church based attitudes towards Israel, without drawing on 2000 years of Christian persecution of Jews. Of course, the Methodist Church is not 2000 years old, having arisen in 18th-century Britain following the reformation 200 years earlier.

Antisemitism was embedded deep in the roots of the reformation movement. In 1537 Martin Luther wrote ‘On the Jews and Their Lies’ – a 65,000-word attack, urging persecution of the Jews. 400 years later, that book would be waved around by the Nazis.

In turn, it was whilst listening to a reading from Luther at Aldersgate in London, that Wesley had the spiritual experience that would lead to the creation of the Methodist Church. Wesley was another outspoken antisemite:

What stupidity, what senselessness must it be for such an unclean, guilty helpless worm as this [the Jew], to dream of seeking acceptance by his own righteousness, of living by the righteousness which is of the law!’” – John Wesley

We only have one geographical location where Nazi Germany and British Methodists sat together under a single umbrella – the Channel Islands during the 5-year occupation. Perhaps tellingly, the collaborator who handed the names of the island’s Jews over to the Nazis was the Rev John Leale, a local Methodist minister.

We came a long way in 2000 years. From the vile accusation of deicide to the Holocaust.

Replacement ideology

Without embarking on a major theological exercise, the core issue remains the relationship between the old and new testaments. The complexities that the truth creates – that Jesus was a Jew, born in Judea, who delivered his message to Jews – demanded a painful divorce. Early attempts at differentiation, particularly by Paul, were a vital part of the success of the Christian church. If god had made all these promises to the Jews – what place for a new Church – unless those promises could be transferred. Substitution – replacement – supersessionism.

Blanket antisemitism and periods of violent oppression characterise Christianity’s historical attitude towards Jews. 2000 years of ‘teaching of contempt and the supersessionism that declared the Jewish faith inferior and outmoded‘- created the perfect landscape for the Holocaust.

In its pure form, replacement ideology is inherently dangerous and hostile to Jews. More to the point, supersessionists, Christians who still consider Jews inferior, deserving of god’s punishment and following an outmoded religion – tend to be antisemites. Leading supersessionists gravitate towards anti-Israel activism like moths to a flame. For the true supersessionist – Jews are inferior and Zionism is a clear ideological threat.

Conversion is still possible

In some ways Luther’s early attitude towards Jews (before he wanted to burn synagogues and expel Jews from the country), is mirrored in a supersessionists anti-Zionism. Luther thought badly of Jews, but Jews could convert and save themselves. For a Jew not to be persecuted – he merely needed to accept the truth as Christians were selling it. For a Jew to be considered worthy today – he must do the same with the anti-Zionist. Listen to a supersessionist discuss the ‘evils of Zionism’ and then read Martin Luther on the Jews. The similarities are unsettling.

After the Holocaust, churches embarked upon a ‘learning curve about their ‘culpable failure‘ and the contributions Christianity had made to the furnaces of Auschwitz. Things did change for the better. It is what makes witnessing antisemitism inside a modern church so painful. I have often referred to my experiences with Christian antisemitism as being the most difficult to digest. Christians should have learnt, Christians should know better.

Methodist Church resources

What are the Methodist Church doing to battle back against this growing tide of supersessionist ‘anti-Zionism’? Not much it seems. In fact, beyond voting to boycott Israel and encouraging people to go and be brainwashed on propaganda tours, they are actively promoting antisemitic conspiracy theorists on their website.

The Methodist Church has a page of ‘resources for studying theological issues relating to Israel-Palestine’ on their official website. In other words, this is the Church telling its faithful what particular thinking on this issue should guide them. And here we run into real trouble. Stephen Sizer is on the list.

Promoting Stephen Sizer

How on earth can the Methodist Church justify telling believers that one of the key people to listen to when asking theological questions about Israel – is a man who faced restrictions from the Church of England because he kept sharing material from antisemitic hate websites?

It almost goes without saying Stephen Sizer is a member of the antisemitic FB group ‘Palestine Live‘. He was one of the first members, added to the group by Elleanne Green on the day she created it. Over six years later, on 4th February 2020 he is still liking Elleanne Green’s posts:

Stephen Sizer

My criticism is not just about what Sizer shared. It is about where his beliefs find comfort. He swims in the dark websites that those in my research live inside. He gets and shares ideas from toxic conspiratorial hate sites such as the Ugly Truth and Veterans Today. Sizer attends meetings such as the one the PRC held at Westminster, where antisemitic hate frequently bubbles to the surface to remain unchallenged. Sizer’s attitudes are clearly clouded by prejudice. NOBODY should listen to this man on the subject of Jews and yet his thoughts are officially promoted by the Methodist Church.

Someone more familiar with the different theological positions should have a look at the list recommended by the Methodist Church. Naim Ateek, the founder of Sabeel is listed and there are other links to condemnations of Christian Zionism – so perhaps the inclusion of Sizer should not be so surprising.

The list is provided by the ‘Faith and Order Committee’. The Secretary is Nicola Price-Tebbutt. The committee meets every few months and if decisions need to be taken during this period, then the’ Executive’ which comprises of Price-Tebbutt, the Chair and two other committee members, make the call.

Islamic persecution of Christians

What is most ironic about a renewal of hostility against Jews from within the Methodist Church is that it takes place as – outside of Israel – Christianity is erased throughout the Middle East. Open Doors, an NGO that supports persecuted Christians, records that the hostility towards Christians is mainly down to Islamic persecution. The YMCA in Gaza has been attacked several times. The Christmas tree in Gaza is no longer placed in a public square but rather behind fences, to protect it from attack.

The problems extend beyond Gaza. In the West Bank, Muslim converts to Christianity will be attacked and even killed by their own family. Last year a Christian woman was assaulted in her village – she complained to the police and in response her village was attacked by Fatah gunmen. In two seperate incidents there were attacks on churches in Ramallah and Bethlehem.

The number of Christians tragically is still declining. Christians can run, they can convert to Islam or they can be persecuted – these are the options open to them. Only in Israel and to some degree in Lebanon are things different. There are 3x as many Christians living in Israel than there are in the West Bank or Gaza. Israel’s Christian population is growing and is by far the freest Christian community in the entire region. In some parts of the region, Christian groups have faced genocide.

Methodist inter-faith

Which is why Sizer and those like him are clearly being driven by something other than faith, logic or truth. Interfaith is a two-way street. Jewish people cannot sit idly and accept that the Methodist Church is actively promoting hate. The rise of antisemitism follows decades of complacency. Is it any coincidence that those like Sizer promoted Jeremy Corbyn?

Nothing should be as easy as modern Christian support for Jewish life in Israel. If inter-faith has any meaning whatsoever, then it should be the duty of the Churches – including the Methodist Church – to make sure that message is the one they spread the loudest. Promoting boycotts, spreading hate and giving a platform to a conspiracy theorist – is not the best way to build bridges.



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        1. Tell him Bellers. Can’t be having another fringe group on your patch. You are The Resistence.

          Bella Ciao.

  1. “What are the Methodist Church doing to battle back against this growing tide of supersessionist ‘anti-Zionism’? Not much it seems”

    A Church being criticised for NOT fighting anti-racism? Bizarre.

  2. ” In fact, beyond voting to boycott Israel and encouraging people to go and be brainwashed on propaganda tours, they are actively promoting antisemitic conspiracy theorists on their website.”

    What a load of deliberate lies, David.

    Boycotting Israel is by no means an anti-Semitic act.

    Why is all of your output lies, smoke and mirrors. You’re a sick joke.

    1. Pot calling the kettle black here, innit? Muck, you really do NOT want to get into a close analysis of lying and being pathetic with your track record. Seriously, look in the mirror.

  3. Excellent article David. I never realised how deep racism runs in the Methodist Church, and how ugly its founder’s views were. A church built on antisemitism is a rotten and hypocritical institution. And Methodists must be deeply weird and conflicted considering their saviour was a Jew.

    1. Born a Jew, died a Christian

      You never realised ’til David told you?

      David wouldn’t lie …. would you, David?

      1. Mike I have tried to tell you this before He died a Jew. He was a Jew first last and always. He had no interest in the Gentile world whatsoever . The Christianity batshit began 30 years later after the death of James

        1. His words, according to others, say differently, Stephen.

          Ask Him yourself … tonight, pre be-bos.

            1. If you read His words according to the New Test. he tells that Gentiles can also enter Heaven, not just Jews. I’d say that’s jolly good of Him. 🙂

                1. But it is also written that it is easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a lazy gobshite such as Stephen to enter Heaven.

                    1. “heaven can wait”
                      In your case Stephen for eternity.

                      But we’ll see how cocky you are when your nose is filled with the stench of sulphur! When your ears are filled with the screams of your fellow lazy gobshites as they have their testicles ripped off! And red-hot pokers thrust into their crevices!

    1. Stephen, I never make stuff up. Sizer’s FB timeline is full of positive messaging about Corbyn.

            1. That’s the lamest comeback I’ve read in years. The good news is, you would qualify as witty and intelligent on Stormfront (hint hint). Maybe you should try your luck there, amongst your friends.

        1. Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace”, now THAT’s making stuff up Sharmuta.

          – 9/11 and necessity to scan/interview all passengers, luggage, cargo
          – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
          – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
          – 1972 Hijacking of the Summer Olympics and murder of athletes
          – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie
          – 2005 London’s 7/7 transport massacre
          – beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
          – Boston Marathon bombing
          – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
          – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
          – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
          – massacre at Bataclan music venue
          – massacre at Manchester music venue
          – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
          – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
          – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
          – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
          – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
          – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
          – Mumbai India massacre
          – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
          – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
          – ISIS beheading videos
          – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
          – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
          – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
          – murder of tourists in Luxor
          – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
          – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
          – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
          – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
          – Brussels airport bombing
          – bombing of USS Cole
          – Fort Hood Texas massacre
          – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
          – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
          – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
          – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
          – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
          – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
          – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
          – DC Beltway sniper
          – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
          – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
          – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
          – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
          – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
          – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
          – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
          – Armenian Genocide by the Turks
          – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
          – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
          – Rotherham rape gangs
          – London Bridge stabbings

          Over to you Sharmuta.

          1. My dear Edward,
            Some would call you a deranged Islamophobe.
            I wouldn’t go that far; I’d call you something much worse.

  4. ” Promoting boycotts, spreading hate …………. is not the best way to build bridges.”

    Yet Israel constrains the lives of Palestinians.

  5. Obviously even the methodists are aware of what a Raving nut job you are. And of course your criminal record

  6. Reading …
    “The Methodist Church? Oh, is this going to be about Stephen Sizer?”
    Reading …
    “Tell me it’s not going to be Sizer.”
    Reading …
    “Oh heck, it is Sizer. How have they not stopped doing this.”

  7. And I’ll say one good thing for Stephen Bellamy – he doesn’t support the Methodist Church.

    On the other hand, it’s because he’s worse than they are. He’s something he linked to, himself:

    The Church is wholly owned by the Board of Deputies of British Jews in tandem with its extension, the Council of ( alleged ) Christians and Jews. To understand how this control was achieved it is necessary to understand the role of the CCJ […]

  8. By taking an active stand against racism, oppression, apartheid, violence, torture, killing and all the other accoutrements of Zionism, the Methodist Church is putting the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings into practice.
    Mr Collier, I’m sure you claim ‘that some of my best friends are Methodists.’ Shame on you sir.

    1. Al Bag Daddy,
      By NOT taking an active stand against Racism, Oppression, Apartheid, Violence, Torture, Homophobia, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism and all the other accoutrements of Ultra Right-Wing ISLAMOFASCISM, the Socialist Methodist Church is defiling the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings and practice.

      Bag Daddy, I’m sure you claim ‘that some of my best friends are Terrorists.’ Shame on you comrade.

    2. Next time read the article before blovating. Also, we’re not friends but here’s a tip anyway: it’s a bad idea to conflate Stephen Sizer with Jesus. Kind of makes you sound…simple-minded.

  9. “Accoutrements of Zionism”,

    Wait a minute. I’m a Zionist. Nobody mentioned accoutrements.

    Is there a gift shop? I want accoutrements.

  10. I have attempted to correct aspects of this history, to no avail. So, I suppose one more try is worth while. This blog fails to differentiate between ‘replacement theology’ and ‘superssessionism’, it also fails to properly understand Paul, let alone the times he lived in.

    Paul, contrary to what is espoused in this blog, was not trying to replace Judaism with Christianity, which did not exist, even when Paul died in during the Rome Neronian riots in 69. His obective was to convert the Pagan world, i.e. Greek world, to his ideas of Judaism. To make this easier, he declared that mitzvah observation was not necessary, but belief in what Christ is and was the Parousia, were essential. In other words, faith was more imporltant than carnality, i..e. observation of the law.

    Replacement theology declares the Palestinians are the new persecuted minority. The theology goes further and claims that Christianity has no roots in Judaism, despite Nostra Aetate. So, let’s start by getting history correct and then linking historical anti-Semitsm to Islamist and left wing anti-Zionism and anti-Semtism

    1. Thanks John, although I think you have misrepresented the article somewhat. I mentioned Paul in a single sentence and at no point did I intend to expand on the historical growth of the Church. In fact, I explicitly state I don’t want to go there at all. I most certainly did not suggest (and I apologise if you felt I did) that Paul wanted to replace Judaism with anything. Paul’s role however – in ‘spreading the word’ outside of the hilltops of Judea and Samaria – was indeed instrumental to the future success of the early Church. As for the times he lived in – one of my favourite historical periods and yet you rush in with ‘fails to properly understand Paul’ (who was referenced once) or the times he lived in (not mentioned at all). I’d happily sit down with you and chat for hours about those times – I think you’d find I am not as unaware as you seem to believe.

      I do however disagree with your definition of replacement theology and I think you’ll find many scholars use the terms replacement theology and supersessionism interchangeably. I’d also argue that the Palestinian obsession is not an inherent part of the ideology at all, and no more than a useful bolt-on with which to bash the Jews in Israel thus belittiling their ties with the land.

  11. It seems that Mr Collier would like to Methodist Church to accommodate whatever demands he makes and hence this libelous post accusing it of antisemitism.
    I am the only one who finds this similar to the sinister smear campaign waged against Jeremy Corbyn and other progressive Labour candidates?
    Sadly I feel I am not.

    1. Never mind going on about Jeremy bloody Corbyn. I am a Zionist and I want my accoutrements. Do you accept PayPal?

    2. Collier’s first love is Zionist Israel, not the Jewish ‘race’.

      Corbyn was attacked because of his party’s support for a Palestinian state.

      Collier attacks those Jews that criticise Israel’s Zionism. So, no friend of all Jews.

      Now the Tories appease Israel’s actions and supply them with military equipment. All nice and cosy.

      No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

    3. Jihad Daddy, It ain’t “libel” when it’s true.

      Happy Nakba!

      And props to Jeremy Corbyn for leading the Fascist LaBOOR Party to its worst loss in 80+ years!

  12. My dear Ian

    I have a nice white T-shirt with a royal blue map of Greater Israel on it, along with blie text that reads: “Israel – The Original Terrorist State.”

    Every Zionist would be proud to own one.
    Am Yisrael Chai.

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    Only £25 plus postage.

  13. Now, these are really cool “Accoutrements of Zionism”,

    When you have pesky Iranian drones coming into your airspace or an IED strapped to a bunch of balloons floating into your kids school the new deluxe laser accoutrements of Zionism zaps them out of the sky cleanly and harmlessly.

    At only a few shekels a shot it’s a bargain and it gets the job done. Become a Zapping Zio today with the latest accoutrements of Zionism from Raphael.

    100% guaranteed (Only available in Israel0

      1. We do Michael but they dont have The Zapping Zio System so they mostly miss us when we’re destroying Iranian munitions dumps and Hezbollah bases.

        Our accoutrements of Zionism are top notch.

          1. Repeat after me ” Whine when we’re winning. We only whine when were winning….”

            Tuneful jollity is another of the “accoutrements of Zionism”

            We’re the 9th happiest people on earth you know.

  14. More “accoutrements of Zionism”, this time giving our water tech to another country that says it wants to kill us all.

    Plug in the machine, create 800 litres of clean healthy water per day per machine and the Qataris pay the ‘lechie bill.

    Their kids can drink whilst their dads hide behind them taking pot shots across our border.

    We are lovely Zios.

    1. reminds me of the time Israel bought the vote of Micronesia at the UN with a whole heap of shit processing machinery. Was worth it though it brought the total vote up to three.

      1. Not any old shit processor Bellers; the PoopScoop 5000. Another of our barnstorming accoutrements of Zionism.

        Leaving no stone unturd since 1948.

  15. Collier tweets “Germany sit on the UNHRC. So do Denmark, Holland and Poland.

    They sit on a UN council that is clearly antisemitic, clearly obsessed about Israel and now asking for people to boycott Jews.

    Have Europe learnt NOTHING? Shameful. Disgusting. Disgraceful.”

    “..asking for people to boycott”?

    Rubbish. Asking for ‘people’ to boycott those Zionists hiding in the West Bank illegal settlements against the Geneva Conventions

    Realise that the US, Israel’s Big Brother, has for years boycotted and sanctioned Russia for ITS occupation and annexation of Crimea. Realise also that Crimea is populated by Russians, the territory having itself been part of Russia some decades ago.

    David will have people in tears with his deliberate falsehoods.

    1. Sharmuta, the BDS of Islamofascist Iran is working.

      Soon the Persian people will be Free of Satan’s Ayatoolas.

      Even Ayatollah Khomeni will know that his “islamic revolution” crashed and burned – thanks to President Donald Trumpl.l

      Happy Nakba!

      1. Not sure the people of Iraq who are suffering extreme shortages because of Trump’s vindictive, bullying sanctions will be thanking the Orange idiot for their plight.

          1. Don’t worry Farmer, Trailer Trash Ted and President Doofus, (only the third President in History to be impeached) are too stupid to know the difference between Iran and Iraq. All they know is that the name of the country starts with an ‘I’ and an ‘r’ and is full of Muslims.

            Dumb and Dumber will probably attack Ireland next week.

        1. Mind you, Trump also threatened to sanction Iraq should it kick US troops out.

          Like a thug with a club!

      2. My dear Mr Edward

        Your use of the phrase “Happy Nakba” is highly offensive to myself, Palestinians and their many supporters.

        Do you even know what The Nakba is? I suspect you do.

        I’m certain that more than a few commenters would complain if I, or any other person, wrote ‘Happy Holocaust’ after every comment.

        So Mr Edward, I am politely requesting that you cease using that highly offensive phrase.

        Thank you.

        1. “Nakba” is a term coined to describe the FAILURE of 5 attacking Arabs armies, NONE of which was an army of a pre-EXISTING “pal-e-stine”, to defeat the Jews of Israel, just 3 years after the end of WW2..

          May your miserable life be FILLED with Eternal Nakba.

          Happy Nakba Bag Daddy! 🙂

          1. There’s your hillbilly ignorance again, Ted.

            The Nakba was the driving out by Jewish militia of Arabs and their villages destroyed when the world conspired to impose Jewish immigrants from elsewhere.

          2. My dear Mr Edward,

            Wiithin the context you’re using the word ‘Nakba,’ it (((IS))) offensive.

            The word ‘Holocaust’ also existed ages before Nazi Germany, but no sane person would say ‘Happy Holocaust.’

            Likewise, no decent person would include “Happy Nakba” as part of a comment on such a regular basis in a blog which features so much discussion about Palestine.

            You are doing your side (and religion — if you are Jewish) a disservice by using it.

            Please cease.

            Thank you.

            1. Porky, You say YOU’RE OFFENDED by “Happy Nakba”?

              Well I’M OFFENDED by 9/11 and

              London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, DC Beltway snipers, London and Westminster bridge car rammings, London bridge stabbings, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, ISIS beheading videos, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Manchester arena bombing, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, Boston Marathon bombing, HamAss executing gays by pushing them off rooftops, Fascist Iran executing gays, Orlando nightclub massacre, Luxor massacre, Moscow subway bombing, Brussels airport bombing, Beslan school massacre, poison gas attack on the Kurds of Halabja, …

              In closing I wish YOU and your fellow terrorist scum…

              === HAPPY NAKBA ===

              P.S. Here is a link to the Israeli Air Force website.


              1. My dear Edward

                People who hate so much (like you) usually end up self-destructing.

                It must of been awful to be born without a brain and your childhood was probably full of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

                You are to be pitied more than anything else.

                1. Jihad Daddy,

                  The greatest H8rs are your friendly Sand Nazis who hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bahais, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Animists, Atheists,

                  and the wrong kind of Muslim (Sunni v Shiite v Wahabbi v Romulan v Klingon).

                  See the
                  – 1,000,000 dead in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran War
                  – 500,000+ dead in the Syrian “Civil War”

                  Happy Nakba LOOOOOZER!

                    1. Trailer Trash Ted do you work hard at being a retarded village idiot, or is it a condition you were born with?

            2. … and you think your use of the handle “Jew Daddy” is NOT offensive, you uncircumcized jerk?

    1. Friend of Israel MP Margaret Hodge knows all about child abuse, David…..and how to ignore it. See above.

      1. Michael, did you see the latest meanness from the IDF. Those genocidal apartheid (you know the rest) Zios have only gone and confiscated truck loads of skis, crampons and salopettes, heading for the Hamas Alpine Corps who operate in the mountains of Gaza. Poor sods will be left to freeze in their T shirts and flop flips.

  16. Collier labels uklabour unclean.

    Collier lobbies for a state that abuses kids, shoots civilians and flouts the Geneva Conventions.

    Collier’s moral compass is skewed.

    1. A dizzy bitch like you doesn’t know how to use a compass.

      You think you use it to check how shiney your nose is.

      1. Trailer Trash Ted, are you referring to the Ayatollah Khomeini?
        He died in June 1989!

        So why are you calling for death to someone who died 31 years ago?

        Or are you , as usual, demonstrating your ignorance and infantile attachment to slogans you do not understand

        1. Trailer Trash Ted is the idiot boy of the trailer park.
          Betcha the only people who tolerate him are Muslims.

    1. More “accoutrements of Zionism” Michael.

      We don’t win an advantage over our enemies just to give it away. That would be crazy wouldn’t it?

      1. ….and you think that your ‘enemies’ will not acquire nuclear in the future?

        They may even have thirst for vengeance and revenge that you have yourselves.

        1. You’re right Michael. We are a vengeful people and as history has shown you, we always get our revenge.

          This is why we maintain a strategic advantage, obviously.

    1. Where is “Muslim Voice for Peace”?’

      When was it founded?

      Who were its founders?

      Who are it’s leaders today?


      Why isn’t there a “Muslim Voice for Peace”????

      The families of the victims of 9/11 want to know.

      1. Hey Trailer Trash now’s your chance to reach out to your Muslim brothers and sisters and form Muslim Voice for Peace.

        1. Hey SHlTlerhead,

          Now is the time for the “Muslim Voice for Peace” to prove it’s “Pro-Peace” by denouncing, fighting, protesting, Islamofascism, Jihad, Hamass, Hezbola, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra, Fascist Iran.

          How ’bout it A-Hole?

  17. Collier tweets to himself??!?

    “Last one for today. Lesson eight. When they say –

    “I am an anti-Zionist”

    They mean

    “I am an anti-Semite”

    David is challenged.

    Given that not all Jews are Zionists


    Given that not all Zionists are Jews.


    Zionists and Jews are not equivalent.


    David’s statement is incorrect.

    Perhaps David missed School a lot.

    Can anyone think why he would smear anti-Zionists like that, other than through stupidity?

      1. Goes to show how simple and gullible his supporters are ….. Ian.

        A tidy living from his smears and lies…. plus 5 more years of benefit cuts and foodbanks …..The family must be proud.

        1. Doesn’t matter though does it Michael. He gets the job done and ensures that his side wins a strategic advantage over yours.

          He’s doing his job very well. It’s up to you, Bellers and others to step up The Resistance.

          Bella Caio.

  18. A reader’s review of The Middle East: Conflict, Crisis and Change 1917-2012

    Having spent the last 9 or 10 years following the Israel / Palestine conflict, and with a child studying for their GCSE’s, my interest in this book was piqued by a Facebook post advising that this book had been reviewed by a Zionist pseudo researcher who was commissioned by two Zionist bodies, claiming it was antisemitic. To be fair, the author does have a slightly pro Palestinian emphasis on the narrative. This was to be expected as I’ve never met anyone who holds a completely unbiased view. Had the authorship been undertaken by the Zionist reviewer, the bias would have been completely pro Israel as has his other work been.

    There are some arguable omissions in the Timeline on pages vi and vii which the reviewer of this book took great pains to point out however, these are covered within the chapters of the textbook and appear clearly in the Contents and Index. which is exactly where even a GCSE level student would be trained to look.

    The general thrust of the book explains how the Zionist movement evolved from a aspiration to settle Palestine as the Jewish homeland, to the immigration of Jewish settlers and the unrest caused to the local population by the Jewish policy of Hafrada, or separation, up to the present day.

    A difficult subject to broach in which you’ll never find will satisfy anyone 100%, but the author Hilary Brash is to be commended for daring to tackle such a subject and for doing a good job.

    1. Yes Michael, you wrote that review quite well with very few errors. Bit late though. David’s work here is done.

      1. Perhaps not. A revised edition has been published.

        Let’s see if he’s directed to have a sniff at that one.

        1. Scoffie’s not in Labour. Can’t be an EDL/Britain First supporter and a Labour member at the same time.

      1. Between you and me Ed, this is part of a double secret operation, a bit like that UK TV show First Dates. We lure Abdul and his mates in with pics of our handsome IDF lads, get the meeting sorted and then send a crack detachment of elite troops to seal the deal. The secret is that they’re all hand picked immigrants from the former East German athletics programme and despite their beards and rippling biceps are definitely more Martha than Arthur.

        So far results have been outstanding and our lovely Svetlanas have reduced the sex drive of the average Gazan male by up to 90%, much to the delight of the average Gazan female.

        I think you’d agree that this was a valuable social service from the Zios.

    1. This place is getting more like an old episode of ‘Allo ‘Allo every day. Pretend Jews, pretend Irishmen and pretend Arab sympathisers sneaking behind enemy lines, ready to strike with a cruel copy/paste and a razor sharp insult.

      Welcome to The Resistance.

      Bella ciao !

      1. The difference being that Allo Allo was amusing, and you would laugh along with the characters. But people laugh AT you two and your puerile posts.
        You and Trailer Trash Ted are a couple of repugnant and boring bigots, whose only ‘achievement’ is to bring shame and disgrace to Zionism and Israel.

        Not an insult, unless you find the truth insulting.

        1. Sorry Bellers. Forgot pretend Welshmen. The Resistance is growing, at least in your imagination

          Bella Caio.

            1. You’re right Michael. My great Uncle Felix and cousins Lottie and Birgita died in Dachau but are still pretending they survived. You’ve sussed them though, you clever little Jew hater, you.

              1. I’ve seen hundreds of ‘Holocaust survivors’ interviewed on TV, Ian.

                Some not born at the time. 😉 Perhaps ‘Holocaust survivor’ is as much a misnomer as ‘Holocaust Denier’

                Condolences on your loss, seriously.

                    1. Stephen, no, no, no.
                      It is not your ‘one liners’ that are tedious and repetitive. It is you.
                      Can we have an English version of your last post?

          1. Che piccolo uomo noioso sei.
            Lo stesso di tutti i bigotti razzisti ignoranti e ripugnanti.
            Tieni la testa sul sedere e svanisci!

  19. @mishtal
    “There was no ‘occupation’ in 1964 when the Arab League created the ‘Palestine *Liberation* Organisation’.”

    There was also, in ’48 no Holocaust in Europe requiring Jews to flee. Yet they undertook to destroy over 500 Arab villages in Palestine and drive out out almost a million Arabs from their homes!

  20. My Thirteen Point (pro-Jewish) plan:

    1. Declare Zionism an illegal hate crime. Ban and prosecute individuals and organisations that
    promote it in person and on all media platforms.
    2. Imprison all domestic and foreign Zionist agents in HMP Belmarsh (with Muslim cell mates).
    3. Say ‘No Way to the IHRA’ by publicly exposing its Zionist tentacles and puppet masters in the Israeli apartheid state on all media platforms.
    4. Ban the display of the flag/image of apartheid Israel both in person and on all media
    platforms (Embassy of Apartheid Israel an exception). One year imprisonment for first offence. Minimum five years imprisonment at HMP Belmarsh for any known Zionist or anyone with a criminal record (‘Jonathan’s Law’).
    5. Ban the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) as a hate group and investigate for alleged
    violation of charity tax laws. Prosecute and imprison its officers.
    6. Ban the Zionist Federation UK (ZFUK) as a foreign government-supported hate group,
    investigate past and present officers for alleged violation of charity tax laws and seize assets.
    7. Cease all government funding to and ban the Community Security Trust (CST) as an illegal,
    vigilante group and seize assets. Arrest, prosecute and imprison senior staff for charity fraud.
    8. Immediately debar and prosecute all solicitors/barristers who represent UK Lawyers for
    Israel as agents of a foreign government.
    9. Erect a ‘Martyr’s Monument’ honouring world citizens who have given their lives for
    freedom and humankind (Location: Outside Golders Green Tube Stn).
    10. Erect monument honouring world statesman, Yasser Arafat (Location: Hyde Park).
    11. Arrest, prosecute and imprison Chief Rabbi (aka ‘Zionist Dracula’) for violation of charity
    tax laws and hate crime. Will neither be permitted to lead religious services nor allowed to support the Chaplin in Belmarsh.
    12. Ambassador of apartheid Israel to report whereabouts to police weekly basis (preferably on
    Friday). Israeli Ambassador not permitted to travel outside M25 unless special permission
    granted by Home Office and representatives of Stop the War, Amnesty International,
    Muslim Council of Britain, Neturei Karta and the PSC.
    13. UK Board of Deputies (BoD) given six months to reorganise so that it only promotes Jewish
    education, religion and culture. All political work declared null and void. Regular reviews carried out to ensure compliance. Failure will lead to investigation, arrest and imprisonment of officers for violation of charity/tax laws.

    1. Another day at the virtual barricades begins for The Resistance.

      Wonky false beards – check.
      2005 Copy/Pastes loaded – check.
      Ammo clips filled with pretend angst – check.
      Inverted commas sharpened – check.
      Activism for Dummies pamphlet (Asa Chew 1967) – check.
      Domina Corvid site on Private Browse – check.
      Flask and butties for the shift – check.

      Give it some welly lads.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. Watch your language Trailer Trash Ted, this is a family- friendly blog. Foul language may be common where you come from, but it’s not welcome here.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. The fact that Ted basically said out loud that you’re a fucking piece of shit liar asshole who fucks HIV+ dogs up the ass for fun….that’s just not RIGHT. I mean, it’s accurate, but he shouldn’t say it OUT LOUD.

            1. I am quite sure you are deflecting there, but to make things a little clearer: when I ignore you it’s because you’re a stupid asshole, and when I point out at length how much you suck it’s because you’re a stupid asshole. There’s no variance curve involved with trolls like you, and there never will be.

    2. Let’s see here, I think I can come up with the percentage possibilities of any of these things happening, and I’ll finish the list with the chance that Brutes is using a pseudonym:
      0%; 0% ;0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%; 0%. And 100% on the pseudonym. Kisses.

  21. Collier tweets “There has never been an international delegitimisation campaign as all encompassing, as widespread and as insidious as the global one that exists to demonise Israel.

    It has activists everywhere – and they are all willing to incite hate and spread lies for the cause.”

    “activists everywhere …. willing to incite hate and spread lies”

    Hilarious words from Collier, friend of Gnasher( the blocking wimp) given that is their own stock-in-trade, vilifying the decent.

  22. The accusation that Rev Sir John Leale was a collaborator during the German occupation of Guernsey, and the implication that he was anti-semite, is fake history.
    ‘The Independent’ (‘Island leaders helped Nazis to trace Jews’, 6 January 1993) claims that Leale handed over names of Jews on 26 November 1940, but what actually happened on that day was that Leale simply forwarded a report on the nationality of the Jews in the Island: “In reply to your letter of 22nd instant regarding the nationality of the Jews residing in the Bailiwick of Guernsey,” he wrote, “I have the honour to enclose herewith a report from the Inspector of Police on the subject.”
    Another point that must be stressed is that the identities of all these Jews were already well known to the Germans. The letter forwarded by Leale on 26 November concerns only the nationalities of these already self-declared Jews. As Ward Rutherford (‘The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule, 1940—1945: A List of errors compiled by Ward Rutherford’, Channel Islands Occupation Review, No. 25) points out, “In particular they (the Germans) were concerned whether any of them were of American nationality since America was at this time a neutral and its citizens, whether Jew or Gentile, protected. There were no American Jews in the Island, as the Germans were told.”
    I ask you to delete this slander from your website, and stop misleading your readers.
    Thank you.

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