Amazon hate crime

Amazon – profiting from calls to isolate Jews and follow Hitler’s ‘blueprint’

I recently purchased a book titled ‘The Jewish Hand in the World Wars‘. A 169-page sewer of raw antisemitic hatred that describes how ‘Jewish duplicity, deception, belligerence and naked self-interest’ along with their ‘significant influence’ drove the world to wars for Jewish gain. You would think that a book full of such blatant antisemitism – from turning historical events into Jewish led false flags through to a denial of the Holocaust – would only be available for purchase on twisted neo-Nazi websites. You would be wrong – this book was purchased on Amazon. It appears that Amazon actually stock the book in their Hemel Hempstead warehouse. Just like Twitter and Facebook, Amazon is helping to spread raw Jewish hatred.

The book makes every vile accusation possible against the Jews – inciting hate – and promoting that people act against them. In its conclusion the author writes:

“What shall we do? The path forward is quite narrow as Hitler understood. If we are to have any hope of minimizing future wars, we must stay the Jewish hand. Jews must be identified, isolated, sanctioned and removed from positions of power….In two short decades, an uneducated Austrian artist developed an unprecedented vision of national greatness, defeated the potent Jewish Lobby that for so long had ruled his nation, and guided his people to the heights of power. It happened once before. The blueprint still exists. It could happen again.”

For the good of humanity this book suggests that people act against the Jews.

The Amazon book of pure hatred

The book begins by explaining that the Jews have always been ‘trouble-makers, agitators and warmongers‘. Jews are ‘liars and deceivers’. Jews ‘deceive, exploit and kill in order to achieve their ends‘. Just like the Nazi ideology of the ‘uneducated Austrian’ that the author admires, this book’s anti-Jewish hatred is a descendant of the anti-Judaic treatise of  Martin Luther. According to the book, the ‘overriding strategy‘ of the Jews is to ‘find people in distress and profit from their suffering‘.

The sickening story that unfolds is an exercise in antisemitic poison. In typical conspiratorial strategy the author produces a memo to underscore a point, leaving behind the 999 memos that negate his argument. The power of a particular person is exaggerated because he is Jewish, whilst the non-Jews that surrounded him are covered in invisible ink. It is easy to distort history. Ten thousand politicians, millions of quotes – and if you just pick the ones that suit you, you can create anything you want to. In this book almost everything is the Jews fault and 100 million die – to save or create Jewish power and wealth.

One Jewish person having the experience of reading this was enough. I have no intention of sharing more of the sewer here. It is enough to say this is probably the most sickening contemporary writing I have had the misfortune to read. On my bookshelf I have ‘Mein Kampf’, ‘the Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and Luther’s ‘On Jews and their Lies’. This books venom sits comfortably amongst them.

‘Dr.’ Thomas Dalton ‘PhD’

The author of this book calls himself Dr Thomas Dalton Phd. Dalton suddenly turns up in 2009 on sites such as the neo-Nazi  ‘Occidental Observer’ (original article NSFW). along with his then new book ‘Debating the Holocaust’. From the internet archive it seems as if the book was published in early 2009.

Dalton claims he is a ‘Dr’, has a PhD, and is a ‘professor of humanities at a major American university’ – but nobody knew who he was in 2009 and people still do not know who he is today. It appears to be a pen name, which means everything claimed about his academic background may or may not be true. As he is a Holocaust denier and rabid antisemite – it is fair to say we can take anything he says with bucketloads of salt. During once exchange he seems to claim he was at the University of Arizona but the real Thomas Dalton there is not the author of these books.

‘Dalton’ has written several books and Jews are the object of hate in almost all of them. Several are available for sale on Amazon.

Castle Hill Publishing

The book is published by Castle Hill Publishing. They claim to have several ‘branches’ in the UK but there is no physical address. Their postcode, TN22 9AW, leads to a PO Box at a Royal Mail depot in Uckfield. When I say ‘their postcode’ – I found no other use of this postcode by anyone else, anywhere, ever.

Castle Hill Publishers was founded in early 1998 in the English town of Hastings by Germar Rudolf, a Holocaust denier who has since spent time in jail in Germany. Rudolf left for America and Castle Hill seems to have moved from Hastings to its ‘special’ address in Uckfield. There were two connected websites, and, although the latter seems to have been added after Rudolf had already left for the United States. At some point in 2013, Castle Hill, joined forces with the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH). and its current website is no more than a recently registered puppet website that also carries the CODOH name.

If you try to buy something, they try to convince you to pay CODOH rather than Castle Hill.

Amazon Castle Hill Publishers

Try to pay in the UK and you are instructed to make out a cheque to Castle Hill ‘Services’ rather than ‘Publishers’ and to send it to their PO Box. ‘Castle Hill Services’ is the name they use in the US.

Amazon Castle Hill Services

I think it is fair to assume that Castle Hill Publishers never really had a firm UK presence once Germar Rudolf left. They all have a social media presence. CODOH have a Twitter account – certainly there is an account operating in its name. So do Castle Hill Publishers. There are also Facebook pages for both.

The Free speech straw man

These websites are sewers of hate. CODOH was created by the former media director of the Institute for Historical Review. The books they publish under the mask of ‘revisionism’ are no more than the blatant denial of those like Bradley Smith, Germar Rudolf and Thomas Dalton. For me this type of research is always the most difficult and sickening. The book I have just read shows that the problem is getting worse.

As the internet changed our lives for ever, hate that was hiding in the shadows exploded back into mainstream life. We all see objectionable material on our social media timelines. When we complain – we face an argument of free speech – this is a massive straw man.

I highly doubt that Amazon permit their brand to be soiled with books that promote ISIS. The words ‘circumcise’ and ‘women’ when placed together in Amazon’s search box – does not produce results instructing people how to carry out FGM. Thomas Dalton encourages people to act against Jews. The work is not historically important or a research-justifiable addition to a bookshelf. The book does nothing but spread hate and Amazon are profiting by it. Profit is the only reason Amazon permit these books on their website. This isn’t about ‘free’ anything.

Amazon is a commercial company, not a government. It has no citizens and no duty to permit absolute freedom. Facebook and Twitter are two similar outlets. Antisemitism is on the rise and it is dangerous. It is time they all stop spreading it on their platforms. How do with think the problem is being spread?

Amazon must not legitimise hate

This isn’t a casual argument. We can see the rise of extremism and hate on our streets – and it logical to assume that the ease of access the internet provides plays no small part. I have a master’s degree in ethics. These companies boast about social responsibility but how can Amazon claim to care about social responsibility at all – if it is distributing material that calls for Jews to be ‘identified, isolated, sanctioned and removed from positions of power’ and in which people are called on to follow Hitler’s ‘blueprint’.

Amazon have dealt with Holocaust material before. We complain, they take minor action and carry on as normal. They have already flagged and removed Holocaust denial material from the Castle Hill Publishers. So how can the author sell a book from a publishing house they already know should be blacklisted?

It is not enough just to remove this book

I searched other Holocaust-denying authors, there are dozens if not hundreds of books and other Holocaust denial publications sold on Amazon.  I am Jewish and I should not be able to see a book on Amazon that calls for another Holocaust of Jews. No one’s free speech should stretch that far.

A top hotel in London will not knowingly permit its brand to be tarnished by letting its venue be used by hate speakers. Waterstones are unlikely to want to stock hate material on its shelves. The brand is vulnerable. Amazon get away with it because they have no fear. Nobody is suggesting that these people are not allowed to find a sewer to swim in somewhere. Cigarettes are out there – but are sold behind closed doors and come with a warning. Selling hate through a top name brand – legitimises it and increases its circulation. As a society we cannot look at the rise of extremism and hate and simply ignore it. If organisations such as Amazon cannot be responsible out of choice, they need to be forced to take responsibility.

It is not enough just to remove the book from their listing. Amazon are selling a Nazi ‘call to arms’ and delegating the war on antisemitism and extremism to the very minority being targeted. ‘If’ we find it, ‘if’ we see it, then we pressure them to act. This is not good enough. Amazon are one of the richest organisations on the planet – they can afford to ensure they are not spreading hatred. It is their duty – not ours.



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203 thoughts on “Amazon – profiting from calls to isolate Jews and follow Hitler’s ‘blueprint’

  1. This ties in very well with your last posting about swatting moles

    Amazon may remove this book if enough noise is made
    But the problem of its presence is that there are so many other similar books there that will remain

    When I bought Protocols from the Bookdepositry, the choice of that book in different versions, and other similar books was enormous

    We need these books available to purchase, but with some form of warning or

    1. Yes Richard – which is why I used the Cigarette analogy. I want Mein Kampf on sale – I have it as I do protocols and of course M. Luther. But at some point either these companies take responsiblity or governments will do it for them. Those who claim to hide behind free speech as a reason for everyone to sell everything – do not realise the inevitability of unwanted censorship that such an attitude will bring. Either or. If the private sector cannot look after itself – government will step in – and we will all lose some of our freedoms. This book pushes a new Nazi regime. It should not be as available as a Harry Potter novel.

    1. oh Stephen – nobody is burning books and you well know it. The freedom of speech argument doesn’t hold here either. Amazon are a for-profit company with responsibilities to their shareholders, stakeholders and wider society. That’s it. Should this book be in the local library? How about the school library? The internet is free and they can continue to publish and sell books from any outlet that agrees to stock them. If none do – they can create their own.

      You know this – you’ve argued this case yourself before – and let’s not be in a position where I think you are arguing for arguments sake.

      1. Likewise I could say ‘Twitter must not legitimise hate’ as you’ve been spewing invective, hate and untruths again Mr. Corbyn for years now.

        “oh Steven”? I’ve also have that condescending arrogance as an opener.

        Not freedom of speech if it’s about Jews, is that it? Lol.

        1. Prove what you have said else it’s another libel. Name these “untruths” Stephen & your last comment illustrates what you are . . . . . It’s offensive.

      2. Hey Zio-Nazi David, just because you ban something, doesn’t make it go away. Look at Prohibition.

        Anyway, I hope you Googled ‘Streisand Effect.’

        Btw, I just ordered 5 copies.

        1. er no you didn’t. If you go and check – the site tells you how many copies are left in stock. And it hasn’t moved. So *cough* … try again.

          1. Hey Davy, I ordered the copies direct from the publisher. Being a Jew of conscience, I wouldn’t give Amazon my hard earned money since they treat their workers the same way that you Zio-Nazis treat Palestinians.

      1. Who are “they”?

        Zio = Zionist: a person who supports Jewish self-determination.
        If you support self-determination except for Jews, this makes you an antisemite, but I suspect you already knew.

        Nazi = someone who supports Nazi ideology ie the Final Solution to the Jewish Questio ie the extermination of every Jew. Nazis have lots of followers. They are called antisemites.

        You seem to be an antisemite & Nazi.

        Jews are not Nazis & Nazis are not Jews.
        Jews don’t support Nazi ideology but there is much evidence to show that almost 100% of Palestinians are antisemites & follow Nazi ideology as evidence from speeches, ooks, journals, education, TV shows etc

        l am glad you clarified you are just another sad, unoriginal antisemitic troll! A rather stupid one, at that!

        1. Hey Joo-duh, the Zios are acting like Nazis, possibly WORSE than Nazis.
          So my description of Zio-Nazi is correct.

          And the last refuge of a Zio scoundrel, like you, is to accuse others of antisemitism.

          I know your kind.

          1. SHlTler head,

            Unfortunately for filth like yourself, the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khybar.

            Meanwhile Arabs/Muslims are quite effective in killing each other.

            Happy Nakba!

    2. Why are you burning lies?
      You seem to have a thing for David!
      Stop else people may talk about your trolling!
      You must have a sad & empty life!

  2. Amazon exists to sell books; almost any books. Today they list around 33m titles although this covers hardback and paperback. They have as much interest in active self governance and moderation as LinkedIn, FB or Twitter and I’m not sure they’d want to or critics would want them to.

    That they list titles like the ones here is actually as useful as allowing trolls to have unrestricted access to a comment section like this. It serves as the proof that antisemitism exists, where it exists, how it presents itself and who are its proponents.

    In time this will be as useful an archive of evidence as the posts that are placed here.

    1. I disagree Ian. Amazon bring their books to everyone. Buying books creates a process where the author and publisher receives payment and incentive to write more books. I do not think Amazon should be assisting here. Let them sell their books from a website that gets 50 hits a month.

      1. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one David. If material like this was hidden away in some remote corner of the web, it would be far easier to dismiss the title and the resultant concern. I believe that the visibility and reach created through a global sales channel actually amplifies your point and validates the concern in a far more meaningful way.

      2. Yet ‘David’ spews hate and misinformation regularly.

        Supporting your blogs creates a process where the blogger receives payment and incentive to write more blogs.

  3. “It is not enough just to remove this book”

    Meaning Davy believes Amazon must grovel before the BoD and fork over a large bribe – I mean donation – to the self-appointed guardians of Britain’s Jewish community whose authority will determine whether the company has atoned for their sins. Probably the CST, CAA and Zionist Dracula (aka Chief Rabbi) will demand hush money too.

    1. it isn’t a free speech issue. The right to free speech doesn’t encompass a right to a particular platform, or to have your books published by anyone or sold by anyone. It ia about harassing someone not to stock a particular book, or not to have someone blow their sax. Scoffie ?

      1. But that doesn’t work either Stephen. Because the book – which calls for Jews to be identified, isolated and removed from positions of power is speaking its mind and I am speaking mine. If – for whatever reason I am more successful in convincing people of the merits of my argument – than the author is in his – then so be it. But it is difficult to argue I am harrassing someone who wants to put me into some type of camp – merely because I don’t think Amazon should help to fund him. Also – if Amazon have the right to sell a book that wants to put me into a camp – I have the right to criticise them publicly for it. I still don’t get why this one has you objecting.

        1. What does indignant David think of Bibi who wants to put Palestinians in reservations …. because they’re not Jews?

    2. You seem to be obsessed with Jews & you have an ugly tongue.

      Name calling is not only childish, it illustrates your inane ability to have a rational discussion.

  4. I’ve never recommended anything to you Muck Framer beyond shoving your head up your own ass, but I damn sure recommend this book to you! The author is certainly your kind of people.

      1. Why is it Zionist tripe?

        Another childish comment to replace rational discussion.

        Self-determination for Jews is the meaning of Zionism!

        If you are saying that Jews shouldn’t have self-determination, you are an antisemite, bbut I suspect you already knew this!

        1. Yet Israel and its benefactor Trumpy deny the Palestinians self-determination, Judah.

          In a mixed society, as Israel is how , can one group have self-determination and other groups not have …. that’s racism, which is the one thing that Jews have been accusing non-Jews of for centuries.

          Careful with that foot you’ve just shot yourself in.

  5. Stephen

    Jews don’t burn books

    Jews are known as the people of the book

    We read and write books
    Others burn books

    1. Islamofascists

      – murder magazine staff – Charlie Hebdo
      – murder filmmakers like Theo Van Gogh
      – issue death sentences on writers like Salman Rushdie
      – issue death sentences on Danish cartoonists
      – threaten to murder South Park cartoonists.
      – threaten to murder journalists who report on Islamofascist activities
      – behead journalists like Daniel Pearl

  6. ‘The Little Jew: (Levi, The Dancing Cockroach)’ looks like a good read for Zios and all those who support apartheid Israel, because antisemitism and Zionism go together like fish and chips.

      1. Like Coke, I’m ‘the real thing’ and will say a prayer for Ian, Dick as well as for the peaceful dismantlement of apartheid Israel at Beth Springfield

  7. I agree that this work is reprehensible but WHAT is David Collier’s point? Amazon also sells copies of Das Kapital and Mein Kampf(and how many lives were lost due to the former alone?). I do NOT think that to quote the late US President Dwight Eisenhower in a sadly forgotten commencement address at Dartmouth College in 1954, we”should join the book burners and book banners”!

  8. Preventing allowing people to buy whatever they want to read, just makes the restricted items more desirable

    1. I have trouble with this way of thinking Richard. It is the ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ argument and I think it is misplaced when used as an absolutism. I do not see millions of people rushing out to buy the latest ISIS publications. There are a whole list of topics that Amazon wouldn’t sell. The book wasn’t attacked for Holocaust denial it was attacked because it explicitly calls for a new Holocaust. The book asks people to do illegal stuff against the Jews because (it claims) Jews rule them to profit from their suffering’. Removing this from the shelf doesn’t suddenly make that more attractive. The book is a radicalising book. It takes someone on a journey – because of their conspiratorial mindset -and leads them into a call for action. Unlike Frankies ‘relax’ – it doesn’t just call on people to dance.

      1. David, I think this is a reasonable position but still err towards disagreement. You have been able to bring this matter to prominence to a large extent because of its sales and distribution channel; one that magnifies the title to public gaze simply by listing it. Notwithstanding your professional research techniques I wonder whether it would have even come to your attention had it been buried in some dark corner of the ether, populated by the narrow readership that in any event is drawn to this stuff.

  9. Brucie babes

    Why don’t you tell which Beth Springfield Shul you are supposedly a member of, and the Rabbi you say denies that many Jews died in the Holocaust

    Is it the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons or is it another

    And now you say you are going to run for political office in London

    Please continue with your meandering comments, as they are quite amusing

  10. Stephen

    It’s absolutely right
    Jews don’t burn books

    When will you supply evidence to support your allegations that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist
    Please answer, or was it just a little porky

        1. “Sand Nazis are ….. racists!”

          For Trailer Trash Ted to describe anyone as racist, and use the repugnant term ‘Sand Nazis’, is beyond parody.
          To quote Robbie Burns,
          “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
          To see oursels as ithers see us!”
          Which appropriately for anything addressed to Trailer Trash Ted is titled “To a Louse”

            1. Dear Trailer Trash Ted,
              what is a ‘Socialist Furher’? and,
              who is ‘Jeremy Corbynn’?

              Even for a red-necked retard, you are not the sharpest tool in the tool box are you Ted.

              1. Eurotrash Gerry,

                Boris is in.
                Brexit is in.
                Trump is in.

                Jeremy is out on his azz – rejected by the voters.

                Now be a good little Yob and GFY.

                1. So you don’t know.
                  I thought you wouldn’t.
                  A make believe language in a make believe world.

                  You really are very sad, aren’t you.

                  1. By the way,
                    Trailer Trash Ted.
                    You are ignoring the FACT that,
                    Trump was impeached.
                    Trump remains impeached.

                    From now until the end of time the records and the History books will show that Trump was only the third ‘President’ in the history of the USA to be impeached.

                    Happy Snack Bar, ignoramus.

  11. Brucie babes

    Are you incapable of telling us if the Beth Springfield Shul that you claim to be a member is the same as the one that featured in the Simpsons

    If you are a Zionist hating ‘as a jew’ going to a Shul in America, how can you be running for political office in London

  12. Brucie babes

    Please tell us, with evidence, where Jews have burnt books

    Which Beth Springfield Shul is the one you claim to be a member of.
    Is it the same one as the one that featured in the Simpsons

    If you live in America, how can you claim that you will be running for political office in London

    Do you actually know what ridiculous claim you made last

  13. Brucie babes

    Your comments seem to be becoming more unhinged by the day

    Ad hominem attacks on individuals and groups without evidence is the sign of obsession and intolerance

  14. Brucie babes

    Which is the Beth Springfield Shul you have claimed to be a member of.
    Is it the same one as featured in the Simpsons

    Which political party are you going to run for in London

    Or are both claims just so much hot air o

  15. Brucie babes

    This Beth Springfield Shul you claim to be a member of, is this the same one that featured in the Simpsons

    If its a different Beth Springfield Shul, please let us know

    But then again, as all your claims and comments are mired in Antisemitic derangement syndrome, we can easily guess the answer

      1. You’re quite disturbed. Dick

        I have a foot in both America (Bernie) and the UK (Labour/Corbyn) Dick.

        I never claimed that Jews burned books. Dick.

        My friend, the wise and learned Rabbi, never denied that Jews died in the Holocaust. Dick.

        I already provided references for my statements in a previous post. Dick.

        Based on your compulsive/obsessive behaviour on this blog, Dick, you’re the type of person I wouldn’t provide any personal information to. Dick.

  16. We disagreed on this one David, but I cannot argue with your strike rate, the highlights of which now include;-

    1.The recall by one of the worlds largest educational publishing houses of an antisemitic text book
    2. The deletion by the worlds largest book distributor of a title that incites hatred of Jews
    3. The de-selection of Domina Corvid, once described here by her troll fans as “the most moral councillor in the UK” just before she was sacked as a racist.
    4. The outing as antisemites of key members of the UK Labour Party contributing to their obliteration at the polls.

    Decent return, I’d say and it’s still only February.

  17. Brucie babes

    Finally an attempt at intelligent debate.
    It still falls short though

    You claimed to belong to the Beth Springfield Shul.
    I have asked innumerable times which Beth Springfield Shul this is as there are a number listed, including the one featured in the Simpsons
    You have never answered that question.

    You claimed that your Rabbi at the Beth Springfield Shul had said that the total amount of Jews mass murdered in the Holocaust was much lower than the six million Jews that most of the world accepts.
    You have never addressed this point

    Your comments here have been an ad hominem attack on myself and others, insulting us, accusing us and Zionists of being Nazis.

    And then you have the temerity to pretend that you have explained and debated your points in a reasonable manner

    Your presence on the comments section of this blog goes a long way to validating David’s whole point about the vacuous nature of the anti-Israel argument and the nastiness of many of its acolytes.
    Keep up the good work Bruce, you are a valuable resource

  18. David

    I absolutely agree with everything you have said about the book/s and their content and availability

    My dilemma on an issue like this is; much as I would wish these types of publications to disappear, they will always be there.
    The invention of the printing press and now the internet has ensured that this vile type of material will always be readily available.

    Growing up in the South African apartheid era, where books were regularly banned, the most prominent books on my bookshelf were those banned books.
    Banning and restricting books does not prevent them being available, and oftentimes increases their popularity

    A problem, an unanswerable conundrum

  19. Stephen

    Still waiting for the evidence to back up your allegations that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist

    Please please supply details.
    Otherwise we must assume that you are telling porkies again

  20. Stephen

    Interviews and surveys of people’s opinions about the election tend to point to the fact that the Antisemitism within the Labour Party did affect the outcome

    No one is claiming that it was the cause of the Labour disaster.
    The claim is that the Antisemitism issue was one of a number of issues that created an environment where the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn became unelectable

    If you have any evidence to the contrary, I would love to see it.
    Evidence, not propaganda

    1. “he Antisemitism within the Labour Party did affect the outcome”? No.

      ‘he allegations of Antisemitism within the Labour Party …. ‘

  21. The following is a letter we are sending to individuals and organizations concerned about Antisemitism–feel free to take up the cause and spread the word.

    Dear _____.

    As you know Antisemitism has been increasing in extent and virulence in Europe. It has different roots in many sources and can be found all across the political spectrum from far right neo-Nazis to hard left neo-communists and anti-imperialists—with proponents from virtually every political tendency in between—and from different religious perspectives from Christianity to Islam and even neo-Paganism. But it turns out that there is a major promoter of Antisemitism that is often neglected and that is one we are asking you to take action on.

    We are writing to you about the policies of the corporate giant Amazon and its promotion of Antisemitism. It isn’t just that Amazon sells Antisemitic books, it’s that Amazon actively promotes them to mass markets. We know for example that it uses sophisticated computer algorithms to lead potential buyers to these books—all it takes is for a customer to look for books about Jews, or the Holocaust, or Israel and they are likely to be told that various Antisemitic books might interest them. We also know as you can see from the attached materials that Amazon is especially active in promoting these materials on its foreign language sites, at least its German language and French language websites (though probably Amazon’s other foreign language sites do so as well, but haven’t yet been exposed). And it is especially problematical that Amazon uses its product descriptions to promote these Antisemitic materials as factual and truthful. It may be that Amazon just takes these from the publishers, but they are presented as Amazon’s own descriptions—promoting, for example, one German language book on the Rothschilds—A Family that Rules the World [Die Rothschilds: Eine Familie beherrscht die Welt]—with the description “unbelievable but true” [“Unglaublich, aber wahr”] that then goes on to present the book’s thesis as factual reality rather than Antisemitic conspiracy mongering (see the attached materials on this, including the viciously Antisemitic cover illustration on this book). Amazon’s responses to complaints by us and some of our German and Austrian colleagues have been totally dismissive— simply defends the Rothschilds book as not violating the German Youth Protection Law—as if that were the relevant consideration (in fact it probably violates other German and Austrian laws against promoting Nazi ideology). Our complaints about it being described by Amazon as “unbelievable but true” are simply ignored. Protests against promotion of numerous Antisemitic books have gotten similar responses.

    Any serious attempt to counteract Antisemitism has to take this massive promotion of Antisemitic materials into consideration. When it comes to selling Nazi paraphernalia Amazon has seemingly given in when faced with widespread publicity, but so far it has refused to do anything of the sort when it comes to written Antisemitic propaganda. So we are urging your organization to take up the fight. You could start by taking this up with Amazon’s top management and see if that has any effect. If you get the same sort of response that we have gotten we would urge you to launch a public campaign to boycott Amazon’s businesses until such time as Amazon changes its policies and stops promoting Antisemitism.

    Sincerely yours,
    Stan Nadel—University of Portland/Salzburg Austria Cultural Center Professor of History, and University of Salzburg history lecturer

    David Gerber, University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor of History Emeritu

      1. Mike Farmer–did you actually read what we wrote? Do you really think it’s not objectionable to not only sell this crud, but to promote it as “unbelievable, but true”? Do you really object to fighting the promotion of Antisemitism? Are you an Antisemite who is trolling us here?

        1. Yep, read it.

          Course it’s objectionable. So don’t buy the book, but let others decide for themselves.

          Complain, yes … but only boycott if you understand why BDS seeks to have Israel cease its illegal settlement building.

          Goose …. Gander.

  22. Stephen

    How can the onus be on me.

    I have never claimed anything about the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor

    It was you that claimed that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist

    I asked you for evidence to back up your allegations

    If you can’t supply evidence to back up your allegations then I, and others, can only assume by default that your allegations are baseless. In other words we can assume they are porkies made by you.
    Stop obfuscating and be honest

  23. Collier tweets “The choice of Ken Loach and co as judges by Show Racism the Red Card is unforgivable hypocrisy.

    It isn’t just a matter of obvious unsuitability. How can #SRtRC possibly address the blindness and ignorance of others when they are so blind and ignorant themselves.”

    Ken may be anti-Israel or anti-Zionist but what proof have you of any antisemitism on his part?

    But then your ‘mind’ maps antisemitism to antizionism ….. bizarre.

  24. Collier tweets “Hebron has seen numerous expulsions of Jews. The Babylonian & Roman empires both did it. The Arabs managed after they massacred Jews in 1929. 1000s of years of Jewish history. It takes perverse history denying acrobatics to call a Jewish presence in Hebron an ‘occupying force’.”

    So, Israeli troops, heavily armed patrol a town in the Palestinian territories external to Israel and it is not occupation?


  25. Stephen

    Seems like you always try to make outrageous comments to get a reaction

    Do you come to David’s blog because your blog is so mediocre that it is not well attended

    I wonder if you come to this blog in the hope of trying to attract some traffic for yours, giggle giggle

    And while you are at it, please supply some evidence to back your allegations that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist.
    There’s a good boy then

    1. Difficult to contest truthful blogs, Richard.

      Whereas with 10 paragraphs of Collier’s inventions there plenty to refute.

    1. Didn’t have you down as a Coldplay fan Michael and I’d have probably chosen Viva la Vida from the 2011 Glastonbury set rather than Fix You.

      1. Saw Coldplay at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Not an atom of musicality.


      2. Michael, You may have seen the comment by Labour MP Louise Haigh today. She’s the vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism. She was commenting on the 697 reported incidents of antisemitism online, an 82% increase on the previous year. She said “It is shameful the Jewish community has been subjected to another year of racist abuse. We are beyond a stage of saying that more has to be done. We require immediate action.”

        The question is ‘how many of these were you?’

        1. ” 697 reported incidents of antisemitism online”?

          That’s less than David’s cries of ‘Wolf .. Wolf …’

          You really believe this antisemitism farce don’t you?

          1. Just quoting the Labour MP Michael. Irrelevant whether I believe it or not.

            David’s warnings do seem to be effective though, dont they?

        2. “You may have seen the comment by Labour MP Louise Haigh today”

          No. So no doubt you will be able to provide a link to the comments made by Louise Haigh. IF she made them.

          “She’s the vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism.”
          Really. When did this happen?

          1. That would be the same Louise Haigh MP who two days ago, 04/02/20, issued this statement which is available on her website

            “As Vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, I have been utterly horrified by the ‘peace proposal’ from Donald Trump, announced this week, and the UK’s shamefully weak response. We have a responsibility to defend long-standing principles on the international stage and stand-up to this belligerent and reckless US President.

            The ‘deal’ presented by President Trump would demand that Israeli control is extended far beyond the Green Line, in breach of international law, while providing only opaque promises on Palestinian statehood and severely constraining Palestinian sovereignty.

            The UK Government, the EU and the UN are all in agreement – and have a longstanding positions – that settlements are illegal, contrary to international law and an obstacle to peace.

            In December 2016, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2334, which reaffirmed that Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories have no legal validity, constitute a flagrant violation under international law and are a major obstacle to the vision of two states living side-by-side in peace and security.

            This is no basis on which to return to negotiations and fails to even acknowledge the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people.”

          2. Hey Bellers. You’ve resurrected your pretend Welshman persona instead of your pretend Irishman persona. No probs. I’ll play along.

            Check out the bit under the image of the bearded septuagenarian chap in the red tie.


            Of course it could easily be a different Louise Haigh MP and equally conceivably a different All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism. You know what the Beeb is like?

            1. I doubt there is anyone in the entire world that would pretend to be a Welshman

              Paddy and Mick were working on a North Dublin construction site when it began to pour down with rain

              Paddy……….well its too wet to work outside what shall we do ?

              Mick…………lets go to the cinema

              Paddy……….good idea whats on ?

              Mick………..Moby Dick

              Paddy……….eeeeeewwwww no I don’t like sex movies

              Mick ………..its not about sex you eejit it’s about whales

              Paddy………well I can’t stand the fucking Welsh either

              1. Stephen really.
                I’m in favour of doing everything we can to recycle and help the environment. But, recycling again ad nauseam the same old tired ‘joke’ demonstrates a lack of wit and imagination.

                Have you thought of joining a Golf Club?
                Then you two can perform a routine of two elderly Golf Club bores, a golfing version of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’.

                I will leave you to decide which of you is ‘Butt-Head’.

                  1. Stephen undoubtedly you enjoy amusing yourself as well as self-abuse.
                    Indeed your wife often says “that little things please little minds”
                    Which explains how you amuse yourself while practising self-abuse.

                    1. Another Jew referencing self-abuse. A trait?

                      Shouldn’t be surprised really…..they do love to spin how the world loathes them….all undeserved of course …and grievous to God.

                    2. Farmer you can’t help yourself can you?
                      The thin veneer cracks and there is your acute anti-Semitism on display for all to see.

                      “Another Jew referencing self-abuse”

                      I am not Jewish, but you assume I am.
                      Because anyone who writes something you disagree with must be Jewish in your tiny anti-Semitic mind.
                      That I am not Jewish does not stop your ‘post’ being anti-Semitic.

                      You always ask for evidence of your anti-Semitism, here you are condemned by the content of your own post.

                      The same as one of Pavlov’s dogs, ring the bell and you start slavering.

                    3. Apologies, Gerald for labelling you a Jew. You must have another reason for labelling me anti-Semitic.

                      Four or five people on this blog have posted such things. Strange obsessions on their part. So, non-Jewish Gerald has broken the sequence. Not the trait I thought then.

                    4. “You must have another reason for labelling me anti-Semitic.”

                      The reasons to label you anti-Semitic are in the content of your posts. If you cannot see it for yourself then you are either wilfully blind, or incurably stupid.

                      “Apologies, Gerald for labelling you a Jew”

                      That you consider “..labelling you a Jew.” Is an insult is interesting.
                      Interesting if you have ever studied deviant behaviour, among which I include your anti-Semitism, the Muslim Xenophobia of Trailer Trash Ted, and the anti Arab racism of Kay.

                      Interesting, but also nauseating to various degrees.

                    5. The apology was for having presumed that you were Jewish because they are prone to throw out the ‘antisemitic’ jibe at every turn.

                      Just an observation, not an insult.

                      Don’t confuse observations with slights.

                    6. Farmer as above.
                      “The reasons to label you anti-Semitic are in the content of your posts. If you cannot see it for yourself then you are either wilfully blind, or incurably stupid.”

                      I’ll leave it to the judgement of others which of those it is, or if it is a combination of both of them.

                    7. Farmer in your original post you wrote this,
                      “Another Jew referencing self-abuse. A trait?”
                      But now you claim,
                      ” The apology was for having presumed that you were Jewish because they are prone to throw out the ‘antisemitic’ jibe at every turn.”

                      You are a LIAR!.

                1. Was a question … not a statement.

                  Why do you label me as anti-Semitic? Expand the ‘Well it’s obvious’.

                  1. Farmer no need to expand on my previous remark.
                    ““The reasons to label you anti-Semitic are in the content of your posts. If you cannot see it for yourself then you are either wilfully blind, or incurably stupid.”

                    IF you cannot understand that, then you need to make an appointment to see either,
                    a) an Optician, or
                    b) a Psychiatrist, or
                    c) an English language teacher.
                    Or in your case a combination of the three.

                    Now Piss Off! You are boring me.

          1. paraphrasing the immortal words of the late great Aaron Dover…..” and God gave the CST antisemitis and Mark Gardner and Dave Rich are still coining it in”

  26. Thank you Richard you are figived. But do be more careful. I am sensitive and vulnerable. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a deterioration in my mental health

  27. It might be worth revisiting Aaron’s un paraphrased words

    “But the fear of antisemitism is unrelated to incidents of antisemitism. The fear-to-incident ratio has never been higher; the perception of antisemitism and fear of that antisemitism has been boosted as hard as possible by the scaremongers of CAAS. They don’t even care if their survey methodology is a joke. If they send out their survey so literally anyone can fill it in and question 1 is “are you Jewish” and question 2 is “are you British” and you fill it in from any web browser… and take the answers in good faith… allowing literally anyone to contribute to the results… well then you cannot be taking the methodology very seriously. But CAAS doesn’t need to, because they know with their network they can churn out the intended results infographic and get the whole world media singing their song. It’s a song of victimhood that’s had so many re-heatings and re-releases that even Bob Geldof would blush.

    It’s a song about the poor Jews feeling scared. Not being actually murdered or gassed or blown to pieces but worrying that they might at some point. Whereas the Muslims victimhood song doesn’t even chart, when they are being massacred day in day out by our stormtroopers and hired guns.
    The world is tired of the Jewish victimhood song, and tired of this victimhood being used as a weapon, as a means to bully people into observing Zionist taboos.
    Antisemitism is a terrorist weapon. It is used to terrify the world into observing Zionist taboos through fear of losing social standing, being labeled a racist, being fired, exiled, diminished, hounded. This terror is being escalated by CAAS and all the other antisemite-hunters.

    I’m Jewish; It takes Jewish privilege to be able to say this. It should not. But to actually question the dogma around antisemitism itself, is one of the ultimate taboos. It’s at the very foundations of the Zionist enterprise.

    I don’t think there is any special exceptional Jew-hatred, a special antisemitism field existing all around us throughout time. People are really very pissed off with Israel though.

    That’s why the public perception of antisemitism has to be cranked up now, because the gagging needs to be cranked up, because people are waking up smelling the bullshit and calling out Israel for its actions. Now that is the kind of antisemitism emergency that calls for a total propaganda war. Expect more assaults on free speech, the mines in the minefield are going to be increasingly sensitive. Expect increased casualties of public figures. Expect people to become more reticent about saying stuff; expect media and social media to clamp down on any anti-Israel sentiment.

    Because otherwise, you know at this rate, we European Jews will all going to the gas soon. Yawn.”

  28. Stephen

    In 1933 Jews weren’t being mass murdered and gassed in Germany, but they were afraid of Antisemitism

    In early 1938 Jews weren’t being mass murdered and gassed, though they were being persecuted, and they were afraid of Antisemitism

    It was only after Germany invaded Poland that the mass murders started
    And of course all those who said the persecution of Jews in 1933 to 1939 was not that much of a problem and wouldn’t be a problem in the future were proved wrong

    But hindsight being the perfect science it is, those same people that said there was no problem, changed their story or apologised because six million Jews were mass murdered because they were Jews, and only because they were Jews

    And of course it was a bit late then for the dead Jews, though I’m sure the Antisemites celebrated

    Wakey wakey Stephen, we Jews are tired of dying because of other peoples conspiracy theories about Jews

      1. You are ‘The Resistance’ Bellers.

        On my whistle, fix bayonets, present arms aaaaand……wait for it……….copy/paste !!!!!

        Bella Ciao !

            1. slightly in front of my interest in last Sundays results in the 4th division of the Albanian basketball league. Slightly less than my interest in Prime Ministers Question Time.

              It’s just I can’t rid myself of the image of you sunning your paunch on a Gaza beach and suddenly having a panic attack in case something slipped through the gate while you were slobbing it off

  29. According to your superior grasp of history when did the mass killing start.

    Because on day one the mass killings didn’t start , does not mean that that was not the beginning of the mass murders that followed.

    If Poland had not been invaded the chances of the mass murders of about twelve million people would not have happened.

    Just as WW TWO had its roots in the Versailles Treaty and the Japanese invasion of the Asian mainland, it is accepted that the war began on the first of September 1939.

    Just as the mass murders and genocide of the Jews only got into its stride after Germany invaded Russia, and the Holocaust of the Jews only became official policy after Wannsee Conference in January 1942, the whole process started much earlier; the most convenient date being the invasion of Poland

    So let me know how your superior knowledge of history views the issue. With some details,rather than your usual obfuscation when details, fact and evidence are required

    1. Well it certainly is the case that they started after the invasion of Poland but it is also the case that they started after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes

  30. It’s also true that the Romans murdered lots of Jews after they defeated the Jews in the Second Jewish Revolt.

    But when we are talking about the Second World War and the Holocaust, we take the opportunity to use a time scale that is relevant to what we are discussing

    On the other hand, if we have someone like you whose sole aim is to defecate on reasonable and relevant debate, then the inclusion of irrelevant information is the name of the game

    The more nonsensical and irrelevant the information you present, the happier you are.
    So carry on Stephen.
    It’s a bit of ‘humour’ (if that’s what it can be called) in what is a rather bleak and depressing subject

    1. “It’s also true that the Romans murdered lots of Jews after they defeated the Jews in the Second Jewish Revolt.”

      Revolt? That’ll be a Jewish ‘Intifada’ then, Richard, carried out by Jewish terrorists?

    2. “It’s also true that the Romans murdered lots of Jews after they defeated the Jews in the Second Jewish Revolt.”

      Yeah but think on the benefits Richard. Couple of hundred years of peace. Pax Romana. Maybe thats where Israel got the idea from. Pax Israeliana

  31. Collier tweets “Elaborate cartoons are created inciting Palestinians to kill Jews in malls.”

    Israel conscripts youth, arms them with US weaponry and trains them to shoot dead Palestinians on their own land.

    Collier tweets ” PA officials praise & reward terrorists.”

    Israel eulogises Jewish terrorists; Begin, Shamir and Sharon with speeches. Israel rewarded these, who have blood on their hands, by installing them as leaders of Israel, the state born of violence and terror.

    Collier tweets “Yet the left ignore it all, wave the Palestinian flag & blame Israel.”

    “The left” or anyone with eyes knows that the Palestinians are fighting to hold onto at least a portion of the land they’ve lived on for centuries against a Israeli/US conspiracy to wrest that land from them by force and illegality.

  32. David, do you see this move from Israel and the US as a “peace deal” or a statement of intent?

    1. We’re just recalibrating Arab expectations Michael. Won’t do to let them think they’re ever going to have a state in the middle of our country. We’re making some progress here.

  33. Collier tweets “Going to Israel on holiday in 9 weeks. Can’t wait. My batteries need recharging and there is NO better place on earth for a Jewish person to recharge – than back home in the Jewish state. ”

    It’s Israel – the Jewish/Muslim/Christian …. state.

    Your home, David, is in the UK, and for the majority of Jews their home is also not in Israel.

        1. Ooh. You dived the right way and almost got a fingertip to it. But no marks for nearly. 1-0 to the Zio.

  34. Well, Ian, why would they choose to live in a ‘state’ where their goods will be rationed by Zionists?

    1. Correct Michael. Far better to live in a state that gives them equal educational, medical, occupational and social benefits rather than keeps them in poverty and nicks their EU aid to pay murderers to kill Jews. No brainer to them really.

      They also get to vote in democratic elections every 5 months or so rather than every 15 years. Many of them in Afula, Nazareth and Harish vote for Bibi – bloody moderates.

      1. Were they to vote democratically for Hamas(as Gazans did) Israel would ignore the result and sanction them.

        1. No idea Hamas isn’t on the ballot sheet in Israel. Mind you, they aren’t on the ballot sheet in Gaza either.

            1. Exactly Michael, Hamas may or may not ever hold an election again but this has nothing to do with the point at hand. To remind ourselves with this link;-


              Israeli Arabs want to live in Israel and not in some fantasy Palestine, Brigadoon or anything else. They will all be voting in the elections here in 3 weeks time rather than waiting another 14 years like the poor sods in Nablus, Bethlehem and Jenin. Worse for the ones in Gaza who will huddle round old TV sets watching their leaders making speeches about sacrifice from their mansions in Qatar.

              Looks like you and Bellers are leading The Resistance on your tods.

              Bella Ciao !

              1. “Looks like you and Bellers are leading The Resistance on your tods.

                Bella Ciao !”

                How sweet of the racist Kay to be nice to Stephen and Farmer.
                Apart from being the title of a well known song of the partisans in Italy, ‘Bella Ciao!’ means Goodbye Beautiful.

                Is Kay going to do the full Phillip Schofield and ‘come out’?

              2. If you’ve read the ‘Peace Plan’ you’ll see that Israel will control the lives of all in any Palestinian State’. That means restrictions on the lives of all in the future state as currently happens. There is only room for a Fatah victory.(Israel’s agent, as currently).

                1. Correct Michael. But Donald Doc or no Donald Doc there will never be any sort of Arab state in the middle of our country. Unlike the crazy Brits and Europeans we do not support invasion by invitation. It never ends well.

  35. Davis, are you a member of the Labour Party or are you just a member of a group affiliated to the party?

  36. Brucie babes

    Anyone who has the slightest modicum of manners and decency will always respond to a question with a relevant answer

    When someone fails to respond to a reasonable request for further information about a statement they have made, it points to the fact that they either do not have an answer, or more likely that the statement they made was made with malicious intent

    Know you as an ‘as a jew’ or as a pretend Jew would be making statements with malicious intent, and most visitors to this site would not be expecting anything different from a person like you

      1. If the lesson is how to masturbate with sandpaper Brutes, no one wants to be anything like you, so keep your skinless bloody penis to yourself (I doubt you have a sex life that involves other women, and probably not other men as anything but a catcher, so this shouldn’t be too hard lol).

          1. You bring offense to this board, so I’m going to spike some right back at ya. You can always pull up your gartners, pack up your tent and take your circus of 1 somewhere else. One suggestion that fits you to a T: Stormfront.

      1. When the Coronavirus is proven to have Israeli origins,

        then Ham Sandwiches will be served during the Hajj in Mecca.

  37. ‘Five years following the signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement and assuming the full satisfaction of the Gaza Criteria, the State of Palestine shall have the right, subject to the satisfaction of State of Israel’s security and environmental requirements, to create an artificial island off the coast of Gaza to develop a port to serve Gaza (the “GAZA PORT”), as well as an airport for small aircraft.’

    So, total Israeli control. Lol.

    1. Right again Michael. Total Israeli control of our own security. One of the great benefits of self determination. The IDF + the Donald dollars = minimal Arab terror on our citizens. This is what victory looks like.

  38. It is impossible for anyone to gauge the true scale of the Coronavirus at present. However one thing is for sure. Across every social media platform it is being used as a tool to attract attention to posters and amplify the tone of relatively uninspired remarks; creating equivalence to some business endeavour or virtue signal in one way or another. Therefore it is refreshing to see that this area of the internet is entirely consistent with the new norm and that the virus has become the latest tool with which to attack Jews.

    Regulars here will remember the quote from one former contributor ” …any stick I can find to beat the Jew over the head.”

  39. Get your facts straight Ian. The ones who are beaten over the head are the Palestinian people – and it ain’t with a stick.

      1. Correct again Michael. And if all of that US and EU aid had been used by the Arabs for the benefit of their people rather than on billion dollar yachts and mansions in Qatar the vote may have gone the other way.

        We love our patronage and appeasement and use it well. For the Arabs it has been absolutely useless as they have just pissed it up the wall.

        Ah well. They’ve still got you.

    1. That’s a really big fat link Michael. I doubt you’ll get many takers for that. Does it make my point about Arabs pissing their patronage and appeasement up the wall in favour of billionaire lifestyles in Qatar?

      1. No good building infrastructure in Gaza. It’ll be the first target next time the vindictive Israelis want to punish the population there.

        They destroyed the airport and power stations didn’t they?

        1. They still have a power station but can’t afford to run it. They were given aid for this but blew it on tunnels and the leaders mansions in Qatar.

          Get this. We’ve agreed to pipe in gas to them – yeah the Hamas ones that want to destroy us – and Qatar has agreed to foot the bill. Business is business I suppose.

          We certainly dont trust them to reopen Yasser Arafat Airport. Bad enough they lob rockets at us from their kids bedrooms. Imagine if we let those nutters fly planes over us.

  40. Brucie babes

    I assume you mean Zionists must be exterminated in the same way as the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews

    Are you a Nazi

    Your comments often echo the Nazis and the language they used

  41. Hey Dick, you’ve surely walked into a furnace when you accused me of being a Nazi (the Zios favourite word), as you forget that the Zios and Nazis had a pretty close relationship during the 1930’s. Read your history Dick.
    You Zios would be at a BIG loss what to call people you disagree with if the Nazis didn’t exist.

  42. Brucie babes

    Read my post again.
    I don’t accuse anyone of being a Nazi.
    I said the language you use is similar or the same as the language that the Nazis used.
    A very big difference.

    You on the other hand do accuse people of being Nazis.

    The Zionists in the 1930s tried to save Jews from the Nazis, and sometimes this neccesitated working with them.
    That you find issue with the fact that the Zionists had to have dealings with their enemies to save Jews says more about your Antisemitic racist views than anything else

    Maybe you should study some history and then, more importantly, try to understand what you have read before jumping to conclusions

    Incidentally, are you still attending the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons.
    And are you still thinking of running for political office in the UK as an ‘as a jew’.

  43. Hey Dick, you claim you didn’t call me a Nazi , but then you go onto make the slanderous statement that I’m “antisemitic” and “racist.”
    In addition to being Jewish, some of my best friends are Jews, so your name calling is meaningless.
    As far as calling others Nazis, that is a claim I deny since I always claimed that Zionists and their kind are WORSE than Nazis.
    Am working on my election manifesto and will post in due time. Dick.

  44. Brucie babes

    I called you an Antisemetic racist because that is what I think you are

    Saying that someone is worse than a Nazi is exactly the same as calling them a Nazi as the Nazis have become the benchmark for measuring evil.

    Using the Nazi criteria of evil as a benchmark, could you please inform all those that read this blog how you can say Zionists are worse than Nazis .

    Remember there are plenty of readers on this site whose views on you and your ilk as Antisemitic racists is reinforced by your intemperate language

    1. Hey Dick, I feel that the majority of readers are anti-Zionist and have much more contempt for your views than mine.
      At least the Nazis knew where to draw the line and gave up the ghost after 12 years of unspeakable acts of cruelty committed against Jews and other groups.
      How many DECADES has it been since the Zios started to implement their own cruel form of genocide?

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