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Trumps vision: knocking the Palestinian cause off its perch

For two days now, there have been a stream of articles calling Trumps ‘peace plan’ everything from a conspiracy to Apartheid. Quite a few of the ‘predictable’ politicians from the UK and US have bitterly attacked the initiative. Judging by Emily Thornberry’s comments in parliament it seems that many of them are unlikely to even have read the American ‘vision’ before calling those involved with it – ‘racist’. My guess is that 95% of those who have spoken on it – haven’t read it – or if they have – know nothing about earlier agreements.

It is not a peace plan

I have read it three times now. During the second I made notes, and these were used to seek clarification during the third reading. This is not an article where I will be waving it above my head singing its praises – far from it. I found some elements troublesome and there are areas where the ‘vision’ was not clear. There isn’t clarity because this isn’t a comprehensive peace plan – it is a vision statement.

Much of the same

Nor is the vision statement 181 pages long. You reach the appendix on page 39 and only a small part of the appendix is relevant. From page 54 until the end there are just pages of economic and investment promises. Having read it thoroughly I can say that much of the noise coming out of the anti-Israel camp would still be heard whatever was written inside. A lot of the criticism is ‘content irrelevant’.

The most glaring issue I have with most (not all) of those that are complaining – is that they clearly do not know what they are talking about. Much of the content is the same as it was before. The Oslo process that was so loudly applauded in the west provided ‘peace offers’ that were not so different – and from an economic perspective were far less attractive.

In Thornberry’s speech for example – she berates the fact Israeli settlements will remain in Israel. Duh! If she or anyone else thinks that the 1967 borders have *EVER* been on the table, she is not just deluding herself but helping to perpetuate a conflict on false ideas and empty promises.

Thornberry also goes on to glorify and extol Yitzhak Rabin. The assassinated ‘messiah’ of the Islamo-Marxist alliance. Why do I call him a ‘Messiah’? Because what he was in life, what he believed and what he wanted – have absolutely nothing to do with the man political opportunists have turned him into. This is part of his final speech to the Knesset (Oct 5 1995):

On Palestinian statehood:

‘We would like this to be an entity which is less than a state, and which will independently run the lives of the Palestinians under its authority. The borders of the State of Israel, during the permanent solution, will be beyond the lines which existed before the Six Day War. We will not return to the 4 June 1967 lines.’

On Jerusalem:

‘First and foremost, united Jerusalem, which will include both Ma’ale Adumim and Givat Ze’ev — as the capital of Israel, under Israeli sovereignty, while preserving the rights of the members of the other faiths, Christianity and Islam, to freedom of access and freedom of worship in their holy places, according to the customs of their faiths.’

On the eastern border:

‘The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley, in the broadest meaning of that term.’

So my question to Thornberry would be this – what is it about Rabin you agree with so much? He is not offering full statehood, is clear that most of the settlements would remain and that Israel would look after its own border with Jordan.

Israel has never offered the 1967 borders and the Palestinians will never receive what we in the west consider all the trappings of statehood – without going through generational trust building periods first. But on the core issues – the largest settlements will remain, the ‘right of return’ will be sorted externally (to Israel), the Jordanian border will be under Israeli control and Jerusalem is and will be the capital of Israel – there has been no movement.

Everyone who applauded Rabin and thanked Obama have accepted all this already. So what’s the problem?

Taken off their perch

Primarily the opposition is anti-Trump. This is certainly true in the US during an election year but also counts for much of the noise coming from Europe. Trump is the devil, Netanyahu is the devil, therefore the plan – whatever it offers – is the work of devils. But what is also fundamentally true about opposition from the west reflects that this ‘vision’ is a correction of the narrative.

For decades, Arab states, the Soviet Union and the ‘non-aligned nations’ placed the Palestinians on a perch. They honoured them and worshipped them as a way to either attack or distance themselves from Jews (the arab world) and the west (everyone else). The truth is that the Palestinians have fallen far since the heady days of the 1970s. The Soviet Union has collapsed – and the US and Russia even have growing strategic alliances. The Arab league for the most part wants nothing more than the opening of borders and trade with Israel.

Ironically – beyond the Islamo-Marxist alliance, all that is still holding the Palestinian cause afloat are western romanticists – who still refuse to accept they were sold a dud and are worshipping nothing more than an emperer who clearly has never been dressed at all.

The Arabs lost the war of 1948/9. Truth be told that is when the conflict should have ended. The ‘two state solution’ was perfectly made. What followed was not about ‘two-states’ but a rejection of it. Rather than create a ‘Palestinian state’, the Arabs CHOSE to build an unsolvable puzzle. They fought and lost again – and again – and again.

The Trump ‘vision’ is a generous offer to a losing side. The perch upon which the Palestinians were placed left them falsely regarded as ‘equal partners’. There is nothing equal about this. Whilst every human being must be regarded as equal – narratives and national demands have no such luxury. The Palestinians are a losing side in a war that they themselves started. They were unfortunate in that geo-political-religious arguments were to turn them into political pawns for decades – and left them believing much of their own hype- but surely now the time has come to end this farce.

Stealing words from Alex Fegurson as the Manchester United manager – the Trump proposal knocks the Palestinian cause *off its f**king perch*.

Moving forward

The vision allows Israel to move forward with or without the Palestinian agreement. Israel can and will take the fundamental pillars of Oslo – settlement blocks – the Jordan valley – with or without Palestinian agreement. Geo-political changes have removed the emperer’s clothes. It has left the ‘western left’ out of sync with much of the Middle East and the rest of the world. The Arab states want this problem over. In truth – both Egypt and Jordan would prefer Israel on their borders. In fact, only the Islamist trouble-makers – Pakistan, Iran, Hezbollah and so on – are looking to perpetuate this conflict further – and this is because of religious extremist rather than humanitarian ideologies.

There is much in the ‘vision’ to agree with. Unlike Oslo it doesn’t try to pretend the larger disagreements are not there (which was the prime failing of Oslo). It correctly places Israeli security in a primary position. If Hamas and Israel were ever to sit around the table, then ‘new Hamas’ would rise. Unless the suicidal and self-destructive elements of radical Islamic terrorism are built into an agreement – everyone would lose in the long term.

The vision notes that refugees have ‘been treated as pawns on the broader Middle East chessboard’. The Palestinian refugees no longer exist as such. Their descendants are embedded firmly into every economy where they live. What is required is for Syria and Lebanon to just flick the switch – stop abusing them – and give them citizenship.

If some want to move to the Palestinian state – then they can. Everywhere else in the world that the descendants still refer to themselves as ‘refugees’ is an insult to real refugees. Compensation? Fine – but we look at the Jewish refugees too.

It demands that that there should be one Palestinian government and that Hamas and Gaza, should be demilitarised. It seeks an end to hostility, incitement and conflict. These are no brainers.

I am sure there are elements that the Palestinians cannot accept – but that is what negotiations are for. They cannot argue if they are not sitting around the table. Is the annexation of some of the more remote settlements unnacceptable? Fine – bring them up in discussions.

Peace or suffering

To those that oppose it – and are living in comfort in the west – they really need to decide what it is they are opposing – they are not the people who suffer from the perpetual conflict.

The problem for the Palestinians is that non-engagement doesn’t work. And I am speaking as someone with historical knowledge who wants genuine peace – and can visualise a time when the walls between Palestinians and Israelis fall down organically.

The only question we face today is how to build a platform upon which a real future partnership can be built. You don’t start as a doctor – you start in pre-school. If you refuse to enter education until you receive your medical licence – you will remain uneducated- even though education still remains a fundamental human right. On statehood – the Palestinians will never be able to start at the end.

Friends of Palestinians should be screaming this loudly. That historically when the Arabs did not co-operate – they lost. They lost when they didn’t co-operate during the early days of the Mandate. They lost when they refused to engage the UN as it formulated the partition plan. The world is moving on – and Israel has continued to grow and prosper. Talking doesn’t hurt. What ruined Oslo wasn’t the talks – it was the bus bombs.

The ‘vision’ does *EXACTLY* what it says on the tin. It is a clear project to improve the lives the Palestinians (and Israelis). It may not be perfect, but it is certainly something that everyone interested in ending the conflict should take seriously and want the Palestinians to discuss.

The vision looks at Palestinian suffering and finds a way to break through the impasse. But there is the catch. It deals with the Palestinians as people – not as a cause. It deals with their human rights, not their anti-Israel desires. And for that it will be instantly rejected by every Palestinian flag waver in the west.  Which given the world will carry on moving with or without them – would be a tragedy for the Palestinians more than anyone else.



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82 thoughts on “Trumps vision: knocking the Palestinian cause off its perch

  1. Unlike Oslo, when the two parties to the conflict forged some kind of a recognition and an agreement. (You may disagree with the trems of the Oslo Accord, what you cannot belittle is the historical significance of Israelies and Palestenian facing each other across a negotiation table, without an itermediary)
    Trump “peace plan” from its inception excluded one of the parties from the negotiation. Historically it will be view how the American have weaken their own negotiating power in this protracted conflict. And today, due to American dysfunctional policies in the Middle East (Obama and Trump) there is a another world power accelarting its spehere of influence, Russia.
    If Israel would have formulate this plan as ITS vision, that would have been a starting point; but when Israel and the USA formulate a plan without consulting the other side and calls it a “peace plan”, it then it creates a raw starting point, which in the long term would prolong instead of shortening it.

    1. Gad – the problem with this is it ignores why the Palestinians were excluded. They were excluded because they have refused to talk. If the Palestinians were willing and able peace partners – we wouldn’t be here. I’d also ask you to remember that their refusal to negotiate with the League of Nations on the the creation of the Mandate didn’t stop the Mandate. Their refusal to discuss with the UN their 1947 investigations didn’t stop the Partition. If the Arab states will it – the Palestinian state will be created and recognised without Palestinian approval. Israel will just carry on without them. Being on the losing side of a war – doesn’t leave you as kingmaker – and these romantic notions – leftovers from the cold war – are not based on reality.

      Israel will annex – the Palestinians will reject. Israel will recognise its borders – others will follow and the Palestinians will rue that they ignored the opportunity to have any influence in the decisions at all. Their leaders have made mistakes for 100 years. It is sad that some in the west still don’t see what is happening. The best thing for Palestinians is for them to talk – to have input.

      1. THe rejectionists stance of the Palestinians and of the Arab States is an historical reality. WE all know how that intransigence culminated in the Arab’s Khartoum rejection of Israel right to exist, after yet another Arab defeat.
        Israel had to earn its right to exist by being strong, eventually that reality, Israel, sipped into Palestinian and Arab mindset, that eventually led to Oslo.
        Rabin’s legacy was to sit accross the table and dialogue with the Palestinians, same as Begin legacy was to dialogue, negotiate and compromise a peace with Egypt.
        PLO crossed the Middle Eastern’s Rubicon in Oslo. Even Abbas with his intransigent stance is seating un Ramallah because of Oslo. The Israelis had let the PLO into Ramallah by negotiating with them, it had used its power and compromised.
        Israel is the winner, even with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank Israel is the overall winner, Israel can achieve that eluding peace by moderating and curtailing its expansionists aims. Israel has that that power.
        The only power the Palestinian have is to accept or reject Israeli’s terms.
        Hamas is the equivalent to the Islamist Caliphate, it is an historical aberration, with no legitimacy, but within the most extremists forces within Palestinian/Muslim world.
        Israel has the capacity to isolate them.
        When Netanyau stand alongside Trump and present to the Palestinian an American/Iseraeli ultimatum it helps Netanyahu and/or Trump, it does not help PEACE.

        1. Didn’t Hamas win a democratic vote?(much to the annoyance of Israel and the US, hence the restrictions)

          1. Yes., Hamas won an election in 2005. Since then – 14 years – there have been no elections, despite promises by Hamas, which postulate various conditions which clearly they don’t expect to be met.

            1. Look what happened after the last democratic election won by Hamas, despite interference from Israel and the US.

              Restrictions were placed on Hamas’s elected officials. Many were rounded up by Israel.

              Seems Israel/US fell out with democracy.

      2. “The Palestinian state will be recognized without Palestinian approval” 😀
        Do you have more of those delusional gems?

      3. Did Palestinians refuse to talk?
        This appears to be false.
        Reality => Greenblatt and Erekat had reportedly tens of meetings. But Palestinians accused Greenblatt of persisting in refusing to discuss about any point in all meetings:

        “In dozens of meetings we had with Mr. Greenblatt he refused to discuss substance: no borders, no settlements, and no two-state solution. Today, his role is nothing less than peddling Israeli policies to a skeptical international community, and then becomes upset when he’s reminded of this.” (Saab Erekat)

  2. For Israel, clearly the architects of this plan, delivered by the US, this is the Final Solution to the Palestinian problem.

    If the world allows this forgiving of crime then all of the remembrances, parades and principled speeches of the last century will have been for nothing.

    The wolves will have been set free on the defenceless.

    1. Mike Farmer what a crass and antisemetic post.
      It has always intreigue me why Israel detractors use NAZI analogies to attack Jews.
      It was the NAZIS who destroyed the Jews and the Jews eventually created a state that in part responeded to the Nazis.

      1. Antisemitic??!?

        In your own words please explain how is that ‘hostility to or prejudice against Jews.’

        if you can’t answer sensibly go away.

        Re. analogies. Occupation? Annexation? Seeking racial purity within their state?

        1. Mike Farmer
          You know exactly what you are doing.
          When championing the Palestenian cause you box Jews into a Nazis. You stereotype us, because you are a racist.
          Palestine, for you, is no more than a way of disguissing your racist antisemetic makeup.
          I have encountered a number of people like you that in the name of “progress” just spout out hate, racists hate.
          There are many ways you could have attack Israel, but you choose the Nazi analogy to attack Jews’s most lethat enemy, the Nazis.
          Your post defending the Palestenisn is about you, Palestine is just an excuse for your racism, otherwise why would you use NAZI analogies to attack Israel the atate created by Jews that is and has serve as a refuge against genocidal hate.
          What I am most gratified about is your ideology has been recently well rejected by the electorate.

            1. No, but it illustrated the nastiness emanating from the dogmatic Far Left, that was able to relegate to a secondary place the winning of the election in order to preserve its grip of their most cherish prize, the Labour Party

              1. Gad why are you engaging with these people? They are filler. Noise. Trying to reason with them is a waste of time.

          1. You didn’t choose to answer my question sensibly. Instead you launched into a rant about the Nazis., even at one stage accusing me of attacking the Nazis.

            Your understanding of anything written in English is suspect so I shall assume that you don’t understand what is being said.

            So, go away.

        1. Mike Farmer you are clearly an antisemitic and anti-Israel troll who has never bothered to educate himself on the history. Instead you spout the same antagonistic BDS drivel that they roll out every time they don’t like something. Next I expect you will begin the ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments.
          Why not try and actually make helpful and useful comments instead? It’s not that difficult.

          1. Antisemitic?

            That’s become a worthless jibe. Just a Tourette’s tick against those that criticise Israel.

            Anti-Israel? Of course.

            It’s a criminal racist state, flouts laws and conventions at every turn.

            Israel’s History?

            You’ve probably been brought up on Israel generated tales.

            Useful comments?

            Pull back all the illegal settlers that have chosen NOT to
            live in their beloved Israel. Destroy the homes if you must.

    2. Muck, Muck, Muck, you vitriolic and wayward schoolboy. I just praised you (quite backhandedly, but still) for NOT being a Nazi after a genuine Sieg Heil-er infested this site with some National Front-type garbage. Don’t go full Nazi; as dumb as you are, you’re better than Nazis. Somewhat.

  3. Like most dogmatic racists you omitted some vital ingredients while referring to Israel: jewish self emancipation and Jewish self preservation.
    People like you are more interested in preserving Palestenian oppression, it serve your racist cause.
    We Jews, in Israel and the Jewish diaspora disagree much about how Israel should conduct itself towards the Palestenian. People like you coalesce us together to form a defensive shield vital for our self preservation.
    By referring to Nazis analogies you just destroy any space that could create a space where dialogue could expands.
    You serve the rejectionists camps on both sides and the biggest victims are now the Palestinians.

  4. I couldn’t believe Emily T’s rant. It allied the Labour Party with Iran and Turkey against the US Israel Saudi Arabia OAE and many others.
    I’ve been concerned since the election that the candidates for LOTO had been given a “free pass” on Israel. Well, they are coming out of the closet now and it’s not pretty.
    When did she ever use the name calling she applied to the leaders of two of our closest allies to the leaders of Venezuela, Russia or Iran?

  5. Is that a silly ‘if you’re not for US, Israel and Saudi Arabia then you’re for Iran, Turkey..”

  6. UK gov. – “The UK Government’s position on annexation is, as he knows, very clear, and it is completely compatible with what others say and maintain on this matter: annexation—that is to say, Israel commanding space that has not been negotiated and agreed internationally—would be illegal.”

  7. Israel’s Peace Plan – “Proposals that demand that the State of Israel agree to take in Palestinian refugees, or that promise tens of billions of dollars in compensation for the refugees, have never been realistic and a credible funding source has never been identified.”

    “The Jewish refugees who were forced to flee Arab and Muslim countries also suffered. Most settled in the State of Israel and some settled elsewhere. The Jewish refugee issue, including compensation for lost assets, must also be addressed. ”

    So, no money to compensate the Palestinian refugees driven out of their villages BUT compensation must be found for Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

    Sums this Plan up I suppose.

  8. I agree with your account, David. I too am reading the whole report (not yet finished). It strikes me as trying very hard to be fair. Yes, some of it is vague as to delail, but as you point out, it is described as a ‘vision’.

    The extremists – on both sides – will never accept it. But that is the nature of ideolology; the brain doesn’t engage.

  9. Trump Middle East plan: Palestinians reject ‘conspiracy’

    Arab League rejects Trump’s Middle East plan.

  10. What does this mean: “Everyone who applauded Rabin and thanked Obama have accepted all this already.” The Rabin and Obama positions had little in common. Obama was vehemently anti-settlement (ignoring previous presidential commitments) and made no indication of accepting any of the positions that are listed in Rabin’s final speech. Much of the Democratic reflex against this deal is because it comes from Trump, but the process to turn against Israel (using Netanyahu as the bogey-man proxy for Israel) started under the Obama administration.

    1. Your “turning against Israel” involved following International Law AND pledging to supply Israel with over $3,500,000,000 worth of FREE advanced weaponry year after year after year ….

      He just appeased them less … pampered them less.

      1. Yes, it did involve that. But also many unprecedented negatives, like disrupting arms supplies DURING a conflict, giving the Palestinians a precondition to refuse talks while never holding them accountable for their intransigence, ripping up the Bush era commitments, allowing a UNSC resolution to pass that called the most holy sites in Judaism illegally occupied Palestinian territories, etc, etc. You have a view on what international law means, but it’s hardly set in stone. It’s not a version that is applied to other situations and is therefore not actually a “law”… more like a double-standard. And I said that that administration STARTED under Obama (Rhodes admitted that they wanted to be even harder on Israel). Clearly it’s only gotten worse since then as Democratic nominees are falling all over each other trying to out-criticize an ally. Anyway, that’s not really the point of my comment. The point is that I’m not sure what David thinks that those who “thanked Obama” have actually accepted. It’s certainly not the parameters that Rabin committed to in his final speech. The two names simply don’t belong in the same sentence.

  11. Collier tweeted “I think pro-Palestinians criticising Israelis for voting for Netanyahu is rather amusing.

    The last time the Palestinians voted they voted for Hamas.

    (which was 14 years ago – the PA and Hamas don’t like elections)

    David, the last time Palestinians voted democratically- and they did – they chose Hamas.

    To Israel and the US, that democratic vote gave the WRONG RESULT – for them.

    Prior to the elections Israel had detained, without charge, 450 Hamas members and campaigning in Jerusalem was forbidden. Israeli police did not allow Hamas members to vote.

    The ballot boxes from the election were held by Israel in Jerusalem, later being transferred to the Palestinian authorities.

    When the result of the election became known, Israel immediately placed restrictions were on Hamas officials.

    Israeli soldier Shalit was kidnapped. Sanctions were placed on the Palestinians.

    On David whines that the Palestinians don’t want a repeat of this, where US/Israel didn’t like the result. Fatah is Israel’s baby/agent.

    In Trump’s, sorry, Israel’s plan Fatah will control the Palestinians for Israel.

    1. I’m sorry, I responded to your previous reply to me before I realized that you support a terror organization who denies Israel’s right to exist and whose charter calls for the deaths of all Jews… and then you claimed to respect international law. Carry on.

    2. Mike Farmer,
      As I wrote above, once you use Nazi analogies when talking about Jews/Israel or Palestine you loose the argument.
      Anybody who resort to that hate filled, utterly crass, imaginary can only be considered a racist Antisemite, as you are.

      A Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote “Do you know why we Palestinians are famous? Because you are our enemy. . . . Yes, the interest is in you, not me! . . . We are lucky that Israel is our enemy, because the Jews are the center of the world. . . . I do not have any illusions. The international interest in the Palestinian question is only a reflection of the interest in the Jewish question”

      And Mahmoud Darwish was thinking about people like you Mike Farmer.

      Nothing you can say has any value, because primarily you are motivate by racial hatred.

      1. If I say that occupation, annexation and a determination to seek ‘racial purity’ is to be abhorred … and you think of Nazi Germany please don’t attack me.

        Attack the state that is currently guilty of it.

  12. Its not looking good for david’s mates at CAA

    Shahrar Ali today confirmed that
    is investigating
    (reg. 1163790) following 6-page “Raising Concerns”.

    1. Stephen

      Should all us naughty Jews quake in our boots because some group or other wants to investigate one of our organisations.

      They are continuously threatening to destroy or investigate the Jews, sorry I meant Israel

          1. The Irish didn’t suddenly flood in from elsewhere 70 odd years ago, and choose to call it Ireland, Ted.

  13. The Donald Doc did it’s job perfectly and played to all the right galleries. I think there may even have been a few people here in Israel that noticed for a second or two.

    Now we can get on with the construction of Trump Medical Centres, Trump Elementary Schools and all the Trump libraries on Trump Boulevard, well secured by $3.5 gazillion of Trump Advanced Weaponry and a big Trump wall. I knew he’d get one in the end.

    4 more years for his radiant orangeness. 4 more years for The Resistance. Bella Ciao !!

            1. way back there was a guy called Chris Simpkin., played for Hull City. Many times Chris Chilton or Ken Wagstaff would set him up with an open net and he would promptly blaze it over the bar. Don’t be like Chris Simpkin

  14. Collier tweets ”
    Truth – For decades untold $billions have been spent by @un & @unrwa – not to help solve the conflict or make life better for Palestinians but perversely to hold them in camps, stoke hate, keep them as refugees & ensure their lives didn’t improve.

    No, you couldn’t make it up.”

    Oh, you’ve made lots of untruths up, David. Don’t deny some of your biggest inventions..

  15. “When it comes to East Jerusalem, four out of 10 houses is under demolishing threat or already had demolition orders and being processed,” says Omar Harami. “Israel knows if you destroy houses you destroy families and when you destroy families you destroy communities.”

    1. Islamofascism destroys houses, families, communities and passenger planes, WTC, music venues, magazine offices, presidential candidates in the US, Halabja, countries like Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Fascist Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, ….”

  16. Just a matter of time before all the Zio-Nazis (like Trailer Trash Ted, Ben, Ian, Dick, etc…) come slivering out and spewing their Islamophobic venim about the recent criminal incident in London.

    1. SHlTlerhead, You mean like Sand-Nazis, KoraNazis?

      And tell us all about Islamo-FAUX-bia – WRT 9/11, London’s 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice France, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Robert F. Kennedy, Yvonne Fletcher, London Bridge stabbings, London and Westminster bridge car rammings…

      Oh yes, this April 30th is the 75 anniversary of your furhers FIRST marriage – to a girl.

  17. Stephen

    Still waiting for some proof to back up your allegations that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist

      1. LaBOOR Party members and Pro-Hezbola, Pro-Paleslime,

        therefore Racists, Terrorists, Thugs, Imperialists.

        Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

  18. Brucie babes

    Your ad hominem attacks on commentators on this blog really show you up as being a mindless dork whose level of intellect leaves much to be desired

    Please keep it up so that all those that read this blog can understand the level of vitriol and nastiness that are the hallmark of the Jew hating Antisemitic racist bigots and ‘as a jews’.

    Please continue

    Where is Beth Springfield Shul you say you belong to
    Or is it really the same Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons

    1. Richard, you are commenting on the blog of one who personifies “vitriol and nastiness”.in smear after smear.

      Not biased are you?

    2. Richard, by chance I am going to be in Springfield in June doing some research into adult jaundice for the University of Brigadoon. I may pop in for the shacharit * service and look Bruce up. Should be nice.

      * Shacharit [ʃaχaˈʁit] (Hebrew: שַחֲרִית šaḥăriṯ), or Shacharis in Ashkenazi Hebrew, is the morning Tefillah (prayer) of Judaism, one of the three daily prayers.

  19. Visiting Springfield and the Shul will an excellent idea
    If you see Homer or any of the crew, you must say hi for me

    1. Inspired by you Ian, Dick, Davy, Trailer Trash, etc…, I will be entering politics and running for elected office in London.
      My slogan within the Jewish community will be: “As a Jew, he’s right for you.”
      Watch this space for my election manifesto and information on how to donate to my war chest.

  20. Collier tweets “That terrorist in London? Imagine you found out his family were rewarded for the attack- FOR LIFE + the more people he hurt the richer his family gets

    Sickening huh?

    It is #payforslay – PA policy for Palestinian terrorists who hurt Israelis. Our tax money actually helps fund it.”

    When a terrorist attacks an occupying Israeli fighter his family’s home is destroyed(collective punishment) though they are innocent.

    PA money allows a replacement family home.

    Jewish terrorists Begin & Shamir were rewarded for their killings by the creation of Israel and rewarded by being installed as Israeli PMs.

  21. Brucie babes

    Careful that your ad hominem insults and invective don’t come back to haunt you in the future

    Back to the eternal question.
    Which is the Beth Springfield Shul that you are a member or attendee of.
    As you seem to be unable to answer the question, one can only assume that it is the same as the Beth Springfield Shul in the Simpsons.

    Remember that this question arose because of your revisionist claims about the amount of Jews who were mass murdered in the Holocaust
    You claimed your Rabbi said that the figures for the Jewish dead was much lower than the six million that is generally accepted today.

    So are you lying, and if not can we have some proof for your allegations

  22. Brucie babes

    First it’s your Rabbi in the Beth Springfield Shul who has alternate figures for the amount of Jews mass murdered by the Nazis

    Then you say you are running for a political position in London

    Keep up the good work
    As they say ‘bullish baffles brains’, and you are a premier proponent of the art of bullshit
    So do carry on keeping us amused

    1. Richard, I was talking to Bellers in the bar last night and after a few sherbets he told me that this ‘Bruce’ one was actually a little Scottish bloke called Mick who had been doing this shtick for years. He’s certainly never troubled a mohel and the only time he broke cover was to rush to defend Domina Corvid ( see earlier article). It seems he has a soft spot for her; a spot that he enjoys being spanked every other Tuesday for a tenner.

      I’d say our “as a wee Joooo…” has been rumbled.

  23. Ian

    I agree

    Our ‘as a jew ‘ certainly plays all the cards
    If he/she/it wasn’t here l would be suffering withdrawal symptoms missing his ‘humour’

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