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Funded by the EU, driven by Palestinians. BDS activism in EU clothing.

Those of us involved in fighting back against spreading antisemitism and the lies about Israel understand that the deeper we dig – the more unbelievable the situation becomes. As I said to someone yesterday when news broke of a UK KS3 schoolbook which suggests the creation of Israel may be behind the 9/11 attacks – nothing surprises me anymore. There are no limits to the level of conspiracy and disinformation – no place that the lies do not exist. The EU have also just provided another example – here is what I found.

The EU photographers

Recently the EU advertised an EU ‘Photo marathon’. An opportunity open to young European photographers to spend a week ‘capturing different aspects of Palestinian life’. The week-long trip, flights, accommodation and meals is fully funded by the EU. As part of the process, there is a request to write a ‘motivation letter’, explaining why the applicant wants to participate and they are asked how they intend to ‘spread the word’ upon their return. The EU Press Team in charge of this process consists of two people –  Inas Abu Shirbi and Shadi Othman:

EU funding

Both of these people are Palestinians who went to Birzeit University for their degree:



EU spokespeople or BDS activists.

Before being an ‘EU spokesperson’ Inas Abu Shirbi spent some time at the Sharek Youth Forum. She was there when Boris Johnson made remarks about BDS during a 2015 trip to Israel. Soon after Boris ridiculed BDS activists, several Palestinian NGOs who had been due to meet Johnson – cancelled – including the Sharek Youth Forum. At the time Abu Shirbi was the public face of the NGO (she even spoke on LBC). In the public statement, the group put out – there is clear and unequivocal support for BDS.

That means at least one of those leading this ‘photo marathon’ is a Palestinian with a history of support for BDS.  We have here a similar issue to the one uncovered at Amnesty International where Amnesty’s ‘Deputy Regional Director turned out to be an obsessive Palestinian activist. Inas Abu Shibri is still active with other Palestinian NGOs – inclduing the pro-BDS ‘Sharek’. How is there not a conflict of interest? When someone references an ‘EU Communications Officer’ – don’t people assume they are from the EU?

Most people never read beyond headlines. Often they tell you all you need to know. Like this headline: that has the EU ‘slamming’ Israel:

EU Slams

Yet when you read the article, you realise the only EU employee mentioned is a Palestinian – Shadi Othman. That article was shared 500 times. Or this one – which becomes almost laughable. The Palestine News and Info Agency report that the EU ‘will not recognise any changes to the pre-1967 borders’. Is it any surprise if the ‘EU spokesman’ is our Palestinian friend from Ramallah – Shadi Othman?

EU 2

False perceptions

The European Union Delegation to the Palestinians also have a Twitter feed. When there is tension in Gaza, ‘they’ issue a call for restraint:

EU Tweet

Did a Palestinian, born, raised and living in the PA areas – one who supported BDS – write this tweet? Isn’t this a little deceptive? Most people would probably assume that the people providing a face for the EU in the PA areas are European diplomats, not Palestinian activists. If you want to see how two-faced this really is. The EU in Israel have a Twitter feed too. In theory – on the subject of peace – what is important to one – should also be important to the other.  Yet if I search for ‘terror’ on the Israel feed – there are countless results – including open condemnations against terror attacks. A similar search on the EU Palestinian feed – returns absolutely nothing. Not a single mention of terrorism.

I went deeper – looking at every tweet, retweet or reply this account has made in three years. Not a single reference to ‘terror’ or ‘terrorism’ anywhere.

There has never been an international delegitimisation campaign as all encompassing, as widespread and as insidious as the global one that exists to demonise Israel. Scratch the surface and you are left bewildered at how anyone takes anything seriously. Let us ask the basic question. Who is auditing where EU funds go – and making sure none of it ends up in the wrong hands?

So what of this fully funded ‘photo marathon’. Palestinians are going to read and judge the ‘motivation letters’, decide which ones best suit their campaign, use EU funds to brainwash European photographers and then use them to push anti-Israel propaganda even further afield. And they will give it all the legitimising stamp of the EU.

This is the EU blatantly funding anti-Israel propaganda – and using someone who supported BDS to help them do it.



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38 thoughts on “Funded by the EU, driven by Palestinians. BDS activism in EU clothing.

  1. The EU has been providing £39m a week in aid funding to the Arabs in Ramallah and doesn’t seem keen to ask where all the money has gone.

    With feet in both camps there is no motivation to scrutinise the use of those funds nor challenge the misappropriation from social welfare projects to ‘Pay to Slay’ and the well upholstered private Swiss bank accounts of their leaders.

    At least BDS is now being widely seen for the sham that it is.

  2. Collier tweets “It shouldn’t be down to British Jews to have to go through every reference to Israel in UK school textbooks – to find students are being driven towards antisemitic conspiracy theories or fed blatant ahistorical b**shit.


    It isn’t happening, David.

    The book that you’re referencing just states that the Arabs fled.

    No mention of the destruction of over 500 Arab villages by Jewish militia.

    No mention of the massacres or the rapes that caused them to flee.

    If anything this book could be seen as wonderful propaganda for Zionists such as David.

    There is NOTHING anti-Semitic in pointing out Israel’s actions in clearing Arabs from their homes and their land.

    Strange that Israelist David pretends to care for UK residents and their children.

    1. where can I read your academic review of the book. Please state your academic qualifications to determine your “conclusion” ie evidence, which unlike David, you never possess.

      Trolling David is a perverse obsession of yours.

      1. Judah, just showed you my academic review of the page that David presented as a screenshot. I don’t own the book. I’m not funded as David is.

        GCSE in Woodwork.

        David possesses evidence? He’s shown none in his condemnation of this book, just the opposite.

        Refuting and pointing out David’s mistakes is NOT trolling. Were I to call him fat or ugly, that would indeed be trolling.

    2. But … but … I thought that the Jews were ‘racist’ for REFUSING to rape Arab women. Do make up you mind, you pathetic POS.

  3. p.s. Israel deductions of PA tax money is THEFT.

    No surprise there, given Israel’s history.

    1. No, Mikey. It’s what happens when you refuse to pay for electricity, water, gas & other services. It is also the result of using monies, paid by “useful idiots” which are used for PAY-TO-SLAY rather than for the purposes these monies are given, by the US, UK, EU.

      Now you know how ridiculous you are because you know nothing.

      1. It is of course stealing. If someone owes you money you can’t just go and steal their car, no matter how frustrated or how big you are.

        1. Michael, it’s just us sending the bailiffs round to your house to repossess your car when you’re 6 months behind with your HP. Pretty straightforward really.

          Remember we’ve had 3000 years of experience controlling all the money and we will have our pound of flesh.

          Nasty Zios, us.

        2. No, it’s not stealing. Ask your own utility company what will happen if you don’t pay your bill, most likely after 3 months or so. On the contrary, not paying for the electricity and water provided by your utility is stealing. In fact, if you have a loan for your car and you don’t pay it, you know what…they confiscate your car.

  4. David you ask the question, “Who is auditing where EU funds go – and making sure none of it ends up in the wrong hands?”
    The answers are:
    Internal Audit is carried out by the Internal Audit Service.
    External Audit is carried out by the European Court of Auditors.
    If either of those bodies, or the Commission, believe there has been misuse of funds or fraud they report it to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)

    Sometime this year responsibility for investigating fraud will be passed to the European Public Prosecutors Office.

    Do inform us all of the reply you get to your allegations.

    1. There is an issue of auditing UK funding to the Palestinians

      The relevant government department says the use of funds was audited by one of the big UK companies.

      This company said its job was not to audit the way the money was used.

      A Freedom of Information request by UK lawyers to the relevant government department was refused, so the case went to court and the lawyers won, but the government appealed and lost again .

      The government has been extremely reluctant to allow the audit results to be released, but at some point in the near future these papers will be released, and then we will see the truth about this so called UK and EU controls and accountability of monies donated to the Palestinians

      1. The question David raised was about ‘auditing EU funds’.
        That is the question I answered.

        How, or if, the U.K. Government audits its funds and donations is a different issue.

  5. “If all the nations of the Middle East offered the same values, freedom and opportunity as Israel …”

    If all the nations of the Middle East received the free US weaponry, eternal veto and a pass to ignore international law and develop nuclear weaponry without inspection, as Israel ……. would be interesting wouldn’t it.

  6. “For 1000s of years people who have had control of children’s education have found ways to tell lies about Jews. Today they do it through demonising Israel. ”

    David, you must now explain how ‘demonising Israel’ is telling ‘lies about Jews’.

    Did you mean to write ‘lies about Israel’?

    1. All this nonsense about BDS being anti-Semitic is untrue, since clearly in the Talmud, it IS PERMISSIBLE to boycott (see Babylonian Talmud Sukka 34b, Pesachim 30a, Mishna
      Keritot 1:7 and Responsa Tzemach Tzedek 28).
      Boycotting injustice is 100% KOSHER.
      It’s just the Zios and their Christian fundamentalist buddies trying to defend the indefensible and claim that BDS is antisemitic. You hear crickets from most Zios when the apartheid South African boycott is mentioned, but boy, they cry like spoiled children when the boycott against apartheid Israel is raised.
      BDS antisemitic? That’s baloney!
      Months ago, there was very enlightening article about this in ‘Blood & Matzoh,’ Beth Springfield’s newsletter.

          1. Naw. Mates of mine. I’m a right wing extremist in my spare time Michael, obviously. Goes with the Zio job spec as you well know.

            1. And anyway Michael, I addressed the question to the other Mick that Bellers grassed up as the guy behind the ‘Bruce’ persona. Apparently he’s a regular at those anti Jew protests normally populated by a clutch of elderly bearded men and wimmin in Paly scarves and Jezzer caps. You know the sort. Loads of slogans and shit scared to engage.

      1. Brucie babes

        You going off about Beth Springfield Shul again

        You have never clarified which Beth Springfield Shul you reference

        So please, which Shul do you mean

        Otherwise we can only assume that it is the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons movies.

        And if you are a member of Beth Springfield Shul, how is it that you are planning to run for political office in London

        Questions, questions, questions

        And never an answer

      2. Brucie babes

        I do rather like your reference to the Beth Springfield newsletter which you named as ‘Blood and Matzoh’

        Keep up the good work.
        I’m loving it

  7. Inaccuracies and misconceptions are prevalent in most of these responses. To obtain a more complete, subtle and thoroughly researched histories, by leading scholars in the field, here are a couple of first class scholarly works.

    For those casting ill-infomred opinions appertaining to the 1948 war between the Arab Nations and Israel, it is suggested that Proessor Efraim Karsh’s ‘Palestine Betrayed’ should be read.

    For those more interested in learning why, since 1969, the EU consistently favours Muslim Nations, it is suggested to read Bat Ye’ors ‘Eurabia’, which shows how the EU has turned member nations in states of dhimmitude.

    Concening the nature of these blogs, whilst it is appropriate and necessary to ‘name and shame’, there is also a need for better understanding of the history, both of the EU’s policies towards Israel and Muslim Nations, and the older hostility of Arab/Muslims to the Jews and Judaism. IN this latter context, almost any of Professor Bernard Lewis’s works are hard to better.

    Hence, if a constructive discussion on these blogs is to ensue, far better knowledge is first required. Moreover, though criticism of the UK’s education system is justified, as is that of the EU, it really is about time that some criticism of the UK’s Jewish Community ignorance of their belief system and it’s origins, Jewish and Israeli history were learnt. This lack of erudition underlies most of these responses.

    1. Interesting that you mention inaccuracies.
      There was not a body called the EU in 1969.
      The EU came into being in 1993 as a result of the Maastricht Treaty.

      By the way on a different thread you claimed that
      St. Paul was executed as a result of ‘Neronian’ riots in 69 A.D.
      Learned opinion gives the date of Paul’s execution between 62 – 67 A.D.
      Why would there be ‘Neronian’ riots in 69 when Nero committed suicide in June 68?

    2. Given your interest in ‘inaccuracies’ you could perhaps coach our blogger David in reducing the errors in his output.

  8. Found the quote below from official statement of EU High Representative – a Spanish politician
    “ Settlements are illegal under international law. The EU will not recognise any changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties. We call on Israel to reconsider these plans.”
    Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on Israeli settlement announcements

    Brussels, 22/02/2020 – 21:12, UNIQUE ID: 200222_2

    No matter what nationality an employee is, if they simply repeat what is their organisations current policy you cannot single them out as anti Semitic. Go for the organisation by all means, but your personal attack is not justified.

    1. What personal attack? Where is an accusation of antisemitism made?
      As for your quote. The authors on the page you cite are listed as the ‘EASS external press team’. Or in others words, Palestinians in Ramallah. So I ask again. When you start digging for EU officials – would you really expect all roads to lead back to Ramallah?

  9. David Collier Retweeted

    Board of Deputies of British Jews

    Our reaction to today’s announcement by @SRTRC_England, who say they are standing by their choice of Ken Loach as a judge for an anti-racism School Competition: bla blli Zionist group

    Sorry BOD. No good your throwing your dummy out because the British don’t obey a pro-Israel group.

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