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Sky News and Mark Stone – the anti-Israel propagandists

The recent reporting from Sky News in Israel has been shameful, and their Middle East Correspondent Mark Stone has been leading the charge off the cliff. It wasn’t always this way – something seems to have broken in Stone, and his reporting seems to have recently deteriorated into one-sided anti-Israel activism.

Because of the sense of normality Israel tries to retain, despite rockets raining down around it – conflict in Israel is like nowhere else. It presents reporters with a unique challenge – an imbalance and distortion that they must contextualise to remain professional. The very fact they are there, walking around and able to witness these type of protests in a conflict zone – is repeated nowhere else on earth. This context is everything, and Mark Stone has lost it.

Mark Stone and the ‘peaceful protest’

Although this has been deteriorating for days, the public Mark Stone ‘jump the shark’ event occurred yesterday. Stone got shaken and angry. It is visible in both his online posts and Sky News reports.

There was a ‘Day of Rage’ called for by Palestinian leaders.  Both Fatah and Hamas asked for violence, and the ‘Palestinian Street’ was called upon to rise up and confront Israeli security forces. The day started with guns paraded in Ramallah and a thwarted terrorist attack in Hebron. Stone was based in Jerusalem as crowds gathered.

Stone’s reports were all about  ‘entirely unnecessary, provocative behaviour by Israeli police/military.’ Stone produced several tweets of the same nature.

The articles went viral online – as of course, they would. But the key issue in all this is not what his partial understanding of what was occurring might have been, it is in his description of the protestors as a ‘peaceful Palestinian group’. He refers to it as a ‘peaceful protest’ several times.

What on earth does he mean? This group literally turned up to a violent ‘Day of Rage’ protest.

It might be possible to have suggested that the protest ended peacefully – had it done so. It is also legitimate to suggest that the Israeli police reacted badly – if this is what Stone felt that he saw. What no journalist trying to report the truth can do in this circumstance, is refer to a group who turned up to a ‘Day of Rage’ in the middle of a conflict – as ‘peaceful’. If they were peaceful – they would have stayed at home. Period.

The lost context

There is nowhere on earth that a reporter can do what they do in Israel. When Stone was in Libya, he spent much of his time stuck in his hotel room for safety. This leads us to the next *fact* about the misreporting of events in Jerusalem – and that is the context. Israel is a country in conflict. It has literally had 1000s of rockets fired at its civilians.  The ‘Day of Rage’ involved those who stand in opposition to Israel’s very existence – calling on their public to confront security forces.

Israel is used to such events. It has had to learn to exist around them. Israel is also a liberal democracy surviving in a sea of Islamist despots and terrorist regimes. If these events were taking place elsewhere – it is likely Stone and his colleagues would be banned from being anywhere near the police or protests. It is also highly likely the protests would not be permitted at all. In most circumstances such as this – Stone would voluntarily refrain from going to such a place – out of fear for his safety. No western journalist would stand between the Russian or Chinese forces and protestors seeking confrontation.

Incredibly, Israel has created an environment where it can be both a nation at war – and – a democracy where a protest that explicitly calls for confrontation is still a protected right. It is a unique environment and this is an incredible achievement that is missing from every NGO or journalistic criticism of Israel. It never gets mentioned.

Stone reports on this event exactly as he would if it were a student rally in London. But this isn’t London or Paris and those forces that he criticises, face terror attacks almost every single day they are on duty. They are standing there to literally save the lives of Israeli citizens from the terrorists that seek to kill them. And yesterday they faced groups who had turned up for a ‘Day of Rage’. Stone is producing badly decontextualised reporting.

Two quick examples are worthy of note here.

Mark Stone

Left image – Stone witnessed and was shaken by the London riots in 2011. When the report on the riots was released – he specifically highlighted the part of the report that suggested police should have been more robust – to stop them from spreading. It seems when it is closer to home, Stone prefers aggressive policing.

Right image – From riots in Paris in 2018. Stone notes that the Paris riot police used tear gas – but see how he gives them the benefit of the doubt and treats them with respect. He visibly tries to share the blame. Unlike his reporting from Jerusalem where he may as well be wearing the colours of the opposition.

Mark Stone and social media bias

His posts have become a one-sided rant, during which he is reduced to retweeting known hard-left anti-Zionist activists such as Daniel Seidemann and Mairav Zonzsein. In recent days, Stone has even retweeted Chris Doyle, the Director of the anti-Israel propaganda NGO, CAABU. There are no ‘balancing’ tweets on Stone’s timeline, no centre-right or centre-left commentators. This places Stone’s personal choice of political bedfellows as being akin to those who speak at anti-Israel campus events.

I turn to social media accounts because it shows the personal choice of the reporter. This is what Mark Stone *chose to share* with his followers.

Mark Stone has made 12 posts on Facebook about the conflict in total. Three of them were sky news reports, that referenced both sides of the conflict. These were the other nine:

  • About dead children from Gaza
  • The tragedy of a family in Gaza
  • About a Palestinian protestor who spent time in jail
  • A talk with Gaza producer
  • On the UN Security call for a cessation of violence
  • Talk with a Palestinian protestor
  • About a tragedy of a Family in Gaza
  • About the destruction in Gaza
  • Report on Jerusalem violence

All of these lean only one way. There was not a single FB post from Stone that focused on the suffering of Israelis, the children in the bunkers, the dead civilians or the 1000s of rocket attacks. It was *ALL* about the suffering of Palestinians. 100%.

His Twitter feed is far more active and would allow for a far more balanced view to come across – if he were a balanced reporter. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I went back over the last eighty tweets, and these cover the last 7 days. The bias found is both blatant and difficult to deny. The tweets were categorised:

  • Anti- Human tragedy stories that focused exclusively on Gazan suffering.
  • General news reports.
  • Pro- a tweet that would create sympathy for Israelis
  • Hamas spox – an unverified claim from Hamas
  • Rockets – tweets that dealt with Israel’s ability to deal with rockets rather than the destruction they cause.

For context, these are two examples of tweets with an ‘anti -Israel feel. The angle is obvious in both:


Mark Stone

These were the findings of the analysis of the eighty tweets:

  • Anti – 51
  • General – 13
  • Hamas Spox – 2
  • Pro – 7
  • Rockets – 7

Reporting bias

The difference in reporting style was clear. In most cases, where news was given that would spin in Israel’s favour – a deliberate caveat was added to the tweet. When rockets were mentioned, most of the time it was also mentioned that 90%+ were shot out of the sky:

Here are judy a few other examples

  • Dominic Raab tweeted out a clear condemnation of Hamas rocket attacks and reiterated in no uncertain terms that Israel has a right to self-defence. In a separate and obviously lesser tweet, Raab wrote about discussions with Jordan’s FM on the ongoing violence. Stone chose to only retweet the latter.
  • Stone Tweeted out that children in Gaza do not sleep, whilst saying that his own children are sound asleep in Jerusalem. That may be true – but Israeli children in Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod also do not sleep.
  • There are many tweets where he simply shares the words of Gazans – these people are never challenged, merely allowed to push their propaganda. News that he shares from Gaza is never attached to a warning about its veracity – despite the fact that we know Hamas propaganda is in total control.
  • Stone even retweeted the disgraceful post of Jeremy Bowen, which suggested every Jew needed to read an article about racist values in Judaism.
  • He downplayed the number of aid trucks Israel sent into Gaza – neglected to mention they were fired upon by Hamas – and then doubled down when pulled up on it.

There is nothing balanced about Stone’s reporting at all.

Stone mentions the internal violence once. He retweets a comment about the Jewish attack on an Arab in Bat Yam. The tweet completely blames the Israeli government for all the violence on Israel’s streets:

mark stone

This tweet is commentary, inaccurate and disproportionate. It is also misleading. We know that most of the violence (not all) was Arab violence against Jews. There is no mention of this, nor a lynching that took place on the same day in Akko – which almost killed the victim.

Stone is pushing a one-sided narrative.

We are used to anti-Israel media. Activists who have donned a ‘media’ vest to push their bias onto viewers. It appears that Sky News UK is dropping into the gutter of ‘activist journalism’ along with the rest of them and Mark Stone seems to be leading them all the way. Stone now appears to believe that he knows how to protect Israeli civilians better than the forces that have been doing it for decades. Given some of the straight-shooting reporting coming from Sky Australia, maybe Sky UK could learn something from them.


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181 thoughts on “Sky News and Mark Stone – the anti-Israel propagandists

  1. I might have an idea what broke Stone.

    Following is a tweet from an Italian reporter during the 2014 Israel-Gaza war:
    Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris
    5:46 PM · Jul 29, 2014

    Reporters in Gaza are routinely threatened by Hamas and other terrorists. They have to stick to Hamas’ narrative for their own safety, and to avoid their newspaper being banned from Gaza.

    I don’t have time right now, but if you want I can add some more facts and links later.

    1. Dumb Bellamy, HAM-ASS needs Useful Idiots like you to defend them.

      Go To Gaza and Go To HELL.

      Happy Nakba you DUMB SACK of SOCIALIST SHlTler.! 🙂

        1. Tell us more about your time over here with the Arabs during your gap yah Bellers. Did you wear a keffiyeh and badges and everyfink ?

    2. He did Stephen. Don’t you think it was somewhat hypocritical of him – given 70% of his tweets are about events in Gaza – where he isn’t….

  2. Israel is a lost cause. it’s got no future. this is just going to get worse not better. the facts don’t matter. it’s all about perception, just like the so-called ‘holocaust’. there’s a certain irony here. now Israel is on the receiving end of negative publicity instead of Germany. the parallels people draw between Hitler and Israel would be apt if Hitler had actually done what he’s accused of.

    i’d suggest taking up the Patagonia option. wealthy jews have already purchased large swaths of Patagonia as a bolt hole. should probably start moving there now. there aren’t many Patagonians to complain and shoot rockets i suppose. or perhaps Antarctica might be available. live in the Nazi bases why not. or even Mars. take over an entire planet. make it bloom like the Negev.

    1. Hello again Charles. I’d suggest you encourage us more wholeheartedly in our efforts. If the Islamic hordes come for you it won’t matter to them that you point to your posts on the internet and bleat that you hated Jews too. They see you as weak Western whitey and so you will be fair game for them.

      For now, we stand in their way and despite 73 years of trying, they cannot beat us. You better pray that they don’t because if they ever get past us, you’re next. So be nice. We’re keeping you safe.

      1. That seems to be a favourite theme of yours Ian. The world survived long before the genocidal apartheid state was expelled into the geopolitical sphere and it would be a much safer and certainly more peaceful planet if Zionist Israel, along with the satanic cabal who defend and support it would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to attend to a Jewish TeenTalk event.

        1. Fighting talk Brucie. Looks like you fancy your chances of survival without us to keep you safe. Good for you.

          Remember though, we’ve got a 100% record in wars against these savages. You lot, weeeell, not so much.

          Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with some beer and snacks.

          1. “Remember though, we’ve got a 100% record in wars against these savages”.

            Savages? You mean Muslim freedom fighters?. By the same standards, would you refer to the Viet Cong while they were fighting for an independent Vietnam, as ‘savages’ too? That’s kinda racist talk Ian.

            As far as Israel’s faultless 100% military record goes, maybe Ron Arad, Nachshon Wachsman, Guy Hever or Gilad Shalit could answer. Lol.


            1. Calm down Brucie. You should get some oil on those gears. They’re really grinding. Something I said ?

            2. ImaM Oron, How do you explain Islams claim to be

              “The Religion of Peace”?

              when Muslims are killing Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, animists, atheists, gays, girls who “dishonored their family” in some laughable way?

              “Religion of Peace?


              9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Mumbai India massacre, Bastille Day truck jihad in Nice France, jihad on London and Westminster bridges, Fascist Iran and Fascist Hamass executing gays, ISIS beheading videos, near nuclear War between PakiSHTan and India, …

              “F” Fascist Sand Nazi Pal-e-SLIME!

              Happy Nakba!

    2. Meanwhile back here in the real world Israel has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and one of the highest GDP per capita ratios in the world…..

      Some “lost cause” that is…..

    3. Charles Alban the self confessed Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigot,

      So you are back trying to promote your Holocaust denial; well as most sane people know, people that deny the truth are mostly conspiracy theorists that tend to live in a fantasy land created by others cleverer than them.

      Incidentally, your dear leader Hitler in 1935/36 did say that his ‘brownshirts’ must stop harming Jews because it was the run-up to the Berlin Olympics and Hitler wanted world opinion on his side. After the Olympics the Nazi’s returned to their standard Jew hating form

    4. The thing about free advice, especially from a Nazi-fellator like Chuzz, is that it’s always worth what it costs.

  3. I remember seeing a France 24 TV report from the previous Gaza imbroglio where a dead person in civilian clothes with a gun in his hand and grenades on his belt was pulled from some rubble.
    The Gazans pulling him out went to great lengths to attempt to conceal and then remove the weapons from the body before displaying it to the cameras.
    This report featured only once before being removed, and I never saw it again.
    I wonder why it was removed so fast?
    Either because Hamas threatened the news reporters and/or it didn’t fit the news agencies agenda

      1. Three ‘guesses’ in the same 18 post thread Bellers. The imprecision of the long-distance desperado, I guess.

        Then again is there enough time for any of us to ever really know anything ?

        1. BTW, still unclear if Michael/Maria Farmer is dead. Has our Brucie said Kaddish** for him.

          ** Yes I know that the Jewish memorial prayer is normally recited by Jewish people for Jewish people and that neither Brucie nor Michael are Jewish. It was only used here to land the gag..

  4. This is a regular reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi that Zionism = antisemitism, and that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

    1. Here is a friendly reminder that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khybar.

      Happy Nakba to Sand Nazi Islamofascist Terrorist HAM-ASS Gazastan!

      1. Edward, you’re confusing Israelis, Zionists and Jews again.

        Now put on your dunce cap and sit in the corner until you learn.

  5. Hey Brucie. You’re doing your demo this weekend, right ?

    Don’t forget to pack your cagoule. I think the weather is going to turn and you don’t want to get the snuffles. And make sure all your old dears have got their badges on and a little flag. Most likely you’ll be in with the Dervish hordes and you know what they’re like if they see vulnerable white women. Only one thing on their minds and it’s not the dismantling of the apparatus of Zionist Imperialism !

  6. In my role as a legally ordained Rabbi, I will be wearing my Palestinian tallit and kippa whilst I bless the protesters taking part in Saturday’s march..

    1. Cool. But remember. You’re still weak Western whitey to the savages even if you’re pretending to be a sympathetic Rabbi. Your first priority should be to keep your old dears out of harm’s way, especially if they’re bringing the flask and sandwiches.

  7. Why is it when anyone makes an honest assessment of this apartheid regime, the response is always an attempt to defame the person making the assessment rather than an examination of the state of Israel? Or the State of Israel? Just saying…. before you go and look me up to try and find some way of discrediting me personally and avoid the issue entirely.

    1. Ugh. First off, please get the get the fuck off your high horse about defamation and anything being taken “personally”. I have no idea who you really are. You could be a 12-year old edgelord or a 90-year whose spent the last month sobbing over the birthday of the Fuhrer. I do not care, don’t care, could not care less, moving on…If you’re disliked on this board the way your fellow trolls like Waldo and Jack-off and the late great Muck Framer are, it’s for a very simple reason: you preach about honesty but come from the most prolific (not most skillful, though) liars in modern geopolitical debate, and want us to engage this issue on your diseased terms. There are a lot of boards where someone like you can lie your ass off and feel like you’re a King of the Desert. This isn’t one of them, if you’re going to be what you are and do it on here you won’t get credibility or respectful feedback. No one here is afraid of you, you’re just a deeply annoying fraudulent pest, nothing more. And you’re going to be treated like a gross pest on merit. That’s my completed examination. Any questions?

  8. Question….

    What do you call a Rabbi that calls for and actively celebrates the suffering and death of Jews?


    Not a Rabbi…

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    And that is all…..

  9. Question…..

    What do you call someone who describes himself as “Mayer of London” when nobody voted for him ❎ and only the 4 people that post on this message board have even heard of him?


    A deluded demented fuckwit…..

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    And that is all…..

  10. I’ve asked the pretend rabbi’ a number of times for proof of his Rabbinical credentials; but so far he has refused to offer any proof.

    His claim is as authentic as a ‘bacon sandwich on Yom Kippur’

    Any idiot can claim to be whatever they want; but they will never be able to prove what they claim without evidence

  11. Notice how the ‘pretend rabbi’ intentionally misspells words so that he can always say he was not being serious in whatever he says.

    He is here to try and provoke and incite

    He and Greenslime (sorry, I meant Greenstein) are either bosom buddies or even one and the same person

    1. Hey Richard, will you be attending Saturday’s march? Or Sunday’s Zio rally?

      1. I’ll show you my credentials at Saturday’s march. Take it you’ll be with the clown carrying the Zio flag?

    2. Brutes is too ridiculous to be given credibility but too deranged to be written off as harmless. My gut tells me he’s a Jacques Pluss type; my head will keep an eye on his pus-ridden disgusting self to see if he crosses a line he can’t get back over.

  12. 90% of their tunnels destroyed….

    90% of their rockets used up…..

    Most of their top ranking militants killed….

    And yet now they are trying to spin this as a victory…..?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    These Hamas fuckwits must all be as deluded as Loonster Levy !


    See you at the rally Loonster…..

    I will be the one waving the ??


    1. Where are you?

      Or should I say what hospital did they take you to?


  13. It’s demo day Brucie and very sensible advice from you above about first aid kits.

    It’s looking a bit overcast so maybe take some Vicks Vapour rub for the old dears and some extra throat lozenges. With all that singing you don’t want to be going down with a nasty tickle. They’ll need to wrap up nice a warm so maybe the M&S lambs wool keffiyehs are the best bet but be careful when you put on your badges. the pins leave a mark.

    Now, you be good and look after them. You know what those Islamic savages are like when they see Western women, especially the more delicate ones. We don’t want any unpleasantness, do we? Send lots of piccies, especially of the communal singing.

    ” Rag ‘ead boys. We are here. Whoa-oh.
    Rag ‘ead boys. We are here. Whoa-oh.
    Rag ‘ead boys. We are here. Rape your women. Drink your beer.
    Whoa-oh. Whoa-oh. Whoa-oh”

  14. The reason why the Israelis are always at war is because they run an apartheid state.

    They oppress the Palestinian people. Whether the Zios like it or not, they’re going to have to eventually return that land.

    The fact of the matter is, they’re going to have to give up to the Palestinians. You cannot have a South Africa-style apartheid regime–which is what the Zios have right now and expect that everything is just going to be milk and honey.

    1. So, you’re back from your demo Brucie. Still buzzing from it all I see and straight on here to tell us both about it. Good for you.

      Did your old dears get home in one piece? No rudeness or argy bargy from the Dervish I hope.

      Anyway you go and put your feet up with a nice cuppa soup and a bit of telly and we can hear all about it in the morning.

    2. ImaM Oron, You can get at least 200 HAM-ASS T-shirts in Gaza. Those T-shirts are a bit ripped, burned, bloody – but you won’t mind.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  15. The ad-nauseam Zio claim of anti-Semitism is like screaming ‘fire’ in a cinema.

    Dobby I didn’t see you at the march. Was it because the police advised you not to attend for your own safety, or was it for another reason (weekly bath).

    1. Calm down Brucie. We all know you’ve been out today. You can’t stop goin’ on about it .

      Now stop showing off and take a breath. You’ll do yourself a mischief at this rate

  16. The turnout by the pro Pals (Jew hating vermin) counter protest was really quite pathetic….


    We also remember today the 22 souls murdered by that disgusting sack of Islamic jihadi dogsh1t Salman Abedi at Manchester Arena….

    May their dear souls rest in peace and may Abedi burn in eternal hell….


    1. Not Jew-hating, but ZIONIST HATING. What part about that do you not understand?

      And it’s rude to refer to human rights activists as “vermin.”

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.


      1. Not Jew hating?


        Baked any holocaust box car cakes today Rabbi Ahmed?


        Keep praying for Moschiach….he’s the only one who can save you…


        1. “Rabbi Ahmed?”
          What’s that supposed to mean “Dobby?”

    2. Ken Dobkin on May 22, 2021
      “The turnout by the pro Pals (Jew hating vermin) counter protest was really quite pathetic….”

      You’re loving on another planet Dobby! Over 180,000 turned up to support Palestine in London alone…

      You can come out from under your bed now.

      1. Not loving but living, since you’re incapable of that emotion Dobby.

  17. Say it loud,
    Say it clear;
    We don’t want no Zionists here!

  18. Shalom

    Sunday’s pro-Israeli demo in London has less to do with supporting the racist, apartheid state, but more to do with satisfying the egos of the organizers.

    Don’t waste your time. Stay home, go for a walk, go shopping, eat out, enjoy the weather, study Torah, drive, cook, etc…



  19. Cheer up Rabbi Ahmed….


    Nobody with a double figure IQ gives a flying fuck about your racist terrorist Jew murdering agenda….

    And that is all….

  20. David Collier
    2000 years of antisemitism.

    2000 years of Pogroms, expulsions, massacres, persecutions and even a Holocaust.

    And you know what?

    Europe hasn’t learnt a damn thing.

    Europe’s streets are still full of false charges against Jews.

    Absolutely shameful what is taking place.

    Lol. Are you for real? Is this a joke? You’re talking ? David as usual.

    You’re only exploiting and exaggerating the present situation for personal benefit. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to be appointed the government’s Anti-Semitism Tsar.

    Your kind gives us REAL Jews a bad name.

    1. Good to see fellow clergy, especially my blessed NK friends, at Saturday’s rally. REAL Jews they are.

      1. I hope NK,Neturi Karta, moves to Gaza.

        Sand Nazi, Terrorist, Islamofascist HAM-ASS desperately NEEDS Human Shields

        and what better Human Shield could Islamofascist HAM-ASS want than NK.

        Happy Nakba to Pal-e-SLIME and Neteuri Karta!

    2. Dear ImaM Oron, MORON OF LONDON,

      How angry does it make you and your fellow Imam’s to see Yahoods kick the Shiite out of Sand Nazi HAM-ASS???

  21. Poor Rabbi Ahmed….


    Dedicated his entire miserable life to eradicating Zionism….

    To no avail…..

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    What a waste of a shitty life that is….


  22. Brucie, I imagine that one of the recurring challenges faced by your team are the endless accusations that antisemitism and antizionism are the same things and the inconvenience to you all of having to concoct ever more imaginative rebuttals. I guess that you are feeling this at the moment when you see your colleagues around the world giving a sound kicking to anyone they see wearing a kippah, standing by a kosher deli or even looking faintly Jewish. So, I have a small suggestion for you on a customer service initiative that will enable you to tackle this troublesome issue more effectively.

    You may benefit form a pre-engagement questionnaire that can be carried by your operatives and used to qualify potential targets in order to avoid time wasting on redundant or irrelevant leads. I’m not going to write the whole thing for you but questions could included, for example ” Are you (a) Jewish, (b) Jewish and Zionist, (c) Jewish and not Zionist, (d) Not Jewish but Zionist,
    (e) undecided”.

    The responses could be presented and stored on an iPad for digital record and to justify follow-on actions when challenged. Naturally the operatives on scene will then be in a position to administer the kicking based on informed feed back and you will not be troubled by inconvenient and adverse PR that damages the brand and its agreed message.

    In your capacity as an imaginary public official, pretend cleric and organ of internet Jew hate, you would seem well placed to initiate this new clarification tool.

    You have to admit it’s worth considering, right?

    1. Echoes of that deranged racist moron Scoffy’s list on how to define a Jew:

      To the Jewish Israel bashers:

      Please confirm the following:

      1. Examples of active participation in synagogue services over the last six months
      2. The number of mezuzot in your home
      3. Fluency in reading/speaking Hebrew
      4. Participation in rabbinical shiurim in the past six months
      5. Positions held within the Jewish community
      6. Extent of kashrut observance
      7. Examples of active support for Israel in past six months
      8. Frequency of synagogue attendance

      1. Hmmm. Not sure this helps your operatives qualify who does and does not get the kicking Brucie and still leaves you wide open to the inconvenience of seeing the Islamist savages laying into someone simply because they look Jewish or are standing near a bagel store.

        I think the questionnaire, possibly laminated in handy pocket format goes some way to eliminating this problem for you and ensures that the right boots engage with the right heads, which you say is your real objective.

        Wanna discuss this as an active project ?

      2. So the guy who calls himself a “Rabbi” and “Mayer of London” is calling someone else a “deranged moron”?

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        Ironic much?


    1. “moooohammed” said let there be war – and the Infidels were many and mighty

      even the Jews/Yahoods are Mighty.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  23. Levy,the Holocaust denigrating pretend rabbi

    The only person that is deranged on this site is you

    Where is this supposed evidence of your ordination in any sect or group. Please don’t supply mail in qualifications that can be bought on the Internet for a small fee

    1. I was at Saturday’s rally with my credentials waiting for you. Did you not turn up (against Police advice) or did you spend the entire day on the toilet, Dick?

      1. ImaM Oron,

        GO TO GAZA to help clear the rubble and the collapsed “Metro” tunnels.

        Happy Nakba! 🙂

  24. Dear comrades, friends and online congregants

    ZIonism is a political movement, contradictory to the Jewish religion that has existed for thousands of years.

    Judaism is spirituality, a religion of compassion to emulate God. ZIonism was created a little over 100 years ago by atheists, by people who abhorred religion.

    Zionists wanted to transform Judaism from religion to nationality, godless in its essence. That’s not Judaism and Zionists have no right to use the name of Israel and upsurp the name of Judaism and steal Judaism’s symbols and identity that have caused death and distruction since 1948.

    Let us pray for the destruction of the apartheid state and for peace with justice as apartheid Israel’s Zionist leaders pay the ultimate price for their crimes against humanity. Let us send them on their journey to HaShem speedily and swiftly.

    שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד

    1. Yes, yes Brucie. But how are you going to ensure that your boot boys in the Dervish Massive select the right targets to support your story that it’s about Zio hate not Jew hate.

      If these savages go around giving a good kicking to anyone that looks like a Jew or is waiting by the door of a kosher deli, it looks to everyone like it is about Jew hate doesn’t it?

      You’ve not thought this through properly.

      1. Of course if, as we suspect, differentiation is less of a priority for you and your team, we can draw the logical conclusions.

        Anyway, we know what these savages are like with Western women when their blood is up, so you make sure you keep your old dears safe. Instead of pretending to be a Jew and a cleric, perhaps instead you could pretend to be their friend.

  25. Brucie Levy, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrating racist

    I would never have risked going to your anti-Jewish Antisemitic hate festival for fear of being lynched for being a Jew.

    The only Jews permitted there are Holocaust denigrating Jews who hate Jews, because it advances their agenda.

    So why not post proof of your ordination on this site because you seem so proud of it; that is if it exists of course

    1. Jewish version of the Sunni v Shiite antagonisms – but less bloody.

      Happy Nakba to All! 🙂

      1. Odd innit that our Brucie doesn’t want to talk about his boot boys targeting people for a kicking because they are Jewish, look Jewish or hang around with Jews or near Jewish places.

        If it’s just about Zios and not Jews as he claims, you’d think he’d be keen as anything to chat about this.

        Is he fibbing ?

        1. David Collier
          Two messages from London rally#SolidarityWithIsrael

          “One – a sea of Israeli flags. Massive support. joyous atmosphere

          Two – behind a protective barrier of police. Jews cannot be proud of their identity without massive protection.

          Joyful and sad together. The story of the Jews.”

          There’ll always be a lunatic fringe element in any society.

          Those Zios NEED to be protectedfrom the wrath of decent human beings

          I will pray for them.


          1. Yes Brucie. But what of your operatives that seem to be making it about Jews and giving a kicking to anyone with a kippah, proximity to a bagel shop etc.

            Aren’t they cocking it up for you and your story that its Zios not Jews?

            1. Sure it has something to do with the Zio propaganda equating Jews and ZIonism. .

              Zios need antisemitism because it gives them an excuse to justify and defend the crimes committee by Israel against Palestinians and non-Zionist Jews.

              We know the Zio game plan.

              1. So , to your Islamic savages all Jews are fair game for violence then Brucie? That what you’re saying?

    2. You had you chance Dickie and you blew it. I turned up, you didn’t.

  26. Brucie babes, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    Zionism is as old as Judaism.

    Abraham left what is present day Iraq to go up to the Promised Land.

    Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and up to the Promised Land

    The Jews left their exile in Persia to go up to Jerusalem and Zion.

    The First Jewish Revolt and the Second Jewish Revolt happened because of the occupiers desecration of Jewish Jerusalem and Zion

    Zionism, in it’s many faceted names and forms is integral to Jewish belief and faith, and no two bit hustlers and con men can change that

    So where is yòur documented proof of any religious ordination that you claim to have

    1. “Zionism is as old as Judaism.”

      Whut? Lol.

      ZIonism was founded in 1897.

      1. So Brucie, are you and your mates checking whether your Jewish targets for violence are Zios before giving them a kicking or are you not bothered?

        1. What was that about “Islamic savages” Ian?

          That’s quite racist, don’t you think? They are our sisters and brothers

          1. “Islamic savages”? “Islamophobia”?

            9/11, Londons 7/7 2005, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan and Bastille Day in Nice, Mumbai, Boston marathon, Orlando nightclub, Nairobi, Bali, Moscow, Beslan, Bamiyan, ISIS beheading videos, hanging gays, stoning girls to death, Brussels airport, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Garland TX, London and Westminster bridges, Pan Am 103, sneaker and underwear bombers, Times Square SUV bomber, USS Cole, murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, death threats against Danish cartoonists and South Park cartoon show, writer Salman Rushdie, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, beheading of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty over a class on Freedom of Speech….

            Islam has declared War on the Entire World – even against fellow Muslims.

          2. Well Brucie, be that as it may, when they target kippah-wearers for a kicking or people who are eating at kosher diners, is it because they assume they’re Zionist or us it because they don’t care?

            You may trot out the mantra that it’s not about Jews. It is to them though, innit?

  27. Not very Jewish to speak of “Islamic savages” Ian.

    Those “Islamic savages” as you call them, are your sisters and brothers.

  28. What do you mean by “Islamic savages” Ian?.
    Those “Islamic savages” are your sisters and brothers

    1. ImaM Oron,

      “Islamic savages”….

      Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram Al Shabab, Sadaam Hussein, Assad dictatorship, Ghadaffi, Arafart, Nassar, ErDOGan, Fascist Iran, Ayatoolas, Snake Yassin, HAM-ASS, Hezbola, …

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  29. Hey Brucie, is it just me or are you experimenting with a new copy/paste ?

    I got all nostalgic for a moment there thinking about dear old Michael/Maria and their much loved and oft pasted “Nakba, that reminds me…..” . Are we entering a new age of repetition? Let’s just check this out to be certain.

    When your mates, the Islamic savages roam UK streets screaming that they’re looking for Jews to attack, do they mean Jews, do they mean Zios or are they not bothered either way?

    1. What do you mean by “Islamic savages” Ian?

      You claim to be Jewish, but that’s not a very Jewish thing to say.

      Remember they are your sisters and brothers.

      1. There we go. “Islamic Savages” is the trigger. Good boy Brucie. Let’s play.

  30. Brucie babes, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    Those people you call your ‘brothers and sisters’ , they roam the streets in packs screaming that they want to kill me because I’m a Jew; and you support them and you call yourself a Jew.

    Where are your so-called ordination certificates etc; or are you just a two bit hustler and/or common con man

    1. Richard, our Brucie is not a proper activist but just a chippy old soak with non-Jewish mummy issues and some sad back-story of marginalisation and exclusion. I mentioned these to him a few episodes back and he got really cross with me, so I imagine it’s still an open wound.

      Any ‘normal’ would have sorted these out years ago but our lad has clung onto them and allowed them to define his personality and his life. Somehow he imagines that writing silly posts on the internet with the aim of winding up a few Jews will bring him some closure. I can’t see it.

      1. When you can’t defend the indefensible, you get personal.

        But hey, ho..apartheid Israel has got to go!

        1. Brucie, “personal” is all I’m here for. It’s far more fun than pretending to have something important to say to other internet muppets.

          Anyway, there is no shame in your situation, just the way you’ve chosen to deal with it. I was going to add that we all have our crosses to bear. But given your back-story, that might seem insensitive.

            1. Anyway Brucie, did you figure out how to keep up the pretence that it’s about Zios when all the attacks are against anyone wearing a kippah, holding a bagel or looking a bit Jewish?

              Your team mates don’t seem to have got the memo.

              1. I have the honour of being invited to speak at a local Mosque about the right righteous campaign against the racist, inhuman, cruel and degenerate Zionist state

                Not everyone can travel to the mid-East to fight the Zionist beast, but everyone can help destroy the Zio warmongering dogs wherever they live by participating in BDS and refusing to buy all Israeli goods.

                Will also be promoting the ‘squeeze test’ that can be used on Israeli produce, especially citrus fruit often sold in supermarkets.

              2. I wear a kippa and eat bagels in public. Lots of people do and never are bothered

                1. Good to know Brucie. So when a group of Islamic savages (there’s your queue) stop their car, jump out and give you a good kicking, how many fractions of a second will it take you to blurt out that you’re not actually a Jew ?

                  You’ll find that personal safety overrides the scars of a troubled past every day. It may even give you the closure you seek and allow you to move on.

                  1. What do you mean by “Islamic savages” Ian?

                    You claim to be Jewish, but that’s not a very Jewish thing to say.

                    Remember they are your sisters and brothers.

                    1. Good boy Brucie. You’re the shop guy. What do you reckon the shelf life is on this new copy/paste ? Longer than your “Nakba, that reminds me..”? Longer than Michael ?

                      Anyway, when they chant “rape their daughters”, do they mean Jewish daughters or Zio daughters ?

    1. Did you and your flag attend Saturday’s protest “Dobby?”

      Or did you spend the day on the toilet as well?

      1. Makes you wonder what that “protest” was REALLY about doesn’t it Rabbi Ahmed ?

        1. Our Brucie still doesn’t want to talk about his team mates making it clear that it’s about Jews not Zios Ken. He’s only here to exorcise his non-Jewish mummy issues and actually has more skin in his pants than he does in the game.

          Too personal ??

          1. Yawn ?.

            Think I’ll be devoting more time to my boxcar collection.

            Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.


            1. How come you keep mentioning boxcars Brucie?

              Is this one of your activist in-jokes ?

          1. Nothing Brucie. No answer about all these Boxcar references? Summat to do with country music?

            1. What do you mean by “Islamic savages” Ian?

              You’re living proof of the racist, satanic creed of ZIonism.

              Remember always, they are your sisters and brothers.

              Leviticus 19:18: “You shall not take vengeance, nor hold any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD.”



              1. Ha! You’re doing that “Two Ronnies” thing now where you give an answer to a point that wasn’t made. Textbook !

                How come you won’t tell me why you keep going on about boxcars ? Is it secret activist code ?

          2. The 66.4 million people that didn’t join your hate march can’t be wrong either Rabbi Ahmed….


  31. For the pretend rabbi, making a mockery of and denigrating the Holocaust is a full time occupation

    The only ordination he has ever got is in the temple ? of Jew hatred and Holocaust denigration

    Our Brucie is certainly not the type of person that it would be a pleasure to break bread with

    1. A reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi that being Jewish doesn’t mean being Zionist…and that being anti-Zionist does not mean being anti-Semitic.

      Also, your reminder that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

      That is all.

      1. Yes, yes, very good Brucie but I asked you why you kept going on about boxcars yesterday and you wouldn’t answer. How come?

        1. You’re the one who seems obsessed with boxcars Ian.

          I would tread very carefully if I was you since I’m one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject.

  32. I suppose there will always be tension in the Middle East when one group of people wants to murder Jews and the Jews don’t want to let themselves be murdered and neither side is willing to compromise….

    ? ???????????

  33. Brucie babes, the pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    I never mentioned Zion, Zionism, Zionists in my post

    What I did say was you are a Holocaust denigrator

    Also, I asked for proof of your ordination into any sect or group which you haven’t acknowledged. You are pretty much a two bit hustler and/or con man

    1. Hey Dick, You stood me up Saturday. I brought my credentials, yet you failed to show up. I don’t give second chances. Your kind are all alike.

  34. Brucie babes, the Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    We Jews and Zionists don’t hold the grudge. It’s the Islamists and ‘jews in name only’ and ‘pretend jews’ that hold the grudge

    You quoted from Leviticus
    “…..take vengeance, nor hold any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD.”


    The calls to kill and harm Jews is all from your side. The assaults and violence and property destruction are all from your side

    Israel responded to the violence and pogroms of your side. It was Synagogues, not Mosques, that were torched. It was Jewish houses and cars that were torched and damaged by Muslim mobs in Israel. An Arab even threw a flaming device into another Arabs house because he thought they were Jews; a child got badly burned there.

    But then Jew hating jews can only ever see the anti-Jewish side of anything

  35. If I was elected Mayor of London, we wouldn’t have this issue because my first act in office would of been to criminalize ZIonism as a hate crime.

    From there the rest is easy.

    1. What do you mean by “Islamic savages” Ian?

      Remember always, they are your sisters and brothers.

      Judaism isn’t about imposing ZIonism and fighting antisemitism. Judaism is about spirituality.

      Read your Torah and treat others the way you’d like to be treated.


    2. Very good Brucie. But why won’t you tell me why you keep going on and on about boxcars. Also, how does someone become an expert in them. Are you a train spotter in your spare time ?

      Seems weird to be talking about raping Jews and the old world splendour of the Flying Scotsman in the same post. How come you’ve taken this tack?

        1. Here’s some numbers Dobby:

          200,000 proud and outraged pro-Palestinian supporters (minimum)
          1,500 cowering Zios
          (over estimate)

          Chew on that.

        2. You any idea why our Brucie goes on and on about boxcars, Ken?

          I’ve Googled it looking for links between people that want to wind up Jews on the internet and an appreciation for mixed-use commercial rolling stock. Found nothing so far. He even says he’s an expert in them which seems very specific.

  36. The JCrap estimated 1,500 at Sunday’s pro-apartheid Israel rally. Lol. Yeah right

    Likely fewer than 1,000 crammed into…under heavy police protection. The police were there not to protect the Zios, but to keep an eye on them and ensure those savage beasts didn’t get out of order.

    And your mate EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson and his mates were in attendance. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Does it?

    Anyway, this song is needed now more than ever:


    Tune: “Bye Bye Love”
    Author: unknown

    To help the people of Palestine
    we won’t buy grapefruit or Israeli wine
    and if you’re wondering what you can do
    Please join the boycott and help them too.

    Don’t buy dates
    Don’t buy Jaffa fruit
    Don’t buy Israeli wine
    There’s a boycott going o-on. (Repeat)

    Tell all your neighbours, please don’t be shy
    Read all the labels before you buy
    If it says Israel, don’t hesitate
    don’t put apartheid upon your plate!’


    Check sweet potatoes, avocados too.
    If it says Israel, you know what to do.
    Just read the bar codes – those little lines
    Things made in Israel start 7-2-9.


    So help the people of Palestine
    and don’t buy grapefruit or Israeli wine
    And if you’re wondering what you can do
    Then join the boycott and help them too –
    Yes join the boycott and help them too!

    1. If Islam is “The Religion of Peace”, then explain the following…

      – 9/11 and 3,000+ dead
      – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – 1972 invasion of the Summer Olympics in Munich and murder of athletes
      – 1981 assassination of Egyptian President and Peace Maker Anwar Sadat
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed onto Lockerbie scotland
      – 2005 London’s 7/7 transport bombings
      – beheadings of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
      – Boston Marathon bombing
      – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
      – Manchester arena bombing
      – Rotherham rape gangs
      – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
      – massacre of staff at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
      – massacre of concert goers at Bataclan music venue
      – massacre of concert goers at Manchester arena
      – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
      – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
      – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
      – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
      – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
      – Mumbai India massacre by Pakistani Jihadis
      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
      – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
      – ISIS beheading videos
      – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
      – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
      – murder of tourists in Luxor
      – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
      – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
      – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
      – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
      – Brussels airport bombing
      – bombing of USS Cole
      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
      – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
      – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
      – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
      – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
      – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
      – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
      – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
      – DC Beltway sniper
      – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
      – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
      – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
      – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
      – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
      – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields and slave labour to dig tunnels
      – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
      – Armenian Genocide by the Ottomans
      – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
      – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
      – London and Westminster bridge stabbings and car rammings
      – Pensacola FL. AND Corpus Christi TX Naval base attacks
      – Reading, UK, stabbing of 6, 3 of whom died
      – Beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty over a class on Freedom of Speech
      – 2021 10 people shot to death in a supermarket in Boulder Colorado by a Syrian refugee
      – Farraklan jihadi rammed a car into two White House Security officers, killing one

      and on and on….

      Resist Islamofascism and its Socialist supporters

    2. Not a fan of Tommy Robbo then Brucie? Can’t see why.

      If you’re outnumbered by a Dervish horde, intent on raping your women and getting biblical with your white western ass, I reckon you’d sooner have Tommy and his mates alongside you. All the better for ensuring that your enemy knows that his malicious intent towards you will result in him becoming acquainted with the business end of a Doc Martin or a brass KD rather than receipt of a strongly worded solicitor’s letter from some whiny diasporan yid.

      You may be thankful for an intro the way things are going for you over there.

    3. A few more numbers for you Shifo….

      Number of years that The State of Israel has existed…….73

      Number of years The State of Palestine has existed………0

      Number of votes you got in the London Mayoral Election…….0

      Go chew on that……….

  37. David Collier
    Tell ya what.

    “Radical Islamic thugs calling for Jewish blood on Europe’s streets.

    Tiny Israel surrounded by Islamic terror groups.

    UK Labour and US Democrat politicians spewing anti-Jewish rhetoric.

    If Jews did rule the world – I don’t think this is how they’d make it.”

    “Radical Islamic thugs”?! Wtf?!

    You Zios would be the first to cry ‘antisemitism’ if someone tweeted about ‘murdering Jewish thugs.’

    1. I know Ed. First we lose poor Michael to heaven knows what. Now our Brucie’s vanished. Hope he’s not fallen victim to one of those marauding Muslim rape gangs seeking out pale western flesh.

      1. Imagine the scenario:

        (Scene opens in a grimy side street in South London where a gang of 10 or more angry Islamic Activists have chased and cornered a lone white male who is quivering with fear as the gang closes in)

        Whitey: “Come on lads. It’s me Bruce Levy, off the internet. I’m one of you.”

        Abdul: ” What like Muslim, innit?”

        Whitey: ” No. Course not. But I’m on your team and support everything you do.”

        Abdul (searching the internet on his phone): Says ‘ere you’re a Rabbi, you pray to the Jewish god and love all the Jews. You kiddin’ me bled?

        Whitey: NOOO! I’m not. I pretend to be a rabbi and I’m not even Jewish. I only pretend to be to wind up the Jews on the internet. I hate them more than you do. You’re making a terrible mistake. ”

        Abdul (loosening the belt on his pants) “Makes no difference. You’re all white infidel to us, now assume the position or this will be painful.”

        Whitey: NOOOOOO….!!!!!

        Shame he didn’t make friends with Tommy Rob and the Jews. He may have stood a fighting chance.

    1. First they took old Michael. Then Brucie disappeared. Now it’s just you Bellers.

      Wait. It is you Bellers and not some proxy Bellers who stands in for real Bellers in the event of something unfortunate happening to real Bellers? We may need more proof Say ” Ooo, look at Scoffy, seen here here shouting at someone in 2003″.

  38. All the white western trolls are having to regroup quite quickly now and adjust their approach. They’ve used the “It’s not Jews. It’s Zios” tactic when challenged but that has changed now. Inconveniently for keffiyeh- wearing old whitey, the Islamists have proven unreliable and thrown a right old spanner in the works.

    Screaming for Jewish blood on the streets of London, NYC, Paris and San Francisco, the rape of Jewish women and the beating of Jewish religious figures doesn’t sit too well with the “Only Zios” position of poor white Jew hating activist at his decorators table and on his blog and now they’re in a communications tizzy.

    Quite keen to see how they re-present the new message to mitigate the poor PR as their team mates from the Islamic community break ranks and go off message.

    1. I was talking about Islamists wrecking the façade that Bellers and his team have worked so hard on with their message that it’s not about Jews. It’s about Zios.

      Not sure that a 2003 copy/paste does enough to deflect from motorcades of UK Islamists screaming for the rape of Jewish girls and women and the beating of Jewish religious figures. Maybe it does in Bellers Land.

      1. Since I don’t think about Jews from one day to the next I don’t give a flying fuck what is about Jews and what isn’t about Jews. Jews are your thing

          1. When trolls have to tell anyone who will listen that they are totally not arsed with Jews, and have to come to Jew sites to do it.

            What a hoot !.

              1. Ha! The trolls who can’t stop telling us how they’re totally not arsed about Jews are back on a Jew site thinking about Jews.

                Double hoot !

    1. Yup surely nobody could take this article seriously. Oh wait……

      I guess the IOF would have done better to splatter around hot pics of Scoffie and Simple Simon in their bermudas and red paint splattered t shirts

      1. No worries Bellers. If your thing is browsing pics of florid faced blokes of a certain age in their pants then knock yourself out son.

        Seems your pro-Paly team mates prefer to knock one out to pics of our comely gals with guns. Each to their own, I guess.

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