Lies, incitement and irresponsibility – the western betrayal of Israel

Israel is under attack and Israeli civilians are once more being targetted by the rockets of radical Islamic terror groups. 1000s of rockets have been fired at dozens of Israeli towns and cities.  Radical Islamic terrorists are trying to kill as many innocent civilians as they can. This undeniable simplicity makes the betrayal, incitement and irresponsibility of mainstream media, and western politicians – all the more unforgivable.


The story of Gaza is not complicated. The land was due to be part of the Arab state in the partition plan of 1947. It was captured by Egypt during the 1948/49 war of Independence. During the armistice talks, Israel offered to annexe Gaza and absorb all its refugees but the offer was turned down. The area was captured by Israel in the defensive 1967 war and was one of the first areas offered to the Palestinians for ‘self-rule’ in 1994. Following the second Intifada -and to universal applause, Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, dismantling settlements and giving the Palestinians a chance to provide an example of what they could do with land that they fully controlled.

There was hope. Israel built an impressive crossing area at Erez capable of handling 10,000s of daily workers. Plans were put in place for massive industrial estates. The opening of a port in Gaza was agreed upon, there were to be regular convoys to the West Bank and discussions took place over the building of an airport.

The Palestinians had other ideas. In 2006 they voted for Hamas in elections. Hamas refused to abide by any agreements, and Israel, the US and the EU placed sanctions on them. Hamas violently took full control of the strip and Israeli towns began to experience regular rocket fire. This – along with the increasing range of those rockets -has been the story for the last 15 years.

There are two sides to this conflict. The Israeli side – which wants peace – and the radical Islamic terrorists who do not.


We all know what Hamas is and what the radical Islamic terror group wants. They are very clear in their genocidal, antisemitic and bloodthirsty statements.

The total betrayal of the west has been to ignore those facts and the history – and to turn everything on its head. Israel is now blamed for the rockets – as if Israel protecting itself against the terrorists is the cause of the problem. If the 1000s of rockets were falling down on London, Washington or Paris – then Gaza would have ceased to exist long ago. Everyone knows that Israel is acting with maximum restraint – all the time – but not a single western nation or media outlet – is willing to acknowledge it.

Over the last week, only one side has been firing indiscriminately at civilian targets – and they are the radical Islamic terrorists in the Gaza strip.

It isn’t just the hard left. Even more moderate and mainstream politicians are at it. The UK’s Boris Johnson issued a mealy-mouthed statement that appealed to both sides – as if Israel and that vile Islamist terror group are somehow equal.

The truth is that all these leaders are running scared of Muslim populations in their own countries. Look at the anti-Israel demonstrations taking place across Europe. It is no longer just ageing Marxists on the street waving Palestinian flags. At a recent London demonstration, Jewish counter-demonstrators were kettled and then escorted out for their own safety – as the angry mob became too threatening.


Our own media and politicians are offering up Israel as a sacrifice. Trying to maintain a balance between the Jew and the terrorist that seeks to kill the Jew. A strategy of appeasement in the hope that radicals in their own Islamic communities will remain focused on only hating Israel.

They see the angry crowds in their streets – they see the anti-Israel trends on social media – and they simply cave. It is the ultimate betrayal.

From betrayal to incitement

As if the betrayal of Israel was not enough – the actions of those in the west make the situation worse.

The escalating violence is clearly coordinated and has been several weeks in the making. The latest round began with the TikTok attacks on Jerusalem’s orthodox Jews -and escalated all the way through to rockets on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

What followed the early disturbances – at the time when it was probably still possible to contain the violence – was truly sickening. Look at this tweet from Nicola Sturgeon:

nICOLA sTURGEONThe tweet was from May 8 shortly after Muslim gangs had rioted in Jerusalem, using Al Aqsa as their base camp. With groups launching attacks on Jews from the religious site, Israel was forced to take action – as any nation’s law enforcement officers would have done. Sturgeon’s one-sided tweet basically ‘green lights’ Palestinian violence – letting them know that they can continue without fear of being held to account. Worse still, her message shifts the argument from a property dispute to a religious battle. It is the rallying cry of ‘save Al Aqsa’ that has been used so many times before and that has led to so much bloodshed.

If Sturgeon does not realise this message will stir up religious fervour, at the very time she should be acting responsibly, she has no place in power at all. It really is shocking that anyone, let alone a Scottish First Minister, would think this message was suitable to share in public.

Every Palestinian action, however violent, becomes excused. Maybe someone will raise the question with Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament. If the Scottish police evict several families of squatters who refuse to pay rent – is then a radical Islamic terror group justified in firing 1000s of rockets on the good people of Glasgow and Edinburgh? Or would she treat that case differently?

The trending false narrative

Sturgeon was not alone. The ‘storming Al Aqsa’ narrative was the trending one, with politicians and media falling over each other to use words that can incite – not just those rioting Arabs in Jerusalem – but devout Muslims in their own neighbourhoods.

Once the false narrative of ‘storming Al Aqsa’ had been adopted and spread by the press and politicians, there was absolutely no reason for Hamas or Islamic Jihad to scale back the violence. Why should they – after all, they were being violent and Israel was getting all the blame. As long as the media lens is on the Israeli policeman using force to quell the violence, rather than the rioters – the riots can continue without political cost. The riots can then become rockets. And all the while, with these outlets spreading lies, they were raising religious tensions back home too.

‘The holiest Mosque in Judaism’

The level of reporting could not be more amateurish – at a time when what we all need most is professionalism. Take this wonderful nugget from the Daily Express:

‘The holiest Mosque in Judaism’ is not a phrase you would expect to see in a national newspaper. The whole Express article is an atrocious mess – but that classic line shows just how bad some of this reporting is. How did that article ever become a published web page?


What was the aim of these people – and there were many – if not to whip up their followers into a frenzy – into mobs that see Israel as brutally attacking innocent Muslim worshippers at Islamic holy sites? Clowns performing before the crowds – wanting to be loved – and selling out the truth and the Jews for a little bit of adoration.

I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to someone in private who ‘gets it,’ only to see them bow before the public pressure and make outrageous statements online.

Because much of this is a numbers game. There are only 15 million Jews in the world and they are outnumbered by both Muslims and Christians 100s to 1. Footballers, celebrities, mostly Muslims, are using their platforms to call for ‘free Palestine’ – at a time when Israeli civilians are under rocket attack.

Hamas does get the message. So does Islamic Jihad. They fire rockets at Israeli civilians and they can witness the world’s social media coming out in support of them. There is no clouding this issue. We are witnessing a straight fight between Hamas and Israel – and Hamas are the ones with the public support. They even have online armies sending their thanks to everyone who comes out in support. One large happy family of terrorists, terrorist appeasers and Jew-haters.

It is foolish to think the international support does not register in Gaza. What would happen if Hamas exploded in violence and the world demanded accountability from them? Would they reign in the violence if the lens was on them? We cannot answer the question because it never happens. As if reading from a script, Hamas and the international reaction always follow the same pattern – in which Israel gets the blame. Much of it is driven by a combination of the Ummah and western cowardice.

And Jews around the world see it. We are escorted by police at demonstrations to save us from violence. Our children are given additional security at schools. We face untold vile abuse online – little of which appears to contravene the standards of the social media platforms.

What message are Jews to take from all this – if not that our time in the diaspora is done?

Everyone deserves better than this. Even the Palestinians. All this just perpetuates and deepens the conflict. Politicians and the media have completely lost their moral compass. What we are witnessing is a shameful and total betrayal of the truth, of Israel, and of the Jews.


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162 thoughts on “Lies, incitement and irresponsibility – the western betrayal of Israel

  1. i think ultimately the Chinese will take care of this…the kings of the East, as it says in Revelations. they’ll do trade and investment deals with all the Arab countries, and with Israel, and the conditions will be that they will cease and desist from aggressive action against each other. the Chinese will act as independent arbiters, backed up by their increasingly powerful military. they know how to handle Muslims, as we see with the Uighars, supported by other Muslim countries. the US will leave the scene in its increasing disarray and decline.

    1. You know as much about Chinese national security policies as you do about not being a pus-infected pile of shit, Chuzz. You’re a tumor on this board. Sad that you enjoy being worthless like you do.

  2. David, a question: What would we in Britain have done if the Naziz had occupied us?

    Zionists are occupying Palestine, therefore the Palestinians are resisting that occupation. When you occupy another country, you do not get the right to tell those you occupy what they can and can’t do to resist that occupation when fighting back.

    This as you always try to portray, it is not a confrontation between Jews and Palestinians, it is a confrontation between ZIONISTS and Palestinians. There are many many Jews who completely and vociferously disagree with Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and the destruction of their property.

    1. It was never their country….that is the difference….

      Britain was/is an independent sovereign state…..Palestine has never been that….

      The country they were offered they turned down and all of their problems stem from this idiotic decision….

      1. Recently the fascist LaBOOR party was dealt ANOTHER defeat at the Polls.

        Fascist Socialism is losing traction in the UK.

        Happy Nakba! 🙂

        1. Jack shiT, “palestinian” history?


          MYTHS and LIES like “Islam is The Religion of Peace”

          “Peace” like 9/11, Pan Am 103, London’s 7/7 transport attacks, beheading of Lee Rigby on the streets of London, ISIS beheading videos, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, Boston Marathon bombing, Rotherham rape gangs, …


          Take your “Religion of Peace” and stick where Sun don’t shine, BUT the Nakba shines Bright.

          Happy Nakba! 🙂

    2. 100 fuckheads on Sqwakbox and a handful of oft-quoted Azajews who helped your pinup gal Corbyn to the worst GE loss in 84 year is not “many many” Jews, Jack-off. For someone who lies as easily as you do, how come you’re so inept at fraud?

        1. Jack shiT, the worst racism and “isamophobia” comes from


          – See the 500,000 who died in Syria at the hand of other Arabs/Muslims.
          – See the 1,000,000 who died at the hand of other Arabs/Muslims in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

          Really, you DUMB sack of Socialist SHlTler, wh

        2. I think Jack-off can be insulted, because he’s galactically stupid, but I don’t think Jack-off REALIZES when he’s being insulted, because he’s so so so so stupid. So facing off with him is like swatting a mosquito with a battleship, but as long as he’s going to stink up this site then I have to detail how much he sucks.

          1. Ben, it’s impossible for cretins such as yourself, Edward the retard and others to insult me. You and they have zero credibility. I’m surprised David allows you to post your juvenile comments here.

            By the way have you noticed that David is never able to answer my questions lest he is made to look even more foolish.?

            Do you and the others realise you are fools following a fool?

            1. I stand by this board, and I stand by everything I wrote about you. Go find someone else to sputter fantasies at; I’d say somewhere else, but pointing out your failures is fun for me, so stick TF around.

    1. peckerhead,

      Chant this….

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!


      P.S. Go to Gaza. HAM-ASS needs Useful Idiots like you as Human Shields.

  3. And by the way, Israel has NOT completely withdrawn from Gaza, the guards have simply moved from the inside to the outside. Gaza is still a prison camp having no independent existence

    1. HAM-ASS makes Gaza a “prison camp”, with rockets, missiles, TV stations, 13 story buildings.

      “F” Pal-e-SWINE and its supporters.

    2. Yes a prison camp with a 25 miles beach and five star hotels….

      ? ? ? ? ?

      Ah well….we all get what we vote for I suppose….


  4. To all Westwrn Whiteys currently being seen to appease Islamic extremists; doing your customary “Look at us hating Jews and Israel, just like you do. So please don’t kill us.” It won’t work. You’re Western Whiteys and they just see you as weak.

    Lucky for you we’re here to keep them from you. But remember; if they ever get by us, you’re next.

    1. Like you, I’m appalled by the incessant capitulation to regressive ideologies. Both primary schools in Birmingham, and Batley Grammar, have altered their liberal curricula to suit a hysterical mob which abhors critical thinking . The Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yusaf, almost succeeded recently in making it illegal to criticise his belief system even in one’s own home. More shocking even than the proposal itself was the complete absence of any mass protest about this in the media.

      The Jews have indeed been forced to play the role of the canary in the European coalmine. We should know by now that assaults on Jewish autonomy are always the beginning of a widespread attack on independence of mind and freedom of expression.

  5. Interesting article David….

    However there is a very big difference between the conflict in 2014 and this one…..

    The 2014 Gaza war received 24/7 rolling news coverage and the demonisation of Israel was unlike anything seen before….

    But in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed millions…..this obsessing over all things Israel is not happening now….

    Last night’s Question Time did not feature Gaza at all.

    Watching BBC news and the Israel/Gaza conflict is way down the list…..with time allocated limited to just a few minutes……

    The expected obsession with the “crimes” of Israel seems to have been replaced by ambivalence….

    1. Ken Dobkin “Last night’s Question Time did not feature Gaza at all.”

      Why? because the BBC is complicit in keeping the true explanation of the Palestinins’ reaction away from the public.

      The BBC is riddled with Zionists therefore they will not explain to the pubic that it is, and always has been, the intention of the Zionists to completely eradicate Palestinians from Palestine. The first stage is well under way to dispossess Palestinians of their land and property so that settlers from outside can move in and take over.

      1. Jack shiT,

        The BBC is riddled with Arabists/Islamists therefore they will not explain to the pubic that it is, and always has been, the intention of “palestinians” to completely eradicate Jews from Israel.

        BTW Jews were in Israel BEFORE there were any Muslims. How many Mosques were in Jerusalem when Jesus walked the streets???

        The “Nakba” Jihadis, Terrorists, Islamofascists, Sand Nazis bitch about…

        is that Israel is NOT the unarmed Jew of WW2 or of Khybar.

        “F” Paleswine”.
        Happy Nakba!

        1. Edward, whether they were Muslims or not, who lived alongside the Jews when Jesus walked the streets? Which should give you a hint that whoever lived in that area at the time were all Palestinians, including Jesus! Your adherence to the racism of Zionism makes you look foolish.

          1. Jack shiT, There were NO mosques and NO muslims 2,000 years ago.

            But there were synagogues, Temples and Jews.

            Jews were in Israel BEFORE any Imperialist Islamism.

            SCREW the LIE called “palestine”.

            The Truth must be a Nakba to Islamofascists.

            BTW Muslims even kill fellow Muslims. EXPLAIN THAT Jack Ass.

  6. Spot on, as ever, David. The only place on Earth where Muslims care one jot about the plight of their fellow Muslims is in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. In Yemen, Afghanistan, China, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Russia etc, the suffering of Muslims is of no consequence. I wonder why, suddenly, any conflict involving Israel, only Israel, gets hundreds of thousands of angry Muslims out onto the streets of major cities around the world? Didn’t a girls school recently get bombed in Kabul, killing 85? It seems that’s acceptable to Western Muslims.

  7. Tonight I will be leading a Shabbat Against Zionism service. One of many taking place throughout the world for REAL Jews, not Zios who defend the indefensible.

    Shabbat shalom.

    Free Palestine! ✌???

    1. Bless you Brucie. Your attempt to appease the Islamic extremists in your community with all this “look, I hate them just like you do and write about it every day” won’t help. To them you’re just a weak western infidel and a soft target.

      You’ll even admit you’re not even a Jew and it won’t help. Lucky for you and the west we’re here standing between them and you and they know they can’t beat us. Better hope we never fail because you will certainly be next

  8. Seems people throughout the world are FED UP with the deadly antics of your beloved apartheid state. Israel has even been condemned in the US Congress. What does that tell you?

    Better let your mates in the Zionist Federation know that whoever turns up to their rally better have a lot of police protection and bring some umbrellas because in my capacity as MAYER OF LONDON I’ll be bringing a tanker lorry full of raw sewage to be sprayed on them that day.

    That’s all they deserve.

    1. Hope you’re comfy in your air raid shelter.


      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.


      1. Thoughtful message Brucie.

        As Vice Chancellor of Grand Fenwick I authorized the flying of the Israeli flag over our consulate in Gloucester Square for the next month as a show of solidarity with the Jewish State.

        Please feel free to photograph and share widely.

        1. If there’s any Zio flag displayed in London, any decent human being would tear it down.

          1. We, the High Council and people of Grand Fenwick support the actions of the Jewish State and its right to defend itself against Arab terrorists.

            We will continue to fly the flag of Israel alongside the noble Fenwickian Crest on our consular building in London as a demonstration of our support

    2. What you need is a big tanker full of lube so you and your Mayerling chums can have a mammoth mayering session….


      Happy mayering Shitfo…..

      ? ? ? ?

  9. David, we’ll never change those hate-filled, numb-nut apologies for human beings who try to mask their antisemitism behind ‘human rights’ concerns. The supreme irony, of course, is that the Islamic terrorists despise them as infidels, useful idiots at best. The West’s cowardly capitulation to violent Islam is egregious, but there are many, many people like me who support Israel and always will. I thought the Spiked article was excellent. Gosh those pesky jews just won’t let themselves be killed, will they? Am Yisrael chai.

  10. All this puts me in mind of John Kerry’s bemusement when he discovered that Israel not only were preventing school books entering Gaza but lentils!!!!!!! ” Are you afraid of being blown up by a lentil bomb ? “

    1. If you knew anything – which you clearly don’t – you’d know Israel trucks tons of supplies into Gaza on a daily basis: food, medicine, fuel etc. What other nation on this planet would give humanitarian aid to terrorist neighbours who have sworn to murder them and regularly carry out the threat? For people like you, Israel can do no right for doing wrong. John Kerry is a dimwit, brain dead muppet. ‘Lurch’, his nickname, suits him well.

    2. Spot on Bellers. Reminds me of the time that 4 Arab terrorists blew themselves up with their own lentil bomb. The medics interviewed by Al Jazeera said ” we did everything we could, but when we arrived there were no pulses”.

  11. David, Hamas has been lobbing rockets at Israeli civilians since 2001, when Arafat still ruled Gaza. Twenty years of rocket attacks.

    1. Pisa. it’s called resisting the occupation, which is exactly what we in Britain would have done had we been occupied by the Nazis and it’s only a fraction of the time that Palestinians have been persecuted by Zionists.

      1. Jack shiT, Israel resists Islamofascism just like WW2 Britain resisted National SOCIALIST Germany which fired Buzzbombs and V-2 rockets into London.

        Treat Sand Nazi Gaza like the UK treated WW2 Socialist Germany.

      2. Bit of a shit analogy Jack as there aren’t any ‘obvious’ Israelis in Gaza (hehehe) doing much occupying.

        Anyway, I am disinclined to take some Western whitey whining about my country seriously, so suffice to say that if I were you I’d focus on encouraging Jonny Foreigner in Gaza to get better at his/her/their resisting. 3000 rockets this time and only 9 of us dead. Hardly a crushing blow for the eradication of Zionism and the dismantling of the Jewish State is it ? Have you thought about getting your team together and doing a crowdfund for some precision guidance systems. I’m sure our Brucie will put his hand in his pocket.

        Ineffectual post-imperial wimps.

        1. Ian Kay your ignorance does you no credit, Gaza is part of Palestine which has been colonised by Zionists.

          Correction “the Jewish ‘racist’ State”

          1. I wouldn’t waste your time replying to my posts Jack. I am only here for the banter and to take the piss out of 14 year old Western whiteys who spend their days whinging about shit on the internet in between masturbating to online porn. Our Brucie covers this below.

            1. Ian, I don’t really post here to try and educate Zionists, their myths are too heavily embedded in their tiny brains to make much difference. I do it so that on the off chance some curious individual stumbles across this blog, they have an alternative viepoint to the racist paranoia which David Collier churns out on a regular basis.

              1. That’s kind of the difference between this blog and your noxious old Sqwakbox stomping grounds: David has no problem with trolls like you (and people like Waldo Jackington who are, remarkably, somehow worse than you) because he’s rightly confident in what he posts. Sqwakbox doesn’t allow for any posts that don’t fellate Corbyn and lavish erotica on Hamas because you guys are not confident in the bullshit you post (and rightly so). Based on your writing style, I’m not going to just assume you are literate, so if you aren’t please have a friendly Leftist read this to you. G-day, asshole.

                1. There’s a big world out there Ben and it’s slowly closing in on the garbage you and your fellow Zionists have brought to Jews and Palestinians. Jews, especially the young, will make sure that Zionism and its racism disappears into history and is only remembered as a dark stain on the Jewish religion. Shalom

                  1. Jack shiT,

                    FYI, 2021 is the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

                    You will be shocked by the blowback that is long overduel.

                    Happy Nakba you fascist pig! 🙂

  12. Just popped along to the PSC protest taking place in Manchester today…. Lol


    There were more people in the queue outside Primark when it first opened after Lockdown!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Ah well…..

    Shabbat Shalom everybody…..


  13. Reports coming in that the Arab terrorists fired one of their mid range rockets at the Rishon LeZion branch of IKEA. Army engineers tried to rebuild it to investigate it’s design and found that when they’d finished they had 3 parts over.

  14. Al Jazeera offices in Gaza completely destroyed….

    Big shame as they are universally recognised as being such a reliable and fairly balanced news source……


  15. I got to the second paragraph and I had to stop reading. ‘Peace loving Israel’, ‘showing restraint’, ‘Blood thirsty Palestinians’. Please! When talking about both governments and sides of the conflict, you write ‘Israel and that vile Islamist terrorist group’!!! I mean, if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist/blogger, you really should be miles more balanced?
    You even manage to squeeze in criticism of Nicola Sturgeon into his rant. So, I am gonna assume you are South of England based. David?, you go on to say the West has betrayed Israel and that youths were using the Al Aqsa mosque….Aye, all the elders, in one of the most strictest and oppressive religions going, is gonna let the young team use one of the most holiest sites during the holiest period of Ramadan as a gang hut!
    What a load of slanted pish and just typical of the zionists to play the victim card while jets flatten a densely populated area(2 million) the size of the Isle of Man.
    Provocation from IDF & Zionists started weeks before it got reported here on BBC & ITV, Palestinians react and Israel have the green light to wipe out Gaza, completing their ethnic cleansing of Arabs, all because the fucking Bible said so. Disgusting.

    1. Oh Steven. It is interesting that you saw me criticise Nicola Sturgeon as you began by saying you only made it to the second paragraph.
      Your comments on Al Aqsa simply show you do not know what you are talking about at all. They have used AA as a ‘gang hut’ for decades. It is not even an argument these days. It is like suggesting Hamas do not store weapons under civilian buildings. Empty Islamist propaganda.

      As for the rest of your ‘flatten Gaza’ tripe. It is the usual nonsense. Can you imagine what would happen if Israel’s military actually opened up on Gaza. It never has – and never would. So stop believing your own BS.

      1. David, I wasn’t sure whether this fella’s post was supposed to be taken seriously or whether it was another one of the spoof posters that rocks up here once in a while like our Brucie. This one’s like Frankie Boyle but without the gags….wait. No, just like Frankie Boyle.

        I do like the imagery of deferential Arabs revering their clerics and taking their words as ‘gospel’. Bit like the Catholics letting their kids get buggered by their Bishops because they were men of god. Religion eh! Strip away the sex, violence and robbing the collection tray and there’s really not much left.

      2. Ah David, you’ve woken up! would you mind answering my question? What would we in Britain have done if the Nazis had occupied us and tried to colonise us by shipping in thousands of Nazis to take over our land and homes?

        1. You really left yourself open for this response Jack-off: in the event Nazis took over the UK, people like you would either be killed by the extreme Right (because they, you know, fucking hate Leftists) or providing gratis sexual favors in exchange for continued existence. Glad to help answer your question.

          1. Ben, you, like many Zionists on this blog, appear to have a penchant for prurience. It’s a sign of a deep mental disorder, as is Zionism itself. You should see a therapist or at least try to control it. If you are in the UK I can recommend Jewish psychologist Avigail Abarbanel, she has dealt with many cases such as yours and may be able to help you.

            1. Not interested in emotional therapy advice from a mush-mouthed Sqwakbox troll. Clean your own toilet, it clearly needs help.

  16. The Great Satan (USA) gives billions in aid to the racist, apartheid state to purchase weapons, but a condition of that aid is that the weapons must be purchased from American arms manufacturers.

    Until the apartheid state is wiped off the face of the Earth, this cycle will continue.

    1. ImaM Oron,

      What happened to the BILLIONS of aid racist, apartheid, terrorist Pal-SWINE gets from the EU, UN?

      Happy Nakba to you and the Great Satan Fascist Iran!

      Marg Bar Iran! 🙂

    2. Brucie, you old sweetheart. Re-read your post above and have another go at figuring out whether the yanks are giving Israel aid, credit or vouchers to spend in their factories. You’re a bit muddled at the moment and it comes across in your post.

      As I’ve said to you often, Your not in Wanker’s Corner, Oregon anymore.

    1. That’s nice Brucie. You should chant that on your next yomp.

      Btw., of the 944 rockets launched by the Arab terrorists yesterday 143 landed in Gaza killing Gazans and 11 landed in Arab towns in Areas A and B killing an Arab dad and his 3 kids.

      Shocking innit ?

      Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finalize arrangements for the Consulate breakfast in support of the brave soldiers of the Jewish State. We stand with them in solidarity.

      1. Apartheid Israel is not Jewish state, but a ZIONIST state.

        Here’s a chant:





        1. Temper, temper Brucie. Lower those cap locks before you do yourself a mischief.

          You’ll be pleased to hear that the Solidarity Breakfast this morning in support of the brave soldiers of the Jewish State was well attended and I was pleased to hand over a cheque to my opposite number from the Israeli Embassy in the amount of 11bn Fenwickian Guineas to be spent by Israel in our clothing factories where the famous Fenwick Kevlar outerwear is produced.

          Now if you excuse me I have a meeting with the Facilities Managers of Al Jazeera who are looking for new local office space. We’ve offered them a room at our Consulate in the Israeli capital, Jerusalem. Mossad is next door but they’ll never notice.

        2. ImaM Oron and ImaM Aggot,

          Go to Gaza. HAM-ASS needs more Morons like yourselves for In-Human Shields.

          Happy Nakba to Pal-e-SWINE!


        3. ImaM Oron,

          Here’s a better chant…

          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE will NEVER BE! 🙂

          Happy Nakba!
          Happy Al-Coulds Day!

    2. palestinkian


      DO NOT MATTER to

      HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Fascist Iran, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, …

      Happy Nakba!

      1. May Allah’s powerful and awesome wrath against your evil person be swift and merciful Edward. Inshallah.

        1. ImaM Oron,

          Happy Al-Coulds Day!

          Happy Nakba to Fascist Pal-e-SWINE and its Fascist Supporters!

  17. The Zio-Nazis should be stopped.

    Israel was not for Zio-Nazi group of political and war criminals, but for Jews who were invited there by UN to form a peaceful country. They forefeited that opportunity.

    Zionists and Nazis are alike aggressors and haters which like a wolf hunting for territories of their neighbours.

    On top of this, Zionism created Mossad – the terrorist organisation that collaborated with Nazi criminals like Otto Scorzeny and kills Iranian scientists and political leaders.

    Apartheid Israel is:

    – the country which has created nuclear bombs in violation of UN resolutions,

    – the country which escalates hate towards Jews and Arab peoples and to use this to argument the future bloody crimes of Zionism, like we see today in bombing civilians of Palestine or lynching Muslims in Israel and on occupied territories of Palestine.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.



  18. Always a trigger for virtue signalling lefties when they think non whites are being oppressed by whites…..which is not even what is happening in Israel/Palestine….? Dozy b@st@rds….

    No wonder Corbyn the Clown lost 2 elections….

    1. Our Brucie’s in a right old mood today. All this resistance and still no sign of the eradication of Zionism. In fact nearly 3000 Arab rockets fired and only 9 of us dead. Your lot dont know what they’re doing.

      Ah well. A life’s work is supposed to take a lifetime, eh Brucie?

      1. A life’s work disappearing slowly but surely down the shitpipe…. ?

        Ah well…..never mind….


    1. Wasn’t it Davids bestie Simple Simon that arranged for that Kadar fella to tell us how raping Arab mothers and daughters was a good wheeze ?

      1. That was you Bellers back in the day when you came here pretending to be a provo, supporting knee capping grannies and punishment beatings of small children. You were much more committed to the part back in the day. Now it’s just 20 year old copy/pastes and shithousery on shuffle. Limp resistance innit?

        D’you find out if Michael was dead ?

          1. Good for you Bellers. Got the old dressing up box out again.

            Our Brucie has his life’s work and you have yours. Hahahah.

        1. Bellers has been a real disappointment to me on here….

          Farmgirl has disappeared….

          And Levy is without doubt the biggest fuckwit that ever lived….

          ? ? ? ? ? ?

    2. As MAYER OF LONDON, I wholeheartedly approve of this motorcade and certain there was an ever-growing anti-Zio Jewish presence on wheels.

      What started this immediate horror was the intensification of apartheid Israel’s ethnic-cleansing campaign against Palestinians in Al-Quds.

      When will (((your kind))) ever learn?

      David, you should change the name of your blog to ‘The David Collier Show’ because of the extremely huge fantasy content of your website.

      1. The Palestinian people will conquer the satanic Zionist state not with weapons, but with wombs.

        1. Lots of talk of raping women by the Muslims today Brucie. Not sure it was an invitation to you old son.

          Anyway, wasn’t it suggested that your sexual proclivities may lie elsewhere?

          1. It was never about Israel or Zionism….

            Only Jew hatred….

            But the truth is out now…


  19. I desperately hope this Israel/Hamas unpleasantness each doesn’t mean the Ramallah Gay Pride Parade Event will have to be postponed.


    Or worse, cancelled.


    It’d be such a shame, and so very tragic.


    1. Reader take note:

      Pinkwashing is an Israeli government propaganda strategy that cynically exploits LGBTQIA+ rights to project a progressive image while concealing Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies oppressing Palestinians.

      For decades, Israel’s colonial and apartheid regime has robbed, oppressed, ethnically cleansed, impoverished, imprisoned and killed Palestinians, queer and non-queer alike.

      As Israel’s far-right government allies itself with homophobic, intolerant and racist leaders around the world, including Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, and Christians United for Israel (CUFI) leader, pastor John Hagee, who combines anti-Semitism with Islamophobia, sexism, and homophobia, LGBTQIA+ communities are seeing through the pink smokescreen. There is growing awareness that queer and trans liberation cannot be separated from Palestinian liberation.

      Anti-pinkwashing activists and groups have pushed Palestinian rights to the forefront of Pride events across the world. More than 100 LGBTQIA+ groups supported the call from Palestinian queers to boycott Eurovision 2019 in apartheid Tel Aviv. Dozens of queer filmmakers have withdrawn or opposed screenings of their films at TLVFest, the Israeli government-sponsored LGBT film festival in Tel Aviv.

      1. Brucie, did I touch a raw nerve with the remarks about your sexual peccadilloes. Not my intention. If you want to cruise the Hershey highway that is you concern.

        However, I can see how it would get you shunned from some of the parties organised by the Islamists where the central theme is raping Jewish women and girls. I’m sure they’ll be flexible to your needs if you ask nicely. Just tell them you’re Catholic.

        1. Ian, re-read my last post starting with “Reader take note.”

      2. Acute victim syndrome ‘sufferer’ Collier is playing the victim card. Again.

  20. Reader take note….

    Those that attempt to slander Israel’s tolerance/acceptance of their gay communities as Pinkwashing only do so in order to provide an ineffective smokescreen to cover the vile institutionally homophobic crimes of every country in the Middle East with the EXCEPTION OF ISRAEL ??….

    Only dense fuckwits would be taken in by such cuntocratic obfuscation….

    And I’m sure you aren’t one of those….


  21. Four arrests made from the “Convoy for Palestine” viral video rapist wannabees…

    Wonder who they will be sharing their cells with tonight?


    Maybe they are about to find out what it feels like to BE raped for Palestine?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. A bit like the pot calling the kettle black.


  22. Wonder if Brucey will be allowed to visit the “Rape Convoy Four” tonight in Pentonville nick?


    I’m sure they would prefer to be “mayered” by you than by the cons already in there….


    A friendly “mayering” is better than an unfriendly one after all?


    But don’t forget your Israeli lube….

    ? ? ? ? ? ?

  23. Palestinian citizens of Israel are treated as second-class citizens there. This civil rights issue inside Israel shouldn’t be overlooked in the current conflict between Israel and non-Israeli Palestinians.

    1. They’re Israeli Arab citizens, not Palestinians, since A) there is no State of Palestine at this time and B) there isn’t going to be any State of Palestine inside of what constitutes modern-day Israel. Sad that the most non-spastic/foaming-psycho post you’ve ever made still confirms you’re a brain-dead loser, Waldo.

  24. The Gay Pride Event in Tehran went off without a hitch…..

    Actually there was ONE hitch…….

    Some poor sod got HITCHED up to he top of a big crane and was then chucked off with his hands tied and with a noose around his neck…….

    Such delightful civilised folk those Iranians……no wonder Corbyn liked them so much…..?

    There’s no business like show business huh ???????????????

    1. West Bank synagogue bleacher collapse kills 2.

      HaShem’s wrath as punishment for the genocidal actions committed against his Palestinian children by the so-called “Jewish State.”

      More to come.

      1. Weather Forecast for Gaza.

        MORE NAKBA


  25. Funny how the story about the AJ and AP offices being destroyed has gone VERY cold all of a sudden after Israel shared intelligence with the US ??


    Looks like a lot of people have a lot of egg on their faces right now…..

    1. We have been sharing all of our intel with the yanks Ken. Hence the split in the Democrat camp and its public pronouncements. There was an expectation that the newbies would be rushing to throw us under the UNGA bus but the stuff that has been shared, specifically in relation to arrangements between the Hamas and Iran will keep things very quiet down Washington way.

      Bit noisier over at Wanker’s Corner Oregon where the locals have been calling for the return of their Wanker. Our Brucie is yet to respond.

      1. A question; setting aside all the knobs that live on the remote fringes like our Brucie, wanky provocateurs like Bellers and the worst loons on the Zio side, what do the majority of normal Brits think about motorcaes of Muslims screaming for the rape of local girls and gangs of 300+ Pally flag wavers kicking off with security guards in city centre shopping malls ?

        Does it prompt more or less sympathy for the cause?

        1. Hi Ian

          That incident in Finchley has done the pro Pal cause a lot of harm….and quite rightly so…

          They have now exposed themselves for the Jew hating vermin that they really are…..

          In some ways you have to admire their honesty – because let’s face it we always knew what this was really about….never about land…..always about Jews being ON that land….

          But what was hidden (albeit just bubbling under the surface) has now been exposed for the world to see….

          Anyway…..hope you are keeping safe and well in sunny Israel….


          1. It was a pretty spectacular own goal if they even think about things in this way, similarly the hundreds that attacked security guards and civilians in Manchester Arndale yesterday. As you say, it does strip away the pretence that it’s about Israel, Zionism, occupation or any of the other things that the trolls here and elsewhere have worked so hard on.

            We get such a strong sense of the differences in reporting and attitude from 2014 to now. Messages of solidarity from countries like UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, unequivocal support from the US and strong messages from Boris and co Very different tone from 7 years ago when retaliation to 13000 terrorist rockets typically cast us as the aggressors.

            Funny old game innit ?

            1. Yes there is a very big difference between now and 2014….

              Seven years ago we literally had 24/7 rolling news coverage of what was happening in Gaza…..

              Just watching the 1 o clock news now on the BBC and it was 23 mins into the program before Israel/Gaza was even mentioned….

              Yes there is a vocal minority of pro Palestine thugs (mostly Jew haters in “disguise”) but most people here in the UK couldn’t care less about Palestine and especially not today of all days now the pubs are finally open again !!

              Cheers !

              1. David, I don’t use Twitter but I see your stuff.

                We may be facing different opponents on different battlegrounds on which the tactics and weapons are necessarily different but you know that our victories are your victories and vice versa. Here, we cannot and will not lose ever, and I hope that this underpins your resolve to continue your superb and important work.

                Kadima beyachad achi.

                  1. Make it a full tank Bellers. When the Arabs see Boris sucking up to us, the prices at the pump are going through the roof.

          2. Ken Dobkin on May 17, 2021

            “They have now exposed themselves for the Jew hating vermin that they really are…..”

            Not Jew hating, but Zionist hating.

            (((Your kind))) are the ones who falsely associate Zionism with Judaism when in fact, Zionism is the complete opposite of Judaism.

            (((Your kind))) deserves the blame for this, not those four innocent young men.

  26. This is a regular reminder from your MAYER OF LONDON that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

    I shall soon be burning a symbol of apartheid Israeli near Trafalgar Square.

    That is all.

    1. As I said above Jack, I’m only here to take the piss out of simpletons like this. Gotta love the internet innit !

      1. Those who are murdering men, women, children and are committing genocide in the name of my beloved religion are breaking my heart.

        HaShem is ALWAYS on the side of the oppressed and Israelis and those who support them will pay a heavy price for their transgressions.

        Alive Walker’s wonderful poem: ‘It Is Our (Frightful) Duty To Study The Talmud’ says what the righteous feel in their hearts:

        FREE PALESTINE! ✌???

        1. Dear ImaM Oron,

          SCREW Terrorist, Sand Nazi, APARTHEID Pal-e-SWINE! ?

          All people have the Right defend themselves from Isamofascism.

          Remember …

          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!

  27. Brucie (thinks); ” If they come for me I’ll tell them I’m not even Jewish, well my dad was but not my mum, so definitely not. That should work. And I’ll say that I’m one of the good Westerners who likes Islam and knows loads about it and look; I was even pretending to be a Rabbi to wind up Jews on the internet. Shit. I hope that works.”

    1. Busy old lad this morning Bellers. What with our Brucie pretending to be a Rabbi, you pretending to be a Mick and Michael pretending to be dead, it’s probably a little light relief for you from all the local Islamic gentlemen trying to rape your women.

      1. I could never be as busy as you. I am way too lazy. As for these Islamic gentlemen planning to rape my women, are they planning to be the first or are they standing in line behind Mordechai, David and Simple Simon ?

        1. Your country, your problem Bellers. Maybe call someone to find out. You don’t need the grief of a double booking. You’ll have more round yours than when Prince Andrew asked a few ‘mates’ over for Princess Beatrice’s 8th Birthday Party.

            1. As I say, your country, your problem Bellers. As the Rotherham Ragheads have shown, these lads don’t discriminate. You’re just Western Whitey to them and so fair game. Best keep an eye on the gals, eh?

                  1. Well it would be fun watching Simple Simon try to mess with those gals.

                    Ok so you are crap at the Irish lingo. Any progress on the chemical equation front ?

    1. What more proof do you want that apartheid Israel is the BIGGEST instigator of antisemitism in the world today?

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to lead a Torah study group.

      1. Please don’t beat me up mister pally wally…..!
        I’m not really a Rabbi……I just pretend to be one so nobody knows (lol) that I am really a Jew hating c@nt !
        I’m just like you really……..arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
        Duh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Now please excuse me as some pro Pal fuckwit pretending to be a rabbi threatened to rape my daughter last weekend and I have to give evidence to the police……

  28. While you’re making jokes you sick fuck, the death toll from Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza has risen to 217 Palestinians, including 63 children and 36 women.

    1. You’re not qualified to criticize anyone’s comportment, Waldo. Or define anyone else as a joke. I’m curious…what are you good at? You’re not smart, you’re not funny, you don’t make any valid points, you have clear mental illness issues. What have you done in the real world that’s ever made it a better place?

  29. Hamas has fired just under 3,000 rockets towards Israel in the last 7 days…

    However around 450 of those have mis-fired and landed in Gaza inflicting death and destruction on their own people…

    So just think about that….

    15% of the rockets Hamas fires….are effectively fired at their own people….?


    1. A reminder from your friendly blog Rabbi (and MAYER OF LONDON) that not only is Israel an APARTHEID STATE, it’s a TERRORIST STATE as well. Just saying.

      That is all.

  30. Imagine that….

    One out of every seven rockets that Hamas fires….hits their own people…


      1. Not much has changed Bellers. They’re still shit. Did you know that the IAF has flown over 1400 missions over Gaza and only killed 212 Arabs. FFS, there’s over 2 million of them living on top of each other. Elite forces my arse**

        ** Relax Brucie. The bottom reference was made to land the point not to have a dig at your sexual proclivities.

      2. The highlight of my time in the occupied territories was throwing stones at the Magav – border police. I actually hit one!

  31. Hope you and what’s left of your flag will be able to make it to Saturday’s demonstration “Dobby.” The MAYER OF LONDON will be there. How about you?

    1. You, Collier and Galber (if he’s still alive) can play the antisemitism card all you want. No one’s buying it.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.


  32. Hey up ! Our Brucie’s going to a demo.

    It’s forecast for changeable weather at the weekend Brucie. Will you be wearing your cagoule with the badges? I’d probably take some sort of hat as well. I’m guessing the old dears will be bringing a flask and sandwiches. Very sensible.

    I’d love to join you but I’d hate to miss a lovely weekend at the beach. 27 degrees with a nice breeze.

    Anyway, wrap up warm and wave your little flag with gusto. This could be a big moment for you and your life’s work.

    The Jewish State is watching. (well….not really.)

    1. Apartheid Israel isn’t a Jewish State but a ZIONIST one. There’s a HUGE difference.

  33. In my role as a legally ordained Rabbi, I will be blessing the march on Saturday and recite Kaddish for the Palestinians whose lives were extinguished by the Zionist murderers.

    1. I’m still awaiting notification of your presence on Sat Dobby. Don’t be shy. Plenty of people can’t wait to see you.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, Im off to join comrades in a public education campaign to help educate consumers about how to identify Israeli and West Bank settlement products in supermarkets.

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