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Three Worlds by Avi Shlaim – a proper review

It was surprising to see a book based on an antisemitic conspiracy theory being given a gushing review by The Spectator. Much less surprising is that ‘Three Worlds: Memoir of an Arab-Jew’, is authored by Avi Shlaim – a Baghdad-born Jew best known for making it his life’s mission to wear his (lucrative) anti-Israel credentials on his sleeve.

My response to The Spectator’s review was reposted by both Honest Reporting and the Algemeiner.

This is my own review of the book:

‘Three Worlds’

Avi Shlaim’s book is a family memoir that addresses his Iraqi roots – and his life story – up to the point in the 1960s when his future became settled in the UK. The destruction of Jewish communities in Arab lands is an all-too-true tale of persecution, loss, struggle, and heartbreak, and Shlaim certainly captures some of these images as his story unfolds. If Shlaim hadn’t chosen to intertwine his warped political messaging into almost every part of the story – it might even have made a worthwhile contribution to a much-needed body of work.

Alas, his need to promote his personal grievances above all else destroys the journey, and the result is somewhat disjointed. Specifically, the insertion of the ‘Baghdad bombing’ conspiracy in chapter eight is so incongruous with messages delivered in much of the book, that readers are left wondering whether it was inserted only as a scandalous ‘hook’ to increase sales.


To give him his due, Avi Shlaim does not fully cover up the Muslim persecution of Iraqi Jews. Many of the pages deal with the hostility, persecution, and antisemitic forces that drove the entire Jewish community out of Iraq. Shlaim acknowledges that Iraqi Jews had lived as second-class citizens (Dhimmis), under ‘a host of discriminatory regulations’ for much of the previous five hundred years (page 21).  But he still tries to suger-coat it, and his personal mission to blame everything on Zionism turns his story in a self-contradictory, ahistorical, and convoluted mess.

Avi Shlaim and a childhood that wasn’t

Avi Shlaim begins his book (page six) by stating that his understanding was shaped by his childhood:

“having lived as a young child in an Arab country, I was aware of the possibility of peaceful Arab – Jewish coexistence.”

Shlaim was born in October 1945. In 1947 the Iraqi Government began issuing threats against the Jewish community. In 1948 ‘Jewish shops were boycotted and the Iraqi government actively whipped up popular hysteria… denouncing Jews as aliens, traitors and a dangerous fifth column‘ (page 103). Avi Shlaim was just two years-old when this occurred. His own family faced blackmail and death threats (page 108). When he was four his mother took him out of the country because ‘life had become too dangerous for the Jews in general and his own family in particular‘ (page 154). How can Avi Shlaim possibly have an awareness from his childhood of peaceful co-existence – if he never could have experienced it himself?

The above contradiction appears to have been created because Shlaim needed to insert a narrative into his book (about Jews living happily in Arab lands) – when the actual history, including that of his own family, simply does not support it.

Stupid arguments

One example of this not-so-hidden agenda comes in chapter eight (page 113). Shlaim wants to suggest that Iraqi Jews were not supporters of Zionism. He does this by claiming as evidence that ‘of 130,000 Iraqi Jews, no more than 2000 belonged to the Zionist movement, that is to say 1.53%‘.

Perhaps this is true. But in chapter seven (p103) Shlaim stated that in 1948, laws were introduced in Iraq that made Zionism a crime ‘punishable by death or a minimum of seven years in prison‘. Now if I were a historian, and an Emeritus Professor at Oxford University, perhaps I would be intelligent enough to consider that there may be a correlation between low numbers in the ‘Zionist movement’ – and a death sentence for that ‘crime’. Yet Avi Shlaim fails (for whatever reason) to make that connection and he uses his statistics to promote a stupid and easily discredited argument.

Avi Shlaim’s back story

There is room for sympathy for Shlaim’s early years. His family was dysfunctional, the move to Israel broke his father, and the difficulties of the migration overwhelmed them. The memoir culminates with Shlaim being given an escape route to England, and then begging his mother not to join him – he writes that this selfish act was to ‘protect his new life’. At this point it seems his escape was more to do with his family than Israel.

In 2004 Shlaim said that he only had ‘disjointed memories of life in Iraq’. Yet many of the early descriptions of his life in the book are full of fine detail. These gaps were filled by the ‘incredible memory’ of his elderly mother (‘needs must when the devil drives’).  This doesn’t mean the book carries little of interest, but it should certainly be read with the many caveats that accompany such bygone recollections of hearsay, oral history, and family myths.

Hidden privilege

Coming from a wealthy Iraqi family which managed to leave with at least part of its wealth (despite frequent claims of poverty in his book), money and status afforded him many opportunities in Israel that most Jews from Arab lands did not have.

He says that he personally did not experience racism or direct discrimination as a Mizrahi – Jews from Arab lands – (page 187) and accepts the chip on the shoulder was his. The book ties many of his problems and his lack of self-worth back to his ‘dysfunctional’ family.

Never one of the crowd

The family of Avi Shlaim was never just one of the crowd, and frequent incidents described in the book show that his family was consistently well-connected. At his Barmitzvah, the Mayor of Ramat Gan (Avraham Krinitzi) and several other leading politicians were present (page 206). Nepotism followed him around – resulting in his entry to a prestigious school in Ramat Gan (page 220), his residing in the home of the headmaster of the Jewish Free School in London (page 247), and finally (page 281) – he was offered a place at Cambridge, despite bad grades, because of a friendship between his history teacher and the Director of Studies at Jesus College (Cambridge).

Given the success he eventually built upon such nepotism, it appears Shlaim actually has much to thank Ashkenazi Jews for.

Not so hidden nastiness

Behind it all there is a drumbeat of a young boy who was to grow up to be a man with many unresolved anxieties.

In the UK he first made his way to Hillel House (page 243), a hostel for Jewish students. Upon his arrival Shlaim describes eating a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur in the dormitory, while everyone else was at the synagogue. This episode illustrates how he rewarded those who were giving him opportunity. He also tells of a day where he threw a coin into a wishing well and wished that his aunt would ‘drop dead’ (page 270).

There is also clear disdain for other Mizrahis in Israel. Whether or not this is attached to his family’s Iraqi ‘upper middle class’ snobbiness is impossible to tell. His explanation for the right-wing leanings of Mizrahis (page 234) removes from them both agency and intelligence. Shlaim felt out of place surrounded by ‘Mizrahi Jews’ with ‘heavy gold chains’ at a Menachem Begin rally in 1961 (page 233). He explains that these Mizrahis were viewed as ‘lower class louts’, and admitted that he ‘shamefully distanced himself’ from them.

While there may be room for sympathy for Avi the child because of his troubled upbringing, there is little room to accommodate the judgemental and embittered man he has become.

The double genesis of Iraq’s antisemitism

One of the pillars upon which anti-Zionists build their conspiracies is the myth that Jews lived happily in Arab lands and Shlaim needs to perform acrobatics to hold his theory afloat. In fact he runs multiple different narratives on this issue throughout the book.

For example, Shlaim’s mother blames the troubles of Iraqi Jewry on the birth of Israel in 1948 (p104). Whilst this version would account for the events of 1950, it is completely undermined by the massacre of over 180 Jews and the destruction of homes and businesses in Baghdad during the 1941 Farhud (pogrom) — seven long years before Israel’s creation.

Shlaim tries to accommodate the Farhud contradiction by accepting that antisemitism did arrive shortly before the creation of Israel – but suggested it had been ‘imported’ (page 62). He claims this ‘new chapter’ began in 1939 with the arrival of the Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini, who began to circulate ‘anti-Jewish propaganda’.

Comparing notes

Yet Shlaim’s desperate acrobatics cannot rewrite history. There was a bombing campaign against Jewish targets in Baghdad in 1938 – even before the Mufti had arrived (source Kew – FO 371/21861).

avi shlaim iraq 1936 bombing

The initial errors gradually evolve into even worse ones: when his mother suggested to him that ‘the trouble only started’ when Israel was created (page 104), Shlaim lists some of the purportedly new persecutions that were introduced. They include:

  • censorship of Jewish media;
  • arrests;
  • the monitoring of letters;
  • convictions on flimsy charges;

This letter below was published in the Manchester Guardian on 2 October 1934 – fourteen years before Israel was born, seven years before the Farhud, and five years before the Mufti arrived. The letter details mail being intercepted, Jewish newspapers being banned, and Hebrew books being supressed:

The author of that 1934 letter was a Mr E Levy, writing from Baghdad. Shockingly, Levy was arrested by the Iraqi authorities just for writing the letter and he was sentenced to a year in jail for the crime of spreading ‘harmful propaganda’. He appealed and was released early (probably due to international outrage) in February 1935.

Shlaim’s timeline is not just self-serving – it is fictional – and does a great disservice to all those Jews in Iraq whose persecution was real.

Chapter eight

In chapter eight Avi Shlaim finally addresses his core allegations — the bombings in Baghdad and his ‘undeniable proof‘ that ‘Zionist agents were responsible for targeting the Jewish community, forcing them to flee Iraq and settle in Israel‘.

The first bombing of a Jewish target took place on 8 April 1950 (page 126). Shlaim claims that this created a flood and by the end of the month, 25,300 Iraqi Jews had registered to emigrate. We can assume that this incredible rate continued for a while because Shlaim then goes on to say that by the middle of the year (June/July) ‘the paced had slowed’.

In other words, even if the bombs caused the exodus (which they didn’t), then whoever planted that first bomb most certainly was responsible for the momentum behind the exodus. Shlaim clearly says (p141) that those responsible for the first bomb (because it was publicly admitted in 2013) were the Islamist Istiqlal Party which wanted to force Jews to leave Iraq. The group felt that bombing Jewish targets would overcome any Jewish ‘hesitancy’ vis-avis emigration.  In his own words Shlaim ‘concludes’ that the April 1950 attack was not carried out by Zionists.

Avi Shlaim and his evidence

Shlaim then turns to his ‘evidence’. They are the words of an 88-year-old man (Yaacov Karkoukli) and lots of assumption and hearsay. No academic would regard oral history of this type as reliable. Karkoukli even changes his story while talking to Shlaim on the bombing of the synagogue – giving two separate versions.

Shlaim then says (page 142):

‘Karkoukli (his main witness) was inaccurate on the back story of the bribe and the bombing of the synagogue‘.

Shlaim is literally admitting that the man upon whom he has built the entire theory is an unreliable witness. You don’t get to hang on to the bits you like because you want them to be true. This is not how historians should work.

And much of this is not even new. Karkoukli gave an interview in Hebrew in 2020 in which he talks about the deadly bombing of the Synagogue – that was organised by the Iraqi police (timestamp 42:30).

This means that both the first bomb, and the deadly bomb attack on the synagogue, were carried out by forces hostile to the Jews in Iraq.

Shlaim’s only other piece of evidence is an undated and unsigned document that is apparently tied to the same Iraqi police division that tortured and forced confessions out of Jews whom they arrested and executed over the bombings. If so, then this was written by a police force with a vested interest in placing the blame for the Jewish exodus back onto their ‘Zionist enemy’.

Far from offering undeniable proof, Avi Shlaim is effectively taking his readers for a ride.

The departure of the Shlaim family

Another interesting fact emerges from the book. Avi Shlaim would have everyone believe that ‘Zionist bombs’ were responsible for the exodus from Iraq. Yet readers are told that his mother had already begun to ‘think about leaving Iraq for good’ in 1948 (Page 109).

Avi Shlaim’s family left in July 1950 (page 153) and they left because of the ‘1948-1950’ persecutions. Shlaim himself supplies an account of the reasons for the exodus on page 154:

“persecution of the Jews was intensifying and it assumed many different forms. The government, the judiciary and the public became overtly hostile. Restrictions were placed on Jewish trade and commerce. Jews in the civil service were dismissed and the entire community was placed under surveillance. Young Jews were barred from admission to colleges of further education. The police arrested, tortured, imposed arbitrary fines and extracted money from innocent Jews in what looked like a government sanctioned campaign of harassment.”

Having laid out all that, and having created a huge hole in his own conspiracy theory – Shlaim then tries to suggest that the ‘bombing campaign’ was also behind it – except there is another inconvenient problem: Shlaim’s family left in July 1950, seven months before the major attack on the Synagogue.

Before the departure, Shlaim also details several trips to the British embassy – and a painful wait following a rejection of help from an Iraqi official. That help finally came on July 9.

What bombing campaign is he talking about? The first bomb was planted by Islamists in April – and neither the first nor second resulted in casualties. During this period the Shlaim family were clearly planning their exit. They were not the last out – they were some of the first!

Is Avi Shlaim suggesting that his wealthy family – which had resided in Iraq for generations – escaped swiftly from Iraq because of one or two minor explosions that caused no casualties at all?

Don’t bother buying the book

Avi Shlaim’s family had a difficult time during the absorption process in Israel. In Iraq they were ‘high society’ and in Israel their social status had declined.

The family fell apart and instead of showing some appreciation of the problems Israel faced in its early days, Shlaim has chosen to transform Zionism into his preferred scapegoat.

Avi Shlaim was a child confronted by challenges – a dysfunctional family life made more acute by physical displacement. The intervening decades have not inspired a measure of gratitude that his family members emerged from Iraq alive, and that they had an instant safe haven to go to. He still prefers to dwell on his embittered past instead of his privileged life today. Worse still he is left manipulating events to build conspiracy theories.

And after all his spinning, his words do not dent the reality of what happened. NOTHING short of war would drive an entire civilian population to leave unless they were being forced out. A few minor incidents would never do it. Arguing over the import of these bombings is a deliberate distraction – events belatedly exaggerated in an attempt to discredit the Herculean efforts by Israel to give all these Jewish refugees a home.

Imagine the UK taking in 60 *million* refugees in five years. In relative terms this is exactly what Israel did. And Shlaim sees fit to complain and blame rather than praise.

These weaknesses mean his book cannot fairly convey the truth of what came to pass. For those seeking to learn how 3000 years of Jewish civilisation in Arab lands really vanished overnight, then ‘Uprooted‘ by Lyn Julius is probably the best place to start.

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  3. The trouble with Schlaim, who I have seen addressing meetings a few times, is that he comes over as a rolly-polly benign elderly man that sounds so plausible that he appears trustworthy..
    The problem with such personalities is that the gloss starts to tarnish the moment they are publicly challenged.
    Good piece David

  4. The Israelis themselves admitted they used small bombs to chivvy iraqi – and Moroccan – Jews along.
    That’s Shlaim’s personal experience. Why do you feel the need to deny it?

    1. Dina, Miko Peled said that in the 1970’s, his father, IDF General Matti Peled, a Zionist, presented proof that Mossad was involved in the bombing of synagogues in Iraq.

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      1. Neither of those books (which I have read and apparently you haven’t) say what Shlaim says.

        The explosions did not ‘drive’ the exodus and force Iraqi Jews to leave. And the two most important explosions were absolutely set by Islamists and Iraqi forces. So what is your point? You want to build a conspiracy around the others – are you that desperate to blame a persecuted community (that is being driven from its home by antisemitic hate) for its own troubles?

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      It has been a source of fascination to me over the last decade that ‘hostiles’ take the trouble to come here on their own time and then offer little more than some mild provocation or a tepid poke at the author. I often quote a former house troll, Chris Rogers, who typified the species. He was a more imaginative participant until his mask inevitably slipped and he revealed himself to be just another internet antisemite venting his prejudices to a perceived readership. In his own words he declared that “he would use any stick he could find to beat the Jew over the head.”

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        Refuses to admit that there’s a growing number of Jewish people who are anti-Zionist.

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      What really propelled it leading to the culmination of the creation of apartheid Israel was the so-called Holocaust, proving the Nazis were the best friends Zionists ever had.

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  12. JackT Our resident Antisemite

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    If their chosen enemies didn’t just happen to be mostly Jewish then literally nobody would care less about them at all – which is how it should be anyway !

    So enjoy waving your crappy flags and shouting your slogans and screaming abuse for a few hours if that’s what really does it for you. Because in 2 weeks time nobody will be giving a flying fuck about Palestine once again which is how it always should be anyway

    And just remember the armies of Islam have never been and will never be a match for the IDF


    So get on your knees and suck on that one Joey lad


    Am Yisroel Chai


    1. “The Palestinians have always been the world’s biggest crybabies with a bogus plight (which is almost entirely self inflicted) and therefore 100% unworthy of the sympathy or support of literally anybody

      Most intelligent observers can see that now”

      *Replace Palestinians with “Zionist Jews.”

      1. Played Ken. You seem to have broken our soi disant activist.

        Looking at the time of the post I’d say that the Embassy attendance was sacked in favour of a brew and a bun in the warm at Costa round the corner. I think they still do the Orange Wednesday offers of 20% discount for the over 65s.

        Given the choice between the complete eradication of the Jewish State and a nice slice of lemon seed cake, the old dears will always go for the baked goods. Bless ’em.

        Quality activism, right? Hehehehehe.

      2. Great comeback there Joey lad


        Wow you really are the king of the debate aren’t you ??


        1. Remember this Ken; millions of ants can kill an elephant.

          Nothing lasts forever and time is on OUR side.

          1. Didn’t make it to London after all then Joey lad ?


            Nah didn’t think so


            How truly pathetic you are


            Oh and btw….

            We have a LOT of elephants 🐘


              1. I was there laughing at your fake anger Joey lad


                Just like I laugh at it on here every single day


            1. And we have MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of ants. Some with guns, some with bombs, some with knives.

              Many without, just peacefully protesting. Usually the most effective tactic.

              1. So where were all of these “millions of ants” yesterday Joey lad ? Because they weren’t at the Israeli embassy in London

                The turnout was fucking pitiful

                Less than 250 ??

                What an embarrassment you are


  18. Once again we have a clone of the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator spewing its bile.

  19. I’m at the rally now. Where are you Ken? Now’s the time to show your support for Israel!

    1. Yes I walked past it Joey lad

      It took me about 8 seconds because there were so few people! Embarrassing turnout wasn’t it ? 250 at most ?


      I then left when I found out Corbyn was a guest speaker


      Have heard enough bollocks from that pathetic old trot over the years so wasn’t going to listen to any more!


  20. Today, almost all of London was united in rage against the Zionist terrorist vermin.

    1. Only around 250 turned up Joey lad


      And you were clearly not one of them


      1. Ken, there was a really sweet clip on one of the sites showing a group of these old dears hanging around an Ethel Austin in some side street. I forget where. It’s searchable. They were straight out of Central Casting; Pensionable age, vicious hair and vague expressions peering through old style NHS specs. Kagools and sandals were de rigeur and one old fella had on a cheeky Corbyn cap. It might actually have been Corbyn. Some young student type with purple and blue hair was handing out chittys which must have been the Costa vouchers for a brew and a big Bourbon biscuit at the end and appeared to be admonishing someone for trying to sneak off early. Maybe it was our latest troll. I’m guessing that some of them may have been enraged a few hours earlier but had now forgotten why. One even seemed to be asking the young girl if this was the Stop the Oil event.

        So, this is the face of anti Israel activism in 2023; basically, the Church Friendship Circle Over 65s Wednesday Club.

        1. “Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I’ll be chomping at the bit for Zionist blood at the EMERGENCY PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy in London Wednesday night at 6PM.”

          Ian – was there ever a sentence that more deliciously encapsulated the sheer delusion of the anti Israel obsessive than this one?


          I rest my case….

          1. A strong case, well made Ken.

            As the old dears in the Kagools would say, “Never let the thirst for Jewish blood get in the way of a nice brew and a lovely slice of Battenburg in the warm.”

            These people survived the Blitz, you know.

      2. Wrong (again) Ken. If you were there, why weren’t you brave enough to personally defend your beloved apartheid state, keyboard warrior?

        Did you find the truth too painful? You would have done well by listening to the wisdom and inspiration of Corbyn and the other speakers.

        Likely you didn’t attend, but spent the day in your run-down, dingy Manchester ghetto.

        1. Wrong about what Joey lad ?

          You confidently predicted that there would be “hundreds of thousands” at the protest last night?


          There were around 250 max

          Not 250k

          Literally just 250


          I understand that you must be feeling a little bit sore after humiliating yourself so completely and so publicly too?


          Never mind Joey lad

          I’m sure you will get over it



          1. You counted every human rights activist there? Yeah, right! Dream on!

            Didn’t know you could count higher than 10, or possibly 15 Ken.

          2. Hey get with the times Ken!

            Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of enemies of Zionism around the world attended virtually.

            Remember this always, Kenny lad; there’s more of us than you!

            1. Cheer up Joey lad


              So you fucked up and made yourself look like a complete tw@t on the internet


              It’s not the first time you’ve done that and it most certainly won’t be the last


  21. Looking like the Brucie babes Holocaust revisionist and denigrator is back for dinner and smudge makooos

  22. JackT Our resident Antisemite (I call you an Antisemite because you seem to be obsessed with Jews)

    Your take on Zionism is always based on one person’s opinion.

    If you you knew anything about Zionism and Judaism you would maybe stop blaming Israel for your own possible sense of nonsensicality

    1. Richard, your failure and that of David the besmircher, to offer any sensible counter arguments to my comments, is an admission that you both are bankrupt of any credit, you therefore resort to the usual Zionist smear tactics.

  23. Joey (Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator)

    Yes you are far more than we are

    But quality is better than quantity

    1. Exactly right Richard

      And besides it doesn’t matter how large their numbers are

      If they can’t be arsed to get off their fat backsides then they will never achieve anything


      Ah well never mind


    2. Crazed paranoia. But not sure if Richard is a member of the tribe, or a wind-up artist.

    3. Remember my dear Richard, millions of ants can KILL an elephant.

      Remember that always.

      1. It’s true…..

        Millions of ants could kill an elephant….if they could be bothered to turn up in the first place??

        🐘 🐜 😝 🤪

        1. The millions are all over the world.


          1. “Johannes Jüden
            JULY 5, 2023 AT 9:51 PM
            Today, almost all of London was united in rage against the Zionist terrorist vermin.”


  24. Good thread this one. Nearly 100 posts. Just like the old days when we had serious house trolls that sat, white knuckled by their keyboards ready to respond to literally anything if it presented the opportunity to drop in a cheeky poke or wind-up.

    Not sure how the current vintage compares. Probably a little less imaginative and a tad more obvious. Still, when you’re set on dismantling the apparatus of Zionism and eradicating the Jewish State, posting stuff here is definitely the way to go.

  25. Sadly there are way too many similarities between apartheid Israel and Nazi Germany.

    1. Hey JJ…

      Given the IP, I am assuming that you and the banned rabbi are neighbours.

      1. Ha! Called it two episodes ago. The whiff of comedy cleric was quite overpowering.

        Still, the dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the complete eradication of the Jewish State is his life’s work you know. What better way to achieve it than poking some Jews on the internet.

        1. Apartheid Israel has declared war on humanity and against civilized people. Discuss.

      2. Ooops


        Has the banned rabbi not thought his latest strategy through and been rumbled yet again ?

        Imagine a “learned” rabbi like Brucie not being intelligent enough to use a different IP address for his new fake ID ?


        Almost beggars belief


    2. Joe Jüden (possibly the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator)

      Please 🙏 give examples of your claims about Israel as copied below

      ‘Sadly there are way too many similarities between apartheid Israel and Nazi Germany’.

      Do take into account the egregious human rights abuses committed by the majority of countries around the world; especially your beloved homophobic, misogynistic and anti-democratic Palestinians, who by the way were avid supporters of the Nazis and Hitler. The Palestinian leader, mufti Haj Amin Husseini, spent the Second World War as a guest of Hitler. So possibly you could be called a neo-Nazi supporter 🤔. An interesting 🤔 thought that

      1. For my answer Richard, BUY, READ and study Tony Greenstein’s excellent latest book covering the subject.


    Joe Jüden
    JULY 4, 2023 AT 5:02 PM
    Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I’ll be chomping at the bit for Zionist blood at the EMERGENCY PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy in London Wednesday night at 6PM.



    “Around 250 people raged outside the Israeli embassy in London on Wednesday night. The emergency protest came after the assault on Palestinian people living in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank earlier this week.”


    Welcome to the REAL WORLD Joey lad


    You’re welcome


  27. JackT, our resident Antisemite (I call you that because of your obsession with Jews).

    We don’t answer your comments because they are just the ad-infinitum repetition of the anti-Israel/Antisemitic sloganeering that is used to drown out opposition and debate about the factually real situation concerning Palestinians and their history

  28. Let’s talk about that Cohen character, his attack on Jeremy Corbyn and your links to the embassy. Over to you David…

    1. I was going suggest another username for you Brucey

      How about…… Adolf Cohen ?


      I’m absolutely sure nobody would guess that was you!

      Why not give it a try ??


      1. Ken, if you’re looking for a pseudonym (look it up), I recommend you use the name “Jonathan Hoffman” or just plain “Scoffy.”.

        1. Why would I need a pseudonym Joey lad ?? Or is it Joseph or JJ or Johannes or Mayer or Rabbi or Bruce or whatever the hell you just decided to call yourself for the next 5 minutes ??


  29. Proof as well that the Nazis were the best friends the Zionists ever had. What would you call your enemies if the NAZI’s never existed?

    I highly recommend you BUY, READ and STUDY Tony Greenstein’s excellent book linking the National Socialist (NAZI) and Zionist movements.

    As for Cohen-head, most social media users recognize him for the fake he is.

  30. Joe Jüden ,possibly the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    I asked for proof, not a stupid suggestion by you to read a book by the, in my opinion, Antisemitic Greenslime.
    But then you couldn’t give proof because you don’t believe in the truth in the first place

    1. Put down the waccy baccy my dear Richard. That great JEWISH scholar and activist, Tony Greenstein, is anything but antisemitic.

      It’s impossible for any Jew to be antisemitic.

      1. Tell us about the ants again Brucey


        That’s always good for a laugh

        🤣 🐜 🤣


    Johannes Jüden
    JULY 4, 2023 AT 5:02 PM
    Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I’ll be chomping at the bit for Zionist blood at the EMERGENCY PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy in London Wednesday night at 6PM.



    “Around 250 people raged outside the Israeli embassy in London on Wednesday night. The emergency protest came after the assault on Palestinian people living in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank earlier this week.”


    Welcome to the REAL WORLD Joey lad


    You’re welcome


  32. Joe Jüden, possibly the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    One person makes stupid comments in front of his class and you go into fits of ecstatic ecstasy

    The UK legal system is far stricter and more regulated than the Israeli judicial reforms are.

    But then facts and truth have never been one of Brucie Levy ‘spewing strong points

  33. Joe Jüden, the Brucie Levy clone

    Greenslime doesn’t know who he is

    First he claims that he is a Jewish atheist, and doesn’t believe in G-d.

    Second he claims he doesn’t believe in the concept of Jewish peoplehood.

    If the dimwit doesn’t believe in Judaism and Jewish peoplehood, what does he believe in that makes him Jewish

    But then facts and the truth have never been one of your strong points

  34. FYI

    Tony Greenstein has criminal convictions for vandalism and possession of drugs


    Explains why his books are such incoherent bollocks


    Ah well never mind


    1. Vandalism and possession of drugs are victimless crimes.


      Two Zionist thugs in London pleaded guilty and were convicted for “aggressive and bullying behaviour” towards peaceful members of the public.

      See the difference?

      1. Victimless crimes ??


        That’s funny that is


        But not as funny as your little story about the ants 🐜


        Go on Joey lad…tell us about the ants again you wonderful lunatic


  35. Over 125 comments now on a thread that passed it’s shelf life days ago. Perhaps the reappearance of the comedy cleric has played a part with him contributing over 45 posts.

    Still, when your life’s work is the complete dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the eradication of the Jewish State, what better way to achieve your aims than with a bit of online provocation here using a funny name.

    Wonder if we can get to 150 comments.

  36. This thread has certainly been entertaining

    This is just one of its several highlights….


    J.J : Hello everyone my name is Joey (Johannes) Juden and despite my vaguely offensive (Nazi style) username I am 100% Jewish.

    Us : Hmmmmmm

    J.J : I also hate Israel as it’s apartheid don’t you know? And all my heroes are Jews who also hate Israel

    Us : This sounds familiar

    J.J : Also the Holocaust never really happened and even if it did the Nazis were the best thing that ever happened to the Jewish people

    Us : Okay so this has to be the fake Rabbi that was recently banned from posting here by David? It’s impossible for another crackpot like him to exist in this universe?

    J.J : Stop being so paranoid. You Zionists are so out of touch with reality….etc….blah blah

    David : J.J has the same IP address as the fake Rabbi

    Us : 😂

    J.J : Errrrrm…. does anyone want a boxcar brownie?

    Us : Tell us about the ants 🐜


    1. Quite harsh Ken. After all when you’re trying to crush global Zionism and eliminate the Jewish State, how else are you supposed to do it, if not by posting comments here under a silly name ?

      Our lad may be onto something and in another 10 to 15 years he may have irked a few Jews. It is his life’s work after all.

      1. Two Zionist thugs in London pleaded guilty to “aggressive and bullying behaviour” towards peaceful members of the public.


        1. Cheer up Joey lad


          Or is it Johannes?
          Or is it Bruce ?
          Or Rabbi Levy?
          Or Mayer of London?
          Or Assistant Chief Rabbi?
          Or Rabbi Fucktard Ring-bang?


  37. BREAKING: Israeli military murders young Palestinian in Ramallah, the occupied West Bank.

    1. Now, for all the serious activists seeking the destruction of the Jewish State and the apparatus of global Zionism, head over to the next episode in this series and post some provocative comments using a silly name. These are the powerful tools of resistance. See you all there.

  38. Arab-racism was OK with Arab settlements – anti-Zionism was never about “newcomers” but because they were not Arab …

    The Palestine Bulletin⁩ 26 June 1929⁩



    “Annafir” of Haifa states that a group of Arab immigrants in America is contemplating the establishment of an Arab colony in Palestine. A tract of 5000 dunams is to be acquired for this purpose.


    ⁨⁨B’nai B’rith Messenger⁩, 19 July 1929⁩

    Land Question Agitates Arabs

    Arab Press and Politicians Renew Talk of Land in Palestine
    JERUSALEM —( J . T . A . )—A reland question is noticeable in the newed interest in the Palestine Arab press and in Arab political circles in the country.

    According to a report from Tulkerem to the Palestine paper, “Felastin”, the Arab villagers of Taibe sold to the Moslem Supreme Council an area of 4,000 dunams at the low rate of 12 per dunam. The purchase was made as a part of the Supreme Council’s campaign to obtain possession of considerable land areas to prevent their transfer to Jews. The body is thus becoming actively engaged in opposing the acquisition of land by Jews . According to another report published in the Haifa Arab paper “An Afir”, a group of Arab immigrants in the United States contemplates the establishment in Palestine of an Arab colony. An area of 5,000 dunams is to be acquired for the purpose.

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