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The BBC blood libel and the shame of a biased media

During an interview with Israeli ex-PM Naftali Bennett the BBC anchor Anjana Gadgil suggested that ‘Israeli forces are happy to kill children’. This is an antisemitic blood libel reworked for the 21st century. Many complained, the BBC apologised, and the Board of Deputies swiftly accepted the apology. I cannot be the only one who is sickened by this recurring pantomime. Anjana Gadgil’s words may have slipped out on air, but they articulated precisely the type of thinking that formulates much of the BBC’s reporting on Israel. In response to yet another example of the blatant BBC bias, Jewish community leaders should have told them exactly what to do with its ‘apology’.

Jenin Background 101

 The armed groups that Israel is fighting, such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas, are Islamic terror groups that are proscribed throughout most of the western world. They both have a long history of slaughtering innocent civilians, and their aims include ‘the establishment of an Islamic state under Sharia law‘.

The Palestinian street is controlled by powerful clans and these armed groups are jostling for power amongst themselves. This creates areas in which the Palestinian Authority have been left with little or no control. Jenin is one such town.

In just the last few months there have been over 50 recorded shooting attacks against Israelis that were carried out by terrorists holed up in Jenin. These include the brutal murder in March of two Israeli brothers in Huwara.  An Israeli raid on Jenin in January, was to stop an imminent attack being carried out by Islamic Jihad.

Just last month, rockets were fired from the Jenin area at a local Israeli community. Given the deadly intentions of Palestinian terror groups, Israel cannot sit idly by as these groups arm themselves and plan attacks on Israeli civilians. Islamist ideology, a growing arsenal of weapons, a desire to kill, and an ability to carry out the threat – there is not a nation in the west that would allow this toxic cocktail to ferment unchallenged.

The terrorist recruitment of minors

For decades intelligence services and governments in the west have been fully aware that radical Islamic terror groups recruit children (under 18 years of age). From Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan to the Afghani Shia Fatemiyoun Brigade, hundreds of Islamic forces across the globe bolster their numbers and capabilities by using children.

The recruitment can have devastating results, especially as potential victims may be less suspicious when a child approaches. Here are some recent attacks carried out by young terrorists against Israelis:

  • March 2023 – Muhammad Bassel Fathi Zalbani, 13 years old. Killed a security guard.
  • February 2023 – Jaffar Matour, 14 years old. Stabbed 17-year-old Israeli child.
  • January 2023 – Mahmoud Muhammad Aliwat, 13 yearsold. Shot and wounded two Israelis in Jerusalem.

The list above contains just a few recent examples. In 2015/6 many of the attackers in the ‘Knife Intifada’ were minors, and minors-as suicide-bombers were used dozens of times during the second Intifada. For example, on 1 November 2004, a 16-year-old terrorist killed three Israelis and wounded 30 when in the middle of the crowded Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, he detonated the suicide vest he was wearing underneath his clothes.

BBC and the skewing of news

The BBC, like all western media, is fully aware of the truth. Yet what we witness when it comes to reporting on Israel is a reversal of causality. When children die waving the flag of ISIS, Al Qaeda or Boko Haram, the BBC always points the finger of blame at the recruiting terrorist groups. When a Palestinian terrorist is a minor, the BBC points the finger of blame at Israel. Instead of blaming the terrorist groups for the recruitment and indoctrination of children, the BBC ask the question ‘what has Israel done to make this child so desperate’? And ONLY when it comes to Israel, do the media organisations (the BBC is far from alone in this) use this line.

This is part of a 2015 report from the BBC that discusses an attack on ISIL by the French which killed 12 children. Nowhere in the article is there any criticism of the French forces at all. Rather the opposite is true. The entire article focuses on how awful ISIS is for indoctrinating children.

This next BBC report is about a recent attack by US forces against Al Shabab terrorists that killed 30 terrorists. It does not mention the issue of age anywhere. Yet we know that Al-Shabab’s recruitment campaign is dependent on the indoctrination of children – even opening their own schools to maintain a steady supply. 10,000s of children have been recruited – which makes it highly likely that terrorists under the age of 18 were killed in the attack. It seems the BBC journalist did not care about this issue at all when writing this report:

And in a 2017 BBC article that reports on 1300 ‘militants’ killed by UK forces in just 12 months, there is also no mention at all by the journalist of the fact that children were undoubtedly some of the many victims.

There seems to be a simple rule. If child terrorists die in attacks carried out by US, UK or French forces, it is the fault of the terrorist groups that recruited them. If Israel is involved – then it is not just Israel’s fault, but it is also in some way ‘deliberate’.

The BBC mindset

On November 29 2021, a group of Jewish youth were celebrating the first night of Chanukah on Oxford Street in London, when they were attacked by a group of Muslim antisemites. The BBC report on the incident invented an ‘anti-Muslim slur’ in order to blame the Jewish victims.

These two incidents, the invented Muslim slur, and the more recent ‘happy to kill children’ comment are not accidents. They emerge from a mindset within the BBC that sees the conflict in a very skewed way. On the ground, BBC News and BBC Arabic share the same offices in Jerusalem. The BBC Journalists – like most journalists in Israel, become entirely reliant on Arab runners and fixers – who are in turn an embedded part of the Palestinian propaganda machine. Instead of impartial reporting, over time these correspondents become little more than mouthpieces for Palestinian lies.

Today we seem to be in an unacceptable position of accepting the bias as ‘the norm’ and only complaining when it crosses the line in to blatant antisemitism. At no point has the British Jewish community signalled to our communal bodies that this is an acceptable approach.

Across the media landscape

Reporting on Israel across the media landscape is awful – but perhaps it is no surprise if the BOD, JLC, and so on do not seem to want to rock the boat.

Take Secunder Kerami, the Foreign Correspondent for Channel 4 who was reporting on the ground in Jenin. Kerami was until recently the Pakistan and Afghanistan Correspondent for the BBC. In 2009 he was actively sharing material in hard-core anti-Israel propaganda groups on Facebook. The video he shared compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto:

Does this man really have the background to give an impartial account of news from Jenin? The 15-minute report aired on Channel 4 says not. For example, when the journalist questions whether all those killed were actually militants (timestamp 2:05) – in the footage we literally see two bodies carried at the funeral – one wrapped in a Hamas flag, the other Islamic Jihad.


If Secunder wishes to raise doubts about one who was allegedly ‘unarmed’ (timestamp 2:09) then it his duty to also inform viewers that most we see being buried, were most certainly affiliated with terror groups. This isn’t semantics, both Hamas and IJ are proscribed terror groups in the UK.

Most importantly though is what is missing – given his years of reporting about Jihadi groups, he should see similarities in much of what is taking place – Islamist supremacy, the worship of martyrdom, the glorification of death, and the desire to kill Jews. This is what Israel is fighting. Not a word of this appears in his report. And his report was one of the better ones.

The Sunday times ran a headline suggesting one of those killed was unarmed.

In the article the journalist Catherine Philp repeats claims that the boy was going to donate blood at the local hospital when he was shot. This falls in line with the ‘Law of the Palestinian Victim’. This law states that every Palestinian shot is either a medic, a journalist, or was on a mission to do some virtuous act at the time of the shooting. It is legitimate to question this story as the Palestinian Ministry of Health – like many – has a minimum age of 18 on blood donations.

And let us not forget the social media images of the victim carrying a weapon and glorifying martyrdom.

The Sunday Times article was written by Catherine Philp, who openly stands in solidarity with the Palestinians:

Philp has long been hostile to Israel, and is clearly blinded by her bias – even to the point of it ‘infuriating’ her:

And her logic has become so twisted, that she blames the problems of UN anti-Israel bias, on the fact that the US protects Israel.

Her concern is not that Iran, Nth Korea, Pakistan, the DRC, Syria and so on can gang up on the Jewish state – nor that despotic UN member states obsess about Israel – but rather that the US acts as a defence mechanism and protects Israel from the antisemitic, obsessive whim of these despotic nations. She would clearly be a much happier soul if there was nobody to protect Israel at all.

In reality this Times article is just part of an obsessive fetish. Turning discussion over what was clearly a relatively successful operation – into an argument about the death of Abdulrahman Hardan. This just takes everyone down a rabbit hole. No army in the world takes the care that the Israeli army takes to avoid civilian casualties – and no army in the world is operating with 50,000 cameras following its every move. That is the relevant context here.

Enough is enough

The low casualty count – and the fact we can be positive almost all those killed belonged to proscribed terror groups – completely undermines the details of the anti-Israel reporting.

These journalists are not on the ground to tell the truth – far from it – because we can see that much of the truth is never told. Instead they are there to amplify an anti-Israel narrative. Their eyes are not on the terror groups, tearing Palestinian society apart, holding it back in the dark ages – and perpetuating a needless conflict – oh no, all their eyes are on Israel, and how it tries to defend its citizens in a completely impossible situation. Each mistake, every possible error, becomes a headline.

In addition, while every comment from an Israeli is questioned – every statement from a Palestinian, such as the ‘blood donation’ example above, is regurgitated as truth. This is not news, nor is it acceptable commentary – it is rank bias that has nothing to do with true journalism.

But the bottom line is this – if we only object when rank bias that demonises the Jewish state crosses into blatant antisemitism, then British Jews can expect a lot of things around us to get progressively worse.


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  1. In fairness, Mr. Bennett eats these (w)anchors for breakfast and whilst I am delighted to see him eviscerating another hapless stooge, I’ll be even happier when he returns to mainstream politics and is leading our country again.

  2. Excellent report David; sad that it is true

    As Jews were always responsible for all the ills of society, so to has Israel become the lightning rod to blame Israel for all the world’s ills; this is true for the far right, the far left, the Islamists, the woke ‘progressive’ Antisemites and more.

    Israel has become the Jew Among The Nations as the Jews were once the cause of all problems

    And the BBC with the Guardian and similar media outlets has had a significant role in fostering this anti-Israelism that much to frequently devolves into outrigh anti-Jewish Antisemitism

    1. Better lock your door and windows Richard. Don’t even go outside because you never know where the antisemitism boogyman may be lurking.

  3. BBC news is as balanced and as coherent as a pantomime drunk


    It’s days are numbered and it’s ignominious end cannot come a day too soon


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      He says his life’s work is the eradication of global Zionism and the destruction of the Jewish State; my country. His method of achieving this is to write things on the internet using silly names. Bless.

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    Proof of this statement with time ⏲️ and context, the full speech or conversation.
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    You made the comment, now supply the evidence, which no doubt is beyond your limited abilities

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    Johannes Jüden
    JULY 4, 2023 AT 5:02 PM
    Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I’ll be chomping at the bit for Zionist blood at the EMERGENCY PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy in London Wednesday night at 6PM.



    “Around 250 people raged outside the Israeli embassy in London on Wednesday night. The emergency protest came after the assault on Palestinian people living in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank earlier this week.”


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    2.Ahmad Shukeiri (who [with everyone he knew] cheered, prayed for Hitler 1940-1 [], helped Hitler [] had justified the Holocaust in 1946 [] with Jamal Husseini), had invented[] the apartheid slur on Oct 17, 1961. He also stated that it’s “worse” than Nazism []….whatever “works.”

    In 1962 he promoted neo nazi stormtroopers at the UN.[] while citing the NYT which clearly stated its Nazism[].

        1. Are you saying that the reason why IDF defenders-of ?-lives go after YOUR violent Arabs is because there is a higher proportion of rapists among Arabs who only consist 20 percent of its equal (and often with preferential treatment) eitizens??

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    2. No one believes “racist” or “apartheid”, realities, these are just slurs .

      July/2023: Meeting at the squad (satire)

      – Tlaib/Omar to Pramila Jayapal:

      – Hello “sister”.

      – Hello.

      – How can I help in our “cause?”

      – ‘IsrAIL- bashing always work. (By us it’s a goal, not just a tool, anyhow).

      – You two do that better.

      – Well, we are known as Muslims, whereas you…

      – So what’s the strategy?

      – Tlaib: “apartheid” calling! As you know, by now, our other Arab (anti-Jewish) activist, brother Omar Shakir, had already used the HRW for his campaign he began since 2010 at BDS, so it’s by a “human rights org.” (Not just Hitler’s helper A. Shukeiri’s 1961 invention). And please, do repeat it several times.

      – Omar: I have got a far better idea. In the US, if you utter the R word, that’s a bombshell, just say “racist.”

      – Tlaib: Shukran!

      – What is racist?

      – You know…

      – What?

      – I see, you want me to say that the “occupation” is “racist?” But Israel is mufti ethnic?

      – You’re almost there…

      – I see… I should just come out and offend all of them. Israel is racist ? No problem.
      – Omar/Tlaib. Clapping.

      – Omar/Tlaib: Allah Akbar! Fk da juuz. Shhh.. , out loud say: “zionists”.

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    You are just an Antisemite because of your perverse reaction to anything mainstream Jewish

    And you are a Holocaust denigrator and revisionist to boot

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  14. UN-Child UNChild DEFINITION

    UNchild, UNchildren

    In wake of terrorists called “children” by the UN – at an operation where only combatants were eliminated, Jenin, 2023.

    17-18 years old (or younger) Arabs targeting Jews to murder or and injure. Groomed by adults, and/or encouraged by parents.

    Another form of of racism, bigotry motivated to target Jews (armed or not), by militant Arabs, Muslims. The Israel /Palestine branch.

    Alternatively, by propagandists under “human rights” banner provoking non Arabs, often security forces in order to get on film only the second half of footage if it turns — the desired goal — ugly.


    Palestinian Media Watch

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    Camera, July 14, 2023

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