Seeds for Development and Culture

Sowing the seeds of support for terrorists

Why do those who support and celebrate the murder of Jews always have a queue of people who want to give them money and shake their hands?

The Seeds for Development and Culture

‘Seeds for Development and Culture’ (SFDC) is an NGO operating out of Nablus. The Facebook page suggests it has been around since 2012.

They claim that SFDC ‘aims to create a positive impact on the Palestinian youth’ and they appear to be a popular destination for western politicians. Here is a 2017 photo of the group at a ’round table’ with British politicians – Ruth Cadbury, Sarah Champion, Helen Goodman, Philip Hollobone, Rupa Huq, Stephen Metcalfe, and Martin Linton:

Seeds For Development and Culture

The purpose of the MPs visit was a ‘fact finding mission’ – and it was paid for by the Britain-Palestine Communications Centre. These are hand held propaganda tours, during which MPs are fed little but a mountain of lies. Upon their return the MPs become naive accomplices to a sinister and antisemitic industry, spreading the lies that they were told.

In a speech in Parliament a month later, Ruth Cadbury said this about her January visit:

Every Palestinian we met—Palestinian Authority members, elected city leaders, political activists and young people—subscribed to the two-state solution and wanted help in ensuring that it is achieved.”

If she truly believes those words then she is a fool. Does it even enter her head that she may only have been told the lies that they wanted her to spread?

Seeds – partners, partners, everywhere

Working through their timeline, it is clear that the SFDC certainly get to meet with a lot of people. These four examples from just the past few weeks:

Seeds for Development and Culture meetings

Here are the leaders of SFDC in November 2021 hosting Astrid Win – the representative of the Republic of Austria to the ‘State of Palestine’:

And the list goes on. Here is Saif F Aqel – the Deputy Chair, with Martin Shultz, German politician, and former President of the European Parliament:

And of course, the British Consul General has to be involved:

The NGO does not appear to have a website, nor is it clear where the money is coming from. Given all the ties above it would be unsurprising to find EU money moving into the offices of the SFDC and on their Facebook page they mention the names of several European foundations.

Twin with me, twin with me

This is Julie Pern, Chair of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine. Pern is a key force behind the campaign to twin Sheffield with Nablus.  In the image below Julie Pern clearly looks pleased with herself – and no doubt feels important – sitting with the Nablus Deputy Mayor and Raed Debiy – the Chair of the Seeds Association.

Seeds for Development and Culture and sheffield labour friends of palestine

In April 2023, the British journalist Peter Oborne paid them a visit – here in the image with Debiy – the SFDC Chair:

Peter oborne and Seeds for Development and Culture

These days the Brits do not have to travel to Nablus to be fed the propaganda. This is from a Zoom meeting. It is possible to see participants from Scotland, Wales and England – all listening eagerly to hear what Raed Debiy has to say. Visible are key anti-Israel haters such as Jean Fitzpatrick, Roland Rance, Nick Steff, Mary McGregor, Maggie Foyer and Judith Hammond:

Seeds for Development and Culture zoom call

All the attendees desperate to twin their cities or enhance relationships with their friends in Nablus.

The other key face to SFDC is Saif F Aqel, the Deputy Chair. He is here (front, holding the Scottish flag) standing with a delegation from the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association.

It isn’t just UK cities either. Last October they met with a delegation from Boulder – the Colorado city that gained ‘sister-city’ status with Nablus a few years ago:

Nor is it just activists and politicians. This image with both the Chair Debiy and the Deputy Aqel was from an August 2022 meeting with an unnamed ‘group of researchers from research centres in Ireland and the UK’:

Zooming away

This is an image from a Zoom meeting in October 2021, set up to by Seeds Chairman Raed Debiy who was clearly looking for money. The UK activists include Louise Regan (NEU National Officer), ex-MP Martin Linton, Sarah Staniland (Sheffield UCU President) and Martin Mayer (ex-Labour NEC):

Here is another Zoom meeting from August 2021 which has Raed Debiy talking to another range of (mostly) British activists:

Seeds for Development and Culture and british activists

With just two key figures leading the Seeds for Development and Culture NGO –  just who are these people that everyone seems to desperate to do business with?

Seeds – supporters of terrorism and violence

On 20 June 2023, four Israelis were murdered in a terror attack at a gas station. The Hamas affiliated terrorists were Muhannad Faleh Shehadeh, 24, and Khaled Mustafa Sabah, 25. This is what SFDC Chairman Raed Debiy posted within a few hours of the attack:

The timeline of Raed Debiy is full of the glorification of terrorists, and support for violent ‘resistance’.

It can be noted that the first of these – from the 4th May, was for three Hamas members, Hassan Qatnani, Moaz al-Masri and Ibrahim Jabr – the terrorists who murdered the British / Israeli family (Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee) on April 7th. The Hamas terrorists were found by Israeli forces on May 4 and killed in the shootout.

To support the violence of Hamas in Gaza this one openly calls to turn the ‘West Bank’ into a battlefield. The hashtags call on people to ‘resist’ and ‘rise up’:

This last example comes from the beginning of the conflict of May 2021. There is no room with this man for ‘two states’. His support for violent resistance (including the rockets being fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza) is clear:

The deputy chairman, Saif F Aqel is no better. On 28 September, when 4 terrorists (2 Islamic Jihad, 2 Hamas) were killed, Aqel posted this:

Perhaps it is worth noting at this point that Saif Aqel is currently a Vice-President of the International Union of Socialist Youth!

On 22 October when Wadee al-Houh, a leader of the Lions’ Den terror group was killed, Aqel posted this:

And in the comments underneath:

When the commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Ibrahim al-Nabulsi was killed, Aqel posted this:

The reality on the ground

Anybody who understands the reality on the ground would know that there are not many peaceful Palestinian groups to do business with. If a Palestinian NGO is to survive, let alone thrive, then they must have ties to those clans ruling the street. And the clans that rule the streets are far from peaceful. Almost every Palestinian NGO is embedded in the nationalist or Islamist Palestinian leadership.

Each of the NGOs has its place in the Palestinian propaganda war – and each is a brick in the wall of violent resistance. ‘Support for a two-state solution’ and ‘peaceful resistance’ are just empty phrases used to con western liberals because without them – the NGOs won’t get the  dollars that they need.

The truth is that most Palestinians support violent resistance, most given the chance would help to wipe Israel off the map – and if there were Palestinian elections, the terrorist groups would win. That is the Palestinian street.

Hundreds of NGOs have been set up explicitly to fleece idiots in the west who wave the Palestinian flag – and it has created a profitable industry.

All of the images above are publicly available – yet despite open support for violence, the SFDC office is a venue that everyone seems to want to visit. Does nobody do the slightest bit of due diligence before building relationships with these groups? The answer is clearly not.

The bottom line is this – when you support NGOs such as SFDC you empower terrorists that kill innocent Jews – and tragically nobody seems to care.


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34 thoughts on “Sowing the seeds of support for terrorists

  1. Of interest to the Israel-bashers:
    Hadassah surgeons reattach boy’s head to his neck after internal decapitation

    Suleiman, 12, who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, undergoes extremely rare operation after his ligaments were broken, base of skull severed from spine’s top vertebra

    In an extremely rare and complex operation, Hadassah Medical Center surgeons have reattached a 12-year-old boy’s head to his neck after a serious accident in which he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, the Jerusalem hospital announced on Wednesday.

    Suleiman Hassan, a Palestinian from the West Bank, was airlifted to Hadassah hospital’s trauma unit in Ein Kerem, where it was determined that the ligaments holding the posterior base of his skull were severely damaged, leaving it detached from the top vertebrae of his spine. The condition, bilateral atlanto occipital joint dislocation, is commonly known as internal or orthopedic decapitation.

    The injury is very rare in adults, and even more so in children.

    “We fought for the boy’s life,” said Dr. Ohad Einav, the orthopedic specialist who operated on the patient together with Dr. Ziv Asa and a large operating room and intensive care team. The surgery was carried out in early June.

    “The procedure itself is very complicated and took several hours. While in the operating room, we used new plates and fixations in the damaged area… Our ability to save the child was thanks to our knowledge and the most innovative technology in the operating room,” Einav said.

    Einav, who returned to Israel a year ago after a fellowship at trauma centers in Toronto, estimated that this rare injury has occurred in Israel before. As far as he is aware, he is one of just a few surgeons in Israel who specialize in trauma surgery for spinal injuries.

    Hassan was recently discharged home with a cervical splint and will continue to be carefully monitored by the Hadassah staff.

    “The fact that such a child has no neurological deficits or sensory or motor dysfunction, and that he is functioning normally and walking without an aid after such a long process, is no small thing,” Einav said.

    A Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia report from 2003 stated that of the 2006 patients it treated for spinal cord injuries between 1983 and 2003, only 16 suffered from occipital joint dislocation.

    “The injury is extremely rare, but we do know that because children between ages four and 10 have heads that are large in relation to their bodies, they are more susceptible than adults,” Einav said.

    The survival rate of those who suffer internal decapitation is low. In most cases, the injury results in death. There is evidence that children fare better than adults, but there is not yet enough data comparing children to adolescents.

    A 2021 survey of studies on the injury in children and adolescents found that 55% do not survive the initial injury, transport to the hospital, surgery, and recovery.

    The hospital reported that Hassan’s father did not leave his bedside during his recovery from surgery.

    “I will thank you all my life for saving my dear only son. Bless you all. Thanks to you he regained his life even when the odds were low and the danger was obvious. What saved him were professionalism, technology and quick decision-making by the trauma and orthopedics team. All I can say is a big thank you,” he told the medical staff.

    Einav said that his having performed this surgery on adults as part of his training in Toronto prepared him to operate on young Hassan.

    “This is not a common surgery at all, and especially not on children and teens. A surgeon needs knowledge and experience to do this,” he said.

  2. Seriously?

    A bunch of white crusty old trots who see racism everywhere apart from where is really is?

    Embarrassing plain and simple

    If these people really want to see institutionalised deep seated racial hatred then they should try looking in a fucking mirror


    Well done for exposing David 👍🏼

  3. The real terrorists are Zionists in every country supporting the neo-Nazi government of apartheid Israel. They are responsible for destroying far more lives through their activities propagandising, lobbying and funding genocide than any group of Palestinians.

    Beware of the international Zionist octopus! 🐙

    1. I guess you’re just another ignorant Jew-hater and Israel-hater who supports people who are on record as saying there objectives are to obliterate Israel and exterminate Jews worldwide?

      1. Israel-hater
        Yes. I find racism and apartheid repugnant.

        I don’t hate myself. I’m Jewish!

        1. “I find racism and apartheid repugnant.”

          And yet you don’t have a bad word to say about racist misogynist regimes like Iran and Saudi Arabia ??

          Wonder why that is ??


          “I’m Jewish!”


    2. According to Fondapol, a French think tank, between 1979 and May 2021, at least 48,035 Islamist terrorist attacks took place worldwide, causing the deaths of at least 210,138 people. On an average, during this period, each Islamist attack has resulted in the death of around 4.4 persons….

      Just sayin Joey lad


  4. Another pro anti-Jewish hatred/violence masked as a “humane” group. How deprived.

  5. The Nazi Imam “Joe Juden / Johannes Juden” (spamming here) reminds of a friend of mine who had two Islamic-bigots harassing her years ago, including in sexual nature and xxx rated requests and claimed they were “jewish” by using a few words to dupe… but didbtv realize how their IP Addresses showed Tehran and Ramallah.and Ramallah.. lol. But she played along as if she is unaware.

    I’m sure Nazi-Iman will use a third name…

  6. Gal, any relation to the house Islamophobe and self-described moron Edward?

    Over to you David.

  7. The members of US Congress known as “The Squad” including Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are known as anti-Israel extremists who have recently called for a boycott of President Herzog’s speech in Congress tomorrow, because among other things he represents the “apartheid state” Israel.

    But they received the best response ever to their hatred …because a few moments ago the US Congress passed a resolution that received clear bipartisan support, stating: “The State of Israel is not a racist or apartheid state, Congress rejects all forms of antisemitism and xenophobia, and the United States will always be a partner and enthusiastic supporter of Israel.”

    This is how you silence extremists who, instead of working for the citizens of the United States, incite against Israel.

    Thank you America for your continued support for our country and our mutually beneficial alliance! 🇮🇱🇺🇲

    Long live the USA

    Long live Israel


    1. You have to feel for our Brucie, Ken.

      Our valiant internet warrior says it’s his life’s work to destroy the apparatus of Zionism and eradicate the Jewish State. I can’t see this helping his cause too much.

      Ah well. At least he can still wind up a few Jews here using a silly name. That has to count for something, right ?

      1. Yes indeed Ian

        Our Joey (Brucey) is destined to spend eternity in his kagool and his sandals (with socks) waving his little paper flag at passers by – only to ultimately achieve nothing whatsoever


        Thank goodness he isn’t wasting his life


    2. Proving that without American support, a result of the Zionist lobby, apartheid Israel would collapse like a house of cards.

      it’s apartheid” (@ICAHD 2010)
      “it’s apartheid” (@UNESCWA, 2017)
      “it’s apartheid” (@YeshDin 2020)
      “it’s apartheid” (@AdalahCenter 2020)
      “it’s apartheid” (@btselem 2021)
      “it’s apartheid” (@hrw 2021)
      “it’s apartheid” (@fidh_en 2021)
      “We live on planet Mars” (@ US Congress 2023)

    3. “it’s apartheid” (@alhaq_org 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@Addameer 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@AlMezanCenter 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@cacalqudsuni 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@AdvocacyJlac 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@miftahpal 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” ( @UN 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@ICJ_org 2022)
      “it’s apartheid” (@DAWNmenaorg 2022)

      Please email me / reply if i neglected your organization ✌️

      1. Ken, please feel free to cite any of these highly respected and globally accredited authorities, proving that The Jewish State is lovely.

        “Israel is lovely” (@ian from Dave’s blog 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s Aunty Joyce 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s Uncle Cyril 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s cousin Sharon 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s mate Steve from shul 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s mate Steve’s wife Karen 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s other mate Gordon 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s nan’s hairdresser Gloria 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s dentist Ahmad 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s dentist Ahmad’s wife Maja 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s accountant Sidney 2023)
        “Israel is lovely” (@ian’s mate Helen Mirren 2023)

        Pretty conclusive, right ?

          1. It’s lovely for them too Joey lad

            They enjoy a much better standard of living and have better (free) healthcare and have more civil liberties living in Israel than in any other country in the ME

            That’s why they stay Joey lad

            And who can blame them?


            1. Goebbels would be proud of you Ken, as the Nazis also claimed Jews were being well looked after in concentration camps.

  8. To Filastin-Nazi-Imam (Joe_Juden/Johannes_Juden) repeating the apartheid slur invented by Hitler’s helper:
    And fan:
    On Oct 17, 1961:>


    Another hero of FILASTIN Nazi-Imam, Mufti:

    Weinreich, Max. Hitler’s Professors: The Part of Scholarship in Germany’s Crimes Against the Jewish People. United States: Yale University Press, 1999.

    (Anti-Jewish Congress in 1944…)

    p. 226:

    When the date finally had been set for July 11­-15, 1944, and the preparations were in full swing, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann in the middle of June in the name of the Führer ordered, “on the basis of the military developments,” postponement of the congress until the beginning of September. Apparently, Hitler’s alter ego felt that by September the invasion armies would have been forced into the sea. Proceeding on that assumption, Rosenberg envisaged September 6 as the first day of the congress and the preparatory work went on. On June 28, the day the Allies entered Cherbourg, Rosenberg’s Office forwarded to the Propaganda Ministry a tentative list of persons to be invited. This “List of Participants Proposed for the anti­Jewish Congress in Cracow,” compiled by Rosenberg’s Office itself, the Foreign Ministry, and the Reich Main Security Office, consisted of two groups: A. German guests; B. Guests from abroad…

    Iraq was to be represented by Gailani, “[exiled pro­-Hitler] Prime Minister”, and Arabia, most fittingly, by Amin al­Husseini, “Great Mufti of Jerusalem.”

    (The two Arab leaders, after their escape to Germany, were eagerly wooed by the Nazis..)

    In all, the Rosenberg Commissionership looked forward to 402 participants, of whom 189 were to be invited from abroad…

    p. 231:
    Egypt: Fakoussa, Hassan, journalist and anti­-Jewish writer.

    1. Proof that the Nazis are the Zionist’s best friends. What would you do if the Nazis never existed “Edward”?

      Now over to you David…

      1. “What would you do if the Nazis never existed”

        Well there would be approx 18m more of us than there are now Joey lad

        So why do you think we would think this was a bad thing ?

        Do tell us


  9. Re US politics, the duo bigots Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are just trash anti-Jewish hacks. Not true “progressives”, thought they use the naiive for their genocidal politics.

  10. Hey Joey lad

    Looking forward to seeing you in Piccadilly Gardens this Saturday along with the “hundreds of thousands” 😂 of other pro Palestine supporters (well seven or eight if you’re lucky) that meet there every Saturday


    Don’t forget your kagool and your sandals Joey lad

    And remember the slogan…..

    “Fwee fwee Pawestine “


    1. I might just be there Ken, before my departure to Poland for R&R, just to teach you and the other Zios who dare defend apartheid and racism a BIG lesson that you’ll never forget. You’ve been warned.

  11. I’ll be on holiday for the next few weeks. Off to Poland and Iran for some much needed R & R. Cheerio!

  12. So far the Nazi Imam spammer has three user names at least;
    Joe Juden
    Johannes Juden

  13. Tzvika Segal, Behadrei, 7th Av 5783. 07/25/23

    Arabs brutally beat yeshiva students during a cruising

    A group of friends who spent time kayaking in the north were violently attacked by members of minorities [- Arabs]. As a result, one of the members was injured and one of the two was broken Attorney Steiner from the Honenu organization: “We will make sure that the violent attackers are brought to justice”

    … A serious case of assault at one of the kayaking sites in the north: a number of friends, yeshiva students, who came to rest last week, were caught up in a serious incident of violence by members of minorities. As a result of the severe violence, one of the friends was injured, his lip was split open and one of his teeth was broken. According to him, when he arrived at the police station in order to file a complaint against the attacker, he was interrogated under a warning.


    That, in a routinely string of racist-Arab hate crimes.

    All Arabs know, Haredim avoid IDF draft. But Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will tell you, the “conflict” is about so called “occupation”

  14. “Palestinian” terror leader

    Arif Abd al-Raziq [عارف عبد الرازق], Nazi Der Stürmer wording in his circular letter Sep/1938 to the Brits.

    <a href="[ The Montreal Gazette, ‎15 sept 1938

    Zion Arabs’ Terrorists Extremes Alienate Kin in Adjacent Lands

    By Joseph M. Levy (Wireless to The New York Times and The Gazette)
    Jerusalem Sep 14…

    Reliable information just received by the writer from Syria, which is now the headquarters of the Palestine Arab rebellion, reveals that German and Italian money is subsidizing the Arab terrorism in Palestine.

    It now transpircs that the amount of money received by the Palestine committee in Damascus for the support of the tcrrorislic activities in the Holy Land would not cover one month’s expenses, considering tho large scale of Arab terroris. All this is further proof that money from Germany and Italy is financing the Arab rebellion here.
    A circular letter signed by one rebel chief, Arif Abdul Razik, which is addressed lo British forces in Palestine and written in English with the intention of creating a mutiny among British troops, is another proof that there is the German hand behind all this terrorism.

    The letter has all the earmarks of Nazi influence. It is couched in familiar anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda, with striking similarity to phrases constanlly feen in Der Stuermer:

    “It would be tragic for the British nation to lose its tradional friendship with the Arabs for the sake of the aggressive[sic] race[sic] of parasitic (sic. Nazi-Arab: Arif Abdul Razik:) Jews [sic].. inhuman[sic] creature… disase,” reads one paragraph of this appeal.

    This circular letter, coupled with Hitler’s Nuremberg reference to “defenceless Arabs in Palestine” has convinced British circles here of Germany’s intention to keep up the Arab terrorism in Palestine and weaken Britain In Europe by forcing her to send troops here, thus reducing the number of British forces in Europe.
    One regiment, the Eighteenth Brigade
    arrived in Palestine from England today, and three more regiments are following shortly, which will bring the total number of British troops here to about 10,000.

    ARAB NATIONS LOSE ZEAL ON PALESTINE; Egypt, Iraq and Syria Realize Fallacy. of Harassing Britain at Present ITALO-GERMAN AID SEEN Subversive Letter to Troops Bears Out Suspicion of Support for Terrorists.”>

    By Joseph M. Levy, wireless To the New York Times.

    Sept. 15, 1938.

    While terrorism continues unabated here and greatly increased in the south of Palestine, interest in the Palestine Arabs on the part of Iraq, Egypt and Syria is rapidly diminishing…

  15. Roman Slobodin: the guy who foresaw the Farhoud over 2 years ahead

    The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, Mar 31, 1939. (pp. 102-3).

    To Baghdad Again.

    By Roman Slobodin (J.T.A. Staff Correspondent).


    Mr. Slobodin has made an intensive study of Nazi penetration in the Near East and his disclosures of espionage activities by German agents shed light on current developments in central and southeastern Europe and cast an ominous shadow of events to come…

    Jerusalem… new.. faces in cabarets in the Near and Middle East…have turned up in the night clubs of Cairo. A feminine regiment has captured the night life of Beirut, “Paris of the Middle East.”

    The new girls are Nazi agents. Though of them pose Hungarians, they are all German. The most comely and clever among them have undergone an intensive course in propaganda and “information” -work at the schools for foreign agents directed by Propaganda Minister Goebbels. Their mission in the Levant is far from frivolous…

    Reputedly the center of German activities among the Arabs is the comfortable.
    Thus institution, German-supported, has important Syrian officials among its members.
    There are many rumors about the secret “athletic training” that goes on in its gymnasium. A police raid at the home of a prominent member uncovered a little armory of eight rifles, twelve bayonets, four revolvers and plenty of ammunition. There could be slight doubt of the connection between this cache and Arab terrorism in neighboring Palestine. It was interesting to note that most Syrian newspapers ignored the raid. Members of the club had hurried to see the editors.

    The German influence over the press, and particularly the Arabic press, throughout the Levant, is notable development of past months. It has been achieved largely by Nazi “co-ordination” of the advertising German commercial interests. The mechanism was laid bare in Egypt. The German Government notified German firms advertising in the Egyptian press that henceforth their ads were to be placed through a certain Nazi official. The influence over the press, obrained through the totalitarianized spending of advertising money was quickly evident in the flood Nazi and anti-British propaganda, and the support of extremist politicos.

    The dealings with the press are a fair
    sample of the thorough systematization of German interests serve Nazi aims. Every German in the Levant is given his place, and registered at the Hamburg office for control of Germans abroad. According to reliable reports, every German must have official permission to anything which might affect his status or present future usefulness, such changing his residence or selling land which he owns. Those coming from Germany recently have had special training for their Nazi duties.
    Those living in the East before Hitler’s advent who show special aptitude are called home to take the Hamburg training course.
    Agents for German products, travelling salesmen, newspaper men and students are among the most useful but bets overlooked. Anyone not fitting into the Nazi plan is summarily treated. The Syrian agent of a leading German drug house, a competent business man, was dismissed recently to be supplanted by a prominent opposition politician. There was some business justification, since the new agent might be expected to use the same rough-and-ready tactics for promoting sales that he did in politics. But this was only incidental. The real reason is fairly clear from the fact that with his help it will be possible to export German goods to Syria to be sold to pay for Nazi activities.

    This is a very popular device. It serves tlie double purpose of avoiding a drain on Germany’s slender international exchange resources and making it impossible to trace cash remittances. That is one reason why it is very difficult to trace actual German financing of, for instance, terrorists in Palestine.

    Strengthening of the Nazi grip on the Arab nationalist movement is promoted by bringing Arab politicians to Germany. Hamburg now competes with Mecca as a goal for Arab pilgrimage.

    One of the recent visitors to the propaganda capital was Jamal Husseini, nephew and right-hand-man of Haj Amin el Husseini, former Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of the Arab revolt in Palestine, now self-exiled in the Lebanon.
    Jamal Effendi visited Hamburg for ten days and returned Beirut eminently satisfied with the results of his trip.

    VYING with Beirut and Damascus a centre of Nazi propaganda is Baghdad, 600 miles across the desert, capital of the independent Arab kingdom of Iraq. From the Baghdad headquarters of the Committee for Defense of the Palestine Arabs, Arab speakers are dispatched through the length and breadth of Arabia, reciting propaganda, manufactured in Hamburg, about British oppression and ”atrocities” in Palestine and Jewish designs against Arab holy places. From here, too, a flood of literature in Arabic is distributed.
    There is no room even for pretense that the expense of this campaign and the big cash contributions sent to the ex- Mufti, are raised among the populace Iraq. The country, about the size Italy, is largely desert, with a scattered population of 3,500,00 consisting almost entirely of peasants and nomad Bedouin so poor they are barely able to keep themselves alive of times. Yet this waste land has suddenly blossomed with gold for the Palestine revolt.
    The truth was half- revealed through the maladroitness the Baghdad headquarters in issuing two announcements, one of the amount raised in Iraq, a few score dollars, and the other of the amount forwarded to the Mufti, several thousand.

    By an unfortunate juxtaposition, these two items appeared simultaneously in different columns on the same page of an Arabic newspaper. German propagandists hi Iraq have been more successful in getting next to the Government than in Hamburg..

    German propagandists hi Iraq have been more successful in getting next to the Government than in Syria. In the French-mandated country, the Government is officially opposed to the Nazi-sponsored policies, and the German agents work principly, though not entirely, with the powerful and lively opposition.
    But King Ghazi’s administration has on occasion condoned and even espoused Nazi efforts. A striking example is the broadcasting by the powerful Baghdad Government radio of the “news” of the official German News Agency (Deutches Nazhrichten Euro). The Baghdad station was built with British money. Yet night after night it fills the ether over all Arabia with blood-curdling tales about British atrocities in Palestine that make George Creel’s World War propaganda pamphlets read like bedtime stories for children.

    A by-product of this Nazi achievement is that the 90,000 Jews in Iraq are in an extremely unhappy position, have already begun to feel the hand of persecution and. if events continue along their present course, the guarantees of minority rights in the Anglo-Iraq treaty recognizing the country’s independence may be expected to go the way of similar pledges in Europe, and the 2,000-year-old Jewish community will be in imminent peril of a pogrom.

    An apparent apathy of Great Britain is one of the anomolies of the situation, here as elsewhere in the East Iraq was formerly under British Mandate. Its army was trained by British officers and equipped with British arms. The British-controlled Iraq Petroleum Company dominates the Mosul oil fields. The Royal Air Force has the reputation of being the behind-the-scenes boss of the country would seem to be easy enough for Britain to squelch at least blatant Nazi campaigning …

    For the Nazi plans, Palestine is pivotal point, and the German organization, after long and careful preparation, is now operating sensationally there.

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