UK GCSE textbook on Israel – full of errors, lies, distortion

It is not often I am shocked. I have been working through the opening section of a school textbook that is used to teach 16-year olds in the UK about the Arab Israeli conflict. It is part of the GCSE curriculum.

Both UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) and the Zionist Federation (ZF) brought this to my attention a few days ago. UKLFI requested an analysis. The ZF provided me with the textbook along with some of their own comments. The short downloadable report contains a summary of what I found inside. The ZF comments are also included.

I can begin by saying that the fact this textbook is part of the Pearson Library and is taught inside British schools is utterly shameful. The central messages are those that you would find inside an anti-Israel propaganda book. It is carefully constructed and far more subtle, but the longer you read – the angrier you become. How many children inside state funded schools have been exposed to this type of indoctrination? Someone somewhere needs to explain how this is even possible.

There is nothing right about this textbook. Nothing.

Pearson and Edexcel

Pearson edexcelThe book is part of the Edexcel International GCSE range. Edexcel are owned by Pearson. It appears to be an option in the History GCSE. The title is ‘The Middle East: Conflict, Crisis and Change’, 1917-2012. The book is also available on Amazon. I found excerpts from this book everywhere. With all the authority of a school textbook – who would question its legitimacy?

The author is Hilary Brash, a teacher from Wycombe. The Series Editor is Nigel Kelly.

I suggest contacting whoever needs to be contacted. This book has NO PLACE inside a classroom. It is poisonous – it rewrites history – it whitewashes anti-Jewish violence – and every child who has studied from it – has been exposed to hard-core anti-Zionist revisionist material. Faithfully delivered to them by their teacher, their school and the taxpayer.

Here is one example from the book. The year is 1929.

‘In August 1929, angry clashes occurred over holy sites in Jerusalem. These grew into 4 days of bloody riots and mob violence throughout Palestine, leaving 133 Jews and 116 Arabs dead.’

That is how the ‘school’ book describes the bloody massacres of Jewish communities as Arab mobs ran riot throughout Mandatory Palestine. As ‘Arab / Jew’ clashes:

school textbook

The comparable fatality count is more than deceptive. The reason 116 Arabs died, is because the British killed them as they tried to stop them massacring Jews.

Revisionist history in a UK school textbook

From the opening sentences, when the book called Jewish people 3300 years ago ‘settlers’ until the final chapters – it is almost impossible for the untrained eye to pick apart fantasy from fiction.

The book spends three pages explaining the Oslo Peace process – and then asks the students to explain the failure of the process – but never once mentioned the exploding buses in Israel’s streets – and only mentioned a single terror attack during this period. How can a student possibly explain the failure of Oslo if you don’t mention the 100s of Israelis slain in Israeli streets?

The book doesn’t avoid violence. Whilst the book drums Jewish violence into the heads of students – through repetitive use of keywords such as ‘Irgun’, Lehi’, ‘the King David Hotel’ and ‘Deir Yassin’ – The Mufti of Jerusalem – a man responsible for much of the violence in the 1920-1939 Mandate – is not mentioned anywhere in the book. Not once. How can you write a history of the conflict without mentioning the Mufti? Perhaps the dozen or so references to Deir Yassin or the Irgun didn’t leave enough space.

A textbook of Unforgivable bias

There are images throughout the book – such as:

  • the King David Hotel
  • of hanged British soldiers
  • of the village of Samu after an IDF raid
  • the bombing of Beirut
  • children walking through sewage in a refugee camp
  • an Israeli soldier ‘manhandling’ a Palestinian
  • of Muhammad-al Doura,

Not a single image shows the devastation on Israel and Israelis. Not one. There was no room for an image of a burnt-out bus, or the damage Hezbollah did to civilian housing. From the images alone you might gather that the Arabs posed some threat – but thankfully nobody ever died from it.

It is impossible to know where some of the text comes from. There is a claim that 25000 Arabs joined the British army during WW2. This appears to be an outrageous claim which is at least double even the high-end estimates. Whist the book was busy trying to tell students that Arabs and Jews both joined the allied war effort in equal number – no mention was made of the Palestinian leadership’s alliance with the Nazis.

Some of the text even seems sourced from Wiki. Which would be outrageous for an academic textbook. I really hope this is not the case, but the examples provided in the report do raise serious concerns.

Beyond all acceptable norms

It is wrong to describe this as a textbook, and some of the distortions and omissions are beyond all logical understanding. Most of the damage is done in the early pages. Anti-Israel feeling works like a computer virus inserted into the base code. If you can shape the way the initial history is viewed, then you no longer need to worry how that person will see the defensive barrier or the blockade on Gaza. This is something anti-Israel activism has long understood, and whilst pro-Israelis spend most of their time justifying a clampdown on Hamas – anti-Israel activists are revising the timeline of the 1920s and 1930s. They know how this works.

There is no point listing every error. It would take a year to completely unpack a textbook such as this. The report chiefly deals with errors in the first chapter. I have just opened a random page and found additional errors in the description of the 1948 war. The book suggests the Israelis ‘broke the truce‘ after the first phase – which left it able to suggest that ‘once again, Israel broke the truce early‘ at the start of the third. Which would be fair if it were true. But Egypt launched a surprise attack on the 8th July, which renewed the hostilities and opened the second phase. (Morris, 1948 p273). Which once again begs the question – what is the source material for this book?

The manipulation of students

The book continues in similar fashion, Israel are always looking for the ‘excuse’ to fight. Students are manipulated through imagery, misleading maps and distorted statistics. The book’s exercises and suggested activities are all designed to reinforce the story the book is clearly trying to tell. During the Arab anti-British violence, the focus is on Arab victims and the unfair and harsh British attitude. When the Jewish people were violent, sympathies are switched. Suddenly the focus becomes the British victims. The book creates a hierarchy. Arabs>British>Jews. Through the provided exercises, the students are forced to swallow it. When the book wants to get its message across, it really is not shy about how it does it:

textbook images examples

The distortion is all one way. As are the errors. This book fails the David Irving test. A book that is simply sloppy would make errors in both directions – this book NEVER does. The Irgun are openly and consistently described as terrorists. The PFLP are a ‘Guerrilla’ group and the Fedayeen could be classed as ‘freedom fighters’, depending on your ‘point of view’. The book does describe the violence of the Second Intifada but never uses the word terrorist to do so. Throughout the book, the word terrorist is (almost) exclusively reserved for Jewish actions.

Needing answers for a textbook such as this

To explain the massive influx of immigrants into Israel, the book describes how growing antisemitism in the Arab countries was ‘making it dangerous’ for Jews in Arab lands. The Mizrahi Jews ‘asked to leave’. The cause given was the 1948 conflict – not rising Arab nationalism. The book continually ignores all the pre-Zionist antisemitism – and any Arab motivation for violence other than opposition to Zionism – because it doesn’t fit the narrative. The destruction of Jewish civilisation in dozens of countries across the Middle East and North Africa is not mentioned.

We need to take stock of this. This type of damage is far larger than some meeting of ageing Marxists in a local scout hall – and much more insidious. How many times is this type of material entering our schools. How many children have sat through this course? In truth we need to work out how this book was ever considered acceptable. We really do need answers.



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    1. “Anti-Israel feeling works like a computer virus inserted into the base code.”????


      1. More NAKBA for Jihad Corbyn, Laboor Party and the DNC….

        Bag-Daddy is DEAD-Daddy in a Workplace Nakba.

        President Trump Akbar!


      2. Hi Mikey!
        Just another of your pathetic trolling comments!
        The Nazis referred to Jews as bacteria, virus. Antisemites today insult Jews in this way.

        Antisemitism is like a mutating virus. Perhaps you would like to mock Rabi Lord Jonathan Sacks, one of the most outstanding moral philosophers today?

        You, however, don’t have an original thought in your brain, other than to mock, insult, demonise & de-legitimise.

        You must be proud!

        Yours affectionally,


          1. Credit where it’s due, Muck really captured the sound readers who have IQs higher than 15 (sorry Bradford, you don’t qualify) read through his bankrupt verbal spewings of diarrhea.

  1. “This book fails the David Irving test.”

    How sad for David Irving and his own opinion.

  2. Surely such a book should be investigated and taken out of use. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, if any falsehoods are found and proven this must be an offence.

      1. I guess Mike Farmer wrote this textbook! He is so pathetically anti Israel and he proves it with every post! He never answers one of the factual complaints about the book, instead he unfailingly pivots away and finds a cherry to pick!! No informed and reasonably intelligent person could post favorably for this propaganda text book!

        1. IF you’ve read it please point out any Jew-hate and antisemitism within its pages.

          You surely aren’t taking Chicken Lickin’s word for it?

  3. “The Irgun are openly and consistently described as terrorists.”

    They were terrorists, weren’t they, David?

    1. HamAss, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabab, Al Nusra are terrorists, aren’t they, Sharmuta?

      Was Mohammed Atta and his gang of jihadis terrorists, Sharmuta ?

    2. I urge you to read The Rape of Palestine by William B Ziff. You can find it online. Then you will understand.

  4. Here is a Youtube of a newsreel documenting a meeting between Socialist hitler and his ally the Grand Moooofti of Jerusalem.

    Certainly Pearson should have allocated ONE paragraph on the Arab / Nazi alliance during WW2. Syria and Egypt were Safe Havens for Nazis after WW2 – similar to Pakistan being a Safe Haven for Osama bin Laden.

    1. “Syria and Egypt were Safe Havens for Nazis after WW2”? Lol.

      … while the US provided false work records then employmenf for hundreds of Nazi rocket scientists to run their space program.

        1. Were Egypt and Syria trying those Nazis it didn’t have a use for? America was. No hypocrisy there.

          1. Hypocrisy like the Soviets also using nazi rocket experts in their ballistic missile program?

            The US deported Nazi War Criminals, while Sand Nazi regimes welcomed them as honoured guests.

            Egypt and Syria and Iraq and various countries in South America were Safe Havens for Nazi War Criminals.

            Sadly for Nazi filth, like yourself, the Israelis were not as helpless as the European Jews of WW2.

            Sand Nazi goals go unfulfilled.

            More Hard Nakba to choke on. 🙂

            1. “The US deported Nazi War Criminals,”?


              Had it done, the US wouldn’t have had a space program.

      1. Can you point out a Nazi who was given asylum in the US that was accused and wanted for war crimes as heinous as Alois Brunner?

        1. Who?

          V2 rocket engine scientists who has worked on the ones that were aimed at civilian communities uin the UK were recruited by the US and had their work records falsifield by the same.

          1. Today it’s Islamofascists who “aim at civilian communities in the UK”.

            See London’s 7/7 transport attack, Manchester arena bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby, murder of Yvonne Fletcher, No-Go Zones, London and Westminster bridge attacks, open threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK, Rotherham rape gangs, scooter gangs.

  5. There is NOTHING normal people can do about this hate and distortion and lies. We should stop paying attention to it and the only reaction should be – lutatics are talking. The fact is there is not ONE Muslim country that is democratic; There is not One Muslim country willing to do anything to help this state of affairs. Let them rot, until they see through the filth they live in. Enough is enough.

    1. “Let them rot, until they see through the filth they live in.”

      Who are you referring to, ‘teresa’?

  6. Does the book make any reference to the provisions of the Treaty of San Remo and its assignment of the territory of Palestine as the Jewish National Home, including Jewish rights of settlement across the British Mandate – including in what is now referred to as the West Bank?

    This book is an approved Edexcel text for an approved GCSE. Therefore it has to have been approved for use as an appropriate textbook by the Chief Examiner for that GCSE. The syllabus itself, drafted by the Examiner and others may itself embed the horrendous bias you identify here, for which Edexcel is accountable. I think it falls foul of the Prevent guidelines for school curricula, which require balanced treatment of controversial issues, most particularly where terrorism is involved and/or justified. Therefore I think a complaint to the Department for Education is essential, which must identify and address each and every issue of bias.

    I think it very likely that this particular approach must have resulted from Pearson’s process of selecting a university academic or academics to advise on the outline for the text and commissioning of author. Requests should be made to identify the responsible individual(s),!

    1. The territory of Palestine was NOT assigned for Jewish settlement.

      Balfour states A nàtional home IN Palestine ….. not Palestine as the national home.

      I trust that the Dept. Of Education does not refer to Collier or yourself for any truths.

      1. Sharmuta, Jordan is your “Pal-e-STINE” – existing on the East Bank of the Jordan River with 60%+ identifying as “Pal-e-STINIANS”.

        Israel is on the West Bank.

        That’s the Two-State solution.

        Happy Nakba you Fascist Sharmuta!

    2. “Requests should be made to identify the responsible individual(s)”??

      Then the ‘Mainstream Jewish Community’ can hound them with scurrilous communications? … troll them? …perhaps have them sacked?.

      It’s their way.

      1. Like London’s 7/7 transport bombings, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, beheading of Lee Rigby, Rotherham rape gangs, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day truck attack in Nice France, bombing of Pan Am 103, 9/11, Fort Hood, Mumbai massacre, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Armenian genocide, acid attacks, …

        was “their way”?

  7. I wonder if this has any connection to a textbook for use in Scottish schools which I examined for Stanley Grossman for Scottish Friends of Israel some years ago. I’ll see if I still have a copy and if I (or Stanley) can find it, I’ll send it to you, David, for comparison. It was equally full of deliberate errors and distortions.

    1. Leave it to Muck to cite a group that’s even less representative of anything real in the world than he is. What a truly sad sack you are, Framer.

  8. Luciana Berger tweets – “Please don’t tweet about how upsetting/awful it is that Dame @LouiseEllman and I have left @UKLabour if you’re in a position of leadership and still in there. Don’t be a bystander. Actions speak louder than tweets. ”

    Not upsetting at all. Both of these ‘Friends of Israel’ have for years railed against Jeremy Corbyn, no doubt because of his support for the Palestinians, the same reason for David’s obsessive smearjng blogs against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Their constant false accusation of antisemitism against Corbyn was putting at risk a government that true Labour supporters wish to see mend the broken UK society. Perhaps the tolerated Hodge, having failed to have Corbyn unseated will scurry after these two Zionist plotters.

    David will, as usual, label them as ‘Jews’ rather than Zionists or ‘Friends of’ an out of control ravenous state.

    1. “..putting at risk a government that true Labour supporters wish to see..”

      Farmer when was the last time YOU campaigned for the Labour Party in an election?
      And in which constituency?

      To answer your obvious, and usual question, the last time I campaigned for the Labour Party was 2011 Welsh Assembly election, in the Newport West Constituency.

      Now it is your turn Farmer, when and where did you last campaign for the Labour Party?

      1. In 2011 what values did you hold, Gerald?

        Since 2011, have your values changed, Gerald?

        Have been listening to the hate-monger on this blog, been swayed by his falsehoods and smears.

        Thinking of Aliyah?

        You’ve NEVER been able to substantiate your accusation of antisemitism.

        Tha’s another Zionist Parrot.

        1. Farmer, so the answers to my questions are;
          You have never campaigned for the Labour Party.
          You have not been an active member of the Labour Party, anywhere.

          Just more examples of your hypocritical Bullshit.

        2. “Have been listening to the hate-monger on this blog, been swayed by his falsehoods and smears.”

          No Farmer I NEVER listen to you, or been swayed by your falsehoods and smears.

          “Thinking of Aliyah?”
          No Farmer, thinking more of Wales winning the Rugby World Cup.
          Why would I think of ‘Aliyah’?

          I don’t need to substantiate accusations of anti-Semitism in your case Farmer. You make the case for me with the content and intent of your ‘posts’. All I have to do is sit back and laugh at your antics.

      2. It amazes scholars of history and theology like me who have read and studied ancient manuscripts, The Holy Quran, Hebrew Bible, Josephus, Heristarchus, The Dead Sea Scrolls and Aramaic and Syriac Holy Books. That in The Age of Technology and Worldwide Communication. There are so called educated fools, who try to bend TRUTH ! In ALL The Ancient Sriptures NOW translated and available to the public researcher, it’s obvious that POLITICIANS are the real ‘manipulators since Webster’s Dictionary states that: (q.v) ” politics is the science of controlling the human community”….In ALL The Holy Books, in ALL Languages,and also engraved on stone tablets going back 10,000 years… GOD creates the heavens & earth, and calls ABIRAM, ABRAHAM, the ‘ Father of Nations ‘ Also, for the attention of sensible people who’ll READ THE HOLY QURAN, HOLY BIBLE, HEBREW TORAH, BAHDAGAVITTA, THE ‘YAG HOMANI’ etc. Etc. IT IS WRITTEN; THAT ; ” ALL MEN WERE CREATED AS BROTHERS, JEWS are told in Hebrew Torah that other tribes ( cultures ) are to be treated with respect and like The Bedouin community, given hospitality and shelter without prejudice? ( READ, The Book of Exodus or Book of Japheth) In The Holy Quran we are also encouraged by Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) to give shelter and hospitality to those of other Faiths ( Not Murder them) It is WRITTEN: ” When you enter into a strange city where there be infidels ( unbelievers) Seek out The People of The Book “Imgil” and there find people of Faith who may welcome you as a true believer! ( in The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob our fore father’s! ) For they will offer you shelter and hospitality food and prayer.”…….SO….WHO DO WE FIND DIVIDING US… IN REALITY ” DESPOTS, MEGALOMANIACS, AND FOOLS….WHO SUBTILY,AND ANGRILY MANIPULATE OUR MINDS? POLITICS IN FACT!……M y friends we are ALL puppets from the cradle to the grave, UNLESS, We CHOOSE Knowledge of many kinds to open our eyes to see, A SANITIZED, FABRICATED HISTORY WE LIVE IN….INSTEAD OF THE TRUTH FROM GOD AND OUR ANCESTORS!

    2. And speaking of ‘ravenous’ here’s Israel working to alleviate hunger, disease and poverty beyond its borders.

      Nice juxtaposition of Arabs using aid to support Pay to Slay, whilst Israel uses aid to heal and feed the sick and needy.

      Facetiously, Bellers asks how would the world manage without Israel. Better asking the aid recipients in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Haiti, India, Philippines and the US.

      Thanks for another useful prompt Michael.

      1. “here’s Israel working to alleviate hunger, disease and poverty beyond its borders”

        Strange how Israel ignores these things when it seeks to visit them on its nearest neighbour – Gaza.

        Now, why would they help non-Jews in any way? it’s not in their nature .


        1. I help non-Jews all the time. Case in point: I’m helping both yourself and other non-Jews see what a Palsabra-spewing arsehole you truly are. Where are my thanks, Muck? Where’s the gratitude?

      1. Sharmuta, YOU are a Deceitful Lobbier for Islamofascist Terrorist “Pal-e-STINE”.

        May your miserable life continue to be filled with NAKBA.

      1. So, Ian., were Hamas to warn the residents of S’derot that rockets were about to be fired at them any deaths and destruction occuring would be well deserved?

  9. David tweets his letter to Pearson …
    “Dear @pearson
    My kids are told at school not to use wiki as a source. I’ve just uncovered a textbook – that on top of being a manipulative- lying–anti-Zionist diatribe – relies on Wiki as a source. Wiki & a demonisation of Jews in our schools. Have you NO shame?”

    He doesn’t mention which book.

    I trust, in the interest of TRUTH, that David will publish their response.

  10. David writes – “..The book also shields Britain’s clear attempt to do everything BUT carry out the ideas of the Balfour Declaration. This is visible in many British actions -from the creation of Trans-Jordan to the restrictions placed on land sales and immigration forJewish people..”

    How did the creation of Trans-Jordan go against the ideas of the Balfour Declaration, David?

    1. You think the creation of an explicit Judeinrein area in over 50% of the area set aside for the Mandate aligns with the spirit of the Balfour Declaration? Mike don’t be such a dunce.

  11. “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment IN Palestine of A national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.’

    Well, they do have A home IN Palestine, David … as per Balfour.

    p.s. I see you’re still the same arrogant, insulting grump.

    1. Sharmuta, Jordan, on the EAST bank of the Jordan River is “Pal-e-STINE” and is chock full of “Pal-e-STINIANS”..

      Happy Nakba you Fascist Ho ! 🙂

    2. Sharmuta, We see you’re still the same arrogant, insulting, mendacious Sack of Socialist SHlTler.

      May all your explosive “Arts and Crafts” projects turn into “Workplace Accidents”.

      Happy Nakba!

  12. No GCSE history textbook would be complete without including these Zio crimes:

    June 30, 1924. Dutch Jew Jacob Israël de Haan was assassinated by Avraham Tehomi on the orders of Haganah leader Yitzhak Ben-Zvi for his anti-Zionist political activities and contacts with Arab leaders.

    1937–1939 The Irgun conducted a campaign of violence against Palestinian Arab civilians resulting in the deaths of at least 250.

    July 15, 1938 A bomb left in the vegetable market in Jerusalem by the Irgun injured 28.

    July 25, 1938* The Irgun threw a bomb into the melon market in Haifa resulting in 49 deaths.

    November 6, 1944 Lehi assassinated British minister Lord Moyne in Cairo, Egypt. The action was condemned by the Yishuv at the time, but the bodies of the assassins were brought home from Egypt in 1975 to a state funeral and burial on Mount Herzl.

    1944–1945 The killings of several suspected collaborators with the Haganah and the British mandate government during the Hunting Season.

    1946 Letter bombs sent to British officials, including foreign minister Ernst Bevin, by Lehi.

    July 26, 1946 The bombing of British administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel, killing 91 people — 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 others. Around 45 people were injured. In the literature about the practice and history of terrorism, it has been called one of the most lethal terrorist attacks of the 20th century.

    1946 Railways and British military airfields were attacked several times.

    October 31, 1946 The bombing by the Irgun of the British Embassy in Rome. Nearly half the building was destroyed and 3 people were injured.

    April 16, 1947* An Irgun bomb placed at the Colonial Office in London failed to detonate. The woman arrested for planting the bomb, alias “Esther,” was identified as a Jewess claiming French nationality by the Scotland Yard unit investigating Jewish terrorist activities. The attack was linked to the 1946 Rome embassy bombing.

    14 June 1947 The Reuters office in Tel Aviv was raided by “Jewish terrorists.”

    July 25, 1947 The Sergeants affair: When death sentences were passed on two Irgun members, the Irgun kidnapped Sgt. Clifford Martin and Sgt. Mervyn Paice and threatened to kill them in retaliation if the sentences were carried out. When the threat was ignored, the hostages were killed. Afterwards, their bodies were taken to an orange grove and left hanging by the neck from trees. An improvised explosive device was set. This went off when one of the bodies was cut down, seriously wounding a British officer.

    December 1947 – March 1948 Numerous attacks on Palestinian Arabs in the context of civil war after the vote of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

    1947 Letter bombs sent to the Truman White House by Lehi.

    January 5–6, 1948 The Semiramis Hotel bombing, carried out by the Haganah (or, according to some sources, Irgun) resulted in the deaths of 24 to 26 people.

    April 1948 The Deir Yassin massacre carried out by the Irgun and Lehi, killed between 107 and 120 Palestinian villagers, the estimate generally accepted by scholars.

    September 17, 1948 Lehi assassination of the United Nations mediator Folke Bernadotte whom Lehi accused of a pro-Arab stance during the cease-fire negotiations.

    1. Hey SHlTlerhead, Given Islam’s eagerness to kill ANYBODY – men, women and CHILDREN, “The Religion of Peace” and “ISLAMO-FAUX-BIA” is a bloody joke

      – 9/11 – resulting in necessity to scan/interview ALL passengers and X-Ray luggage at airport CHECKPOINTS
      – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – 1972 Invasion of the Summer Olympics and murder of athletes
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie Scotland
      – 2005 July 7th ( 7/7 ) London transport massacre
      – Muslim Beheadings of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS and the posting of their deed on the Internet
      – Boston Marathon bombing
      – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
      – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
      – Massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
      – Massacre at Bataclan music venue
      – Massacre at Manchester music venue
      – Massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
      – Massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
      – Stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
      – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
      – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
      – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
      – ISIS beheading videos
      – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
      – Coptic Christians attacked and murdered in Egypt
      – murder of tourists in Luxor
      – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
      – Thwarted sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
      – Failed SUV bombing of Times Square
      – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
      – Brussels airport bombing
      – bombing of USS Cole
      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
      – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
      – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
      – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
      – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
      – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
      – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
      – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
      – DC Beltway snipers
      – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
      – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
      – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
      – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
      – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
      – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
      – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
      – Armenian Genocide 1.5M by the Turks
      – 1/15/19 Al Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
      – Hamass pushing gays off of rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran hanging gays from construction cranes
      – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka

      and on and on….

      1. “– Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
        – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra”

        Israel vindictively destroying families’ homes in occupied territory against the 4th Geneva Convention. a much more heinous crime.

      2. This is a list of Al Qaida and ISIS attacks. That has nothing to do with Palestinians or Palestine. It is not relevant to the issue in the slightest.

    2. I’m sorry but aside from recounting tragic history for all involved I don’t understand your point. We live in 2019, and must deal with things as they are, in the hope of better lives to come. This chatter is nothing but boys in the playground fighting to be boss. If the past has taught us anything, it’s that we must find a way to live together. If the chatter doesn’t contribute to that, maybe shut up.

      1. If you can get Muck Framer and Bradford Lewis to not be infected pus boils, I’ll nominate you for sainthood. If you can’t, please take the “pox on both houses” shit somewhere else, it isn’t welcome here.

  13. There is hope, even for a vile Islamophobe such as yourself Ted.
    Will be glad to facilitate your entry to Gaza where I pray you spend eternity.
    May peace be upon you.

    1. Dear Ham Sandwich,

      Happy Nakba to you,
      Happy Nakba to you,
      Happy Nakba vile terrorist Pal-e-STINE (and its friends),
      Happy Nakba to you!


    2. Islamo-FAUX-be?

      Especially after 9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon bombing, Pan Am 103, Mumbai, Bali, Paris, Nice, Sri Lanka, Orlando, San Bernardino, Copenhagen, Sydney, Ottawa, Manchester, Nairobi, Baghdad, Palmyra, Moscow, Beslan, Bamiyan, …

      Give me a break – you Dumb Sack of Socialist SHlTler.

    3. You are stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, and worst of all stupider than Muck Framer.

  14. Hey Michael, On 18/10 when you said “So, Ian., were Hamas to warn the residents of S’derot that rockets were about to be fired at them any deaths and destruction occuring would be well deserved?” was the question mark at the end one of your habitual typos ?

    1. I think that when it comes to examples of output “full of errors, lies, distortion ” I’d choose ……. one of b, c, or d.

      Probably b.

    2. Stephen,
      the only one of those you list that I have heard of is David Collier.
      a) ‘wicki’ never heard of it.
      c) and d) sound as if they are characters in children’s nursery rhymes, which is appropriate for you. Clearly your literacy level is about the same as, or slightly below, a child’s nursery rhyme.

      What I do know is that Wales are through to the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup.

        1. “Jezuz should charge for this.”

          Stephen doubtless Jesus should, and will, charge for many things on the glorious day when we are all called up yonder.

            1. Oh look, how cute.
              Stephen’s little pet poodle has turned up yapping away.

              Off you go, before you get a boot up your tail pipe.

                    1. Yes Farmer, I have skin on my head.
                      I take it that an anti-Semitic reptile such as you Farmer, does not.

                    2. “More of Gerald’s fantasies.”

                      No Farmer, I can guarantee you that I do not have fantasies about anti-Semitic reptiles such as you.

                      History will repeat itself, and you and your ilk will be cast into the dustbin of history where you belong.

        2. “Except that nursery rhymes don’t have literacy levels. The notion that they do is a howling category mistake.”

          Really Stephen.
          Have you raised your half-arsed theories with the National Literacy Trust?

          If I have to choose whom to believe between them, and you a lazy gob-shite I choose them.

          1. Oh my Gerald has been googling again. But I’ll bite. And what does this NLT thing have to say on the matter.Gerald the fact that you think there is an empirical question here merely confirms that you are as thick as pig shit and pig shit is almost as thick as Simple Simon but not quite

            1. Stephen so to cut through your usual tactic of using insults and Bullshit when you are unable to, or unwilling to answer a question.

              The answer to the question I put to you is, No.

              Let me know when, or IF you do. And what their reply is.

                1. “Can a fantasy be imaginary ?”

                  Stephen you could have a fantasy about Ireland having a decent Rugby team, and imagine them winning the Rugby World Cup.

                  When the reality is they are crap, and on their way home.

                    1. Stephen the problem is, as usual, you do not have the remotest clue what you are talking about. When you are caught out Stephen you turn to your usual histrionic display of foul language, insults and Bullshit, to try and cover up.

                      Does not work Stephen.

                      Come back when you have an education and a vocabulary. Both of which you are clearly lacking.

                2. “Gerald can a nursery rhyme have a head cold or a sore foot ?”
                  Stephen you could also ask. Can Stephen Bellamy have a head cold or a sore foot?

                  My answer is the same to both questions.
                  I don’t give a Flying F**k.

                  Although in your case Stephen it would be a form of karma, and any discomfort you suffer is thoroughly deserved.

  15. “My kids are told at school not to use wiki as a source. I’ve just uncovered a textbook – that on top of being a manipulative- lying–anti-Zionist diatribe …..”

    If children are being shown the results of the racist endeavour that is Zionism then the School is indeed warning the children as to the dangers such sects present to a moral inclusive world.

    1. Pal-e-STINIANISM is a fascist, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, regressive, TERRORIST ideology that is one part of the Islamofascist War with the ENTIRE World.

      Terrorist Muslims even attack and murder FELLOW Muslims (500,000+ dead in Syria, 1,000,000 during the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

      When Muslims can’t even get along with FELLOW Muslims, how does any honest person expect Muslims to get along with NON-Muslims AKA Kuffars? 9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Nice France, Mumbai, Nairobi, Boston, Moscow, Manchester,

      Terrorist Pal-e-STINIANISM assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 in Log Angeles, attacked the 1972 Olympics and murdered athletes, hijacked passenger planes and murdered passengers…

      and celebrated 9/11 (candy, yodeling, music, car horns).

  16. Collier tweets – “I’ve now finished analysing the @pearson textbook.
    I can now confidently say it is *ANTISEMITIC* in nature. It is manipulative & categorically demonises Zionism & the Jewish state.


    No. 1. It is NOT the Jewish state. It is Israel.

    Here we have a rabid anti-Muslim blogger whose first love is the right-wing state of Israel lobbying against a book that is unbiased in its telling of the story. Because it doesn’t contain the myths about Israel that Collier would like UK children to be fed he complains and hopes to raise a mob to lobby against it. This same fanatic is currently in the process of bad-mouthing reputable charitable organisations with a view to render them less effective in caring for the disadvantaged.

  17. Have just seen that Pearsons are reviewing the book
    An excellent result
    A few years ago they would have ignored it and pretended that there was no bias, and carried on as normal
    How times have changed
    Jew hatred and Antisemitism finally appear to have a cost, and there is possibly even an acceptance of the profound disquiet these hatreds cause Jews

    1. “Jew hatred and Antisemitism finally appear to have a cost”

      Examples from the book … together with page numbers, Richard … or David?


    David, why haven’t you shown any examples of such?

    Another baseless accusation ….story of the blogs

    1. Silly Michael. It doesn’t matter what you think or whether anyone is daft enough to respond to your questions. Your are impotent here.

      The contribution from this article on the publishers has caused them to review their book. Your contribution has had no impact whatsoever; very much the pattern of the last 5 years for you wouldn’t you agree?.

      Zio lobby for the win again !

          1. Ring of recognition from you in mentioning unanimous hatred Muck, innit? Not many can inspire that but you’re up (down) to the task.

    1. Kinda ironic that the mob chanting ‘Nazi … Nazi .. Nazi … Nazi … Nazi …’ are supporters of a far-right state that through military might occupies the land where others are living, seeks to annex that land and impose ‘racial purity’ throughout that state …. Israel!

  19. You two are priceless. Your impact over 5+ years has been zero, total impotence and you daft boobies still trot out the same 5 year old slogans that have achieved nothing, absolutely nothing for you in all that time.

    Still, at least you’ve got each other for company.

      1. Dont be bashful Blushy Boy. You know why I’m here .

        Sweet that you took my line about you and Michael and just changed the names. No charge for near-plagarism.

          1. Now then Bellers. For every creaking front gate you also have a mucky back passage that needs attention. Luckily you have Michael for that.

            1. Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. One of my favourite stories concerns Gaey Player. He went into the club house after a round in the US open. Someone said ” you were a lucky bastard today”. He said ” yup the more I practice the luckier I get”

              1. I see. So how many times a week do you have Michael in to get this lucky? Little wonder its keyboard activism only for the poor sod. His tongue must be raw as carpaccio.

                1. Anyway, back to comments on this blog : “full of errors, lies, distortion “.

                  Neither David nor Richard have shown any of the above, just the usual mud-slinging and fantasies from Zionist lobbiers.

                  Anti-racism. Lol.

                  1. Please Michael. We know where that tongue has been. Please gargle with TCP before bringing it back here.

  20. Stephen

    Do you have feelings for Jonathan
    You are obsessed by him
    He is your obsession
    You need help
    You need a doctor
    Or maybe you need to go elsewhere

  21. Gerald
    Talking to a stone would be more productive than trying to engage with Farmer
    His sole purpose in participating on this blog is to obfuscate and attempt to frustrate intelligent discourse and discussion.
    He, she or it has never contributed an iota.
    Bellamy on the other hand works at appearing stupid while trying to plug his own bland blog.
    He occasionally forgets himself and lets his true self appear
    Mainly driven by his obsession with Jonathan

    Both of them are rather sad specimens given life by their mindless ability to comment on other people’s blogs; possibly gives them a sense of worth and belonging

    1. That’s 10 periods Richard has missed. Phantom pregnancy?

      p.s. readers are invited to comment on “other people’s blogs”, Richard.

    2. Richard,

      I agree with your analysis of the ‘gruesome twosome’, Stephen and Farmer.
      There are occasions when I wonder if my time would be better spent teaching a shrimp to whistle.

      I will keep your wise words in mind before I waste anymore of my time with the ‘gruesome twosome’.

        1. “there is a God”

          Indeed there is Stephen.
          And the good news is that God loves you.

          The bad news is that EVERYONE else hates you, because we know you are a lazy gobshite and a waste of space.

            1. Oh look again.
              Here is Stephen’s little pet poodle yapping away.
              Off you go, before I set my cats on you.

  22. How can you seriously claim that school textbooks have ignored alleged acts?

    Mostly to justify apartheid Israel’s wretched existence, you Zios hijacked the word ‘Holocaust’ to the extent that on every media platform and in every school textbook and curriculum, the Holocaust is raised ad nausea and ad infinitum. There are even Holocaust museums and plans to construct another ghastly looking UK Holocaust Memorial (one already exists in Hyde Park).

    Yet in Israel, Holocaust survivors live in extreme poverty and are treated like human garbage except when they are paraded out to generate propaganda for the apartheid state.

    A ‘Holocaust industry’ now exists to sell books, films, courses, speakers, tours, events, Holocaust Studies, etc. There’s even a Holocaust Survivor Cookbook (Google it).

    People who point out the how in popular culture, the Jewish Holocaust seems to overshadow genocides committed against other ethnic groups, are often silenced (by Zios) accusing them as being a Jew-hater or anti-Semitic.

    David, rather than grasping at straws, you should write cinema reviews and attempt to uncover examples of anti-Semitism in films like Joker, Lion King, Spiderman, Frozen, Zombieland, Toy Story 4, My Little Pony, Terminator and Downton Abbey. Now THAT would prove more credible.

      1. One day, Ted might wake up and find himself in a guest house just outside of Gaza City. Inshallah.
        Despite the hate in his heart, may peace be upon him.

    1. As stupid as Muck Framer is, he’s doesn’t quite qualify as a full-on goose-stepper of a Nazi, and that was a void for our Hitler Youth buddies on this board. Then Brandon Lewis showed up. Void filled!

  23. Contributors like Bruce above are fascinating. They are the tabloid taggers of Activist Land where no post is complete without a full quota of “ZioNazis”, “Apartheid Israel”, “Genocidal Jews” and “Imperialist Oppressors”. Frenzied deflections and desperate demeaning abounds

    The holocaust hysteria must be an exhausting tactic for them to keep trotting out. However it is still worthy of note that the antisemite is still having to ask how he or she can score a point against someone with 6 million dead bodies behind him?

    You can almost hear the frustration in their tone that despite their best efforts, people continue to show support for Jews and Israel, leaving the usual suspects here to recycle their racist slogans ad nauseam.

    Much love from The Jewish State

    1. To put 30/40s things in context. approx 29 million Russians alone died because of Hitler’s wish to take over the land of others and move towards ‘racial purity’.

      I suppose Israel can’t achieve that in its matching endeavours.

      1. Putting activist tactics into context Michael, I suggest you make these sorts of remarks to the contributors on Russian websites that have an interest in talking about Russians killed by Nazis or places where Roma talk about Roma killed by Nazis or where gay people talk about gay people killed by Nazis

        You’ll need to up your game beyond slogans though; smart lads these post-Soviets; I’d suggest taking Bellers along with you and focus on the customary cleansing his rectal passage whilst he does his massive copy/pastes. Mind you, that level of sincerity may be a touch out of character for you.

        1. David’s the activist on this page, Ian. It’s his living … and a good one.

          God forbid that the Pearson book be replaced by the slurring blogs that spew forth from him, these blogs belong in the Fiction section.

    2. Ian, Even though Zio’s such as yourself like to refer to it as a Jewish State, there’s nothing Jewish about apartheid Israel. #NotInMyName.

      1. Please Mr Bruce. Stay on message. “ZioNazi” is the designated slogan surely.

        We may be genocidal oppressive yids but we do like out tabloid tags.


        1. Any act of genocide is a terrible crime in itself, should be condemned in the strongest terms and the guilty severely punished.

          However to justify the unjustifiable, that is the creation of the apartheid state, you Zios monopolized and hijacked history, demanding that the 1933-45 genocide be given precedence and the highest level of recognition.

          Though much to your kind’s chagrin Ian, people are beginning to realise that they’ve been played like a fiddle and that the 1933-45 persecution and murder of Jews, as terrible as it was and much to humanities disgrace, wasn’t the only Holocaust that occurred throughout history.

          In the past, I’ve often thought it in poor taste to compare the 1933-45 ‘Holocaust’ with apartheid Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. However after every atrocity committed with the approval – and in most cases – full participation of the wretched, racist, apartheid state, I concluded that Nazi Germany and contemporary Israel have much in common.

          1. 9/11, London’s 7/7, Mumbai, Nairobi, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Manhattan, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Nice, Moscow, Beslan, Bamiyan, Pan Am 103 and Lockerbie, Luxor, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Manchester, Brussels, Strasborg, …

            your “Grand Moooooofti” of Jerusalem,

            and the UNCONDIITIONAL SURRENDER of your heroes on May 8, 1945.

            Happy Nakba you Dumb Sack of Socialist SHlTler.

          2. You know what Bruce you’ve convinced me. The clever repetition of the phrase Apartheid Israel, the judicious use of inverted commas and the sustained and consistent insertion of tags like genocidal oppressors and ZioNazi have shown me that you are really really cross about all this.

            Clearly the easiest thing now would be to just shut up about the industrial slaughter of 6 million people on mainland Europe by other Europeans, just because they were Jewish. But that would probably be disrespectful to the memories of my own family members that fell victim, so that won’t work.

            How about if, in future when we write about things like this we simply add the line. “Other genocides are also available” ?

            1. You just proved my point Ian.
              Now let me try and wipe you and Ted off the bottom of my shoe.

              1. Good for you Bruce. I hope that the exquisite fragrance of Au de Zio lingers long in your nasal passage.

                Michael’s pre-occupation with passages is somewhat further south, eh Bellers?

              2. You’ll need to get your fingers out of the place they’re usually in to do that. Do wash them first, not that it’ll erase your stench.

            2. “Other genocides are also available” ?

              Other than Jews died in that ‘Holocaust’, though you wouldn’t know it from the ‘we are special’ campaign that push it as a competition for a golden ticket.

  24. Collier tweets -“One after the other, @uklabour are readmitting suspended members – and listing them as potential candidates.
    At the next election the Labour Party will be putting forward the largest group of anti-West, terrorist loving, Jew-haters *ever seen* at a UK general election.”

    When members are accused of misdemeanors they are of course suspended. When cleared of scurrilous accusations they are re-admitted. Nothing wrong there, David.

    It is David who is anti-West. All his work is to protect and promote Israel caring nothing for the people of the U.K. who need an end to the austerity and welfare state dismantling that the Israel-appeasing current gov. is intent on.

    1. Any examples of ‘Jew-hatred’ /Antisemitism from the Pearson book yet, Richard?

      Are you relying on David’s word? Not a good track-record.

  25. “Seeing Labour members use the ‘some of my best friends are Jewish.’ excuse time and time again.”

    David, if they choose to have friends who are Jewish, and make ‘Kaddish’ with them then they are obviously NOT antisemitic.

    I mean come on – this is basic common-sense.

  26. If you didn’t know what you were

    Jewish / Christian / Muslim / Other
    Religious / secular
    gay / straight

    And you could choose betweem Europe and Israel to have been born in –

    You’d choose #Europe every time. The only place guaranteed to protect your rights and freedoms.

      1. Far more people wish to live in the tolerant, non-racist UK than want to move to the racist endeavour that is the colony of Israel.

        1. The UK has Benefits for “refugees” that the native population don’t get.

          If Jihad Corbyn were to be installed in 10 Downing, favored by those who made Muhammed the most popular name for new born baby boys in London, the flood of people LEAVING the UK would be a torrent – and who would pay for the “Benefits”?

          But Jihad Corbyn will NEVER be elected Prime Minister.

        2. It’s remarkable how many “stats” one man can pull out of his dirty asshole. Oh wait, that’s just your mouth Muck. Six of one innit.

      2. Meanwhile, most popular in ISRAEL is …. MOHAMMED

        “A full 1,447 baby boys were named David in 2018, making the name Israel’s most popular Jewish boys’ name for that year. The runner-up, Ariel, came in with just over 100 less at 1,323.

        In total, a full 2% of Jewish boys born in 2018 received the top two names.

        The name “Tamar” retained its popularity for the third year in a row, with 1,289 girls receiving the name. Meanwhile, the name Noa dropped to fourth most popular, and Maya rose to second place.

        The most popular boys’ name overall, as well as the most popular boys’ name among Muslims, was Mohammed. “

          1. Nothing at all, David.

            The point to Edward is that a name being popular in the UK has no more significance than a name being popular in Israel.

            It’s a star name.

            See my post in context.

  27. Bruce Levy

    I have never been able to understand how nominally sane people could compare the NAZI regime, the perpetrators of probably the most heinous crime against humanity, with Israel.
    The NAZIs instituted the pre-planned bureaucratic and industrialised mass murder of an entire people, the Jews; and succeeded in mass murdering six million Jews in their human abattoirs (about 12 million people were systematically murdered in total by the NAZIs).
    To compare Israel to the NAZIs while ignoring the approximately 100 million people condemned to death by murder and mass starvation in the USSR (Russia) and China, and the other countless mass murders and genocides that have occured in the last 150 years borders on what I call Antisemitism and Jew hatred

    The charge of Antisemitism and Jew hatred is based on the fact that all the crimes against humanity from around the globe are mostly excused or ignored, while evidenceless accusations of genocide against Israel are spouted ad infinitum. This reeks of rank hypocrisy and Antisemitic Jew hate

    The Arab /Jewish-Israeli conflict has been ongoing for over 120 years with a total casualty tally of less than 150 000 deaths and the Arab/Palestinian population growing exponentially;(while in Syria for one, over 500 000 people are dead without any of the opprobrium heaped on Israel)

    If you can show me any proof of your comparison , please show it; but take into account that the normal actions of countries at war are not any proof at all (such as roadblocks, short term security detentions without charge and trial etc)
    If you want to compare Israel to the NAZIs without being accused of being an Anti Semitic Jew hater, the proof and evidence need to be fact based and able to stand up to UNBIASED scrutiny.

    I am now waiting to be told you are an ‘as a jew’ or some similar excuse to validate your baseless and vituperous Antisemitic allegations

    1. “I have never been able to understand how nominally sane people could compare the NAZI regime, the perpetrators of probably the most heinous crime against humanity, with Israel.”

      The aims are the same …. the methods differ. The world now sees ALL that is happening and may intervene.

    2. Richard, you already made your mind up, so I’m not going to waste my time.

      Now let me enjoy my time in Jew York. Will be going on a Hassadic Tour on Sunday and hopefully will meet up with the blessed Neturei Karta.

  28. It seems that according to Jew hating Antisemetic racist bigots, Jews are not allowed to have Jewish sounding names in the Jewish State
    Smacks of rank hypocrisy to me; but then that is their norm

    1. “Jews are not allowed to have Jewish sounding names in the Jewish State”??

      Who says they aren’t? Your imagination?

  29. Sso no evidence and proof to back up your racist allegations against Israel
    But then I have never met a Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigot who felt that proof and evidence of their ideas was necessary
    And this includes the whole gamat from blatant Jew haters to ‘as a jews’

    1. The Nation Law that only allows Jewish citizens to be members of the state..

      Bibi’s statement to that effect too.

      Just a HINT of racism there, Richard.

  30. No evidence or proof is needed Richard. Apartheid Israel’s horrific, racist, violent and uncivilised actions speak for themselves.
    Besides the list would be too long.

    1. I’m pretty sure you don’t generally have issues with things being “too long” Bradford, starting with the thoughts-in-head area and ending with the volume-of-genitalia one.

  31. Collier tweets –
    “The boycott of the Jewish state is not new.

    Marxists boycotted Jews
    The Nazis boycotted Jews
    For decades Islamists boycotted Jews

    Today the Marxists, Nazis and Islamists have *united* behind a boycott of Jews. They call it #BDS”

    How far from the TRUTH can this description of BDS be?

    It is a movement that seeks to have Israel(NOT ‘Jews’, most of whom prefer to live elsewhere), a state containing Jews, Muslims, Christians etc. cease its abuse of the Palestinians, the theft of land that Palestinians currently live on, start to follow humanitarian laws and stop its flouting of the Geneva conventions.

    To characterise that as antisemitism is the height of dishonesty. Yet this neurotic obsession has persisted for years, blog after blog of hateful venomous propaganda, all to paint the state of Israel as a victim. Pure manufactured lies.

      1. Hey, this is intriguing. If Michael inserts his tongue up Bellers’s anal passage and then Bruce inserts his tongue up Michael’s is that like a train?

        Hope you’re not expecting the Jews to climb aboard again, like in the 1940s.

        (Editor’s inclusion warning. Other Holocausts are available)

      2. You’ve never had an accurate post Bradford, but saying that Muck Framer has EVER said anything well (or adjacent to it) seals your designation as a troll.

  32. “Collier quotes “The lesser jihad is the duty of all Muslims to protect one’s religion and people, and if needs be take up arms to do so.”

    Meanwhile Israel lobbies and blackmails the US to secure over $3.5 BILLION of FREE arms EVERY SINGLE YEAR to protect Judaism and the Jewish people of Israel in its own ‘jihad’.

      1. Michael. when you and Bruce agreed above that you didn’t care about being antisemitic because we had it coming, was that a copy/paste that should have appeared somewhere elses?

        1. Refresh our memories by reproducing the post(s), Ian. Prob. another of your fantasies. Zionists are prone to them.

          1. Michael, to quote your train chum Bruce above from 25/10 “No evidence or proof is needed … (your), racist actions speak for themselves.
            Besides the list would be too long.”

            Thanks for leveling the playing field for us where the burden of proof is concerned. Does Bellers know you’re batting for our team now?

            1. So, Mike didn’t say that.

              You’re as big a fantasist as David is. He’s making a living from his untruths though.

                  1. Anti Zionism is racism Michael. You promote events that you know will lead to the extermination of Jews. That makes you a racist antisemite.

                    1. “You promote events that you know will lead to the extermination of Jews.”??!?

                      That’s a silly claim given that MOST Jews don’t live in Israel, Ian.

          2. The Fantasy of “Islam is The Religion of Peace” is a real WHOPPER.

            Ask Bag-Daddy.

            Who will replace him?

            Mentally ILLhan Omar?
            TRASHida Talabia?
            Jihad Corbyn?
            George Gallowsway?
            Some disgraced and booted Laboor racist?

  33. Collier retweets -“95% of the world’s Jews support Israel”

    If 95% of Jews support Israel’s racism, its civil rights abuses and its flouting of international laws doesn’t paint those 95% as a moral, decent group, does it?

    1. More copy/pastes from Michael, the only thing left on offer from the racist anti-Zionists.

      Still no denial of the admission of antisemitism above either. Did you mean to say that we had it coming?

  34. And speaking of racist anti-Zionists Michael, you and Bruce are BDS fans right?

    The captain of our national football team, Bibras Natkho, an Israeli Muslim and 5 of his team mates, also Muslims want to know whether it’s Puma trainers you hate, football or just Muslims. Which one shall I tell him?

    1. I guess that squares everything Ian.

      Didn’t the Nazi’s have a token Jew (fencer Helene Mayer) on their 1936 Olympic team too?

      1. Maybe the neo-fascist anti-Israel brigade have a token ‘as a jew’ (Bruce Levy) on their side

        I say neo-fascist as the anti-Israel brigade has not progressed as yet to full neo-Nazi status, though they are working hard to try reach said status

        1. Richard, there are countless Jews with a conscience who campaign against the racist, apartheid state.

          Take a long look in the mirror and you’ll see who the real neo-fascist is.

  35. Sure Bruce, but as a BDS fan and self confessed racist anti-Zionist, why are you against inclusion (note 6 out of 11 players is Muslim) and supportive of Arabs murdering Jews?

    Same question to you Michael.

    (Editor’s Note; other inconvenient examples of inclusion are available).

    1. Anti-Zionist yes. Racist no.

      Your kind always likes to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

      1. Love the “Your kind” shtick Bruce. There are still folk that refuse to believe that guys like you are still kicking around.

        Anti Zionists are obviously racists as they promote events that they know will lead to the murder of Jews. This makes you a racist.

        1. Those who promote the settling of Jews in racist settlements when they can be murdered are therefore racist …… according to your ‘thinking’, Ian.

        2. Believe what you want, but there will never be a place for ‘your kind’ in a civilized world Ian.

          1. Sure Bruce. Lucky for me and my kind we have a lovely place in the world and it makes me very happy to know that your kind will spend a lifetime bleating about it on social media and never change a thing. Ain’t that right Michael?

            Zios for the win.

            1. Such a lovely place that citizens are leaving it to join the majority of Jews that prefer to live elsewhere.

              Wonder how long US citizens will support and keep you … mmm

            2. Isn’t that amazing Ian? Your kind are all alike since that’s what was said about apartheid South Africa, sans social media.
              Birds of a feather..

  36. Stephen
    Don’t you think they should stop propounding Antisemitic Jew Hatred as individuals and a collective before discussing who are racist
    Or will you revert to form with some stupid mindless comment

    1. Richard the truth value of antizionism is antisemitism is not a matter of opinion. The falsity of the assertion is easily demonstrated by a few ( only one is necessary ) simple substitutivity exercises. In addition we could also invoke our old friend the Law of the Indiscernibility of Identicals. But that would be tedious and it doesn’t really lend itself to the medium. In short the assertion is a sure sign of someone that is either stupid or thinks the rest of us are or both

  37. Bruce4 Levy

    As our ‘as a jew’ you speak for the whole gamut of Jewish opinion, or at least that is what you wish you did.
    Well sorry to disillusion you, but their are a multiplicity of views in the Jewish community; and I would venture that yours are a minority view

    ‘Progressive thinking’ in the way it is practised today is not a Jewish trait; rather this so called ‘modern progressivism’ has become just another cultish semi-religious phenomena driven by the elites, the wealthy and academia.
    Today’s ‘progressivism’ is tomorrows failed experiment, always driven by herd led hysteria.
    Yesterday it was multiculturalism
    Before that it was communism a’ la Marx,Lenin,Stalin, Mao and all the other murderous dictators The fads pass between fascism and communism/marxism/socialism and all the other names that are used to disguise its malevolent outcomes
    Today it is the climate change hysteria (which has been a part of the discourse for as long as humans have existed). And yes, there is a manmade effect to the environment that is capable of being solved by humans and the application of modern technology
    And only the ordinary people suffer all these mad fads

    The great majority of Jews in Israel don’t agree with you
    A large majority of Jews In the UK who still subscribe to a classical form of religious and secular Judaism still say that Israel plays an important part in their lives
    And the list goes on and on

    I was born into Apartheid South Africa, and spent half my life there and saw the evils of the system
    I have lived in Israel, and saw nothing vaguely similar (Judea and Samaria aka the West Bank and Gaza are not part of Israel and are governed by either Palestinian, Jordanian or Israeli military rule)

    But then , even if you read this, you will have discounted it because your intolerant and bigoted views dictate that if any ideas are different to yours, then they are wrong

    So wham bam thank you _ _ _ _ !

    1. Yawn….

      Of course nothing whatsoever in your lengthy diatribe about the inhuman treatment of Palestinians by the Zios. But this is what to expect from
      someone who whores himself for the apartheid state.

      Apologies to whores.

            1. Sharmuta, you’re just another shill for Islamofascism.

              9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Manchester, Nice, Boston Marathon, ISIS, Hamass, Hezbola, Fascist Iran, Boko Haram, …

              Say Hi to Bag-Daddy for me. 🙂

  38. The imagery employed by anti-Zionists is in most cases exactly the same as that employed by classical Antisemites/Antisemitism

    So saying, not all anti-Zionist are Antisemites; just that in most cases the anti-Zionist I have encountered at university and other places revert to classical Antisemitism when their views are challenged (funnily enough I get the impression that they are unaware of the similarity of these two views, which says rather a lot)

    1. <<<<<<<<<<<, back to pseuds corner. Richard are you familiar with the imagery employed by most anti zios? However you are making more sense than Ian's antizioniam is antisemitism stuff. All antizionists are antisemites is at least an empirical proposition. But to ascerain its truth value is not easy. To establish it as true you would have to look at every antizionist and find every one employed imagery and rhetoric expressing hostility to Jews as per the definition of the expression . I will put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea waiting for you when you get back.

      In practice you are just employing propagandist sound bites like David. Don't be like David.

      BTW this classical antisemitism thing. Is this different to new antisemitism, causal antisemitism, sensitivity antisemitism ( a la Adam Wagner ) or different ? So many antisemitisms so little time………..

  39. Collier tweets – “I fight #antisemitism. I stand proudly alongside friends like @GnasherJew @LabourAgainstAS @emmacpicken @EuanPhilipps ”

    Quite a quixotic quintet, how quaint.

  40. Bellers, was that you venting your spleen all over a lady tweeter earlier? Good job you have Michael’s tongue to cleanse your rectal passage after such a foul emission.

      1. For heaven’s sake. Gargle man, before you use that tongue here.

        The stench of Bruce’s racist anti-Zionism is bad enough without you coming here with your Bellers botty breath.

      1. Temper temper Bellers. Keep at the copy/pastes long enough and I’m sure someone will notice eventually.

        BTW, nice work over in Pseuds Corner yesterday.

      2. Ah, Sharon KKKlaff, the shrieking harpie. I thought she had some sense knocked into her months ago, but guess I was wrong.

    1. She’s obviously been forgiven for her apathy in the child-abuse scandal.

      Zionist ‘Friend of Israel’-bashers, Ian. Nought to do with her being a “yid”.

  41. Bruce

    What a thoroughly unpleasant person you are

    Enthusing about the fact that a woman in her 70s was assaulted by some young thugs

    You are seriously disgusting

    1. … and Israel has never harmed anyone in their 70s …. or under 16?

      Thought they killed over 500 children when they last attacked the Gazans.

      1. 500 children?

        Whatever the number,

        -Hamass uses children as Human Shields – as does ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram,

        – Fascist Iran used children to clear mine fields from the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war

        How many of the 500,000+ dead in Syria were children killed by Assad?

        Children who died in 9/11, London’s 7/7, Beslan elementary school massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, Mumbai India massacre, Manchester arena.

        You are one SICK Sharmuta.

        1. “500 children?

          Whatever the number, ”

          6 million Jews out of the 17 million who died in the Holocaust.

          Should I say “Whatever the number”, Ted?

          1. And your Grand Moooofti was an ally of Socialist SHlTler.

            IslamofFascist Iran denies there was a Holocaust – but threatens to commit one against Israel.

            Sharmuta, you are so dumb, it’s no wonder why you are a Sharmuta. Any other occupation is beyond you.

    2. Richard you have no clue what happened. KKKlaff, who thought she was a law unto herself, kept shouting through a megaphone late at night in a residential neighbourhood despite the repeated polite requests of residents to stop. When she continued to disturb residents, rather than waste police time, a few decided to persuade her themselves. The shrieking old harpy must of tjought she was in apartheid Israel.

  42. Hey Michael and Bruce, where do you stand on the Law of the Indiscernibility of Identicals ?

    Better get clued up ‘cos if Bellers keeps expelling a mother-load of these proportions it may be a two tongue tidy-up for you two scamps.

    TCP bottles at the ready.

      1. Yoooge deposits!

        Sluice Bruce and Michael may need more than TCP.

        Make sure they don’t cause chaffing on the Bellers botty.

    1. I understand the audience were non-Jews and I’m certain Scoffie left a lasting impression — sure it wasn’t a good one.

      That’s why it’s important to differentiate between Judiasm and Zionism. Explains why the racist and Islamophobic EDL is Zionist to the core.

    1. Miniscule in comparison to the US Pay-to-slay-Arabs scheme which sees hard-pressed US taxpayers having to lavish over $3,500,000,000 worth of advanced weaponry annually to the right-wing state of Israel.

    2. That would be the Home Secretary who was going to make Law and Order a priority again.

      That would be the Home Secretary who, last night, her Chief of Staff was marched out of Parliament by armed police for being drunk and disorderly in one of the bars.

      She can’t even get the Chief of Staff of her own private office to behave in a lawful and orderly manner.
      Obviously she is going for the record for being sacked as a Minister for breaking the Ministerial Code, and then sacked for being incapable of running her own private office.

      No wonder she was promoted to be Home Secretary by a Prime Minister who is little more than “an over promoted rubber, bath toy.”

      1. And she’s all yours for 5 more years you lucky fella.

        She can take Michael or Bruce’s place cleansing the Bellers botty for all I care as long as she stops paying Arabs to kill Jews.

        Are you voting for the anti Israel party boychik?

        1. Who I will be voting for, I have yet to decide.

          I will NOT be voting for the Conservative Party.
          My views on Tories are best summed up by my fellow Welshman, the late Nye Bevan.
          “What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party … So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

          It was correct in the 1940s and is even more correct about the present shower of shit and ANYONE who supports them.

          1. Welsh eh? That nutjob Chris Actvist claimed to be a Taff. Mind you he also reckoned some of his best friends were Jews, lapsed of course. He claimed one was Cohen of America and asked if I knew him. Posted some right old bollox here. Are you him?

  43. ” A book that is simply sloppy would make errors in both directions – this book NEVER does.”

    ….and David reads with an impartial eye? Lol.

    1. If Scoffie tried anything like that in Jew York or DC, he’d be deported and put on the first flight back to London.
      My JVP pals thought it was staged.

    2. If Scoffie tried his shenanigans in Jew York or DC, he’d be dealt with quite severely.

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane! 🙂

  44. Propagandist Collier tweets ..
    “Free education
    Freedom to attack Jews
    Burning of Israeli goods and books
    No Jews on campus
    More free stuff
    We will confiscate the wealth of the rothschilds
    Free Christmas pressies
    Take ownership of media out of Zionist hands
    Extra benefits
    Free money”

    The usual hysterical lies hoping to retain a gov. that supplies apartheid Israel with military equipment and continued appeasement.

    He even has the cheek to write ‘free money’ and ‘extra benefits’. Collier lives off the donations from his Zionist worshippers, no doubt keeping him in a comfortable lifestyle.

    Collier, many UK families struggle everyday under Tory austerity while you ferret away at smearing a party that can relieve them of that. Just lies and deceit from you, aĺl for the benefit of a state that should bring shame on you.

    Again you seek to conflate Jews with Israel. Lol.

    1. Apartheid Israel eh Michael? Trying a bit of that tabloid tagging like Sluice Bruce?

      Don’t forget imperialist oppressors, ZioNazis and child murderers for your full quota.

      Very sweet how you synchronize your posts when Bellers places his roadblocks. Does he have the transmitter up his botty so you can receive your instruction straight to the horses mouth?

      Mouthwash before bobos please.

  45. Hey, Bellers and the Botty Boys. Its 5 years watching your activism here now. Where has the time gone?

    For you lads, Corbyn’s come and gone, the EU’s come and gone. Bellers is still copy/pasting stuff from nearly ten years ago and me and all the ZioNazis in genocidal old apartheid Israel have been sat on the beach laughing our well toned butts off at your soggy efforts. Please please don’t stop.

    All together now. ” 5 more years. 5 more years”

      1. It was BambaGate, Blushy Boi. Remember when you and that nutter Gabriel were doing your shtick saying “It doesn’t count as charitable giving when its Jews doing the donating”.

        Those were the days when you could still be arsed doing a little more than a copy/paste. Although to your credit you never pretended to care about Arabs. You did keep saying you couldn’t give a (insert slogan) about Israel and then wrote line after line about it. Quality activism that.

        Well up for 5 more years of this. Bet you’re still doing the same shtick. ” Remember YouTube? Well, these were Dave’s bezzies…now all dead. Now here’s a tune that hints that I may like Irish toss.”

        Even with your $5 words you were never imaginative. (Yikes)

    1. Bellers, with banter like this I’m deffo up for 5 more years. You?

      Drag the Botty Boys along too and at least you’ll have the sparkliest rectal cavity in Activist Land.

      Wonder who’ll die first, you lot or the old yids in the copy/pastes. Bet those daft Yachad kids say Kaddish for you

  46. Stephen

    Different views exchanged in intelligent debate are the motor for scientific, cultural and artistic progress
    Stupidity dressed as intelligent debate is the road to destruction (in its many faceted forms, both physical and mental)
    When people stop talking, stop exchanging different ideas, we have entered the fantasy world of fascism, communism, socialism, marxism etc, where thinking differently gets you locked up or consigned to the scrapheap.
    Think 1984, Lord of the Flies
    Some of the intolerant, bigoted and plain nasty discourse displayed here by the likes of Farmer, Levy and occasional others are perfect examples of ‘trolling to destroy discussion’ rather than ‘discussion to further progress’
    But then it takes all types to populate this little world of ours

  47. Levy

    Dictionary definition of ‘DIATRIBE’, – ‘A harsh and forceful verbal attack’
    Please show where this definition applies to my posts
    Please look at the way your posts ‘do’ fit the definition

    In my posts I try stick to the subject at hand and try to explain my reasoning.
    I also try to avoid mindless and repetitive sloganeering

    You on the other hand seem to prefer ad hominem attacks, repetitive slogans and no proof or evidence to back up any of your arguments

    And you glorify an assault on a woman in her 70s by some young thugs as some form of heroic undertaking

    Not nice

    1. “In my posts I try stick to the subject at hand and try to explain my reasoning.”

      Why then do you write “Jew hatred and Antisemitism finally appear to have a cost.” after the book was pulled and then ignore requests to give your reason or quote any examples.?

      Not too late, Richard.

      1. Sharmuta, WHY are Muslims killing Muslims in Syria (500,000+), Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon?

        What’s their beef?

    2. Richard: “O wad some Power the giftie gie us. To see oursels as ithers see us!”

      The last refuge of a Zio scoundrel backed into a corner is to resort to personal insults. Like a trapped rat.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  48. Brucie dear

    Please show me the personal insults
    You have certainly resorted to personal insult with your zio/nazi comments and such like
    So please enlighten me as to where the personal insults towards you are
    Do try stick to the question being asked rather than trying to change the subject

    1. Dickie’s up to his old tricks and has a short memory as well.

      I ain’t biting sunshine.

      1. No biting Bruce. You and Michael need to keen those mouths minty fresh for cleansing the Bellers Botty.

        Zios for the win !

        1. Apart from your trolling, can YOU present any examples from the “errors, lies, distortion” comtained in this book.

          Neither David nor Richard dare reply.

        2. You are so right Ian!
          Zios are winners in hate, violence, racism, apartheid, genocide, land theft, militarism, hypocracy, repression and numerous other neo-Nazi traits.
          Zios for the win!

          1. Hey SHlTler head,

            9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103 and Lockerbie, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Manchester arena, Bastille day truck ramming in Nice France, Boston Marathon bombing, Moscow subway bombing, Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL, beheading of Lee Rigby

            were committed by your Loooozer Pals.

            Sand Nazis, Bad-Daddy and YOU for the Nakba!

    1. Hey Bellers. You’ve taken my advice and are trying a new approach. And I thought you were the blushy boi.

      Don’t give up on the 10 yr old copy/pastes though. They’re very powerful. (titter)

  49. Brucie dear

    Diatribe is defined in the dictionary as a ‘harsh and forceful attack’
    You accused me of this in my posts
    I asked for examples of this and you have not replied
    You try to change the conversation to avoid answering. WHY. Are you afraid to give a reasonable answer rather than your normal diatribe

    I also posited that it is your posts are a diatribe; ie calling us zionazis, celebrating the assault on a woman in her 70s by young thugs, and similar statements

    Why do you not answer the questions
    Are you afraid? Will you try to deflect again, and again and again and…………………..

  50. Farmer boy

    I could not be bothered replying to your posts because they tend to be repetitive sloganeering, trite and vacuous commentary and generally meaningless tosh.
    You never engage in debate and discussion, so it is a waste of time attempting to discuss with you; so I don’t bother


    1. Bye, bye, Richard… off you slink … you came, you accused and, unable to deliver, off you sulk.

  51. Phew Brucie dear

    What a ‘diatribe’
    Almost every cliche in the book
    At this rate you will be able to go for the ‘diatribe of the year’ award

    1. Goodbye Richard. Hopefully you won’t float back up ?

      Btw, Scoffie would never make it to Jew York, DC or Chicago because as a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, he wouldn’t be allowed into the country…and we’ll make sure of that.

  52. You are certainly in the lead role for ‘diatribist of the year award ‘
    Quite remarkable how much bile you manage to use in place of intelligent debate
    But then possibly that is the total extent of your limited vocabulary

  53. Collier tweets – “As even more rockets are fired from Gaza to try to kill Jews in #Israel remember politicians like @jeremycorbyn and @BernieSanders want to reward them. Because that’s what you do to areas controlled by radical Islamic terror groups – give them the ability to make better weapons! ”

    Israel has for years blockaded Gaza in its war on the enclave, coldly murdered hundreds of Gazans on their own land recently, imprisons them, occupies their airspace, boreders and waters and yet Collier expects them to just take the abuse. Silly.

    Israel is Israel….. not the Jews.

    1. Wish the England backs had had the choreography of your Botty Bois, Bellers.

      Did you see above they were even typing from the same script at the same time. Uncanny.

      Will you copy/paste the tune that you play them when they’re doing their synchronised sluicing of your Hershey Highway?

  54. Michael, when you bleat that Israel is Israel and not the Jews, I can hear you breaking into frantic exasperated falsetto from here.

    We’ve discussed this. Your opinion is irrelevant, so calm down and save your mouth for botty bathing duties or you will be replaced by Bellers in the slurping order by Sluice Bruce.

  55. But Ian, my opinion is the TRUTH(which matters, according to David(joke)). You say that it’s irrelevant. Understandable.

    Most of the world’s Jews live ìn other countries, Ian.

    1. Calm down and give your Cap Lock a break Michael. I sense how frustrating this is for you. So many posts. So little chance of ever changing anything.

        1. No, really Michael Nothing you write here will ever matter at all . I wouldn’t want to discourage you though. You are what social media was made for.

          1. Yep, it had an effect …. whereas your posts just show your fixation on male bottoms and filth.

            1. Michael, you inept arse licker. If there’s still filth in the Male bottom after your efforts, you’re doing it wrong.

              Q. Why do the wives of antisemites always die before their husbands?
              A, Because they want to.

              I thank you.

  56. Some Zionist jokes by Michael R. Burch, an editor and publisher of Holocaust and Nakba poetry

    A pollster asks a homeless person, a cult member and a Zionist the same question: “What is your opinion of the meat shortage?” The homeless person asks, “I’m sorry, but what do you mean by ‘meat’?” The cultist responds, “Please forgive me, but what do you mean by an ‘opinion’?” The Zionist turns beet-red and screams, “What the **!#*!@* does ‘excuse me’ mean?”

    Zionism: n. (zih-uhn-ism) A quasi-religious belief, held by many Israeli Jews, that “God does not exist, but he gave us your land, so we can demolish your houses, leave your children homeless, and take it!”

    Q: How many Zionists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: One to change the bulb and 7.8 million to accuse Edison, GE, tungsten and electricity of being anti-Semitic.

    Q: What is the difference between a Zionist and a professional criminal?
    A: A professional criminal doesn’t make up lame excuses for things he denies doing.

    Q: Why did the Zionist cross the road?
    A: To occupy the other side.

    Q: What did the Zionist answer, on his job application form, when asked about his desired occupation?
    A: Occupation!

    Q: Why did the Zionist claim to own the space between your ears, while you were sleeping?
    A: It was temporarily unoccupied.

    Q: Which Zionist film is most likely to win an Oscar?
    A: The Great Terrain Robbery, starring Sean Con-nery and Donald Smother-land.

    Q: Why did the Zionist claim to own your home?
    A: You couldn’t prove that it was in your family’s possession 2,000 years ago, so it must be his to claim.

    You can lead a Zionist to water, but you can’t make him share it with a Palestinian.

    All roads lead to Jerusalem … except the Jewish-only roads that Palestinians are not allowed to drive on.

        1. My Fave;-

          (German reporter to Robin Williams;) ” Why is there so little good comedy in Germany?”

          Williams; ” Because you killed all the funny people”.

  57. Folke Bernadotte (who would be murdered by Zionists in September) had listed in his report the main “serious breaches” of the truce:

    1) the attempt by ( …) the Irgun Zvai Leumi to bring war materials and immigrants, including men of military age, into Palestine aboard the ship Altalena on 21 June (…)

    2) Another truce violation occurred through the refusal of Egyptian forces to permit the passage of relief convoys to Jewish settlements in the Negeb. (..)

    3) The third violation of the truce arose as a result of the failure of the Transjordan and Iraqi forces to permit the flow of water to Jerusalem

    So, indeed the first break of the truce was by the Zionists on June 21.

    1. Hey, we’ve got a Gabriel back !

      Is this the one that hates it when Jews give charity to vulnerable people or the one that reviews books that he’s never read?

      1. My fave;

        A Zionist mother in Tel Aviv is taking leave of her son who has been called up to serve in the IOF. “Don’t overexert yourself,” she implores him. “Kill a Palestinian and rest. Kill another Palestinian and rest again.”

        “But mother,” the son interrupts, “what if the Palestinian kills me?”

        “You?” exclaims the mother. “But why? What have you done to him?”

  58. From the opening sentences, when the book called Jewish people 3300 years ago ‘settlers’ until the final chapters – it is almost impossible for the untrained eye to pick apart fantasy from fiction. This is false, the book says that Jews settled in the Holy Land over 3,000 years ago. Since no one calls Israelites/Hebrews Jews this is entirely accurate. There were no Jews until that time, just various groups of polytheistic Cannanitrs.

  59. The comparable fatality count is more than deceptive. The reason 116 Arabs died, is because the British killed them as they tried to stop them massacring Jews. Another false statement. Up to 20 were killed by Jewish attacks, or indiscriminate British gunfire.

    1. It isn’t false at all and your quote – which you lifted from Wiki without attributing it – doesn’t contradict me

      “while at least 116 Arabs were killed and at least 232 were injured, mostly by the British police while trying to suppress the riots, although around 20
      were killed by Jewish attacks or indiscriminate British gunfire

      1. You never give any attribution, why should anyone else? your claim is false. You state that the 116 were killed by the British whilst attacking Jews, the quote shows some of those 116 were killed by Jews.

    2. The Arabs were killed by the British, but only after the Arabs had been able to sow mayhem in the Jewish quarter of Hebron and Safed and a few other areas for quite a long period.
      The Jewish inhabitants of Hebron were a mainly religious group; they were unarmed and unorganised, and had no means of protection other than the British Mandatory Forces
      No Arabs were killed in Hebron by Jews
      The Arabs started the 1929 riots in Jerusalem and met only sporadic and unorganised resistance from the Jews
      The events of 1929 led the Jews to realise that nobody was going to help and protect them, so the Jews began to set up a defence system that eventually became the basis for the Israel Defence Force

      1. This has nothing to do with whether or not 116 were killed by British forces whilst attacking Jews alone, I am simple pointing out the innacuracy in that claim.

  60. Here is a source for the breaking of the second truce in Oct by 22
    The A to Z of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
    By P R Kumaraswamy

  61. First truce. …..The UN truce came into force on 11 June. To the Israelis it came, in Moshe Carmel’s words, like dew from heaven. Though they had succeeded in halting the Arab invasion, their fighting forces were stretched to the limit and badly needed a respite to rest, reorganize, and train new recruits. On the Israeli side, the four weeks’ truce was also used to bring in large shipments of arms from abroad in contravention of the UN embargo – tanks, armoured cars, artillery, and aircraft. On the Arab side, the truce was largely wasted. No serious preparations were made by any of the Arab countries to reorganize and re-equip their armies so that they would be better placed in the event of hostilities being resumed. The UN arms embargo applied in theory to all the combatants but in practice it hurt the Arabs and helped Israel because the Western powers observed it whereas the Soviet bloc did not..[31] Consequently, the first truce was a turning-point in the history of the war. It witnessed a decisive shift in the balance of forces in favour of Israel…… From. Israel and the Arab Coalition in 1948

    Avi Shlaim

    in Eugene Rogan and Avi Shlaim, eds., The War for Palestine: Rewriting the The United States and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict History of 1948. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001, 79-103.

  62. Israel broke second 48 truce. Source as above….. On 15 October, the IDF broke the truce and launched Operation Yoav to expel the Egyptian forces from the Negev. In a week of fighting, the Israelis captured Beersheba and Bayt Jibrin, and surrounded an Egyptian brigade (which included Major Gamal Abdel Nasser) in Faluja.

    1. Strategically the Israelis were not in a particularly good position as Egyptian forces were scattered in positions that would have resulted in them being able to destroy Israel very easily in the future.
      The Jews took Egyptian threats against them very seriously after seeing the Nazis threaten to destroy the Jews, and then see six million Jews murdered by the Nazi.
      And the Jews were also aware that Haj Amin Husseini, the spiritual leader of the Arabs of Mandatory Palestine, had spent the war years as the guest of the Nazi leader and mass murderer, Adolf Hitler

      1. Your comment is not relevant to the claim that the textbook is inaccurate, this source backs up the textbook claim about who broke the truce.

  63. The reborn State of Israel covered a small area that was easily monitored, so it was easy to track the movement of arms.
    The Arab states neighbouring Israel covered vast areas of land which were far more difficult to monitor, so it is impossible to know what and where arms were being moved about.
    The Arab league and various Arab leaders had threatened to wipe out Israel and its Jewish population.
    Three years after six million Jews were mass murdered by the Nazi killing machine, the Jews were going to take threats that they were going to be annihilated seriously
    If you don’t feel the Jews were entitled to defend themselves against a genocidal attack against themselves by the surrounding Arab states, then it says more about you and your prejudices than anything else

    1. This discussion is about the accuracy of the textbook, I’m not interested in discussing your opinions about who is biased, only here to point out where the textbook has academic support, or not. In this case, it does.

  64. David’s claim. The book spends three pages explaining the Oslo Peace process – and then asks the students to explain the failure of the process – but never once mentioned the exploding buses in Israel’s streets – and only mentioned a single terror attack during this period. How can a student possibly explain the failure of Oslo if you don’t mention the 100s of Israelis slain in Israeli streets?

    Here are the facts. Suicide bombings mentioned on pg 92, terrorist attacks on pg 94, (twice), terrorist attacks on pg 96, suicide bombings, pg 97, suicide bombings pg 98, (twice), suicide bombings pg 99, (three times ) and on pg 99, a list of 7 separate suicide bombings, with numbers of victims. Oops!

    1. My comments are valid in so far as the text books tend to explain the situation from one point of view.
      The information is correct; but they omit details which influence the way students and readers come to their conclusions.
      Reality and truth are influenced by both commission and omission.
      Just saying the Jews/Israelis broke the ceasefire without addressing the bigger picture about the potential of the Arabs to beat the Jews by just sitting and doing nothing because they had the numbers and the time, is in fact distorting the reality on the ground

      1. Thank you for agreeing that the textbook has support for its claims that Israel broke the truces. Did you notice my email regarding the number of references to suicide bombings which is far higher than David implies? I wonder if he will reply?

        1. I was addressing the question of suicide bombings when my phone died on me and I lost it
          So I will do it again later today

  65. As I said, so many things happen in war and unless you take into account all the circumstances that pertain to the events in question you can’t get a realistic picture

    Social mores of the time, local history, tribal history and culture (Jews, Arabs, Christians, Ottomans, the recently ended and ongoing wars) all affect and effect the situation.

    So the ongoing threats to by the Arab leadership (up to May 1948 the Jews of Mandatory Palestine were called Palestinians) to wipe out the Jews was a critical factor in the actions of the Jewish Palestinian/Israeli thinking

    Many say that the Jews were strong enough to protect themselves.
    In hindsight many do say the Jews were strong enough
    But until the shooting is over anything can happen, and in war the unexpected can dictate the outcome
    And hindsight is a perfect science; you know the results and tailor your opinions and thinking to suit your own biases

  66. I haven’t read the textbook that David previewed, but considering the many books I have read, the context in which the multiple mentions of suicide bombing that you claim are mentioned, is of major importance.

    By manipulating the use of words and punctuation, the entire meaning, importance and relevance of a subject can be altered; just like the doctoring and cropping of photographs can totally change the meaning of an image

    By example, I will refer to a book I’m currently reading.
    It’s called ‘The Arab World: an illustrated history’.
    The author talks about about the spread of Islam and ‘Arabism’ (for my lack of a better term).
    He mentions Palestine initially in vague terms, then introduces the naming by the Romans part of the geographical area that became the Mandate of Palestine ‘Palasistine Syria'(sic) or ‘Syria Palestina’ (page 14).
    After this, whenever he talks of Palestine, it is in terms of it being an existing state type entity with recognised borders, governance etc.
    Palestine had some significance as a geographic area to some, but never had designated borders etc until 1917 and ‘The British Mandate of Palestine’ (Pappe).
    As far as I am aware the Ottomans never called the area Palestine
    Why I mention this is because by either conscious or unconscious design, erroneous ideas can become accepted fact.

    Which brings me back to the initial question about the amount of suicide bombing that occurred during the ‘second intifada’; by emphasising or de-emphasizing facts, incidents and/or statistics a specific narrative can be arrived at (here a conscious or unconscious anti-Israel narrative)

    As with your original question about truces and this one about suicide bombings, ignoring context, local conditions and historical aspects of an issue can distort the narrative and in in some cases lead to a false/lying narrative

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