Miko Peled, Ian Fantom and the secretive ‘neo-Nazi’ group

Last Thursday there was a ‘Keep Talking’ event at St Anne’s Church Soho. It was an event organised and attended by some truly nasty antisemites. The event shows how the suggested differences between ‘far-right’ and ‘far-left’ are illusions. There is just a sewer of extremism – those who build conspiracy theories, and all too frequently pin the blame on the ‘Jews’.

We can begin with this image, which shows Miko Peled speaking at the Church. On his right (our left) – set apart from the audience- are Ian Fantom and Alison Chabloz.

Ian Fantom is a hard-core conspiracy theorist.  He wore this t-shirt, suggesting both 9/11 and 7/7 were staged, to an event he organised in 2016:

In 2010, Ian Fantom co-founded a group called ‘Keep Talking’ that was set up because other ‘9-11 truth’ groups were ‘sabotaged from within’. Conspiracy theories about conspiracy groups. Fantom explains this himself in an article he wrote for ‘UNZ review’. The website UNZ is described as ‘extreme-right‘ and pushes Holocaust denial. The founder of Unz is known to have contributed funds to a ‘quasi white-nationalist’ group.

Fantom co-founded ‘Keep Talking’ with the Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom. It was interesting to read that the two of them agreed ‘Keep Talking’ would avoid discussion of Holocaust denial because they didn’t want to be ‘derailed’ by the ‘Zionist lobby’.

At the Peled event, Fantom is sitting next to Alison Chabloz. Chabloz is a convicted Holocaust denier. She was able to attend the event because she was recently released from jail pending an appeal. Chabloz is best known for teasing Jews over the Holocaust through the use of music, creating songs that turn the Holocaust into a fictional joke that she sets to classic Jewish tunes. Other far-right activists were also in attendance. The images suggest that James Thring was present. Thring is a confidante of David Duke and is a regular attendee of the ‘Keep Talking’ events.

The lies of the left

When news broke about the attendance of the far-right at this event, Labour supporters attempted to downplay it. Social media accounts such as the hard-core antisemitic ‘Labour Left Voice’ suggested that these extremists were unnoticed and ‘slipped in’:


The LLV account is run by Sally Eason and is used by Corbyn propaganda outlets such as the Canary to belittle antisemitism. Following that tweet Sally Eason is now on record as both attending a far-right event and lying to protect it.

Organised by the racist group

As we now know, Sally was lying. There was no ‘slipping in’. The ‘far-right’ extremists had a special place at the front because it was their event. This Miko Peled talk was organised, funded and run by the ‘Keep Talking’ group. Stephen Sizer, Elleanne Green and numerous others with already troublesome histories all attended an event organised by a group that has been described as ‘neo-Nazi’.

Proof? Here is a short clip of the introductory talk and interchange between Miko Peled and Ian Fantom.

Miko Peled explicitly says it was fortunate that ‘Ian wrote to me’. He has this exchange with Ian Fantom and it is clearly Fantom’s event. Sitting next to Ian is Alison Chabloz. St Anne’s Church has since confirmed that this event was organised by ‘Keep Talking’:

Fantom keep talking

This means the ‘Keep Talking’ event would have been advertised through the network of the neo-Nazi group and attended by the group’s members. Was Nick Kollerstrom there too? Following this event Peled has spoken at two events – both run by Palestine Solidarity Campaign branches – in Hastings and Eastbourne.

It is probably safe to assume that the neo-nazi group paid Peled for this talk. Peled stood in front of Holocaust deniers and other rabid antisemites and cracked jokes about antisemitism. And some people say that Anti-Zionism isn’t the same as antisemitism.

St Anne’s Church in Soho have since apologised for giving a platform to these people.



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145 thoughts on “Miko Peled, Ian Fantom and the secretive ‘neo-Nazi’ group

  1. You have linked to an anti-Semitic article. Someone might read the Nazi Fantom’s opinion that Zionism is anti-Semitic. You are a NAZI hatemonger.

    1. So let me get this straight. You don’t understand the basic principle of argumentation that one has to quote a person’s beliefs in order to establish that they hold those beliefs (rather than simply asserting that they do, and leaving oneself open to the charge of misrepresentation). Do I have that correct?

      1. Ah, another who plies the modern ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ i.e. widespread antisemitism

        1. The “Emperor’s New Clothes” are the finest we’ve ever seen!

          And Islam is “The Religion of Peace”!

          9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Manchester arena, Boston Marathon, London and Westminster bridge ramming attacks, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Yvonne Fletcher, Ilan Halimi in Paris, Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands, Bastille Day in Nice France ramming, Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, Bali, DC Beltway, Pulse nightclub, San Bernardino, Brussels airport, Moscow subway, Beslan elementary school, WMD attack on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, thwarted bombing of inflight passenger planes (sneaker and underwear bombs), Hamass and Fascist Iran executing gays, …

          Lshonah Tovah and Happy Nakba to All!

          1. Religions are what the minds of man create ..including Judaism.

            Imaginary friends who see things as you do.

            Few religions are peaceful as few men are peaceful.

    1. What makes you think they ever went away, Stephen?
      Brings back memories of reading the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’, many decades ago.

  2. Played Bellers. 4 years lurking here now and the more “not-arsed” you become, the more slogans you copy/paste. Huge effort boychik.

    Are you blushing?

      1. Don’t be coy Bellers. You’ve copy/pasted slogan #9 to me 7 times over the years telling me I’ve made you blush. We agreed it was probably Idiopathic craniofacial erythema.

        (Bet Gerald is Googling that now.)

  3. If anyone has experience contributing to Wikipedia, please straighten out the Miko Peled entry. There is absolutely no indication anywhere that Peled is controversial, as is customary with other activists. Instead it is strictly a platform for his slanders.

  4. Collier tweets – ‘The @uklabour party is a political force in which defending Jewish people is considered a traitorous act against society and a sackable offence.

    It took just 4 years for @jeremycorbyn to create this environment. Imagine what he could do if he had more time – or more power. ‘

    Imagine is all you ever do, David.

    1. “How come the UK is so supportive of the killing of Jews?”

      It isn’t, silly.

      The UK supplies the IDF with military equipment, yet doesn’t to the Palestinian Arabs.

      1. Sharmuta, the UK doesn’t supply “Pal-e-STININAS” with military equipment

        for the same reason it doesn’t supply Rotherham rape gangs, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hamass, Hezbola, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra, Al Shabab, Fascist Iran with military equipment.

      2. Come on Michael. At least do a couple of seconds of Googling like Gerald. You wouldn’t keep getting it wrong (on purpose). Israel supplies the UK , silly.


        And don’t fret over lost arms sales to the Arabs. UK Plc is turning over a tidy profit on that too according to this;-


        How did you lads do activism before Google?

        1. True that we shouldn’t facilitate weapons to repressive regimes like Israel and Saudi, Ian.

          1. Come on Michael. Listen to Gerald’s advice and just use Google rather than your prejudices. Even you’d see it’s the other way round, silly!


            Israel supplies the UK with defence kit even though the UK’s aid funds Arab Pay to Slay. We’re such lovely guys.

            Apology accepted for your clumsy and deliberate deceit.

              1. Example #1. You refer back to wiki. My post mentioned Google.

                Apology accepted for your latest deliberate misquote.

                  1. Wow! Hadn’t seen the ‘Antisemite Wriggle’ used here since 2016 when Bellers was rumbled during Gabriel-Gate. Good to see it’s still part of activist training for you fellas.

                    Thanks for the reminder lad.

                    1. “Still no deceit, lad.”

                      Farmer if you misquoted someone deliberately then it is clearly deceit. If you misquoted someone because you are clearly illiterate with poor comprehension of the English language, that is a different matter.

                      So which is it Farmer, did you deliberately misquote then it is deceit, or are you an illiterate idiot who does not comprehend the English language?

                    2. Farmer again you try to avoid answering the question by asking a question.
                      The question is, “So which is it Farmer, did you deliberately misquote then it is deceit, or are you an illiterate idiot who does not comprehend the English language?”

                      I’m waiting Farmer.

                    3. Farmer nobody asked you a question about you beating your wife, or if you had stopped.
                      You probably think you are making a clever debating point, in reality you are admitting that you have not stopped beating your wife.
                      “No, Gerald. I have not stopped beating my wife.”

                      Domestic abuse is not a subject that is amusing, nor is it a subject for making (in your case failing to make) alleged debating points.

                      It does confirm that along with your anti-Semitism you are riddled with other prejudices as well.

                      You are a sociopath.

                  1. That you are riddled with prejudices as well as anti-Semitism.

                    Yes Farmer I got that point a long time ago.

  5. Collier tweet – ‘If it is true(@thetimes) the #IHRC received over £1m of tax money – then the public purse has funded #Hezbollah rallies through London streets.

    What with this and #payforslay it sure seems like public funds have a habit of falling into the hands of those who want to kill Jews.’

    Hasn’t the public purse funded extra security outside Synagogues and Jewish Schools?

    By comparison US taxpayers’ money funds the military of David’s firsr love Israel to the annual tune of over $3,500,000,000 for a #paytoslay exercise against the Palestinians.

      1. Ben Noname has trouble understanding English. Possibly a new recruit in the Tel Aviv Bot Basement?

        … or just s-l-o-w?

    1. “It’s liaison, David. Gerald will tell you.”

      Farmer, what is ” liaison” ?
      Why would I tell anyone?

    2. A Collier tweet – “At a @uklabour fringe meeting, Jewish members were accused of working for Mossad (the usual antisemitic crap). Luckily your liason for the Jewish community, Heather Mendick was there to hear it. I assume suspension letters are in the post?


        1. You have sufficient knowledge of the English language, Gerald, but insufficient comprehension.

            1. Stephen you really should stop attempting to be witty.
              I know in your own imaginary fantasy world you are some kind of witty raconteur. But the truth is dear Stephen, and it is time for you to face the truth, you are just a thick, lazy gob-shite, living off the U.K.s ‘Benefits’ system.
              You are not so much a ‘shining wit’ but, definitely, more of a ‘whining shit’, and a scrounging one at that.

              No, Stephen I am not trying to make you blush. Frankly your continued existence on this planet is of no importance whatsoever to me. Whether you blush or not, or whether you stick your head up your arse and blow bubbles through your ears, makes no difference to me. Although if you did stick your head up your arse and blow bubbles through your ears, it would make more sense than the usual crap you post here and elsewhere.

                1. So Farmer in your world, to tell someone the truth is to be upset.
                  Tell me Farmer, what colour is the sky where you live on Planet Numpty?

                1. Stephen you clearly struggle with many things, including the truth, logic, facts and history.

                  But I do not have enough time to list all your shortcomings, the next Rugby World Cup starts in four years time and it would take at least until then to list them all.

                  Now, when are you going to follow up my suggestion and shove your head up your arse and blow bubbles through your ears?

                  1. Never, ever have yourself or Kay managed to show intances of classic antisemitism.

                    Collierism would be a good name for that inability.

                    1. Farmer what the devil are you ranting on about?
                      What a strange chap you are. I bet the locals are used to seeing you in the local park shouting at the ducks.
                      Get a grip man, before you are put back in the rubber room you escaped from.

                    2. “Never, ever have yourself or Kay managed to show intances of classic antisemitism.”

                      Farmer do you think the syntax of that ‘sentence’ is correct?
                      I am not referring to your incorrect spelling of instances.

                    3. Farmer your anti-Semitic views are a disgrace to civilised society.
                      Your posts are written in a language that bears little resemblance to the English language.

                      If you are unable to comprehend the importance of writing your posts in a coherent and lucid way, then go and read George Orwell’s pamphlet “Politics and the English Language”

                    4. “Farmer your anti-Semitic views are a disgrace to civilised society.”

                      Ah, my mysterious ‘antisemitism’. You musn’t listen to rumours, Gerald … or start them.

                      When you’ve proof, present it.

                    5. Farmer the ‘proof’ is there for all to see.
                      No need to repeat your posts from here or the other websites you infest.

                      If anyone seeks proof of your anti-Semitism, all they have to do is read your posts.

                      That you continuously refuse to accept that proof is evidence that you are either in denial, or you are too stupid to comprehend the anti-Semitic content of your own posts.

                    6. Farmer it is most gratifying when you inadvertently confirm the accuracy of the content of my posts.

          1. Farmer the English language, and anything written in it, I can comprehend.

            But you write in a language all of your own, Fluent Numpty.
            It is logical that anyone like you with a scrambled, and incoherent, thought process can only express themselves incoherently.

            At least make the effort to express yourself coherently. It is insulting to have to try and decipher the rubbish you post, and more often than not a waste of time and effort.

              1. ” i’ve”

                Farmer you illiterate moron, it is “I have” or “I’ve” not “i’ve”

                  1. Farmer ‘sausage thumb’ may be the excuse you use, but, it does not explain your illiteracy.

                    Either you are ‘copy and pasting’ responses given to you, or you are a F**king idiot.
                    Which is it?

                    1. It’s a reason, not an excuse, Gerald.

                      No doubt a holocaust is Israel’s excuse for its inhumanity.

                    2. Farmer it is the same hackneyed excuse you use time after time.

                      You, as usual, did not answer the question I put to you. It was, “Either you are ‘copy and pasting’ responses given to you, or you are a F**king idiot.
                      Which is it?”

                      So Farmer, which is it?

    1. So, that’s ‘anonymous’ lobbying against others reading the book and deciding for themselves. I see.

      Any books explaining the lives and trials of Jewish terrorists Begin and Shamir? How ‘justice’ was served on them by right-thinking Israel?

  6. Seems Israel’s Netantahu is condemning Turkey for ‘ethnic cleansing’.


  7. Collier tweets – ‘For centuries – Jews were persecuted and massacred – as the populations of the world were unwilling to allow Jewish people the right to live. The entire anti-Israel movement is just a continuation of this -a reluctance to allow a tiny space in the world for Jews to call their own ‘

    Others have been persecuted and massacred over the centuries. Surprise, surprise.

    The ‘entire anti-Israel movement’ is the result of a minority of Jews behaving badly in a land gifted to them by those outside the region.

  8. 1892 Iran – 2 Jews killed, the relatives that searched for them also killed. Please for an investigation were ignored
    1847 Jerusalem – pogrom
    1896 Algeria – Jewish women and girls sold in public square.
    1897 Algeria – Synagogues and Jewish homes ransacked and pillaged

    1897 Libya – Synagogues are ransacked and Jews are murdered
    1898 Algeria – Anti Jewish riots
    1898 Tunisia – Anti Jewish riots

    More Collier tweets. How Edward. Obsessive.

      1. The trolls dont care about Arabs stabbing Jews but the few that live in the UK may care about being stabbed themselves. Lucky they have a Home secretary that shares this concern


        UK aid that has supported Arab Pay to Slay may now be diverted to prevent Brits being stabbed on British streets. Progress for Israeli Jews and all non-stabbing Brits.

  9. Oh look!
    Stephen and Farmer have turned into an anti-Semitic version of ‘Dastardly and Muttley’

    The biggest difference being that the original Dastardly and Muttley were entertaining and amusing, the Stephen and Farmer version are about as amusing, and entertaining, as a bucket of cold sick!

  10. And speaking of pretending to care about Arabs ( to legitimise their Jew hate) I have been searching for posts by our resident Bedouin Brickie and Michael angsting at the slaughter of Kurds by NATO members as former allies look the other way. Not found much yet but it’s early days.

    Maybe they worry that it will draw attention to the fact that Israel is stepping in with military assistance, intel and medical care to prevent a massacre and is the only real friend that these guys have now.


    Can’t be angsting about genocide when the victims are mates with Jews, eh lads?

  11. Collier tweets slanderous accusations that a vote for Corbyn is support for terrorism, the entity that bought about the state of Israel.

    Collier would rather lobby for the Jewish citizens of Israel than the citizens of the state where he resides.

    A vote for Corbyn will be a vote for a gov. that will :

    tackle child poverty

    build at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or sale.

    lay the foundations of a National Care Service for England.

    commit to over £30 billion in extra funding over the next Parliament.

    cease the blatant appeasement of a state that runs roughshod over human rights and the Geneva Convention – Israel.

        1. Dumb Bellamy, Your head-choppers should take a look at your throbbing big toe. Natural fix for them and they’ll keep the toe and throw the rest of ya into the rubbish.

  12. So Labour is to Marxism as Likud is to Nazism?

    In your joke list of Israel’s boons to the world you forgot its cure for Cancer 😉

    Whatever will the world do without super Israel?


    1. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/top-30-countries-with-nobel-prize-winners.html

      Israel ranks 15th in Nobel prize wins. No sight of your toxic Pal-e-STINE.

      1 United States 368
      2 United Kingdom 132
      3 Germany 107
      4 France 62
      5 Sweden 30
      6 Switzerland 26
      7 Japan 26
      8 Canada 23
      9 Russia 23
      10 Austria 21
      11 Italy 20
      12 Netherlands 20
      13 Denmark 14
      14 Norway 13
      15 Israel 12

      Now if Nobel prizes were awarded for plane hijacking and flying them into buildings, bombing the London underground, bombing Pan Am 103, bombing the Boston Marathon, assassinating US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, DC Beltway snipers, beheading Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, stoning girls to death over family honour slights, pushing gays off rooftops in Gaza, Hamass, Hezbola, Taliban, ISIS, Al Qada, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, ….

      then Pal-e-STINE would be a World Leader. But it doesn’t work that way comrade.

      What an Islamophobic Nakba!

      Really Sharmuta, What has your Fascist Pal-e-STINE ever done for the World?????????

        1. “Yeah but aside from the Nobel prizes, the medicines, the technology, the de-desalinisation, the cyber-security, the wine and Gal Gadot, what have the bastard Israelis ever done for us?”

          Cyn Seer-Troll (Mrs.)
          Oct 2019

            1. ‘whine’? “The Nakba” is a ‘whine’ over the FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies, none of which was an army of an existing “palestine” to defeat Israel and complete the Holocaust.

              Tough NAKBA, Sharmuta!

        2. Sharmuta, Israelis have won 12 Nobel prizes.

          How many has your Pal -e-STINE won?

          HNIA (Happy Nakba In Advance)!

  13. And speaking of “Super Israel” , this on our cancer cures…..


    Cancer treatment is a joke to trolls but is pretty serious to those that need it. Of course under a Marxist government in the UK those pathways would be closed when trade deals with Israel cease. But at least the Arabs that murder Jews will continue to get their monthly wedge from the aid fund.

  14. The joke is obviously not Cancer itself, Ian, but your naive claim that the UK will suffer from re-examining trade deals with Israel.

    The UK is a leader in the research and application of immunotherapy to fight the many forms of Cancer.

    What is amusing is the hype peddled by the pro-Israeli lobby that the world is reliant on your rogue state.

    p.s. notice that the style of ‘Ian Kay’ has changed of late. Change of staff in the Tel Aviv hasbara dept.?

        1. It would be better for the entire World to kick OPECs azz and have the US take over the oil fields of the Middle East and LOWER the price of oil back to $10 per barrel.

          Why should the ENTIRE WORLD get raped with overpriced $60-$100 per barrel OPEC oil?

        2. For someone so amused, your text-tone is one of real frustration and anger Bellers.

          How do you see a country fucking off ?

          1. One state solution.

            Eventual one-man one-vote.

            Eventual Arab majority.

            Name changed to Palestine.

            Will take time.

            End-of-days for the Zionists.

            Never say “Never” ….. whoops, just did.

            1. Everyday more and more “refugees” from SHlTholes of the Third World are flooding into Eurabia – bringing along the culture that made their home SHlTholes the unlivable, un-sustainable SHlTholes they became.

              The terrorism (7/7, Lee Rigby, Manchester, Charlie Hebdo), the No-Go Zones, the Sharia Law courts, FGM, rape gangs, the calls to prayer over loudspeakers, street closings for prayer time are already there and growing.

              Eurabia will be the first to enter Civil War.

  15. There can be no doubt about it Israel is deffo the bestest place in the whole world. Well no it is better than that, it is the bestest in the entire history of the world. Even Sparta wasn’t as good. Well no its better than that , its better than anybody could imagine how wonderful a place could be.

    Dunno why all those Israeli Jews are so desperate to get another passport. Hopefully Ireland will tell them to fuck off and go to Micronesia

  16. Wonder whether Michael and Bellers have still got their update notifications on check for these old articles. I wouldn’t want them to miss their ‘outing’ above by our newest contributor from the Jewish State.

  17. Dear David..

    In fact a few members of LLV attended based on a Twitter picture of the poster Miko Peled had made which mentioned nothing apart from the event place and date. Sally is not in any of the pictures and yes Chabloz did indeed slip in about two thirds of way through and sat right beside the entrance WHICH IS WHERE SHE IS. Plus NO none of us have ever spoken to or indeed ever been in same room as her until that night. Sally is Jewish herself so please correct the bullshit on this article or find yourself in the next round of legal letters…

    1. umm. Chabloz is right at the front. Alongside the organisers. But more importantly Sally, I have been told to tell you by my BFF Fiona (LAAS, SFOI) to keep your “hands off”. She thinks you should stop flirting with me. On a related note – Legal letters? Is this your idea of foreplay?

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