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The Catholic Church, Interfaith and the Antisemites

This weekend Chester saw an Interfaith event – at least on paper it did. In reality what took place in the North-West is part of a particularly insidious antisemitic attack. Those responsible are a group called ‘Interfaith for Palestine’. The people behind Interfaith for Palestine created a Facebook page and a website in spring of 2019. This week they held a two-day conference. The programme over the two-days contained the names of highly toxic speakers such as Gilad Atzmon, Stephen Sizer and Mick Napier. The event had originally been scheduled to take place inside St Columba’s, a local Catholic Church, but after successful protests led by North West Friends of Israel, the Church soon cancelled their booking. The event still went ahead at a different venue.

A few questions about interfaith

This type of event shows just how lost the anti-Israel movement has become. With almost no visible Palestinian activists actually calling for peace, anti-Israel activism has been on the slide to oblivion for decades. They’ve aligned with every toxic ideology possible. So much so that there is now no resemblance whatsoever between how they define themselves and what they actually represent. Consider this – was the Roman Catholic Church really going to host an interfaith event about Israel on a Saturday – a day that automatically excludes the religious members of the Jewish community? And just as absurdly, what on earth have Napier, Sizer and Atzmon got to do with Interfaith?

Moving the interfaith event

When the Church cancelled, they were allegedly told by the angry event organiser that they had caved in to the ‘Jewish lobby’. Obviously interfaith to these people doesn’t include the Jews. The event then moved to a local community centre in Hoole. North West Friends of Israel turned to the charity behind the centre to explain why the event was so offensive. This time NWFOI walked into a brick wall. In fact, the response was hostile. This from the first email response:

“Your intervention (and the various other coordinated extreme ones we received today) did nothing to help foster good community relations here in Chester or to improve the understanding of and sympathy for the Jewish cause nationally in the UK.”

The email was signed by Roderick Heather MBE, Chairman of the Hoole Community Trust. A few antisemites dressing up as an interfaith group and hosting an event with toxic speakers isn’t a problem to dear Roderick. He is clearly more concerned about the reaction. The ‘ill-informed and bigoted telephone and social media campaign’ that the victims in this case – the Jewish community – launched in response. The exchange deteriorated even further, with Roderick Heather himself referring to a ‘Jewish lobby’ and additionally becoming an expert on what is and is not antisemitism:

interfaith jewish lobby

Interfaith at Chester Friends of Palestine

It is time Roderick Heather of the ‘Jewish Lobby’ comment was introduced to the people he is so valiantly defending. The only photo on the Interfaith website is this one from a September meeting with Ahron Cohen from the ultra-orthodox crank sect the Neturei Karta:

interfaith for palestineFirstly, no interfaith group would meet with Ahron Cohen. He once suggested ‘god would have saved the victims of the Nazis if they had deserved to live’. The Neturei Karta don’t represent Jews (0.03% of the Jewish population) and it is akin to meeting up with the Westboro Baptist Church and claiming you reached out to Christians. The three key figures from Chester in the image are Joseph O’Neill, Peter Reilly and Nahida Izzat. O’Neill created the interfaith group and O’Neill, Reilly and Izzat were three of the first four members of the Facebook group.  They are the central people behind this group.

Who are these people?

Joseph O’Neill is the key figure behind Interfaith for Palestine:

Joseph O'Neill

Joseph O’Neill has been an activist for a long time. In 2013 he was desperate to hold an event on Holocaust Memorial Day because he felt the way the British Government treats migrants is ‘reminiscent of how the Jews were treated.’ Make of that what you will. O’Neill seem to be a Christian component in the interfaith group:

Joseph O'Neill interfaith

Joseph O’Neill thinks the Mossad are behind the Christchurch and Sri Lanka terror attacks, troubles in India and Venezuela, Boko Haram, the Kennedy assassination and so on:

Joseph O'Neill interfaith

Joseph thinks Mossad can do this, because they control all the money. Examples from both Twitter and Facebook:

interfaith rothschild

The Humans are Free article above suggests the Jews ‘engineered’ World War one as part of their global plan to create Israel. The website considers Holocaust denier David Irving ‘the best historian’, whitewashes Hitler and rejects the Holocaust as a myth. O’Neill has a problem with the Holocaust generally, and feels that before Jews (or anyone else) can talk about the 6 million who died in a genocide, they must first talk about Palestinians:

And before anyone suggests this is all anti-Zionism and not antisemitism:

interfaith o'neill

Peter Reilly, another key player in the group is also an antisemitic conspiracy theorist:

reilly interfaith

On his timeline there are dozens of ‘Israel are behind’ ISIS posts and countless shares from fake news and conspiracy websites based in the US. Reilly was picked up by my research in early 2017 as a leader of local ‘Friends of Palestine’ groups. Many of his shares are simply inexcusable. The post below has nothing to do with Zionism at all, but is simply the Khazar myth. A quick look at the article and the website should leave you in little doubt (NSFW), Lasha Darkmoon, the author is a white supremacist (NSFW).

Saving the best to last – the final piece of the interfaith puzzle is Nahida Izzat or ‘Nahida Exiled’. Izzat is a good friend of Gilad Atzmon and they have known each other for years. This from yesterday:

Gilad Atzmon interfaithThis from 2013:

The London ‘Truth Conference’ with Izzat, Atzmon, Alan Hart and Ken O’Keefe. Rarely has there been so toxic a gathering. Izzat claims Palestinian heritage and has long been ostracised from mainstream anti-Israel groups because of her anti-Jewish racism. Nahida is the Muslim element of this interfaith group. She is also probably the reason Atzmon was in attendance.

Nahida is an exercise in hard-core antisemitism and it is impossible to do the level of her hate justice in this blog. She has a habit of misrepresenting the Talmud – most of her criticisms have little to do with Zionism and she is one of the only people to have been expelled from Palestine Live because she simply would not stop posting anti-Jewish hatred. Can you imagine being too antisemitic for Palestine Live and Elleanne Green?


Izzat’s self-penned take on antisemitism should give some idea. This next image basically sums up the entire attitude of her website:

nahida interfaith

Along with tweets such as this:

Nahida pushes a distinct and blatant anti-Jewish argument.  Period.

So why is this anything to do with the Church?

Because the furore over the event focused on the speakers – and the Church cancelled for that reason. But this is a hate group – dressing up as something it most certainly is not. The real question is not how did Atzmon slip through the net, but rather what connections exist between this group and the church?

These people are just Chester Friends of Palestine hiding behind a mask. Here is Joseph from the interfaith group being used for the Chester Friends of Palestine brand:

Joseph was the first person to like the first image on the Chester FOP FB page and one of only two people on the street in a public protest in May. Chester FOP and Interfaith for Palestine are identical twins. Just two months before the Church cancelled the Atzmon / Napier/ Sizer conference there was this event inside a Catholic school:

Which led to this ‘kick Apartheid Israel out of football’ banner being raised on Catholic School grounds:

The image above is of a hate group, led by an antisemitic conspiracy theorist using the facilities of a Catholic School to spread hate against the Jewish state. Just like they intended to use the Church for the conference – and would have succeeded had it not been for the activity of North West Friends of Israel.

During their October ‘Palfest’ – a warm up act for their conference– the group held an event at St Columba’s on October 6th, another on October 27th and a film showing on the 30th at Chester St John’s Wesley Methodist Church. In an additional note, the Church listing for these events puts the toxic Joseph O’Neill at the front of a third local group – ‘Friends of the Holy Land’. The Church was even kind enough to give Joseph space in their newsletter to advertise for donations:

That advert also tells us that the ‘successful’ hatefest last year went under the radar.

What needs to be done?

Much of this shows how normalised antisemitism has become and how blind the British mainstream remains. Addressing this problem is part of the wider battle, but several actions can be taken NOW. The first is to recognise that a hate group is dressing up as an interfaith group in Chester. Perhaps the Board of Deputies can take this up with local Muslim and Christian groups to ensure that this ends here. There is no justification whatsoever for antisemitic conspiracy theorists to be granted access to Christian communities in order to spread anti-Jewish hatred.

The second is the local Church groups need to look at the access points. What connects these people to the Church – how did they gain access – and why those particular sites. Local Church groups clearly need to be warned.

Finally, there is the issue of the venue that did agree to host the conference, at least for the first day. It is clear now that the concerns of the Jewish community were not just correct but understated. It is also apparent that the reaction of Hoole Community Centre (even before the email exchanges) to these Jewish concerns was woeful.

The centre certainly needs to urgently address the manner, language and attitude of its Chairman. An anti-Jewish hate group rented a room. When the Jewish community were rightfully outraged, they were verbally attacked. There were references to a ‘Jewish lobby’ and threats were made about taking this public and going to the police. I am sure that I speak for many in the community when I say to Roderick Heather MBE – do your worst – your actions were shameful. Raphi from NWFOI deserves an apology and I have little doubt complaints will be made to the Charity commission over this behaviour.


This shows how dark the enemy can be. Toxic Chester FOP are a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The hierarchy of the PSC read my report in 2017 (page 54-55) and much of the information about Izzat and Reilly was contained within. It shows how little they care that the PSC are reluctant to publicly ostracise antisemites. Just like the Scottish PSC. Mick Napier even tried to score virtue points by cancelling his talk at the conference when it became public knowledge that Atzmon was being platformed, but many of the people behind these events are his friends. He knows them.

A hate group dressing up as an interfaith organisation -and it takes the Jews to stand up and call it out. We have every right to ask our friends in the Christian community to pay closer attention to what is happening – and who exactly is involved- when these groups rock up at their door.



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    1. “The EDL are MORE THAN WELCOME” the man said.

      One of David’s friends? One of the ‘Jewish Community’?

        1. You’ve worked so hard for nearly 6 years on this tactic Bellers. That must be 200+copy/pastes of the same 4 posts and hundreds of repeats of the regilar slogans.

          Its definitely stuck with The Bellers Botty Bois. 5 more years and others may start to notice too.

          1. Skip down 180 comments or so. Get beyond the “Dave’s a big liar and Israel kills a baby every 2 seconds” and you get to the real frustrations and anger of the antisemites. It’s top stuff.

    2. Leading off with the customary copy/paste Bellers. Not quite the 12 year old crock from a recent article. This one is coming in at a sprightly 5 years old, so fresh as Mr Farmer’s breath after a healthy session cleansing your Bad Boi Botty.

      I love Second Gear Sunday in Activist Land.

      1. Gnasher said…….why does Ian keep calling you an activist ? That Gerald is way closer to the truth with ” lazy gobshite ”

        I said …..Gnash let me know when you have figured how to open a pack of dreamies all by yoursef

        1. If I was Gnasher, I would ask you how you intend to get dressed after he has clawed your foreskin off?
          I suggest very carefully and probably with pain killers.

      2. actually Ian I think the actual incident is from more than 12 years ago – the process / appeal and so on took years to complete.

  1. Given the wrecking tactics of David and the various FOI crews seems the real hate group is the sector that he labels the ‘Jewish Community’.

    1. Michael, you’ve had your head up the Bellers Botty for so long that the oxygen deprivation is starting to get to you. Go and clear your head man and then gargle with some TCP.

  2. “… using the facilities of a Catholic School to spread hate against the Jewish state.”

    That’s not another blatant attempt to smear critics of Israel’s foul actions as ‘antisemitic’ is it, David? It’s name is Israel..

    1. Mike how can you be so dim? The people behind the event are antisemites. They do not see Israel – they see a State full of Jews. When they attack Israel, it is an attack by antisemites because it is a state full of Jews. Trying to pass off these haters as if they are only in it out of concern for the Palestinians is intellectually fraudulent.

      1. Noticed that Zionists always claim to have higher IQs. Boring.

        They do not see Israel?

        They see Israel alright. They see a state of Jews, Palestinians, Christians etc. whose government is implementing racist policies.

        If you can’t see that the Nation Law is racist, that Israel is ruled for the benefit of Jews then you really shouldn’t label that as “dim”.

        You can see.

        David, how can you be so scheming, so dishonest?

        Blog after blog your own hate drives you to smear and twist reality.

        1. There is someone in every Muck Framer-David dialogue who has problems with smears and disconnect from reality. Interestingly, that someone is never David Collier. Make of that what you will.

  3. As Stephen is always accusing me, sometimes wrongly, of ‘Googling’ info for things I thought I would look up who the Chairman of the Community Centre is.
    This is what I found, in short a highly experienced individual who will not buckle under pressure.

    “Following an honours degree in Economics from Sheffield University in 1967, the author spent almost thirty years working for various manufacturing businesses in the UK and overseas. In 1995 he moved to Tatarstan in Russia, leading a team of international consultants at a large automotive company and in 1997 he became an advisor to the UK Foreign Office and the Department for International Development covering Russia until 2002. He subsequently worked as a management consultant on various projects in Russia and Ukraine and since 2001, he has been a member of the Flood Risk Management Committee for Wales. He was awarded an MBE in the 2018 Queen’s New years Honours List.
    Born in Royal Leamington Spa, the author spent his early years in Canada and has since lived in Switzerland, France, the USA and Russia and has travelled to seventy different countries. The author has written two other books about Russia, The Iron Tsar and Russia from Red to Black as well as the autobiographical The Summer of ’56. He is married with three adult sons and now lives in Chester”

  4. David, the word ‘fraudulent’ in the context of Michael and the other antisemites here is bang on.

    Nobody gives two shits if they hate Jews? It’s a hobby I suppose. But masking it all as caring for Arabs, displays a level of deceit that is as clear as a Bellers Botty after a good Farmer fettling.

      1. Too right Bellers. The last thing any Arab needs is an incompetent amateur brickie and his racist arse-licking mate. Shit would never get done.

  5. David has retweeted an attack by one @wasiq on a Ms. Yaqoob , an anti-Zionist who has stated of Israel ““No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, a pig is still a pig”.

    Obviously anti-Israel. Nothing wrong there.

    The BOD’s Mrs Van der Zyl stated that “no-one who refers to Jews as ‘pigs’ could possibly considered for high office by any reputable party.’

    So, it’s not only David that is ignorant of the difference between Israel and Jews.

    Clear who the ‘dim’ are now.

    Even clearer who those that seek to deceive are.

    David and Van der Zyl for starters.

    1. Michael, we’ve discussed you pretending to have opinions here. Kindly restrict that mouth of yours to its core activity of lathering love bites onto the Bellers botty and make sure you rinse thoroughly afterwards.

      We Zios do appreciate a minty freshness so make an effort man.

          1. You write about Jews here 3 times a day, every day for 5 years and then deny it. You have to confront this denial Bellers and develop tools to expel it from your system. In terms of tools, Michael will help with the last bit.

  6. “Obviously anti-Israel. Nothing wrong there.”
    Wrong, Farmer wrong.

    It is one thing to be against the policies of the Government of a country, or even the policies and actions of individuals or parties.
    But to be against the whole country, there is definitely something wrong.

    For example, I disagree vehemently with the ‘policies’ and actions of Donald Trump. The man is a disgrace to civilisation and humanity.
    But, I recognise that there are a growing number of people in the USA who are opposed to Trump and his ‘administration’.
    So I am anti-Trump and his administration, but not anti-USA.

      1. “Israel, the only part of which are Jewish citizens …. as Bibi says.”

        No Farmer, I expect Bibi said it in comprehensible English. Why don’t you try?

                  1. Michael, we’re fine with your Jew hate, just keep your slogans up to date. Netanyahu has no mandate to form a government here. Please adjust your slogans to reflect this. You will need to draft some new ones as it is likely that we will have a broad coalition that may, inconveniently for you, include the Joint List. Please adjust your racism accordingly.

      1. That’ll be the monthly outing of Bellers slogan #4 first taken for a spin in 2014.

        Still crushing it Blushy Boi.

  7. “Like most Jews in the UK I am facing #election2019 – not with interest, excitement, doubt or confusion – but with real sadness, fear and dread.

    I am a child of these islands. My father and grandfathers all fought to protect our freedoms

    How on earth did it come to this?”

    More anti-Labour spin. You aren’t a “child of these islands”, you couldn’t give a toss for non-Jewish UK residents. Your life is dedicated to supporting the Zionist state of Israel with all your deceptions.

    You, David, are a Drama Queen!

    1. You dim wit Michael. Bellers says he doesn’t write about Jews and then writes a dozen posts about Jews. You deflect about your Jew hate and then write about your support for events that you know will see Jews murdered. Own your feelings man.

      At least when you’re the arse -licker and recipient of the arse licking, you lads keep it real.

            1. Bellers, that was the sign-off of a man with a Michael shaped proboscis embedded in his rectal passage?

              I hope you give him a moist, lemony towelette when he’s done.

      1. “Mike how can you be so dim? posts David.

        “You dim wit Michael. ” posts Ian.

        Seems arrogance is a trait common among Zionists. So assured their intellect is superior. Perhaps a tenet of their cult.

        What is puzzling is how these mental giants never seem to be able to differentiate between people who are Jewish and people who are Zionist. Accusing those who are anti-Zionist as being anti-semitic comes either from flawed logic, given that not all Jews are Zionists AND not all Zionists are Jewish, OR from them lying to themselves.

        I think the latter, their being Zionists.

        Is lying being Progressive? Mmm.

        1. Muck, I’m going to keep this nice and simple for you: your comments on this board are consistently stupid, and in response to that fact, people who are more intelligent than you point out that you sound un-intelligent. The fact that you endlessly (and moronically) deflect from that equation doesn’t change it. Sorry that you are you, Muck.

  8. David tweets – “This is what ethnic cleansing looks like:

    80 years ago, there were a million Jews living in nations such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya & Yemen.

    Now there are almost none.

    Ancient communities destroyed.
    Because they were Jewish”

    What David doesn’t tell is that Zionists and Mossad were quite active in many of these countries in eñcouraging emmigration from the area to the recent state of lsrael. In fact in some of the countries Jews were forbidden to leave lest they strengthen the Jewish community in whaf gad been Palestine.

    Yes, David, I’m referencing Wiki.

    I haven’t the shelves of books you have acquired. I would have had to beg their cost from othèrs, as you do.

    1. “Mike how can you be so dim?” posts David.

      “You dim wit Michael. ” posts Ian.

      “..whaf (sic) gad (sic) been Palestine.” posts Farmer.

      Now whatever would lead anyone to believe you are dim Farmer?

        1. Farmer your feeble attempts at humour only emphasise your ignorance.

          But, I disagree with both the other posters.
          ‘Dim’ is not the correct word to describe you.
          ‘Retard’ is far more apposite.

  9. Michael, no need to be so defensive. As you once said “It’s no crime to be ill-informed”. Remember saying it about The Mike Farmer 3 ( those Irish lads that you typically defended for saying that “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews.” )

    You once admitted that you’d neither been to Israel or ever met an Israeli Jew or Arab. Instead you got all your information from a book you had. At the time this seemed to mark you out as some sort of crank ignoramus but as you have also said of Bellers “can’t fault him for his honestly held views”.

    So, if you honestly believe all the shit you spout here then so be it. If, as is more likely you are just a fairly grim Jew hater then at least extract you head from the Bellers botty for a few seconds and admit it.

    1. Oh, it has a purpose.

      I point out David’s deliberate untruths while the Zionists get their kicks by indulging themselves talking about men’s bottom and masturbation.

      1. It’s great being a Zionist and living in the Jewish State. One of the thrills, and there are too many to list, is noting how cross this makes the trolls here. I can generate raging apoplexy in Michael and the Bellers Botty Bois just because of what I am and where I live. How lovely to have a country where they and antisemites like them are not.

        (Gives smug sideways look to camera).

        1. Well, for all the ‘antisemitism’ here in the UK that so traumatises David and his family, for all the fear and dread they live through here in the UK they still prefer to have a home here, having, for years, tasted life in Israel…… and rejected it.

            1. To me as well Bellers. Proves how smart we are. We get to run our own lives in our homeland and run yours in yours.

              Hard won freedoms eh?

                1. Is that Michael getting vexed again because Jews control their own lives in their own state and control everything in his as well?

                  Oh well…

              1. Ian I would love for you to walk into a West Cork pub and tell the folks that you run their lives. The black and tans tried that and they were must better equipped to handle the reaction. How did that turn out

      2. I love that you think you have either intelligence or class Muck. You gave both those up when you decided to be the most noxious troll you could possibly be.

  10. Another tweet from our host -“The attack on #Zionism has little to do with #Israel and everything to do with Jews.”


    Do UK Zionists see Arabs as part of this state?

    1. Sharmuta/Whore, How many Jews, Anti-Zionist Jews live, are permitted to permanently live in Gaza by Fascist HamAss?

      ZERO? How many Sharmuta???

      Do UK Muslim support terrorism in the UK by Muslims – terrorism like London’s 7/7 transport bombings, the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby, Rotherham rape gangs, bombing of Manchester arena, acid attacks, scooter gangs, car ramming attacks like the ones on London and Westminster bridges, bombing of passenger planes like Pan Am 103, thwarted bombings of inflight passenger planes by Jihadis like richard reid?

  11. I am not in my homeland and nor are you Ian we are both squatters. But I am a welcome guest while you are are a deservedly despised interloper, And spare me the might is right batshit. Your current shit hole is the most dependent country on earth and one day the US will decide it has other priorities and Israel will last maybe five minutes, at a push ten. Israel will be the South Vietnam of the middle east. It won’t happen in your time but that is one of the benefits of senility. What care you for eternal Israel? Long as you get to flash your Type 2 diabetic paunch on Tel Aviv beach and have a safe refuge from the Flyde gales for a couple more years It’s cool.

    And I don’t feel any impulse to help it on it’s way. I am with Rivka Mitchell. That is, perfectly content to watch it go to hell without me.

    But anyway more from Brigadoon…

    1. Wow!

      (Turns to camera with incredibly self satisfied grin and a ‘told you so’ raise of the eyebrow.)

        1. Man, I hope you finally get the treatment for rabies that you sorely need, Bullamie. I’ve read posts on Unz Review that were more coherent than yours.

    1. Careful Bellers. You’ll be confusing old Michael. He won’t know where to put his tongue.

    1. 7 posts about Jews yesterday Bellers, way above quota. You even turned off your Slogan Carousel for a bit and said things. TBH, the 11-liner was all over the shop; Jews, Fylde, Vietnam, diabetics. That’s what happens when you turn off the Programmatic Activist setting and allow real emotion to take over. Be careful of that.

      Funny exchange though. “Israel’s brill”, “No Israel’s shit”. Yoooge!

      Let’s definitely keep this going another 5 years. My fantastic country will be nearly 80 by then. Wonder how Michael’s tongue will be holding up.

  12. Nah one use of the word ” Jewish ” in the most complimentary of contexts. You are hallucinating again. And sorry I don’t do arguments about Israel, you will have to find someone else to play with on that one

    1. …and straight back into character Bellers; bleating about what you don’t do whilst doing it and then going all Michael with a camp “Oooh matron. Take yer meds.”

      Don’t panic. There will be no arguments. You need an authentic exchange for that and we will never have one of them.

      Eternal Israel was glorious today, thanks for asking.

  13. David offers in a tweet the following – “In Feb 1996, the IRA shattered the ceasefire with the Docklands bomb, followed by more bombs in London & in June, a 3,000lb truck bomb in Manchester.

    To everyone’s disgust, shock & horror Corbyn then invited the IRA’s Gerry Adams to launch his autobiography in Parliament.”

    In fact Gerry Adams was in S.Fein, the political wing of the Republican Movement.

    Without talks with S. Fein and theirProtestanf counterparts there would not now be peace in N.Ireland.

    David seems oblivious to the fact that throughout ‘the Troubles’ it was the British Gov. that were holding talks with the IRA.

    Contrast that with Israel’s refusal to talk with the PA and Hamas, instead hoping to achieve ‘peace’ by the total destruction of its opponents, but then Israel is still a juvenile state.

    1. Eternal Israel, please Michael. So much more upbeat and optimistic than apartheid Israel and your other tabloid tags, wouldn’t you say?

        1. A quick keyword and phrase search shows that was the 7th outing of that slogan Bellers. It first saw light of day in 2016 but in fairness has had an 8 month break.

          Dazzling activism Blushy Boi

          1. “Despite the official position of neutrality, there were many unpublicised contraventions of this, such as permitting the use of the Donegal Corridor to Allied military aircraft, and extensive co-operation between Allied and Irish intelligence, including exchanges of information, such as detailed weather reports of the Atlantic Ocean. For example, the decision to go ahead with the Normandy landings was decided by a weather report from Blacksod Bay, County Mayo”

            Kissing the feet??

            Edward, you really shouldn’t post a link before reading it first. Fool.

            1. As a Sharmuta, you aren’t kissing feet,

              but sucking something higher up.

              Fascist Southern Ireland sucked up to Fascist Germany. FACT. And sent condolences to Nazi Germany when SHlTler croaked.

              Fascist Ireland couldn’t keep its dripping mouth shut, but had to cravenly pay respects to its fallen comrade, Socialist SHlTler.

              And today Fascist Ireland, IRA, allies itself with SAND NAZIs.

                1. > a home for the insane

                  The Laboor Party is a home for the insane, racist, fascist, terrorist, jihadi, savage, barbarian.

  14. David re-tweets a Fiona Sharpe tweet – “”I have to vote with my heart & I have to vote in a way that’s best for my community & there is no way I could ever think about electing Mr. Corbyn”

    Is that best for her Jewish Community or the Community of Brighton?

    Brighton has several foodbanks. Foodbanks are necessary under this Tory government. Almost 700 members of Sharpe’s Community rely on foodbanks.

    Best vote for Mr. Corbyn, Fiona, if you care for the Brighton Community.

    1. Sounds like she’s concerned that a (wholly improbable) Corbyn government would see this guy get getting his hands on much needed public funds and diverting them to Arab terrorists for Pay to Slay rather than local community needs.

      This was the Shadow at the DFID remember for a party that waves the flag for Arabs murdering Jews rather than keeping hospital wings, school playing fields and public libraries open in the Brighton Pavilion Constituency.

      This woman knows what’s what.

          1. That was a Michael response Bellers. You always copy/paste your own slogans. Have you co-opted his fingers as well as his tongue?

        1. “The report shows that the PA transferred at least NIS 7 billion to the PLO, the umbrella organization for several Palestinian groups, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Palestinian Liberation Front. PFLP and PLF have been designated terrorist organizations by the United States and the European Union.”

          A report by an Israeli org.? Nuff said.

          So, the money wasn’t given to terror orgs. It was given to the PLO, which recognised Israel, AND its right to exist, waaaay back in ’93. Israel, of course hasn’t reciprocated. For the Zionists it’s all take, take, take. Surprise.

        2. Wonder if Bellers takes the bait and tries to roadblock this disgraceful complicity by both of the main political parties.

    1. Thought I’d leave that rather obvious slogan-trap open for you Bellers knowing you couldn’t resist reaching for your copy/paste button. You’ve worked so hard on this tactic for so long now.

      5 more years. 5 more years……….

  15. Another THREE tweets from @mishtal begging for money to spread lies and untruths.

    Hardly an enterprise to make your circle proud of you, David.

    1. Michael, your eagerness to get your mouth round a circle may keep Bellers happy but it will lead to ulcers if you dont moderate your behaviour.

      The TCP is in the usual place.

    1. You missed your quota yesterday Bellers and the show has moved on.

      Michael’s bleating on about David destroying the UK Labour Party for money. We’re offing Arab murderers that UK aid pays to kill Jews and you’re stuck in your eternal cycle of copy/pasting.

      I also think you’ve got a bit of a thing for me and it’s making me blush.

      1. You see I don’t give a flying fuck about either of those things. Feel free to do your thing and I’ll do mine

  16. Blog after blog after blog David Collier vilifies and smears the Labour Party, especially its leader Jeremy Corbyn for whom David has an obsessive hatred. David also, in blog after blog after blog beguiles the readers with his eternal pitch “Help to support this research”

    His recent tweet, in parallel with this blog declares …

    “Stop funding hate –
    Cancel your subscription to @UKLabour”

    The irony.

    1. Stop funding hate emanating from

      Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Fascist Iran, HamAss, Hezbola, Laboor Party, BNP, Nation of Islam, MSA, Electronic Islamofascism, Der Guardian, George Gallowsway, Muslim Brotherhood, Laboor Party, …

      “The Religion of Peace”? Oh, the Irony!

  17. Amazing tweet from ‘David’

    “An innocent civilian population has been under attack all day. As #IsraelUnderFire from terror groups in #Gaza – ALL the ‘humanitarian organisations’ – go SILENT. @hrw @amnesty @UN – where are you now when the Jews are under attack? Don’t choke on your bias as you blush.”

    Israelis, not ‘Jews’, fly into Gaza, kill two Gazan ‘soldiers’ plus several civilians, a child among them. When Gazans retaliate the likes of David cry ‘foul’.

    Hypocrite much?

    1. Sharmuta, jihadis hiding behind children – it’s SOP with jihadi scum. Just like you BAG-Daddy.

      It’s Party Time in Gaza! Throw candy for the “guest of honor”.

    2. Great post Michael. This is why I would always be against you being blocked from this site.

      I encourage you to post this stuff as often as possible. Just knowing that there are guys like you in the world is a lovely motivation for Israel to keep neutralising the murderers that would harm our civilian population and keep your frustrations with us at level 10 on the Jew-8-erator.

      5 more years. 5 more years.

    3. Wow you are so bad at Palsabra that I’d feel sorry for you except you’re a lying troll asshole so I’m just gonna laugh at your dumb, dumb, dumb self.

  18. David tweets “As the EU makes demands on labelling Israeli goods – Israel makes demands on the terror group Islamic Jihad to properly label their rockets about how they’re funded.”

    Firstly the goods are NOT Israeli. They are produced in the West Bank, EXTERNAL to Israel by settlers with Israeli citizenship.

    Secondly any money used to produce these rockets has filtered from money donated specifically for aid.
    Contrast that with over $3,500,000,000 of US taxpayers’ money given freely EVERY YEAR to Israel specifically to continue their occupation of the Palestinian territories

    1. “Secondly any money used to produce these rockets has filtered from money donated specifically for aid.”

      Quite right Michael. This is why you MUST keep posting. You are a huge asset.

              1. “donated SPECIFICALLY for AID.” remember is at odds with what Ian was claiming in a series of posts.

  19. “And this now requires a national commitment, a broad based national commitment to arm the State of Israel so that we can defend ourselves by ourselves against any threat.”

    Part of Bibi’s 2019 speech at the Menachem Begin Center.

    Isn’t that what Iran also needs given Israel’s lust for land and power in the region? Yet the West, which appeases any Israeli flouting of laws and conventions, paints Iran as the bad guy for attempting to position itself where Israel did many years ago.

  20. More from Netanyahu’s address at the Begin Terrorist Centre 2019 – “Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. It’s transgressing on its agreement and commitment. ”

    Silly Bibi. It was Trump at Israel’s request that transgressed on the agreement and commitment.

  21. Another Collier tweet – “All these candidates apologising for antisemitic comments they’ve made in the past.

    Okay, you are sorry you made them. So why are you working so hard *today* trying to get an antisemitic party into power? If you were really sorry you’d oppose Corbyn, not support him.”

    David, lover of a deeply racist anti-Muslim state, Israel, has NEVER been able to show ANY antisemitism on the part of Jeremy Corbyn yet this anti-Arab blgger pushes the lie on approx. 90% of his blogs. A spiteful fraud.

    1. Your total frustration is clear Michael.

      David spends several years writing about the left wing in the UK and now they are virtually unelectable.

      You spend several years writing about the right wing in Israel and people keep voting for them.

      The Zio lobby is just too powerful for you. How infuriating !

  22. Collier tweets – “I always believed ‘never again’ had meaning. I thought it impossible to reach such depths again. ”

    What depths are those?

    1. Good link to David’s Twitter feed Michael. Nice work.

      Your frustrations must have got the better of you if you’re batting for the Zio side now.

      Keep it up.

  23. Collier tweets “Palestinian Pallywood creators know they’ve the most gullible audience.”

    Nowhere near as gullible as the 85% of UK Jews that have been told that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic. Even David ‘the digger’Collier has NEVER been able to provide any proof of these smears. Just heping to push the witchhunt bandwagon forthe past lucrative 4 years.

    1. Thanks for another useful link Michael and for the helpful reminder that the leader of the opposition party in the UK is an antisemite.

      You’re doing David’s work for him.

  24. Oh dear

    The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the dead as Rasmi Abu Malhous of the Asouarka tribe, 45; his son Mohand, 12; Miriam Asoarka, 45; Moad Mohamed Asoarka, 7; Sim Mohamed Asoarka, 13; Yoseri Asoarka, 39; and two toddlers whose bodies were dug up from the debris on Thursday morning and whose names have not been released.

      1. You’re a retard, Ted.

        85% of UK Jews mindlessly follow the like of Collier in their stupified fashion believing whatever they’re told….. unless they care nothing for the truth.

        Collier certainly doesn’t.

    1. I know Bellers, and they fire 1000 rockets at our civilian communities and fail to kill a single one of us. Shocking isn’t it?

        1. Good for you Bellers. Nice to see you reverting back to “couldn’t give a flying fuck about Arabs, alive or dead”.

          Much more you.

      1. When your fellow dregs/drecks of the earth fire missiles into Israel,

        then yes, they are targeted by Zionists.

        That’s the way the world works, Sharmuta.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. Er, Ted, was Israel that fired into Gaza to assassinate. Also wiped out an innocent family.

          Hence the rockets.

  25. Collier retweets “LAAS@LabourAgainstAS

    Labour candidate ran secret group advising party ‘Holocaust deniers’
    – Maria Carroll allegedly organised and ran a secret Facebook group which advises party members, including alleged Holocaust deniers, how to beat charges of antisemitism.”

    What a farce this example of lunacy is.

    “allegedly” …. “alleged”

    No truth whatsoever … but when has he ever cared for TRUTH?

  26. Collier tweets “I find the argument that opposition to Israel is support for the ‘underdog’ an inherently antisemitic argument. It clearly pushes the idea of Jewish power. The tiny Jewish state stands in a region where 100s of millions are at war with it & the Jews are the Goliath?”

    Antisemitic argument? Ridiculous (as usual). Israel is a state whose citizens are Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc. Totally illogical utterings by Collier are meant to convince the simple that criticism of Israel’s vile actions are an attack on the Jewish race.

    MOST JEWS don’t live in Israel. The idea that Israel represents the Jews is a joke. The assertion that Israel is synonomous with Jews is a deliberate lie.

    1. Hey Stupid, Most Irish don’t live in Ireland either. SWGAS.

      And the assertion that Islam is “The Religion of Peace” is a deliberate lie.

      See 9/11, London’s 7/7, 500,000+ dead in Syrian Civil War, 8 year Iraq/ Fascist Iran War where 1,000,000 died, bombing of Pan Am 103, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, Charlie Hebdo, Bastille Day in Nice France, ISIS beheading videos, shooting of Pope John Paul II, attack on the 1972 Olympics, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Moscow subway bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, Hamass executing opponents of their Islamofascist cult, ….

      1. Exactly. So criticism of Ireland and its gov. is in no way a criticism of those in the world with Irish blood.(as with any criticism of Israel)

        Thankyou, Ted.

    1. Sorry Michael. I only trust your links back to David’s Twitter feed.

      Me and my Zio friends don’t want to be opening up links to your collection of porno flicks or videos of you licking the Bellers Botty.

  27. Continuing Collier’s flawed tweets – “Chilling stuff on @LBC from @MaajidNawaz
    A British Jew who fled from antisemitism in Iraq now hears the same cries of ‘dirty Zionist’ on our streets as he did in Iraq. He is scared he will have to leave the UK.
    850,000 Jews fled Arab states – does this future await British Jews?

    Nawaz flees ‘antisemitism’ in Iraq to civilised Britain. Happy times for him.

    As Zionism is a racist ideology much frowned on by those in the UK that oppose racism Nawaz should accept criticism of his own racism as he condemns the Iraqi racism towards himself.

    David suddenly twists reality to pretend that anti-Zionism is antisemitism. A ludicrous claim.

    Why would he have to leave the UK? The UK, unlike the Zionist state of Israel, does not discriminate between its Jewish, Muslim or Christian civilians. It doesn’t see those Muslims, Christians and other non-Jewish citizens as not a part of the state ……… David and Nawaz’s hallowed Israel does just that.

    David again smears the UK in hus usual deceitful manner.

    1. Much better Michael. Helpful links to David’s Twitter feed are preferable to your dodgy home movie clips, less likely to be smutty too.

      Keep posting these. His following has gone from 7k to 32k since you started the PR campaign.

  28. Michael, remind us. Does David have a Twitter feed and if so what is he saying on it today?

    Asking for those other than the 32,000 that follow him.

  29. “850,000 Jews fled Arab states – does this future await British Jews?”

    Fled? Many Jews left to go and live in Israel …. on land that had been cleared of Arabs, their villages having been destroyed by Jewish militia in the Nakba.

    That 850,000 were ejected is untrue. Some Arab states didn’t want them to leave while Zionists and Mossad persuaded many of the Jews to leave for their new state on land granted to them by Britain.

    Britain is not the racist state that Israel has become. Citizens of ALL religions enjoy the same rights and the same treatment irrespective of creed. Not so in Israel.

    David et al(who) paint a false picture of the UK.

    1. Michael, I planted a comment about you and Bellers further up in the thread. You can’t have spotted it yet. You’d definitely have replied

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